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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Splendid Saturday Festival, safe shows / concerts / re-openings prevail, plus news 'n more. Sep 22 edition 2021


  Ready for music's poet laureate to help make sense of these crazy times? DYLANFEST is Saturday! (The 31st annual!

  Favorite Southern Cal venue reopens Thursday: Welcome back to the Coffee Gallery Backstage!

  Details within -- of these, and much more.




"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race."

~ H.G. Wells, writer (born September 21, 1866, died in 1946)


This land is your land...

TODAY is "National Public Lands Day" 

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, whose responsibility includes the National Parks, National Monuments, and Bureau of Land Management, is struggling against corporatist exploiters in Congress and the world of banksters. Just getting enough funding for rangers is a fight. But -- here's what Sec. Haaland said to mark this annual day:

She is fighting tooth and nail to undo the damage of the previous administration, and SAVE our public lands from the exploiters. They rolled back scores of environmental protections, allowing their big oil and gas donors to conduct dangerous drilling and mining projects at the expense of our public lands. And they left in place a system that allowed corporate America and the rich to profit off our public lands. 

Sec. Haaland is taking a far different approach: her plan would save over a third of public lands and waters in the United States, away from the hands of destructive developers. Keep it on your radar.


Festivals, concerts, venues, and Covid

Where things stand, late September

From the giant summer festivals in Chicago and New York (we reported on 'em) to this coming Saturday's splendid little festival in L.A.'s South Bay, the paradigm remains COVID SAFETY. And it manifests across genres.

Artists and music fans alike demand it, given the presence among us of intransigent unvaxed Spreadnecks, Maskholes, and Branch Covidians.

Same concerns hold for venue re-openings and concerts indoors and out, as we examine herein. 

The facts are too stark for any music presenters to do otherwise:

■  in states where ridiculing Covid safety is a sociopolitical litmus test of bubba-ism, there are no ICU beds available for heart attack, stroke, or accident victims; hospitals are filled with unvaxed Covid patients.

     to wit: Alabama's death rate from Covid is so high, that state's deaths now exceed their births. That's either for the first-time ever, or a first since the Civil War, depending on your source.

■  more Americans have died in 20 months of Covid (680,000) than died during the two-and-a-half years of the 1918 Influenza (so-called "Spanish Flu") pandemic.

■  one of every 500 Americans who were alive in January 2020 are now dead of Covid.

■  Covid has, just to date, killed more Americans than any previous outbreak of any communicable disease in the nation's history. pandemic.

■  America, with 4% of the world's human population, has more people dead of Covid than any other nation.

■  somehow, the SEVENTEEN different innoculations and vaccines long mandated for all U.S. military personnel are not a problem for right-wingers flying "Support Our Troops!" banners. But that eighteenth? For Covid? That saps our precious bodily fluids, as the line of dialogue in the parody motion picture "Dr. Strangelove" proclaimed. Oh, it's freshly relevant, since Fox News demagogue Tucker Carlson seriously said it.

(Video -- Tucker Carlson's new Covid vax conspiracy, AND quick history of Fox News antivax "reporting.")

We could go on. Vaccines WORK. They are proven and approved. For those too young to be vaccinated? Masks WORK. Distancing WORKS.

But let's face it: those who accept science see getting vaccinated as an IQ test. Those who ridicule science, or endlessly shift from espousing one outlandish argument after another, see it as a "Q" test.

Thus, the virus continues to mutate and produce variants, simply because some among us insist on behavior that will not end its transmission.

And predictably some fairs and festivals continue to make late decisions to hold virtual versions for a second year. Happily, others have adopted the safe, shared path forward.

☆   Bottom line: concerts, festivals, theatre, and a cornucopia of delights are available for all who bring proof of vaccination. 

☆  And the corollary: as one musician observed this summer, "There is no Constitutional guarantee against being lonely. Those who aren't willing to be safe for the rest of us? They should not expect to go to concerts. They should expect to stay home and be lonely."


Named as The Guide's "Best Tribute Festival" for over a decade...

"Dylanfest" returns Saturday, live and in person 

The pandemic may have forced the big 30th anniversary extravaganza to be greatly scaled-back LAST YEAR, being held as an online event (but hey, it stretched over three days and featured sweet performances and plenty of production value).

Like a rolling stone and fresh off the road from their multi-state tour, this year brings its live return with the ever-able, ever-artistic direction of its house band, Hard Rain, and their superb co-leaders Andy & Renee.

In addition are the dozens of guest musicians of assorted but unquestionable pedigree, and collaborations, interpretations, and renditions of songs both iconic and obscure. It's all-Bob Dylan, all day, no repeats, and all of superb and splendid quality.

What makes it possible is an uncompromising commitment to Covid safety. 

On stage at a past Dylanfest. The energy, musicality, and sheer joy never falter.

In their own words, here are the details, and the link for advance discount tix.

It's almost here....Dylanfest 31, Saturday, Sept. 25th at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center!


Rehearsals have been going great, and we are excited to play all this amazing music for you. Saturday will be a beautiful day to enjoy community and friends in a safe outdoor environment!

Because we want everyone to be as safe as possible, we have required all attendees to show Photo ID, and proof of being fully vaccinated or having a negative COVID test within 72 hours. Go to to get tickets and more info on the festival, including COVID protocols and where to get tested.

Andy & Renee & Hard Rain & Friends


Saturday, Sept. 25th 12-8pm

Torino Plaza, Torrance Cultural Arts Center, 3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503

All Dylan, All Day!

Over 50 musicians!

Go to Dylanfest Page to get tickets and more info.

Proof of Vaccination OR Negative Covid test with 72 hours required.

Tickets $30 in Advance, $35 at the door.

VIP-$100- VIP tickets include: Entry fee ($30), Dylanfest T- Shirt ($20), NEW Andy & Renee & Hard Rain CD ($15), Dylanfest Mug ($10), NEW Dylanfest Item ($10), Invite to Post-Dylanfest VIP meal ($30, subject to your availability), VIP Lanyard, your name on our "VIP Thank You" Board, PLUS your name goes in a drawing where the winner gets to count off "Like A Rolling Stone" 1-2-3-4!)

We are looking forward to a great event. Please spread the word, invite some friends, and help us make this year’s festival the biggest and best yet!  The Dylanfest is an 8-hour celebration of the music of Bob Dylan. We started it in 1991 and have been holding the event ever since. The show started with our band and a few friends doing 4 sets of Bob Dylan songs, and it has grown to a 8-hour event with over 40 musicians performing over 60 Dylan songs. Our band, Hard Rain, is the "house band", and we are joined by solo artists, full bands and instrumentalists throughout the course of the day. The show is at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center in the Torino Plaza. Bring a jacket for later...In case of rain, the event will go on, and we will move inside. 

Get more info at

Blowing In The Wind-Vintage Dylanfest
Shelter From The Storm-Vintage Dylanfest


A top favorite Southern Cal venue reopens Thursday

Welcome back to the Coffee Gallery Backstage!

 Repeatedly named "L.A.'s best intimate acoustic music venue," the Coffee Gallery Backstage re-opens at last, this Thursday night, September 23. (No show Friday, September 24.)

Then, the weekend. Saturday is already sold-out.

Venue impresario Bob Stane says, "IT'S THE FIRST SHOW SINCE COVID BEGAN. WE ARE BACK! WELCOME BACK SURVIVORS! We hope to see you this weekend. A couple of shows for October are being announced, too, with more to come. It will be much fun to sing and dance with you again. Call for reservations and thank you for keeping the music alive."

He adds, "For the next couple of weeks there will be no baristas for the evening shows. Labor shortages as you may have heard. You may bring non-alcoholic beverages and snacks for the evening shows. It’s an opening fortnight of picnics."

Then we get to the serious stuff:

"You must have your vaccinations and card. Bring masks."

Bob's all caps, and in his original fire-engine red...



Here's their own inimitable promo:


Yes. It’s true. Bob Stane has been busily working on improving the sound and lights of the legendary venue into a grand new place of music and celebration.

We are honored to bring you the premiere of the new Coffee Gallery Backstage with "The Roadhouse Series: The American Troubadour: Celebrating the Singer-Songwriter Movement of the 1970s."

In 1970 singer-songwriter James Taylor released his classic album "Sweet Baby James." The following year would see Carole King leave the Brill Building’s famous writer’s stables to release her bestseller, "Tapestry." These two albums would signal a near deluge of talented singer-songwriters across genres, signed to major record labels. It was one of those credibility threats in music that today seems like a dream. Artists and songwriters like Jackson Browne, Cat Stevens, Seals & Crofts, Hoyt Axton, Laura Nyro, Neil Sedaka, Joni Mitchell, John Stewart, Neil Diamond, Neil Young, John Prine, Steve Goodman, and Janis Ian found a receptive public and a new fan base.

It spilled over into other genres when Stevie Wonder began writing an album about his Innervisions and the Music of his Mind. At the same time, Marvin Gaye was breaking new songwriting ground in soul music with his innovative album, "What’s Going On."

The movement even found its way into Nashville with the success of upcoming original songwriting artists like Kris Kristofferson, Mickey Newbury, and Billy Joe Shaver.

So, as our Roadhouse tradition requires, a gathering of the best singer-songwriters in the L.A. area will gather to pay homage to some of the influential artists of a half a century ago. Come and help us break in the newly re-made Coffee Gallery Backstage with this one-of-a-kind celebration of great American music.





Sunday, September 26.

One show only…7 PM, Tickets $25, cash or check.

Voted "Male Performer of The Year" by The Western Music Association, winner of "The Will Rogers Award" for "Male Vocalist of The Year" from The Academy of Western Artists, and a five-time nominee for "Songwriter of The Year" before he won it, Dave Stamey is one of the most popular Western Entertainers working today.

His vast repertoire of classic and original Western folk music represents a link between today’s Americana singer-songwriters and the old-time cowboy balladeers. He has delighted audiences in seven states and found that he "prefers this type of work to being stomped by angry horses."

“His Music is gorgeous, often funny, and his performance is flawless”
-- Bonsall Village News.

Cowboys and Indians Magazine has called him “the Charlie Russell of Western Music.” Western Horseman Magazine has declared his “Vaquero Song” to be one of the greatest Western songs of all time. True West Magazine named him "Best Living Western Solo Musician" four years in a row.

Dave Stamey has been a cowboy, a mule packer, a dude wrangler, and is now one of the most popular Western entertainers working today. He has been voted seven times Entertainer of the Year, seven times Male Performer of the Year and Five times Songwriter of the Year by the Western Music Association, and received the Will Rogers Award from the Academy of Western Artists. He’s delighted audiences in twenty-three states.

In November of 2016 Dave was inducted into the Western Music Hall of Fame.

Must be fully vaccinated and have the card to prove it. NO EXCEPTIONS. Masks too.

Bob Stane, The Coffee Gallery Backstage says: He always fills the room to capacity. Call in reservations now: 626-798-6236, after 10 AM.


Friday, October 1. Show @ 8 PM, Tickets $20

THE SALTY SUITES played their very first show together in a high security prison for the criminally insane. That's no joke, and it was a very fitting beginning for this plucky bunch of misfits. Their brand of original Americana encompasses a wide spectrum of musical styles from bluegrass to blues from classic country swing to heady jam rock (as rocking as you can get with mandolin, stand up bass and acoustic guitar). The three lead singers' voices could not be more different from one another and yet, when they come together in three part harmony the powerful sound delivers a heavy dose of musical charm.

The Salty Suites are Scott Gates on mandolin and vocals, Chuck Hailes, stand up bass and vocals, and Chelsea Williams, vocals and acoustic guitar.

Scott Gates plays the mandolin with a healthy mix of finesse and mayhem. His ear bending tones can go from sounding like classic mandolin to electric guitar and in between. Chuck Hailes, who started playing jazz and classical bass, has evolved into the musical mischief maker. His playing ranges from dulcet bowing tones to off kilter funky grooves. He might break your heart with his poignant original songs. Singer Chelsea Williams has a voice that is one part honey and two parts whiskey. Her sweet sound can turn to gravel in an instant and her bittersweet songs test listeners into believing they might enjoy a little heartache. This is a top notch show and popular for years at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. Much fun.

Vaccinations required with a card certifying. Masks, Too. No exceptions. No protection, no entrance.



Saturday, October 2. Show @ 7 PM, Tickets $20

…..One of the greats. Many times at The Coffee Gallery Backstage

THE ALLEY CATS are a perfect blend of musical talent and comic timing. Their interaction with audiences combined with their spontaneous humor makes each show refreshing and exciting. The Cats never miss a beat as they bring their own contemporary style to the great songs of the 50s and 60s. Together, their freshness and talent make them truly the Cat's meow!

Formed while studying music at Fullerton College, THE ALLEY CATS began their musical journey in 1987as a featured act in Disneyland's "Blast to the Past", a salute to the 1950s. Their long-standing relationship with Disney also took them to New York City, where they were featured during the world premiere of Disney's animated film, Hercules. Their accomplishments also include numerous TV shows, radio jingles, and thousands of live stage performances.

THE ALLEY CATS have performed across the country at corporate events, headliners for 6 cruise lines, major festivals and performing arts centers… Performing at festivals throughout the U.S., they have shared the stage with such notable artists as Chubby Checker, The Beach Boys, and comedian Jay Leno.


Bob Stane, a longtime show-biz pro, formulated his Covid safety policy in conjunction with another legendary venue, The Troubadour. You will find the same policy in place there.

Bob reiterates at every opportunity:

All patrons/customers and acts to have a vaccination card. All shots. Wear masks. No exceptions.

If any cast member, or patron, does not have a vaccination, and card to prove it, too bad. They stay home.

Cards on phones are fine. I will not gamble with the health or lives of my entertainers or audience.

To see the venue's latest bookings, click:


Perla Batalla in Concert
Friday, September 24, at 8 pm

at the wonderful  
Theatre Raymond Kabbaz,
10361 West Pico Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Telephone 310-286-0553

"Inspired" and "musically adventurous" says the L.A. Times, and we concur.

Enjoy one of L.A.'s most talented artists LIVE on stage for one night only. Mingle with your group over a pre-show glass of wine and a cheese plate, while savoring how wonderful it feels to be back to live performance.

With a reduced capacity to help with social distancing, tickets are selling out very quickly. Click on the link below to select your seats. You can also call or email the Box Office at 310-286-0553 / to assist with your distanced seat selections.

$45 Premium (premium seating + glass of wine + cheese plate)
$35 Adult Regular Admission (no food or drink)
$25 Students & Seniors (no food or drink)

The theatre says:


"We will temporarily operate all of our events with proof of vaccination required for entry
All tickets for the fall are refundable up until showtime. We may limit capacity to ensure distancing in the theater. Please call or email the Box Office with questions."


at Theatre Raymond Kabbaz...

ANIMATION FEST October 28, 8 pm

A selection of the best of short animation from France. Presented annually on International Animation Day, a global event that celebrates the art of animation, TRK showcases a diversity of expression that demonstrates technical virtuosity and deft storytelling.


CITY OF IMMORTALS: November 6, 3 pm-10 pm

This new festival recalls the great artists buried in Paris’ Père-Lachaise cemetery. Through photos, literature, music, dance, film, art, books, and food, the eclectic festival remembers Chopin, Piaf, Grappelli, Colette, Jim Morrison, and more who found fame through their artistic achievements, and whose art lives on today.


CARLO PONTI CONDUCTS: Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra
November 13, 8 pm

It's Ponti in this first in-person concert since May 2019i, as LAV presents young piano virtuoso Lilian Guo in her orchestral debut, performing Mozart’s beloved Concert Rondo in D Major. 


10 vaxed seats remain for Saturday house concert ... also live stream link

Dave Morrison, the fine acoustic singer-songwriter who is headlining, tells us, "We're still trying to do our bit to revive the culture. Greg and Paula and myself rehearsed last night, and the sound is really coming together."


The venue for Saturday evening is a gracious home in lovely Rancho Palos Verdes. Should be nice and cool (bring a sweater). Gather at 5:30 pm for the hearty meal served before the music starts. 

Kevin Fisher will play a few of his original songs to open, and several of (band member) Paula's songs will be featured as well.

Good fun, very limited seating *vaccinated only* and just ten seats still available at press time. A $20 donation is requested.

Email Alexia for reservations and to get the address:

"If you can't come out but would like to join the fun anyway, tune into the live-stream," says Dave. The link is below. He adds, "If for any reason, the stream is slow in starting, hang in there, and watch the comments for an alternate link. Sometimes these things happen."

Stream Link:

More at:


Americana music's biggest night:

The 20th Annual "Americana Honors & Awards"

While not yet on broadcast TV,  a live video stream of the Americana Awards show will be webcast tonight starting at 4:30 pm Pacific via the Americana Music Association's Facebook page, Circle TV’s FacebookTwitter and YouTube channels, as well as

A live audio simulcast of the show will be available via SiriusXM’s "Outlaw Country," and on Nashville area terrestrial radio stations: WRLT (100.1 FM), WSM (650 AM) and WMOT (89.5 FM).

Additionally, PBS is set to broadcast ACL Presents: The 20th Annual Americana Honors, a special episode of Austin City Limits featuring performance highlights, in February 2022.




Join the community of listeners on GK's Facebook page at 2 pm Pacific on Saturdays to relive a classic (or least notable) show from the road or the Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Last week's featured guests were Väsen, Chic Gamine, and Chris Thile, long before the latter took over the show, it got renamed, then faded into radio archives.

If, like us here at The Guide, you refuse to be on Facebook because you don't want its insidious spyware, you can still hear the show. In fact, if you just can’t wait, here is the LINK to last week's show, and it's up now.


This week on A Prairie Home Companion

Garrison Keillor writes, "It’s fall and the leaves are changing and we are ready for some colorful music. This week on a classic A Prairie Home Companion show from downtown Saint Paul, we have mandolinist-singer-songwriter Sierra Hull up from Nashville for a fresh take on bluegrass. And Heather Masse is in from New York to sing a few duets with the host; the Royal Academy of Radio Actors, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman, for a little theater of the mind; and pianist and music director Rich Dworsky and the Exchange Street Band (Jonathan Dresel on drums, bassist Larry Kohut, Richard Kriehn on mandolin and fiddle, and guitarist Chris Siebold) with tunes for a crisp fall evening. Plus: an update on all the latest happenings in Lake Wobegon … honey, could you ask for more? 

"Highlights: Sierra Hull plays “Queen of Hearts’ and “After You’ve Gone” and Heather Masse sings “High-Heeled Woman” and “September Song.” Plus Heather joins Garrison on “Columbia, Gem of the Ocean” and “When You’re Gone, Long Gone.” The host talks with Minnesota farmers Justin and Janeen Wolfstellar; Guy Noir heads to Earl’s Barber Shop for a trim; plus a message from several of our sponsors, including the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce. And in Lake Wobegon, town constables Gary and Leroy pacify Mr. Hoppe with a few jokes. All in all, it’s a pretty good show, and we hope you join us for a listen. The link is posted on Saturdays at 5 p.m. CT each week on our Facebook page."

☆  Listen to the Show here

More about this week’s featured guests
 Sierra Hull was eight, her grandmother gave her a wonderful gift — a mandolin. Three years later, Sierra was standing next to Alison Krauss on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Since then, this singer and mando wiz from tiny Byrdstown, Tennessee, has traveled the world playing her music, with appearances at the White House, Carnegie Hall, and the Kennedy Center. Her most recent album is the widely acclaimed 25 Trips.

“Someone Like You” >>>
View available music >>>

Growing up in rural Maine, Heather Masse sang hymns and folk songs around home with her family. Now based in California, this New England Conservatory of Music alum is a one-third of the Juno Award-winning Canadian trio The Wailin’ Jennys. Hold On is her recording with pianist Jed Wilson, featuring a mix of cover songs and originals like the title track. Lock My Heart is her recording with piano legend Dick Hyman. Beautiful Dreamer is her duets project with Garrison Keillor, featuring songs first performed on A Prairie Home Companion.

“Women Be Wise" >>>
Read the Guest Interview >>>
View available music >>>

On APHC, Sue Scott plays everything from ditzy teenagers to Guy Noir stunners to leathery crones who’ve smoked one pack of Camel straights too many. The Tucson, Arizona, native is well known for her extensive commercial and voice-over work on radio and television, as well as stage and movie roles, including the part of “Donna” in Robert Altman’s A Prairie Home Companion. LIVE tapings of her podcast “Island of Discarded Women” will resume October 10th at the Women’s Club of Minneapolis.

“P.O.E.M.” >>>
Read our Guest Interview >>>
Purchase “Seriously Silly Sue Scott” >>>

Garrison Keillor is back on the road with a touring show! So far, it's East Coast dates heading into the fall. All of them carry this bit of boilerplate:

"Required: proof of COVID vaccination or negative COVID test within 72 hours, as well as indoor masking."


"Americana in the Park" --
new FREE concert series 

in Santa Monica

Running through October 10 in Gandara Park, 1819 Stewart St, Santa Monica, this is the new partnership series by the City of Santa Monica and McCabe’s Guitar Shop, beginning this month.

The concert series explores the arc of Americana music from its roots in traditional Appalachian, African, roots, blues, bluegrass and folk music, to its modern forms of folk and country music. Showcasing a diverse group of Southern California artists and Americana styles, each concert features two family-friendly groups, with the opener geared towards children.

Each concert features food trucks and a McCabe’s Guitar Pop-Up Shop.

The concerts are "held in accordance with the most current guidance from state and local health agencies."

Americana in the Park is a pilot project to create a new partnership model for outdoor events, where local organizations are provided funding and support from the City to bring unique and diverse events to the Santa Monica community.

Americana in the Park is made possible by Art of Recovery, an initiative of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs that harnesses the arts to play a major role in the City’s recovery efforts.

Sunday, Sep 26, 3-6 pm:

brilliant ukulele musicians, opening act
Grammy-nominated New Orleans-style jazz band; headliners

Sunday, Oct 3, 3-6 pm:

brings Funk / Jazz / Ska, opening act
trad American string roots; headliners

Sunday, Oct 10, 3-6 pm:

“Folk Music for Families” / high energy acoustic Americana / bluegrass, country, folk, blues, jazz; opening act
headliner; listen here


Southwest Regional Folk Alliance (SWRFA) is in New Mexico --
Catch some online shows this Friday and Saturday

L.A.'s own Rick Shea is playing some showcases at SWRFA, and these are among the live streaming performances on Friday and Saturday. You can join Rick -- and any of the other artists performing their sets at these online simulcast showcases -- by registering at:

Rick plays the following showcases... he tells us,

"All times are Central Standard Time."

Friday, Sep 24:
• 10:10 - 10:30 - Western Music Association - New Mexico Chapter
• 10:50 - 11:07 - Baker Booking
• 12:50 - 1:10 - Houston Song Circle

Saturday, Sep 25:
10:30 - 11:00 - Arhaven House Concerts

Then, on Sunday, Sep 26th, you can catch him in person in Southern California.

He's playing the songwriter series, "The Art of Song," at Ubuntu Café in Long Beach. This is an outdoor show:

Sunday, Sep 26, 6:30 pm PDT
Ubuntu Café
335 Nieto Av
Long Beach 90814


27th Annual "Harvest Festival of Dulcimers"

 Goes ALL ONLINE, 2nd year in a row

September  24-26, 2021

the annual Southern California Dulcimer Heritage event once again goes all-online. 

It still features extensive offerings, activities:

• 6 JAMS/ PLAYING CIRCLES – Each Unique – FREE / Registration required 
• 18 WORKSHOPSHammered & Fretted/ Mountain Dulcimers – all levels;
Bodhran (Irish frame drum); Ukulele; Tinwhistle; How to Plan & Lead a Singalong; Demo / How to Make Composite Music Videos (See article in upcoming Aug. issue of DPN, co-written by Terry Gucwa and Barbara Gershman)
Festival Schedule -
• CONCERT Expanded – featuring headliners plus some favorite instructors:
JODY MARSHALL - Hammered Dulcimer, VA
with Jim Queen on fiddle & guitar   
AUBREY ATWATER – Mountain Dulcimer, RI  
with Elwood Donnelly, Multi-Instrumentalist
BONUS:  Patti Amelotte & Brenda Hunter on HDs / Joellen Lapidus on Mtn. Dul.
• FOCUS WORKSHOPS – 4 hr. with headliners:
Jody Marshall – For Hammered Dulcimer AND Mixed Instruments players to learn her special holiday arrangements: “We Need A Little Christmas”

Aubrey Atwater – Brings fun and new tunes for Mountain Dulcimer players with “Potpourri: Repertoire & Technique”

Check Festival details -


"Theater Under the Stars" returns with a MUSICAL at the Getty Villa Museum

hursdays through Saturdays, through Oct 2 at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades

This is innovative. The Getty presents a hilarious musical retelling of Aristophanes's "Lysistrata" set to a mash-up of Liza Minnelli hits. Co-produced by the Troubadour Theater Company and directed and adapted by Matt Walker, LIZASTRATA follows our hero as she takes on the establishment, storms the Acropolis, and holds the treasury hostage until the long-warring men of Athens and Sparta commit to declaring peace.

Experience outdoor entertainment at a venue modeled after ancient Greek and Roman theaters.

Tix here


Bruce Springsteen: New Live Album + Film - The Legendary 1979 "No Nukes Concerts"

The Legendary 1979 No Nukes Concerts from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were recorded at the September 1979 MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) benefit concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The performances have been newly remixed and remastered for pristine sound and HD resolution. Each set comes with a 24-page book with rare photos, an essay, and other great memorabilia.

Check out Bruce's new box set of his Legendary 1979 No Nukes Concerts

Available on November 19th as a 2LP, 2CD/DVD or 2CD/Blu-ray set and available globally in HD for digital download on November 16 and digital rental on November 23.


October in Idyllwild:

a musical double-header

It's deja vu all over again: a free, daylong October festival like the one last spring (with different artists), and it caps a weeklong retreat for singer-songwriters who partake of the pine forest, the workshops, and the right combination of inspirational solitude and collaborative interaction.

Music impresario Brett Perkins tells us, "There's still room to join us for two days or six on the October 10-16 Idyllwild Listening Room Songwriting Retreat."

*** All covid protocols are strictly followed and participants must provide proof of full vaccination.

On that deja vu theme, registration is open now for the next FOUR retreats in Idyllwild, where you can experience a week of "Community Through Co-Writing" in that beautiful high mountain arts community. It's two hours from Los Angeles, and the retreat is less than $100 per day. The dates are:
     October 10-16 * January 23-29 * March 13-19 * July 10-16

Career writer Alan Roy Scott (Celine Dion, Sons of Anarchy, Top Gun), will join participants for the first two full days of the October retreat, offering his seasoned perspective on participants works.

Those unable to attend for a full week can sign up to participate October 11-12 for $200.

Each retreat concludes with a song-debuting "Idyllwild Songwriters Festival" set, wherein participants share selected co-writes from the week. Each of them joins in with Brett's stellar line-up of songwriters and seasoned recording artists featured throughout the day. It all happens at the fully outdoor, free entry, family-and-dog-friendly October 16th event.

Donations from the festival go to support the Idyllwild Help Center, which provides essential supplies and services to those most in need in the local community.

While he's here from Europe, Brett is also playing one solo Southern California concert, October 9th at Jeweled Universe, 1017 Mission Bl, B, in South Pasadena 91030;


           San Pedro's Grand Annex
                & Warner Grand

A thrilling line-up awaits return to the stage.

The Grand Annex Fall Season reflects the artistic excellence that you love, and the commitment to the San Pedro community that you expect. Come share the moments—together, in-person, once again—that inspire us all.
All attendees will be required wear facemasks when not eating or drinking and to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination or a negative test taken within 72-hours. 

Andrew Molina
Kala Koa Entertainment Presents: ANDREW MOLINA
Saturday, September 25 / 8pm

With arrangements of hits like Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses alongside his own original instrumental compositions, Hawaii-based ukulele virtuoso Andrew Molina proves that the ukulele has no limits!

Buy Now
Friday, October 1 / 8pm

An explosion of fun, high-energy, rock 'n roll faithfully recreating a 1974 era Elvis Stage Show. You'll hear the big hits with big arrangements, from California's only 12 piece Elvis Tribute.


Buy Now
Hubby Jenkins
Friday, October 8 / 8pm

Banjoist, bones player, guitarist and a former member of the Grammy-nominated Carolina Chocolate Drops, Jenkins brings his amazing musicianship and vast knowledge of African American folk music history to the stage. 
Opener: Joselyn & Don

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Bakithi Kumalo
Kala Koa Entertainment presents:
Saturday, October 9 / 8pm

Known internationally for shaping Paul Simon’s “Graceland” into a modern masterpiece, this 5-time Grammy winning bassist takes us on a musical journey from South Africa to the U.S. Kumalo has also played with Herbie Hancock, Josh Groban, Susan Tedeschi and many more. 

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Peppino D'Agostino
Kala Koa Entertainment presents:
Sunday, October 10 / 8pm

Listed as one of the 50 superheroes of acoustic guitar by Guitar Player Magazine, D’Agostino plays classical, Brazilian and jazz. He has toured with legends Leo Kotke, Tommy Emmanuel and Sergio Assad and his CD, Every Step of The Way, won a Bronze medal for Best Acoustic Album of All Time by Acoustic Guitar’s People’s Choice Awards.

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Rose's Pawn Shop
Friday, October 22 / 8pm

Modern alt-rock inspired by old style Americana with an arsenal of guitars, banjo, upright bass, fiddle and drums. A little like Mumford & Sons or Old Crow Medicine Show, Grammy-nominated Rose’s Pawn Shop plays some of the best lyric-driven rock since The Band emerged from Bob Dylan’s basement. 
Opener: Herman Dune


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Bob Malone
Saturday, October 29 / 8pm

Known for his high-energy piano rock concerts, Malone has worked with Ringo Starr and many others. He is featured on The Grinch (2018) soundtrack and is a long-time member of John Fogerty’s touring band. At the Annex with full band. Includes Halloween festivities, costumes encouraged!

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Laurence Juber
Saturday, November 13 / 8pm

GRAMMY winning guitar player at the front lines of the fingerstyle genre - and known internationally for his collaborations with Paul McCartney and as a lead guitarist for Wings. 
Pre-concert wine tasting at 7:00-7:45pm, free to members. 


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Sunday, November 14 / 8pm

Native and African American singer-songwriter and Independent Music Award winner delivers her powerful Harlan County, Kentucky mix of folk, roots, blues and traditional Native American music. At the Annex with her trio.

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Encore Theatre Group presents:
Saturday, October 9, 2021 @ 7pm Sunday, October 10, 2021 @ 2pm

Featuring Encore's talented young performers, this enchanting production of the classic tale, Beauty and the Beast will be a family outing to remember. Directed by actor and director Renee O’Connor.

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Adopt a Seat at the Warner Grand Theatre!

Help Grand Vision restore the art deco ceiling and wall paintings in the main lobby of the Warner Grand Theatre. When you adopt a seat, you'll receive a brass plaque inscribed with the name of your choice! It's a great way to be a part of the Theatre or remember a loved one. Click the image to hear the Al & Karen's story.

Adopt a Seat


Warner Grand performances

Grand Annex performances


Moira Smiley to perform at L.A.'s Ford Amphitheatre Oct 14

So she's not the headliner. As far as we are concerned she is. And the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, across the canyon from the Hollywood Bowl? Oh, yeah, marvelous venue.

This is "a groundbreaking project that, as its name suggests, merges improvisation and jazz rhythms with the orchestration and instrumentation of a traditional chamber ensemble."

Billed as "Billy Childs Jazz-Chamber Ensemble, featuring special guest Dianne Reeves," it's produced in partnership with Angel City Jazz.

A night with five-time Grammy-winning pianist and composer Billy Childs, plus special guest Dianne Reeves and quite a lineup.

Thursday, Oct 14, 2021 - 8 PM
Gate at 6:30 PM, Concert at 8 PM

*** Masks are required for this concert. Click tix link to learn about the Ford's safety practices.

Jazz Chamber Ensemble
Billy Childs, piano
Larry Koonse, guitar
Carol Robbins, harp
Daniel Rotem, saxophone
Dan Chmielinski, bass
Christian Euman, drums
Sara Andon, flute
Dianne Reeves, special guest
Moira Smiley, vocals
The Lyris Quartet
Alyssa Park, violin
Shalini Vijayan, violin
Luke Maurer, viola
Timothy Loo, cello
Alexander Gedeon, poetry recitation

Tix here



The official music video for "Sing About It" from the album "In Our Voices" by Moira Smiley & VOCO has now been selected by EIGHT FILM FESTIVALS. Moira says, "Christine Banna did a brilliant job with this video and deserves every ounce of recognition. Have you seen it yet?"

It has remarkable animation and intricately layered vocals with a "world music feel, backed by body percussion. 

Click here to watch


18th Annual Acoustic Music Awards Accepting Applications

IAMA (International AcoustIc Music Awards) promotes excellence in Acoustic Music Performance and Artistry. Acoustic artists in various genres can gain exciting radio and web exposure through this competition. Win a Top Award of $11,000 (US) worth of Prizes. 

Entrants come from all over the world: Australia, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Germany, USA, South Africa, etc. Judging is based on excellence in music performance, songwriting/composition/song choice, music production and originality/artistry. You can enter in a number of categories such as: Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Group, Folk, Alternative, Open, etc.

IAMA is sponsored by: Zagar Guitars, New Music Weekly, Loggins Promotion, Airplay Access, Aspri Reverb, Sirius XM Radio, Acoustic Café Radio Show, Bandzoogle, Paige Capo, Make Music Matter, Kari Estrin Management & Consulting, and more.


*DEADLINE: Enter by November 5th or earlier.   Enter Here >>


The Broad Stage: Safety & a Survey

The Broad Stage in Santa Monica is among the most notable greater-L.A.-area venues that has returned to presenting live performances after the 18 month pandemic hiatus. It is a state-of-the-art facility offering music -- from concerts  and recitals to fully-produced musicals -- as well as a rich array of live theatre.

They tell us, "To ensure the health, safety and well-being of our patrons, staff and artists, The Broad Stage is requiring guests to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and to wear masks at all times. This policy applies to all performances, whether indoors or outdoors.

"With guidance from Santa Monica College, we are working to make sure we are fully in compliance with up-to-date protocols. We are also requiring full vaccination for all staff, artists and volunteers who work onsite.

"If you are not yet ready to return to live shows, indoors or outdoors, we will be offering additional digital content this Fall, including new REVEAL episodes from the creative teams of the newly commissioned Yemandja and Universal Child Care. Stay tuned for details at a later time.

"We are extremely grateful for your patience as we navigate still unfamiliar territory together...

"For any questions about this policy, please contact Patron Services at or 310-434-3200."

The Broad Stage, 1310 11th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Full schedule:



For the next few days, you can still take their survey about the arts, entertainment and The Broad Stage.

As their thank you, you'll have the opportunity to win a $150 VISA gift card.

The folks at the Broad Stage say, "We look forward to hearing your opinions! We absolutely read every response, and your input will help shape our direction into the future."



Fiddle wizard Lissa Schneckenburger asks: "What Planet Can You Download Music From?"

We would have said Jupiter, since it's where all that crazy noise comes from that you hear between AM radio stations. But we'll play along.

"Okay, Lissa, What planet can you download music from?"
Lissa: "NepTUNE!"

Yeah, well, she hooks us every time with something. Once you've heard her play, you know why.

She just published a tremendously helpful guide to buying your music. Like most of what she puts out for consumption, it deserves an appreciative audience. So here it is:

"A number of folks have thoughtfully asked about the best method to purchase music, and directly benefit an artist. I am grateful to all of you who are thinking about this, and in answer I thought I'd share a Top Five list for your enjoyment. (OK, for my enjoyment- I love lists 😂).

"5. Anyone who wants to support an artist ANY way that they can (even if it’s just forwarding an email or youtube video to a friend to spread the news about new music) is VERRRRY appreciated. I’m a BIG fan of anyone who is a music fan. 😊

"4. Streaming services pay VERY small micro amounts per play (like frequently $.0001) but they’re not all the same. Spotify is one of the worst, Apple music is a little better, Pandora is better than either of them, and Bandcamp wins hands down at giving the biggest percentage back to the artist. Still, every little bit counts, and plays do add up over time so if you’re a music streamer, stream a LOT and tell all your friends.🎧

"3. Downloading from any of the various music stores will give the artist more in their pocket than streaming. And like streaming, it has the added benefit of having smaller production cost, since the artist doesn’t have to pay for an actual physical product or shipping. Again, Bandcamp is my favorite music downloading company.

"2. Purchasing CDs and merch directly from an artist’s web site, or from them in person at a show, is a REALLLY GREAT way to support them financially and make sure that they’re able to keep making music. Some artists do offer downloads on their web sites (I have that set up for my newer releases, like Bedlam BluesLabor On, or the Learning By Ear video series), but honestly every single musician I know has an attic full of boxes of CDs, so purchasing any of those discs is a huge help as well. 💿

"1. And finally number one! Many artists have been able to gain more control over the subscription based/ streaming economy by having Patreon accounts, where fans can subscribe for monthly content. I don’t have a Patreon yet, but staying on a musicians email list and subscribing to whatever they send your way is a REALLY great way to support them. So, congratulations, you're already WAY ahead of the game my dear email list subscribers!!! This is the best possible support a musician can have because it allows for direct artist to fan connections, and I love to stay connected to you! ❤️

"And now a musical treat! I created a Bicycle Music and a Goddesses of Song(writing) playlist based on your suggestions last month, so enjoy! Let me know if I have forgotten any of your favorite tracks."

Check out Lissa's CDs, tour dates, sense of humor, musical genius, life in New England, and more, at:

(And yes, you'll hear more from her in The Guide.)


Musical "Goldilocks & the Three Bears" opens November 20 at Theatre West

he award-winning Storybook Theatre -- a professional company operating under a contract with the stage union Actors Equity -- has, for many years, been presenting its trademark non-scary musicals at Theatre West. They are ideal for children and their families.

This marks the troupe's return after the pandemic. The musical for children and their families will be presented with plenty of audience participation. The interactive audience children help Goldilocks in her comical forest adventure with the three bears, as she learns that bears can be people, too.

 Birthday parties and school field trips are cheerfully accommodated.

Book by Scott Martin. Lyrics by Rob Meurer and Scott Martin. Music by Richard Berent. Directed by Lloyd J. Schwartz. Produced by Barbara Mallory Schwartz. A Storybook Theatre production.

At Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Bl, Los Angeles. This is near Universal City, North Hollywood and Studio City. Parking available in a lot across the street ($5 fee).

Runs Nov 20, 2021 through June 4, 2022, Saturdays at 1 pm. Dark on Christmas Day.

ADMISSION: All seats $15.

Reservations / Information: 818-761-2203
Online tix:


And now for something completely different...

The Ziggens

Influential So Cal "CowPunkSurfabilly" band THE ZIGGENS are releasing "Oregon," their first record in 19 Years, on September 24th.

A 19-track album after 19 years of -- what? Cult-follower obscurity? Not so fast. Check out these review raves:

• “Oregon” exemplifies the band’s eccentric blend of country, punk, surf and ballads." ~ Long Beach Press-Telegram

• "These tracks will keep you glued to your seat (or Air Pods) to see what comes next." ~ OC Music News

• "The Ziggens never broke up, but they haven't released new music in 19 years... until now. 'Rev It Up' finds the band channelling the instrumental surf rock of bands like The Ventures and The Sandals, and there's a little hot rod rock in the mix too. It's a sound that never goes out of style, it feels like classic California, and The Ziggens do it with vigor." ~ Brooklynvegan

The band just released "Macon," the second single off this 19-tracks-after-19-years album. Titled "Oregon," the album marks their 30 year anniversary as a band.

Now wait a minute, you say. Isn't Macon a city in Georgia? What's that got to do with Oregon? Good question. Can't be the US Navy's long-lost Hindenburg-like airship of the 1920's, USS Macon, because that crashed off Big Sur, California.

Album cover art: A Tennessee T-shirt on the beach in Oregon, and fingers positioned for an impending nose-pick? A track on "Oregon" titled "Macon." Consistent with the idiosyncratic aberrations.

Somewhere in obscure references, somebody described The Ziggens as, "A rockin’ surf-punk band that also plays beautiful ballads.”

Has there ever been a band described like that?

Harmony singing, laughter, and pure high volume fun are among descriptions of their live show. Hailing from Surf City CA, it makes sense that their music gravitated toward reverb-drenched surf vibes -- but those ballads and tight harmonies set them apart from the other fish in the sea of music.

By now you realize our enthusiasm for Bruce Forman's band "Cowpunk" has nothing to do with this outfit. Waaay different.

While always skirting around the edges of the underground, the band's legion of fans has included some music luminary oddballs, like Bradley Nowell, who signed them to the Skunk Records label, covered their track "Big Salty Tears," and for years enlisted them to tour as Sublime's opening act. And there was the late Josh Fischel of Bargain Music. And a young Travis Barker, who was often seen up front at the band's early shows.

Give 'em a prize for fortitude. They've maintained their original lineup and continued to tour throughout their 30 year existence. Meanwhile, they've also worked on various side projects that only eclectic garage rock peeps have heard of. Oh, and there is Ziggens frontman Bert Susanka's children's music act, Jelly of the Month Club.

If it seems strange to reconcile the idea of "Oregon" with surf music -- the water being bone-chilling cold up there -- it's consistent with all the incongruities present here. Check 'em out. When the album drops, you'll find ways to hear it. You might like 'em.


 Massive Wildfires & Climate Change: not just California


Photo: The Caldor Fire burns in Echo Lake on August 30, 2021, in the Eldorado National Forest, California. (Aude Guerrucci / Redux, via EarthJustice)

So many massive California wildfires the past two years. If history is a guide, the 2021 season has yet to peak. Just one giant, the Dixie Fire, burned a million acres in California.

Yet California isn't the worst example. Canada's 2021 fires? Twice the US total. And in just part of Siberia -- the Sakha Republic -- fiery destruction / greenhouse gas conversion / of ancient forests is unprecedented since the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

Set your screen so you can pay attention to the right-hand side.

The widespread wildfires that stretched across the Northern Hemisphere this summer set records for their carbon dioxide emissions, particularly in Siberia, according to data released Tuesday, Andrew writes.

Why it matters: 
The severe fire season in Siberia is tied in part to unusually warm conditions with low soil moisture, which studies have linked to human-caused climate change.

How it works: 
The wildfire season across the boreal forests of the Far North typically stretches from May to October.

During the June through August period, wildfires in the Sakha region of northeastern Siberia emitted enough carbon dioxide to rival the annual emissions from Germany in 2019, according to the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) and data from The Rhodium Group.

August set a monthly record for wildfire emissions coming from the Northern Hemisphere, and Siberian emissions were more than twice the total from the June through August timeframe last year, CAMS' satellite data shows.

Threat level:
 As the climate warms due to human emissions of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel burning, extreme wildfire years are expected to become more common and burn in ecosystems where they were previously uncommon.If fires burn intensely in regions with permanently frozen soil known as permafrost, it could free up currently frozen organic matter locked away for centuries or longer, emitting carbon dioxide and methane.

What we're watching: 
Wildfire season is not over yet in the western U.S. 

Southern California, for example, tends to see its worst wildfire weather days in October into November.

This summer's California wildfires, dominated by the nearly 1 million-acre Dixie Fire, already sent twice the amount of CO2 into the air compared to 2020, also a severe wildfire season.

Before you feel hopeless, consider this: 

$5 billion. That's how much a suite of philanthropies just pledged for a big global conservation effort. See (link below) "Private Funders of the New ‘Protecting Our Planet Challenge’ Announce $5 Billion Commitment to Protect and Conserve 30% of Planet by 2030," subtitled, "Announcement Marks Largest-Ever Private Funding Commitment To Biodiversity Conservation – Aimed at Tackling Earth’s Climate, Extinction and Health Crises." 

Here are some excerpts: 

"Nine organizations have joined together to pledge $5 billion over the next 10 years to support the creation, expansion, management and monitoring of protected and conserved areas of land, inland water and sea, working with Indigenous Peoples, local communities, civil society and governments... This commitment to ensure 30 percent of the planet is protected and preserved in the most important places for biodiversity by 2030 is being made jointly... [and] marks the largest private funding commitment ever to biodiversity conservation. 

"[It] will fund efforts... by strengthening and expanding protected areas and support to Indigenous Guardianship of traditional territory. Founding organizations: Arcadia, Bezos Earth Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Nia Tero, Rainforest Trust, Re:wild, Wyss Foundation, and the Rob and Melani Walton Foundation." Full story from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

We have been talking about wildfires in the northern, arboreal, conifer forests until we got to this part. You probably noticed this cooperative initiative is aimed at rain forests, which grow in the tropics. But it is all one Earth, one ocean of air in a circulating, ever-hotter atmosphere being changed by constant human-caused infusions of greenhouse gases.

So it serves to remind us that every action, everywhere, makes a difference. Particularly when only half the Amazon rain forest of the 1950s survives today, due primarily to (1) slash-and-burn, short-term yield agriculture, (2) exploitive harvest of exotic hardwood trees, (3) destructive strip mining, and (4) leveling everything living to plant modern monoculture palm oil or soybean plantations. 

Thus, whether it is reckless exploitation in the rain forests or runaway wildfires due to climate-change-driven drought, an irreversible result is the same: biodiversity is collapsing and the entire Earth keeps getting hotter.

Photo: In the Amazon rain forest, fires are deliberately started. Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Citigroup continue to finance deforestation for soy plantations.


• Forest & Finance, Data Deep Dive: soybean traders ADM, Bunge, Cargill and Louis Dreyfus between 2015 and 2019:

• Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon hits highest annual level in a decade
The Guardian, 20 August 2021:

• (pdf, in French) Soja & deforestation: stop financial actors' complicity
Report from Reclaim Finance, Canopée, SumOfUs, Mighty Earth, October 2020:

• Feeding the European appetite for soy
Rainforest Foundation Norway, November 2020:

• Banks urged to combat deforestation and halt biodiversity crisis
The Independent, 12 January 2021:

Ready to take a stand against those who want to destroy our planet for profit?

■ Add your name to demand that Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup stop financing destruction of our precious forests: 
(Bulk of info herein, except rainforest section, is from Axios, "The carbon toll of summer blazes" in "Axios Generate," Sep 22, 2021)


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