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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Music News, Your Social Media at Risk, Tuneful People, and Why Tonight (Thursday) is a Good Time to GO OUT...

This time around, the Guide has everything from news on new gear, to celebrations of musicians here and departed, to a professional group for women who engineer sound, to why TONIGHT is particularly good for catching live music in Southern California.

Let's get started.


Contents / in this edition...

1) Good Live Music Tonight, Thu., Feb. 18th

2) Your Social Media at Risk: Predators Attack LinkedIn Users; Who's Next?

3) Hunter Hayes' Annual "Awards Week Concert" Airs Friday on Direct TV & U-verse

4) Pete Huttlinger Celebration of Life

5) We'd Like You to Meet... Women’s Audio Mission (WAM)

6) Must-See L.A. Art Exhibits, Closing Soon

7) "It's a Wonderful Life" & its Musical Connection Live on, Outside the Christmas Reruns

8) Three More Festival Planner Notes

9) Fiddlin' Around, this Month & Next

10) Launch of New Amps — Designed by Guitarist — Brings Acclaim of Top Artists


# 1 news feature...


Here's what's up for a tuneful night out at some of our favorite acoustic and Americana music venues, from Altadena to Hollywood to West Sunset.

Tonight at THE COFFEE GALLERY BACKSTAGE, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena;; reservations (highly recommended for this show) by phone only, at 626-xxc

√ The Salty Suites (details below)
√ Helen Hummel (details below)

THE SALTY SUITES arrive at the Coffee Gallery for a night at their favorite venue, playing for those they love, you, and of course Bob Stane. Festival faves Scott Gates, Chelsea Williams, Chuck Hailes, and Elaine Gregston pick and sing tunes old and new. Scott on vocals, mandolin and guitar; Chuck on bass and vocals; Chelsea Williams brings vocals and guitar; all deliver acoustic musical expertise in both original compositions and covers ranging from old Ireland to current hits. They invite you to "Come have a coffee and a tasty snack, and settle in for a night of great music." They are excited about their "amazing opening act."  (see below.) Both acts, $18.

Plus, tonight (Feb. 18), at CGB...
HELEN HUMMEL, singer-songwriter, hails all the way from the Green Mountains of Vermont. Her music reflects the rural landscape of her upbringing and explores the styles of Joni Mitchell, Andrew Bird, and Jeff Buckley, among many others. Through classic and original songs, Helen fills out the limits of her vocal range, accompanying herself on bright and playful guitar

More at:

Tonight at EL CID, it's Twanguero, Ocha La Rocha, and Echo Sparks comprising the lineup for tonight's "HONKY TONK HACIENDA," the Thursday series at El Cid, 4212 W Sunset Bl, Los Angeles 90029; 323-668-0318. 8-11 pm;

Tonight at THE HOTEL CAFÉ, 1623 N Cahuenga Bl, 1/2 block S of Hollywood Bl, Hollywood 90028;

√ Jenny O. (details below)
√ Striking Matches (details below)
√ Whitney Rose - on Second Stage
√ Man Made Time - on Second Stage
√ Coyle Girelli - on Second Stage

Tonight, Thu, Feb 18, at Hotel Café... focus acts:

★ JENNY O. has toured with Father John Misty, Rodriguez, Ben Harper, Leon Russell, and Rodrigo Amarante. In 2015, the "Songwriters Hall of Fame" awarded her its prestigious honor, "The Holly Prize," as "an exceptionally talented and inspired young musician whose work exhibits the qualities of Holly's music: true, great, and original." Jenny O. has returned to Los Angeles to finish a second full-length album with producer Jonathan Wilson after spending a year writing and reading in Nashville. That follow-up to her widely respected "Automechanic" will be out later this year. Jenny began making simple recordings on her father's reel-to-reel tape machine as a teenager and kickstarted her career with the self-produced and heartily licensed "Home" EP. Jenny O. and her band hit The Hotel Cafe on February 18 performing material from the new album.

Also tonight (Thu, Feb 18) at the Hotel Café...

★ STRIKING MATCHES. With their T Bone Burnett-produced debut album, guitar-wielding duo Striking Matches creates an unexpected and unique sound that defies easy categorization. This pairing — Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis — occupies that sweet spot at the intersection of country, rock and blues, where all the elements blend to form an authentically raw and rootsy sound that has a timeless and international appeal. Fact is, their songs, including “When the Right One Comes Along” and “Hanging on a Lie,” have been featured on ABC’s hit drama series "Nashville" and recorded by the show’s stars Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen, attracting an international fan base for them. The duo's first performances in London produced sold-out shows and audiences with a deep knowledge of their lyrics, even before the release of their first full album. Their debut self-titled EP was named among iTunes “Best of 2012” and received national attention from outlets such as NPR, the BBC and The Wall Street Journal. Their online video for "Hanging On A Lie" is racking-up YouTube views.


# 2 news feature...


Site is Popular with Music Professionals

An unknown number of scammers are spoofing LinkedIn's email format. Victims receive an email — probably multiple emails, each from a different "person" — with a link to click to see a private message. It's dangerous because it seems safe. You, a LinkedIn user, can only receive messages through their system from other LinkedIn users who signed-up and provided their profile. And it arrives in your regular email — gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, whatever — appearing to be a basic notice referred there because you are signed-up with LinkedIn.

It's dangerous because clicking the link to see the message implants malware — spyware that harvests your personal information and your entire contact/address book for the scammer to use for some other attack, sending your friends malware links in emails that appear to come from you.

While LinkedIn — a popular site for business and professional contacts that many find valuable — seems to have nothing to do with any of it, their users are being targeted by this latest web scam.

If you have a LinkedIn account, your name, of course, appears on it. And those two pieces of info — pretty much the only things available to non-members — are all the bad guys need.

It works like this: there is an ever-expanding world of exploitive and predatory "information providers" that leech a plethora of information from legitimate sites. They do it to sell data connecting your name with everything about you that has ever appeared online, starting with all your email accounts.

Anyone with a Facebook page routinely provides a wealth of data that the "service" sells to anyone wanting to buy it. Google harvests metadata on billions of online activities and sells it.

Increasingly, data from all these sources — those accepted as legitimate and those who illicitly steal it — is available very cheaply, in bulk. Any part of it assures that everyone will become a target of countless unwanted intrusions and efforts to con us or steal our information, or worse. All of it means that scammers can readily collect and cross-connect enormous numbers of potential victims by simply connecting email addresses with every social media account associated with those names and addresses.

So: what to do?

First, NEVER open a link in any email that is suspicious. One test is to look at the address used by the sender, although that can be spoofed, and it may have come from someone else.

Second, specifically with this scam, exploiting LinkedIn users? DELETE all emails with links that appear to be forwarded or courtesy notices of activity in your account. Just periodically check your LinkedIn account itself for messages sent to you through their system. And if anything untoward is happening there, use their provisions to register a complaint against any user who is abusing their site.

Third, the above points apply to ANY social media account you may have, from any legitimate service (though they all harvest, compile, and sell information about you as part of their own predatory business models).

Fourth, have and FREQUENTLY RUN a good anti-malware / anti-spyware program or app in each of your devices. As an old tv cop show always said, "Be careful out there."

We have one more comment to add: here at the Guide, we have been getting TONS of emails that seem to be from a great many artists that we know. All have links in them that would install invasive malware/spyware. And all those dangerous emails are, most assuredly, being sent to everyone in each of those artist's address books — because that artist opened an email and clicked a link from someone they thought THEY knew. So many busy people are just trying to get through their comms in a hurry, and without thinking, they click something nasty. Don't.


# 3 news feature...


February 19, at 9 pm ET/PT, you can catch an annual concert event expected to feature seven acoustic performances on DIRECTV Ch 239 and U-verse Ch 1114. It's by Hunter Hayes, whose latest album, "The 21 Project," is available now from and on Atlantic/Warner Music Nashville.

The full concert was filmed live in Nashville, where the five-time GRAMMY nominated singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist performed songs from his Platinum-selling No. 1 self-titled debut album, his chart-topping sophomore album "Storyline," and his most recent release, "The 21 Project."

Hailed as a "country-rock-blues guitar hero in the making" by the Los Angeles Times, Hayes has three No. 1 singles under his belt, including the multi-Platinum smash "Wanted," "Somebody's Heartbreak," and "I Want Crazy."

Hayes delved into new territory with the rollout of new music via streaming and digital platforms in 2015, culminating in the release of a special, three-disc collection titled "The 21 Project" which features seven acoustic, seven studio and seven live songs. Hayes is currently recording music for his forthcoming third full-length studio album, with a new single anticipated in early 2016.

"Audience Network" is the presenter of record for the tv event. It features "groundbreaking concerts, in-depth artist interviews, unique stories and exclusive performances," and is "now shooting in ultra high definition 4K." Audience Network is available to DIRECTV and U-verse customers via broadcast and live stream on and and on smartphones and tablets, via the DIRECTV and U-verse apps.

There's more at:


# 4 news feature...


The late Pete Huttlinger was a superb guitarist, marvelous songwriter, all-around nice guy, and acclaimed, among many other things, as the late John Denver's guitar player. We lost Pete in January. Details of that and the upcoming memorial night for him follow.

His wife, Erin Huttlinger sent the following to Pete's many fans and friends on Feb. 16:

"It is with deepest gratitude that I would firstly like to thank all of you who have sent me such kind words of support regarding Pete's death. It helps my heart knowing what is in many of your hearts.

"For those of you who might not be aware, Pete passed away unexpectedly on January 15. The complications of his condition were ongoing and although he was the most resilient person that I've ever known, he could not recover from this last trauma. I am as shocked and unprepared as anybody.

"But now after a month I realized it was time to send something out and to let everyone know about the upcoming Celebration of Life. It will be a wonderful get together of family and friends and you are welcome to attend. The event will take place at the City Winery here in Nashville. The doors will open at 6 pm for those that would like to have some dinner or drinks ahead of time. The event itself will start about 7:30. City Winery has asked that you go online and make a reservation just so we can get a headcount.

"The link for that is

"There will be a few speakers, some music and maybe a jam afterward. I'm still working out the space for that. We will also be announcing the formation of the Pete Huttlinger Memorial Fund at Vanderbilt which will benefit Adult Congenital Cardiac Research. As soon as I have that confirmed I will send out the information.

"Meanwhile, let's all stay in touch. Pete's music needs to be shared around the world. His message of resilience is more important than ever, so stay tuned.

"If you would like to send me a story, or photo or any type of message you can email me at

"Again, thank you all."

— Erin Huttlinger


# 5 news feature...


Women's Audio Mission is a San Francisco based non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts.

They address a surprising need: it's a field where women are critically under-represented, with less than 5% of music production and the recording arts jobs held by women.

WAM seeks to "change the face of sound" by providing hands-on training, experience, career counseling and job placement to women and girls in media technology for music, radio, film, television and the Internet. WAM believes that women's mastery of music technology and inclusion in the production process will expand the vision and voice of media and popular culture.

The organization produces the quarterly "Local Sirens Music Festival" in San Francisco. The next installment of that is an electronica affair on March 2, 2016.

More info on the organization and their events is at:


# 6 news feature...


The folks that edit Eventbrite usually tailor their site to pop culture and pop music. But once in a while, they do an attractive piece for the rest of us. Such was the case with this story by Nile Cappello. We want to add a note to one of their picks, "LIFE: A Journey Through Time," is a must-see that runs only through March 20 at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Culver City, and it was featured on "60 Minutes" when it opened on the East Coast. Here, including quotes from their site, are Eventbrite's catch-'em-while-you-can picks:

"L.A.’s art scene is constantly expanding and evolving into one that rivals the more traditional landscape of NYC. L.A. is home to a spread of incredible, world-renowned museums and must-catch exhibits on display across the city. And, now’s one of the best times in recent history to get involved if you’re in Los Angeles."

That prefaced their picks for "some of the most beautiful art exhibits you need to see right now in L.A." They are.

√ "Rain Room," through April 24, at LACMA (mid-Wilshire). "This may be the most well-known touring exhibits of contemporary art — and with good reason. The full-sensory experience is a notorious must-visit while in L.A., which explains why tickets are already sold out. However, you might find some tickets through the box office if you’re a LACMA member or NexGen (aged 3-17) visitor. Everyone else: try Craigslist? $10-$40."

√ "The Inaugural Installation," ongoing at the Broad, the bold landmark that's newly opened in downtown L.A. "If you live anywhere near L.A., you’ve probably heard about the newest — and most hyped — museum added to the local lineup: The Broad. The contemporary art museum’s inaugural installation exemplifies the type of exhibits you can expect to see at this new DTLA landmark, including the popular 'Infinity Mirrored Room' from artist Yayoi Kusama as well as Glenn Ligon’s 'Double America 2.' They’re currently offering tickets for April, so grab them while they’re hot… and available. Free, w/ RSVP."

√ "Big Screen, Bigger Science," first Fridays through June 6 at the Natural History Museum in Exposition Park. "The fun-filled 'First Friday' series at the Natural History Museum of L.A. County is back for 2016. This season focuses on the intersection of science and fiction. Scientists will examine how science is portrayed in mainstream media, attempting to answer the question, 'How much science is in science fiction?' $18-20, w/ RSVP."

√ "Hammer Projects: Kenny Scharf," through May 22 at the Hammer Museum at UCLA in Westwood. Influenced by his favorite television cartoon characters, street artist Kenny Scharf has developed a signature style that’s full of fun and nostalgia, continually pushing the boundaries of traditional mediums. As an interdisciplinary artist, he believes strongly in the element of spontaneity. Free."

√ "The Younger Generation: Contemporary Japanese Photography," through February 21 at The Getty Center atop the hill in Brentwood. "The stunning Getty Center is often lauded for its gardens, architecture, and picnic-friendly lawns, but its permanent collection’s caliber cannot be ignored when discussing this quintessential L.A. space. The must-catch show currently on display is an exhibit featuring photographs from five female Japanese artists who redefine 'girl photography' by exploring themes related to identity within their works. The exhibit is paired with a variety of talks, performances, and tours, so check out their schedule to make it a full day of artistic appreciation. Free."

√ ★ "LIFE: A Journey Through Time," through March 20 at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Culver City. "Annenberg’s intimate photography space in the CAA courtyard of Culver City is one of the city’s best hidden gems. Currently on display is National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting’s documentation of life on Earth, a vibrant and innovative series including images, text, stories, timelines, and a short documentary. Free."

√ "The Art of Our Time," DTLA through September 12 atop Bunker Hill on Grand Avenue in downtown L.A. "This exhibit at the MOCA Grand Avenue location showcases artists brought together by friendship, art schools, or simple interest in each other’s work. The juxtaposition of well-known pieces alongside more unknown works fosters an exploratory flow for visitors of the exhibit, as opposed to a more traditional, chronological, or categorical display. $12."

√ "Robert Cremean: The Beds of Procrustes and the Seven Deadly Sins," through April 3 at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. "In this provocative exhibit from artist Robert Cremean, he interprets each of the Seven Deadly Sins within the scope of the human form. Life and humanity are the overarching themes tying the collection together, but each piece is a specific commentary on the strife of human experience. $7."

√ “The Getty Center” by“Sam Howzit”


# 7 news feature...


Well. It seems that Alex del Zoppo is not the sole-surviving cast member of the famous film in which he was cast as the baby. And we need to tell him this story.

First, you should know that Alex was a founding member of the band SWEETWATER, the opening band at a lil' thing called Woodstock. THE Woodstock. VH-1 produced the first-ever edition of its "Beyond the Music" series about Sweetwater. And Alex has continued his music career with the kinds of professional ups and downs that usually define really talented people.

Okay, to our story.

Caroline Grimes played Zsu-Zsu in "It's a Wonderful Life." She is still with us. In fact, she particulates every April in the "Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival" in Marshfield, in the Show-Me State.

And Mo Rocca's story on CBS "Sunday Morning" (Valentine's Day edition) revealed a lot about that singular festival. It features an annual reunion of tv and film people from diverse Americana-ish origins, like Dawn Wells ("Mary Ann"), and the girls from "The Waltons," and Andy's girlfriend from "The Andy Griffith Show."

And it's also the only annual reunion of U.S. Presidential descendants. And that always brings a credible and extensive gathering. And believe it or not, one with neither rancor nor wrangling. (What a concept.) 

It all looks like fun. April in Marshfield, Missouri. Alex should go.


# 8 news feature...


The annual "Long Beach Bayou Festival" is June 18 & 19; talent lineup tba soon; it's at Rainbow Lagoon Park, Linden Av & Shoreline Dr, Long Beach. Tix on sale soon.

The annual "Long Beach Jazz Festival" happens August 12-14; talent lineup tba soon; it, too, is at Rainbow Lagoon Park, Linden Av & Shoreline Dr, Long Beach. Tix on sale soon.

The "Claremont Pie Festival" — one previously unknown to us — looks tasty both gastronomically and tunefully. It's Saturday, March 19, 11 am-4 pm, and features old-time, bluegrass, folk, and swing, with High Strung. Info at:


# 9 news feature...


BELINDA THOM, aka "FIDDLING MAMA B," is a well-regarded Southern California fiddle player who just checked-in with news. Here it is:

"[I] had hand surgery in late December and took some time off to recuperate. I was fortunate, everything went swimmingly, and now I’m back in action. I’m including all shows up through mid March, after which I’ll be traveling in Myanmar for a couple weeks. Who knows what kind of tunes might return with me from that trip?!? Hope to see you soon:

• Fri, Feb 19, 8-11 pm, contra dancing with the Kindred Hoofits at the War Memorial in South Pasadena; Ginger calling; yummy home-cooked food included beforehand. (

• Sun, Mar 6, 6:30-9:30 pm, contra dancing with the Kindred Hoofits at the Cabrillo Ballroom in Santa Barbara; Jacqui Grennan calling. (

• Sun, Mar 13, 10 am-1 pm, "kick-ass fiddle tunes and old-time songs" with Modal Tease at the Atwater Farmer’s Market in L.A. (

• Sat, Mar 19, 11 am-4 pm, old-time, bluegrass, folk, and swing, with High Strung at the "Claremont Pie Festival" (

More on Fiddling Mama B at:


# 10 news feature...


Hand-Crafted Guitar Amplifiers "Designed by a Real Player for Real Players"

Nashville-based guitarist Todd Sharp has 40+ years performing from studios to stadiums with Hall & Oates, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood & Bob Welch, Delbert McClinton, Carlene Carter, David Crosby, and working alongside Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, and many more.

Through his years of performing experience,  Sharp had yet to find the perfect amp, so he decided to build one. Now he is launching Todd Sharp Amplifiers, his own indie line of custom-made amplifiers in Nashville, TN. These are high-end, hand-wired, vacuum tube amps, and the first of their kind from Sharp.

Sharp says, “Like any player, I have been enthralled with the many great amps of the past 60 years. I’ve owned and worked with so many of them as a working guitarist but also as proprietor of Nashville Amplifier Service ( My approach to amplifier design is a little different.”

He continues, “This is truly creative art to me. There are plenty of Fender, Marshall, Vox and Dumble clones out there. I’m not interested in building another knock off — I’m interested in making amplifiers for the player who wants the best there is. Amps that respond like instruments.”

Early admirers of the brand include Vince Gill, John Oates, and Mick Fleetwood, who have all purchased amps. Owen Barry, guitarist for Tal Wilkenfeld, will also be using Todd Sharp Amps during their tour opening for The Who this year.

The line's flagship model is the JOAT 20RT, for "Jack Of All Tone, 20 Watts, Reverb/Tremolo."
John Oates is using the JOAT 20RT on his 2016 national tour with Daryl Hall.

This model offers what Sharp's promo claims is "a truly original approach to vacuum tube guitar amplification. There is no tone stack (conventional bass, mid, treble controls), nor the loss that comes with a conventional tone stack."

Sharp himself likes to say, “It’s all tone, but you can take some away if you like.”

The JOAT circuit employs a unique approach to gain and tone architecture utilizing rotary selector switches; ATTITUDE, LOW CUT and HIGH CUT along with a BITE switch. INPUTS 1 and 2 are designed intentionally to receive single coil or dual coil pickups. The REVERB, says Sharp, "is unlike any other, producing a super smooth sound more akin to a plate than spring reverb." TREMOLO offers "an ultra-stable, wide range of speed and intensity, from subtle to full stutter."

Launched in 2016, Todd Sharp Amplifiers are hand-crafted in Nashville, TN. The debut model, the JOAT (Jack of all Tone) 20RT head and Model A 2x12” speaker cabinet are now available.

The promo is impressive, from aesthetics to chassis:
• mil spec rotary selectors and pots
• aircraft grade isolation mounts for the first stage 6AU6 pentode and dual Reverb tank design
• custom spec transformers, hand wired with 19 strand Teflon wire
• stainless steel hardware

Sharp advertises "a painstaking process of selecting each component for optimum performance," culminating in the assertion, "The JOAT series amplifier delivers from Fingerboard to Baffleboard."

About the Guitarist/Designer

Todd Sharp is a multi-talented musician with a versatile career as an award-winning guitarist, singer, songwriter, and now, founder of Todd Sharp Amplifiers. Sharp joined Hall & Oates on tour as their lead guitar player at the age of 19. Gigs followed with Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie, and that band's founder Mick Fleetwood in his duo tour with Bob Welch. Plus tours playing for Rod Stewart, Carlene Carter, David Crosby, Delbert McClinton, Australian icon Jimmy Barnes, and French legend Eddy Mitchell. Sharp has also worked alongside greats Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and more.

As a solo artist, Sharp released two critically acclaimed records, "Who Am I," and, "Walking All The Way." Also an accomplished songwriter, Sharp co-wrote the top ten hits, “Got a Hold On Me” with Christine McVie, and Juice Newton’s “A Little Love.”

In 1994, Sharp opened Nashville Amplifier Service, performing expert repairs, restorations, and modifications for an impressive clientele. Twelve years later, he's building an original line of amps for other players.

Learn more about Todd Sharp Amplifiers at:


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