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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Live Music & More Today at NAMM -- Jan 25 2018 edition

This is the first of our annual series of NAMM NEWS EDITIONS. Today we bring you our picks for the NAMM Show's live performances, along with some recommended picks for performances and a few events happening in booths on the exhibit floor.

Each look at NAMM will be different. Today's "Part One" centers on recommendations for live music all day and into the night at NAMM, just on its opening day. And, to give you an idea how much we had to process to do that? We also present a look at the best options from EVERYTHING HAPPENING at NAMM -- but just in its first half-hour after opening its four-day run.

We also promised you NAMM attendees -- and all our regular readers -- that we'd help you find your way to THIS WEEK'S non-NAMM live music events that you'd likely miss otherwise, and that's in our Jan 23 edition, at:


Okay. Ready. Set. Go! Here's your Day One Guide to NAMM 2018!

(Oh, and forget about getting any sleep for the next four days. You can sleep through the GRAMMYS on TV Sunday night, after NAMM closes.)

Live Performances happen on the NAMM stages, in Exhibitor Booths, and in Evening Concerts

Two stages are outdoors. One, in the center of the plaza of closed streets between the Hilton and the Marriott, is identical to the main stage at any big music festival. Another is outdoors but smaller, some distance away, outside the doors from the Anaheim Convention Center's Basketball area. Others listed as "NAMM Stages" or "Anaheim Stages" are in hotel lobbies, near their bars, but with no guarantee that a seat at the bar will enable you to actually see any given show. If your favorite artist is playing one of the hotel stages, get there early and wait until fans of the preceding act start to leave, then make your move to a good spot. Performances on the indoor NAMM hotel lobby stages have start times between 9 am–11:59 pm daily.

Remember, that's in addition to scheduled performances in exhibitor booths, usually by artists sponsored / endorsed by that exhibitor. The booth performances that we think will interest readers are listed, but be aware that many are not posted in advance -- so make the rounds of places like Deering Banjo and Santa Cruz Guitar and Taylor and Martin and all the ukulele makers, and ask to see their schedules for that day.

This list also includes some of the opening day's evening concerts. Others happening all over the area because of NAMM, but not part of NAMM, require tickets (which are sometimes free for the asking at the booths who sponsor a particular concert's performers). Those concerts happen after the exhibit halls close for the day, along with the official NAMM stages in the hotel lobbies. There are also evening concerts in the larger meeting space / reconfigurable convention space venues in the big hotels surrounding the NAMM show's main presence, and you need to ask around about those, because most are not official NAMM events that appear in NAMM schedules.

The principal performing spaces are:

• NAMM Hilton Stage

• NAMM Marriott Stage

• NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage

• NAMM Arena Plaza Stage Presented by Pioneer Professional Audio

• NAMM Sheraton Stage

• Booth Events (selected events; see the cautions in the intro to this feature)


First Up:
Here's Everything that we recommend to frame your choice for the FIRST HALF-HOUR. This'll give you an idea how massive NAMM is.

Thu, 10 am - Goodrich Artist Demos - Goodrich Sound, Booth #1947; Features Jim Soldi, Dean Parks, JayDee Maness, Pete Anderson, and other surprise special guests.

Thu, 10 am - Steve Ferrone's Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' Gretsch Drumset - Gretsch Drums, Booth #202B; Stop by the Gretsch Drums booth to see Steve Ferrone's Cadillac Green USA-Made Gretsch Drumset used on the final Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Tour.

Thu, 10 am - Dan Cavalca - NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage; eclectic musician, having worked with many artists of varied musical styles in the international music scene.

Thu, 10 am - Lucy & La Mer - NAMM Arena Plaza Stage; Presented by Pioneer Professional. They are an indie band from Los Angeles.

Thu, 10 am - Talon Guitar Picks: Live Demo and Showcase - Talon Guitar Picks, Booth #3131; features a live demo and showcase of "The Evolution of Guitar Picks." "Four dynamic models unleash your ideal tone, string response, and comfort."

Thu, 10 am - Demo - ProAmp IQS, Booth #3334; Federico Malaman, Andrew Gouche, Bobby Vega, Tom Quayle, Martin Miller, Andrea Zaccari, Michelangelo Brandimarte.

Thu, 10 am - Enter to win a Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar - Neutrik USA, Inc., Booth #14717; "Strike a pose in our photo booth - share it on social media #iuseNeutrik - get a t-shirt (while supplies last), and be entered for a chance to win XLR mic cables, 1/4" instrument cables, and our grand prize - a Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar."

Thu, 10 am - Immersive Audio Demo - Harman, Booth #14811; Experience the latest films and music released in Dolby Atmos format via the new JBL 7 Series Powered Master Reference Monitors. This complete production, mastering and monitoring system makes it easy to get started with immersive audio in your studio.

Thu, 10 am - L-ISA Immersive Hyperrealism Workshop - L-Acoustics, Booth #17209; Learn about L-ISA in daily workshops that walk you through the immersive sound workflow and control tools for live applications. Mix engineers will learn about the L-ISA ecosystem, a unique multichannel environment, enabling intuitive placement and movement of input channels in 3D.

Thu, 10 am - Holes and Hearts (Live Performance) - Pioneer Pro Audio, Booth #17710; "We welcomed Holes and Hearts back to the Pioneer Pro Audio stage this year! Come listen to their amazing performances throughout the day as they showcase the mobile XPRS line of speakers."

Thu, 10 am - Policy Forum: Import/Export, CITES - Host/Moderator Jim Goldberg and panel with Heather Noonan, Linda Davis-Wallen - NAMM Member Center (Hall B Lobby), Anaheim C.C.; Industry experts discuss the current status of the CITES listing of all rosewood (dalbergia) species and its impact on international instrument trade, with emphasis on actions of the CITES organization in the last six months and industry plans for the 2019 Conference of the Parties, where additional action could be taken. Presented by NAMM Public Affairs and Government Relations.

Thu, 10 am - "Where Did 0 db Go?" Gain Structure in Digital Audio with Host/Moderator Robert Scovill (Registration Required) - Capistrano AB (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Today’s digital consoles and processors present significant challenges for simultaneously optimizing gain structure for the event and for multi-track recording and virtual sound check. Join Robert Scovill for a best practices approach to achieving great sound quality from your console and processing through easy to apply gain structure concepts and techniques.

Thu, 10 am - "Mixing In The Box for Musicians: Mezcla In The Box Para Músicos" (Registration Required) - Huntington A (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Host/Moderator is Juan de Dios Martin. Music mixing is sometimes seen more as a technical hurdle at the end of a project rather than the creative process it is. In this session, producer and engineer Juan de Dios Martín will share his approach to ITB mixing, focusing on ideas and strategies for musicians that work on their own productions.

Thu, 10 am - "Wireless Spectrum Update 2018 Expert Panel" with Sennheiser, Lectosonics, AT/Alteros, PWS & RAD (Registration Required) - Huntington C (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Host/Moderator Eric Reese leads Ike Zimbel, Karl Winkler, Jackie Green, Joe Ciaudelli, a panel of leading experts, who discuss the loss of 600 MHz spectrum and changes that affect all UHF wireless in the core TV bands, as well as new and alternate spectrum.

Thu, 10 am - "What Comes Out of the Speakers" (Registration Required) - Laguna A (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton;

Engineer/producer Andrew Scheps is the host/moderator for an in-depth look at music, art and the creative process as it relates to record making and beyond. Includes a Q&A afterwards.

Thu, 10 am - "IEM Fundamentals and Hearing Conservation" with Michael Santucci (Registration Required) - Manhattan (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Host/Moderator Mark Frink leads a panel that includes Dr. Michael Santucci to discuss in-ear monitors. These may provide many benefits, but there’s no guarantee they can save performers’ hearing. Dr. Michael Santucci and Mark Frink discuss the physiology of hearing and fundamentals of in-ear monitor engineering that can help with hearing conservation.

Thu, 10 am - "Studio Academy A: Professional Monitoring Loudspeakers with Focal Professional" (Registration Required) - Palos Verdes A (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Host/Moderator Nicolas Debard from Focal France will present the technologies present in Focal’s most recent Studio Monitors, the Shape Series. Flax-sandwich cones, M-shaped inverted dome tweeter and the Tuned Mass Damper suspension system are only a few of the core technologies that improve sound reproduction without using DSP systems.

Thu, 10 am - "Studio Academy B: Learn how professional producers use DiGiGrid to supercharge their sessions" (Registration Required) - Palos Verdes B (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Want to record and mix like the pro’s? Love Waves plugins and want to get more from them? In this super session with Host/Moderator Dan Page, see how DiGiGrid can power up your studio to create bigger mixes with more plugins and enhanced workflows.

Thu, 10 am - "Studio Academy C: Audio Interfaces and Devices With Apogee" (Registration Required) - Redondo (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Host/Moderator Brad Deleva says, "Come to AES@NAMM Studio C (Redondo) to learn about the latest technologies and products for NAMM 2018 from Apogee Electronics. Experience the new Symphony I/O MkII SoundGrid; listen to Symphony MkII 2x6 SE, Apogee's finest conversion ever; preview the DualPath FX Rack for Element & Ensemble."

Thu, 10 am - UK ToneWoodAmp Artist Becky Langan - ToneWoodAmp - Booth #1202; Becky was a semi-finalist on Guitar Star 2016 (Series 2) which aired on Sky Arts - a TV show which scours the UK to discover a world class guitarist. Throughout this competition, she recorded at Abbey Road Studios with producer Tony Visconti and received mentor sessions from many iconic musicians, including; Tony Iommi, George Benson, Wilko Johnson, Jon Gomm and Preston Reed.

Thu, 10:30 am - Hall E Demonstration Room Event - Newbasstone, Inc. - Booth #1951; Thursday from 10:30 am to 1 pm, Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamps (Rev. 1) will be demonstrated with electric cello and electric bass in the Hall E Demonstration Room (rm. 1749, close to booth 1951) Amplifiers will be allowed to be turned up more than in the booth. Endorsement candidates are welcome to come and play for a while, as well as other interested parties.

Thu, 10:30 am - Ormsby GTR Series JAM - Ormsby Guitars - Booth #2840; Come watch and participate in a jam using GTR Series of instruments.

Thu, 10:30 am - Listening Room Demo - Harman - Booth #14811; Discover the stunning detail, precise imaging, wide sweet spot and impressive dynamic range of the brand-new 3 Series MkII studio monitors, as well as the 7 Series master reference monitors.

Thu, 10:30 am - Noor Cheree, Solo Bassist - NS Design - Booth #4729; NS RADIUS bass guitar demonstration by solo NS Artist Noor Cheree.

Thu, 10:30 am - Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position Portable PA System Demo - Bose Professional - Booth #18610; Bose Professional is debuting the S1 Pro multi-position PA system – the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor, practice amplifier and primary music system, and the latest addition to the acclaimed Bose® portable professional product line. Designed for singer-songwriters, DJs, other musicians and general PA use, and drawing upon the award-winning technology developed for the lauded Bose L1® and F1 portable.

Thu, 10:30 am - Guil & Mark (performance) - Guild Guitars - Booth #205AB.

Thu, 10:30 am - "The Entrepreneurial Mindset from Theory to Practice: Developing What Entrepreneurs Value in Their Young Colleagues" - Malibu (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Learn to increase the value of creative ventures by participating in exercises that encourage the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. Survey results presented reflect thoughts from global music industry entrepreneurs and decision-makers. All aspects of the music industry sectors are included in the discussion. Host/Moderator is Nick Petrella, and Andy Heise is on the panel. Presented by The College Music Society.

Thu, 10:30 am - "Career Opportunities in the Air Force Bands: Is It for You?" - Santa Barbara (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Host/Moderator Sarah Cosano leads a panel with Alberto Cosano, Steve Helfand, Michael Correa, Jerry Kelly. Learn how the pay/entitlement system operates, work hours, physical requirements, audition process and expectations, benefits (promotion/retirement/health care), basic training, and commonly performed musical styles. This is a candid look from the inside; panelists share benefits and limitations of having a career in the Air Force Bands. Presented by The College Music Society.

Thu, 10:30 am - "Having a Plan A and Plan B in the Industry: Creating Your Strategic Plan" - Santa Monica (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Host/Moderator: Robert Breithaupt. Adaptability, preparedness, multi-tasking and professionalism are skills a young music professional needs to succeed in today’s marketplace. Attendees will walk through foundational business tools such as: SWOT analyses, purpose and value statements, creating a personal strategic plan, and generating a meaningful Plan A and Plan B. Presented by The College Music Society.

Thu, 10:30 am - "Free Digital Ear Scanning for In-Ear Monitors courtesy of Ultimate Ears" (Registration Required) - AES Lounge (Level 4), Anaheim Hilton; Host/Moderator Matt Oliva leads a panel with Tiago Costa and Jenine Civil. For 20 years, Ultimate Ears has been the go-to in-ear monitor (IEM) for the world's top touring musicians. Each pair is handcrafted, precision-tuned and molded to custom fit the unique contours of the ear, isolating it from any external noise. Visit us to demo our product lineup and receive a complimentary digital scan of your ears.

Thu, 10:30 am - Bose Professional and EAW Line Array Setup (Hands-on Training; Registration Required) - Lanai Deck (Level 5), Anaheim Hilton; Host/Moderator, Bernie Broderick; panel, Jeff Lange, Dave Salmon, Jonas Domkus, Ken Freeman. To complement their classroom session on system fundamentals, trainees will work to help assemble, test and gauge the performance of either the Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ compact line array system or the EAW Anna mid-sized Adaptive Technology system.

Thu, 10:30 am - Guitar Giveaway - D'Angelico Guitars, Booth #212AB; Stop by the D’Angelico booth early in the day for a free pack of strings, a chance to win a guitar, and a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Bob Weir live.



THAT'S JUST WHAT HAPPENS in the first half-hour of the first day.


FOR THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM OF EVENTS at NAMM through all of Thursday, go to:



Here are our picks for more LIVE PERFORMANCES, later in the day:

(Just live performances from here on; there are hundreds of other events to compete for your time, and you can expect all to be well-planned and of exceptionally high quality.)

Thursday's Performances, listed by start time...

10:45 am - Teton Guitars Press Event: New Hybrids - Chesbro Music Company - Booth #6402; Debut of Teton Guitars new Hybrids Guitar line, with Teton artists appearing throughout the day to demo. Attendees are welcome to ask questions and hear specific models.

11 am - Tora Bora Boys - Saga Musical Instruments, Booth 5760; Traditional American Old-time Country and Bluegrass Music performed daily by this outstanding ensemble.

11 am - Jamie Stillway - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages; Since moving to Portland, Oregon in 2002, Jamie Stillway has quietly been making her mark in the world of fingerstyle guitar. She has toured nationally and internationally, received an endorsement from Stevens Custom Guitars of Munich, and has become an in-demand instructor; teaching at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival, California Coast Music Camp, and Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. She has self-released 3 albums.

11 am - Fretmonkey Records Harp Guitar Showcase - NAMM Arena Plaza Stage Presented by Pioneer Professional Audio, Anaheim Stages; FRETMOKEY RECORDS presents four world-class harp guitarists representing 3 countries. Travis Bowman is the current Arkansas Fingerstyle Guitar Champion and 2nd place winner of the prestigious international fingerstyle guitar competition (aka Winfield). Jame Dupuis is the 2016 international Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Champion and YouTube / Facebook sensation with numerous multi-million views his harp guitar cover.

11 am - The Talbott Brothers - NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage, Anaheim Stages; They are the Portland-based duo of Nick and Tyler Talbott, with an acoustic-alternative sound that balances sibling-blood-harmonies with their instrumental ensemble of guitars, mandolin, harmonicas and percussion. Their entertaining effect on stage is embraced by multiple generations, as they are known for charming and energetic performances that blend singer-songwriter styles with folk, rock, and more.

11 am - Danielle Taylor - NAMM Museum of Making Music Booth (Hall E Lobby), Anaheim C.C.; She is an Adult Contemporary/Pop artist out of Los Angeles, CA. With a background in classical music and her heart rooted in pop tunes from talents like Sara Bareilles, Michael Jackson and classic writers like Carole King, Ms. Taylor found herself quickly drawn to the piano. Though she had no formal training, she taught herself the basics and jumped into LA's music scene with both feet.

11 am - Jack Tracy LIVE Ukulele - Rocking The Clock, Booth #1001; Renowned local Southern California Ukulele Artist, Jack Tracy performs LIVE with a variety of original and classic songs.

11 am - Featured Guest Artist: Rubem Farias (Randy Brecker etc.) - EBS Sweden AB - Booth #5644; The EBS booth is a place to hang out for bass players at the show. We have brought some great bass players that will guest the booth throughout the show and improve your experience. These include Etienne Mbappé (bass player of John McLaughlin etc), Pascal Mulot & Rubem Farias (Randy Brecker etc). Other EBS artists like Henrik Linder (Dirty Loops), Swaeli Mbappé (Tal etc.) and Samuel Lundell (5th Flo.) and others.

11 am - MusicWorks presents Aaron Gilmartin - Shout! Factory - Booth #9849; DC born, raised by Texans on a diet of American Song, spirituals, rhythms and poetry Aaron is an award-winning composer and songwriter for film, stage and people's enjoyment.

11 am - Live concert & demonstration of ZYLIA Portable Recording Studio - Zylia - Booth #12508; Live performance of Basia Galaj & Lucas Fonseca recorded with ZYLIA mic. Basia and Lucas are a unique duet whose music combines the Brazilian harmonies and rhythms with softness and delicacy of Basia's voice. You will be able the hear Basia's originals from her debut EP, bossa nova tunes as well as reharmonizations of popular songs.

11:30 am - ToneWoodAmp Artist Michael Hermes - ToneWoodAmp, Booth #1202; 17-year-old Michael Hermes is an American composer, guitarist, songwriter and producer. He has also released several solo singles and an Extended Play (EP).

11:30 am - Performance/Demonstration by Guitarist Mak Grgic - Altamira Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., Booth #1313; Grgic has quickly established himself as one of the up-and-coming performers in the guitar genre, who programs music as far reaching as works from the avant-garde, film music to the great classics of guitar repertoire and transcriptions of Brahms and Kreisler. Mak will demonstrate the latest instruments from Altamira; "Vienna" and the latest handmade Torres model from the workshop of Hanson Yao.

11:30 am - Edward Howe, Fiddler - NS Design, Booth #4729; Fiddler Edward Howe demonstrates the NS Violins showcasing Jazz, Bluegrass and Americana genres.

11:30 am - "Microphone Shootout" (not sure who's perfoming, but we like this) - Gauge Precision Instruments Inc, Booth #12051; "Listen and be moved by our microphone comparisons."

11:30 am - Darrell Thorp & Steve Hill - Focal Professional, Booth #17215; The Guide remembers Steve Hill from the days he played acoustic guitar and sang aboard steam tourist trains. Here, he does performances everyday with Darrell Thorp engineer (Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Beck).

Noon - Coffey Anderson - NAMM Arena Plaza Stage; Presented by Pioneer Professional Audio, Anaheim Stages; Coffey grew up in the small town of Bangs, Texas. His father worked at the local jail and his mother was a junior high English teacher. He attended Howard Payne University and borrowed a guitar from a then girlfriend’s dad. Learning chords in his dorm room and singing would attract his fellow college students to come and listen. Coffey uses music, comedy, and his personality to bring a spirit of joy and excitement.

Noon - Aidan James - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages; Aidan James is a 16 year old, award-winning singer-songwriter, originally from Hawaii now living in California. Although the ukulele is mainly known for Hawaiian music, Aidan has taken it to a different level infusing its sound into pop, rock, urban and contemporary music. "Add in his warm vocals, a loop station and effect pedals, this young phenom has created his own artistry to inspire awe in audiences."

Noon - Katie Thiroux Trio - NAMM Museum of Making Music Booth (Hall E Lobby), Anaheim C.C.; A triple threat talent, Katie Thiroux has garnered considerable attention for her bravura bass playing, assured singing and compelling compositions. With the release of her debut album, Introducing Katie Thiroux (2015), her substantial gifts as a bandleader and recording artist are now also on view. Audiences and critics agree as this release received many awards including "Debut Record of the Year" award.

Noon - John Lennon Songwriting Contest Winner Olivia Millerschin - NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage, Anaheim Stages; At the young age of 22, Michigan native singer/songwriter Olivia Millerschin is already a seasoned performing artist. With a celestial voice and lyrics only an old soul can write, Olivia’s blend of vintage folk and modern pop is reaping rewards across many genres. A current winner of the Great American Song Contest. In addition to her John Lennon Songwriting Award, she was a quarter-finalist on America’s Got Talent.

Noon - Ukulele Ray & The Ray Band - Rocking The Clock, Booth #1001; World renowned uke artist Ukulele Ray and his band will perform live daily at noon, jamming with a variety of rock star friends and celebrities.

Noon - Guest Teton Artist: Lorin Walker Madsen - Chesbro Music Company, Booth #6402; Hobnob with Teton Artist Lorin Walker Madsen, whose high desert honky punk performance happens at Noon. Come see why LWM is a "Slave to the Road."

Noon - Artist Demo with Johnny Rabb of Collective Soul - SledgePad Innovations, LLC, Booth #7541; "Stop by and say Hello, take photos/video, etc. answer any questions and tell about my experience with using SledgePad products and 7drums."

Noon - Joey DeFrancesco - Viscount International SpA, Booth #10006; Grammy-nominated musician Joey DeFrancesco gives an energizing performance on the Legend organ.

Noon - Carlos Gallardo-Candia & Tommy Walker - Cordoba Guitars, Booth #205AB; Demoing the Córdoba 21 Series ukuleles and the 55FCE.

12:30 pm - MORF, UK Street Performer Artist extraordinaire - ToneWoodAmp, Booth #1202; Morf combines a unique percussive lap-tapping guitar style with mesmerizing vocals and his signature stomp box to create songs that sound far beyond what you'd expect one man to be capable of creating alone. He has been seen by over 100,000,000 online, and has been featured on many major networks around the world.

12:30 pm - S.I.T. Strings booth performance: Mohini Dey - S.I.T. Strings Co., Booth #5633; Mohini Dey, daughter of bass player Sujoy Dey, has been described as prodigy by many acclaimed musicians and has already been making waves in the music scene not only in India but worldwide. Born in 1996, Mohini is probably the youngest bass player in India having such a busy schedule and an already successful career. She has traveled here for the NAMM show and will demo the RB series bass strings.

12:30 pm - Holes and Hearts - Pioneer Pro Audio, Booth #17710; Holes and Hearts return this year to the Pioneer Pro Audio stage. You can listen to them perform throughout the day as they showcase the mobile XPRS line of speakers.

*** 1 pm - Rik Barron, Artist Demo of the Deering White Lotus Banjo - Deering Banjo Co., Booth #2206; Rik Barron, a warm and engaging artist who combines elements of Newfoundland, Canadian, American and Celtic roots music into his own unique style, will be demoing Deering's new White Lotus Banjo.

1 pm - "Hammond Organ Sound Soul Summit" - NAMM Arena Plaza Stage; Presented by Pioneer Professional Audio, Anaheim Stages, the Hammond Sound Soul Summit has Mounted 7 shows in the past 4 years. 3 at Winter NAMM, 2 at Summer NAMM, and 1 in Chicago. We draw from our extensive roster of artists and provide a hit-packed show featuring the hit songs of our artists. This is a pure entertainment show that runs the gamut from rock to blues to country to gospel and jazz."

1 pm - Dauzat St. Marie - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages; Dauzat St.Marie is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter duo comprised of Mat Dauzat and Heather St. Marie. Poised to release two new EPs in early 2018, their debut EP “Falling Again” is a collection of well-crafted tracks that showcase Heather’s intoxicatingly rich voice and the duo’s tight vocal harmonies, as well as the duo’s powerful songwriting chemistry. The sound is powerful and often quite raw.

1 pm - Paul Pigat (aka Cousin Harley) - NAMM Museum of Making Music Booth (Hall E Lobby), Anaheim C.C.; Paul Pigat started playing the guitar at 11 years of age and was gigging steadily in downtown Toronto by the time he was 12. Through a lifetime dedication to live performance, recording and study he has developed into a superb guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. An extremely versatile artist, with projects ranging from delta blues to classical music, he heads four diverse Vancouver bands and is in high demand.

1 pm - Kenny Lattimore - NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage, Anaheim Stages; After a two-year hiatus, Kenny Lattimore is back with his ninth studio album.

1 pm - Peter Freeman / H9000 Demo - Eventide, Booth #4633; Peter Freeman is a multi-instrumentalist, mixer and producer who has performed with Alanis Morissette, Seal, Jon Hassell, and many others. He is also involved in film and television music.

1 pm - Luca Chiellini (Toronzo Cannon) demo/performance - Lounsberry Pedals LLC, Booth #10400; Lounsberry Pedals endorser, Luca Chiellini is the Hammond and keyboard player of Alligator Records artist Toronzo Cannon, appearing worldwide at the major Blues Festivals.

1 pm - Guitar Demonstration (New Product) with Chema Vilchez - IK Multimedia, Booth #17206; Flamenco/Jazz guitarist Chema Vilchez will be demonstrating "a new guitar related product" from IK Multimedia.

1 pm - Juanito Pascual - Cordoba Guitars, Booth #205AB; Demoing the Córdoba CE Custom.

1 pm - Shane Alexander - Guild Guitars, Booth #205AB; Demoing the F-55.

1 pm - Michael Ciro & Mark Hudson - D'Angelico Guitars, Booth #212AB; Michael Ciro & Mark Hudson, Latin-American guitarist and famed producer, perform together.

1:30 pm - ToneWoodAmp Artist Thomas Leeb - ToneWoodAmp, Booth #1202; Thomas's peculiar guitar style owes as much to percussive techniques as traditional finger style guitar. What sets Thomas Leeb apart from some of his contemporaries is his ability to make pyrotechnics serve the music. Three years studying West African traditional music give him a sense of timing and groove that is unusual in a guitarist. All this has earned him a loyal world-wide following.

1:30 pm - Guest Artist: Jeffry Steck - Chesbro Music Company, Booth #6402; In his own amazing fusion finger styling, Jeffry Steck hosts the booth at 1:30pm making your stop at the Teton Guitars booth right now something you will never forget. Watch his fingers move.

2 pm - The Brook & The Bluff - NAMM Arena Plaza Stage; Presented by Pioneer Professional Audio, Anaheim Stages, With vocal harmonies reminiscent of Local Natives and a soulful air akin to Alabama Shakes, The The Brook & The Bluff have crafted a unique sound that begs to be felt rather than heard. The band grooves playfully, intertwining witty hooks with equally-alluring guitar riffs and captivatingly soulful vocals.

2 pm - Ben Allen - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages; Ben Allen is what happens when you fuse the mountain folk sounds of his hometown in the mountains of Yosemite, with the southern soul and attitude that comes from years listening to his mothers "Golden Oldies" tapes all through childhood. With a keen focus on quality lyrical composition, backed by powerful, rhythmic driven music, Ben Allen is sure to not only grab, but hold your attention.

2 pm - Daneen Wilburn - NAMM Museum of Making Music Booth (Hall E Lobby), Anaheim C.C.; Daneen Wilburn has been taking fans on a musical journey of emotion and passion since she was a child. Her voice transitions from soul, gospel, jazz and ballads in effortless fashion. “She is an engaging performer and a true talent," says Grammy Winner Clarence McDonald, producer of chart shattering hits, “You’ve Got the Best of My Love” by the Emotions and Bill Wither’s “Lovely Day.”

2 pm - C4 Trío - NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage, Anaheim Stages; C4 Trío is a music ensemble formed by Jorge Glem, Hector Molina and Edward Ramírez. They never thought that, as individuals, competing in the “Siembra del Cuatro” contest, would result in a unique and now celebrated, collaboration as three “cuatro” players. Once agreed and the ensemble set up they embarked into a new and ambitious music project: making music with same instrument times three.

2 pm - Talon Guitar Picks demo feat. Nordic Daughter - Talon Guitar Picks, Booth #3131; Artists Nordic Daughter demo Talon Guitar Picks and perform an acoustic track off their newly released EP "Forgotten."

2 pm - Hohner presents: Mariachi Ambiente - H. Jimenez, Booth #7820, Mariachi ensemble playing on the Hohner stage.

2 pm - Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and CJ Vanston Interview with Q&A - Harman, Booth #14811; Legendary Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers guitarist Jeff "Skunk" Baxter along with film composer, record producer, and songwriter CJ Vanston are interviewed by TV and radio personality, Nic Harcourt with Q&A to follow.

2 pm - Duane Betts and Pistoleers, Special Performance - D'Angelico Guitars, Booth #212AB; Duane Betts and Pistoleers, blues-soul guitarist, son of Allman Brothers’ Dickey Betts, perform at D'Angelico Guitars.

2:30 pm - Virtuoso Mike Dawes - ToneWoodAmp, Booth #1202; Mike Dawes is an English Fingerstyle guitar player known for composing, arranging and performing multiple parts simultaneously on one instrument using unique extended and micro-techniques.[1] His debut record with CandyRat Records gained strong critical acclaim [2] and spawned a variety world tours [3] and singles, notably a viral virtuoso arrangement of "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye.

2:30 pm - Neil Zaza Live - Melo Audio, Booth #1828; Watch guitar legend Neil Zaza's live show with Tone Shifter's Devices.

2:30 pm - Blues Prodigy Anthony Cullins - BC Audio, Booth #3037; Anthony Cullins aka "The Fallbrook Kid" is a 16 year-old musical prodigy whose guitar playing ability is years beyond his age. Anthony's musical influences include R&B, funk, the blues, and guitar greats from the 60s & 70s such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Anthony plays a BC Audio Grand Prix 100 Dual Power Guitar Amplifier

2:30 pm - Travis Bowman - Abbatron, Booth #5549; Travis Bowman is an acoustic guitarist/harp guitarist from Little Rock, AR. First heavily influenced by blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, Travis turned to fingerstyle after a high school teacher suggested he learn "Little Martha" by Duane Allman. From there he found the music of Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges, Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, Stephen Bennett, and Masa Sumide, and more.

2:30 pm - S.I.T. Strings booth demo: Paul Allen - S.I.T. Strings Co., Booth #5633; Paul "TFO" Allen is a multi-instrumentalist, session musician, educator, product designer, and published author who has played SIT Strings for many years. He has performed and/or recorded with Big & Rich, Adele, Jewel, Sebastian Bach, Gretchen Wilson, Jake Owen, and many others. Paul has worked on the scores for countless primetime television shows and blockbuster ¬films.

3 pm - Jessica Lynn - NAMM Arena Plaza Stage; Presented by Pioneer Professional Audio, Anaheim Stages. Being hailed by press around the world as "Shania's Successor", Jessica Lynn is fast on her way to becoming a household name. In the last three years, the New York singer/songwriter has completed three highly successful nationwide tours of the United States and has seen her first two full length concert television specials.

3 pm - The Left Coast Ukulele Trio - NAMM Museum of Making Music Booth (Hall E Lobby), Anaheim C.C.; Be ready for some ukulele fireworks when the Museum of Making Music presents the unique all-star jazz ukulele trio, LEFT COAST UKE, featuring internationally celebrated musicians Abe Lagrimas Jr., Jeff Linsky and Jennifer Leitham. The promo promises, "This is ukulele like you’ve never heard before!"

3 pm - Jesse Stokes LIVE Ukulele - Rocking The Clock, Booth #1001; Renwoned Ukulele Artist and Ukulele Ray Hal Leonard co-author, "Ukulele for Guitar Players," Jesse Stokes performs a LIVE set of original and cover songs, demonstrating his amazing finger-style and strumming techniques.

3 pm - Steve Postell & Friends in-booth demo/performance - Rock Cellar Magazine, Booth #6434.

3 pm - Peter Gallinari & Emma Jerde will demonstrate the Organ Grinder - Lounsberry Pedals LLC, Booth #10400; Peter Gallinari of Peter Gallinari Band, Leslie West, Mountian, Richie Scarlett with demonstrates the Lounsberry Organ Grinder with Emma Jerde of Zeona Road.

3:30 pm - Jake Allen - ToneWoodAmp, Booth #1202; In 2008, after being exposed to players like Andy McKee (whom he later shared the stage with) and Michael Hedges, Jake began crafting his own breed of acoustic guitar wizardry. On top of his two handed percussive tapping style, he added live looping to create a more in depth stage performance. This new solo approach gave Jake a powerful show that he then took on the road in 2009 and has been at it ever since.

3:30 pm - Stanley Jordan - Parsek SRL, Booth #5044; Performance at DV Mark booth.

4 pm - Tim Moyer Song Round with Steven McClintock & Tessa Delee - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages.

4 pm - Laurence Juber - NAMM Museum of Making Music Booth (Hall E Lobby), Anaheim C.C.; GRAMMY® winning guitarist Laurence Juber is a solo performer, recording artist, composer and arranger. His playing fuses folk, jazz, blues, pop and classical styles, creating a multi-faceted performance that belies the use of only one instrument.

4 pm - Tommie Victor LIVE Ukulele - Rocking The Clock, Booth #1001; Renwoned Ukulele Artist and Ukulele Ray Hal Leonard co-author, "Ukulele for Guitar Players," Tommie Victor performs a LIVE set of original and cover songs, demonstrating his amazing fingerstyle work.

4 pm - Isabella Abbonizio - Ramirez Guitars, Booth #1803; She is an Italian classical guitarist and musicologist based in New York City. Don't miss this opportunity to hear this world renowned musician.

4 pm - DEMO Wine Series Guitars, "made of chestnut, made of History" - Paoletti Instruments, Booth #4025; We don't know who's playing, but we like this: Paoletti Guitars, based in Tuscany (ITALY) began to make use of the antique wine barrels left behind from their old family business, then recovering much more in Italy, the land of Chianti red wine. Many of these barrels are made of 130/150-year-old chestnut wood. Paoletti says, "We soon realized that this gave the instruments a very distinct and unique tone."

4 pm - MusicWorks presents Jorge Glem Trio - Shout! Factory, Booth #9849; Jorge Glem (Venezuelan Cuatro) Diego "El Negro" Alvarez (percusion) Rodner Padilla (Bass).

4 pm - Isaiah Sharkey, Special Performance - D'Angelico Guitars, Booth #212AB; The rock-blues-R&B guitarist for John Mayer and D’Angelo performs at the D'Angelico booth.

4 pm - Jonathan Butler, Special Performance -  D'Angelico Guitars, Booth #212AB; Celebrated South African jazz and folk guitarist, Jonathan Butler performs.

4:15 pm - "420 Grateful Dead Jam" - Mu-Tron, Booth #1852; This is a participatory performance: Come play some Dead tunes.

4:30 pm - Chance Wilder Onody, solo bass demonstration - NS Design, Booth #4729; Classical bassist Chance Wilder Onody demonstrates the many features of NS Double Basses with his astounding virtuosity in both arco and pizzicato techniques.

5 pm - Paoletti Guitar & Bass Live Music Demo - Paoletti Instruments, Booth #4025; Guitarist and Bass player from LIZARD ACADEMY - ITALY - FLORENCE Musician Duo, performing with Paoletti Instruments. Discover the new harmonics of Chestnut woods from Italy.

5 pm - Acoustic Performance by Elysanij - Clear Tune Monitors - Booth #16315.

5 pm - Ben Woods & Arlene Hurtado - Cordoba Guitars, Booth #205AB.

5 pm - Line 6: LIVE PERFORMANCE, JACK THAMMARAT - Line 6, GDBRM; Jack Thammarat (winner of Guitar Idol 2009) performs with Helix.

5:30 pm - Adrian Bellue - ToneWoodAmp, Booth #1202; Adrian Bellue is a multi-guitarist hailing from Sacramento, California. Taking influence and inspiration from the new age contemporary movement, Adrian pushes beyond the limits of the acoustic guitar and harp guitar. Adrian has performed and studied with world renowned guitarists such as John Doan, Antoine Dufour, and Craig D’Andrea, and has been publicly endorsed by guitar masters such as Andy McKee and Don Ross.

5:30 pm - "Roomful of Pianos: For 10 Pianos" - Lounge 88 (Level 3 Ballroom), Anaheim C.C.; Lounge 88's inaugural "Roomful of Pianos" event featuring 10 pianists that playing the same song in unison for a unique performance you won't find anywhere else.

5:30 pm - "Industry Tribute: Remembering Those We Lost in 2017" - Grand Plaza, Anaheim C.C.; Each year, NAMM hosts a special Industry Tribute, remembering the music industry professionals we lost over the past year and featuring a moving video accompanied by live bagpipe music from the Los Angeles Scottish Pipe Band. This memorable tradition happens outdoors on the Grand Plaza.

6 pm - Don Alder - NAMM Hilton Stage, Anaheim Stages; Don Alder is one of those acoustic guitar magicians that leaves you wondering “How is he making all that sound. Ray Danials, Mgr of Rush says “Alder is one of those guitarists that should be famous around the world, his performances are jaw dropping”. Lee Ritenour, Eighteen time Grammy winning guitarist says "Alder is one of the most original guitarists I've seen."

6 pm - The Get Down Boys - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages.

6 pm - Lizzy V - NAMM Sheraton Stage, Anaheim Stages; 21-year-old Dutch singer songwriter Lizzy V is getting traction as more and more international industry professionals decide to work with her.

7 pm - Sara Ontaneda - NAMM Hilton Stage, Anaheim Stages; She is an Ecuadorian-American singer-songwriter based in New York City. Her music mixes Folk, R&B, and South-American rhythms.

7 pm - Incendio - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages.

7 pm - Andrew Castro - NAMM Sheraton Stage, Anaheim Stages; The last 18 months have been eventful for singer/songwriter Andrew Castro. He recently signed a Licensing contract with Nashville based Music Publishing Company Riser Music. One of his singles, "Last Words", was in rotation on the Coffee House Station on Sirius Xm Radio. Another single "Room for 2" was played on iHeart Radio. He has been nominated for 5 local area music awards in his hometown of Sacramento, CA.

8 pm - Wish and the Well - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages; Catching the spirit of pioneering roots artists like the Byrds, Gram Parsons and the Band, Southern California revivalists Wish and the Well release their ambitious and utterly stunning debut, Darling, Darling, in January, 2017. Convening the sparse, elegant song structures of Americana with vibrant swaths of blues, soul and classic rock, the San Diego-based quintet have conjured an arresting sound.

8 pm - Courtney Hart - NAMM Sheraton Stage, Anaheim Stages; Born in Chicago, grew up in Atlanta, lived and studied fashion in San Francisco, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Courtney Hart is a bit of a gypsy woman.

9 pm - Brit Rodriguez - NAMM Hilton Stage, Anaheim Stages; Brit Rodriguez is known for her soulful, smoky voice that beautifully contrasts with the bright, colorful sound of her ukulele. As a musician, she is renowned for her lyrical content and melodic prowess. As a performer, audiences are captivated by her unique sense of humor and down to Earth personality.

9 pm - Parlor Social - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages; "If Cab Calloway, Outkast, and Lauryn Hill would have a love-child, it would sound like PARLOR SOCIAL." Well, they have interesting promo.

9 pm - Carly Jo Jackson - NAMM Sheraton Stage, Anaheim Stages; She is a south Florida-based indie/acoustic-pop artist with a soulful vocal tone that is as infectious as her stage presence. She delivers energy and passion in every performance including her 2014 appearance on NBC’s America's Got Talent where she was praised by the celebrity judges for her charisma as well as her captivating voice.

10 pm - Chris Vitas, Jazz Violinist - NAMM Sheraton Stage, Anaheim Stages.

11 pm - Matt Koelsch - NAMM Hilton Stage, Anaheim Stages; A passionate and thoughtful singer/songwriter, Matt Koelsch ['kel-sh’] has built his musical career around stirring lyrics, percolating rhythms, and soaring vocals. His songs strike a chord with listeners as he draws inspiration from the gains, losses and adventures throughout his life growing up in New England.

11 pm - Dulaney and Company - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages; It all began when songwriters Jerod Dulaney and Malissa Miller were introduced at a Bob Dylan Concert on Oct. 24, 2012. Although it took over two years for them to actually write together, Malissa was invited to open for the former Dulaney & Co line up and the relationship grew. She joined Jerod on stage for the first time at the 2015 NAMM show catching the attention of many very prominent industry big wigs.

11 pm - Chandler Juliet - NAMM Sheraton Stage, Anaheim Stages; Award winning recording artist Chandler Juliet grew up running around the halls of LA’s top recording studios.

11:59 pm - Gasoline & Matches - NAMM Hilton Stage, Anaheim Stages; They're currently Number 1 in the iTunes UK Country Chart with their debut release "Fool’s Gold."

11:59 pm - Gene Evaro Jr. & The Family - NAMM Marriott Stage, Anaheim Stages; Fresh off a national tour with Blues Traveler, Gene Evaro Jr is gearing up for a busy summer with a West Coast tour in support of his latest album “Too Good To Believe” Gene Evaro Jr’s formidable and dedicated following is rapidly expanding beyond So-Cal, fueled by recent touring and appearances at High Sierra Music Festival, Lightning In A Bottle, Wanderlust Festival, Lucidity Festival, Hangtown Music Festival, and more.



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