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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reinvented: Acoustic Americana Music Guide - Feb 22 update


Reinvention of THE ACOUSTIC AMERICANA MUSIC GUIDE is at hand… with REALLY fast access, a new approach, new content, a new format, and more… drum roll, maestro…


             Here’s a quick guide to the NEW Guide, and its new separate sections ~


               comprising THE ACOUSTIC AMERICANA MUSIC GUIDE


                                                February 22, 2011 edition

It’s ah-one-an’-ah-two-an’-ah-three-an’-ah-four, to find just what you’re looking for!

* Do NOT bookmark current individual sections, because each new edition gets new url’s-!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Guide’s new sections for Tuesday and Wednesday, each with its own web address.


ah-One –

“THE SCENE” – lets you know what’s happening right in YOUR MUSICAL NEIGHBORHOOD – organized by town and micro-region in Southern California, Yep, our new format brings you separate links for each day! Each day is complete with “THE ODDS” of finding an event at the most popular acoustic venues active on that day. Plus, there’s a link to find that day’s broadcast and internet RADIO SHOWS and TV with acoustic music. Don’t waste time searching the web:

“THE SCENE” – the complete current editions for each of the following days – is at

Tuesday, Feb 22:    

Wednesday, February 23:    

MORE COMING this week, as we get each day’s information compiled and prepared for you.


ah-Two –

“SPOTLIGHT EVENTS” – separate link, new section – for the Guide’s “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” picks, “EVENTS-OF-THE-WEEK FOR ARTISTS” and whatever deserves a spotlight. You’ll find festivals and music conferences happening everywhere and the hottest shows in Southern California. This consolidates and includes our previous “TIX ALERTS,” advance notice to get tickets while you still can. Here, we cover things in months come – starting with what’s happening RIGHT NOW, today, tonight, this weekend.
Everything is NOT in “SPOTLIGHT EVENTS”– only what’s spotlighted, so it’s a quick read.

“SPOTLIGHT EVENTS” – the complete current edition – is at   


The Guide’s new sections – “SPOTLIGHT EVENTS” and “THE SCENE” – make it EASIER AND FASTER than ever to get a complete overview of where to find live acoustic music performances and related events whenever you want. (WAIT! Ah-three-an’-ah-four are below…)


ah-Three –    


“NEWS FEATURES” – The Guide’s most popular section for years – are still with us, fresh every week. This section continues to be distributed through FIFTEEN different websites / web groups, and each week, it will include the links to the Guide’s two NEW sections. The Guide’s News Features continue to bring you a select preview of things coming up all across the musical landscape; a key source of industry and artist news (including hard-to-find news of hot Canadian artists and the European “performed-in-English” acoustic scene); what’s coming up with indie and boutique labels; studios and labels specializing in acoustic and folk-Americana recordings; acoustic artists who are innovators, and those who are preserving musical legacies and traditions; radio and TV specials that feature acoustic music; CD release celebrations; festivals and conferences; bookings (and how to get ’em); and folk-Americana and acoustic renaissance perspectives, about, by, and for the acoustic music and folk-Americana artist community!

“NEWS FEATURES” – the complete CURRENT edition (don’t bookmark, because each new edition gets a new url) – are at   


ah-Four –

“VENUE DIRECTORY” – The Guide’s newly-updated catalog of OVER 500 acoustic-music-friendly venues in Southern California – is available at    


   Our little commercial…

Sending us $25 gets you an ad in the Guide’s “SPOTLIGHT EVENTS” (prepared, run in the Guide, and sent to you for other uses) for your event or CD release or gig, AND you become a Guide Annual Subscriber (making you eligible for ticket giveaways and more!)

Please become an annual supporter by sending us $25. That helps sooooo very much! Bringing you all this information is a time-devouring production, on par with gathering and reporting the news for any full-size 40-page WEEKLY newspaper!

Seriously: Throughout 2010, the Guide often ran 100 pages – or more – of 8 ½ x 11 size pages, EVERY WEEK… Yes, there IS that much acoustic music happening out there! And it’s why we’re changing to the new format.

WRITE US at tied to the tracks (at) Hotmail dot com … and THANK YOU for your support!



We publish The Guide in acoustic-music-performance-rich, but acoustic-music-radio-deprived, Los Angeles.

There are SO MANY acoustic performances here each week, and they’re almost universally ignored by the L.A. Times and LA Weekly. So, we bring you more detailed write-ups on acoustic performances than anybody else in Southern California.

And, we tell you about RADIO SHOWS and TV with acoustic music, focusing on those with live acoustic performances. (They’re available mostly on the web, of course, since L.A. broadcast radio is mostly sh-thump-thud, revolving door rehab, pop tart du jour crap.) Each edition of “THE SCENE” has a link to that day’s programs.

We do all we can to bring you news and notices of many, many, MANY acoustic festivals and conferences everywhere, and the constant avalanche of acoustic music performances and events in and around Los Angeles and Southern California.

Thing is, there are SO MANY performances in and around L.A., and we can’t spend forty-to-a-hundred hours a week organizing and formatting and writing about all of them. Hence, some kind of new format was needed. And our readers tell us that the old format – everything under the sun in one continuous presentation, listed by show times – simply took too long to read, or even to search, to find a show in their community. So, we are in the midst of this reinvention.

It’s not easy doing this. It never has been. It requires an astonishing amount of time. We’ll do it as quickly as we can.

It’ll take a while to get each day’s edition of “THE SCENE” crafted – until all 42 possible databases are complete. Forty-two? What? Here it is: There are seven days in a week, and each has events that might be only on the first, or second, or third, or fourth, or last – which could be the fourth or the fifth time that day occurs in any given month. So, there are six variants of each day of the week, and 6 X 7 = 42.

Plus, we need to keep up with all the “SPOTLIGHT EVENTS” and write those listings for THAT section, AND maintain our focus to bring you fresh, timely, relevant and interesting “NEWS FEATURES” each week.

Updated editions will bring more (there’s ALWAYS more) -- as we have time to organize all of it, and can afford the time to spend on it.

And, we’ll keep bringing you news and reviews of the many acoustic music CONFERENCES & FESTIVALS near & far, hither & yon (like, everywhere). WITH YOUR HELP, we’ll keep doing it.


The LATEST EDITION of THE GUIDE, with the “NEWS FEATURES,” “THE SCENE,” and “SPOTLIGHT EVENTS” – what it takes to bring you the world of current acoustic music happenings, including “heads up” notices to buy advance tickets for shows likely to sell-out…

Plus the Guide’s “VENUE CATALOGUE” with OVER 500 places TO HEAR MUSIC OR CONTACT TO GET GIGS, and lots more, every week

– is available 24/7 (& frequently updated!) at ~

    or at
                          or use links from the News-only edition at

- or follow any of the links in the FIFTEEN web sites and web groups that carry the Guide’s weekly News Features.


Questions? Comments? Offers of support – Contact us at

                          tied to the tracks (at) Hotmail dot com

(We’re trying to cut-down spam; so, remove all the spaces when you type it.)


HELP KEEP THE GUIDE GOING! Send us $25, and you’ll get an ad in the Guide – for your event or CD release or gig – and you’ll become a Guide Annual Subscriber (you’ll be eligible for ticket giveaways and more!) Write us at tied to the tracks (at) Hotmail dot com

 Entire contents copyright © 2011, Larry Wines & Tied to the Tracks. All rights reserved.

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