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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday shorts -- live music events today, Sunday Sep 27 2020


To reiterate, you don't see much from us these days because Google, in its hegemony of empire-building, bought a platform that worked great for everyone, then ruined it by making it all about data harvesting while taking away publishing tools for all who used the platform. 

Thus, our information will be infrequent, until we move the Guide to a new platform.

Here are a few cut-and-paste announcements about live music events happening today.


Monterey Jazz Festival tonight, Saturday and Sunday!


Join Berkley Hart on-line today

for Porch Show #5!
Sunday, September 27, 2020

4pm Pacific Time


All Dylan Livestream #53, Sunday, September 27

- 5 pm PDT
- 8 pm EDT

This weekend was supposed to be the rescheduled Dylanfest 30, but that was cancelled, just like the original date. So, in place of the live event, Andy and Renee will be doing a mini, duo-Dylanfest Sunday, Sept. 27th on Youtube, 5pm PDT (8 pm EDT). See you there! 

Sunday, Sept. 27th

Livestream #53

5pm PDT, 8pm EDT

Andy & Renee

Watch on YouTube


If you haven't tuned in to one of our live-streaming shows, we hope you will soon. They are a lot of fun, and you can interact with the other viewers in the "Chat Room". Put the show on your Smart TV or watch on your computer, phone, or tablet!

As you know, all our "In-Person" gigs have been cancelled for the last several months. We turned to doing Livestream shows to make a living and deliver the music to you. The shows are free to watch, but the option to tip us will be there for those who are in a position to do so if you are enjoying the music. You can tip at, PayPal ( or Venmo ( A portion of the proceeds goes to the Los Angeles Midnight Mission. We are sustained by the generosity and support of the fans who love the music, and who tip as they are able.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Highly recommended: Online concert today, Sunday, Sep 20 2020

 Rare post, while we look for a new place to move The Guide.

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Quick status report, before the concert news...

A new publishing paradigm is now in place for all who communicate using this platform. We told you it was coming, showed you that it was universally unpopular, and shared our efforts to stop it, in common with many who operate other sites on the platform. 

But it happened anyway. So, the newly imposed hegemony of Google's esoterica has disabled the publishing toolbox we used daily here for nearly 13 years.

This platform, once rich with capabilities for fresh original content, changed completely after Google bought the platform and added it to its relentless datamining of everything it can "harvest" and sell about everyone who interacts with any Google site or platform. Thus, our longtime online home has been reduced to a profoundly "un-capable" paste-and-publish pause point for those with tragically short attention spans.

Meaning we are not using it much, as is obvious if you've checked lately for new content. Happily we did get to publish one last REAL edition, on September 2nd -- just hours before Google made it impossible to do that here any more. 

Since then? You see there isn't much, except for simple bits of useful information we can just paste-in. Like this little concert blast. The platform is now a damned mess. It takes forever even to display the words in these sentences when we type them, and any more than three words ahead of what has displayed are simply eaten and disappear.

Sadly, our time here is short. As in, would YOU put up with this?

After we are able to notify you when -- and where -- The Guide moves, and the new online address? Everything here will become a hidden treasure of searchable archives that gradually becomes a curio of music history, becoming as ancient and mysterious as the Sphinx.

The vitality will go with all of us -- writers and readers alike -- to The Guide's NEW home, at whatever NEW site, including feature stories like you are accustomed to finding and things like the tasty news morsel below.

 TODAY, Sunday

5 pm Pacific time...

Tune-in at:

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
Alasdair & Natalie play old favorites as well as new tunes from their upcoming album!

Check website for current status on cancellations and re-bookings.


ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS by Alasdair Fraser from his Award Winning album Dawn Dance,
Full transcriptions of arrangements as played on CDs Fire & Grace and In the Moment
Stay Home and Stay Safe!!!
Alasdair Fraser Music | +1 530 292 4219 
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