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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St. Patrick's Day (and beyond) 'tis ABUNDANT with music! -- March 17 2021 edition.


Note: three FOUR  LATE ADDITIONS added, titled in Orange bold...



☆  Jimmy Kimmel TONIGHT, Irish music & dance online ALL DAY (multiple sources) and an abundance o' MORE for your wearin' o' the green!

There's lots herein, from the Acoustic Americana Music Guide and its multitude of friends and sources.

But first, Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

🇮🇪  Mark it now: Jimmy Kimmel tonight! Holee Contented Irish Cow! 

🇮🇪  Our music pal, the lovely Moira Smiley, sings live tonight on the ABC network late-night show, performing with the group Tune-Yards!

🇮🇪  An incredible amount happens today, this week and weekend, and beyond, as SPRING FINALLY ARRIVES!

◇  Don't overindulge with the corned beef and cabbage and risk falling asleep early on the couch. You'll miss too much. C'mon, now: you don't have the excuse of being out-and-about reveling, guzzling green beer, and waiting for someone sober to drive you home. You can't drink beer through a mask, anyway. So toast the Leprechauns at home this year, celebrate tonight with your teevee -- and indulge in multiple joys online with our links -- today, tonight, all this week, and beyond!

♧  First, here's the surprising history of St. Patrick's Day, from Garrison Keillor's daily missive, "The Writers Almanac" for March 17, 2021:

"Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the annual feast day celebrating a patron saint of Ireland.

"St. Patrick was born around the year 385 in a village in Wales. When he was 16 a group of Irish pirates raided his village and took many of the young men back to Ireland to work as slaves. Patrick worked for six years as a herdsman in the Irish countryside. In his sixth year he escaped and made his way back to Wales. But, according to his autobiography, soon after he got back home he heard a voice telling him to go back to Ireland and convert the Irish to Christianity. That’s eventually what he did, but first he went to France to visit monasteries and study religious texts. After 12 years in France, he went back to Ireland where he founded monasteries, schools, and churches and converted much of the island to Christianity."


And now...

            & BEYOND:

  • And to get you ready for Jimmy Kimmel tonight... a little video morsel of Spring hope  (Track 11 from Moira Smiley & VOCO's new album, "In Our Voices")
  • Today online all day:
Live Stream Alone/TOGETHER
starts Tuesday
This will broadcast again most of the day Wednesday AND this Virtual Celebration will post in segments on their NEW YouTube Channel starting March 17
Alone/TOGETHER will be streaming from their Facebook Page

& with their broadcast partner:

  • LINK for their full FLIPBOOK MARCH ISSUE:

    Irish Arts & Entertainment tells us:

    "St. Patrick's Day 2021 'Alone TOGETHER' [is your way to] Join in on our celebration of the Great Saint's Great Day with thousands of other Irish Folks from the Irish Sea to the Pacific Ocean!

    "Kick Off your Celebrations at 11 pm Ireland Time on March 16... Countdown to St. Patrick's Day with family and friends from around the Globe... From Dublin to Santa Monica.

    "We are producing a 10 hour LIVE STREAM via Internet Radio, YouTube and Facebook!

    "Live Irish Music Celebrity Guests,  Groups and Organizations from Ireland, Canada and Every State in America! A gathering like no other... 'Alone TOGETHER' for St. Patrick's Day 2021... A virtual parade of entertainment and a cavalcade of amazing unity of spirit... JOIN US and please invite your family and friends!"

    And remember, their whole program repeats today, March 17th.

  • Today on the web, Folk Alley presents...

    In honor of the St. Patrick's Day season, they've assembled over 10 hours of music by some of your favorite Irish musicians. You'll hear a mix of familiar and new artists, including Karan Casey, I Draw Slow, Beoga, Dervish, Solas, The Henry Girls, Danu, John Doyle, Donal Lunny, Cathie Ryan, Heidi Talbot, Andy Irvine, Planxty, Grada, The Chieftains (of course) and much, much more.

    Sláinte mhaith!

    Listen to the Stream
  • LATE ADDITION Tonight:
Wednesday, March 17th, 7pm PDT (10pm EDT)
Andy & Renee Livestream #101
Watch on Youtube:

  • Tonight: Grammy Salute with John Fogerty on CBS, with our pal Bob Malone in his role as Fogerty's keyboard player:
They're playing "Fortunate Son" with John Fogerty on the CBS Special A Grammy Salute to the Songs Of Change at 9/8c.

Bob tells us, "We actually taped it two weeks ago, so I'll just be watching along with everyone else! "

  • Available today and all this week, on-demand...

This week on Folk Alley, join Elena See to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's all things Irish and Ireland with music by The Bonny Men, Davie Furey, Niamh Regan, and Éilís Kennedy; exclusive in-studio recordings by The Murphy Beds and Pat Byrne; plus favorites from John Doyle, Karan Casey, Seamus Egan, Beoga, Luka Bloom, Eileen Ivers, Cathie Ryan, the Chieftains, and much more.

Stream the Show
Thursday night...

  • The "She Rocks Spotlight Series" returns tonight with their first show for 2021, with artists Lauren Calve, Magnolia Boulevard, and Sara Niemietz.
    Join us for the live event on's Facebook or the Women's International Music Network Facebook and Youtube pages on Thursday March 18, 2021 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET.

    This innovative live stream series spotlights a diverse collection of artists – from up-and-comers to chart-topping sensations – while supporting the artist community. The livestream performances take place on the third Thursday of every month.
    Artists interested in performing may enter here. Those who are selected will be notified via email. Performers share equally in donations made to musicians during the performance. 

This Weekend...

  • This Saturday (3/20/21) banjo-driven Together In Song - sing w/Leyla McCalla, Nora Brown, LeahSong, Maggie Wheeler + Moira Smiley
  • LATE ADDITION, this Saturday:
"Maritime Folknet" presents the Tom Lewis Workshop, Saturday March 20th from 1 to 3 pm PDT, streaming live on YouTube, at:


Find it, and more about it and other sea chantey / maritime music events, at:
◇  the Maritime Folknet webpage:
◇  Maritime Folknet YouTube channel:        
◇  Webpage for info on this Tom Lewis event:

  • All this weekend, it's the "California Wildlife Day 2021" concert program.
Kiki Wow's original song "Carmel River" will be featured, and our ol' pal Keeks is how we know about this very cool event.  Check out to get to the registration page so you can watch & listen.  
  • US National Scottish Fiddle champ Jamie Laval does live shows online this Saturday: 
Jamie Laval performs his newest Celtic songs and lots of toe-tapping traditional Irish and Scottish tunes. He says, "I'll tell you the back stories behind each selection, and we'll have an open mic, interactive discussion following each performance."
Saturday, March 20
60-minute concerts begin at the following times (feel free to attend one or more):

4:005:157:30, and 10:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time

1:002:154:30, and 7:00 PM
Pacific Standard Time
* No registration necessary *

If you already have Zoom installed on your device, simply click the link below a few minutes before the start time to be admitted immediately.

(just in case you need it, the Meeting ID is 976 7208 9619 and the password is 313601)

Andy & Renee Livestream #102
Sunday, Mar. 21st, 4pm PT (7pm ET)
Watch on Youtube:

Beyond this weekend...

On-demand now, for a while...

  • The Fire, a Celtic/ Scottish band, put their recent concert on YouTube, with more coming-up. They tell us:
We are overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of support we have received surrounding our online concert "Crossing to Ireland." It was amazing to have over 400 people watching live from across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Germany, and more! If you didn’t get a chance to join us, the concert is now available to watch on YouTube. 

Coming up over the next month, we are all teaching online workshops. This weekend, March 18-20, you can find us at the virtual Céilí at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival. On April 24-25, we'll be collaborating once again with Community Music School of Santa Cruz for their virtual Redwood Music Camp Spring Session. Check out their websites and join us for a workshop or two!

In the meantime, whether you find yourself pouring a pint, streaming a concert, or playing a tune, we hope you have a wonderful and celebratory St. Patrick’s Day! 

Rebecca, David, and Adam


  • LATE ADDITION: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Aoife O'Donovan’s new song “Transatlantic” featuring Kris Drever. The song was commissioned by Irish Arts Center's Grásta series, in which artists respond to the prompt to create something considering the idea of finding grace in uncertainty.

    “I started writing ‘Transatlantic’ many years ago - after one of my frequent trips across the pond. The lyric started as a classic love song, but when I dusted it off to complete it for this project with the Irish Arts Center, it became something different. I felt strangely moved by the nostalgia and longing for camaraderie, innocently described by my pre-pandemic self. The refrain references the old classic Loch Lomond, a ‘song from another time’. Raise a glass. We will be together again.” 
           ~ Aoife O’Donovan

Watch the official video here


Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Feel free to forward to all who will thank you for receiving this.

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