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Friday, August 26, 2011

Acoustic Americana Music Guide NEWS FEATURES, August 26, 2011 edition

The current SPOTLIGHT EVENTS SECTION will get you through the first few weeks of September, and the current NEWS FEATURES includes morevdetails on some events happening Labor Day weekend. Otherwise, we're taking Labor Day weekend off - see ya out there, enjoying the music!

    Wow. THE DEL McCOURY BAND is in OC, there's a big “ERNIE KOVACS TRIBUTE” in Hollywood, MARVIN HAMLISCH conducts his own film music in Pasadena, the annual “HEMET ELKS BLUEGRASS JAMBOREE” has a fine lineup, LISA HALEY & THE ZYDECATS play the Olivas Adobe in Ventura, and that's just SOME of what happens on Saturday! (See our News Features, below, for OTHER Saturday events, and our Spotlight Events section for even MORE.)
    As we plan a week of music here in Southern California, our thoughts are with the Eastern Seaboard. The people. The natural and scenic beauty. The historic structures and sites where our history was made. The habitat for wildlife that we so often see merely as scenery.
    Even a tacky strip mall represents someone's livelihood.
    At least today's responders to hurricane and flood will do better than the ineptitude shown after Katrina, despite drastic budget cuts to FEMA, to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, that tracks the path of and measures hurricanes), and the US Geological Survey (USGS, that measures earthquakes, does damage assessments, and predicts aftershocks).
    Our underfunded National Park Service has hardly had time to contemplate earthquake cracks in the Washington Monument before it must face impending wholesale destruction of some of the unique heritage it is charged with protecting.
    Plus, we think of police, fire, EMTs, medical personnel, and other first responders. We don't pay nearly enough to the first three categories for the services those folks are prepared to give us when we need it.
    Wherever you are, be careful out there, and take part in a benefit when you can. (It doesn't matter what for, as long as it helps someone in need.) Musicians always do. Though people in music and the arts are often the ones who can least afford to give away time and talent, it's always the musicians who are there, among the first to help.
    This section of the Guide is the NEWS.
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                                        NEWS FEATURES
                                                       August 26, 2011 edition
  1) “Americana” Music Added to Webster's Dictionary  
  2) 9/11 Commemorative Project from Red House Label
  3) Blues Musicians Team-Up to Play Cancer Benefit on Sunday, August 28;
    Proceeds Support The City of Hope
  4) “Remember The Music” Benefit will Bring Grammy Winner SHELBY LYNNE, plus
    PATRICK PARK & BRIAN WRIGHT, to Fight Alzheimers, September 1
  5) Saturday's “FAR-West Folk Alliance Benefit” Promises Fine Americana Artists
  6) DON McLEAN & Broadway Stars Headline Saturday's “BELIEVE Only in Love”
  7) Guitar Goddess VICKI GENFAN Plays Altadena, August 26
  8) DAVID GRIER, IBMA Guitarist of the Year, Plays Culver City, August 26
  9) “The Drop: JOHN DOE” At The Grammy Museum, August 31
10) JONATHAN McEUEN & NATHAN McEUEN Together for Two Rare Shows
11) LAUREN ADAMS Plays a Birthday Show, September 2
12) Acoustic ALARM 30th Anniversary Tour Hits L.A. September 4
13) Musical Memorial Service For KEN GRAYDON is September 4 (NOTE changed venue!)
       Here are this week's news feature stories, listed above...    
Our # 1 Story
    Merriam-Webster announced August 25, 2011, and it was reported by the Associated Press, that the musical definition of the word “Americana” has been included in its Collegiate Dictionary. “Americana” joins “Tweet,” “m-commerce,” and about 100 other words whose use is now recognized widely enough to be considered a part of today's lexicon. According to the dictionary's editors, Americana music is defined as “A genre of American music having roots in early folk and country music.”
    Americana, as a musical term, has been under consideration longer than the 12 years the Americana Music Association has been in existence. Merriam-Webster's inclusion of the word is based on widespread general written use, longevity, and an easily discernible definition.
    “I'm thrilled. It’s affirmation of what we have been saying for over a decade,” said JED HILLY, Executive Director of the Americana Music Association. He added, “To have an authority like Merriam Webster do the research and determine that our society recognizes the Americana genre is really great.” 
    More on the Americana Music Association, including its upcoming October 12-15 annual conference, is available at    
Our # 2 Story
    We've never before reviewed a CD that you can't get. We're doing it now because of the unique nature of this one. It features Red House Records stars LUCY KAPLANSKY, PETER OSTRUSHKO, SUZZY & MAGGIE ROCHE, PIETA BROWN, JOHN GORKA, HEATHER MASSE, and THE PINES. You can buy individual downloads, and the original albums that contain each track are all available.
    The CD is “9/11: Music for 10th Anniversary News Stories & Documentaries,” produced by Red House Records ( of St. Paul, Minnesota. All eight of the tracks are from the formidable stable of the label's artists, and each appears on a previously issued Red House CD. The label is sending the disc to radio deejays, filmmakers and TV producers across America. They include the note, “We pass [these tracks] on to you and encourage you to play them as we mark the tenth anniversary of this national tragedy. As music always does, these songs will move, soothe and connect us one to another.”
    It's a fine hope, and Red House is to be commended for acting on it with this little project.
    In the weeks following 9/11, singer-songwriters everywhere wrote and recorded an outpouring of songs that collectively helped our society deal with what had happened. Indeed, artists were among the first to seek some meaning, immediate or enduring, contextual or universal, from the appallingly shocking events of that day.
    But the vast catalog of quick-response 9/11 songs had a short shelf life. It wasn't the usual reason, a nation with a notoriously short attention span. No. Americans were ready for 9/11 to be as galvanizing as Pearl Harbor. That unity was a brief window of opportunity that could have been powerful and lasting. Perhaps any meaningful 9/11 song was obsolete at the moment President Bush encouraged Americans to respond to 9/11 by going shopping.
    Ultimately, the messages of those thousands of songs were supplanted by an installment-plan war in Afghanistan, ostensibly in response to the 9/11 attacks, and the division over the incongruous invasion and occupation of Iraq and its silly era of Freedom Fries and Homeland-everything and support-this-or-you're-with-the-terrorists. Together, military over-commitments and a select few no-bid civilian defense contractors bankrupted our economy, cost us our space program, cost us any chance for spending on arts education, cost us renewal of our decaying bridges / highways / city streets / utility infrastructure, cost us building any major new public works projects, and essentially cost us our vision for the kind of 21st century future promised by “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Meanwhile, our drone-based wars have cost our troops unprecedented numbers of re-deployments to war zones, record numbers of suicides, and record numbers of PTSD cases that all but assure us a tragically plentiful supply of homeless disturbed individuals for decades to come.
    Against the backdrop of that reality, song lyrics like the early post-9/11 Nashville country bravado, “We're coming to kick your ass,” seem pitifully naïve.
    But what of other, more hopefully focused songs that came from the hearts and souls of artists following 9/11? What of the songs that came with the perspective of a bit of distance following the events, that indeed reckon with things that followed? Six of those songs are found here, plus an instrumental and one enduring song from right after 9/11. Some were written by Red House performing songwriters living in New York City at the time.
    LUCY KAPLANSKY sings two tracks on the CD. First, there's her “Land of the Living” from 2004's “The Red Thread.” It's a contemporary folk song about the immediate aftermath of 9/11, through the eyes of a Muslim cabdriver in NYC. Its focus? The enduring value of liberty. Then there's Lucy's delivery of ELIZA GILKYSON's hymn-like song “Sanctuary” from 2010's “Red Horse” CD. Performed on piano with Lucy's voice, that one's about the places where we seek shelter during times of loss and distress.
    PETER OSTRUSHKO, Emmy-winning composer and mandolin virtuoso, contributed his string instrumental “Hymn: Page 9/11” from his 2003 album “Coming Down from Red Lodge.”
    SUZZY & MAGGIE ROCHE's “New York City” is a folk-pop song praising the heroes of 9/11, conveying how an entire city mourned for them and with them. It's from the 2001 CD “Zero Church.” (It stands as a challenge for all of us to remember 9/11's surviving first responders who continue to struggle to obtain medical care for debilitating ailments contracted from breathing toxic dust.) This is the special CD's only song written in 9/11's immediate aftermath.
    PIETA BROWN sings her song “The Other Way Around” from her 2010 CD “One and All.” An alt-country piece, it's about believing in that the future will ultimately bring us good.
    JOHN GORKA is featured with his song,“Can't Get Over It” from 2009's “So Dark You See.” In acoustic folk style, it explores the unexpected loss of a friend.
    HEATHER MASSE sings “Our World” from her 2009 CD “Bird Song.” It's an important reminder of our potential to do good, together, for our world. It's delivered in a folk-pop style.
    THE PINES sing their alt-folk song “Shiny Shoes” from 2009's “Tremolo” CD. This one is a healing piece about accepting life's sorrows with the support of love.
    Perhaps it takes a project like this to remind us all that too many empty chairs line too many family dinner tables following 9/11, and that number increases almost daily with the continuing U.S. military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. More songs will be written to tell stories that have yet to be played out. Though one senses more sorrows and sadnesses inevitably lie ahead for America's military families – and perhaps for all of us, as America pursues a path of cut-everything-to-the-bone decay and decline. Ultimately, some will find healing in yet-to-come lyrics and melodies, and the best of those songs will, as Red House expresses, “move, soothe and connect us one to another.”
    Ten years into the era we have created following the shock and sorrow of that September day, the label's selection of 9/11 songs connects us better than we might have thought possible.
Our # 3 Story
        “LOREY’S BLUES FOR HOPE” is nine-hour benefit concert for THE CITY OF HOPE, and it feels like a blues festival, with performances by WUMBLOOZO, KELLY'S LOT, TERESA JAMES, BLUES STRAIGHT UP, THE DELGADO BROTHERS, R&B BOMBERS, THE SCORCH SISTERS, and an expected bevy of musical guests.
    It happens Sunday, August 28, 2-9 pm, at Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill, 4311 W Magnolia, Burbank 91505; 818-729-0805.
    A blues lovin' crowd will gather to support one of their own, with music by seven blues bands and their special guests. They promise to entertain and remind everyone how important it is to help each other.
    The event officially ends at 9 pm, but WUMBLOOZO will continue their set until 11 pm.
    The cover charge is $10. Opportunity drawings will be held throughout the event. Every penny goes to The City Of Hope Women's Cancer Program. All the bands are donating their performances; all the items for drawings are donated by friends, family and folks who want to help Lorey and other cancer patients.
    LOREY MAUER, president of The Los Angeles Blues Society and host to a long running backyard blues party in South El Monte, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. With no insurance to cover the treatments, fund raising became an essential focus.
    KELLY ZIRBES, leader of the blues band KELLY'S LOT and a friend of Lorey's, offered to organize an event and raise the money to assist Lorey in paying for her treatments. Soon after, Lorey was informed that she was eligible for a Medi-Cal program called “Every Woman Counts,” and with that, the City of Hope said she would not see a bill. The program helps women under 65 that are under-insured. To show her appreciation, Lorey and Kelly decided to go forward with the event, with all proceeds donated to The City Of Hope.
    Offers to play the event started streaming in and the first seven bands were chosen. There have been offers from at least twenty other bands to play and support Lorey, showing just how loved this woman is by the blues community.
   For musician FRANCESCA CAPASSO of the SCORCH SISTERS, this is very personal. Francesca says, “As a four year breast cancer survivor I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and was paralyzed with fear because I was without insurance. Thank GOD for the BCCTP program, which covers uninsured women with breast and cervical cancer. Hospitals like UCLA/Olive View Medical Center and City of Hope accept and treat women in the BCCTP program. No woman should have to live in fear of being diagnosed with a female cancer because she has no insurance. I am honored and could not be prouder to participate in a fund raiser for such a wonderful hospital in honor of such a wonderful lady!"
    TERESA JAMES, Blues Foundation nominee for “Best Contemporary Female Vocalist,” says, “Cancer has taken the lives of too many people that I love and I have seen the devastation that it can cause in the lives of the survivors. If there is anything that I can to help create a climate of hope or to lift the burden in any way, I am thrilled to do it – and if it involves hanging out and playing music with some of the best musicians in L.A., then I am all for it!”
    Musician BIG MIKE RINCON of BLUES STRAIGHT UP adds, “Doing this gig is personal for me. My wife is a cancer survivor, so far, at least for three years. I lost my father and brother and several family members and friends to cancer. Some are still undergoing treatment. My wife and several people we know (including Lorey) are City of Hope patients. I can only say that the staff and attention given to patients is above and beyond any medical services I've encountered anywhere. Been there many times and what I witnessed was patients being treated with concern, dignity and respect.”
    KELLY Z, leader of KELLY's LOT, says, “My brother was treated for a couple years at City of Hope during his battle with colon cancer. I was with him during many of his treatments and his surgery. I saw firsthand how wonderful they care for their patients."
    J.D. SMITH, agent for the band WUMBLOOZO, has seen the miraculous work of City of Hope up close. In 2009, J.D.'s good friend Rich Votava was diagnosed with cancer. Because of the care and knowledge of that wonderful hospital, Rich is now cancer free.
    About today's musicians:
    TERESA JAMES earned a Blues Foundation nomination for “Best Contemporary Female Vocalist” for one of her recent CDs. She and her band have a funky, greasy Southern sound, from where Texas Blues meets New Orleans. A fan said, “She can sing like a bird or a bat out of hell.” (    
    KELLY'S LOT plays roadhouse rockin' blues with a sound that is upbeat, heartfelt and fun. The band has been together since 1995 and has toured throughout the US and across Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands, recording a live CD in Brussels, Belgium. (    
    WUMBLOOZO is an all-originals band with songs that are somehow instantly recognizable. You'll find yourself singing or humming along. If you like songs like "Mustang Sally" you'll love WUMBLOOZO; if you like the early Stones, you'll love WUMBLOOZO, if you like the Animals, you'll love WUMBLOOZO. They were a huge hit at the “Concert for Haiti” in January, 2010. (     
    THE R&B BOMBERS are a blend of classic and contemporary American music styles that conjure up images of a Storyville speakeasy, the Cotton Club in Harlem, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. (    
    THE SCORCH SISTERS bring “a mix of jaw dropping virtuosity and down home raw, soul” to the blues. The "SISTAS" Alicia Morgan (lead vocals, keys), Kimberly "KC" Allison (guitar) and Francesca Capasso (lead vocals and percussion) pump out a blend of fierce, soulful vocals and seasoned, blazing instrumental prowess. (    
    BLUES STRAIGHT UP is a blues-based ensemble with a big sound. Acclaimed as “The Finest Chicano blues band on the planet,” they are based in “North-East” Los Angeles (El Sereno). They bring originals, standards, electric blues, sassy female attitude with a touch of “Blues in Español.” (     
    THE DELGADO BROTHERS will tell you they are driven by fierce independence, unified by family, and fortified by the brotherhood of music. For over 30 years, they've played and sang topical, anthem-worthy songs, complemented by call-to-action lyrics and East L.A. soul, while being embraced locally and globally by a wide spectrum of people undivided by culture, age or socioeconomic status. (    
    Today's benefit will become a music video, to extend the value of the benefit. CASEY REAGAN started a video company called MusicUCanSee because he wanted to put a spotlight on the blues. Casey will capture the performances for a video to help raise awareness for The City Of Hope.
    Casey says, “MusicUCanSee Productions is proud to provide services for this event. We're honored to have been invited to participate in this concert and fully appreciate every artist and contributor who will be a part of this worthy cause. We love Lorey and have personal thanks to offer the City of Hope for EVERYTHING they do!!" (    
    Tix, $10, with all proceeds to the City of Hope.
Our # 4 Story
        SHELBY LYNNE is a Grammy winner who walked away from the forced-fit of Nashville's soundalike “country” (aka, pop-country) to maintain her integrity as an artist. These days, she's a major hit with trad country, alt-country, western music, and Americana audiences, and she's singing better than ever.
    Thursday, September 1, at 6:30 pm, she lends her voice, with PATRICK PARK & BRIAN WRIGHT, to “REMEMBER THE MUSIC,” a benefit banquet and concert for Betty's Foundation ( at the historic Yost Theater, 307 N Spurgeon St, in Santa Ana.
    It was an early and easy “Show-of-the-Week” pick for the Guide. All proceeds benefit Alzheimer’s research and awareness.
    One ticket option includes a three course seated dinner for a limited number of supporters.     There are two elevated VIP sections and general admission in front of the stage.
You can experience fine dining during the concert provided by the Camden Restaurant, the theater's own gourmet establishment, and its distinguished Executive Chef, Shane Taulbee. The elevated platform offers an especially great view of the stage. The three-course meal includes a salad, your choice of three main courses, and a dessert along with a bottle of wine. Reserve now while space is available by contacting    
    More info is available on the organization's website or at 310-936-2814. There's more at    
    Tickets are available now at  and at    
       Doors open at 6 pm; dinner is served from 6:30 to 8 pm, and the performance follows.
Our # 5 Story
    With BORDER RADIO, SUSIE GLAZE & HILONESOME, and MERLIN SNIDER & FRIENDS sharing the stage Saturday, the “FAR-West Folk Alliance Benefit” will benefit appreciation of these artists and their music as well as FAR West and its “Howard Larman Memorial Scholarship Fund.” FAR-West is the western US & Canada affiliate of Folk Alliance International, an important presence in the world of folk-Americana and world folk music and dance. All proceeds tonight, including CD and artist merchandise sales, benefit the cause.
    The 7 pm show is at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena 92675; info, It's “The venue named in FolkWorks as L.A.’s best intimate acoustic listening room venue,” and the sound and constantly adjustable lighting here are the best.     
    SUSIE & THE HILONESOME BAND won the “Just Plain Folks 2006 Music Awards” for “Best Roots Album.” Larry Wines, writing in Folkworks Magazine, named them among "Folkworks' Top Ten Live Acoustic Bands in Southern California for 2008," saying "Susie is justifiably endorsed by Appalachian music legend JEAN RITCHIE, and the band has a fine repertoire of beyond-bluegrass originals from its chief songwriter, ROB CARLSON. They can take you up in the hollars, or sound like a female-fronted Asleep at the Wheel." (   
    MERLIN SNIDER is a singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitar player in the Americana story-telling tradition. His music is a soulful blend of folk-blues, alternative country and western swing. He is "about as fine a songwriter and story teller as you're likely to find," wrote "Wildy's World." Bob Stane, venue impresario, says Merlin "is the genuine article when it comes to wit and humor. (     
    BORDER RADIO's music roams the dial of Americana, from a bluegrass drive through lush ballads to dustbowl swing – if you haven't heard their originals before, you'll recognize 'em. Their songs are “about something” whether a story of a dustbowl wife or a lonesome high plains instrumental. (     
    (Note: Fur Dixon & Steve Werner, previously scheduled in this line-up, will not perform.)
    Tix, $20. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED (because it will surely sell-out). Call 626-798-6236 between 10 am and 10 pm.
Our # 6 Story
    DON McLEAN (famous for his song, “American Pie,” which he will perform) plays the concert half of a two-part show called “BELIEVE ONLY IN LOVE;” the other part is a new musical, “THE REAL LOVE,” with a stellar cast. And a banquet is included in your ticket price.
    It all happens Saturday, August 27, at noon, at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, 300 E Green St, Pasadena;    
    An art exhibition and refreshments, plus celebrity red carpet get underway at noon. The program (concert & musical) begins at 2 pm, and the banquet follows at 5 pm.      
    “The Real Love” musical brings a 40 member cast, a 20 piece orchestra, and stars Tony Award winners and nominees JOANNA AMPIL, DAISY EAGAN, CADY HUFFMAN, ADAM PASCAL, ROBERT TORTI; directed by CHRIS SHELTON. Emcees include ED BEGLEY, JR. (6-time Emmy winner) and CLORIS LEACHMAN (Oscar & 9-time Emmy winner). Special guests include SHIRLEY JONES (Oscar winner). Composers of the musical are BILL CONTI (Oscar & 5-time Emmy winner), AL KASHA (2-time Oscar winner), DOUG KATSAROS (Emmy nominee), DON PIPPIN (Tony & Emmy winner), and DAVID SHIRE (Oscar & 2-time Grammy winner).
    Tix are $35 / 45 / 55, and include pre-show reception and post-show banquet; tix & info,;; 626-449-7360 or 626-623-2225.     
Our # 7 Story
        “I understand completely why the audience applauds and whistles so wildly...this is fiery, living music.” -     
    Sometimes the revolution begins quietly and only later does the full impact sink in. That’s how it was when Vicki Genfan won the title of “Guitar Superstar” in the 2008 competition sponsored by Guitar Player Magazine. Jim Fusilli of the Wall Street Journal said, “It's a stunning victory, a barrier shattered. Guitar Player is a male-dominated domain – the magazine is often a tribute to speed, power, volume and gear. Ms. Genfan plays an acoustic guitar without effects."
    Using 29 alternate tunings and the percussive technique she calls 'slap-tap', VICKI GENFAN creates waves of sound with two hands and her voice. She draws from folk, jazz, pop, soul and world music. Whether covering the tunes of others or presenting her own compositions, Vicki has a distinctive style that is pushing the boundaries of the singer-songwriter genre.
    Luna Guitars has unveiled the Vicki Genfan model (created by master luthier Gray Burchette) with all the bells and whistles that Vicki’s playing requires, including a jumbo body that lends itself to the full tones she needs for her percussive style.
    "I forgive myself for forgetting what a great singer she is; it's no wonder...her voice moves inside me as only something that comes from inside can." - Frank Goodman, Pure Music.
    Vicki has joined the world’s greatest guitarists and musicians playing top festivals, including the International Montreal Jazz Festival, Germany’s Open Strings Guitar Festival and Italy’s Soave Guitar Festival. In 2005, she was a featured artist on “La Guitara,” the first compilation CD featuring female guitarists from around the globe, released by Vanguard Records. Vicki is in demand for guitar workshops, master classes, clinics and dealer demos.
    “After witnessing her mind-blowing performance of an original composition entitled ‘Atomic Reshuffle,’ a panel of guitardom’s elite dubbed Vicki Genfan 2008 Guitar Superstar. Contained within the 3:57 acoustic tour-de-force was a combination of playing techniques that produced not just chords and melodies, but also bell-like harmonics and percussive rhythms. Genfan’s approaches to composition and playing stem from her desire to capture dense harmonic ingredients, her affinity for open tunings, and her dream to groove like Earth, Wind & Fire’s Verdine White.” - Chris Buono, Guitar Player Magazine.
    She performs Friday, August 26, at 8 pm at the Coffee Gallery Backstage (“The venue named in FolkWorks as L.A.’s best intimate acoustic listening room venue”), 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena 92675; info,; reservations number (NEW, May 2011) is 626-798-6236. Tix, $18.
Our # 8 Story
        Three time winner of the International Bluegrass Association's Guitarist of the Year, DAVID GRIER has emerged among the most musically gifted and engaging young guitarists in all of bluegrass. Venue booker GARY MANDELL adds that Grier is “One of the funniest, too,” and “One of the world's finest flatpickers.” More at    
    Grier has performed on two Grammy-winning recordings, “True Life Blues - A Tribute to Bill Monroe,” and “The Great Dobro Sessions.”
    David's show will include tunes from his new CD, “Evocative.”
    The concert is Friday, August 26, at 8 pm, at Boulevard Music, 4316 Sepulveda Bl, Culver City;; 310-398-2583. (Venue’s web site has a helpful local dining guide.) Doors at 7:30 pm for the best seats; those with advance tix get in first. Tickets, $17.50.
Our # 9 Story
        Celebrated singer, songwriter and actor JOHN DOE brings the latest CD release performance-interview session to the GRAMMY Museum for its series, “The Drop.” This time, it's one day after the release of his new solo album, “Keeper.”
    It's Doe's first record since 2007’s acclaimed “A Year in the Wilderness.” Produced alongside long-time collaborator DAVE WAY (FIONA APPLE, MACY GRAY) at Los Angeles’ The Way Station and New Monkey Studios, the record features vocals by PATTY GRIFFIN, JILL SOBULE, & CINDY WASSERMAN.
    Along with an inside-look at the new album, Doe will discuss his role as a founding member of the seminal L.A. punk rock outfit X, his country spin-off band THE KNITTERS, and his several television and movie appearances, including the role of Jeff Parker in the television series “Roswell.” The discussion will be moderated by GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli. Doe's exclusive performance will follow.
    The event is Wednesday, August 31, at 8 pm, at the Grammy Museum’s Clive Davis Sound Stage, 800 W Olympic Bl, L.A. 90015. Doors open at 7:30 pm. All proceeds benefit the GRAMMY Museum. More info at 213-765-6803 or    
Our # 10 Story
        These celebrated musical siblings record and perform separately. They are offspring of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band founding member JOHN McEUEN, with whom they've been working on a collaborative new CD. Otherwise, the two musical brothers don't get together that often since Nathan moved to the East Coast. This weekend, you have two chances to catch 'em together.
    This weekend, they play Russ and Julie's House Concert series in Oak Park (Agoura Hills area) and, then the Kenny Edwards Hall at Zoey's in Ventura.
    Info for Russ & Julie's show, Friday, August 26, is at Reservations get directions at or 818-707-2179.
    Info for Zoey’s Cafe show, Sunday, August 28 at 7:30 pm, is at; 805-652-1137 or 805-652-0091.
    The brothers always deliver a delightful performance when they're together, complete with fine vocal harmonies that only siblings can create. There's an extensive write-up in the Guide's Spotlight Events section for each of these Show-of-the-Week picks. We expect both dates will sell-out.
Our # 11 Story
        Host of the monthly “Americana Music Circle” and a celebrated recording artist, LAUREN ADAMS says, “Yep...another year older and deeper in debt!” To celebrate the former and ignore the latter, Lauren brings her all-star band Friday, September 2, at 8 pm, to Mare'ka, 12747 1/2 Ventura Bl, Studio City 91604; 818-509-1664. It's $5 cover, and the venue is 21+.
    Laurie Joulie, writing in “Take Back Country” magazine, says, “One listen and I was hooked. Superb, intelligent, thought-provoking songs. Real songs for real people wrapped in melodies that, promise to capture, inspire and pull the listener in again and again. Songwriters of Lauren Adams' level are few and far between.”
    Jim Moulton writes in Country Stars Online, “Lauren Adams has A CD here that is infectious, the lyrics and sweet melodies along with some sweet slide work make you want to keep listening, a very well done recording.”
    The Lauren Adams Band features Nick Kirgo on guitar, Debra Dobkin on percussion, Mark "Pocket" Goldberg on upright bass, and Phil Parlapiano on keyboards & accordion. Because it's Lauren's B-day, expect some special guests, too.

Our # 12 Story
    Some rock bands bring us lyrics so good they work as folk songs. Others write melody lines that have been adapted as bluegrass, as in the “Pickin' On...” series. MIKE PETERS of THE ALARM was an early pioneer of acoustic presentation of his rock band's material. This year marks his third decade doing it.
    Ever wonder how the ALARM classic, “The Spirit of '76,” would sound as an acoustic song? Here's your chance to find out.
    On Sunday, September 4 at 7:30 pm, the “USA ACOUSTIC ALARM 30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 1981-2011” brings Mike, with ARI SHINE, to the El Rey Theatre, 5515 Wilshire Bl, L.A.; 323-936-4790; Doors open at 7 pm. Tix, $22, are on sale now, at   

Our # 13 Story
    Ken Graydon, the best history-based songwriter we ever knew, an all-around wonderful man, and one well-known and admired throughout our community, lost his battle to cancer on Saturday, July 30.
    On Sunday, September 4, from 2-4 pm, Ken's life and music will be celebrated by all those who knew him and some of those he influenced, at the Mission Theater, 231 N Main, Fallbrook (N San Diego County). (Note change of venue.) A general invitation has been issued to the folk-Americana community who knew him. (Please RSVP; see below.)
    Musician Bea Romano speaks for many when she recalls Ken as, “A unique soul, his heart-felt music will always be with us.”
    The Guide re-printed the FolkWorks tribute to Ken written by ROSS ALTMAN and added our own thoughts in “A SONG FROM ACROSS THE VOID – HONORING THE GREAT KEN GRAYDON.” That's still available by itself, where you can add your comment, at  
    The L.A. Daily News ran a front-page tribute to Ken, his passing, and his importance to music; you can read that at    
    PHEE SHERLINE, hammer dulcimer virtuoso, guitarist, and Ken's widow, is conducting the memorial. The second hour will be devoted to a sing-along of Ken's wonderful songs. If you'd like to attend, RSVP to Phee at, or 760-723-7255.   
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