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Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEWS FEATURES, Acoustic Americana Music Guide, September 15 edition

    Welcome to the latest edition of The Guide's NEWS section.
If you're looking for the section with all the EVENTS – concerts, club gigs, workshops, festivals, etc., you'll find that in The Guide's SPOTLIGHT EVENTS – the big ol' huge catalog and full abundance of the acoustic music spectrum – it's a click away at   
(additional events added there, September 17...)
Here's the latest NEWS, so let's get started!
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                                        NEWS FEATURES
                                                       September 15, 2011 edition
                                                                            (additions made September 17...)
  1) Musician ALEX BEATON Paralyzed from Accident  
  2) Innovative Ways to Sell Your CDs
  3) Stuff that Works: Musicians' Comedic Press Release of the Month  
  4) “MILLPOND MUSIC FESTIVAL” Brings Finale to Summer Fests, this Weekend  
  5) 8th Annual “CELTIC CONCERT” at the Ford Brings the Craic, this Sunday  
  6) Grand Ole Echo Brings “GRAMATHON” this Sunday
  7) FUR & STEVE Invite You to Recording Sesh for their Live CD, this Sunday
  8) All-Star Lineup for “BLUEGRASS CONCERT AT THE FORD,” September 25  
  9) Of Autoharps, Jobs Bills, and a Vision for Our Future (or the Lack of it)  
 10) “SEASIDE HIGHLAND GAMES” Coming October 8 & 9 in Ventura  
 11) 40th annual “OLD TIME FIDDLER'S CONVENTION & FESTIVAL” is Sunday, October 9
 12) KEN GRAYDON Memorial Concert Brings Fitting Adios  
 13) SEPTEMBER MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS – The Guide's Quick Roundup  
       Here are this week's news feature stories, listed above...    
Our # 1 Story
    A familiar sight on the main stage at Celtic festivals across North America, the kilt-clad ALEX BEATON has long been renowned for his resonant singing voice, Scottish brogue, mastery of the guitar, and ability to keep a crowd engaged as a solo musician. But Alex is off the circuit, and the news is not good.
    In a freak household accident, he fell, shattering a vertebrae in his neck. Surgery removed the broken bone fragments and substituted prosthetic parts, but the broken bones had already exerted pressure on his spinal column. He was paralyzed from the neck down, and has regained only minor movement of one hand. We do not know the medical prognosis for what kind of recovery he might achieve.
    Alex has headlined the SEASIDE HIGHLAND GAMES (feature # 10 in this edition) for many consecutive years, in addition to the L.A. IRISH FAIR, ORANGE COUNTY SCOTSFEST, and other local events.
    On stage, Alex has always combined his performance with something else that others don't dare: it's been his trademark to elicit chuckles through some shameless self-promotion. Alex has always (well, usually) known how far he can push the envelope, hawking his CDs. Every time he gets especially good applause (which is often), he tells the crowd the name of the song and the CD on which it's found – along with a rapid-fire recitation of the track number and the CD's alphanumeric catalog number and the url for the label website. That, combined with a bit of banter about the thrifty Scotsman, some history behind some of his songs, and he's always delivered a distinctive live performance that's gotten him re-booked and brought the crowds back, year after year.
    While we will keep you posted on his condition, there's plenty about Alex, his background, original songs, career, and recordings, all on his website,    
Our hopes for the best of all good things join the blessings and thoughts and prayers sent to Alex by a great many artists and fans throughout the world.
    If you'd like to send wishes to Alex for his recovery, write him at  
    Or you can send a card. His mailing address at hospital is:
Alex Beaton
c/o The Shepherd Center
2020 Peachtree Road NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
    Or you can write him at his Post Office Box:
Alex Beaton
c/o Glenfinnan Music
P.O. Box 681707
Franklin, Tennessee 37068
Our # 2 Story
    We know a lot of our readers seldom indulge in Music Connection magazine, since its emphasis is neither acoustic nor roots-Americana music. But don't be quick to dismiss one of the industry's best West Coast resources. Their September issue is loaded with information to help the DIY (“do-it-yourself”) artist.
    Included is a feature story detailing innovative techniques some artists have created to sell their recorded music. Titled, “Make Your Music Collectible,” it looks at things others have done with great success. It'll make you think outside the box, recounting things others have done, like releasing EPs on a thumb drive inside a candy skull, or turning an album case into a musical instrument. It's online at   
    As MC says, you can “learn a thing or two about how to survive in this dire time.”
Our # 3 Story
    Though they were founded without anyone named Murphy, and they are once again Murphy-less, they lack neither musical aplomb nor humor. MURPHY'S FLAW is a Southern California-based bluegrass band with some fine talent. That includes founder JOHN BRYAN whose email address is banjomensch, and that offers the first clue to the guy's creativity.
    John writes the press releases and gig promos for the group. Around here, his emails are guaranteed to get opened. Laced with laughs, they always inspire us to write more in the same vein when we tell you about their gigs.
    Last Saturday, our Spotlight Events section carried the following:
Sat, Sep 10:
3-5 pm MURPHY'S FLAW brings “Bluegrass without Pity” to Jones Coffee Roasters, 693 S Raymond Av, Pasadena; 626-564-9291. You'll get ample warning: “The Flaw” banner will be hanging over the door. John Bryan, the closest thing they have to a leader, says, “We wanted to give your our most exciting show, so we canceled practice,” adding, “that means you're assured of the absolutely undiluted Flaw experience. We didn't want the usual, mind-numbing repetition of our set list to come between you, the audience, and us, the Flaw.” They really are quite good, despite their own banter to the contrary. More at No cover, but buy something to support the music there.
    Here's some of what you didn't see, culled from John's press release:
    “Don't you feel kind of let down when we start and end tunes at the same time? Well, Saturday you won't.
    Explaining the lack of pre-gig practice, he wrote, “One of our members, a teacher, had parent-teacher conferences on our practice night. So there's that, too.
    “If you're a parent, you should feel guilty. If you're a teacher, you should feel exhausted. But you guilty parents can make it all right again by buying a cup (a cup; nay, five POUNDS) of Jones Coffee, and then depositing all your remaining cash in our tip jar.
    “You'll feel better for it and we know we will.”
    Point is, lots of things work, and that can include self-deprecating humor – as long as it's clear that you really DO think you will deliver a high-caliber performance.
    And always, always, ALWAYS remember to include the vitals in your press release, like the date and time of the gig, your band name and personnel and websites, who else is in the lineup and at what time(s), and the complete info on the venue – address, cross-street, phone, venue's website, info for advance or discount tix, whether there's a cover charge or minimum, whether they serve food, have a full bar, drink specials, if fans will need to make table reservations and eat so they can sit down, etc.
Our # 4 Story
    The Annual “Millpond Music Festival” is, reliably, year-after-year, the best “end-of-the-summer” traditional and new acoustic music festival in California. This year, you'll see headliners DAVID LINDLEY, LOS LOBOS, RAY BONNEVILLE, THE BILLS, MARC ATKINSON TRIO, and INCENDIO, plus plenty more. It's a superb lineup.
    RAY BONNEVILLE is a Red House Records folk-Americana star.
    THE BILLS are that wonderful band from Canada, and they were doing what Old Crow Medicine Show does before OCMS arrived in the scene – plus THE BILLS have fine instrumental proficiency and a delightful mix of old time classics and originals. They earened “Listener Favorite” status on radio's “Tied to the Tracks” a few years ago.
    LOS LOBOS are the L.A. garage band that went on to become international stars with their much-emulated East L.A. folk-rock style. This is a fine chance to catch them on an intimate outdoor stage.
    DAVID LINDLEY is one of the world's favorite guitarists; he can play anything with strings.
    MARC ATKINSON TRIO brings Djangostyle gypsy jazz, and INCENDIO combines a bit of that with fiery flamenco and more.
    This year's festival is this weekend, Friday-through-Sunday, September 16-18, at Millpond County Park / Campground, six miles northeast of Bishop (zip 93514).
    If you can drive to Mammoth to ski, this is closer, up the same Hwy 395. (The 14 Fwy from L.A. or the Valley is a good cutoff to reach 395.)
    Here's the lineup, day-by-day:
    Friday Night - Main Stage
6:30 pm Fiddlin' Pete & Friends     
7:35 pm David Lindley     
9:10 pm Mumbo Gumbo     
    Saturday - Main Stage
1 pm Buster Blue     
2:10 pm Marc Atkinson Trio     
3:30 pm Joe Craven Trio     
4:50 pm The Bills     
7 pm Poor Man's Whiskey     
8:45 pm Incendio     
    Saturday - Workshop Tent
There are seven time slots, with various festival artists leading sessions.
    Sunday - Main Stage
9 am Xitlahuac Estrellas de Mexico Latin Dancers
10 am Sage Romero
11:05 am Eddy Evans Band
12:10 pm Ray Bonneville     
1:20 pm Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan
2:35 pm Cafe Musique     
4:05 pm Masanga Marimba Ensemble     
6 pm Los Lobos     
    Sunday - Workshop Tent
There are seven time slots, with various festival artists leading sessions.
    This festival isn't overcrowded and you won't wait interminably long at the snack bar (which offers good food.) You can take your own chow, ice chest, whatever you like. Tent camping is around one side of the picturesque mill pond, and early birds can get spots shaded by big cottonwood trees. Car parking is close enough to access easily all weekend (but you can't sleep in your car in the regular parking lot). Jamming in the RV campground is always good, and the campground has token-operated showers for all festival participants.
    There's more info at or you can contact or call 760-873-8014. For Bishop area lodging, restaurants & more, go to
    Indulge yourself in one, last, summer festival fling. You'll be happy you did.    
Our # 5 Story
    First, “the craic” is not a band. It's Gaelic for a rousing good time. It happens at this annual end-of summer / early fall fete, and this year brings THE BROWNE SISTERS & GEORGE CAVANAUGH, the LOS ANGELES POLICE EMERALD SOCIETY PIPES & DRUMS, THE PLOUGHBOYS, and SKELPIN, plus IRISH DANCERS, all at the Ford Amphitheatre (aka John Anson Ford Amphitheatre), 2580 Cahuenga Bl East, Hollywood 90068; 323-GO1-FORD (323-461-3673);     
    The show, this Sunday, September 18, begins at 7 pm. It's sponsored, as it is every year, by the Celtic Arts Center. Each band in the lineup headlines at various festivals, but officially headlining tonight are THE BROWNE SISTERS & GEORGE CAVANAUGH. They bring their practiced and beautiful harmonies to traditional Scottish and Irish music. They're rarely seen outside the festival circuit (they'll play their annual sets at the Seaside Highland Games next month, in Ventura), so seeing them on the Ford's concert stage with great sound and lighting is a treat.
    Opening the show is the LOS ANGELES POLICE EMERALD SOCIETY PIPES & DRUMS, followed by performances by local favorites THE PLOUGHBOYS and San Diego-based SKELPIN', always popular performers at the LA County Irish Fair in Pomona.
    Of course, there will be IRISH DANCERS. Organizers say, “This event is not just a concert, but a genuine gathering of the extended Celtic family here in Los Angeles.”
    Renowned Irish musician KEN O'MALLEY is co-producing this year's Celtic Arts Center signature annual event. He has a limited number of discount tickets at the rates of $31, $26 and $22. These tickets will be $39, $34 and $29 at the door. (The $31 seats are in a special reserved section in the front of the house.) Call Chris at 818-389-8512 if you are interested in these discount tickets with no service charge. More at    
    Box dinner orders are available for some shows at 310-652-3797. Or come early and bring your own picnic and beverage of your choice (wine and beer are welcome). Either way, you can feast at the Ford's tables and chairs in the “leafy entryway” by the waterfalls (the grounds open two hours before showtime, for picnicking). Snack bar food & drink are available on-site, though they always run out of hot cocoa when it’s chilly. The Ford must be experienced. It's our favorite of the many outdoor music venues in Los Angeles.
    In addition, fans of Celtic music can make this a memorable weekend, bu starting Saturday night at Caltech. MOYA BRENNAN and CORMAC DE BARRA, masters of the Irish harp, play there Saturday at 8 pm. There's a complete description in our Spotlight Events section, and more at    
Our # 6 Story
    With only one more week to go in this season's GRAND OLE ECHO series, they've pulled out all the stops for “GRAMATHON,” wherein roots artists will celebrate the works of the late GRAM PARSONS.
    You'll hear the THE PALAMINO RIDERS, JESSE HARRIS, GREG HARRIS, JAY DEE MANESS, MIKE BAKER, & DON HEFFINGTON backing guest artists BRENNEN LEIGH, SUSAN JAMES, BRIAN WHELAN, LESLIE STEVENS, DAN JANISCH, & DAVID SERBY. It's Sunday, September 18, 5:30-9 pm, at The Echo, 1822 Sunset Bl, Echo Park; 213-413-8200;    
    The traditions of California Country music, including the Bakersfield Sound, are as vital in developing the Americana genre as anything that came from Austin. And those traditions run through the veins of guitarist and singer songwriter JESSE JAY HARRIS. Jesse's father GREG HARRIS fronted the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS for years after GRAM PARSON's untimely death. Greg worked with many influential musicians during those years, including GARTH HUDSON & RICK DANKO of THE BAND, ROGER McGUINN of THE BYRDS, SNEAKY PETE KLEINOW of THE BURRITOS, and many others.
    The influence of “hanging around at these shows as a kid” is still with Jesse and provides a strong foundation. That's why his first solo release is titled “Solid Ground.” The traditions of bluegrass, country, rock, blues, soul, and jazz are all part of Jesse's years of composing, playing, and producing. These days, he is focused on writing and producing his own brand of Telecaster driven country rock. Currently residing in Los Angeles after a stint in San Francisco, California is Jesse's playground, driving up and down the state to play shows, between tours in Europe and elsewhere. More at and    
    JAYDEE MANESS played on Gram Parson's records, was in the ISB band, was a BUCKAROO, and was VINCE GILL's steel player for years. A member of the “Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame,” a living legend, and as series producer KIM GRANT observes, an “all around great guy.” Check out his website,   
    There's a full bar and a burger n' hot dog barbecue out back. No cover, and it's all ages.
Our # 7 Story
    They're at the top of everyone's list as L.A.'s favorite folk duo, performing originals that sound like classics from the Great Depression. But there's nothing depressing about the songs of these two, who write separately and perform together. They'll take you out on the open road, where the scenery expands forever and you remember good times you've spent in the great expanse and forget the bad ones.
    This Sunday, September 18, at 2 pm, FUR DIXON & STEVE WERNER are recording a show for a live CD. It's at Alva's Showroom, 1417 W Eighth St, San Pedro 90732; Reservation and info line, 800-403-3447. Doors open at 1:30 pm.
    They tell us, “We need you to be there and raise a ruckus, so you'll be on our CD with us!”
    The delightful duo will serve-up selections from their 3 previous CDs, “The Pearl and the Swine,” “Travelers,” and “Songs of the Open Road,” plus “a couple of other special choices.” (We've heard some of their new originals, and it makes us wonder – again – why these two are not yet the big stars they deserve to be.)
    Alva's audience capacity is only 60. To guarantee your spot, call the venue and make a reservation. Your tickets will be at Will Call on the day of the show. Tix, $20, and your admission includes a signed copy of their new live CD, scheduled to arrive the first week of December.
    More at and    
Our # 8 Story
    After taking a year off, the Bluegrass Association of Southern California is back with their annual outdoor extravaganza at the lovely Ford Amphitheatre. The double-bill headlines MICHAEL CLEVELAND & FLAMEKEEPER, a great bluegrass band from Back East, plus local stars LOAFER'S GLORY, on Sunday, September 25, at 7 pm.
    TOM SAUBER, virtuoso mandolin and fiddle player with Southern California's own all-star LOAFER'S GLORY observes, “The Ford is a great place to see and hear music.” He keeps company with a group that's anything but loafers. His band mates are HERB PEDERSEN on guitar, BILL BRYSON on bass, and PATRICK SAUBER on banjo & mandolin.
    MICHAEL CLEVELAND is “one of the greatest improvising violin players in any style,” observes Matt Glaser, Berklee College of Music. It's a treat to have him and his band on the left coast.
    As for LOAFER'S GLORY? Caltech Folk Music Society series producers Rex Meyreis and Nick Smith say, “You really owe it to yourself to hear the harmony singing of this quartet. You'll find that you certainly don't have to be from Kentucky or Tennessee to capture the soul of bluegrass.”
    The Pasadena Star News' ran a fine story on them before their August show at Caltech. It's available at    
    Our Americana readers will especially appreciate one aspect of the Star News article. Band member BILL BRYSON points out that there is little in common between bluegrass and modern day country music.
    Catch one of LOAFER'S GLORY's gospel numbers, “If I Be Lifted Up” on Youtube at For another take, try “Lazy John” at     
    The band's website is part of one of their illustrious band member's sites, at    
    Now, a note on the very special venue. It's our favorite of the many outdoor music venues in Los Angeles. Box dinner orders are available for some shows at 310-652-3797. Or come early and bring your own picnic and beverage of your choice (wine and beer are welcome). Either way, you can feast at the Ford's tables and chairs in the “leafy entryway” by the waterfalls (the grounds open two hours before showtime, for picnicking). Snack bar food & drink are available on-site, though they always run out of hot cocoa when it’s chilly.
    The venue is the Ford Amphitheatre (aka John Anson Ford Amphitheatre), 2580 Cahuenga Bl East, Hollywood 90068; 323-GO1-FORD (323-461-3673); Tix are available at the venue's site, or at any BASC event before the big show.     
Our # 9 Story
Here are a few quotes from this piece, to help you decide to read it:
    President Obama related a quick story during a speech on Tuesday. He said, “Yesterday, [Education Secretary] Arnie Duncan introduced me to a young man who teaches music in Philly. His budget is something like a hundred dollars a year and he goes to a bunch of schools. They use buckets as drums because there's no money for actual musical instruments.”
    Well, Mr. President, at least they have someone there who is a dedicated music teacher, and they have a school district with SOME kind of commitment to music education. Sad as that teacher's circumstances are, they're better than other places.
“...we are the ones who will dumpster-dive for battered instruments that schools throw away when they cancel music education, and put them into the hands of those who make music that can yet inspire young people and others.
    “Whether we are 'alternative' musicians or ones devoted to 'traditional' music, artists function as innovators, purveyors and curators of alternative possibilities, with dreams brighter and more expansive, with visions more consistent with traditions of community, with images of barn raisings, well diggings, cattle round-ups, quilting or sewing bees for troops in the field or those in need, helping each other with harvests, lending plows and oxen or saws and axes, gathering with fiddles and banjos and mandolins and guitars to help someone celebrate. Historians help us remember; artists guide us in finding meanings, old and new, relevant now and for our future.”
    Read the entire piece at    
Our # 10 Story
    This is always one of the best fall music events in the Southern half of the Golden State, with Celtic music that includes both traditional music and dance and Celtic rock. There are pipe and drum corps competitions and performances and massed band pageantry – and “pipe” means bagpipes, for the uninitiated – with the best kilt-and-kit wearing groups for 400 miles.
    While there is enough music on multiple stages to make tough choices a certainty, plus the state's only Scottish fiddle championship, this is a convening of Highland games, as well. As their promo said a few years ago, that means “Large men throwing things,” and some powerful women letting loose with potentially lethal objects, as well.
    The Caber Toss involves throwing telephone poles end-over-end. One person throwing one pole. Amazing. And they do the Hammer Throw. Think of a scene from Thor. You'll either be intimidated or inspired by the sheer physical strength and control of these athletes. See this, and you'll be far less tolerant of TV's silly junk sports with floaties and Styrofoam bats. These sports and their athletes are serious, and they're fun to watch. And don't worry about the kids. There's nothing gladiatorial here and you watch from a safe place.
    Featured musicians are SLIGO RAGS, THE BROWNE SISTERS & GEORGE CAVANAUGH, ANITA & THE YANKS, CELTIC SPRING, and ERIC RIGLER & BAD HAGGIS, plenty of bagpipes and drums, dancing by the CLADDAGH DANCE COMPANY, plus more musicians to be announced.
    ERIC RIGLER did the haunting Irish flute and whistle for the soundtrack of “Titanic.” These days, his band, BAD HAGGIS, is one of the top Celtic rock outfits. (Festival food vendors have good haggis, in case you're wondering.)
     SLIGO RAGS has been named by the Guide's editor, writing the annual “Top Ten/Best of” for FolkWorks magazine, as one of the Top Ten acoustic bands in Southern California. Their musicality gets them booked every year as the only Celtic band at bluegrass festivals, too.
    Tragically absent this year is longtime headliner ALEX BEATON, who suffered a paralyzing accident (see feature # 1 in this edition).
    In addition to the Saturday and Sunday festival that uses the entire Ventura County Fairgrounds complex, there's a Friday “Scottish Evening” event, October 7, and a Saturday night concert / country dance with PEAT-FIRE FLAME. These require separate tickets. A Celtic rock concert is included with festival admission on Saturday, 5 to 8 pm.
    A two-day festival pass is $19 advance, $22 gate (seniors $18 and $20, children $3/day, age 5 and under free). One-day tickets are $12 advance, $14 gate (seniors $10 and $12, children $3, age 5 and under free). The festival site is the Ventura County Fairgrounds, 10 W Harbor Bl, Ventura 93001. Amtrak stops at the festival's front gate.
    We'll bring you more in next week's Spotlight Events section. Meantime, check or call 818-886-4968.
    Finally, if you're attending the 40th annual OLD TIME FIDDLER'S CONVENTION & FESTIVAL (feature # 11) in Goleta on Sunday, October 9, it makes a great weekend to spend Saturday at the SEASIDE HIGHLAND GAMES.
Our # 11 Story
    It's a landmark year for a fine event that's always under-promoted. This year, the lineup is appropriate for the convention / festival's four-decade anniversary, with LAURIE LEWIS & TOM ROZUM, HOT BUTTERED RUM, ERIC & SUZY THOMPSON, PETER FELDMANN & THE VERY LONESOME BOYS, MOLLY'S REVENGE, and the OLD TIME FIDDLERS.
It's a one-day event, Sunday only, 10 am-5 pm, at Rancho La Patera & Stow House, 304 N. Los Carneros Road, in Goleta 93117. If you're going, why not make it a full weekend by spending Saturday at the SEASIDE HIGHLAND GAMES? (See News Feature # 10 to learn about that one).
    We'll have more on the Fiddler's fete in an upcoming edition.
Our # 12 Story
Here are a few quotes from this piece, to help you decide to read it:
    “KEN GRAYDON influenced so many people that both the L.A. Times and the L.A. Daily News ran front-page tributes to note his passing.
    “On Sunday, September 4, musicians whose home bases span the nation gathered to lead a cross section of the many communities, in and out of the arts, touched by the late performing songwriter Ken Graydon. The man was a true American original, and the old expression, “his like will not pass this way again,” could have been written for Ken Graydon.
    “The music was amazing, performed by top award-winning western artists, and most of it was Ken's originals. The poetry and poetic prose was marvelous and memorable.
    “Everyone knew him as a splendid human being with a richly resonant baritone voice who played a big twelve string and was the best history-based songwriter anywhere. One listen and you knew his songs were not limited to the events they illustrated. They illuminated the humanity inherent in times and places, past or present.”
    Read the entire piece at    
Our # 13 Story
    In addition to the wealth of detailed, chronological listings and write-ups in our current Spotlight Events Section, here are a few “Show-of-the-Week” highlights...
LATE ADDITION: on TV, Saturday the 17th, 7-8 pm “CALIFORNIA'S GOLD” brings the "SINGING COWBOYS," ROY ROGERS, DALE EVANS, and HERB JEFFRIES. And the "UKULELE MAN" episode featuring 103-year-old musician BILL TAPIA, on KCET, broadcast channel 28. (Check cable listings.)
    Briefly, here's a look at September's key LIVE events, starting with the FESTIVALS...
    This coming weekend brings the always wonderful “MILLPOND MUSIC FESTIVAL” near Bishop. It's Friday the 16th through Sunday the18th, in the beautiful Eastern Sierra country. (See the separate feature story, #4.)
    The “INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY WEEKEND” arrives September 17, with maritime music in San Pedro and a celebration for the kids at the L.A. County Fair in Pomona.
    September 24, there's the 17th annual “HARVEST FESTIVAL OF DULCIMERS” Plus, the same day brings the annual “CASTAIC DAYS” at the big reservoir just a little ways up I-5, with a 7 pm happy-feet Cajun set by Grammy nominees LISA HALEY & THE ZYDECATS.
    CONCERTS are BIG this month, both weekends and weeknights. Though things are beginning to move indoors, you'll still find marvelous acoustic concerts indoors and out.
    OUTDOORS in September, the Ford Amphitheatre's annual Celtic extravaganza arrives the 18th (see feature story # 5), and the big bluegrass show happens there on the 25th (that's feature story # 8); yep, we have separate features on each, in this edition. DON HENLEY (EAGLES) plus LUCINDA WILLIAMS play the Greek Theatre on the 17th.
    Thursday the 15th, SALTY SUITES, the acoustic ensemble of SCOTT GATES, CHUCK HAILES, & CHELSEA WILLIAMS, returns to the Coffee Gallery Backstage in a double bill with THE WIMBERLEY BLUEGRASS BAND. This'll be umm-doggies-GOOD!
    This weekend, if you're not at Millpond, don't sit home:
    Friday, September 16 brings entirely too many choices, with SLAID CLEAVES at McCabe's, MICHAEL CHAPDELAINE at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, and CHRIS STUART & JANET BEAZLEY (both of BACKCOUNTRY) plus RACHEL SEDACCA at the “Camarillo Café Concert Series” in Ventura County.
    The next night, Saturday, the 17th, TRACY GRAMMER plays “The Living Tradition” series in Anaheim, SLAID CLEAVES plays the Folk Music Center in Claremont, MOYA BRENNAN and CORMAC DE BARRA (masters of the Irish harp) play the Caltech Folk Music Society in Pasadena, MARY GAUTHIER & LORI McKENNA are at McCabe's, BLAME SALLY plays Russ and Julie’s House Concert series, and there's a long awaited ELDERLOCKE reunion show at the Coffee Gallery Backstage.
    Sunday the 18th brings a pair of afternoon special events, as FUR DIXON & STEVE WERNER record a show for a live CD at Alva's Showroom (feature # 7), and “THE BERNIE PEARL L.A. BLUES REVUE” with BARBARA MORRISON, plus SHERRY PRUITT and BIG JAMIE POWELL, is the latest “Ash Grove Concert Series” offering at Tropico de Nopal Gallery in L.A. THE GRAND OLE ECHO nears the end of its season and September 18th brings “Gramathon” (feature story # 6) with roots artists celebrating the works of the late GRAM PARSONS; performing are the THE PALAMINO RIDERS, JESSE HARRIS, GREG HARRIS, JAY DEE MANESS, MIKE BAKER, & DON HEFFINGTON, and guest artists BRENNEN LEIGH, SUSAN JAMES, BRIAN WHELAN, LESLIE STEVENS, DAN JANISCH, & DAVID SERBY, at the Echo. TRACY GRAMMER with JIM HENRY are at the Coffee Gallery Backstage that evening. And don't overlook the outdoor shows or forget about the road trip option to the Millpond Festival this weekend.
    Tuesday, September 20, WILLIE NELSON's 16-year-old fiddle virtuoso RUBY JANE plays the Coffee Gallery Backstage with her band.
    Friday the 23rd brings THE BRACKEN BAND with Irish music to the Grand Annex, while TOM CORBETT with BORDER RADIO plays the Coffee Gallery Backstage.
    Check our list of Saturday's festivals, plus choices on the 24th include a pair of house concerts, with WOMEN ON THE MOVE in Sherman Oaks and “FOLK ROOTS OF AMERICAN POPULAR MUSIC” in South Pasadena, or choose “POETRY GETS THE BLUES” with bluesman BERNIE PEARL in L.A. or FRANCISCO GONZALEZ, “Mexican Harp,” at the Folk Music Center in Claremont, or JENNIFER WARNES at McCabe's.
    Sunday the 25th brings the annual “BLUEGRASS CONCERT AT THE FORD” (feature story # 8) with MICHAEL CLEVELAND & FLAMEKEEPER plus LOAFER'S GLORY, at the Ford Amphitheatre. Or, there's JIM LAUDERDALE plus PIETA BROWN at McCabe's. The same evening at the Echo is the very last GRAND OLE ECHO for 2011, with SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS, and it may sell-out; unlike the season so far, you need tix for this one; they're $12 advance, $14 doors, and it's 18+.
    On the 27th, EMMYLOU HARRIS with her RED DIRT BOYS, plus PATTY GRIFFIN & BUDDY MILLER, play the Greek Theatre.
    Elsewhere along the left coast, there's still the annual “Cascade Zydeco Dance Camp” (September 16-18, in Oregon), and the annual “Seafarer's Marketplace & Pirate Festival” (September 24 & 25, in Sacramento). Both are described in our Spotlight Events section to help anyone planning a road trip.
And of course, a whole LOT more Southern Cal events are described in Spotlight Events, too!
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  4) “Equinox Folk Music, Dance & Storytelling Festival” is this Weekend  
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  4) “Remember The Music” Benefit will Bring Grammy Winner SHELBY LYNNE, plus
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  6) DON McLEAN & Broadway Stars Headline Saturday's “BELIEVE Only in Love”
  7) Guitar Goddess VICKI GENFAN Plays Altadena, August 26
  8) DAVID GRIER, IBMA Guitarist of the Year, Plays Culver City, August 26
  9) “The Drop: JOHN DOE” At The Grammy Museum, August 31
10) JONATHAN McEUEN & NATHAN McEUEN Together for Two Rare Shows
11) LAUREN ADAMS Plays a Birthday Show, September 2
12) Acoustic ALARM 30th Anniversary Tour Hits L.A. September 4
13) Musical Memorial Service For KEN GRAYDON is September 4
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  1) Massive Loss: London Rioters Burn Indie CDs in Sony Warehouse  
  2) Inaugural VENTURA FOLK FESTIVAL "Bound For Glory" is POSTPONED
  2a) Airshow has Musical Dimension, is an Option in Ventura County this Weekend
  3) Musical Celebration for Zoey's 5th Anniversary this Weekend
  5) Tix Alert: DON HENLEY (Eagles) & LUCINDA WILLIAMS
  6) Free Download: New Music Business Handbook from BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC
  7) Uhh, the Music Biz is “Exactly Like a Silent Movie?” – Really?
  8) “FOUR FRIENDS ACOUSTIC MUSIC SERIES” Announces 6 Month Schedule
  9) Opportunity is Where You Find it: L.A. Pianist Accepted to Atlanta Horror Film Festival
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