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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

October's tunefully and artfully BIG NEWS edition (covering the last of September, too). Published Sep 27 2017


- - -
* LATE ADDITION, after this edition was published...
10 am-4 pm 2nd Annual "'COAST' OPEN STREETS FESTIVAL" in the streets of Santa Monica, closed to cars for the day.
* Enjoy two miles of car-free streets and discover local food, music, shops, culture, dance and games with family and friends.
* Features the all-string female Mariachi band LAS COLLBRI at the Farmers Market.
* Stroll with stilt walkers, enjoy public art, build cardboard architecture, dance to local bands and DJs, and feel the breeze as you move through Santa Monica! Explore the interactive Coast Zones celebrating arts, culture, sustainability, and mobility, as well as other attractions along the route.
* It's accessible by bike, bus, light-rail train, or walking.
* Free.
- - -
FREE webcast Saturday night!
- - -
Sat, Sep 3O:
7 pm Bagpiper extraordinaire FRED MORRISON streams a concert from the Littlefield Celtic Center in Mount Vernon, Washington.
* Tune in tonight at 7 pm Pacific as THE ROOTS CHANNEL presents a FREE webcast.
* It's a LIVE full-length concert event.
* Four-camera video and CD-quality sound.
* About FRED MORRISON: One of the world's most skilled and celebrated pipers, Morrison's mastery of the great Highland bagpipes, reelpipes, Uillean pipes, and low whistle is evident through his technical virtuoso and captivating stage presence. A living legend in the Celtic music world, Morrison's music is firmly rooted in the tradition of the Hebridean islands of Scotland while also boldly exploring the technical and creative boundaries of Celtic music. He has developed a distinct and renowned signature sound in the piping community, and has won nearly all of the international prizes in the piping world. His exceptional talents and expressive style are immediately evident in his adventurous music. His performances feature mostly his own original compositions, and whether a haunting slow air or an incredibly difficult reel or jig played with breakneck speed and skilled precision, Fred's mastery of his instruments is completely apparent.

Previously added late items... (after this edition went to press...)

1) We've added the info for you to join-in supporting the musical benefit show for victims of Hurricane Harvey -- it's the updated # 20 news feature.

2) We've added events! Don't worry, they're easy to find. Each of 'em, right up-top, says, "LATE ADDITION (after edition was published)." And they're only in two places. First, in the # 1 news feature, there's the Oct 1 "MUSIC IN THE MOUNTAINS DAY" benefit; second, in the # 27 news feature ("Upcoming Events"), there are fresh additions for Oct 7 (2 of 'em); a music camp that runs Oct 17-20; two additions on Oct 28; and one for Nov 11.

Now, here's the edition as originally published (plus those added updates).


This edition is jam-packed, chock-full, and if you move it too fast, it spills-over the top hatch.

Celtic, Irish and Scottish festivals / events reign supreme from this weekend and on into October. There's the annual 'GET SHAMROCKED," the annual "SEASIDE HIGHLAND GAMES," with extra events associated with both, plus plenty of concerts in those genres, and we give all that attention so you won't get your kilt in a wedgie.

Beyond that? WELL NOW, we've included ALLLLLLLL kinds 'o things of the tunefully live and recorded varieties, plus exciting happenings on the live stage, and compelling miscellany of the fun artsy-fartsy vintage and fresh varietals.

Honest 'n truly, there just shouldn't be anybody fellin' "left-out" from some sense that their interests, in ANY kind of Folk-Americana and / or acoustic music, got less than bagpipe-level attention in this go 'round! Or, as our milennially affected computer geek friend says, "Like we didn't, like, y'know, ignore anyone's partic'lar interests, not even on accident."

So step right up, folks, 'cause 'purt near everything you can think of is in here somewhere, plus lots more that'll happily surprise you.

LIKE, F'RINSTANCE... to prove we're not only about strings vibrating and sending little shock waves that organically reach your ears as sound... There's the three feature stories in our new "Getting Winded" series, about other unplugged instruments, and the musicians who play them -- and these are features on things happening in the worlds of three different air-actuated instruments -- you know da kind, with power applied from the mouth. Yep, there are THREE separate features to kick-off that new series, and all three are in this edition. They're non-consecutive, so it's a fun fresh discovery when you get to each one. We thank the folks at Buffet Crampon (you'll meet them later) for getting these three stories to us for this new and ongoing series.

We also bring you the debut of another new series of features. This one is called "Plugged In." It's way past time for us to do this. Because, well, this big amalgamation of tunefulness we've all agreed to call "Americana music"? It certainly ain't all ACOUSTIC Americana.

As for a good start on everything else we just promised? We b'lieve we've done it, at least for this lap around the mulberry bush. Take a gander at the table of contents, and let us know!

Now, as Huell Howser would say, "It's time we got started on this adventure, and you're invited to come on along!"

We'll see you when you've gotten through your selections from this very rich (yet free) reading list (and its links to recorded performances); and after you've perused our abundance of suggestions for good stuff (with urls) that you can find here or at / in other sources.

And don't skip-over our latest installment of ways to help your musician friends help others who are in need, because you can support the benefits they're contributing their talents to play.

And, geez Louise, we've let you in on all that, and there's STILL a big-ol' whole-buncha MORE than THAT in here!


And don't forget that we published a massive music news edition on Sep. 21, and it's got stuff that's still plenty fresh, and it's still available in the archive, at:

Let's get started!



1) Now thru the Weekend: Events, Festivals, Concerts, Thursday to Sunday

2) (new releases...) In New Album, "Portraits in Fiddles," Mike Barnett Assembles the Instrument's Stars

3) (plugged in...) Blank Range, Named One of Rolling Stone's "10 New Country Artists You Need to Know"

4) Can We Use Sound Waves to Fight Cancer?

5) Local Live Theatre, Musical & Otherwise, All Recommended

6) Theatre Update: Bruce Springsteen Heads to Broadway, plus More that's Live in New York

7) "Billie Holiday: Front and Center" Opens Nov 4 at Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center

8) (new releases...) L.A. Bound: "Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame" Inductee Stephen Doster, with New CD; On Tour with Austin-Based Bob Cheevers with New Boxed-Set

9) 7th Annual "Samhain, The Celtic Halloween," Runs Two Sundays, Oct 22 & 29

10) Annual "Seaside Highland Games" Happens October 14 & 15 in Ventura

11) (festival extras...) "Seaside Highland Games" Brings Special Scottish Evening Events

12) Getting Winded, part 1: 2017 "Clarinetfest" in Orlando

13) Coffee Gallery Backstage Celebrates John Lennon's Birthday, Oct. 7th

14) USC's "Visions & Voices" Continues Fall Season with Strong Offerings

15) 11th Annual "Food & Fine Wine Tour, 'Return To Route 66,'" Is Wed., Sep. 27

16) "UnSilent Cinema" in Downtown L.A. is Free, September 28 & 29

17) (new releases...) Post-"Americanafest," Max Gomez Delivers "Me & Joe" on Brigadoon Records

18) Molly Tuttle Signs with Compass Records

19) Pacific Symphony’s 2017-18 Pops Season Opens with the Incomparable, Multi-Award-Winning Music Icon David Foster

20) Beaumont Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Victims

21) Getting Winded, part 2: Inside the 2017 National Flute Association Convention

22) 14th Annual "Folk Alliance Region-West (FAR-West) Music Conference" is Oct. 5-8

23) (earlybird word...) 25th Annual "Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival"

24) "Betty's Foundation" Has Leftover Auction Items: Good Stuff, Cheap

25) Getting Winded, part 3: 2017 International Trombone Festival "Marstellar Award" for the World's Top Young Player

26) Closing Oct.1st: "Marty Stuart's Way Out West: a Country Music Odyssey" (reprinted from Sep 22)

27) Upcoming Events – Concerts 'n Good Stuff, Further on Down the Road

(Wowsa, huh?)


# 1 news feature...


The Guide's picks for good tunes and good times, September 28th through October 1st.

Thursday, September 28

Thu, Sep 28:
"NATIONAL DRINK BEER DAY" prompted the folks at the "DoLA" site to publish their picks for L.A.'s best breweries. rather than be caught flatfooted (unless you were already going flatfoot dancing that night), we decided we'd share their list and excerpts from the article that goes with it. Here ya go.
* "There are too many restaurants, and bars to count in L.A... One of the best offerings the city has is its local craft brews. Beer lovers all over the city have an abundance of local brewers who offer tours, classes, entertainment and, of course, some of the best drinks in town. We've collected our favorite places to go and order up a pint."
1. Golden Road Brewing, 5410 West San Fernando Rd.
2. Karl Strauss Brewing Company, 600 Wilshire Bl #100.
3. Mumford Brewing, 416 Boyd St.
4. Iron Triangle Brewing, 1581 Industrial St.
5. Angel City Brewery, 216 South Alameda St. (is something of an artists / musicians' hangout).
6. Ballast Point Brewery - Long Beach, 110 Marina Dr, LB (has ocean views).
7. Highland Park Brewery, 5127 York Bl.
8. Arts District Brewing, 828 Traction Av.
9. Eagle Rock Brewery, 3056 Roswell St.
10. Three Weavers Brewing Company, 1031 W Manchester Bl, Inglewood.
11. FrogTown Brewery, 2931 Gilroy St.
12. Bonaventure Brewing Co., 404 S Figueroa St.
* See more on their website,

Thu, Sep 28:
5 pm 7th Annual FREE “END OF SUMMER CONCERT CELEBRATION” with TERESA JAMES & THE RHYTHM TRAMPS in Library Park at 1115 El Centro St, in South Pasadena, adjacent to the Farmers’ Market. It's easy to ride the Gold Line light rail to the South Pasadena Station, and it's only a few blocks' walk. It's written-up in detail as the # 6 feature story in the sep 21st edition, at:

Thu, Sep 28:
7 pm RYAN SIMS, singer-songwriter-guitarist of note plays a Los Angeles gig at the Hotel Café, 1623 N. Cahuenga Bl (half-a-block S of Hollywood Bl, Hollywood.
* This show is attracting lots of music media and industry peeps.
* Ryan is currently in the studio with an all-star band putting the finishing touches on his debut EP, "MY SIDE OF THE STORY," with Jason "Slim" Gambel (Lady Antebellum, guitars), Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones, bass), Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty, John Mellencamp, guitars) and Kim Bullard (Elton John, keyboards).
* "With a warm sound pulling from Americana, Country and Southern Rock, Ryan Sims translates heartbreak and the human experience into song;" he will debut his first single, "Get Away," early next month.
* Venue is easily accessible from Hollywood & Vine Station on the Red Line Subway.

Thu, Sep 28:
7 pm "THREE LAUREATES: POETS OF THE NEW CALIFORNIA" brings U.S. Poet Laureate JUAN FELIPE HERRERA, California Poet Laureate DANA GIOIA, and Los Angeles Poet Laureate ROBIN COSTE LEWIS to the USC "Visions & Voices" series on the USC University Park campus (near the Coliseum).
* Admission is FREE with RSVP online, at:
* Remaining tix, if any, will be available at the door.

Thu, Sep 28:
8 pm Monthly "DAVID HARVEY PRESENTS" showcase, this time with ROBERT MORGAN FISHER, and DYLAN BRODY, at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena, CA; no reservations taken for tonight.
* ROBERT MORGAN FISHER's most recent Imperative Records release, "Notes for a Novel," contains 12 songs with guest vocals by JANIS IAN, JULIE CHRISTENSEN, PAM LOE, DAVE MORRISON and JOHN YORK. And yes, he wrote a song about Mars that's on there.
* DYLAN BRODY is an award winning playwright, a thrice-published author, a humorist and story-teller. He's a writer for the Huffington Post and a contributor to public radio's "OffRamp" on KPCC.
* All-ages show, $10 at the door.

Friday, September 29

Fri & Sat, Sep 29 & 30, 2017:
6th annual "GET SHAMROCKED IRISH MUSIC FEST 2017" in Town Square Park, 24701 Jefferson Av, Murrieta, CA;
✔ TIX: available online; 2-day pass $40 (adv only); one-day Fri $20 adv / $25 gate (if not sold-out - see Note 1); one-day Sat $30 adv / $35 gate (if not sold-out - see Note 1).
✔ THE SCENE: In 2015, when this fest was still gaining momentum, the Guide proclaimed to our readers, "This is a big-deal Irish / Celtic music event." Now, the event itself is saying, "'Get Shamrocked' is California's Premier Irish music festival featuring 15 brilliant bands gathered from across the planet over two days of pure Celtic magic." (As you can tell, they have a good promo writer.) Town Square Park is "the perfect venue" with free parking and a flat, grassed area, "with huge stage and natural amphitheater." The site is wheelchair accessible. Get Shamrocked has "a vendor village with all kinds of merchandise and goods with food trucks to satisfy all appetites." They continue, "Fueled by Monster Energy the Festival was born in September 2012 and instantly we knew something special was going to emerge from our humble beginnings. After only four previous events, Get Shamrocked has quickly become the number-one Celtic Music Festival on the West Coast." The festival is produced by the year-round Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery in Murrieta so it's "Based in the heart of the Temecula Valley and wine country in Murrieta, Southern California..." They avoid noting that the area's brutal heat of summer has abated by late September by saying, "Southern California has gained global iconic status with glorious weather guaranteed. It's the perfect place for to gather like-minded Celtic music lovers for a festival experience that makes you forget the rest of the world and party and dance in a 'no attitude' crowd. One stage means the focus is all about the music. And with Guinness & Jameson Irish Whiskey, Magners & Ballast Point all part of the story, along with great food trucks, it is without doubt the best way to enjoy the live music from the rip-roaring Friday night high energy Celtic hammer to the Saturday Irish Rock, Folk & Trad."
✔ NOTE 1: The festival tells the Guide, "This could be the first year that our two-day festival sells-out in advance!" Evidence? (a) in 2015, they doubled their crowd, and (b) The festival's annual 2017 "Launch Party" is in distant San Diego, and it sold-out months in advance; allm of which suggests you should get your two-day festival pass (or single-day tix) promptly.
✔ NOTE 2: This is an age 21+ festival and all patrons must show photo ID before entering the grounds.
✔ NOTE 3: Volunteers needed; e-mail Liza at:
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
(Fri, starting at 4:15 pm:)
♪ Craic Haus
♪ OnOff
♪ Hoist the Colors
♪ Mickey Rickshaw
♪ The Go Set
♪ Flatfoot 56
- - - -
(Sat, noon-11 pm:)
♪ Kilmainham Boys
♪ Key of Whiskey
♪ The McKintree Boys
♪ Brick Top Blaggers
♪ Quel Bordel
♪ 1916
♪ Enter the Haggis
♪ The Fighting Jamesons
♪ Gaelic Storm

Fri, Sep 29:
6-11 pm "DARK NIGHTS AT L.A. LIVE" presented by Avión at the L.A. LIVE complex (by Staples Center, around the corner from the Grammy Museum) in L.A.
* Features performance by RACHEL GRACE on violin (endorsed by Saga Strings);
* $5 food and drink menus.
* Additional MUSIC PERFORMANCE from Weekend Celebrity.
* The inevitable 20-teens annoyance of DEEJAYS (sorry 'bout that part).
* MURALISTS: Septerhed | Phobik | Jason Ostro | Angel Once and TeamNoSleepCrew | Cyrus Howlett | Sebastien Walker | Los Angeles Plein Air Festival | Paul Juno | Pops Born To Create | Moncho1929 | Brett Crawford
* ART INSTALLATIONS & PERFORMANCES: Dancers | Hula Hoopers | Character Performers | Stilt Walkers | Contortionists and more!
* VENDORS: London Manori | Parlor Tattoo Prints | JadenMoon Natural Soaps & Skin Care | West Coasterz Engraved Wood Art | Amor y Flor | BoriCubi: The Art of Jolin Miranda | Rx Candles | Hide Designs | Paper8 | Unjaded Jewelry | Luna Stones Jewelry | Ecopet Handbags | Balam Creations | Claudia Rossini Handbags | The Art of Sketch | HumanTreeRobot | Benjibug Vinyl Art | WIKIDCANVAS | Hannah Frost Jewelry | Noah Sturm | Ela Mella | Canyon Collection | Pocket Square Clothing | Kahoy Kollection | Osoporto | Marston Company
* FREE event, open to the public, takes place outside on L.A. LIVE's Microsoft Square and surrounding streets.

Fri, Sep 29:
8 & 10 pm JOHN HAMMOND plays two shows tonight at McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica, CA 90405; 310-828-4497;
* Tix: $27.50
* COMING UP at McCabe's: Sun, Oct 1 JON LANGFORD, 8:00 PM - $20; Fri, Oct 6 AJ CROCE, 8:00 PM - $25; Sat, Oct 7 GRIFFIN HOUSE; 8:00 PM - $20; Sun, Oct 8 QUILES & CLOUD / ANNA TIVEL, 8:00 PM - $16; Fri, Oct 13 JILL SOBULE, 8:00PM - $20; Sat, Oct 14 WALTER EGAN, 8:00PM - $20; Sun, Oct 15 SHAWN MULLINS, 8:00 PM - $25; Fri, Oct 20 JAKE XERXES FUSSELL, 8:00PM - $20; Sat, Oct 21 SARAH JAROSZ, 8:00PM - $25; Sat, Oct 28 THE RELUCTANT APOSTLES, 8:00 PM - $20; Fri, Nov 3 JOLIE HOLLAND & SAMANTHA PARTON (of The Be Good Tanyas), 8:00 PM - $20; Sat, Nov 4 BOBBY LONG, 8:00 PM - $20; Fri, Nov 10 HAAS KOWERT TICE, 8:00 PM - $25; Sat, Nov 11 KRIS DELMHORST /JEFFREY FOUCAULT, 8:00 PM - $25; Fri, Nov 17 JOEL RAFAEL with John Trudell's Bad Dog, 8:00PM - $25; Sat, Nov 18 KINKY FRIEDMAN, 8:00 PM & 10:00 PM - $35; Fri, Dec 8 SEAN WATKINS, 8:00 PM - $25. Tix available now for all these shows.

Fri, Sep 29:
8 pm DEBBIE DAVIES, plus the BOBBY BLUEHOUSE BAND, play the Arcadia Blues Club, 16 E Huntington Dr, Arcadia, CA;
* Coming up at the venue: Sat, Sep 30, 8 pm, GUITAR SHORTY; Fri, Oct 6, CHEF DENNIS & FRIENDS; Sat, Oct 7, JAMES INTVELD.
* Wonderfully fun venue, two stages at opposite ends of large hall assure continuous music. Menu features tasty food, large portions (two can share); full bar; pool tables. But take earplugs, seriously.
* Tix are always reasonable at door, and they're substantially discounted in advance online, at:

Fri, Sep 29:
10 pm "GET SHAMROCKED AFTER PARTY" after the day's activities at the "GET SHAMROCKED" FESTIVAL; two great nights of Irish Music & fun, with THE FIGHTING JAMESONS on Friday and the band 1916 on Saturday, both nights at the Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery, 39252 Winchester Rd Ste 145, Murrieta, CA 92563; 951-696-5252;

Saturday, September 30

Fri & Sat, Sep 29 & 30, 2017:
6th annual "GET SHAMROCKED IRISH MUSIC FEST 2017" in Town Square Park, 24701 Jefferson Av, Murrieta, CA;
(See Friday's listing for detailed write-up.)

Sat, Sep 30, BENEFIT:
"LIVING FREE ANIMAL SANCTUARY FUNDRAISER" features LISA HALEY & THE ZYDEKATS and their Grammy nominated Cajun-zydeco music, at the Sanctuary's facility, 54250 Keen Camp Rd, Mountain Center(near Idyllwild), CA 92561.
* The organization pairs adopted animals with Veterans with PTSD.
* Info,
* Check out the band's "Chicken Fiddler" Video – almost 679,000 Youtube hits – at:

Sat, Sep 30, in Central Cal:
35th annual "FIDDLE & BANGO CONTEST AND CHILI COOK-OFF" (yes, it's "Bango,") at Columbia State Historic Park, Main St & State St, Columbia, CA 95310;;
* See the Guide's # 9 feature story in the Sep 17th edition, at:

LATE ADDITION: FREE webcast Saturday night...
- - -
Sat, Sep 3O:
7 pm Bagpiper extraordinaire FRED MORRISON streams a concert from the Littlefield Celtic Center in Mount Vernon, Washington.
* Tune in tonight at 7 pm Pacific as THE ROOTS CHANNEL presents a FREE webcast.
* It's a LIVE full-length concert event.
* Four-camera video and CD-quality sound.
* About FRED MORRISON: One of the world's most skilled and celebrated pipers, Morrison's mastery of the great Highland bagpipes, reelpipes, Uillean pipes, and low whistle is evident through his technical virtuoso and captivating stage presence. A living legend in the Celtic music world, Morrison's music is firmly rooted in the tradition of the Hebridean islands of Scotland while also boldly exploring the technical and creative boundaries of Celtic music. He has developed a distinct and renowned signature sound in the piping community, and has won nearly all of the international prizes in the piping world. His exceptional talents and expressive style are immediately evident in his adventurous music. His performances feature mostly his own original compositions, and whether a haunting slow air or an incredibly difficult reel or jig played with breakneck speed and skilled precision, Fred's mastery of his instruments is completely apparent.

Sat, Sep 30:
7 pm "LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AMERIPOLITAN AWARD" winner JAMES HAND, plus THE CAROLYN SILLS COMBO in a fine double-bill of Western music at the Main, 24266 Main St, Newhall, CA 91321
* It's great western swing and alt country tohgether in one night.
* WILLIE NELSON had this to say about JAMES HAND: "Folks, like I said before and it’s STILL true, James Hand is the real deal.”
* "Good Times Magazine" described THE CAROLYN SILLS COMBO: “They... have enough soul, heart, style and swag to convince audiences and listeners that they may have been transported from an era where country swing rules the waves...”
* Tix onlione (link below) and at the door, if they don't sell out before hand. Doors open 30 minutes prior to show time. Seating is first come first served. If you require ADA seating, contact 661-290-2255 at least 24 hours prior to show time.
* Tix: $15, at:

Sat, Sep 30:
7 pm THE DUO-TONES play the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena, CA; phone for reservations (10 am-10 pm, 7 days), 626-798-6236.
* Veterans of "A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION" and lots more.

7:30-10 pm "FRONT PORCH CINEMA" series presents a FREE screening of "LA LA LAND" on the Santa Monica Pier, 200 Santa Monica Pier, Suite A, 200 Santa Monica Pier, Suite A, Santa Monica, CA 90401
* Co-hosted by "Eat|See|Hear" and the Santa Monica Pier.
* Free films; food & drinks available for purchase; DJs before the screenings, so bring earplugs.
* Each Friday night this Fall, a different feature film screens free.
* You can rent "old-timey lawn chairs that melt away the stress of the week while you relax and enjoy the ocean breeze."
* Gates open at 6 pm to get the best location.
* More info at

Sat, Sep 30:
8 pm GUITAR SHORTY, plus the BOBBY BLUEHOUSE BAND, play the Arcadia Blues Club, 16 E Huntington Dr, Arcadia, CA;
* Coming up at the venue: Fri, Oct 6, CHEF DENNIS & FRIENDS; Sat, Oct 7, JAMES INTVELD.
* Wonderfully fun venue, two stages at opposite ends of large hall assure continuous music. Menu features tasty food, large portions (two can share); full bar; pool tables. But take earplugs, seriously.
* Tix are always reasonable at door, and they're substantially discounted in advance online, at:

Sat, Sep 30:
10 pm "GET SHAMROCKED AFTER PARTY" after the day's activities at the "GET SHAMROCKED" FESTIVAL; two great nights of Irish Music & fun, with the band 1916 playing tonight at the Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery, 39252 Winchester Rd Ste 145, Murrieta, CA 92563; 951-696-5252;

Sunday, October 1st

LATE ADDITION (after edition was published)...
Sun, Oct 1, BENEFIT:
11 am-5 pm "MUSIC IN THE MOUNTAINS DAY" is a BENEFIT concert for the Oak Glen Schoolhouse Museum & Park, held at 11911 S Oak Glen Rd, Oak Glen, CA;
* Bands Featured:
• Grits n’Grady
• When Pigs Fly
• Kinfolk
• Kattywompus Band
* Sound reinforcement by Pat Huckaby
11 am-1 pm - Old Time Jam
1 pm - Beg. Mountain Dulcimer Workshop
1 pm - Intermed. Mountain Dulcimer Workshop - Jennifer Ranger
Other workshops - ukulele/ $10 per workshop
1 pm to 5 pm - Bands
* Entrance fee - $8 per person; kids age 12 & under are FREE.
* Bring lawn chairs.
* No alcohol.
* No pets.
* Happens rain or shine.
* Food available for purchase on site
* Info: email or call 909-867-7105 or look at the evnt website (top of listing).

Sun, Oct 1, BENEFIT:
ANDY & RENEE, plus MARTY RIFKIN (BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S BAND), will be part of the "PALOS VERDES CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE CHARITY EVENT" at Zamperini Field (Torrance Airport). Details & tix:

Sun, Oct 1:
2 pm "A MULDOON'S PUB DOUBLE HEADER" with CRAIC IN THE STONE playing a courtyard concert from 2 to 4 pm, then more Irish music by HUGH LEHANE in the pub starting at 6 pm, all at Muldoon's Irish Pub, 202 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, C949 640-4110.
* CRAIC IN THE STONE is earning a reputation for an invigorating, eclectic Celtic sound that spans gorgeous storytelling and tightly woven harmonies, pub songs and traditional tunes, originals and fresh covers, as well as instrumental jigs and reels. They are named after the quintessential Irish expression "craic," which is pronounced "crack," for fun times. Enjoy them at a great venue and soak up the grand Irish Hospitality, ambiance at OC's most award-winning Irish Pub. More:

Sun, Oct 1:
2 pm & 6 pm PIERRE BENSUSAN plays the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena, CA; phone for reservations (10 am-10 pm, 7 days), 626-798-6236.
* A real master. Check him out at:

Sun, Oct 1:
8 pm JON LANGFORD plays McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica, CA 90405; 310-828-4497;
* Tix: $20.
* COMING UP at McCabe's: Fri, Oct 6 AJ CROCE, 8:00 PM - $25; Sat, Oct 7 GRIFFIN HOUSE; 8:00 PM - $20; Sun, Oct 8 QUILES & CLOUD / ANNA TIVEL, 8:00 PM - $16; Fri, Oct 13 JILL SOBULE, 8:00PM - $20; Sat, Oct 14 WALTER EGAN, 8:00PM - $20; Sun, Oct 15 SHAWN MULLINS, 8:00 PM - $25; Fri, Oct 20 JAKE XERXES FUSSELL, 8:00PM - $20; Sat, Oct 21 SARAH JAROSZ, 8:00PM - $25; Sat, Oct 28 THE RELUCTANT APOSTLES, 8:00 PM - $20; Fri, Nov 3 JOLIE HOLLAND & SAMANTHA PARTON (of The Be Good Tanyas), 8:00 PM - $20; Sat, Nov 4 BOBBY LONG, 8:00 PM - $20; Fri, Nov 10 HAAS KOWERT TICE, 8:00 PM - $25; Sat, Nov 11 KRIS DELMHORST /JEFFREY FOUCAULT, 8:00 PM - $25; Fri, Nov 17 JOEL RAFAEL with John Trudell's Bad Dog, 8:00PM - $25; Sat, Nov 18 KINKY FRIEDMAN, 8:00 PM & 10:00 PM - $35; Fri, Dec 8 SEAN WATKINS, 8:00 PM - $25. Tix available now for all these shows.

*** ALSO, see this edition's FINAL news feature, waaaay down, just before the closing credits. It's titled:



# 2 news feature...

new releases...

by Christina Dunkley

(Nashville, TN) — Leading up to next month’s IBMA Awards, it’s fitting that fiddler Mike Barnett is announcing a recording full of guest appearances, many IBMA winners among them, in the form of his new album, "PORTRAITS IN FIDDLES." According to Barnett, who’s worked steadily as a professional fiddler since his teens, this solo recording is intended as a commemoration of time spent with some of his heavy influences, as well as a challenge for himself.

“Each one of these artists has a sound that is totally original and has created the path for them, created opportunities, a body of work, and a life that I’ve really respected. They inspired me to do something similar with my own life.”

Barnett's upcoming release on Compass Records (due October 13th) is as star-studded as any recording in years, With Mike Bub, Michael Daves, Stuart Duncan, Casey Campbell, Chris Eldridge, Grant Gordy, David Grier, David Grisman, Sam Grisman, Alex Hargreaves, Bobby Hicks, Ethan Jodziewicz, Dominick Leslie, Rob McCoury, Jesse McReynolds, Tim Mensy, Tim O’Brien, Jeff Picker, Noam Pikelny, Buddy Spicher, Bryan Sutton, and Tony Trischka.

“Mike Barnett is a first-class fiddle player and all-around musician. He’s got the chops and knows how to use them, but he also has something to say, and that’s a rare quality in music these days,” remarked the great David “Dawg” Grisman.

Some of the compositions included were chosen to reflect pivotal moments in Barnett’s career. “Bobby Hicks taught me “Fiddle Patch”. That was one of the first staples in the canon of bluegrass that I learned. It was Bobby who recommended me for the gig with Jesse McReynolds which really started my career”.

Others represent a wish list that turned into the ultimate interactive mixtape. “Some of these are songs I’ve played with these players before in their bands, but others are a dream list of things I always wanted to play with them. “

Though he spent many years as part of his touring band, Barnett had never recorded with McReynolds who is featured twice on the album on the songs “Dixie Hoedown” and “Okeechobee Wind”. He had never recorded with David Grisman who is also featured twice on the album on “Waiting for Vassar” and the scorching “Bow Wow”.

The album features some lightning fast picking, but possibly the most interesting part is how Barnett harnesses the improvisational spirit into some carefully composed breaks for twin fiddles – a concept that itself was pioneered by another of the album’s featured artists, Buddy Spicher.

Barnett composed a fiddle break for “Okeechobee Wind”, one of McReynolds’ original songs. “I played this in every set with Jesse and in the official recording there’s some wild fiddle playing on it. I wanted to compose some parts for twin fiddles that capture the spirit of all the different ways it’s gone instead of achieving that through improvisation.”

He also composed breaks for “Dixie Hoedown”, “Bow Wow”, “Fiddle Patch” and “Angel’s Waltz”, but it’s the twin fiddle maneuvering on “Tennessee Waltz” that provides one of the album’s highlights. “Buddy has extraordinary skill. He can come up with 4-part harmony for fiddle that’s just incredible. I remember to this day meeting him at a fiddle camp and the harmony that he showed me.”

Another album standout is “Fox Chase” featuring banjo great, Tony Trischka. “This has always been one of my favorites of Tony's. He really combines elements of bluegrass and old time roots in a powerful way. This is such a wonderful cross-over tune that really lends itself to both genres.”

In a sense, the album reflects a moment of coming around full circle for Mike, a Tennessee native who made his way through first the Northeast, in the Boston roots music scene that has spawned so many of the genre’s superstars, and then through Austin and New York City, another hot bed of next generation roots music talent, but now finds himself once again headquartered in Nashville.

“I wanted to create something tangible, like a snapshot of some of the experiences that I've been so fortunate to have had in my career so far. It was wonderful to work again with Buddy, who was one of my first mentors.”

Interspersed with commentary from Grisman, Trischka, McReynolds, Hicks, and guitarist, Bryan Sutton, PORTRAITS IN FIDDLES is a guided tour through the best in bluegrass from the unique perspective of someone who lived it from the inside through most of his life, as well as a conversation with his heroes, who speak for themselves musically and in their own words.


1. Old Barnes (feat. Stuart Duncan)
2. Mary and the Soldier (feat. Tim O’Brien)
3. Hangman’s Reel (feat. Bryan Sutton)
4. Mom and Dad’s Waltz (feat. Tim Mensy)
5. Waiting on Vassar (feat. David Grisman)
6. Bow Wow (feat. David Grisman)
7. Dixie Hoedown (feat. Jesse McReynolds)
8. Okeechobee Wind (feat. Jesse McReynolds)
9. Fiddle Patch (feat. Bobby Hicks)
10. Angel’s Waltz (feat. Bobby Hicks)
11. Fox Chase (feat. Tony Trischka & Michael Daves)
12. Tennessee Waltz (feat. Buddy Spicher)

FOCUS TRACKS being promoted for radio airplay:

2. Mary and the Soldier (feat. Tim O’Brien)
3. Hangman’s Reel (feat. Bryan Sutton)
6. Bow Wow (feat. David Grisman)

Look for "PORTRAITS IN FIDDLES" on Compass Records in your local record store October 13th, 2017.

More at:


# 3 news feature...

plugged in...

This is one of those times when reporting about Americana music requires allowing the conversation to get plugged-in. As in, electric string instruments. Because last week, the band BLANK RANGE showcased at the massive annual "AmericanaFest," where they performed at Third Man Records, following a set from Hiss Golden Messenger. As a result, people and the music press took notice. "The Nashville Scene" reviewed the show and said, "Trading lead vocals and showcasing their road-tested chemistry, Blank Range carried the 'Local Bands It's Worth Coming to Town to See' torch. To us, Blank Range is rock ’n’ roll, but if you’re gonna call it Americana, it’s Americana we can get behind."

The band's debut album, "Marooned with the Treasure," is out now via the Thirty Tigers label, and available everywhere as downloads.

Last month, the Nashville-based Blank Range released their debut album, "Marooned with the Treasure," via Sturdy Girls Records (distributed by Thirty Tigers). Now the band has just been named one of Rolling Stone's "10 New Country Artists You Need To Know."

Rolling Stone's Adam Gold says, "An increasingly country-leaning quartet born from Nashville's buzzing garage-rock scene, Blank Range's psychedelic grit and hooky, harmony-heavy songcraft have made the quartet pack-leaders in a Music City where country and indie-rock lanes continue merging." Specifically on the subject of their debut album, Gold continued, saying, "Marooned With The Treasure" is "Brimming with storyteller verses, bourbon-bathed choruses and transcendental bursts of shred by Gustafson – one of Music City's most inventive guitarists..."

Next month, Blank Range will kick off their fall tour with a special performance at Mercury Lounge on October 18, opening for Tyler Childers. On October 19, the band will kick off their tour with Jessica Lea Mayfield in Allston, MA. The list of tour dates covers the East Coast, the South, the Lake States and the Midwest as far as Kansas City, but not the West. So, seems it's up to us to let Southern Californians (and much of the rest of our global readership) know who these guys are.

Not that more of the music press, outside Nashville, hasn't taken notice. "Noisey" premiered "Opening Band," the first track to be released from the debut album. There, Annalise Domenighini said, "It's a great example of how, sometimes, a song just needs to be simple to be good... Jon Childers' vocals resemble a southern-fried Bob Dylan."

Recently, "Stereogum" premiered "Ember In The Ash" and called it a "A sunrise slow-drift accented by weeping slide guitar."

Too bad Southern Cal has so few radio shows (and stations) that play Americana music, or you'd surely hear 'em. But you can search online.

The debut album by BLANK RANGE, "MAROONED WITH THE TREASURE," is now available for purchase or download at all major retailers.


# 4 news feature...


In our last big news edition, we looked at the role music plays in mental health, including fighting Alzheimer's. Now let's look at the role of music – or sound, anyway – in fighting cancer.

As science continues to seek innovative and effective ways to fight cancer, one obstacle has been the safe and easy removal of cancer cells from the body for study. Well, guess what's coming to the rescue?

A new ally in that fight might be sound waves, which can separate cancer cells from blood cells using different frequencies.

Could this be music to the ears of cancer patients, researchers and doctors alike? On would think so!

Here's an overview, in a somewhat goofy video at the NBC News MACH site, at:


# 5 news feature...


New Yorkers have always claimed L.A. isn't much of a theatre town. Ha. They're just jealous because all the actors and actresses moved here two generations ago because Hollywood has so much to offer them. True, our live theatre scene doesn't have many venues on par with those on Broadway. But the quality of what the performers deliver here, on stage, is underappreciated. So we do our part to try 'n expand the level of awareness and appreciation.


Impro Theatre's "SONDHEIM UNSCRIPTED" is "A completely improvised musical in the style of one of Broadway's most acclaimed artists." The cast and musicians work together as an ensemble "to improvise songs with intricate rhymes, soaring counter melodies and complex themes, creating a wholly original, thrilling musical with every performance."

* "An outstanding cast that clearly understands the form they are spoofing and have the vocal power to sustain it." - LA Weekly.

* Runs this weekend only, Sep 29-Oct 1 -- Fri at 8 pm, Sat at 5 & 8 pm, Sun at 2 & 5 pm, in The Edye at the Broad Stage, the centerpiece of the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center, 1310 11th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

* Tix for all five shows at:

"THE FACE, Behind The Face, behind the face" is the solo musical by Anthony Gruppuso, about the struggles of a musical performer. It features glorious singing. At Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Bl West, Los Angeles CA 90068

* Runs Sundays only, at 7 pm.

* Ends October 29

* Tix: 323-851-7977 or


"VINO VERITAS" is the West Coast Premiere of a comedy by David MacGregor. The premise: Two couples are presented with a mystical wine that compels its imbibers to tell the truth. Uh-oh. At Theatre 40, 241 S Moreno Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

* Runs at 8 pm on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with a 2 pm matinee show on Sundays.

* Don't dawdle, it ends October 16.

* Tix: 310-364-0535 or


# 6 news feature...


"It’s not a small rock show or a theatrical event. Inspired by a White House concert, one of rock’s celebrated storytellers is bringing his tales to a new stage," writes JON PARELES in "BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY: THE BOSS ON HIS ‘FIRST REAL JOB’," the feature story in today's New York Times. Here's the url to read it:

Some basics? The Boss's show begins preview performances Oct. 3 and continues, five nights a week, through February. The show will be staged at the 960-seat Walter Kerr Theater, which was built in 1929 and has been the home of more Pulitzer and Tony-winning productions than any other Broadway theater.

Maybe the show was just born to run.

*** While you're at the NYT site, check-out:


It's a piece by MICHAEL PAULSON, who writes: "With Samantha Barks in the role that made Julia Roberts famous, the stage musical aims to open in New York next fall." It's at:

*** And this one, too:


By ROSLYN SULCAS, who says, "The 2014 play 'Shakespeare in Love' will be the most produced play in the country this season." She explores why, at:


# 7 news feature...


An acclaimed show with songs, written and performed by Sybil Harris, directed by B’Anca, and produced by Linda Bronson-Abbott, with musical director Casey McCoy, will enjoy a limited run from mid-November to the first weekend of December.

BILLIE HOLIDAY (1915-1959) was a trail-blazing musical artist, known as perhaps the first female vocalist to use her voice in the style of jazz improvisation. Recording first with BENNY GOODMAN, she became the first Black female vocalist to front a white band, that of ARTIE SHAW. She also performed with COUNT BASIE and DUKE ELLINGTON. She had long professional associations with saxophonist LESTER YOUNG (who named her "Lady Day," and she called him "Prez") and with pianist TEDDY WILSON.

Born to poverty in Philadelphia, she was a victim of sexual assault while still a child and sentenced by the court to a Catholic correctional institution. It was only her first experience with the court, however. She was convicted at age 13 (along with her mother) of prostitution. Subsequent arrests involved possession of narcotics and substance abuse.

Despite a turbulent life, abusive relationships, and racism, she prevailed to become one of the greatest jazz and blues artists of her time, before her untimely demise at age 42 from cirrhosis of the liver. In addition to multiple hit recordings, she sold-out Carnegie Hall three times.

Writer-performer SYBIL HARRIS brings Holiday's story to vibrant life in the new show "Billie Holiday: Front and Center." Ms. Harris portrays multiple characters and sings a selection of songs that comprise an array of Holiday’s greatest hits, among them "God Bless the Child," "Strange Fruit," "What a Little Moonlight Can Do," "All of Me," "Don’t Explain," "My Man," "Good Morning Heartache," and more. Ms. Harris is accompanied live by jazz musicians.

Sybil Harris is a Phoenix native who first portrayed Holiday in the touring musical "SANG SISTA SANG," produced by SMOKEY ROBINSON, MICKEY STEPHENSON and B’ANCA. Harris’ other stage credits include "The Music Man," "Jesus Christ Superstar,' "Bubbling Brown Sugar," "Ain’t Misbehavin’," 'Little Shop of Horrors," "Simply Heavenly," and her own show, "Just Let Me Sing." Her film and TV credits include "Veep," "Deliver Us From Eva," "Two Can Play that Game,' "The Sarah Silverman Show," "Strong Medicine," and more.

B’ANCA directs the new show, following her accomplishment as co-director of the seven-year run of "The Passion Play," a big-cast musical. Known for her work as a production stage manager, her credits also include "Once in a Lifetime" (OBBA BABATUNDE’s musical tribute to SAMMY DAVIS JR.), the "NAACP Theatre Festival,' and the "Leimert Park Theatre Festival."

Other important credits include Musical director: Casey McCoy. Drums: Fritz Wise. Saxophone: David Patterson. Bass: Michael Saucier.

"Billie Holiday: Front and Center" had its World Premiere last year in South Pasadena at the Fremont Centre Theatre. The current engagement marks its first in the city of Los Angeles.

The production again promises an unforgettable portrait of an authentic American musical genius.

“For my money, Sybil’s performance is competitive with Diana Ross in 1972’s 'Lady Sings the Blues.'” -- Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive.

“Sybil Harris portrays Billie Holiday within the same mannerisms that mimic this woman down to her vocal pitches and rhythms.” -- Rich Borowy, Accessibly Live.

“Harris emotes a sparkling yet demure stage presence, commanding the audience, with her realistic portrayal of Billie Holiday’s glamorous aura.” -- Bonnie Priever, Red Curtain Up.

“A must-see class act performance.” -- jazz legend Barbara Morrison.

Runs for six performances at the Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center, 4305 Degnan Bl, Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90008.

Runs Sat, Nov 4 at 8 pm; Sun, Nov 5 at 3 pm; Fri, Nov 10 at 8 pm; Sun, Nov 12 at 3 pm; Sat, Dec 2 at 8 pm; Sun, Dec 3 at 3 pm.

The closing performance on December 3 will be a benefit for "Bridge to Africa Connection" honoring Ms. Dawn Sutherland. Tickets for that December 3rd benefit are $75 general admission or $150 for a V.I.P. ticket.

Tix are $30 general, $25 seniors (age 65+), at 800-838-3006, or online at:


# 8 news feature...

new releases...

Singer-songwriter-guitarist BOB CHEEVERS has entertained us for years. When it isn't in his presence, listening to him make music, it happens when we hear from him in one of his reports from the road. We've shared both with Guide readers over the years.

Now, Bob tells us that he, with duo partner Stephen Doster, will hit the concert tour trail, bringing their duo show to three states, all the month of November. He says, "We have great shows in California, Colorado and New Mexico, and we both have great recordings we’ll be promoting along the way."

Cheevers' “Fifty Years” 5-disc, boxed-set of 83 songs covers half a century and continues to rock the charts in Europe. It was released in the U.S. July 15th.

Bob says, "I’ll be promoting that release with the backing of my Howling Dog Records label, who will be doing press and promotion for the tour."

In addition to that tour support from his label, Howlin’ Dog Records, Bob enjoys a bunch of endorsements, including Fred Welker Guitars, Elixir Strings, and Denise Deshon Guitar Straps.

You can find him at, and his site always gives you a taste of his storytelling and travelogues from a troubadour perspective.

Also, look for “Fifty Years” on iTunes, Amazon,, and all the other music platforms.

STEPHEN DOSTER, Bob's "duet tour" partner, has a brand new release called “New Black Suit.” It is already getting rave reviews from the national press, which, Bob tells us, "blends in well with his recent induction into the TEXAS MUSIC LEGENDS HALL OF FAME."

You can catch up on Stephen’s musical journey at and

So, with two very accomplished solo acts performing as a duo, what should we expect?

"He and I write very different songs, but we’ve found a really cool plot of common ground where our personalities and our music join together really well," says Cheevers. He continues, "I admire him (Doster) as a writer and musician and consider him one of my closest friends here in Austin, and that relationship shows up every time we play."

Their three-state tour features a pair of Southern Cal dates. Those are:

* Nov 11 at Old Oak cellars in Pasadena, 3-6 pm
* Nov 12 at Cody's Viva Cantina in Burbank, 7:30-10:30 pm

"We sure hope to see lots of familiar faces on this whirlwind tour and are really looking forward to doing what we really love to do which is play music together. Until we see you in person…much love and peace on this planet earth..." - Bob.


# 9 news feature...


Don't let the dates or the tickets get away from you. "Samhain -- The Celtic Halloween Show " --happens this year on two consecutive weekends, October 22 and 29.

Let's take a moment and make sure you know how to pronounce this Gaelic Irish word properly. Just say it like the name for the pig, the "sow" ("s" in front of "ow" like an owie; so it's not what seems obvious at all. Not "sam"). Then add a quickly attached "in," to get sOW-in.

In this, its 7th consecutive year, the show promises new songs and stories, as well as beloved ones from past shows.

THE SCOTTISH FIDDLERS OF LOS ANGELES are proud to again sponsor Samhain this year, and the entire Samhain cast is very excited to again be presenting this year's show at MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. That means you can enjoy a pint of freshly brewed ale as you listen to the stories, tap your feet to the music, and -- since it's the original roots of Halloween -- feel the breath of those long gone on the back of your neck.

Producers tell us, "If you like, bring a picnic lunch or dinner, show up early and hang out. Or try out the food truck."

Last year they had to turn people away, so this year they've gone to two shows on each of two dates (four performances total), October 22 & 29.

Tickets for "SAMHAIN: A CELTIC HALLOWEEN" are now on sale at:

Tix are $15, $18 & $22.

Save anxiety by getting your tickets online. Ticket sales at the door, for any remaining seats, are cash-only. The "Preferred Seating" in the first two rows usually sells early.
Even though there are four shows this year, producers tell us, "We do expect to sell out, so don't wait!"

* Sundays, October 22 & 29
* 3 pm & 7 pm, both dates.
* At MacLeod Ale Brewing Co, 14741 Calvert St, Van Nuys 91411


# 10 news feature...


The Guide's "Encyclopedia Festivanica" has had a detailed notice about this one since April.

But here's the latest...
Seaside Highland Games Tickets: $18 adult / $5 child, for either day (single day), to $28 adult for a two-day pass, and are now available at Brown Paper Tickets, at:

The event runs saturday & Sunday, Oct. 14 & 15, 9 am-5 pm, at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, 10 W Harbor Bl, Ventura, CA 93001 | Festival phone: 818-886-4968 | email: | website:

You'll find a full array of Scottish and Celtic activities, bagpipe bands, Highland dancers, food and drinks, Gathering of (and information about) traditional Celtic Clans, sheep herding demos, British Cars, a children's glen, a Harp Glen, Gaelic language lessons, fiddles, and heavy athletics with competitions in each of the recognized sports.

Special guests are the Scottish Chiefs are representing Clan MacLaren and Clan Morrison along with the U.S. MARINE BAND and four stages filled with entertainers from SLIGO RAGS to THE ANGRY BRIANS, and HIGHLAND WAY to the Grammy-winning SUSAN WINSBERG, and more.

Over 50 vendors will be selling their wares from the British Isles and Ireland, including haggis, and, of course, an incredible Whisky Tasting.

You can get your tickets on the website or by phone, and there's plenty of additional information at:

or call 818-886-4968


# 11 news feature...

festival extras...

This wonderful event with its multiple stages of traditional and contemporary Celtic music, Scottish Heavy Athletics, sanctioned Scottish Fiddle Contest, gathering of the kilt-bedecked clans, and much more, is a fall favorite. Being located along the ocean in Ventura always adds to the charm.

But more happens -- as in, Friday and Saturday evening events -- before the main event begins, and after Saturday's full day of festival activities.

On Friday, October 13th, the night before the Games and all that multi-stage music-making gets underway, you can attend:

"A SCOTTISH EVENING" featuring Whisky Tasting at 5 pm, and Dinner and Ceilidh at 6:30 pm. It happens at the Four Points Sheraton Ventura Harbor, and it's an annual Seaside tradition.

Call Nellie Lowry at 818-886-4968 to make your reservations using PayPal or credit card.

And then there's the very special big evening event...

Saturday, October 14th, you can attend the "CLAN CHIEFS DINNER."

JOHN LOWRY, half the team (with his wife, Nellie) who produces this excellent festival, tells us, "We are honored to have the MacLaren and Morrison Clan Chiefs joining us this year, as well as four Clans holding their Annual General Meetings at Seaside: Campbell, MacLaren, Morrison, and Ross."

In the world of heraldry, patented tartan plaid patterns that only family members can wear, and simply getting Caledonian people together on the West Coast of North America, that's a very big deal.

Thus, John continues, "In celebration, we invite you to attend a special 'Clan Chiefs Dinner' on Saturday, October 14th, at the top of the Crowne Plaza in the Harbor View Room. All are invited to attend!"

Cocktails at 6 pm, dinner at 7 pm. This one is $60 per person, and if you want to go, buy your tix promptly.

Call Nellie at 818-886-4968 to make your reservations using PayPal or credit card.


# 12 news feature...

Getting Winded, part 1:

With all the news from Florida about Hurricane Irma, and how the state's governor had issued an Executive Order banning all state employees from uttering or writing the words "Climate Change" (under penalty of getting fired from their job); AND, that the Sunshine State's legislature has passed a law that forbids anyone from going off the grid with their own solar panels hooked up to their own house, anytime there is a power outage; the science-denying, sunshine-denying Sunshine State seems due for something better. So, it's welcome news that something wonderful just happened there on the music scene.

In Orlando, the oft-proclaimed "The Happiest Place on Earth" took on new meaning for more than 1,400 clarinet enthusiasts from around the world as they descended on the Central Florida community for the 2017 International Clarinet Association (ICA) "ClarinetFest." Hosted at the Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center in August (just before the storms), "ClarinetFest 2017" was one of the best-attended clarinet conferences in the history of ICA, and featured attendees and performers from Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Puerto Rico, in addition to the large United States and Canada representation.

Instrument maker Buffet Crampon USA was front and center during the five day festival, with a booth that featured over 100 clarinets and bass clarinets. Their highlights were the world debuts of the "LÉGENDE" professional B-flat and A clarinets, the new "convertible" Prestige bass clarinet (configured to either low C or low D range), and the ICON bass clarinet neck and bell. Attendees were able to try out many different Buffet Crampon models at that booth, including R13, Tradition, Tosca, Festival, RC, R13 Prestige and Divine models. They displayed a full assortment of ICON barrels, bells, mouthpieces and ligatures, and had a dedicated display of intermediate and student clarinets (including their promoted "Prodige" student clarinet). More than 50 clarinets from their booth found new homes during the festival.

As Buffet Crampon President and CEO François Kloc says, "Our instruments are nothing without our world-class roster of Artists, and Buffet Crampon was well-represented with over 30 Artists performing and presenting. We would especially like to thank our Artists that performed on the headliner concerts during ClarinetFest, including Stanley Drucker, Nicolas Baldeyrou, Alex Fiterstein and Ken Peplowski."

The ICA Board of Directors, led by ICA President and Buffet Crampon Artist Caroline Hartig, received congratulations for "an amazing week of clarinet fellowship and fun." Congratulations also went to ICA host Keith Koons of the University of Central Florida for organizing what was being called "One of the best ClarinetFests yet!"

The next ClarinetFest is in Belgium in 2018.


# 13 news feature...


Venue impresario Bob Stane says, "This is an extra special tribute show featuring DAVE HUMPHRIES & THE HOLLYWOOD PROJECT and many more performers, celebrating the songs of John Lennon for John’s birthday. The candles on the cake will be the stellar musicians in this show, shining brightly. Call it 'A sentimental affair with the music that changed our entertainment landscape.'"

* The show's producers proclaim this as "THE FIRST ANNUAL JOHN LENNON BIRTHDAY BASH." It will celebrate Lennon's Beatles and solo years, plus this is CD release show for Dave Humphries and The Hollywood Project’s new album, "Olympic Boulevard."


STEPHEN KALINICH is an L.A. and Backstage resident rock ‘n’ roll poet of peace. His spoken word performances in L.A. have left audiences mesmerized and inspired with the hope of a love that is present and real. He is very much a peer of John Lennon. His work with THE BEACH BOYS is now the stuff of legend. His collaborations with DENNIS AND BRIAN WILSON, including “Little Bird” from the "Friends" album, are major works in the world of classic rock.

ZAK NILSSON is the son of the late, great HARRY NILSSON, who was a close mate of John Lennon. He’ll be bringing his own Ringo-inspired drumming and singing to the show.

Also adding their talent and musical prowess to the celebration are musical guests THE LICATAS, PAUL ZOLLO, NEIL ROSENGARDEN, and NICK GUZMAN.

When John Lennon died at the hands of a deranged assassin on December 8th, 1980, he left behind one of the most profound canons of songs in rock music history. It wasn’t only his Beatles songs that helped define and rock music as a genre with depth and lyrical impact and substance. It was also his solo career that gave the world songs that became classics and standards like “Imagine,” and “Woman.” His legacy in song has become a timeless source of honesty, idealism, realism, soul and wit. Songs like “Imagine,” “Love,” “Give Peace a Chance,” “Instant Karma,” and “All You Need Is Love,” now represent much more than the shattered idealism of the '60s. They are necessary gems on the road to unity and peace.

DAVE HUMPHRIES & THE HOLLYWOOD PROJECT promise to "celebrate the Beatle who took songwriting to a new authentic and intimate level that has seldom been touched since."

This band brings a fresh, original sound to Lennon's songs and those of The Beatles. They have shared the stage with Beatle mates who include TONY SHERIDAN, who once fronted THE BEATLES, and with JOEY MOLLAND of BADFINGER.

The hosting band will premiere songs from their latest release album, "Olympic Boulevard," with lyrics by STEPHEN KALINICH and music by DAVE HUMPHRIES.

* Show at 6:30 pm. (Note the special early start time!)
* At the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Altadena, CA
* Phone for reservations, (10 am-10 pm, 7 days) 626-798-6236.
* Tix: $25, and sure to sell-out promptly.


# 14 news feature...


The Guide has featured news of this series through a number of its seasons. All of us are fortunate that a local major university brings this to the entire commun ity, and not just its campus community. This series is always a high quality and diverse offering of arts, music, literature, cultural, and forward-thinking events -- and the luminaries, movers and shakers, authors and thinkers behind them.

What's more, most of these events are FREE, though nearly all require you to register for your free tickets because they fill-up, and you shouldn't pay to park and then learn the hard way that you can't get into a full house. (A few events in their schedule are open only to USC students, though most are open to all; we include only those that everyone can attend; be careful when you peruse the series' website.)

Coming up soon...

* Thu, Sep 28, at 7 pm -- "THREE LAUREATES: POETS OF THE NEW CALIFORNIA" brings U.S. Poet Laureate JUAN FELIPE HERRERA, California Poet Laureate DANA GIOIA, and Los Angeles Poet Laureate ROBIN COSTE LEWIS. Admission is FREE with RSVP online; remaining tix will be available at the door.

* Mon Oct 16, at 7 pm -- "CÁTEDRA MÉXICO WITH GRACIELA ITURBIDE" the world-famous photographer. A "Visions and Voices Signature Event" in the "Town and Gown" series, presented with the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles. Reception follows. Admission is FREE, reservations required.

* Wed, Oct 18, at 2 pm -- "JAMES hd BROWN: LIFE AND WORK IN MEXICO" is "an Exhibition Tour and Discussion with the Artist" at the USC Fisher Museum of Art. Admission is FREE, reservations required. RSVP online.

* Wed, Oct 18, at 6:30 & 8:30 pm -- "MAKING MOVEMENTS: DANCE AND SOCIAL CHANGE FEATURING JON BOOGZ." Movement artist Jon Boogz has choreographed for luminaries ranging from Mikhail Baryshnikov to Gloria Estefan. Admission is FREE, reservations required. RSVP online.

* Thu, Oct 19, at 7 pm -- "DIS...MISS: PERFORMING GENDER" is an "intersectional, interactive event [that] combines video, images, talks, exercises, questions, and tweets, to reveal a broad spectrum of gender possibilities beyond the simplistic binary. Writer-performer Kristina Wong will emcee a multidisciplinary evening featuring projections of short videos and artist-designed postcards; scholarly reflections by Karen Tongson, Amelia Jones, and Valorie Thomas; and a theatrical workshop led by Anita Dashiell-Sparks. With performance artists as your guides, get ready to encounter others’ performances of gender and consider how gender performs you." Admission is FREE, reservations required. RSVP beginning Tue, Sep 26, at 9 am.

* Sat, Oct 21, at noon -- "THE MET IN HD: MOZART’S DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE (THE MAGIC FLUTE)." Admission is FREE, reservations required. RSVP beginning Mon, Oct 2, at noon.

* Mon, Oct 23, 4-7:30 pm -- "THE NATION SKATE: DIPLOMACY, DIVERSITY, AND GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT THROUGH SKATEBOARDING." "Explore the vast influence and world-changing potential of skate culture in two panels featuring skateboarding legends..." Admission is FREE, reservations required. RSVP beginning Wed, Sep 27, at 9 am.

* Thu Oct 26, at 7:30 pm -- "TONIGHT AT THE PALACE! A VARIEDADES TRIBUTE." At the Downtown Palace Theatre, 630 S Broadway, Los Angeles 90014. Revisit the spectacular history of Spanish-language vaudeville shows, or variedades. "Mexican singer/songwriter Amandititita will emcee an exciting evening of music, dance, film, and conversation featuring traditional Mexican music by La Familia Gonzalez de Los Angeles; the hip hop and Afro-Latin moves of Versa-Style Dance Company; a jam session with legendary Latin American session players; and excerpts from Laurel & Hardy films." Admission is FREE, reservations required. RSVP beginning Mon, Sep 25, at 9 am.

* Sun, Oct 29, at 4 pm -- "BEETHOVEN WAS A LESBIAN: A TRIBUTE TO PAULINE OLIVEROS." Pauline Oliveros (1932–2016) was "a groundbreaking avant-garde composer whose work was inspired by and deeply committed to the women’s movement. ONE Archives, in collaboration with author, playwright/director, and poet IONE and the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), will present an immersive event featuring performances, meditations, screenings, and discussions in tribute to Oliveros’s extensive work." Admission is FREE, reservations required. RSVP beginning Wed, Oct 4, at 9 am.

* Mon, Oct 30, at 6:30 pm -- "BIOHORROR." "Our cultural anxieties and fears of difference will be revealed in this unique exploration of biological/body horror. Horror-film experts Adam Lowenstein and Isabel Cristina Pinedo; Smithsonian parasitologist Anna Phillips; and Joseph Hawkins, a USC lecturer in anthropology and director of the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, will illuminate the viscerally compelling languages of biohorror in classic scenes from movies like Alien, The Thing, and Videodrome." Admission is FREE, reservations required. RSVP beginning Thu, Oct 5, at 9 am.

More info, venues for each event, and RSVP / reservations for all events:


# 15 news feature...


There's a variety of live music, and "Food, Wine and CSO this Wednesday!" with "CSO" being Center stage Opera. The Wednesday event runs 5:30-8 pm at the West Valley-Warner Center Chamber of Commerce gala, at Vista Ford-Lincoln, 21501 Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills.

As for a Route 66 connection? Event producers tell us, "We'll be crankin' out classic rock and jazz standards, while you sample delectable offerings from some of the Valley's leading purveyors of fine wine and food. At $60, this is a real bargain, and an opportunity to support the Chamber's outstanding programs that benefit all of us in the Valley."

* Tickets are available at the door. Call the Chamber office at 818-347-4737 for more information.


# 16 news feature...


The Guide has long brought you word of old silent movie screenings with live musical soundtrack accompaniments. For musicians (when it's done well), it offers an immersive workshop in how to craft music to express mood, emotion, drama, joy, and just about everything else. For everyone else, it's always a delightful shock to discover effective communication that propelled this lost genre of another era. It was a time when the lack of technology to synchronize sound required that films, which were getting lengthier, were interpreted by live musicians performing with the on-screen action.

Now, in a two-night production, the not-so-silent silver screen is returning to downtown Los Angeles to excite the senses at "UnSilent Cinema," presented by Arts Brookfield. The outdoor event will take over downtown Los Angeles’s premier shopping and dining destination, FIGat7th, to showcase classic silent films brought to life by contemporary live scores.

Bridging early 20th century film masterpieces to present day contemporary music culture, this year’s UnSilent Cinema is inspired by female-focused music and film. Two full-length features with strong female leads have been paired with world premiere scores written and performed by top female musicians.

* SCREENING THURSDAY, September 28 is "THE GODDESS" (1934, directed by Wu Yonggang), with Argentinian singer and songwriter JUANA MOLINA performing an original score written specially for UnSilent Cinema.

* ON FRIDAY, September 29, "THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC" (1928, directed by CARL THEODOR DREYER) will be screened with a unique performance by American singer, songwriter and artist JULIA HOLTER.

* Both showings open with a live set by composer and filmmaker NOVELLER, who recently toured Europe and the U.S. with IGGY POP.


Picnicking is encouraged and blankets are provided while supplies last.

* UnSilent Cinema is FREE and open to the public.

* Seating is limited and is first come, first served. (Arrive early, because the DJ stuff starts at 7 pm, and that may draw enough of a crowd to get all the prime seats for the screenings.)

* VENUE is FIGat7th, 735 S Figueroa St (at 7th), Los Angeles, CA 90017.

* PARKING is available for $5 with validation after 4 pm.

* METRO RED / PURPLE SUBWAY LINES are right across the street, at "7th / Metro Center Station."

* MORE at:


# 17 news feature...

new releases...

by Justin Schmidt

Fresh from performing at Americana Fest, and a booked artist at the Red River Music Festival, New Mexico-based songwriter Max Gomez has a new EP-length release. Titled "Me & Joe," it's out now on Brigadoon Records.

An artist in the vein of Jackson Browne and John Prine, Gomez unites beatific melodies with weathered lyrics and a down-home delivery.

Though still only in his twenties, Max Gomez has always had the heart of an old soul. As a child, the first songs he learned to sing were originally recorded in the '50s by Johnny Cash. As a teenage guitarist he adopted Big Bill Broonzy as his blues master. And as a budding performer, he apprenticed in the rarefied musical climate of northern New Mexico, where troubadours like Michael Martin Murphey and Ray Wylie Hubbard helped foster a folk and Western sound both cosmic and cowboy.

Judging by the company he keeps, Gomez seems positioned to emerge as a prominent voice of Americana’s next generation. Since the release of his debut album, "Rule the World," in 2013, he’s shared billing on hundreds of stages with stalwarts of the genre, including Shawn Mullins, James McMurtry, Buddy Miller, Jim Lauderdale, Patty Griffin, and John Hiatt.

Gomez's five newly-released tracks shine with honesty and soul, and "Me & Joe" is now available to stream and download.

He debuted the video for his uplifting song "Make it Me" on "The Bluegrass Situation." There, he describes the song as being about "The undeniable, scared-to-lose-it kind of love that can't be faked."

When he premiered his gritty song "Joe" for review by "The Boot," they wrote of Gomez, "He’s got a reputation as a relentlessly honest songwriter and performer, and 'Joe' is no exception."

Gomez describes that song as being about "a down-and-out character...He compares cocaine to coffee and pain to cash as he searches for redemption".

Following his showcase in Nashville at 2017's "Americana Fest," Gomez took the stage for a performance at the "Red River Folk Festival" in New Mexico. In fact, Gomez was instrumental in organizing the latter event, which ran from September 21-24 and featured Chuck Prophet, Shawn Mullins and other notable Americana acts.

Max Gomez first made waves as a songwriter with “Rule the World, a song from his 2013 album of the same name, acclaimed by "USA Today" and "Esquire" who named it as one of the best songs of 2013. Soon after, Kiefer Sutherland directed the music video for the album's single, “Run From You.”

"Me & Joe" EP Tracklist:
1. Senseless Love
2. Make It Me
3. Joe
4. Sweet Cruel World
5. Rule The World

His tour dates run from November 1st through the 18th, beginning in the Northeast and reaching through the Midwest, but getting no farther west than Kansas City.

More on the artist and the new EP at:


# 18 news feature...


by Christina Dunkley

(Nashville, TN, September 26th, 2017) - Today marks the start of a history-making week for MOLLY TUTTLE who is the newest signing to the Compass Records roster.

Molly is first woman in the 27-year history of the "International Bluegrass Music Association" (IBMA) Awards to be nominated for "GUITAR PLAYER OF THE YEAR," the only instrumental category that had not yet nominated a woman. Molly is also nominated for "EMERGING ARTIST OF THE YEAR" and "FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR."

Compass co-founder and banjo legend ALISON BROWN had this to say about the signing. "I’ve been a fan of Molly’s since I heard her at IBMA’s 'World of Bluegrass convention' nearly a decade ago. Molly was still in high school, but it was clear that she was a singular player and singer. Since then it’s been wonderful to watch her mature into a great songwriter, guitarist and bandleader. The depth of her musicianship is extremely impressive and I’m really proud of her both for what she is bringing to contemporary bluegrass as well as the example she is setting for the next generation of female musicians. I couldn’t be more excited to have Molly on the Compass roster and I’m looking forward to seeing where her music takes her next.”

Molly is equally as excited, saying, "Alison and Garry [Garry West, Compass co-founder with Alison Brown] have been so generous to me through the years, offering encouragement and support ever since I first met them when I was a just starting out performing as a teen. They are both heroes of mine as musicians and as people, and I am truly honored to join their wonderful team and sign on with Compass Records."

On her debut solo EP, "RISE," Molly reveals the scope of her diverse influences. Produced by KAI WELCH (Abigail Washburn, Bobby Bare, Jr., the Greencards), the seven-song collection relies on a rock-solid bluegrass foundation as Molly breaks free without breaking ties, singing and exploring what her six-string acoustic guitar can do.

She is literally the poster child for what Spotify considers "Indie Bluegrass" as the dominant streaming platform chose to feature her on their popular playlist of the same name. Her song "Lightning in a Jar" has over one million plays on the platform.

Molly is currently working on a full-length follow-up album, set to be released in 2018 on Compass.

Meantime, WATCH THE OFFICIAL VIDEO with Molly performing "SAVE THIS HEART" (plenty of nice close-up cuts; from her April 2017 album, "Rise"):

Then just let YouTube take you into the next vid: the Molly Tuttle Band performing "Rain and Snow" from the Radio Bristol Sessions (It's at:

The annual "World of Bluegrass" happens this week in Raleigh, NC. (It's been in the Guide's "Encyclopedia Festivanica" since April.) If you're attending, you can catch Molly at the following events:

Thursday, Sept 28:
12:30am-1am: Lincoln Theater

Friday, Sept. 29:
12pm-12:45pm: Wide Open Bluegrass Festival - Red Hat Amphitheater
6:30pm-7:30pm: Wide Open Bluegrass Festival - Street Festival - Capitol Stage
9:30pm-10:30pm: CBA Showcase Suite, Marriott, 3rd floor, Room 324

Saturday, Sept 30:
1pm-2pm: Guitar Workshop - Raleigh Convention Center, Masters Workshop Stage

The only bad news? Molly's upcoming tour dates won't bring her farther west than Texas for the foreseeable future.

There's plenty more at:

and at:


# 19 news feature...


Foster's Catalog of Endless Hits Defines Popular Music

(Orange County, Calif., September 26, 2017) — SIXTEEN-TIME GRAMMY WINNER DAVID FOSTER enables Pacific Symphony’s 2017-18 Pops season to burst out of the gate when the Symphony welcomes him for the first time, October 13 & 14.

One of the most successful music producers/entertainers in history, in addition to his numerous Grammy Awards -- which include three for Producer of the Year, plus 47 additional nominations -- Foster has won an EMMY Award, a GOLDEN GLOBE, and garnered three OSCAR nominations for “Best Original Song.”

This grand Pops Opening, led by Symphony favorite Albert-George Schram, features Foster performing hit songs, along with special hand-picked guests from his unparalleled catalog.

Among his popular hits -- written for artists that include Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, Barbra Streisand and many, many others -- are “You’re the Inspiration,” “The Prayer,” “The Glory of Love” and “St. Elmo’s Fire.”

“I have never had the opportunity to work with David Foster before, so I am eagerly looking forward to doing so,” says Maestro Schram. “He’s sort of the Big Cheese, the Grand Poobah, the Impresario, The Godfather to a few generations of musicians. He is truly respected and has coached and produced recordings and performances for more artists than God. He’s also a gifted pianist, raconteur and gracious host. And he will be opening Pacific Symphony’s Pops Season! What a coup! Plus, he will have some unexpected, impromptu guests who will perform with us — so it promises to be an exciting weekend, indeed!”

* The Symphony’s Pops Opening pair of concerts, “David Foster with Special Guests,” takes place Friday & Saturday, Oct. 13 & 14, at 8 pm, in the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa.

* Single tickets are $35-$159. Or you can choose a seven-concert subscription for the Pops, ranging from $245-$1,099.

*For more info or to purchase tickets, call 714-755-5799 or get 'em online at


# 20 news feature... (UPDATED Sep. 28, 12:18 pm)


JIM JONES has 'purt near every award an artist can capture in the world of Western Music. (Capture? Actually, that's "can receive as an award from his peers.") We'll share the whole overwhelming list at the end of the story. Meantime, let's get to why we're here.

Musicians are always the ones who step up to donate their time, talent, and the costs of transporting themselves and their gear to get to a place where they can play a benefit when folks are in need some place. Whether that's -- as we reported last week -- Willie Nelson and his many tuneful friends playing the latest "Farm Aid," or a small, but heartfelt benefit. Besides, small is good, since nobody's dropping 30 grand to rent an arena before it makes the first dime to help somebody.

Here in L.A., we see a good number of those smaller events, and we always like to let folks know, so they can pitch in. Of course, they happen in other places, too. And at least one is happening in one of the very communities that was hit hard, where there's a great need for help.

Jim Jones wrote to tell us, "My buddy, Brian Kalinec and I were, just by coincidence, scheduled to play at the Logon Café in Beaumont (3805 Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX) on Saturday, October 7th, from 8- 11 pm. When we heard about all the devastation experienced by our fellow Beaumont natives, we wanted to do something to help out. We decided that we would go ahead with our concert but would do it as a benefit to assist folks who were hit hard by the hurricane."

Jim continues, "We understand that this is just a drop in the bucket, but that’s kind of how the bucket gets filled... one drop at a time."

Of course, at first, Jim was thinking only of those in the vicinity who can get to the venue for the show: "If you are in the Beaumont vicinity (it’s not that far from Houston!), please come out and support this event. There is typically a $5 cover at the Logon (although anyone who wishes to donate more money would be welcome to do so) and all that money will go to a local charity. In addition, any money collected from sales of our merchandise (Brian has some great CDs, I have both CDs and Western novels) will also go directly into the pot. We are still trying to pin down which organization would provide the most direct assistance to Beaumont citizens, and as soon as we do, we’ll be more specific."

And amidst it all, there's this part: "If you’ve been hit hard and don’t feel like you can spare the money, PLEASE come as our guests. It is our intention not only to collect money for people who have been negatively impacted by Harvey, but also to entertain you to the best of our abilities and to lighten your load for a while. Please bring friends who are interested in lending a hand. Now is the time for folks to pull together."

Then things started to take off: "Brian, as well as a number of other wonderful Texas singer-songwriters, have performed out in New Mexico where I live and they have a lot of loyal fans. When I told them (the fans) what we were planning, people made contributions for this benefit ahead of time, so I’m coming with a pretty good wad of cash from New Mexico. Please help out. We hope to see you on Saturday, October 7th."

By the time we got to that part, the Guide got involved. We contacted Jim, and now he and Brian are devising "legitimate ways people could contribute and feel secure that it’s not some kind of scam." He promises to get back to us with word, as soon as they figure it out.


Jim contacted us to say, "Here's what we've got set up. People can either donate to the United Way or Catholic Charities, both of which have local organizations specific to the Beaumont area.

"They should specify that it's for the "Jim-Brian - Logon" event.

"The links are:


"And we HOPE this works. If people run into problems, you can encourage them to contact me at my email address. Thanks so much. Jim"

You can contact Jim Jones at:

We said we'd dazzle you with all the awards Jim Jones has won. Here they are:

* Western Writers of America 2017 Spur Award - Western Song of the Year
* Western Heritage Wrangler Award 2017 Best Traditional Western Album, "The Cowboy Way"
* Academy of Western Artists 2016 Western Song of the Year
* Western Music Association 2014 - Male Performer of the Year
* Western Writers of America 2012 Spur Award - Western Song of the Year
* Western Music Association 2011 - Outstanding Western Book
* Academy of Western Artists- Male Vocalist of the Year 2008
* New Mexico Music Awards- Western Song of the Year 2009

For more, including ways to get the music that won all those honors, check out:

And you can learn all about Jim's very accomplished, very tuneful partner in this benefit show at:


# 21 news feature...

Getting Winded, part 2:

The 45th Annual "National Flute Association Convention" (NFA) was held August 10-13, 2017 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This annual gathering features flutists from around the world, performing works ranging from baroque on traditional instruments to modern repertoire utilizing extended techniques.

This year, the prestigious National Flute Association "Young Artist Competition" was sponsored by Powell Flutes, in honor of accomplished musician Philip Dikeman. After winning the 1989 NFA Young Artist Competition, he went on to become assistant principal flute of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and he was an endorsed Powell Artist for many years. Mr. Dikeman passed away earlier this year.

Kyle Dzapo, NFA President of the Board, said from the podium, "On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my great pleasure to express our gratitude to Powell Flutes for sponsoring the NFA's 2017 Young Artist Competition. It's fitting that one of America's premiere flute makers will be associated with our most prestigious competition."

At NFA, Powell Flutes introduced the brand new Powell Sonaré PS-850 piccolo – and it was met with rave reviews. In fact, a PS-850 was the very first instrument sold in the exhibit hall at the start of the convention. (The buyer was Andrew Callimahos, who, thanks to Powell, received notice in the trade press. Which is a hint to all of us that you can get ink – or cyber ink – by congratulating somebody who buys something from you, if you can convey how proud YOU are of what you sold them.)


# 22 news feature...


With a theme of “OPENING DOORS WITH SONGS AND STORIES,” the 14th annual event happens this year at the HYATT REGENCY, BELLEVUE WA, October 5th through the 8th.

The Guide has reported all the major deadlines, including "early bird" pricing, artists applications to perform, and more, and the Guide's "Encyclopedia Festivanica" has had a major write-up since April. Now, it's nearly here.

* The program starts rolling at 4 pm on Thursday, October 5th, with registration (tote bag stuffing and jam starts at 3:30 for those who are there). From that moment, the music barely stops until late Sunday afternoon.

* Thursday night, the "Venues Choice Concert" features five local venues presenting favorite acts from the FAR-West region.

* Friday and Saturday nights present "Official Showcases" of top performers from across North America.

* The fourth annual "Storytelling Expo" is Sunday from 2 'til 4 pm. The 2017 expo brings a highly diverse mix of tellers, and organizers promise "at least one story just for you."

For music supporters who are unable to attend the full FAR-West 2017 Conference, there are a limited number of "Venues Choice," 'Official Showcase," and "Storytelling" passes. These can be obtained at:

Please note, these passes do not include admission to other conference events.

As you can tell, there really is a lot to this. Afternoons bring the "Susanne Millsaps Memorial Coffeehouse" which provides showcase opportunities on a stage with sound. Three performers are scheduled for each showcase slot, performing one song each. And because it is a Coffeehouse, there will be coffee.

And of course, each night is filled with music from the "Private Guerrilla Showcases." The PGS floor is always buzzing with music and activity. At FAR-West 2017, PGS showcases will begin at 10:30 pm and end at 2 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

An official "Welcome Reception" runs from 4:30 'til 5:30 pm on Friday in the Evergreen Foyer, where attendees can mix, mingle, network, and enjoy appetizers and a cash bar while well-known Seattle artists Squirrel Butter demonstrate their brand of entertainment with a short set of Appalachian Flatfoot dancing and music. More will be available to learn more about Appalachian Flatfoot Dancing from available informational flyers.

On Saturday is the annual "Best of the West Awards" luncheon. This year’s honorees are ground-breaking songwriter and performer Alice Stuart, music educator Peter Langston, and Janet Peterson who is with the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and Sisters Folk Festival.

Organizers tell ius, "The music only stops to give way to panels and workshops to hone your professional savvy and polish your performance skills, or to the Networking Center where attendees make new and renew contacts."

The 2017 FAR-West Conference organizers tell us they "are thrilled with the quality, diversity and professionalism of the acts that have been chosen for this year’s showcases, as well as the FAR-West members offering their professional expertise at the panels and workshops."

They add, "You will hear incredible music and stories, make friends, renew acquaintances, learn skills, gain insights, and just plain have a lot of fun."

The nearly final schedule of events is available at:

It’s not too late to go. Pre-Conference registration is still open until September 30th. Full conference and single day walk-up registration is available starting October 5th at 4 pm. To register online before September 30th, go to:

For conference attendees who are arriving to the conference hotel a day early or who live in the area, Puget Sound Productions, in association with Dusty Strings Music, are hosting the "2017 FAR-West Pre-Conference Open-Stage Event" in Seattle on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, at 7 pm.

Information on that is at:

For more information about the Conference, or the nonprofit FAR-West organization in general, check out their website at:


# 23 news feature...

earlybird word...

Yep. They've a-been doin' this now fer a quarter-century, ol' pard. The 25th Annual Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival returns to Old Town Newhall April 19-22, 2018. So mark those calendars, or put notes on this year's so you'll get next year's marked when you get one.

The City of Santa Clarita, who sponsors the festival, will send out information about performers, ticket sales, and accommodations the next couple of months. And longtime readers of the Guide already know that many of the special-extra-add-on events sell-out 'purt near as soon as they're announced. So it's a good idea to get yourself on their mailing list, by clicking the box on the festival website, at:

In the meantime, if you’re looking to whet your appetite with some fine Western music, there’s no better way to get ready for the 2018 Cowboy Festival than to catch the great show coming to The MAIN on September 30. Here's the write-up from our weekend events feature:

Sat, Sep 30:
7 pm "Lifetime Achievement Ameripolitan Award" winner JAMES HAND, plus THE CAROLYN SILLS COMBO in a fine double-bill of Western music at the Main, 24266 Main St, Newhall, CA 91321
* It's great western swing and alt country tohgether in one night.
* WILLIE NELSON had this to say about JAMES HAND: "Folks, like I said before and it’s STILL true, James Hand is the real deal.”
* "Good Times Magazine" described THE CAROLYN SILLS COMBO: “They... have enough soul, heart, style and swag to convince audiences and listeners that they may have been transported from an era where country swing rules the waves...”
* Tix onlione (link below) and at the door, if they don't sell out before hand. Doors open 30 minutes prior to show time. Seating is first come first served. If you require ADA seating, contact 661-290-2255 at least 24 hours prior to show time.
* Tix: $15, at:

Jes' like the big festival, the motto for the concert could be that it AIN'T "pop-country," it's real-West WESTERN!


# 24 news feature...


They're a highly-regarded 501 (c)(3) nonprofit founded to find a cure for Alzheimer's and help those who have it, and they're based in Southern California.

The Guide, as always, brought you word of their annual "REMEMBER THE MUSIC" gala benefit night , which happened earlier in September. And now that the event is over for 2017, they find themselves in possession of some wonderful items donated for the event's silent auction.

They've send notices about this to their many supporters, but it seems that most folks who attended the event took home plenty from the auction. So now, they're looking to find owners for these remaining items. The proceeds will go, as always, to the foundation's work.

Check out what's begging you to bring it to your house, at:

Click "View Items." They'll mail you your purchase, wherever you are.

And have a look at Betty's Foundation and its work (and periodic MUSICAL PROGRAMS), at:

September is "National Alzheimer's Month," as we shared in a news feature a while back. And anyone with a family member who has been stricken with Alzheimer's knows why research and assistance are causes worth supporting.

Betty's Foundation says, "Whatever way you contribute - whether it be attending our event, wishing us well, donating an item or your hard-earned money, or volunteering your time, your support is greatly appreciated!"


# 25 news feature...

Getting Winded, part 3:

Redlands, California, was host to the recent annual "International Trombone Festival." Instrument maker Antoine Courtois Trombones were on hand to present the coveted "Robert Marstellar Award" for the top international trombonist in the 18-25 age category.

The nominees comprise some of the top collegiate performers, worldwide. Indeed, recent winners are like a "who's who" among the younger generation of professional musicians.

This year's winner, selected from a panel, is TOLGA AKMAN from Turkey, presently studying at Hochschule für Musik, Theater, und Medien, Hannover, in Germany. There, he studies with Jonas Bylund.

The other two finalists were Hillary Simms, currently studying at Yale University, and Austin Westjohn, currently at Baylor University.

In addition to the acclaim and prestige, the prize winner is allowed to select a trombone, courtesy of Antoine Courtois.


# 26 news feature... (reprinted from our Sep 22nd edition)


The GRAMMY Museum at L.A. LIVE explores the history of country music from the unique West Coast perspective, featuring artifacts from the many iconic artists who spent their time here, including JOHNNY CASH, MERLE HAGGARD, and BUCK OWENS.

This exhibit, inspired by the title of GRAMMY winner MARTY STUART's recent release, "Way Out West," is co-curated by GRAMMY Museum Executive Director SCOTT GOLDMAN and Curator NWAKA ONWUSA.

All artifacts in this special temporary exhibition are from the private collection of MARTY STUART, who also serves as guest curator.

Don't miss the opportunity to view this exceptional collection of country music memorabilia before it closes on October 1.

The Grammy Museum is located at 800 W Olympic Bl (entrance around the corner on Figueroa), Los Angeles, CA 90015; 213-765-6800.

Hours are Mon-Fri, 10:30 am-6:30 pm, and Sat & Sun, 10 am-6:30 pm.


* "The Drop: Iron & Wine;" Fri, Sep 22, 8 pm. SOLD OUT.
* "Way Out West With Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives;" Wed, Sep 27, noon. SOLD OUT.
* "An Evening With Robyn Hitchcock;" Tue, Sep 26, 8 pm.
* "The Drop: Victor Wooten;" Wed, Sep 27, 8 pm. SOLD OUT.
* "The Drop: RSO: Richie Sambora & Orianthi;" Tue, Oct 3, 2017; 8 pm. Tix go on sale Sat, Sep 25 at noon.
* "An Evening With Melvin Williams;" Thu, Oct 5, 8 pm.
* A GUIDE TOP PICK: "Roots, Radicals and Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World," With Billy Bragg; Mon, Oct 9, 7:30 pm.
* A GUIDE TOP PICK: "An Evening With Tak Matsumoto & Daniel Ho;" Tue, Oct 10, 8 pm.
* CANCELLED: "The Drop: Flogging Molly;" Thu, Oct 12, 8 pm.
* "Lou Reed, A Life: A Conversation With Anthony DeCurtis;" Mon, Oct 16, 7:30 pm.
* "A Love So Beautiful: An Evening of Roy Orbison" with his three sons, Wesley, Alex and Roy Orbison Jr.; Tue, Oct 17, 7:30 pm.
* "Chart Toppers: Songwriters/Producers In-The-Round" featuring busbee, Dave Bassett, Warren "Oak" Felder, and Teddy Geiger; Wed, Oct 18, 7:30 pm. Tix go on sale Sat, Sep 25 at noon.
* "An Evening With Avenged Sevenfold;" Thu, Oct 19, 8 pm. Tix go on sale Sep 28 at noon.


# 27 news feature...


Looking ahead is a good thing. A real good thing. ("Twilight Zone" fans get that one.) Seriously though, looking ahead now prevents gnashing of teeth later, after shows sell-out. And in this age of Wall Street insider trading and nobody going to jail for it, one can never afford to dawdle in a competitive environment.

COMING UP at the COFFEE GALLERY BACKSTAGE, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena, CA 91001.
* Fri, Oct 6 THE EVANGENITALS "DO SOMETHING," 8 pm -- $18.
* Sat, Oct 7 "Off My Head - a lasting storytelling experience," 3 pm -- $15.
* Sun, Oct 8 LED ZEPAGAIN RETURNS, 3 pm & 8 pm -- $25.
* Thu, Oct 12 THE PIEDMONT BLUZ ACOUSTIC DUO, 8 pm -- $15.
* Sat, Oct 14 TARA LOUISE & KIRA MORRISON "an evening of charm and song," 7 pm -- 418.
* Sun, Oct 15 BOB LIND….”Elusive Butterfly of Love” and many others, 7 pm -- $18.
* Fri, Oct 20 DAVID GANS with special guest Craig Marshall OF CUBENSIS, 8 pm -- $20.
* Sat, Oct 21 SLIGO RAGS….. Irish, Bluegrass, Gypsy Jazz, hot instrumentals, singing, comedy and more, 7 pm -- $20.
* Sun, Oct 22 JAN SEIDES (pronounced Sigh-deez), 2 pm -- $18.
* Sun, Oct 22 The BEATUNES, 7 pm -- $20.
* Fri, Oct 27 THE JANGLE BROTHERS, John York, Billy Darnell & Chad Watson, 8 pm -- $20.
- - -
* Write-ups for every show at:
* Reservations by phone only, at 626-798-6236 (10 am-10 pm, 7 days).

COMING UP at McCABE'S GUITAR SHOP, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica, CA 90405; 310-828-4497;
* Fri, Oct 6 AJ CROCE, 8 pm - $25;
* Sat, Oct 7 GRIFFIN HOUSE; 8 pm - $20;
* Sun, Oct 8 QUILES & CLOUD / ANNA TIVEL, 8 pm - $16;
* Fri, Oct 13 JILL SOBULE, 8:00PM - $20;
* Sat, Oct 14 WALTER EGAN, 8:00PM - $20;
* Sun, Oct 15 SHAWN MULLINS, 8 pm - $25;
* Fri, Oct 20 JAKE XERXES FUSSELL, 8:00PM - $20;
* Sat, Oct 21 SARAH JAROSZ, 8:00PM - $25;
* Sat, Oct 28 THE RELUCTANT APOSTLES, 8 pm - $20;
* Fri, Nov 3 JOLIE HOLLAND & SAMANTHA PARTON (of Be Good Tanyas), 8 pm - $20;
* Sat, Nov 4 BOBBY LONG, 8 pm - $20;
* Fri, Nov 10 HAAS KOWERT TICE, 8 pm - $25;
* Fri, Nov 17 JOEL RAFAEL with John Trudell's Bad Dog, 8 pm - $25;
* Sat, Nov 18 KINKY FRIEDMAN, 8 pm & 10 pm - $35;
* Fri, Dec 8 SEAN WATKINS, 8 pm - $25.
- - -
Tix available now for all these shows.

COMING UP at BOULEVARD MUSIC, 4316 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230;
* Sun, Oct 15 VARIETY NIGHT WITH SPECIAL GUESTS LOS DOS & open mic, 8 pm -- $4.
* Sat, Oct 28 JIM “KIMO” WEST + MARK LEGGETT, 8 pm -- $15.
* Sat, Nov 4 THE NOVEL IDEAS + JASON HAWK HARRIS, 8 pm -- $15.
* Sun, Nov 19 VARIETY NIGHT WITH SPECIAL GUEST DAVID CORRADO & open mic, 8 pm -- $4.
- - -
Tickets may be purchased in person at Blvd Music or by phone at 310-398-2583 using a major credit card. A $1 service charge per ticket is added on phone orders.

COMING UP at ALVAS SHOWROOM, 1417 W 8th St, San Pedro, CA 90732
* Sat, Oct 7 Colour My World "A Tribute to Chicago," 8 pm.
* Sat, Oct 14 Tim Weisberg, 8 pm.
* Sun, Oct 15 4 Level Interchange, 4 pm.
* Sat, Oct 21 Dirk Hamilton, blues & fingerstyle, 8 pm.
* Sun, Oct 22 Sabine Trio, 4 pm.
* Sat, Oct 28 Heartbeat City, 8 pm.
* Sun, Oct 29 Lou Mannick, Saw & Soul, 4 pm.
* Sat, Nov 4 BB & The Altered Presence Jazz Band, 8 pm.
* Sat, Nov 11 Judy Wexler with the Josh Nelson Trio, 8 pm.
* Sat, Nov 18 Gabble Ratchet – A Tribute to Genesis, 8 pm.
* Sat, Dec 2 James Kimo West, "Holiday Slack Key," 8 pm.
* Sat, Dec 9 Doug Macleod, "Blues, Fingerstyle, Jazz, Folk," 8 pm.
- - -
* Tix and info:

COMING UP at the FRET HOUSE, 309 N Citrus Av, Covina, CA 91723; 626-339-7020;
* Sat, Oct 14 David Becker, 8-10:30 pm -- $20.
* Sat, Dec 16 Michael O'Dorn, 8-10:30 pm -- tba.

COMING UP at the HOTEL CAFE, 1623 1/2 N Cahuenga Bl (1/2 block S of Hollywood Bl), Hollywood, CA 90028; 323-461-2040;
* Oct 2 Tenderfoot Acoustic on Hotel Cafe Second Stage, 7 pm.
* Oct 6 Dylan Dunlap, 9 pm.
* Oct 7 Arbour & Oak on Hotel Cafe Second Stage, 9 pm.
* Oct 12 "A Night in Nashville" on Hotel Cafe Second Stage, w/ Jenn Bostic, Sarah Darling & Michael Logen, 7 pm.
* Oct 15 Annie Hart, 7 pm.
* Oct 27 Taylor John Williams & The Crooked Hand on the Second Stage, 9 pm.
* Oct 29 Bluegrass Situation Presents: Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards, 9 pm.
- - -
Show info links and tix:

COMING UP at the FOLK MUSIC CENTER & MUSEUM, 220 Yale Av, Claremont, CA 91711; 909-624-2928;
* no concerts scheduled at the present time.

Oct 6-29:
* The month-long program "celebrates the musical and cultural diversity of L.A., from conversations with creative pioneers to concerts and club nights that showcase the ever-evolving sounds of the city."
* A huge schedule of performances across many music genres is involved, under the guise of an "expanding array of experiences."
* ST. VINCENT is in the lineup, and there are some singer-songwriters, so parts of it may interest you.
* The "Do LA" site has a comprehensive guide to the event, and since it's primarily electric eclectic, we aren't gonna do a guide to it here. Theirs is at:

LATE ADDITION (after edition was published)...
Sat, Oct 7:
12:30-2:30 pm ON A LARK TRIO plays the "SHIPLEY VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION DAY" Outside Shipley Nature Center Gates, in Huntington Beach Central Park, 17851 Goldenwest St, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
* The very traditional music trio is: Jill Cassidy on Irish whistle; Barbara Gershman on hammered dulcimer & accordion; Terry Gucwa on cello.
* Info - email

LATE ADDITION (after edition was published)...
Sat, Oct 7:
5-8 pm GRITS & GRADY bring their "Old Timey Bluegrass" to the Bear Claw Saloon, Crestline, CA 92407
* Featuring Diane Grady and Sandi Huckaby on Hammered Dulcimers.
* Contact info. 909-867-7105;

Thu, Oct 12 – FILM EVENT:
7 pm The "CONSCIENTIOUS PROJECTOR" series presents "GO PUBLIC: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN AMERICAN SCHOOL DISTRICT," at the Armory Center for the Arts, across the street from Memorial Park and the Levitt Pavilion, at 145 N Raymond Av, Pasadena.
* This long-running series presents documentary films that commercial corporate television isn't allowed to air, and that PBS can't air because their corporate underwriters won't let them.
* What's this film about? As public education persists as a significant and debated issue both locally and nationally, Conscientious Projector holds a reprise screening of Go Public by local filmmakers and public school advocates Dawn and James O’Keeffe.
* A few years ago, the O’Keeffes recruited 50 small film crews who followed Pasadena public school students, teachers, volunteers and administrators as they went about a typical day on the school district’s many campuses. The result is a cinema verité-style film that not only contradicts the conventional meme that public education is irrevocably broken, but also shows the vitality, dedication and teamwork that exists among stakeholders amidst the challenges of providing a learning experience for students in an economically and racially diverse urban area like Pasadena.
* The filmmakers join us for a community discussion following the film.
* FREE admission, and the facility is accessible to disabled persons.

Oct 12-15:
L.A. THEATRE WORKS presents the taut WWII political thriller "WATCH ON THE RHINE," by by LILLIAN HELLMAN, at the James Bridges Theater on the UCLA campus, 235 Charles E Young Dr, Melnitz Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095. All the details and show times are in the # 13 news feature in our Sep 21 edition, at:

Sat, Oct 14, FESTIVAL:
"KALEIDOSCOPE ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL" in the Palmdale Amphitheater, 2723 Rancho Vista Bl, Palmdale, CA 93551;
* Features first-rate Cajun-zydeco from Grammy noms LISA HALEY & THE ZYDEKATS; check out their "Chicken Fiddler" Video – almost 679,000 Youtube hits – at:

Sat & Sun, Oct 14 & 15, FESTIVAL:
Annual "SEASIDE HIGHLAND GAMES" at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, by the ocean in Ventura. Ride Amtrak – the staion is across the street.
* As always, a delightful music lineup on multiple stages (indoors and out), plus Scottish Heavy Athletics ("large men and lovely lassies throwing things"), a sanctioned US Nat'l Scottish Fiddle Championship preliminary competition, marching bagpipe and drum bands competitions, massed band performances, a harp circle, sheepdog demos, trad Irish dance demos, classic British car display, Children's Glen with games and storytelling, authentic food of Britain, Ireland, and Scotland, and more.
* Gates open both days at 10 am. You'll want to spend the entire day, to have any chance of taking-in everything this event offers.
* Tix, lineups, schedules, more, at:, or by phone, 818-886-4968.
* The Guide's "Encyclopedia Festivanica" has featured an extensive writeup since April.

Sun, Oct 15:
11 am "BEETHOVEN, BAGELS & BANTER" at the Broad Stage, centerpiece of the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center, located at 1310 11th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401; box office, 310-434-3200. A very description is our # 12 news feature in the Sep 21st edition, at:

Sun, Oct 15:
2 pm KEN O'MALLEY & THE NE'ER DUWELS play Muldoon's Irish Pub, 202 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA; 949-640-4110;
* You can still get your first-rate Irish music, even if you can't get to the festival this weekend.
* The "real deal" from Ireland, Ken O'Malley's rich, resonant voice and engaging stage presence have delighted audiences for over 30 years. Patrick D'Arcy, also from Dublin, one of the finest uilleann pipers in America and a former member of Flogging Molly.Bryan Dobbs is the "sound" of the Ne'er Duwels. Originally from New Mexico, Bryan adds the mysterious and the romantic that traverses the musical spectrum.
* Grammy award winning percussionist Forrest Robinson provides the heartbeat of the ensemble.

Mon-Sat, Oct 16-21:
"IRELAND WEEK" arrives in America and L.A., with numerous events at L.A. Live's Regal Center, adjacent to Staples Center and a block from the Grammy Museum.
* "Arts & Culture" events include a "Music and band Showcase where music industry professionals from both sides of the water get to exchange connections and ideas but most of all, MUSIC."
* This is billed as a "blend of conference and cultural events encompassing some of the finest food, film, art and music Ireland has to offer."
* There's a participatory Irish Dance Event; email ASAP.
* Info and schedules at:

LATE ADDITION (after edition was published)...
Tue-Fri, Oct 17-20, MUSIC CAMP:
Annual "CAMBRIA PICKIN’ IN THE PINES" acoustic music camp at Cambria Pines Lodge, 2905 Burton Dr, Cambria, CA 93428; 800-966-6490.
* All acoustic instruments welcome.
* Offers autoharp enthusiasts a supportive venue for jamming, workshops, open mic, and concerts.
* $265 + hotel includes complete meals.
* Full info:

Fri-Sun, Oct 20-22, FESTIVAL:
61st annual "SILVERADO DAYS FESTIVAL" at William Peak Park, 7225 El Dorado Dr, Buena Park, CA 90602;
* Features a 7:30 pm set of first-rate Cajun-zydeco from Grammy noms LISA HALEY AND THE ZYDEKATS; check out their "Chicken Fiddler" Video – almost 679,000 Youtube hits – at:

Sat, Oct 21:
8 pm Monthly "CAMARILLO CAFÉ CONCERT SERIES" brings a superb billing of JAMES HURLEY plus LOIS BLAISCH AND FRIENDS, at Camarillo Community Center, 1605 E Burnley St, Camarillo, CA 93010;; 805-814-9366.
* The Guide is a big fan of both these artists, having had them perform (separately) multiple times on the old "Tied to the Tracks" broadcast radio show when it aired from los Angeles.
* JAMES HURLEY was described by the Guide's editor, writing in Folkworks Magazine, as “One of the Top Ten Live Acoustic Male Singer Songwriters in L.A.” James Hurley’s eloquent guitar, smooth voice and masterful writing combine in a jazzy, bluesy, pop-folk that has been called “Americana, on-the-rocks…with a twist”.
* Here is an excerpt of a review the series booker wrote after seeing JAMES HURLEY live for the very first time, eight years ago, long before the two became good friends: “What do you say to describe a force of nature or a mirage of an enigma? How do you relate something you've never experienced before?.... one of the most unique performers I've ever seen… his music almost defies description at times.... reminds one of a diverse palette of genres from Hoagy Carmichael to OingoBoingo to Delta blues and all points in between. He is both a reviewer's delight and a nightmare to try to describe. His songs range from the perfectly-over-the-top 'The Vampire Song'... about the vampires of [the music industry in] Southern California [to] 'Mushroom,' where the real house of horrors comes with a hefty mortgage! But just when you think you can pigeon-hole him as a hopelessly quirky escapee of the Dr. Demento Home for the Musically Insane, he hits you with a song like 'Mountain,' a driving blues riff that is a scathing indictment of the damage done in the name of 'progress' and the 'nuisance' of conscience. Or one like 'To Carry On,' an inspirationally uplifting ballad urging us to strive through adversity. This is no 'novelty' act, though he is loaded with personality and quirkiness. James is an amazing guitarist, both in a technical and creative sense, and his voice has so much personality that you might overlook how GOOD it is, pitch perfect over a wide range, with an emotional depth."
* More at (which he expresses in song, in his only self-ptomotional jingle.)
- - -
* LOIS BLAISCH is that most rare of artists – one who knows commercial success while still retaining her artistry. She's a singer, guitarist, songwriter, performer and producer best known for writing the multi-platinum #1 Pop & AC hit "Could've Been” which was sung by Tiffany, and was later chosen by Carrie Underwood for her U.S. debut on TV's "American Idol."
* Lois’ songs have been nominated for three Grammy awards in the categories of Pop, Jazz & Children’s Music, and for “The Golden Reel Award” for the writing and singing on the theme to “Street Sharks” (a Disney TV series).
* She had a top 10 hit with jazz artist Earnestine Anderson (of Quincy Jones’ Quest records) and she’s a member of BMI’s “Million Airs” Club.
* Lois’ vocals and/or songs are featured on "Friends," "Splash," "Touched by an Angel," "Thick of the Night," "Top of The Pops," "Sailor Moon," Neil Young’s “Living with War," and “Oasis 4.”
* Her songs also appear on gold and platinum albums "Asia" and "Africa."
* She has produced and released two of her own CD’s, “Through Thick & Thin” and ”Valentine,” both released worldwide, and she is currently finishing her latest CD, "Rollercoaster."
* Neat factoids: Lois’ first professional gig was a tour of the Orient with “Bob Hope’s USO Shows” at age 18. After returning home, she performed at local nightclubs, colleges and amusement parks for a living while studying music at UCLA. Lois was invited to write music and sing for Walt Disney children's records, which resulted in song placements on three platinum Disney albums: "Mousersize", "Rainbow Bright," & Winnie the Pooh,“Take My Hand“. Lois started her studio singing career on the themes to TV shows "Stingray" and "Hunter' for Mike Post Productions and she sang lead on the feature film "Splash." Lois also sang many demos for hit songwriters Diane Warren and Steve Diamond, and on a variety of TV shows and radio commercials (Levi’s, Coke, Kaiser-Permanente, Oregon Lotto, Pepsi, Budweiser, Round Table Pizza, Van Camps, Sunny D. and Safeway).
* More at
- - -
* Tix, $20 at the door. No advance ticket sales; arrive early for preferred seating.

Sat, Oct 21, BENEFIT:
ANDY & RENEE will be part of the "SILVER SEAL GALA" for the "MARINE MAMMAL CARE CENTER LOS ANGELES." Venue is the Marriott Marina Del Rey. Details & tix:

LATE ADDITION (after edition was published)...
Sat, Oct 28, FESTIVAL:
Annual "ST. RAYMOND’S HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL" at St. Raymond's, 12348 Paramount Blvd., Downey, CA 90242; 562-923-4509;
* Special Halloween-themed festival with concerts, dancing, food & games.
* Features music all day, including trad folk by WHEN PIGS FLY! (playing at 3 pm) with Marianne Scanlon - hammered dulcimer, guitar, fretted dulcimer; Jim Romano - guitar, banjolele, fretted dulcimer, doumbek, bodhran; Bea Romano - hammered dulcimer, autoharp, tambourine.

LATE ADDITION (after edition was published)...
Sat, Oct 28, WORKSHOP & more:
11:30 am-2:30 pm ON A LARK plays Medieval Music for an event billed as "Medieval Brass Rubbings & English Tea," at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Medieval Arts Center / Tea Room, 525 E 7th St (at Atlantic Av), Long Beach, CA 90813.
* Featuring: Jill Cassidy on Irish whistle; Barbara Gershman on hammered dulcimer; Terry Gucwa on cello.
* Event has its own page at:
* Info contact -
* Reservations to participate:
* Cost to take part: $16 youth, $26 adult.

Sat, Nov 4:
ANDY & RENEE perform for the "OUTWARD BOUND" fundraiser (that's the great wilderness / outdoor leadership program). Details TBA, check at

LATE ADDITION (after edition was published)...
(A reminder from the Guide's "Encyclopedia Festivanica, published way back in April...)
Sat, Nov 11, FESTIVAL:
9 am-8 pm SCDH 23rd annual "HARVEST FESTIVAL OF DULCIMERS" sponsored by Southern California Dulcimer Heritage, this year on VETERANS DAY, at Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, 2850 Fairview Rd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (Freeway close off the 405 and across from Orange Coast College).
* Extra events, "FOCUS WORKSHOPS," on Sunday, Nov 12:
1) "APPALACHIAN HERITAGE MUSIC" for "Hammered Dulcimer & Other Instruments," 10 am-2 pm - in a private home in Fullerton.
2) "PLAYING TOGETHER IN PARTS" for "Fretted Dulcimer & Other Instruments," 11 am-3 pm - in a private home in Downey.

Sat & Sun, Nov 11 & 12, FESTIVAL:
Annual "VETERAN'S DAY / FESTIVAL / CONCERT" aboard the Battleship IOWA, docked as a museum at 250 S Harbor Bl , San Pedro, CA 90731; 877-446-9261.
Both days, activities begin with an11 am opening ceremony for the BATTLESHIP IOWA 2nd ANNUAL VETERAN’S DAY MUSIC FESTIVAL, running all day.
* $11 general tour admission of the ship to all family & friends accompanying a Veteran.
* Enjoy "some of L.A.’s premiere bands."
* FREE sandwiches, chips & water for the first 800 Veterans and their families (both days).
* Special exhibitors include military branch booths, DJ, Daughters of the American Revolution, Sea Cadets, UCLA FOCUS, Sailor’s Bar, and "a place to come and honor the men and women who serve our great nation." Supported by Councilman Joe Buscaino, The Port of Los Angeles, and Black Knight Patrol.

Sun, Nov 12:
2:30 pm RIVERBOAT DIXIE JAZZ BAND plays the Old Town Music Hall, 140 Richmond St, El Segundo, CA 90245; 310-322-2592. All seats: $20 (cash or check only); reservations recommended, at 310-322-2592.
* "Come hear traditional New Orleans Dixieland jazz with lots of great tunes and songs composed between 1897 and the 1920s - the 'Jazz Age.'
* Early American jazz, humorous narrative, and audience participation make for an evening of exciting, upbeat, toe-tapping fun for the whole family."


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