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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday-Sunday-Oscar Sunday... and things (without a red carpet) that YOU can go do. Feb 9 2020

You're telling us you like the new format with news features, AND, you like the listings of musician and artist birthdays and events that happened on the same date as the current day. PLUS, you like EVENTS -- a list of things you can go out and do.

So we'll make an effort to reconcile the three concepts to accommodate all that. As in now, today, Sunday, February 9th. Here ya go...

Music makes TV history...

Today in 1964, the Beatles made their first appearence on the Ed Sullivan Show, where the audience of teenage girls screamed hysterically as 73 million people watched from home — then a record audience for American television.

Creepy Presidential history on this date...

This day in 1825, something happened that haunts all our presidential elections. After no candidate received a majority of electoral votes in the election of 1824, the US House of Representatives elected John Quincy Adams as President of the United States, despite the fact that he lost the VOTE of the people. It brought charges of partisanship over patriotism and a corrupt bargain, not unlike what the US Senate is now experiencing. And of course, the electoral vote winner, twice this century already, has been the candidate that lost the VOTE of the people -- and is guaranteed to happen again until we put the Electoral College on history's junkheap.


Today in 1861, Jefferson Davis was elected the Provisional President of the Confederate States of America by the Confederate convention at Montgomery, Alabama. That followed the Electoral College election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States following his plurality victory of 40% of the votes in the November 1860 election. Southern states began to secede (leave the Union) out of fear that Lincoln might free their slaves -- despite his assurances that he would not, and that he only cared about preserving the Union. Ironically, in response to Lincoln's election, Jefferson Davis became president of the new Confederacy of those seceded states -- before Lincoln was inaugurated, which happened in March in those days.


The tragically pivotal election of 1876 has roots in this date. Today is the birthday of Samuel J. Tilden (1814-1886), American lawyer and politician, 28th Governor of New York, and Democratic nominee who won the vote of the people in 1876 to become President. But Machiavellian machinations gave the Electoral College win and the Presidency in 1877 to Republican Rutherford B. Hayes. What was Hayes' part to get the big chair? He agreed to end "Reconstruction" -- US government supervision of local and state governments in former Confederate states. That immediately brought a reign of terror against freed former slaves and their descendants, with persecution of any black American citizen who "didn't know their place" in a segregated apartheid society. That prevailed for 90 years.

Elections always have consequences. And none more than in 1876, the one that effectively made perpetrators of lynchings immune from prosecution.


When something good gets co-opted for unfair competition and taxpayer-subsidized profit...

On this day in 1870, what we now call the US National Weather Service was established, and it is, today, one of the biggest taxpayer subsidies of the airline industry. That is, along with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and, post-9/11, the TSA. The railroad-operated passenger trains never got a dime in subsidy and the railroads that ran them paid all their own track maintenance and paid property tax on every foot of their trackage, while public subsidies thst started with the "Weather Bureau" expanded into publicly-subsidized airports, free ir route navigation aids and traffic control, and ever-expanding taxpayer investments in ever-improving infrastructure, including weather satellites, keep the deck stacked for the tin birds. Yet "austerity" advocates insist on killing Amtrak and never scrutinize the airlines, who are one of THE leading producers of greenhouse gases driving climate change.

A positive change in societal politics... but it's somewhere else

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who in 2019 became the world's youngest prime minister at age 34, leads a governing coalition of five parties run by women, four of them 35 or younger. Marin shareed her thoughts today on gender parity and her hope that diversity of generation and gender in government will simply be seen as “normal” in the future. She was interviewed this morning by Fareed Zakaria on his weekly CNN show.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

In America... there are currently two viable presidential candidates who are women -- progressive Elizabeth Warren and corporatist Amy Klobuchar. "The other woman" needs, and is hereby given, the "Get Over Yourself and Go Away" award: it goes to twice-failed past candidate Hillary Clinton, because...

HRC first went-off on Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (officially still a presidential candidate, but with very low numbers). HRC accused Hawai'i congresswoman Gabbard -- an Iraq War veteran and vocal opponent of corporatism and the warconomy -- of being "a Russian asset."

Then, more recently, HRC spewed her vitriol -- twice, prominently and publicly -- against the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders.

Dammit, Hillary, we endured your crap and your interference in the 2016 primary process when you self-servingly contended that "a longtime registered INDEPENDENT cannot be allowed to win the Democratic Party nomination!"

We're sure it's killing you, Hillary, that you lost to Trump and that ALL the polls showed Bernie would have beaten him -- had you not seized total financial control of a corrupt party establishment to make sure that you (at all costs) were the 2016 nominee, and not Bernie (who had a compelling message that attracted unprecedented numbers of young voters and independents). Nonetheless, Bernie went on to campaign for you in 2016, losing credibility with his own base by doing so. Maybe that's killing you, too, Hillary. Whatever. Your fifteen minutes are up. Just go away. Not because you deserve the same kind of snarkiness you gave to others. But for a solid, non-vindictive reason.

Because it matters, Hillary.

A new Emerson College poll reveals that 13% of Democrats say they "won’t vote against Trump if their top Democratic candidate doesn’t win the primary." PLUS, another 15% say "it depends on who the nominee ends up being."

That’s 28% of Democrats who are thinking about staying home in November.

That does not even address the huge number of INDEPENDENTS who ultimately will determine the election, even all the partisans stick with their party nominees.

And so those who feel disgust and alienation, they do not need YOU feeding that negativity and causing them to consciously choose to stay home. Because THAT would hand another four-year term to the man who:

• denies climate change is happening.
• empowers his oligarch buddies to destroy public lands for private profit.
• appoints the utterly incompetent to oversee public assets and agencies.
• put children in cages.
• is helping states ban refugees.
• kicked 700,000 people off of food stamps while handing out tax cuts to his wealthiest donors.
• rules by threats and intimidation and fires competent people simply because they refuse to worship him.

There is already one overarching vindictive vampire in this election, and that's the Trumpertantrum prone, orange incumbent.

So time for you to stfu. Better yet, just go away. It matters, Hillary.



We are not supporters of corporate megadonor-supported Pete Buttigieg, who is suddenly looking like an early strong second-choice in the Democratic Party's presidential primary process.

But, credit where It's due: he wins the kickoff line of the week by concisely explaining his popularity. He told CBS's Margaret Carlson this morning on "Face the Nation":

"Look, it's not the mayor of a small city meeting small-town problems that looks small to some people. It's the infighting in Washington that looks small to them."

Okay, credit due and given.

Yeah, but... you sure know how to chase that big pharma money, Pete.

AND, did you notice how corporate Big Media portrayed the results of the Iowa Caucuses, once they finally started coming in? That was an unreported doozy.

"Results! Buttigieg up by a tenth of a point, over Bernie Sanders." 

Wait a damn minute. Bernie was consistently winning the VOTE in Iowa as results were dumped in excruciatingly slow increments. But that state's Byzantine system of awarding delegates to the Democratic Convention is like a mini Electoral College: it awards delegates based on geographical factors rather than votes cast.

Because of THAT, Buttigieg got a few more delegates than Bernie Sanders. Though the former small-city mayor lost in number of caucus supporters, where experienced US Senator Sanders won the majority of the people's votes. Didja know that?

You can suppose Big Media thinks you're too stupid for them to explain it because you have a short attention span and It's just too complicated. So they Just chose to forget about the VOTE COUNTZ and report just the DELEGATE COUNT so they wouldn't overtax your grey matter. 

Otherwise, the only explanation is that corporatists support corporatists, even when they must report things dishonestly to propel that narrative.


Happy birthday today to...

Carole King, American singer-songwriter and pianist.

Joe Ely, American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Travis Tritt, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor.

Patty Booker, Americana musician.

Barbara Lewis, American soul/R&B singer-songwriter.

Barry Mann, American pianist, songwriter, and producer.

David Pomeranz, American singer, musician, and composer.

Jimmy Pursey, English singer-songwriter and producer.

Holly Johnson, English singer-songwriter and bass player.

Alejandra Guzmán, Mexican singer-songwriter and actress.

Gloria Trevi, Mexican singer and actress.

Tom Hiddleston, English actor, producer, and musical performer.

Brian Bennett, English drummer and songwriter.

Ami Suzuki, Japanese singer-songwriter and actress.

Mia Farrow, American actress, activist, and former fashion model.

Joe Pesci, American actor.

Judith Light, American actress.

Alice Walker, American novelist, short story writer, and poet.

Lynda Kay Bruton, involved longtime Southern California music fan.

Roger Mudd, distinguished American television journalist, born 1928, celebrating his 92nd birthday.

Manu Raju, American journalist.

Peggy Whitson, American biochemist and astronaut.

In memorium to these musicians and prominent others born this date...

Ernest Tubb (1914-1984), American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Kathryn Grayson (1922-2010), American actress and soprano.

Clive Swift (1936-2019), English actor and singer-songwriter.

Thomas Paine (1737-1809), English-American philosopher, author, activist, key Founding Father of the United States.

William Henry Harrison (1773-1841), American general and politician who wa, elected 9th President of the United States.

Vasily Zhukovsky (1783-1852), Russian poet and translator.

Wilhelm Maybach (1846-1929), German engineer and businessman, founded Maybach, and developed the Maybach Engine that would be critical to eventual internal combustion vehicles.

Miina Härma (1864-1941), Estonian organist, composer, and conductor.

Amy Lowell (1874-1925), American poet, critic, and educator.

Alban Berg (1885-1935), Austrian composer and educator.

Ronald Colman (1891-1958), English-American actor whose many early sound film roles included "Lost Horizon."

Alberto Vargas (1896-1982), Peruvian-American painter and illustrator.

Jūkichi Yagi (1898-1927), Japanese poet and educator.

Brian Donlevy (1901-1972), American actor.

Brendan Behan (1923-1964), Irish rebel, poet, and playwright.

Frank Frazetta (1928-2010), American painter and illustrator.

Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989), Austrian author, poet, and playwright.

Here's what beckons today for your time and money...


◇  Continuing from its start on Friday, ending today...

Fri-Sun, Feb 7-9; BOOK FAIR:
53rd annual "CALIFORNIA ANTIQUARIAN BOOK FAIR" at the Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena CA.
*  The LA Weekly writes, "See, learn about and purchase the finest in rare books, maps, graphics, photographs and more, at the mother of all book fairs... With over 150 booksellers from around the world, the event presents volumes from five centuries of printing, as well as original manuscripts predating Gutenberg."
*   Books for sale span every field of interest.
*  Items range from a just few dollars to more than six figures.
*  This year’s event theme celebrates the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage with the "Votes for Women" exhibit and related talks.
*  "Votes for Women," through the writings of leaders including Susan B. Anthony, plus rare photos and ephemera, brings into focus the voices and faces of the women behind this revolutionary crusade.
*  Want to go home with a piece of women’s history? Many participating booksellers showcase items significant to suffrage AND THE ONGOING STRUGGLE FOR EQUAL RIGHTS.

◇  Continuing from their starts on Saturday, two more things; one ends today...

Annual "MASTERS ART EXHIBITION AND SALE" opens Feb 8 at the Autry Museum of the American West, 4700 Western Heritage Way, Griffith Park / Los Angeles CA 90027
*  Paintings and sculptures by 64 premier Western artists ate in the exhibition, to see and purchase.
*  "Masters" opens with an artists' dinner on Friday evening, and then a full day of festivities on Saturday — including artist talks, an awards presentation, and an evening cocktail reception, where approximately 250 fixed-price works are sold through a drawing.
*  Note: All-weekend VIP tickets are SOLD OUT, but Saturday-only tickets are available at the door.
*  Proceeds from "Masters" support the "Campaign for the Autry," which helps provide essential support for the Autry’s educational programs, innovative exhibitions, and over 100 public events annually.
*  Special events with "Masters" include:
   •  "TRUNK SHOW AT THE AUTRY STORE" Sat, Feb 8, 10 am-4 pm.
   •  "GALLERY NIGHT WITH DUBLAB" on Thu, Feb 20, 6:30-9 pm.
*  Note that Feb 8 the museum and store both close at 4 pm.
*  Opening weekend schedule of all related events:
*  PHOTO GALLERY of artists and artwork:

Sat & Sun, Feb 8 & 9; EXHIBITION:
10 am-4 pm - Annual "GREAT TRAIN SHOW" at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa CA.
*  Seven enormous modular model railroads are on display, with miniature trains representing the history of flanged-wheel-on-steel-rail transportation. The trains run through miniature worlds of cities, towns, farmlands, mountains and other representations of the world as it is or as it should be.
*  Vendors have CDs of all the classic train songs, along with food, vintage model and tot trains, and "railroadiana."
*  The same show happened last weekend at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura CA. After this, wait a year.

◇  Remember to check Continuing Events," following the Sunday listings, for stage productions and more with performances today.

◇  Today-only events...

Sun, Feb 9; FESTIVAL:
11 am-3 pm - Tu B’Shvat "FOOD FOREST FESTIVAL" at Coastal Roots Farm, 441 Saxony Rd, Encinitas CA
*  Join Coastal Roots Farm for their annual Tu B’shvat Festival, the Jewish new year of Trees.
*  Event includes live music featuring popular folky/bluegrass band CORAL BELLS.

* With local food, educational sessions, nature play, a Kids Zone, and tree care opportunities including mulching and seeding.
*  These activities "will aid in the promotion of healthy soil which in turn will help trees remain healthy and thrive to their fullest, allowing for each tree to filter the air, provide shade and a home for wildlife, and grow nutrient-dense fruit for all to enjoy."

Sun, Feb 9; FREE EVENT:
Noon-4 pm - "FLIRTING WITH HISTORY" at the Homestead Museum, 15415 E Don Julian Rd, City of Industry CA 91745
*  Celebrate all forms of love (early start on Valentine's Day) at the Homestead Museum this Sunday.
*  From stories about vengeful goddesses in the museum gardens to heartfelt proposals of marriage from the archives, they say, "we don't have to look hard to find love at the Homestead!"
*  Event activities include:
    ♡  Readings of passionate, funny, and heartbreaking love letters while on a guided tour through our historic houses.
    ♡  Garden tours featuring captivating stories about the plants.
    ♡  "A Love's Quest" with activities about different expressions of love.
    ♡  Making  a small bouquet using the Victorian language of flowers.
*  Bring a picnic to enjoy in the museum's gardens.
*  Admission free, free parking.

Sun, Feb 9; FORUM:
This event features newly-filmed interviews with JULIAN ASSANGE, NOAM CHOMSKY, and DANIEL ELLSBERG, in addition to a superb panel (see the list below).
Click image to enlarge and read

The charges Julian Assange faces are an existential threat to press freedom. After being forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy, Assange is now in a high security prison in London where he faces extradition to the United States and imprisonment for the rest of his life. (Despite the fact that he was arrested in Britain on charges stemming from a DISMISSED case in Sweden, that had NO RELATION to the US.)

At this forum, distinguished lawyers and activists will explore the vitally important journalistic role Julian Assange has played in exposing the lawlessness of the US government and the threat posed by his prosecution to everyone who believes in freedom of the press.

Featured speakers:

Alveena Shah, UCLA Law School, Moderator
Barry Pollack, Julian Assange’s US attorney
Marjorie Cohn, National Lawyers Guild
Carey Shenkman, First Amendment lawyer
Jim Lafferty, National Lawyers Guild-LA
Stephen Rohde, Constitutional scholar, ACLU Southern Cal
Sharon Kyle JD, LA Progressive

With Margaret Kunstler, co-editor of “In Defense of Julian Assange”


ACLU Southern California and its First Amendment Committee
ACLU SoCal Pasadena/Foothills Chapter
Courage Foundation
Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace
LA Progressive
National Lawyers Guild-LA

Proceeds will be used to defray costs of the event. Any funds left over will be donated to the nonprofit organizations putting on the event.

February 9, 2 pm-5 pm, UCLA School of Law, 385 Charles E Young Drive East, Los Angeles CA 90095

* Suggested donation: $20 (Students $5)
*** Scholarship tickets are available: No one turned away for lack of funds.
* Advance tix highly recommended, at:

Sun, Feb 9, on TV:
5 pm (Pacific) - "THE OSCARS" broadcast live on ABC TV.

Sun, Feb 9:
7:30 pm - "THE ROADHOUSE SERIES" presents "TRIO," a tribute to the legendary collaboration of LINDA RONSTADT, DOLLY PARTON, & EMMYLOU HARRIS, at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av,  Altadena CA
*  When Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris came together in 1987 for the Trio sessions three unique voices joined creative forces to make some of the best music of the day.
*  Thirty years later those recordings -- that yielded two albums and an anthology box-set of the sessions -- have become important historic "summit" documentation that continues to influence young country and Americana roots artists today.
*  All three legendary singers have become icons of great American music while their unique streams of contributions include traditional country, country-rock, folk, and pop music.
*  This show highlights the collaborations that made the Trio albums famous, and will also cover the scope of each artist’s careers.
*  DOLLY PARTON’s career was heavily influenced by her mentor, Porter Wagoner who brought the honky-tonk music of the post-1950s Hank Williams years. Dolly and Porter would score a multitude of country-western hits in The 1960s before she went on to a prolific career of her own that included platinum album and singles, films, television, & books.
*  LINDA RONSTADT began her career in the Stone Ponies where her cover of the Monkee, Mike Nesmith’s song, “Different Drum” propelled her to a career that would pioneer country-rock music along with The Eagle and Jackson Browne, but, later she would also champion Pop-Rock, Big Band Vocal Jazz and Canción Ranchera music from Mexico.
*  EMMYLOU HARRIS’ voice is practically synonymous with pure, fine country music but she began recording working with Gram Parson’s Cosmic American Music of The Flying Burrito Brothers. Today she is firmly recognized as one of the finest living country singers n the tradition of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.
 The Roadhouse Series cast includes formidable L.A. Roots musical talent: Coyote Moon, Corrina Carter, Simone Reyes, Joel Bennett, Pi Jacob, Pam Loe, Rosy Nolan, Karman Jeanne, The Donna Bea Trio Kathy Woolsey, RJ Chesney, Randy Miller, Matt Bunsen, Chad Watson, Al Bonhomme, Owen Goldman, & Neil Rosengarden. There will also a special guest appearance by The Wild Mountain Mystics.
*  TIX, $20. Reservations strongly suggested, 10 am-10 pm, 7 days, at 626-798-6236

Sun, Feb 9:
8 pm - ALASDAIR FRASER & NATALIE HAAS play the famous concert hall in back of McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica CA 90405;
*  The musical partnership between consummate performer Alasdair Fraser, "the Michael Jordan of Scottish fiddling", and brilliant Californian cellist Natalie Haas, spans the full spectrum between intimate chamber music and ecstatic dance energy. Over the last 20 years of creating a buzz at festivals and concert halls across the world, they have truly set the standard for fiddle and cello in traditional music.
*  Fraser has a concert and recording career spanning over 30 years, with a long list of awards, accolades, radio and television credits, and feature performances on top movie soundtracks.
*  In 2011, he was inducted into the "Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame."
*   Haas, a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music, is one of the most sought-after cellists in traditional music today. She has performed and recorded with a who's-who of the fiddle world, including Mark O'Connor, Natalie MacMaster, Irish supergroups Solas and Altan, Liz Carroll, Dirk Powell, Brittany Haas, Darol Anger, Jeremy Kittel, Hanneke Cassel, Laura Cortese, and many more.
*  The two continue to thrill audiences internationally with their virtuosic playing, their near-telepathic understanding and the joyful spontaneity and sheer physical presence of their music.



Continuing Events

(UPDATES ADDED, as needed)

ONGOING, Jan 14-Feb 16:
"THE LAST SHIP," the acclaimed musical stage production written by STING, plays in the Ahmanson Theatre at the Los Angeles Music Center in downtown L.A., 135 N Grand Av, Los Angeles, CA 90012
*  "This unbelievable show has some of the best talent in the industry... The Last Ship consistently delivers the strongest stage performers around and has a track record of performing in front of sold out audiences..."
*  Enjoy a thorough review of the show in the South Bay "Easy Reader News" at:
*  Photo of Sting as Jackie White. By Matthew Murphy, Easy Reader News.
*  WATCH A VID CLIP of the show on Broadway:
*  TIX at:

"MARGARITAVILLE," the new touring musical by JIMMY BUFFET, arrives in Southern California for a short run.

ONGOING, indefinite; FILM:
"EARTH" (Not Rated) 115 mins, is a new documentary film that opens Fri, Feb 7 at the Laemmle, Glendale CA, then moves to other Laemmles as part of the "Culture Vulture" film series.

*  This German-English-Spanish-Hungarian-Italian production was filmed at seven locations completely transformed by humans:
(1) mountains being moved in California;
(2) a tunnel being sliced through rock at the Brenner Pass;
(3) an open-cast mine in Hungary;
(4) a marble quarry in Italy;
(5) a copper mine in Spain;
(6) the salt mine used to store radioactive waste in Wolfenbüttel;
(7) a tar sands landscape in Canada.
*  Initially shown from above as abstract paintings, the terrain is then explored on the ground.
*  The film weaves together footage of machines in operation and conversations with workers.
*  Opens today in Glendale. Coming to these other Laemmle Theatres on dates indicated:
  •  Claremont 5 on 02-10-20
  •  Town Center 5 on 02-10-20
  •  Playhouse 7 on 02-10-20
  •  Royal on 02-10-20
*  TIX, and/or watch the trailer for this documentary about protecting Earth:

Annual "MASTERS ART EXHIBITION AND SALE" opens Feb 8 at the Autry Museum of the American West, 4700 Western Heritage Way, Griffith Park / Los Angeles CA 90027
*  Paintings and sculptures by 64 premier Western artists ate in the exhibition, to see and purchase.
*  "Masters" opens with an artists' dinner on Friday evening, and then a full day of festivities on Saturday — including artist talks, an awards presentation, and an evening cocktail reception, where approximately 250 fixed-price works are sold through a drawing.
*  Note: All-weekend VIP tickets are SOLD OUT, but Saturday-only tickets are available at the door.
*  Proceeds from "Masters" support the "Campaign for the Autry," which helps provide essential support for the Autry’s educational programs, innovative exhibitions, and over 100 public events annually.
*  Special events with "Masters" include:
   •  "TRUNK SHOW AT THE AUTRY STORE" Sat, Feb 8, 10 am-4 pm.
   •  "GALLERY NIGHT WITH DUBLAB" on Thu, Feb 20, 6:30-9 pm.
*  Note that Feb 8 the museum and store both close at 4 pm.
*  Opening weekend schedule of all related events:
*  PHOTO GALLERY of artists and artwork:

2:30 pm - "ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING" presented in the West Coast Premiere of Joanna Lipari's show about a senior who refuses to let society make her invisible.
* At the Sierra Madre Playhouse, 87 W Sierra Madre Bl, Sierra Madre CA 91024
* Runs Saturdays & Sundays at 2:30 pm.
* Ends Feb 23.

ONGOING, through Feb 29:
"MATTHEW PERDONI EXHIBITION" at Encinitas 101 (aka E101) Gallery, 818 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas CA
*  This, Perdoni's most recent series, was inspired by a past CROSS-COUNTRY TRAIN-HOPPING TRIP that spawned an entire collection of scenes and characters gathered while riding the rails.
*  Otherwise, he creates fine art paintings and public artworks in San Diego.
*  His work is heavily illustrative, often exploring stories and themes that resonate in his own life experiences.

6 pm - "THE MANOR" is Theatre 40's production of Kathrine Bates' drama about a murder and suicide that took place at Greystone Mansion a century ago.
* It's AT the Greystone Mansion, 905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills CA 90210
* Runs Thu & Fri at 6 pm (Saturdays and Sundays are sold out.)
* Ends March 1.

"FRIDA -- STROKE OF PASSION" is Odalys Nanin's play with songs about the last days of artist Frida Kahlo.
* At Casa 0101, 2102 E First St, Los Angeles CA 90011
* Runs Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 2 pm.
* Ends Feb 16.

ONGOING, through Feb 16; LIVE THEATRE:
"SUNDAY DINNER" in its World Premiere run, written and directed by Tony Blake. A Chicago priest returns to his family's home in the Bronx for a Sunday dinner. Members of his family are harboring secrets. So is he.
* At Theatre Forty, 241 S Moreno Av, Beverly Hills CA 90212
* Runs Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 2 pm.
* Ends Feb 16.

(but it's an Equity show):
"THE ADVENTURES OF PETER RABBIT" with book and lyrics by Anthony Gruppuso, who directs. Music by Matt Dahan.
* At Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Bl West, Los Angeles CA 90068
* Runs Saturdays at 1 pm.
* Ends March 21.

"DAY AFTER DAY (THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF DORIS DAY)" in its West Coast Premiere, produced by the P3 Theatre Company at the Ernest Borgnine Theatre (inside the Long Beach Scottish Rite Cultural Center), 855 Elm Av, Long Beach CA 90813
*  This is a brand new musical telling the dramatic personal life story of Doris Day through her music. Songs including "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," "Sentimental Journey," "Secret Love," "It’s Magic," "A Guy is a Guy," and "Que Sera, Sera," turned Doris Day into America’s Sweetheart.
*  Take a deep and personal look into this star’s dramatic personal life while appearing as the quintessential “girl-next-door” in Warner Bros. musicals.  Blending factual life events and her songs, this show is a love letter to this extraordinary icon.
*  Written by Tony Santamauro, starring Deborah Robin as Doris Day.
*  "(Deborah) Robin absolutely shines in her role, fully inhabiting Day’s perky demeanor and delicious voice from her early years as a big-band singer and top recording star– beginning with “Sentimental Journey” after World War II– through to her movie roles opposite leading men such as Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, and James Garner." -- Anita W. Harris, Signal Tribune.
*  TIX: 800-595-4849 or

World Premiere of "LYING WITH BADGERS" presented by "NATIVE VOICES AT THE AUTRY" at the Autry Museum of the American West, 4700 Western Heritage Way, Griffith Park / Los Angeles CA 90027

*  This dark comedy — featuring puppets who interact with humans — tells the story of two estranged brothers of the Blackfeet Nation.
*  Runs Thursdays and Fridays, 8 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays, 2 pm.
*  TIX, $15 non-mbrs / $10 Students, Seniors (60+), & Military (w/ ID), at:

"SWEET LAND" presented by The Industry at L.A. State Historic Park, at 1724 Baker St, Los Angeles CA 90012 (in the NEZ corner of the State Historic Park)
*  L.A.’s contemporary opera company brings a performance that disrupts the dominant narrative of American identity.
*  The Arrivals wash up on the shore. They make contact with another civilization they call “the Hosts.” And from there, the story splinters, following diverging perspectives. Starting as a procession through the L.A. State Historic Park, "Sweet Land" becomes an opera that erases itself.
*  The company that created "Invisible Cities" and "Hopscotch" now brings "a grotesque historical pageant."
*  It's the result of a highly collaborative and multi-perspect approach.
*  Composer Du Yun is a Chinese immigrant whose recent work originates from what she states “is a lack of understanding and empathy around immigration”. Her last major opera, "Angel’s Bone," won a Pulitzer Prize for music and explores the psychology behind human trafficking.
*  Composer Raven Chacon, "United States Artists" fellow and winner of the "Creative Capital Award," is a composer, performer and installation artist from Fort Defiance, Navajo Nation.
*  Librettist Douglas Kearney is a poet whose “polyphonic diction pulls history apart, recombining it to reveal an alternative less whitewashed by enfranchised power” (BOMB Magazine).
*  Librettist Aja Couchois Duncan is a mixed-race Ojibwe writer who works to advance equity and social justice.
*  Cannupa Hanksa Luger is a multidisciplinary artist who interweaves performance and political action to communicate stories about 21st-century Indigeneity. He co-directs "Sweet Land."
*  Yuval Sharon, co-director, is the Founder and Artistic Director of The Industry and a 2017 MacArthur Fellow.
*  Info:
*  TIX:

"NATIONAL THEATRE LIVE," a series of productions filmed live on London's West End, screening at Boston Court Pasadena, 70 N Mentor Av, Pasadena CA 91106;
*  Boston Court, itself renowned for live theatre, brings these brilliantly filmed plays from across the pond; some have two dates, and the near-term one is sold-out; get tix early:
■  "ALL ABOUT EVE," starring GIllian Anderson:
Wed, Jan 29, 8 pm, get tix now.
■  "HAMLET" (encore), starring Benedict Cumberbatch:
Sun, Feb 2, 1:30 pm, get tix now.
  "FLEABAG," written & performed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge; two dates:
Thu, Jan 30 - Sold out; Wed, May 20, 8 pm, get tix now.
  "PRESENT LAUGHTER," starring Andrew Scott; two dates:
Fri, Jan 31, Sold out; Wed, May 27, 7:30 pm, get tix now.
■  "ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS" (encore), starring James Corden; two dates:
Sat, Feb 1, 1:30 pm; Sat, May 16, 7:30 pm; get tix now, either date.
■  "THE AUDIENCE" (encore), starring Helen Mirren:
Sun, May 10, 1:30 pm, get tix now.
  "HANSARD," starring Alex Jennings and Lyndsey Duncan:
Tues, May 12, 8 pm, get tix now.
  "CYRANO DE BERGERAC" – New, starring James McAvoy; two dates:
Mon, May 18, 7:30 pm; Fri, May 22, 7:30 pm; get tix now, either date.
*  TIX, $20; Box Office, 626-683-6801, 11 am - 5 pm, Tue-Fri.

ONGOING, PODCAST, on-demand:
"RECORDING ARTISTS: RADICAL WOMEN" is a new podcast series from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. In it, art historian HELEN MOLESWORTH explores the lives and work of six artists — ALICE NEEL, LEE KRASNER, BETYE SAAR, HELEN FRANKENTHALER, YOKO ONO, and EVA HESSE.
*  What was it like to be a woman making art during the feminist and civil rights movements? In this season of "Recording Artists," Molesworth delves into their lives and careers, spanning several generations. Hear them describe, in their own words, their work, relationships, and feelings about the ongoing march of feminism. Contemporary artists and art historians join the conversation, offering their own perspectives on the recordings and exploring what it meant—and still means—to be a woman and an artist. Share this with one who'll appreciate it.
*   HERE'S THE LINK. The whole series is here in individial episodes so you can pace yourself or binge it. You'll hear rare audiotaped interviews and fresh perspectives on what it meant — and still means — to be a woman making art:

ONGOING, through Feb 23; FREE:
11am-5 pm - "FALLEN FRUIT: SUPERSHOW!" at PDC Gallery, 8687 Melrose Av, West Hollywood CA
*  Runs Sun, Nov 24 through Feb 23; free.
*  Opening day Sunday features outdoor jamming, preceded by an artist talk with FALLEN FRUIT (aka DAVID BURNS and AUSTIN YOUNG), and Young will be taking his trademark portraits of whoever wants one inside the installation, plus music and apparently, cheerleaders.
*  This is "A gorgeous mile of fruit and flower garland wallpaper in a gradient of saturated hues containing within its two story installation multiple scenarios and vignettes of photography and ceramic, faux Grecian luxury statues, gilded mirrors, chaises and sundry objects. All of this exists in the mode of a secular temple to beauty, as well as a sort of public living room where communities are formed through the universal language of shareable fruit."
*  Might be the right thing for a memorable date.

ONGOING, through Mar 1:
“MUSEUM ACQUISITIONS 2019: DIRECTOR’S CHOICE” at the Getty Museum, 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles CA 90049
*  This intends to be the first of many annual exhibitions that highlight the Getty Museum’s acquisitions made throughout the year.
*  Highlights key works of newly added art selected by the Museum's director. It includes ancient gems and sculpture; Renaissance and 19th-century paintings; Renaissance sculpture; medieval manuscripts; old-master drawings; and 20th-century and contemporary photography.
*  "It’s a small but succinct show, just one gallery, but with a variety of work, including [an] early Crucifixion in which our Lord appears to have four arms, a sort of biplane Jesus." -- Easy Reader News.
*  Open 10 am-5:30 pm Sun-Fri, Sat 10 am-9 pm, closed Mon.
Holiday closures: Dec 25, Jan 1; early closings Dec 24 & 31 at 4 pm; short hours Dec 23 & 30, 10 am-5:30 pm.
*  Free admission, parking costs. Info, 310-440-7300 or

ONGOING, through May 29:
“INCREDIBLE JOURNEY: BUGS” opened mid-Dec at the South Coast Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw Bl, Palos Verdes Peninsula CA
*  Gawd, we love experiential learning. Whichever journey Garden visitors decide to take, they are transformed into that bug – literally (via props).
*  This program interactively educates visitors about the butterflies, spiders, ants and bees that can be found in the Garden.
*  Full info, 310-544-1948 or

"When the sea shall give up her dead."
The many displayed artifacts recovered
from the ocean floor include the
Stele of Thonis-Heracleion (SCA 277),
loaned by the National Museum of Alexandria –
IEASM excavations. Photo by Christoph
Gerigk ©Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation
ONGOING, through April 12, daily:
10 am-5 pm - "EGYPT'S LOST CITIES" exhibition at the Reagan Library, 40 Presidential Dr, Simi Valley CA 93065
*  Akin to your best fantasies of Atlantis, these are artifacts recovered from beneath the sea.
*  One day as the Mediterranean sun beat down on the bay of Aboukir, two bustling cities of ancient Egypt slipped into the sea without a whisper of wind, buried for centuries.
*  These cities, before they sank beneath the waves, were known throughout the world as cultural centers of power, of wealth, of trade, and novel artistry.
*  Time may have eroded the memory of a civilization, but not the mystery -- or the breathtaking artifacts -- of what it was.
*  This exhibition runs Oct 5, 2019–Apr 12, 2020.
*  View the holiday tree exhibit (through Jan 5; see our listing) and the Air Force One Pavilion, along with this current special exhibition, all during one visit for the price of museum admission. But allow yourself PLENTY of time.
*  Open seven days a week, except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.
*  Facility features a nice cafeteria-style cafe.
*  TIX include the exhibition and the 125,000 square feet of all the permanent exhibits and displays, including Air Force One; you need to allow three to four hours to enjoy all of the galleries and grounds. Gen'l adm $29.95, discounts for youth, kids, seniors; active US military get in free. Free parking. Tix available in advance or at the door. It's worth adding the $7 "audio tour." Online adv. tix:

"THE FATHER" starring acclaimed actor ALFRED MOLINA in "a tour-de-force performance that will leave you breathless," at the Pasadena Playhouse, 39 S El Molino Av, Pasadena CA 91101; 626-356-7529;
*  90 minutes, no intermission.
*  “Savagely honest … Hugely rewarding” -- The Guardian.
*  Directed by Boston Court Pasadena Artistic Director Jessica Kubzansky. Written by Florian Zeller, translated into English by Christopher Hampton.
*  About the play: André was once a tap dancer. He lives with his daughter, Anne, and her husband, Antoine. Or was André an engineer, whose daughter Anne lives in London with her new lover, Pierre? The thing is, he is still wearing his pajamas, and he can’t find his watch. He is starting to wonder if he’s losing control.
*  An Open Captioned performance is Sun, Feb 23 at 2 pm.
*  TIX: $25, less 20% off tickets with code MEMORY. Restrictions may apply.
*  TIX at

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