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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Late Wednesday -- online concert tonight

 LATE WEDNESDAY live show, up-top...

Online concert: Albert Lee guests tonight with Freebo & Alice Howe

We are publishing Freebo's email as we received it very late today:

   Sending out a last minute notice to all of you who might enjoy tonight's "INSIDE LIVE" with Alice & Freebo" show, 5PM Pacific, 8PM East Coast time. Tonight's special guest will be ALBERT LEE, and old friend and amazing guitarist (Guitar Player's Country Guitarist Of The Year!). Albert is also a wonderful singer with a sweet soulful voice I know you'll enjoy. Albert and Alice will be singing a lovely duet of "Cryin' In The Rain", an Everly Brothers classic, I'll be playing bass with him on his songs and with Alice on hers, and Albert will be playing with me on my songs too, as well as on a few of Alice's. Tonight promises to be a very enjoyable musical evening, and our interview with Albert is sure to give you a broad perspective on Alberts long and storied career. 

   To watch the show, GO TO:

YouTube Live:

Facebook Live:

You can also find the show on the following pages:


Here is the "official press release" for today's show and about our weekly "INSIDE" series: 

   TODAY, 9/9 at 5:00pm PDT, 8:00PM EDT (UTC - 7:00), catch episode two of "Inside with Alice & Freebo” featuring this week’s guest, iconic country/blues guitarist Albert Lee. Albert Lee is a Grammy Award-winning British guitarist, multiple recipient of Guitar Player magazine's "Best Country Guitarist,” and is celebrated by fans and musicians the world over for his hybrid picking technique. Known for his use of the Fender Telecaster, signature Ernie Ball guitar and lightning speed playing, Albert has not only worked in the studio and on tour with some of the biggest names in world music (Eric Clapton, The Everly Brothers, Emmylou Harris and The Hot Band) but he has also maintained a successful solo career of his own. 

   Broadcast on both Facebook Live and Normans Rare Guitars Youtube Channel, "INSIDE" is hosted by Norm’s favorites, acclaimed songwriters and accomplished musicians Alice Howe and Freebo, “INSIDE" features weekly musical guests for a writers-in-the-round concert and musician-on-musician interview. This week’s show will feature all three artists together in one location for an exclusive, totally unscripted concert and interview.  Freebo is a genuine folk, rock and blues icon who, after over 40 years of recording and touring with many of the great artists of our time (Bonnie Raitt 10 years, CSN, Maria Muldaur, John Mayall, Ringo Starr, Dr. John, Neil Young, & many more) is regarded as one of the most gifted singer-songwriters of today. Singer and songwriter Alice Howe is a rising voice in modern folk whose music is a contemporary love letter to 60s folk and timeless blues. Her critically acclaimed debut album, Visions, was produced by Freebo. Together they will take you behind the scenes and inside the music with some of the world’s most iconic and talented musicians, songwriters, singers, and recording artists in rock, roots, blues, Americana, and folk. 

   Tonight's show is FREE, but as always, we'd very much appreciate a donation which we'll split evenly between the artists. You're support means the world to us, and it also enables us, both Spiritually and financially, to continue doing what we've spend our whole lives honing and learning how to do. I hope to meet you in Cyberspace tonight...Enjoy!


Beyond the above information:

It appears that Google's hegemony has now deprived all publishers on this platform of the tools we need to do what we did here. In the case of the Acoustic Americana Music Guide, that was going on 13 years.

We tried for over an hour to simply add the above as an up-top addition to the very full edition of the Guide. We had been able, with some ridiculous jumping-through-hoops, to make additions two times earlier in the day. 

Now, along with a boatload of unresolvable problems needlessly created by Google, it appears that any post, once made, becomes set in cyber stone and cannot be edited -- only deleted in full. We didn't even know about that idiotic aspect when we told you we could not continue to work with this, given their decision to wreck it.

Therefore, this may be our final word here, until we post the address of a new home for the Guide on a new platform.

Please enjoy the rich variety of all we have published as recently as this morning, and for more than 12 years of editions that are accessible in the archive.

Bye for now.

~ The editor and correspondents at the Guide.

September 9, 2020


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