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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Acoustic Americana Music Guide – CURRENT SECTIONS, August 4, 2011

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                              MUSIC GUIDE
                                                       August 4, 2011
    In the current edition of the Guide's NEWS FEATURES, we lovingly remember some very special artists who have made a HUGE difference.
STEPHEN COLBERT, we need you!
It's the latest News, all right there. All will be clear...
    We're calling STEPHEN COLBERT and his shiny new PAC to ride to the rescue like the cavalry in answer to our bugle call. It's our comically-seriously piece in this edition.
    We've got a preview of the big “ROOTS ROADHOUSE 2” extravaganza coming August 14.
    And we fondly remember departed artists who shone like first magnitude stars in our acoustic universe. Among them, KEN GRAYDON, one of the best songwriters we've ever known. The piece by ROSS ALTMAN speaks to the abiding influence of a most singular artist, one who was an artist in the full sense of the word.
The Guide's August 4 edition of NEWS FEATURES is at  
(b) SPOTLIGHT EVENTS – August 4 edition (ADDITIONS MADE August 6...)
    Check out the Guide's nineteen SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK picks, AND the full abundance of the acoustic music spectrum – including a special inclusion of RECURRING EVENTS – all in the Guide’s August 4 edition of SPOTLIGHT EVENTS! That's available at  
Need some quickie deets?
  1) “Spotlight Events” Special: Rapid-Access “Show-of-The-Week” Picks, plus
    a Rare “Recurring Events” Compilation
  2) A Song from Across the Void – Honoring the Great KEN GRAYDON
  3) Calling STEPHEN COLBERT: Help! We've Been Compromised!
  4) “In Loving Memory of JOEL OKIDA,” this Sunday
  5) Celebrate KENNY EDWARDS August 19, “By the Ocean he Loved so Much”
  6) Sunday's “Grand Ole Echo” is Notable, with “ROOTS ROADHOUSE 2” Just a Week Away
That complete news edition is at  
(b) SPOTLIGHT EVENTS – August 4 edition...
    The Guide's SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK picks – NINETEEN events, from August 4 through 14, are now front-loaded in the opening part of SPOTLIGHT EVENTS. That will be their new home in EACH new edition of the Guide's Spotlight Events.
    RECURRING EVENTS are making a special appearance in Spotlight Events. Once in awhile, we include all the recurring events (jams, open mics, residencies, weekly / monthly showcases, etc.) there, just for a week or so. It's so you can see – in one place – the full extent of what's available (and why we endeavor to offer a “Recurring Events” section to keep Spotlight Events from getting out of hand). Prepare to be astonished by the cornucopia of possibilities in an average week of acoustic music hereabouts.
    THANK YOU all for sending us a RECORD NUMBER of comments since our feature was published July 19 on the implications for the arts, artists, and things we care about in common, as we asked, “IS THE FUTURE OF ARTS FUNDING GONE IN AMERICA?” Our feature on the Debt Limit, the budget battle, and politicians playing with dynamite was re-published in FolkWorks magazine as the longest single feature in the magazine's history! You can read the many comments (and still add yours!) As originally written and complete with comments, it's at    
    (But read the NEW stuff first, at the links farther back up the page...)
See you when you click the full editions!

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