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Friday, April 4, 2014

FRIDAY QUICKIE #2: Music of the Spheres... Apr 4, 2014


Baseball Season has arrived, and to celebrate today's L.A. Dodgers opening day at Chavez Ravine, you can download a FREE SONG done by members of I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. and OLD CALIFORNIO. It's titled. "Drysdale, Sutton & Koufax."

It's by Rob Waller and Paul Lacques of I SEE HAWKS IN L.A., and Rich Dembowski of OLD CALIFORNIO.

Get "Drysdale, Sutton and Koufax" free at:

Just enter "$0" in the checkout. They tell us you are free to share, and they hope you "Enjoy, and happy baseball season!"

The Guide will presume to send thanks on behalf of L.A.'s beleaguered baseball fans, who mostly cannot watch any Dodger games on TV this year. That's due to the greed of Time-Warner and its refusal to make the games available to other outlets for a price anyone can afford.  T-W bought exclusive rights to all Dodger games, in a multi-year, multi-BILLION-dollar deal, and the majority of L.A. households and sports bars do not have the option of buying T-W cable. (Meaning many of us are missing the golden voice of VIN SCULLY, even as we weigh becoming Angel's fans.)

So it's especially great to get your bit o' Dodger  baseball for FREE, from such talented musicians.


More later.
Also, see this morning's short edition about two radio/web radio shows today.


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