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Friday, September 30, 2011

NEWS FEATURES, Acoustic Americana Music Guide, September 30 edition

    This is the “Welcome to Rocktober” edition of The Guide's NEWS section.
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Here's the up-to-the-minute (well, up-to-the-deadline) NEWS, so let's get started!
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                                        NEWS FEATURES
                                                       September 30, 2011 edition
  1) World's Oldest Musician Releases New CD, with Party this Saturday  
  2) GLEN CAMPBELL is on his Farewell Tour; he Means it, and Why  
  3) SIMON LYNGE Returns to L.A. with Hits in Europe; Plays this Weekend  
  4) BUTCH HANCOCK, from THE FLATLANDERS, to Play Altadena Monday Night  
  5) Musical Revue of American History – in Song & Story, this Tuesday  
  6) WORKSHOPS are part of “WORLD FESTIVAL OF SACRED MUSIC,” October 1st-16th  
  7) INVITATION TO ARTISTS: 30th annual “Los Angeles Holiday Caroling” Festivities –   
    (or participate in YOUR city...)  
  8) GIG OPPORTUNITY: Wanna Play Southern California's Largest Harvest Festival?  
  9) “WATER IS RISING: Music & Dance Amid Climate Change,” by Pacific Island Artists,   
    will have World Premiere in L.A. and Two Local Performances  
10) “Moody Bluegrass Two...Much Love” with VINCE GILL, RICKY SKAGGS, SAM BUSH, &  
    More, Gets Critical Acclaim  
11) Highlights of the Coming Week (and Beyond): Welcome to Acoustic Rocktober!  
       Here are this week's news feature stories, listed above...    
Our # 1 Story
    No, this isn't some Monty Python routine. We are talking about the one-and-only BILL TAPIA, who is 103 years old and a legend on both the ukulele and the jazz guitar. And the new CD being released is the recording of his live performance that celebrated his 100th birthday. That concert happened in the company of some formidable musicians that Bill chose to perform with him. It brought a full house to the cavernous Warner Grand in San Pedro.
    Now, you might think that a 100-plus-year-old would simply be carried along by the other musicians on stage. When it comes to Bill Tapia, you'd be wrong. Bill is in charge when he is on stage, and he's fully aware of what every other player is doing. And he isn't bashful about letting them know it. At his 101st birthday concert, he chided his excellent guitarist to take a solo because “You're going to sleep over there!”
    Last we knew, Bill was still mixing touring with teaching his cadre of students.
    The back cover of his new CD contains the quote, “If there was a Mount Rushmore for ukulele players, Bill Tapia would be on it.”
    That's no idle aphorism. The world's oldest professional musician is the only one living who played with JOHN PHILLIP SOUZA and with most of the Big Band legends. And, yep, he IS amazing!
    “California's Gold,” the long-running local PBS show hosted and produced by Huell Howser, once did an episode with Bill called "Ukulele Man." That was bacxk when Bill was young – if you call age 97 young. In it, Huell spent an afternoon with the ukulele maestro. With a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face, Bill shared his remarkable and colorful life story and his lively music. For a recent re-airing of the show, Huell added a short update to talk about what Bill is doing now – at the age of 103 – including the then-impending release of his new album.
    Your editor has enjoyed a similar opportunity to chat with Bill for a broadcast audience. In late 2007, just before his 100th birthday, Bill did a performance-interview for radio's “Tied to the Tracks,” where he proved to have an excellent memory and wonderful storytelling skills. And of course, he dazzled on his ukulele.
    A few weeks later, the legendary artist-singer, raconteur, ukulele player, and jazz guitarist-took to the stage of the historic Warner Grand Theatre and the show was recorded. Joining in the celebration was an audience of fans from across the U.S. and around the world. It was actually a return engagement, albeit slightly delayed – Bill had last played there in 1935.
    This time around, Bill was accompanied by renowned musicians KRISTIN KORB, EARL ALLEN, FRANK DEVITO, and ABE LAGRIMAS JR. It was a magical evening of American jazz standards and Hapa Haole Hawaiian classics, and hosted by KING KUKULELE. As the CD's package notes, “Happily, the magic of that never-to-be-repeated event has been meticulously captured and preserved with this special album release.”
    It boggles the mind to think of being artistic, capable, and more than worth hearing when you're over a hundred. But we were there at that concert, and we're looking forward to the CD.
    The new CD, “BILL TAPIA, LIVE AT THE WARNER GRAND THEATRE - THE 100th BIRTHDAY CONCERT,” gets its CD Release Party in L.A. on Saturday from 5-9 pm. Reservations are required, though the event is free and “Friends and folks of all ages are welcome. Food and drink items are appreciated.” It's at Paniolo Productions World Headquarters, 3552 Kelton Av, Los Angeles 90034; make reservations at 323-547-3482 or at    
Our # 2 Story
    If you've always wanted to hear him sing “Galveston” or “Wichita Lineman” or bring his signature voice and guitar to any of his many other hits, this is your last opportunity.
    Diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he says he's making the rounds one last time “Before I start forgetting the lyrics.”
    With the release of the remake of “True Grit” earlier this year, we were reminded pf Glen Campbell's role alongside JOHN WAYNE and KIM DARBY in the original, and his song for the opening credits that became a hit. We “remembered” with the help of AMC's annotated version of the film. We hope we will have no trouble recalling the lyrics to his songs.
    At least there, we join millions in remembering for you, Glen. We only wish we could help you forestall the loss of any of the memories you hold dear. But we will take the opportunity to say thank you for the music and for your integrity as an artist – an integrity you are demonstrating even now, by knowing when it's time to quit.
    On Thursday, October 6, GLEN CAMPBELL performs with INSTANT PEOPLE. Together, they bring his farewell tour to Club Nokia, 777 Chick Hearn Ct, downtown L.A. 90015; info 213-763-6030; tix 213-763-6020;    
Our # 3 Story
    He has just completed a European tour with EMMYLOU HARRIS and played the prestigious Glastonbury Festival, the first Greenlander to do so.
    World-renowned talents came to work with him on his new recording. Renowned musicians joining him in the studio include bass-player LEE SKLAR (James Taylor, Jackson Browne), guitarist SHANE FONTAYNE (Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon), drummer JAY BELLEROSE (Marc Cohen, Madeliene Peyroux), and bassist FREEBO (Bonnie Raitt, John Mayall, CSN). In rather prestigious circles, Simon’s work on “The Future” is already being compared to the likes of Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Elliot Smith, Nick Drake and other uncommonly gifted artists.
    SIMON LYNGE has the smoothest singing voice you've ever heard. He combines fine musical sensibilities with an outlook and sense of spirituality that derives from his Norse / Inuit roots, having been raised in Greenland and Denmark.
    But don't let any of that fool you. He speaks English and writes songs in English with far more aplomb than several dozen successful songwriters who were born here.
    His debut album, “The Future,” is on London-based Lo Max Records.
    It was named “Album of the Week” earlier this year by MDR (radio and TV in Germany). It introduces Simon as a fully-formed contender for major success. It was recorded at Bright Orange Studios in Los Angeles with co-producers MATT FORGER (Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney) and JON MATTOX (The Young Dubliners).
    “The Future” entered the BBC UK charts at #22 one day after its June 7, 2010 release. It hit #1 on the UK Rock charts and #14 on iTunes. German Rolling Stone did a two-page feature on the CD. A year later, its still going strong, and the new single “If You Go” has been added to BBC Radio 2, the largest radio station in the UK.
    Sunday, October 2 at 7 pm, SIMON LYNGE plays the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena 92675; info,; reservations, 626-798-6236. Tix, $15. Or, you can catch for a shorter set before that, on Friday at 9 pm at Genghis Cohen in L.A.
Our # 4 Story
    Rolling Stone magazine describes Butch Hancock as "a raspy-voiced West Texas mystic with an equal affinity for romantic border balladry and Zen paradox."
    World-traveling troubadour BUTCH HANCOCK hails from the same Lubbock, Texas, music scene that gave us JOE ELY and JIMMIE DALE GILMORE, his equally eclectic and mega-talented colleagues in THE FLATLANDERS.
    In 2010, he picked up something he'd done back in 1990, and the story is fun. Hancock and more than two dozen musician friends staged a 1990 event worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records: calling it “No Two Alike,” they played six straight nights of live performances in Austin's famed Cactus Café, recording 140 of his original songs without repeating a single song. He released the staggering output later in the year as the “No Two Alike Tape of the Month club.”
    More remarkably, twenty years later, In 2010, Butch reprised the event. This time he titled it “No Two More Alike.” Fans from as far as Tokyo were there, representing a measure of the devotion Hancock’s singular compositions inspire.
    Butch is one of contemporary music's most entertaining raconteurs and his tunes evoke mystical visions of wind-swept dry-plains and his lyrics are profoundly imaginative, often displaying for his listeners the miracles that occur in the ordinary through creative irony and metaphors. This is a show that shouldn’t be missed.
    A globe-traveling troubadour with a long string of recorded songs and albums, Butch has been called "one of the finest songwriters of our time" and is acknowledged by his peers and critics alike as one of the premiere singer-songwriters Texas has ever produced. His tunes evoke mystical visions of wind-swept dry-plains and his lyrics are profoundly imaginative, often displaying for his listeners the miracles that occur in the ordinary through creative irony and metaphors. His lyrical style has often been compared to that of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie and his record “Own and Own,” released in '91, contains his "If I Were a Bluebird," a song later covered by EMMYLOU HARRIS.    
    During his acclaimed career, Hancock has written and recorded several landmark albums, some of them sparse and simple, others as big as the West Texas sky. After moving to the progressive country hotbed of Austin in the mid '70s, he started his own Rainlight label and released the quintessential “West Texas Waltzes and Dust-Blown Tractor Tunes” in 1978.
    In the years that followed, he continued to release albums steeped with meaning and memory, a foundation that cemented his global reputation as a master wordsmith.
    Get reservations for this one, for sure. He first played the venue a few months ago, so plenty of regulars know him and his music and there will be competition for the available tickets. The show is Monday, October 3, at 8 pm, at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena 92675; info,; reservations number (NEW, May 2011) is 626-798-6236. The venue has great sound reinforcement, nicely operated stage lights, and coffee house fare is available. It's “The venue named in FolkWorks as L.A.’s best intimate acoustic listening room venue” - and uhh, yes, the Guide's editor wrote those annual picks for FolkWorks, and still stands by them. Tix, $20.
Our # 5 Story
    She's calling it “TURN THE PAGE,” and singer-songwriter-actress DEBBIE BERRY has been working on this project for months. The result is the debut, Tuesday night, of nothing less than a musical and storytelling revue of tunes and tales of America's history.
    Debbie says, “Come join us on a journey of little known facts, from the creation of our 'Colonial American Spirit' to adventures out in the 'Old West.' Learn how some of our most beloved songs were created, and through stories, songs and anecdotes, [how] we carved out a new nation from the voices and adventures of the people who lived it.”
    In essence, this will be an evening's journey through songs and tales of the frontier, and since the frontier is, as a famous historian once observed, “a state of mind,” that seems an especially valid, and fun, way to make the trip through tunes and times, dreams and visions.
    DEBBIE BERRY produced the show, and she performs it tonight with special guest RON CHRISTOPHER. Co-sponsored by the venue and the Western Music Association, California Chapter. More info at    
    While the guys in the powdered wigs look on from their places on the paper money, the mists will swirl skyward – and the boatmen will return to the Erie Canal, the horses will leave the livery stable, the steamboats depart the riverbank, the trains chuff out of the station, and the melodies echo like a whistle across the prairies – on Tuesday, October 4, at 7:30 pm, at Viva Fresh Cantina, 900 Riverside Dr (next to L.A. Equestrian Center), Burbank 91506;;  818-845-2425 or 818-515-4444. The venue is known for its Mexican food, and has full menu and full bar. No cover; tips for the artists are “gratefully accepted.”
Our # 6 Story
OCTOBER 1st-16th  
    Okay, we know, it's filled with rather exotic world-music offerings that mostly do not appeal to folk-Americana fans. But don't sell it short. The festival runs 16 days, has 32 events, and involves performances by 832 artists at various venues throughout L.A. In the midst of all that, it brings WORKSHOPS that will allow you to explore new sounds, new techniques and new instruments – you can even make one to keep, in some workshops.
    Likewise, this weekend's “OJAI WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL” has similar workshop opportunities. The Ojai fest's workshops are represented below by “OWMF,” while L.A. fest workshops are tagged with “WFSM.”
    Selected from both schedules, here are just A FEW workshops that might interest you (check each festival's schedule for complete offerings):
    There are numerous workshops all day Sat, Oct 1, from 9:30 am-10 pm, at the Ojai Arts Center, 113 S Montgomery St, Ojai 93023; 805-646-0117. Festival info, 805-646-8907.
    Adult “FLUTE MAKING AND MUSIC WORKSHOP” with MARTIN ESPINO, Sun, Oct 2, 1-3 pm, at the Ojai Arts Center, 113 S Montgomery St, Ojai 93023; 805- 646-0117. (OWMF)
    Four concurrent workshops: INDONESIAN MASK-MAKING; SCREEN-PRINTING; IOTA CENTER DIGITAL CUMBIA & ANIMATION; RAW BITES CHOCOLATE-MAKING, all on Sat, Oct 8, 2 pm, at Luckman Fine Arts Center, 5151 State College Dr, Los Angeles 90032; 323-343-6600. (WFSM; info and full schedules at    
    While we're at it, here's a heads-up on workshops at the upcoming “SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIONÓL” on Saturday & Sunday, November 12 & 13 (workshops run 10:30 am-4 pm on Saturday and 11 am-5 pm on Sunday). There are workshops on Celtic music and pipemaking with MICHAEL COONEY, JIMMY O'BRIEN-MORAN, Pipemaker BENEDICT KOEHLER, and THE McKEAGNEY'S, all sponsored by Southern California Uilleann Pipers' Club. The workshops will be held at 29251 Country Hills Rd, San Juan Capistrano 92675. (The TIONÓL concert is nearby on Saturday, Nov 12, at 7:30 pm.)
Our # 7 Story
(or participate in YOUR city...)
    Each year, Grammy, music Oscar, and music Emmy winners and nominees join other musicians and folks in show biz to bring cheer to shut-ins and experience plenty of joy themselves. And VINCENT J. LEINEN, organizer and founder of this and 20 other events like it across America, wants you to take part.
    This year will mark three decades that Vincent has rounded-up his musical friends, expanded the circle to include more, and celebrated the Holidays with those who might have had no sense of anything special were it not for his corps of carolers.
    And you should know this is no casual troupe. While it requires no advance preparation on the part of the bulk of participants, it is organized with precision you'll hardly notice. But the gentle presence of Vincent does, and he has this operating like a well-oiled machine. Rest assured, the time you spend doing this on that one afternoon and evening will matter, and you will know that you and the part you played mattered. It's a fine way to get the feeling of the Holidays that we're supposed to have and seldom achieve amidst pushy shoppers and electronic reindeer.
    Vincent has asked The Guide to spread the word to artists and those who like to sing. He says, “You’re extended a special invitation to support, promote, and participate in the 30th Annual Los Angeles Holiday Caroling festivities on Sunday, December 4, 2011, at numerous senior care centers and a restaurant located in the West San Fernando Valley to bring happiness and/or enlightenment to the elderly, care-givers, and participants during the holiday season.”
    He explains, “The tradition of caroling for the elderly began for me in high school while singing at local senior care centers with the St. Mary Catholic Youth Association in Dow City, Iowa (pop. 498). It then continued while attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Now, as a resident of Los Angeles, the tradition has since evolved, grown, and expanded into a series of festivities celebrated across the country. This includes the large-scale, must attend holiday event (est. 250 participants) in Los Angeles.”
    While Vincent always recruits star power, that's not enough for him. He emphasizes, “This enjoyable and rewarding community service project is open to entertainers, singers and musicians of all talent levels and ages. It is a very fulfilling opportunity to give and to receive joy, happiness, and holiday spirit to and from the elderly residents, care-givers, and participants, while enhancing one’s own perspective or appreciation of life, health, and family.”
    He sums it up, “Bottom line: Everyone greatly benefits from the festivities.”
    It all happens Sunday, December 4, 2011. You'll spend the time from 4 -7:15 pm caroling at senior care centers in Canoga Park, and that includes a couple of stage shows for the enjoyment of those able to come to the dining hall in their facility. The time is used much more effectively than you can imagine. The evening concludes from 7:30-9:30 pm with a “Post Caroling Party” ay a local eatery.
    Your editor will always remember his impromptu part in one of the stage shows, when Vincent suddenly chose him to trade lead vocals with a genuine opera diva, while backed by a Grammy winning guitarist, Grammy-nominated fiddler, famous pianist, and the drummer from the Tonight Show. And you can't get a more appreciative audience.
     Vincent will launch “a full media blitz” to promote the event to many major Los Angeles metro radio, television, and newspaper outlets. For Vincent, it's all pretty simple. He says, “Together we have the power to make a difference and to make the world a better place!” and he adds to all who take part, “Thank you for blessing my life and the lives of others. Happy Holidays!”
    Still, this is a major production, so you really do need to commit to it and RSVP to Vincent promptly, especially if you play an instrument and want to bring it for the stage show or as a strolling troubadour, accompanied by additional vocalists or others with instruments.
    There's plenty of info on all of Vincent's caroling dates, across the country, at    
    To sign-up for December 4, OR TO TAKE PART IN ONE OF THE OTHER CITIES across America where Vincent brings caroling to shut-ins, or for more info, contact Vincent J. Leinen at 818-342-9336, or e-mail him at    
Our # 8 Story
    They're still booking music acts and bands for their Main Stage. The “HALLOWEEN HARVEST FESTIVAL” at the Pierce College Farm Center, corner of Victory and Desoto in Woodland Hills. They proclaim the event as “the largest Harvest Festival in all of Southern California,” and they've expanded this year to include a larger festival grounds and an expanded six-acre corn maze.
    The festival runs September 23th thru October 31st. It opens at 10 am and runs daily and every evening. Sundays-Thursdays, it closes at 10 pm, Fridays & Saturdays, 'til midnight.
    This is a big-deal event, and they've been doing it for years, so they're good at it. In addition to the live music and that giant Corn Maze, activities include a Hay Ride, Giant Slide, Jumpers, Petting Zoo, a Train Ride, Carousel, Pony Rides, Bumper Boats, daytime Haunted House, Cow Train, Bungee, Rock Wall Climb, Gemstone Mining, and there's an “Afterdark FrightFair Screampark” with nighttime Factory of Nightmares Haunted House, Creatures of the Corn Haunted Trail, nighttime Corn Maze, and something they're calling the “Insane Reaction.”
    They offer all kinds of “activity ticket” combinations, but basic admission, which includes entry, the Corn Maze, the Hay Ride, and a couple of activity tickets, is only $5. Anyone who rides the Metro Orange Line gets in free, and the station is just across the street (must show a paper Metro ticket with that day's date).
    So, are you interested in performing? If so, contact Carolyn at  
    There's more info on the event at – – – or call them at 818-999-6300.
Our # 9 Story
    Thirty-six artists from the smallest countries in the world – the Pacific atols of Kiribati, Tokelau, and Tuvalu – will present song and dance from their culture, with a message of immediacy. While it's safe to say that If you enjoy Hawaiian music, you'll love this, it's much more. This will bring you face-to-face with the reality of climate change and rising sea levels.
    The three atols have populations of 100,000, 1,500, and 12,000, respectively. With elevations only two to three meters above sea level, life on a coral atol requires a deep respect for the forces of nature. Survival depends on communal values and cooperation. Music and dance are a key to developing and expressing these values.
    There are lessons for all of us here. The utter synchronicity and joy of group performance speaks to the collective solidarity, empathy, self-confidence, and self-awareness that characterizes these Pacific islanders. Gracious gestures describe the abundance of their ocean. Forceful movement shows the vitality of a seafaring life. Poems speak of a heroic past.
    As they tour the U.S. For the first time, these artists will share stories of atol life amid climate change and rising sea waters, and bring each of us to a personal awareness of what it means to one culture, their culture. It should offer a reality check, with an issue that's too often swallowed by the background noise of our own politics.
    We can't risk this getting lost in the deluge of the festival's 16-day, 32-event, 832-artist fete filled with rather exotic “world-music” offerings that mostly do not appeal to folk-Americana fans.
    On Saturday, October 15, the production makes its world premiere at UCLA's Royce Hall at 7 pm, as a key show at the “World Festival Of Sacred Music” (
    On Tuesday, October 18 at 8 pm, there's a performance at UC Riverside's University Theatre, 400 Humanities, Riverside 92521.
    These performances may sell-out, so we recommend getting tickets right away. Info, Advance tix for the UCLA show on Oct 15 at   
Our # 10 Story
    Released this summer, that's been long enough to bring plenty of acclaim for “MOODY BLUEGRASS TWO...MUCH LOVE.” It's an all-star “part two” bluegrass tribute to the MOODY BLUES, and the 2011 encore to 2004’s critically and commercially acclaimed first tribute to the legendary light rock / adult alternative / triple-A band.
    It's been popular in recent years to “bluegrassify” the music of artists and bands from other genres. The chief example is the “Pickin On...” series, which has had quite a run.
    This project is notable for several reasons. First, it's a sequel, and second, “ Nashville’s finest” again collaborated with some of the best bluegrass artists, as they did for the original – plus, MOODY BLUES members were on-board.
    Producer DAVID HARVEY returns for this second volume, which blends the songwriting of the Moody Blues with the bluegrass sounds of mandolins, banjos and even clogging. The collection of bluegrass covers even includes Moody Blues members JUSTIN HAYWARD, JOHN LODGE and GRAEME EDGE, as well as band co-founders MIKE PINDER and RAY THOMAS and a wide assortment of Music City stars, including VINCE GILL, RICKY SKAGGS, and SAM BUSH.
    In addition to the big names of Nashville, the album features the talents of bluegrass / roots Americana stalwarts TIM O'BRIEN, HARLEY ALLEN, PETER ROWAN, JAN HARVEY, RONNIE BOWMAN, EMMA HARVEY, LARRY CORDLE, JOHN COWAN, JON RANDALL, DAVID HARVEY, TIM MAY, ANDY HALL, and ANDY TODD.
    It's received praise from critics. But the best endorsement when you do a cover is always the one you hope you get from the original artist(s). This album has that, too:
    RAY THOMAS, co-founder of the Moody Blues, says, “We have had so many cover versions of our songs over the years, but none have stood out like Moody Bluegrass. Nashville's most outstanding musicians have once again brought a new dimension to our songs.“
    Here a sampling from the critics:
"'s nice to see this ultra-talented group of musicians step away from genre conventions to produce something wonderful." - Elmore.
"On this outing the results are more stylistically unified..." – Country Weekly.
"…as on the first volume cleverly parlays prog-rock into prog-string band." – No Depression.
"If you are a fan of the Moody Blues or bluegrass, you’ll find plenty to like on MB2…it proves something worth doing once is worth doing twice." - Vintage Guitar.
"The 16 tracks on this CD are all executed with precision." – Americana Gazette.
    We find it an enjoyable listen, though lacking in the kind of high-energy delivery we are accustomed to hearing from many of the bluegrass artists involved.
    The record spans the entire Moody Blues catalog, and includes fan favorites omitted the first time around, like "Tuesday Afternoon" and "I Know You're Out There." It's now available on iTunes and as a physical CD. More info at   
Our # 11 Story
    Of course, you'll find ALL of this week's COMING EVENTS – our complete harvest of vine-ripened, organically grown, spring-water-washed good times, often presented in delectable detail – and always chronologically displayed as listings and write-ups, all awaiting you in our current SPOTLIGHT EVENTS Section, at   
    But, in QUICK form, here are our “Show-of-the-Week” highlights through two weekends...
But first – one last September night remains, and offers fine live music...
    Fri, Sep 30,
B. B. KING plus SHAWN JONES play the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills; bluesman / actor HUGH LAURIE performs with RASPIN STUWART at the Mint in L.A.; OLLABELLE is at McCabe's in Santa Monica; the HOLLYWOOD BLUE FLAMES are at Yolies in Ventura; THE AROHI ENSEMBLE presents “SOULS ASCENDING” at Boston Court Performing Arts Center in Pasadena. (We did a feature story on HUGH LAURIE, “Blues in House: HUGH LAURIE the Musician,” in our Sep 9 edition, Feature #5, and you can still read it at    
    They abound as October arrives in Southern Cal, where the weather is here and we hope you are beautiful...
But first, Fri-Sun, Sep 30-Oct 2, in San Francisco,
“HARDLY STRICTLY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL,” an annual mega-acoustic-music event, takes over gigantic Golden Gate Park on multiple stages.
    Now-Oct 1, in L.A.,
“OOH LA L.A.,” aka the 3rd Annual “FRENCH MUSIC FESTIVAL IN LOS ANGELES,” runs at the El Rey Theater and features an eclectic lineup of NOUVELLE VAGUE, TINARIWEN, HINDI ZAHRA, HUGH COLTMAN, DJ CAM, BIRDY NAM NAM and others. Amoeba Hollywood will present a special in-store showcase with acclaimed Touareg band TINARIWEN, performing live in the store on September 29 at 6 pm (caution – this one is an electric show).
    Now-Oct 2, in Ojai,
The annual “WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL” in Ojai brings “music from all over the world” to Libbey Bowl and the Ojai Art Center. Info, 805-646-8907.
Sat, Oct 1, in Covina.
The annual “THUNDERFEST / BLUESAPALOOZA” brings blues performances by LES JOHNSON, BARRY “BIG B” BRENNER, STAN WEST, and more, starting at 1 pm in downtown Covina, on the street stage and in the Fret House. The “Thunder” part? That's a motorcycle gathering.
    Oct 1-31 in Ventura County,
“UNDERWOOD FAMILY FARMS HARVEST FESTIVAL” runs weekends with music, weekdays without, and includes the annual “FOLK FESTIVAL”weekend Oct 8 & 9, and the Oct 22 & 23 “WESTERN HERITAGE” weekend, all at Underwood Family Farms, in the countryside near Moorpark. More at, or call them at 805-529-3690.
    Now-Oct 31, in Woodland Hills,
10 am-midnight “HALLOWEEN HARVEST FESTIVAL” has live music and lots more, at the Pierce College Farm Center, corner of Victory and Desoto. They proclaim the event as “the largest Harvest Festival in all of Southern California,” and they've expanded this year to include a larger festival grounds and an expanded six-acre corn maze. Lots to do at this one. There's more in our Spotlight Events, and more at – – – or call them at 818-999-6300.
    Sat, Oct 1, in Ventura County,
“MOORPARK COUNTRY DAYS” is 9 am-4 pm, and includes a street fair, parade, and live music. This year's theme is “Celebrate American History.” Info, 805-529-3690.
    Sat, Oct 1, in Ventura County,
“OXNARD MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL” is 10 am-6 pm, with live music and vendors at Plaza Park in downtown Oxnard. Info, 805-385-7434.
    Oct 1-16, various venues throughout L.A.,
Annual “WORLD FESTIVAL OF SACRED MUSIC” ( includes a fine concert at UCLA's Royce Hall on Sat, Oct 15, at 7 pm, and it shouldn't be lost in the deluge of the festival's 16-day, 32-event, 832-artist fare that's filled with rather exotic world-music offerings that mostly do not appeal to folk-Americana fans. See the Oct 15 listing...    
    Oct 1-16, various venues throughout Pasadena,
Biennial “AxS FESTIVAL” ( this time explores the themes of “Fire & Water” with two weeks of art, music, dance, theater, performance and “provocative conversation.” It's art and some very cool, very accessible science. Main music is Sun, Oct 2; see listing below.
    Sat, Oct 1, in Arcadia,
“SANTA ANITA FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL” has two stages of music starting at 11 am, but we're not sure what. It IS a beautiful place, there are 80+ food trucks in the infield for today's event, and it's always fun to watch the horses race. Take the 210 Fwy to the Baldwin offramp and go south to the signs for parking. Admission to the whole shebang today is $5.
    Sun, Oct 2, in Pasadena,
“WATER MUSIC / FIRE SONG” performed by PASADENA PRO MUSICA at Neighborhood Church at 4 pm, is part of the biennial, Oct 1-16, “AxS FESTIVAL” (    
    Sat & Sun, Oct 8 & 9, in Ventura,
The annual “SEASIDE HIGHLAND GAMES” are at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. This is a wonderful event. We ran a News Feature in the Sep 15 edition that you can read (Feature # 10) at  or, it's reprinted in this week's Spotlight Events Section.
    Sat & Sun, Oct 8 & 9, in Ventura County,
Annual “FOLK FESTIVAL”weekend, weekend, with performances by FUR DIXON & STEVE WERNER, I SEE HAWKS IN L.A., RANDALL LAMB, DAN JANISCH, TOM CORBETT & BILL KNOPF, THE CATTERWAILERS, HANS OTTSEN & ASHLEY BRODER, PHIL SALAZAR and THE KINFOLK. It's part of the month-long “UNDERWOOD FAMILY FARMS HARVEST FESTIVAL” runs weekends with music, weekdays without, Oct 1-31; also includes the Oct 22 & 23 “WESTERN HERITAGE” weekend, all at Underwood Family Farms, in the countryside near Moorpark. More at, or 805-529-3690.   
    Sun, Oct 9, in Santa Barbara County,
40th annual “OLD TIME FIDDLER'S CONVENTION & FESTIVAL” is a one-day event, 10 am-5 pm, at Rancho La Patera & Stow House in Goleta. It's a landmark year for a fine event that's always under-promoted. This year, the lineup is appropriate for the convention / festival's four-decade anniversary, with LAURIE LEWIS & TOM ROZUM, HOT BUTTERED RUM, ERIC & SUZY THOMPSON, PETER FELDMANN & THE VERY LONESOME BOYS, MOLLY'S REVENGE, and the OLD TIME FIDDLERS. We ran a News Feature in the Sep 15 edition that you can still read (Feature # 11) at  If you're going, you can make it a full weekend by spending Saturday at the SEASIDE HIGHLAND GAMES in Ventura.    
    Sun, Oct 9, in OC,
“THE BIG SQUEEZE: ORANGE COUNTY ACCORDION FESTIVAL” has a lot happening this year, including a Cajun-Zydeco Stage with ANDRE THIERRY, LISA HALEY & THE ZYDEKATS, & BONNE MUSIQUE ZYDECO, at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, today only, 10 am 4 pm.
    Sat, Oct 15, in L.A.,
Key show at the “WORLD FESTIVAL OF SACRED MUSIC” ( is a fine concert at UCLA's Royce Hall at 7 pm, and it shouldn't be lost in the deluge of the festival's 16-day, 32-event, 832-artist fare that's filled with rather exotic world-music offerings that mostly do not appeal to folk-Americana fans. The UCLA show is “WATER IS RISING: Music & Dance Amid Climate Change,” with 36 artists from the Pacific atols of Kiribati, Tokelau, and Tuvalu, presenting song and dance. it's safe to say, If you enjoy Hawaiian music, you'll love this. And it will bring you face-to-face with the reality of climate change and rising sea levels. This show may sell-out. Info,; advance tix,     
    Oct 22 & 23, in Ventura County,
Annual “WESTERN HERITAGE” weekend, is part of the month-long “UNDERWOOD FAMILY FARMS HARVEST FESTIVAL” that runs weekends with music, weekdays without, Oct 1-31 at Underwood Family Farms, in the countryside near Moorpark. More at, or call them at 805-529-3690.
    Sun, Oct 30, in Burbank,
“SAMHAIN” Irish Song, Dance & Story, with optional traditional Samhain dinner, brings the story of Halloween and a celebration of the Celtic New Year, with SLUGGER O'TOOLE, BARRY LYNCH, ACS DANCERS, ADAM KIRK, CHRIS LOKEN, AEDAN MacDONNELL, STEVE PRIBYL, & LINEA SOLEDAD, sponsored by the Celtic Arts Center at the Burbank Moose Lodge. Two shows, 3 pm or 7 pm, tix for either are $18; tix for the optional 5 pm dinner are $15; show + dinner discount, $30. It'll sell-out early; info & advance tix,    
    We 'spect we'll learn about even MORE festivals and add 'em, as the month gets underway.
> CONCERTS! Here are our “Show-of-the-Week” picks...    
    Mahvelous, simply mahvelous acoustic concerts await you in Acoustic Rocktober.
> Early October's OUTDOOR “Show-of-the-Week” picks, in addition to the festivals...
    Sun, Oct 2, in Hollywood,
“ALOHAFEST: An Evening with AMY HANAIALI'I and TINI GREY” at 8 pm at the Ford Amphitheatre above Hollywood. Include the fresh pineapple when you pack your picnic dinner and wear a hibiscus in your hair. (    
    Fri, Oct 7, in Hollywood,
“CHANSONS D'AMOUR” with AMANDA McBROOM & LEE LESSACK is “an homage to the great French songbook from an American perspective,” at 8 pm at the Ford Amphitheatre.
> Early October's INDOOR “Show-of-the-Week” picks continue to be wunnerful...
    Sat, Oct 1, in L.A.,
“BILL TAPIA, LIVE AT THE WARNER GRAND THEATRE - THE 100th BIRTHDAY CONCERT” CD Release Party is in L.A., 5-9 pm. Yep, the world's oldest professional musician, the only one living who played with JOHN PHILLIP SOUZA and with most of the Big Band legends, is STILL AT IT, making music. On top of that, he is indeed releasing a new CD, recorded three years ago at his highly memorable 100th Birthday Concert. And, yep, he IS amazing! "If there was a Mount Rushmore for ukulele players, Bill Tapia would be on it." Reservations get directions at    
    Sat, Oct 1, in Claremont,
BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA with SARA & SEAN WATKINS (from NICKEL CREEK) headline KidCare International's “Movin' Mountains” Benefit Concert, Dinner and Silent Auction at the Bridges Auditorium; info & tix,; 909-624-6101. This ensemble – the Blind Boys, plus the Watkins siblings – was absolutely wonderful Tuesday night at the Grammy Museum.
    Sat, Oct 1, in Hollywood,
MARINA V plays the Hard Rock Cafe. She says, “My bday show with Russian chocolates! $5 suggested donation at the door goes to Cancer Research foundation.”
    Sat, Oct 1, in Claremont,
SUSIE GLAZE & THE HILONESOME BAND, winners of the Just Plain Folks Award for Roots Album of the Year, play the Folk Music Center & Museum at 7:30 pm.
    Sat, Oct 1, in Malibu,
RED HORSE, the Red House Records folk-Americana supergroup of JOHN GORKA, ELIZA GILKYSON, & LUCY KAPLANSKY, play the Smothers Theatre at Pepperdine Univ. at 8 pm.
Sat, Oct 1, in Long Beach,
SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK plays the Carpenter Performing Arts Center at CSULB, 8 pm.
    Sun, Oct 2, in Altadena.
Two shows, one venue, both HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,
CATHY BARTON & DAVE PARRA do a 3 pm matinee, then there's an evening show by
SIMON LYNGE at 7 pm, both at the Coffee Gallery Backstage. (Get reservations for either or both, at 626-798-6236.)
    Sun, Oct 2, in Santa Monica,
The CHAPIN SISTERS, including the rare return of JEN CHAPIN, at McCabe’s at 7 pm. Sweet!
    Mon, Oct 3, in Altadena,
BUTCH HANCOCK, the bigtime Austin-based Americana star, plays an 8 pm show at the Coffee Gallery Backstage. (Get reservations for this one, at 626-798-6236.)
    Thu, Oct 6, in L.A.,
GLEN CAMPBELL, with INSTANT PEOPLE, brings his farewell tour to Club Nokia. Diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he's making the rounds one last time “before I start forgetting the lyrics.”
    Thu, Oct 6, in Santa Barbara,
ABIGAIL WASHBURN plays SOhO Restaurant and Music Club at 8 pm; come early for PRESTON REED at 6 pm.
    Thu, Oct 6, in L.A.,
TROMBONE SHORTY & ORLEANS AVENUE play the El Rey at 8:30 pm.
    Fri, Oct 7, in L.A.
MERLE HAGGARD and KRIS KRISTOFFERSON team-up to play the Greek Theatre in Griffith Park at 8 pm.
    Fri, Oct 7:
THE BROTHERS FOUR and the KINGSTON TRIO play a double-bill at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts at 8 pm.
    Fri, Oct 7, in Hollywood,
“CHANSONS D'AMOUR” with AMANDA McBROOM & LEE LESSACK is “an homage to the great French songbook from an American perspective,” at the Ford Amphitheatre at 8 pm.
    Fri, Oct 7, in Ventura,
NATHAN McEUEN & MASON REED play Zoeys Café at 7:30 pm.
    Fri, Oct 7, in OC,
MICHAEL CHAPDELAINE plays the first of two shows for Lord Of The Strings Concert Series, this one at Dana Point Community House at 7:30 pm.
Fri, Oct 7, in Altadena,
PRESTON REED plays the Coffee Gallery Backstage at 8 pm.
Fri, Oct 7, in Santa Barbara,
TROMBONE SHORTY & ORLEANS AVENUE play UCSB's Campbell Hall at 8 pm.
Sat, Oct 8, in Temecula,
8 pm MERLE HAGGARD and KRIS KRISTOFFERSON play the Pechanga Resort & Casino.
Sat, Oct 8, in L.A.,
HALAU O LILINOE A ME NA PUA ME KEALOHA performs as part of the ongoing the “WORLD FESTIVAL OF SACRED MUSIC,” with a 1 pm show at the Autry National Center, Griffith Park.
    Sat, Oct 8, in L.A.,
KEITH URBAN with JAKE OWEN brings the former's “Get Closer 2011 World Tour” to Staples Center, if you can withstand the fake / generic pop-country “Nashvul ack-scent” from the transplanted Aussie.
    Sat, Oct 8, in OC,
MICHAEL CHAPDELAINE plays the second of two concerts for the Lord Of The Strings Concert Series, this one at Mission Viejo Civic Center at 7 pm.
   Sat, Oct 8, in Covina,
TOM CORBETT, RICK SHEA, and the fabulous Aussie expatriate AUDREY AULD-MEZERA play at 8 pm at The Fret House in Covina.
    Sat, Oct 8, in Pasadena,
SMALL POTATOES plus an opening set by DAVE MORRISON, at the Caltech Folk Music Society series at 8 pm.
    Sat, Oct 8, in Santa Monica,
    Sat, Oct 8, in L.A.,
    Sat, Oct 8, in L.A.,
NATHAN McEUEN and MASON REED play Genghis Cohen at 8 pm.
    Sat, Oct 8, in Culver City,
PRESTON REED plays Boulevard Music at 8 pm.
    Sat, Oct 8, in Altadena,
THE ALLEY CATS plus JULIE BRETT play the Coffee Gallery Backstage at 7 pm.
    Sat, Oct 8, in Anaheim,
LaCHE CERCEL & THE ROMA SWING ENSEMBLE play the Dunarea Restaurant at 9 pm.
    Sun, Oct 9, in Temecula,
MERLE HAGGARD and KRIS KRISTOFFERSON play a second night at Pechanga Resort and Casino at 7 pm.
    Sun, Oct 9, in Santa Barbara,
RIDERS IN THE SKY, the only multiple Grammy-winning Western group, play UCSB's Campbell Hall at 3 pm.
    Sun, Oct 9, in Santa Monica,
Monthly “SONGWRITER SANCTUM,” this time with blues from MARK "POCKET" GOLDBERG, country from J.C. HYKE, classically-flavored singer-songwriter music from KAREN HART, and folk-rock from NICOLE GORDON, at the Church in Ocean Park at 2 pm.
    Sun, Oct 9, in Altadena,
LaCHE CERCEL & THE ROMA SWING ENSEMBLE play the Coffee Gallery Backstage at 3 pm.
    Sun, Oct 9, in L.A.,
The ongoing “WORLD FESTIVAL OF SACRED MUSIC” today brings the CHOIR OF ST. JAMES and ALAN MORRISON to St. James-in-the-City at 4:30 pm.
    Sun, Oct 9, in Long Beach,
DIKKI DU & HIS ZYDECO KREWE play the Cajun-zydeco dance at the Golden Sails Hotel at 5 pm.
    Sun, Oct 9, in Altadena,
JONATHAN McEUEN and NATHAN McEUEN (musical sons of Nitty Gritty Dirt and founding member JOHN McEUEN) play the Coffee Gallery Backstage at 7 pm.
    (As always, don't overlook the FESTIVALS and OUTDOOR EVENTS...)
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