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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Hollywood Blacklist, dramatically re-enacted tonight on CSPAN-3 -- Wednesday, Nov 22 2017

"Hollywood Blacklist 70th Year Anniversary" gets its final scheduled re-airings today and tonight on CSPAN-3. The event, held October 27 at the Writers Guild Theatre, was cosponsored by the Hollywood Progressive. This offers a more complete view than last year's major motion picture, "Trumbo," which was told from the perspective of the late blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Here, you see the shocking beginning of all that came to be known as McCarthyism, and you'll even hear the words of Edward R. Murrow when McCarthy was, at last, taken down by a braver mainstream media than we have today.

Both editor Dick Price and publisher Sharon Kyle of "L.A. Progressive" and "Hollywood Progressive" have roles as re-enactors, along with many Hollywood figures whose families were impacted by the blacklist era. They include Ed Asner, Mike Farrell (M*A*S*H), Ben Mankowitz, Ellen Geer, and many more.

The event brings to light and to life the 1947 House UnAmerican Activities Committee hearings. Participants deliver the testimony of those who stood up to an era of abuse of power that can only be seen as American fascism, and the transcripts are also used to supply the words of aggressive threats and badgering by elected officials. The HUAC hearings official transcripts are used, filling in with bits of historical narrative. Some of those subpoenaed who refused to provide names of others to persecute were jailed, and the world was robbed of many of the top talents of the time because those who were less than submissively cooperative were all blacklisted and prevented from working.

CSPAN-3 screens the complete event TODAY & TONIGHT, the very compelling full 3 hours, 50 minutes, as follows:

5 PM-8:50 PM
9:15 PM-1:05 AM
1:10 AM-5 AM.

Set your DVR, or tune-in when you get home this evening, then catch what you missed on the late replay.

Sadly, this isn't just a look at alarming history -- it's a specter that is manifesting, in so many ways, again in our time.

We must also note that today marks the 54th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy -- even as the latest release of classified assassination files is still filled with redactions, including entire missing pages. Though our government has maintained for decades that the Warren Commission Report told the entire story and they have nothing to hide.

As for what the nation and the world lost, in the promised bright future of "The New Frontier"? The Guide's editor wrote a newspaper piece one year ago, published on November 22, 2016, that still resonates:

"November 22nd: One of Modern History’s Darkest Days"

"Looking back to that November 22nd of 53 years ago, there is cause to find hope, and even more, a teachable moment, as we consider the terrible consequences of allowing bold dreams to die."


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