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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Guide's NAMM 2016 new products News — part one

(Editor's note: IT'S FIXED NOW, but, Yikes! Thanks to our readers who let us know that using the math "less-than" symbol in a product write-up gets read by the Gremlins of Cyberia as computer code. And it causes ALL formatting to collapse into an enormous word heap...)
This edition is all about NAMM news.
The emphasis is on tech as the Guide profiles a range of new products debuting at NAMM 2016, including some that are competing offerings. We cover two competing next gen battery-powered portable sound systems in our # 4 & 5 news features; one is from ALESIS, the other from M-AUDIO. Plus we profile another new, unrelated product from M-AUDIO in feature # 6. Enjoy!


NAMM NEWS FEATURES in this edition...
(with Booth # 's, if you're there)










# 1 news feature...


Leading developer’s newest offering empowers artists to play virtual instruments using their voice or instruments in real time, without the need to wait for processing before listening

Somerville, MA-based SONiVOX (, a leading developer of premium virtual instruments and synthesis technologies, announced Jan. 21 the immediate availability of its revolutionary new "Pitch2MIDI" real-time audio-to-MIDI synthesizer and converter software.

Now, we really weren't sure what we thought of this. As advocates of "keeping it real," we like to see and hear live musicians on stage, playing real instruments. We especially hate soul-less drum machines. That said, this is something that opens entire new realms of possibilities. You'd like to know how it would sound to accompany your new song with horns or a Dobro or layer-on a mandolin riff? Now you can, without hiring anyone else and without the wait that kills the idea or makes you forget exactly what you had in mind. As for "faking it" and releasing that as finished tracks on a record, we'll still take the real thing, if you please. But as a creative tool? Keep reading.

SONiVOX recognizes that singers, singer-songwriters, and instrumentalists want the ability to play and record music with software virtual instruments. But until today, you haven’t been able to do so in the same way as a keyboard or drum controller musician could. Now you can.

This is because SONiVOX’s Pitch2MIDI software plugin doesn’t require you to record your audio first, then stop and wait to hear the results as the audio is pre-processed. SONiVOX’s Pitch2MIDI software works in real time, immediately converting the audio signal into MIDI events so you can hear the results while you’re singing or playing.

The old way of first having to record your audio severely hampered the artist’s ability to create spontaneously. With Pitch2MIDI, artists can sing or play while hearing their virtual instruments at the same time.

Pitch2MIDI is an audio effect plug-in that takes real-time vocal or instrumental monophonic audio input and instantly transforms it intoaccurate MIDI output. Using the built-in synthesizer, artists can use their voice or instrument to play any one of over 100 synth sounds directly, or bypass the internal synth and send MIDI out to any of hundreds of popular virtual instruments on the market.

Since it’s real-time, it’s not necessary to record the audio first or process it before hearing the results. Instead, it’s instantaneous — MIDI output is created as the artist sings or plays.

Vocalists and instrumentalists just might love using this, and it may be perfect for producers, too. It brings an immediate capability to add new sonic layers and textures to audio tracks, without needing to do any post-recording processing.

Their promo gushes, "Pitch2MIDI sets creativity free by removing the 'record-then-process' obstacle. If you can hear it in your imagination, Pitch2MIDI will deliver it in reality!"

Pitch2MIDI Features:
• Play virtual instruments using your vocals, instrument, or any monophonic audio in real time
• Built-in synthesizer with over 100 sounds
• Sends MIDI out of the plugin so you can play any VSTi of your choice
• Instantly add new layers of harmony or sonic textures
• Real-time graphic display of audio and MIDI conversion
• No MIDI interface needed to communicate between applications

System Requirements:
• Mac or Windows with Intel processor and 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
• Mac OS 10.9 or later or Win OS 8/64 bit or later
• VST, AU, AAX 64-bit compatible

“Pitch2MIDI completely changes the game for vocalists, acoustic instrumentalists, electric guitarists and bassists—really anybody who plays a non-MIDI producing instrument. Using Pitch2MIDI, all these musicians now have access to the thousands of popular virtual instruments and synthesizers on the market,” said Jennifer Hruska, Director of Content Development for inMusic Brands. “Even better, they can experiment and perfect their performance since the plugin doesn’t need to pre-process the audio first.”

Pitch2MIDI by SONiVOX is available for download now for $149.99 USD at SONiVOX.

About SONiVOX...

SONiVOX designs, develops and markets software technologies, products and applications for the creation and enjoyment of music. Founded in 1993 by industry veteran Jennifer Hruska, SONiVOX instruments are found in recording studios all over the world and can be heard in hit music, blockbuster film scores, and cutting-edge video games.

More info at:


# 2 news feature...


Performers can benefit from new tech by a leading DJ manufacturer; with introduction of digital UHF wireless diversity microphone with unsurpassed audio quality and 200-ft range, enjoy total freedom from cumbersome cables

Numark is about to be known beyond their previous identity as a world-leading innovator of DJ solutions. On Jan. 21, they announced the introduction of their WS-100 digital wireless diversity microphone system, debuting at the NAMM Show in Anaheim.

Recognizing that performers want the freedom of movement that only wireless devices can provide, Numark’s WS-100 microphone delivers top-quality audio performance combined with the convenience of total independence from cumbersome, restrictive cables.

Numark asserts that merely being “wireless” is not enough. That drove Numark’s engineers to make sure the WS-100 performed to the level of demanding customers: its dual-antenna diversity system ensures interference-free, consistent, reliable operation, without worry of unexpected dropouts.

Independent digital ID eliminates signal crosstalk, while its superb signal-to-noise ratio of 96dB and wide-range frequency response of 50-18kHz attest to the system’s excellent sound quality. This is a wireless microphone system designed for critical, heavy-duty use under difficult conditions.

WS-100 features:
• Wireless handheld microphone transmitter
• Receiver unit with dual antennas for superb performance
• 24-bit digital wireless technology delivers ultra clean pro-quality signal 200-foot working range for convenient operation
• Frequency response of 50-18kHz ensures natural vocals and strong bass
• Transmitter and receiver operate in 500-980MHz frequency range
• Handheld mic uses (2) AA batteries
• Superb signal-to-noise ratio of 96 dB (A) ensures quiet background
• Independent digital ID eliminates signal crosstalk and interference
• System harmonic distortion (less than .1%) for clean, accurate sound
• Includes protective padded carrying case and cable

“The WS-100 digital wireless microphone gives our performers the freedom of movement they want, without the usual complications, interference or unexpected dropouts common to ordinary wireless mic systems, and with no sacrifice of audio quality,” said Chris Roman, Senior Product Manager for Numark. “This is exactly the kind of product our customers expect from Numark — something they can depend on, night after night.”

The WS-100 will be available in Q1 2016 for $99 U.S. retail.

About Numark...

Numark is a global leader in professional DJ and audio equipment, creating products that are unmatched in capability and design. Since 1971, Numark has delivered numerous music industry firsts and continues to develop and harness new technologies that enhance the DJ experience. Numark is a member of the premier family of brands known as "inMusic."

More at:

Visit them in Hall B, Booth #6010, at NAMM.


# 3 news feature...

(They had us at "Acoustically Focused Clocking"...)


Clocking/Conversion Leader and DSP Guitar Processing Software Maker Combine Forces for Advances in Digital Guitar Processing and Capture for the Modern Age

Anaheim, Calif., January 22, 2016 — Clocking and conversion expert Antelope Audio [Booth A 6596] and Italian amplifier simulation software maker Overloud Audio Tools, creator of the TH3 amplifier simulation software, have announced a new partnership at NAMM 2016. The collaboration between the two companies will enable guitarists to maintain their unique tones all the way through the record and capture process through Antelope's renowned interface technology, while enjoying the unparalleled flexibility of digital guitar processing and amp simulation.

The implications for guitarists performing in live and recording situations are significant: “More and more, guitarists are appreciating the flexibility of digital signal processing to achieve 'the perfect tone' in a variety of performance settings,” says Igor Levin, CEO and Founder of Antelope Audio. “But oftentimes that tone is degraded by the use of inferior recording interfaces and DSP algorithms. Our collaboration with Overloud will introduce new solutions for guitarists that ensure preservation of their authentic tones —and their investment —that carry through the entire recording and playback processes."

Antelope Audio recently expanded the sonic possibilities for customers craving high quality, customized DSP effects with the launch of its new AuraVerb and other plug-ins —which now ship with Orion32+ and Orion Studio Thunderbolt™ interfaces. These effects leverage Antelope's proprietary DSP engine and effects algorithms, allowing simultaneous processing of multiple effects with almost no latency. These innovations, which derive from Antelope's deep product engineering expertise, complement Overloud's own leadership and innovations in amplifier simulation technology, such as its TH3 amplifier simulation software.

“One of our long-term product goals has been to combine our models into a dedicated hardware interface, so musicians can achieve a superior live and studio experience," commented Thomas Serafini, Chief Technology Officer of Overloud. "We are excited to partner with Antelope Audio, which is clearly at the fore of audio interface technology. We are confident this partnership will unleash the potential of both companies and allow us to create innovative products for musicians.”

Details on specific product initiatives resulting from the new collaboration will be announced in the coming months.

About Antelope Audio...

Antelope Audio is a leading manufacturer of high-end professional audio equipment and the pioneer in the adoption of Atomic clock generators. The company utilizes Igor Levin's more than 20 years’ experience in digital audio to develop professional and consumer high-end products with the signature Antelope Audio sound. The company employs proprietary clocking and jitter management technologies – Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and oven-controlled crystal oscillator, as well a custom-designed digital and analog circuits to provide both professional audio engineers and music aficionados with unprecedented musicality, sound stage and clarity. Antelope is the first to design a 1U 32-channel audio interface and a multi-channel portable interface with 12 mic pres. Antelope's breakthrough technologies are offering both studio and live audio engineers great productivity and flexibility. The company's customers include many Grammy award-winning sound engineers and some of the most renowned recording, mastering and post-production facilities around the globe.

About Overloud...

Overloud is an R&D and software company which develops high-end professional audio plug-ins. Their products are based on its state of the art analog modelling technology, which has been developed and continuously improved in the last 15 years. Overloud’s flagship, TH3, contains the world largest collection of guitar amp and effects models and employs a proprietary technology which set a reference in the simulation accuracy and realism.

Overloud is the first to create a software reverberation plug-in reproducing the reverb engine of most of famous hardware reverberation units of the ‘80s and ‘90s. It is the creator of the multilayer convolution concept, currently used by many Grammy award-winning sound engineers to create uinque reverbs and ambiances on their mix.


# 4 & 5 news features...


We cover two competing systems below. One from ALESIS, the other from M-AUDIO (plus another new product from M-AUDIO)...


# 4 news feature...


Versatile, portable all-in-one PA system has Bluetooth® connectivity, powerful sound, integrated LED lighting and a 50-hour rechargeable battery

Alesis, a world-leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and components for today's musician, announced Jan. 21 the introduction of its powerful, compact TransActive VU, debuting at NAMM.

This is an all-in-one portable sound system that operates off its own rechargeable battery, providing what the company bills as "room-filling, lifelike sound" to any venue even when AC power is not available.

Recognizing that there are many circumstances where great sound is needed but AC power is inaccessible, the new "TransActive VU" features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 50 hours, along with Bluetooth connectivity and integrated LED lighting. Plus, in this highly competitive market, it has everything that’s needed for impressive sound and lights. With its built-in wheels and retracting handle, Transavtive VU goes anywhere.

The manufacturer asserts, "It’s perfect for singer-songwriters or DJs who need a portable sound system, but it’s also ideal for parties, trips to the beach, business presentations and public address in houses of worship. For anyone who requires great sound on the go, TransActive VU is indispensable."

The dual built-in LED light strips deliver exciting lighting effects without needing to bring along external lighting, which can be complicated to set up, and expensive. With TransActive VU, everything is included. The lights have five customizable lighting modes: Mood, Meter, Mix, Pulse, Party. The brightness control lets the user adjust or disable the LEDs, and the Custom Color Control adjusts the mix of Red, Green and Blue lighting. The top panel of the cabinet features an integrated storage tray for smartphones, keys, guitar picks and more. Plus, the system includes a high-quality microphone with an on/off switch.

TransActive VU features:
• Powered speaker—50 watts peak, 25 watts continuous
• High output 8-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter
• Built-in rechargeable battery delivers up to 50 hours of sound—no AC needed
• Includes high-quality microphone with on/off switch
• Five customizable lighting modes: Mood, Meter, Mix, Pulse and Party
• Brightness control adjusts or disables LEDs
• Custom Color Control easily adjusts mix of Red, Green and Blue lighting
• Streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device
• Top panel storage tray for smartphones, keys, guitar picks, and more
• Rugged design withstands heavy use and portable applications
• Recessed wheels and telescoping handle for easy transport
• Standard 35mm socket allows mounting on a speaker stand

“TransActive VU is the ideal sound system for anyone on the go who needs great audio, convenient built-in lighting and the ability to wirelessly stream music. For entertainers, businesspeople, public speakers—anyone who needs to cover a venue with clear sound and dramatic lighting effects—this is their ideal solution,” said Walter Skorupski, Product Manager for Alesis.

He continued, “TransActive VU accomplishes all that without needing to be plugged into an AC outlet. This is exactly the kind of versatility and performance people are looking for.”

U.S. pricing will be $249.

TransActive VU will be available in the second quarter of 2016.

About Alesis...

Since the 1985 unveiling of the affordable XT Reverb, Alesis ( has led the charge to create inventive electronic products that benefit every stage or studio musician. Alesis innovation continues with electronic percussion, keyboards, monitors, recording gear, amplifiers, as well as professional products based on Bluetooth technology and Apple’s iOS platform. Alesis is a member of a premier family of brands known as inMusic (

More info at:

Visit Alesis in Hall A, Booth #6700 at NAMM.


# 5 & 6 news features...

In addition to its competing battery-powered sound system, M-AUDIO impressed with a second, unrelated product. Each is covered in its own feature story, below.


# 5 news feature...


A powerful sound system with rechargeable battery, Bluetooth® streaming and multiple inputs delivers clear, vibrant sound at venues without access to AC power

M-Audio announced, Jan. 21, the introduction of their Power Station portable AC/battery-powered sound system, debuting at NAMM. This compact, easily-transportable unit is a perfect solution for the problem of delivering clear, vibrant, high-output sound when there is no ready access to AC power.

Power Station has a massive, high-capacity rechargeable battery that provides hours of cord-free power for its internal digital Class D amplifier. The amplifier drives a high-output 8-inch 2-way speaker system in a compact, lightweight enclosure. Power Station can also be plugged into an AC outlet.

This means wherever there’s a need for clear, detailed high-fidelity sound — singers/small musical ensembles can deliver a quality performance in an otherwise awkward "barefoot" environment.

And with the 2016 political season upon us, artists are often asked to perform a song or two at a small political rally.

Of course, this system is what the doctor ordered for a full range of challenging opportunities to perform, like awards presentations, graduation ceremonies, outdoor weddings, business presentations, and more. Small wonder that the manufacturer brags, "Power Station delivers, whether AC power is available or not, Power Station is always ready."

Power Station also has two AC power outlets and two USB ports for powering/recharging external devices, such as instruments, microphones and peripheral devices.

Because of the truly impressive capacity of its internal rechargeable battery, Power Station does not need to be plugged into an AC outlet in order for its auxiliary AC extension outlets to be functional and active, in stark contrast to many lesser units. This is a huge point of differentiation and superiority for Power Station when compared to ordinary competitive products.

◦ High output amplifier: 50 watts peak, 25 watts continuous
◦ Robust 8” woofer and 1” compression tweeter deliver clear, dynamic sound
◦ Wirelessly streams music from any Bluetooth-enabled device
◦ Extreme-capacity rechargeable battery for hours of uninterrupted play
◦ Professional Instrument, and XLR/TRS combo inputs for connecting instruments, microphone or other equipment
◦ Charge and power guitar pedals, iOS devices and other external gear with (2) AC outlets and (2) USB connectors
◦ Telescoping handle and wheels for easy transport
◦ Stereo 1/4" (2 x TRS) line in, stereo 1/8” aux input

“Power Station is aptly named: it’s a great unit—compact, transportable and affordable— that delivers the ultimate power and audio quality to venues that don’t have ready access to AC power,” said JC Sutherland, Product Manager for M-Audio.

He added, “However, the feature that’s bound to be the biggest hit is the fact that it can power equipment connected to its AC extension outlets even when Power Station is operating off its own high-capacity internal battery. That is the very definition of convenience, power and performance. People will love that.”

The M-Audio Power Station has a U.S. retail price of $299.99.

It will be available in the second quarter of 2016.

Visit M-AUDIO in Hall A, Booth #6700 at NAMM.


# 6 news feature...


New MIDISport Hub 2x2 and 4x4 offer professional-quality MIDI computer interface with added versatility and convenience of a 3-port USB 3.0 powered hub

M-Audio (, synonymous with innovative music production technology, announced Jan. 21 the introduction of the MIDISport Hub 2x2 and 4x4 MIDI interfaces with 3-port USB 3.0 powered hub. These devices offer musicians and composers an easy 2x2 or 4x4 MIDI I/O, with the added versatility and convenience of their class-exclusive USB hub, which greatly expands the user’s connectivity options.

Designed for ease of use, their bright LEDs (five in the 2x2 and nine in the 4x4) clearly show the status of MIDI information being sent and received. Both units are bus-powered when not using the hub and the 2x2 features merge and standalone operation.


MIDISport Hub 2x2 2x2 MIDI Interface with USB Hub:
• 3-port USB 3.0 powered hub
• 2x2 MIDI I/O • Merge/Standalone operation
• Bus-powered when not using the hub
• 4 dedicated signal LEDs show when MIDI information is sent and received

MIDISport Hub 4x4 4x4 MIDI Interface with USB Hub:
• 3-port USB 3.0 Powered Hub
• 4x4 MIDI I/O
• Bus-powered when not using the hub
• 8 dedicated signal LEDs show when MIDI information is sent and received
• Rugged metal chassis stands up to abuse in studio or on the road

“Musicians who have MIDI gear also need a USB hub for the complete range of hook-up options. That’s pretty much true for the entire universe of computer-connected artists and composers,” said J.C. Sutherland, M-Audio Product Manager.

He adds, “A quality MIDI interface is a standard tool for musicians, like a screwdriver—you need one to get the basics done. But MIDISport 2x2 and 4x4 also have a 3-port powered USB hub conveniently built in, so these are like really cool Swiss Army screwdrivers. People will love these.”

U.S. retail pricing is:

MIDISport Hub 2x2 $69.
MIDISport Hub 4x4 $99.

Both will be available in the second quarter of 2016.

About M-Audio...

M-Audio ( began as Midiman, a driving force in the desktop recording revolution that followed the introduction of MIDI in the 1980s. Today, M-Audio has evolved into one of the most revered names in computer interface and studio integration solutions, keyboard and controller products, and all manner of essential musical hardware from microphones to studio monitors. M-Audio is a proud member of the "inMusic" family (

Visit M-Audio in Hall A, Booth #6700 at NAMM.


# 7 news feature...


• Bundles for AmpliTube, T-RackS and SampleTank offer musicians and producers a new way to enhance musical creativity, saving 70%-90% with any of four new all-inclusive "Max" bundles

• Bundles provide comprehensive collections of IK's powerful music creation and processing software

Quality bargains always excite. IK Multimedia, based in Modena, Italy, announced Jan. 20 through its U.S. office in Florida, the introduction of its new "Max" series of bundles. With them, musicians and producers are offered a way to quickly get your hands on complete collections of some of IK's most powerful music creation tools for up to 90% off the price it would cost to purchase each piece of gear offered individually.

These bundles include AmpliTube® Max, T-RackS® Max and SampleTank® Max plus a Total Studio Max bundle that combines all three plus Miroslav Philharmonik™ 2. The company asserts, "Now, thanks to these new bundles, anyone and everyone can take their musical creativity to the max."

AmpliTube Max - Maximum tone

Guitar and bass players will be impressed by the sonic flexibility offered in this bundle. It effectively gives musicians the keys to their very own fully-stocked tone studio. It comes with AmpliTube 4, AmpliTube 3, AmpliTube MESA/Boogie®, Ampeg® SVX™, AmpliTube Fender, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ Anniversary Edition, AmpliTube Orange®, AmpliTube Slash and more. In total, it gives users a virtual collection of over 300 pieces of gear that includes meticulously rendered models of some of the most sought after amplifiers, cabinets, stomp boxes, rack effects and mics on the planet.

T-RackS Max - Maximum processing

Producers and engineers may fall in love with T-RackS Max. It's a comprehensive, high-quality mixing and mastering suite that features all the processors in T-RackS Grand plus all the new individual processors. It's a collection of over 33 units that includes compressors, limiters, equalizers, channel strips, reverbs, delays and more. These processors have all been modeled after some of the most desirable classic hardware units of all time. Like all T-RackS models, each one can be used individually or as a part of a T-RackS mastering chain.

SampleTank Max - Maximum music

SampleTank Max is the definitive version of the ultimate sound and groove workstation. It comes with SampleTank 3 plus 22 additional Instrument Collections. These additional collections include Art Deco Piano, Cinematic Percussion, Hugh Padgham Drums, American Acoustic, the Elektronika series,the Beats series, and more. All told, it has a massive 50 GB+ library of instruments, loops, midi patterns and more. These sounds can all be manipulated using the full power of SampleTank 3. This includes its 55 high-quality effects, intuitive 16-channel DAW-style mixer and powerful synth section.

Total Studio Max - Maximum value

Each of the bundles described above offers an extreme degree of affordability and power. The Total Studio Max bundle takes this concept to the next level by collecting all of the previous bundles into one all-inclusive package. It also comes with Miroslav Philharmonik 2, the most emotionally expressive orchestral collection ever released. It's a quick, easy and affordable way for musicians to have a complete and fully outfitted digital music studio.

Pricing and availability

All four of IK's MAX bundles will be available in February from music and electronics retailers worldwide, as well as from the IK online store. All bundles are available as either a direct download or as a boxed copy with USB.

AmpliTube Max, T-RackS Max and SampleTank Maxwill cost $/€499.99* for a direct download and $/€529.99 for a boxed copy with USB.

The Total Studio MAX bundle - which includes all of the aforementioned bundles as well as a full version of Miroslav Philharmonik 2 - will be available as a direct download for $/€999.99 or as a boxed copy with USB for $/€1,029.99.

*All prices excluding taxes.

About IK Multimedia:

IK Multimedia is a computer music technology company that offers a diverse range of affordable and easy-to-use music production tools with great sound quality and a realistic look and feel. With millions of installations worldwide, the IK range has been adopted by musicians of every level, from beginners to professionals, to gain access to high-end, studio-quality gear from their computers or mobile devices. AmpliTube®, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™, SampleTank® and T-RackS® are trademarks property of IK Multimedia Production. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

More info is available at:


# 8 news feature...


"VIP 2.0" adds complete VST Effects Control to its revolutionary software, expanding musicians' hands-on control over all their VST’s

VIP Music Software, creator of its Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software—the only software that enables musicians to play, control and catalog their entire VST library directly from their keyboard — announced Jan. 21 that they’ve introduced a major update to their revolutionary software, "VIP 2.0."

The initial releases of VIP software enabled users to intuitively access any patch from any VST virtual instrument in their computer directly from their keyboard. With VIP 2.0, musicians can now apply the same approach for VST Effects as well.

Using the built-in “tagging” function, users can quickly filter and search through every single instrument or effect patch in their plugin library, saving hours of time when needing to find a specific sound or effect quickly, or simply mining their libraries for sounds they haven’t used before. After a patch is selected, VIP auto-maps the keyboard’s controls to the selected plugin, and displays the plugin parameters directly on a VIP-equipped keyboard’s full-color display for a full 1:1 workstation style experience.

In addition to playing and controlling plugins, VIP gives musicians and producers enormous creative potential using “Multis”. A “Multi” allows users to combine up to 8 patches from 1 or more plugins, with the ability to layer, mix and pan these patches all at once.

Now, with VIP 2.0, users can add up to 4 effects "sends" and "inserts" to each slot of their Multis. These effects can also be saved as "Effects Stacks," and quickly recalled for fast auditioning or used in different setups. The sonic possibilities of layering up to 8 different VST instruments, each with their own effects, are staggering.

The ability to recall Effects Stacks or Multis with a single patch change from the keyboard makes the solution incredibly powerful for live performances or studio use. Artists can concentrate on their creativity, without being distracted by complex DAW setups.

Live and studio performers will also love the new Custom Control Mode, which enables users to map any plugin parameter from any VST (instrument or effect) to any VIP-enabled keyboard’s knobs or buttons. This gives musicians total creative freedom when playing and controlling sounds from small individual instruments to large Multis with integrated effects—further expanding the musician’s improvisational capabilities.

Summary of VIP 2.0 New Features:

• Effects Browser: Customers have raved about VIP’s instrument browser. Now they can browse for effects in the same manner, searching for a specific type of reverb, compressor, delay, etc. or better yet, auditioning all your reverb, compressor, chorus, etc. patches from multiple plugins with a single click.
• Expanded Multi Mixer: VIP 2.0 Multi Mixer now includes Insert Effects, Sends Effects, Bus Tracks, and a Master Output channel strip. Collapsible sections allow custom viewing for larger or smaller monitors.
• Effects Stacks: VIP 2.0 introduces Effect Stacks, which combine multiple effects into re-usable patches, accessible in the patch list for easy selecting and auditioning.
• Custom Control Mode: VIP 2.0 offers a new Custom Control Mode which enables mapping of any VST instrument or effect parameter, any CC number and any Mixer parameter to any VIP-enabled hardware controls for live or studio playing.
• New pre-done plugin maps for today’s most popular virtual instruments and effects plugins

VIP is included as standard software on a growing list of important keyboards from the industries top selling brands, including Akai, M-Audio and Alesis, and it also works as a stand-alone application or as a VST, AU or AAX plugin for any digital audio workstation.

“VIP 1.0 was a huge leap forward in the creative process for musicians but there was more we wanted to do, of course. The addition of complete effects control in VIP 2.0 is a huge enhancement—one that VIP users will be excited to get their hands on,” said Jennifer Hruska, Director of Content Development for inMusic Brands.

She added, “A keyboard equipped with VIP 2.0 doesn’t slow the artist down—it works with them to maximize their playing experience and enhance their creativity. I can’t wait to see what artists do with this.”

About VIP...

VIP is an award-winning music software platform that gives musicians and composers total control over their virtual instruments and effects plugins. VIP features an intelligent patch browser that integrates patches from the user’s collection of VST instruments and effects, so they can select, play and layer those patches directly from a VIP-enabled keyboard. VIP works as a stand-alone application or as a VST, AU or AAX plugin for any digital audio workstation.

More info at:


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