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Friday, March 22, 2019

The "other" bombshell report: the Banksters & Climate Change; plus World Water Day, and more. Weekend edition, March 22 2019.

LATE ADDITION -- FREE BACH CONCERTS ON SUN, MARCH 24: MULTIPLE VENUES; tunefully celebrate the 334th birthday of the incomparable Johann Sebastian Bach!
See added feature # 9 (below, following the full original edition). 

From L.A. to Claremont, Santa Monica to Bakersfield, "we've got your Bach..."

Here's the original intro, and the full edition...

Some perspective is needed here, so you won't just jump-in and wonder what the hell...

We are a music guide that prides itself on presenting news of interest and value to artists and music lovers alike. So no one is more surprised that we get record numbers of page views -- from all over the world -- when we report news that the U.S. corporate mainstream media ignores or glosses-over. That's exactly what happened (again) with our last edition and its salute to the kids, worldwide, who led Climate Marches a week ago today on every continent (yes, even Antarctica!) Accordingly, since we're on a roll and all those readers are waiting to see if that was an aberration or if we present at least some news features all the time, we present here (drum roll, maestro) an ACTIVIST edition, with news of grossly underreported, important issues -- causes in which YOU CAN TAKE ACTION, with links offered for ways to do that.

Case in point?

A crucially important report came out today, and mainstream corporate media isn't telling you about it. No, no, no, we are not talking about the Mueller Report. They haven't even seen THAT yet, but IT'S all they're taking about. The fact they don't know what's in it, and therefore have no actual information to offer you about it, doesn't dissuade them in the least from talking endlessly, on and on and on, yada, yada, yada, about it -- to the exclusion of everything else that can be and needs to be reported.

Good grief, Charlie Brown. 

Around here, we're talking about the new report that shows the collusion between the world's biggest banksters and the forces that are driving the acceleration of runaway Climate Change.

But corporate mainstream media is doing a Jan Brady. It's all just "Mueller, Mueller, Mueller!" even though nobody has seen his report, since, as the law specifies, it was just sent under-wraps by the Special Prosecutor to the Attorney General. And curiously enough, sent just before close-of-business on a Friday in D.C., when every member of Congress has already boarded a jet for the home district to glad-hand, ingratiate themselves with parochial interests, and attend a fund-raiser or two or three. Perhaps Mr. Mueller, knowing that is the predictably standard D.C. shuffle, hoped to avoid a political circus by submitting his report  when he did. Avoiding a media circus is another matter. Bring on the plate spinners and the guy with the chair and the lions. Sheesh.

Okay, okay. Our Commander-in-Tweet is quick-witless, with a hair trigger ego that sparks a Trumpertantrum at the drop of a MAGA hat. Especially when confronted by the most paltry snippet of inconvenient fact. But obsessive speculation about a freshly-cooked, still-secret report, isn't ANY kind of justification for ignoring the things that can kill us.

Alright then, let's get this Mueller Report thing out of the way so we can go on. It's not like it takes very long.

After his 675 day investigation, Robert Mueller said in his letter accompanying his report that he is NOT calling for additional indictments, NOT calling for any indictments related to collusion, NOT calling for indictments of Trump family members or Trump's White House associates for conspiracy or anything else, and he did NOT interview the Trump children or their administration-official spouses, NOR did he interview Trump himself. And now, the report CANNOT be released in part or in full, except by the Attorney General, and the law requires that the A.G. must first prepare and submit a confidential "summary of findings" of the report's contents for the relevant committees of Congress. So, like it or not, what else is there to report there? Uhhh, nuthin', until those other things happen. Whether or not cable's bloviators will acknowledge (read, "admit") that.

That clears the decks for us to talk about the OTHER report. 

Of course, corporate Big Media is using the above as "cover" to hide behind, so they won't be put in the position of reporting on the other one, which would mean "outing" the corporatocracy for its ongoing crimes of greed-power-hegemonistic-control-driven destruction against humanity, society, and the planet itself.

On the subject of important things deliberately not reported, did you even know that today is "World Water Day"-? We didn't think so. We'll get to that, too, since It's another of the most crucial issues in the list of "inconvenient truths" that requires united action by "we, the people." Because those with a vested interest in a profiable status-quo are wantonly killing people through neglect, and waging a successful propaganda war of megamerged media diversion, obfuscation, and distraction so the rest of won't do a head scratch and say, "Hey, wait a minute."


There's a valuable old cowboy adage that if you believe something is wrong, you are obligated to offer a solution if you want to complain about what's wrong.

So we do. Offer solutions, that is. THINGS ALL OF US CAN DO -- YOU CAN DO -- about EACH of the things we present in this edition.

Now, let's get started!


(CLICK on any picture or graphic image in this edition to enlarge it.)

1)  Perspective... above

2)  Just Released: 

3)  "WORLD WATER DAY" -- Because taking water for granted can kill us




7)  FESTIVALS -- where activists go to unwind and meet other activists


9) LATE ADDITION -- FREE BACH CONCERTS ON SUN, MARCH 24: MULTIPLE VENUES; tunefully celebrate the 334th birthday of the incomparable Johann Sebastian Bach!


# 2 news feature...

Just Released: 

It should be impossible to ignore this week's news on climate cycles gone crazy: from the massive flooding in Nebraska to the cyclone in Mozambique and the warnings that excessive spring blooms guarantee months of wildfires when all that extra plant mass dries and dies in California.

Yet, with mainstream corporate media's inability to be inclusive of what causes things to happen, rather than just a tableau of the effects, the disasters, as "news" -- in the face of their obsessed addiction to singularities -- the ludicrous dimensions keep piling up. 

Like the apparent fact that it's up to us to let you know about the OTHER just-released report -- a report that has massive bearing on whether or not Climate Change will, or even can, be addressed by the nations of the world. 

Evermore climate scientists concur that we’ve got less than 12 years left to take drastic action to stop the worst impacts of climate change -- and if we fail during that time, it may be game over.

So WHY are banks continuing to fund climate catastrophe?

The highly-regarded Rainforest Action Network, one member of an astonishingly credible consortium of researchers and authors who produced the report, said today, "We just released a damning new report that reveals the top banks financing fossil fuels. I’ll give you one guess which bank was literally the WORST."

It's JP Morgan Chase. That corporate megalomaniacal bankster empire is cited in the report as THE biggest funder of climate change in the world.

"In just the last 3 years, Chase has spent $196 billion dollars keeping us stuck in the dirty fossil fuel-powered past," says Alison Kirsch, Lead Researcher, Climate and Energy Program at Rainforest Action Network.

Sadly, Chase is the worst of a bad lot. The report continues, "In fact, 33 big banks worldwide have spent almost $2 TRILLION in just 3 years on fossil fuels."

You can read, and even download, FREE, the entire report, at:

"Climate change is threatening our lives, and these banks are just throwing more fuel on the fire. That makes Chase the worst arsonist in the bunch, and it’s time for it to end its reign of terror on our planet," says Kirsch.

"Over the last year, we’ve been turning up the heat on Chase and its CEO Jamie Dimon to make it clear, we’re DEMANDING it finally defund climate change," she declares. And she's offering a way for all of us to add our voices to that demand.

"Can you imagine the difference that nearly $2 trillion in clean energy financing would make to our future? If that’s an investment we make every 3 years for the next 12 years, we have a fighting chance to stop the worst impacts of climate change," Kirsch points out.

She adds, "When you’re in a hole, you stop digging. It’s time for these banks to take climate change seriously."

WE PROMISED A CHANCE TO ACT ON SOLUTIONS. Thus, we offer your chance to tell Chase’s executive team: STOP funding dirty, climate-destroying, community-harming fossil fuels and invest in our shared future. 

CLICK THE LINK BELOW to add your signature.

Now’s your chance to tell Chase’s executive team: STOP funding dirty, climate-destroying, community-harming fossil fuels and invest in our shared future!


# 3 news feature...

"WORLD WATER DAY" -- Because taking water for granted can kill us

The annual "World Water Day," March 22, is dedicated to ensuring universal access to clean water and sanitation. But as big and heartbreaking a challenge as that is in developing countries, it has shockingly surfaced as a problem that is growing worse, not better, in the United States.

In the U.S., access to clean water, and even to sanitation, are threatened due to an expanding list of factors that pit rich interests against public need. These center on: budget austerity that has killed infrastructure renewal projects; fracking; climate change; for-profit privatization of former publicly-owned water systems; overdraft  of public water supplies for massive commercial bottling (which also creates plastic pollution); shutoffs and the desperate measures taken by those domestic water service is terminated because they are facing economic crises and cannot pay bills; ever-higher consumption by, and toxic runoff from, factory farms, together with all forms of air and particulate and livestock feed lot excrement pollution that ends-up in rain runoff; plus pesticides, herbicides, and other poisons in the air that become rain; and everything unintentionally carried by flood waters.

There is also the magnitude of profitable scams about bottled water.

"Water corporations like Nestlé and Veolia have spent decades undermining public confidence in tap water, contributing to a dramatic decline in federal public water funding. Claiming to solve these problems, private water corporations often target our cities with privatization schemes that are designed first and foremost to generate profit for the corporations -- not improve water systems." -- Alissa Weinman, of the Boston-based "Corporate Accountability."

To save our water for future generations -- and fight for communities across the country facing water injustices right now -- the most impactful thing you can do is help push pending legislation for clean water. That's now caught in Congress, circling the legislative Black Hole. You can join the Guide in asking your Congressional Representatives and U.S. Senators to cosponsor the WATER ACT.

We are -- all of us -- justified in DEMANDING our elected officials take immediate and effective action because we all deserve safe, clean water in our towns, cities, schools and homes, and we have the right to demand a future where private profit does not immerse us in cancer-causing chemicals and exposure to waterborne disease.

WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US and members of respected environmental organization "Food and Water Watch" in a message to your elected officials to adopt into law the WATER ACT, at:


# 4 news feature...


Corporations have created a plastic pollution crisis that is threatening the health of our communities and ocean wildlife — including whales, seabirds and sea turtles.

Over 90% of the plastics ever produced have not been recycled, yet corporations have plans to dramatically increase their production of plastic packaging.

By 2050, it is predicted that there will be 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste in natural environments.

Marine life is choking on plastic pollution -- and every minute, an additional garbage truck of plastic trash is dumped into the ocean.

More than 3 million people around the world have joined the campaign led by Greenpeace to urge companies to stop polluting our planet with throwaway plastic. And it's working. You can fight the corporate polluters devastating our wildlife and oceans, fighting corporate power to #BreakFreeFromPlastic before it's too late for our oceans.

Add your name to BAN single-use plastics. Tell corporations to end ocean plastic pollution.

Because of mounting pressure from people like you, corporations are finally starting to admit that they are part of the problem, and they are talking about solutions. But we don't need more talking — we need concrete, urgent action to stop plastic pollution at the source.

Tell Nestlé, Unilever, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo., Colgate, Danone, Johnson & Johnson, and Mars to be transparent about exactly how much plastic packaging they are producing and make concrete plans to reduce that amount. It is time for these corporations to invest in alternative ways to deliver their products to us and phase-out single-use plastic. They need to receive the clear message that we need concrete plans for reduction, and we need them now.

Add your name to ask the CEOs of these companies to do their part to end the plastic pollution crisis by making concrete plans to reduce the amount of plastic packaging they are producing.


Message: Please reduce your plastic footprint

To : CEO’s of Nestlé, Unilever, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo., Colgate, Danone, Johnson & Johnson, and Mars

Make concrete plans to reduce your plastic footprint now!
I urge you to work with Greenpeace and develop concrete plans to phase out single-use plastic packaging and invest in alternative ways to deliver your products that will not endanger our oceans or communities around the world.

OR, you can choose to personalize your message.

The Guide sent our own message, in place of the generic message above:

To : CEO’s of Nestlé, Unilever, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo., Colgate, Danone, Johnson & Johnson, and Mars

Mid-oceanic plastic patches rival the size of national boundaries. Many plastics break-down slowly, and will outlast those who used them by several human generations. When plastics do break-down, they become part of the oceanic, and therefore of the human, food chain. While the problem is larger than corporate addiction to single-use plastics, that sector is the easiest to address, and the easiest target of consumer boycotts of everything your corporation makes or markets. If you fail to swear-off single-use plastics, we will divorce ourselves from all you do, and put the bad-mouth on you at every opportunity because you insist on proving your recklessly irresponsible devotion to destructive and poisonous greed.


# 5 news feature...


Okay, NO ARGUMENT, the whole idea of the 2020 Presidential Campaign season being upon is cruel and unusual punishment. It's eleven-and-half months until the California Primary, which had to be moved-up from June of an election year to March, because too damn many flyover states wanted to be important and had moved their primaries up by a century and a half or so.

THAT SAID, it IS happening. In 2016, the Guide enthusiastically endorsed independent U.S. Senator from Vermont BERNIE SANDERS for President. While we have made no 2020 endorsements yet, believing it is just too damn early for such things, we do maintain an eye and ear to the Sanders campaign.


in downtown Los Angeles, 200 N Broadway 90012, across the street from City Hall. 

Rally begins at 2:30 pm, after the metal detection to get in commences at 1 pm.

Trust us, watching a speech on a two-inch phone screen is nothing like BEING THERE, seeing and hearing the speaker, being able to get a feel for the sincerity of convictions, the logical consistency of ideas, and assessing the reaction of the crowd. But you'd expect us to say that, since we are THE advocates for live music performances.

You can ride the Metro Red/Purple subway to Civic Center/Grand Park Station.

And you can register in advance and receive any late updates, at:


# 6 news feature...


Sat, Apr 6:
1 pm - "CENTENIAL CELEBRATION 2019: THE RE-PETE SEEGER CONCERT" celebration of Pete's 100th birthday, with The Geer Family Singers, Ellen Geer, Peter Alsop, Melora Marshall, EMMA'S REVOLUTION, Marshall McDaniel, Earnestine Phillips, Gerald C. Rivers, with Michele Brourman, Elizabeth Tobias, Ross Altman, and more, at the beautiful Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, 1419 N Topanga Canyon Bl, Topanga CA
*  Tickets -- adult $25; Seniors-Students $15; Youth 6-17 $10; Kids under age 6 are free.
*  TIX at:

Sun, Apr 7:
Time tba - "LOVE & PEACE & SEX & WAR, GENDER, JUSTICE & LOTS MORE!" concert with PETER ALSOP and EMMA'S REVOLUTION, at the Corazon Performing Arts Center, 125 S Topanga Canyon Bl, Topanga, CA
*  TIX: $20 General Admission; $15 Students/Seniors/Military.
*  Tickets at the door (first come, first served) or adv at:

Thu, Apr 11, FILM EVENT:
7 pm - "THE HUMAN ELEMENT," examining global CLIMATE CHANGE, is the April screening from "The Conscientious Projector" at the Armory Center for the Arts, 145 N Raymond Av, Pasadena CA.
*  It's just across the park and across the street from Memorial Park Station on the Gold Line light rail.
*  "Conscientious Projector marks 'Earth Month' with a riveting and visually stunning account of the impact of climate change around the world in the film 'The Human Element.'"
*  From the makers of "Chasing Ice" and "The Cove," renowned environmental photographer JAMES BALOG takes us on a global tour of present-day devastation.
*  The film introduces us to the steadfast efforts of advocates fighting to literally stem the tide, rescue Earth’s life-giving functions, and restore our relationship with the natural world.
*  POST-FILM DISCUSSION led by WESLEY REUTIMANN of "Active SGV" and "Day One."
*  FREE, donation gratefully accepted.

Apr 26, FREE:
7 pm - "GREEN NEW DEAL TOUR & TOWN HALL: LOS ANGELES" massive rally at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, 400 W Washington Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90015; exact location on campus TBD.
*  The "Sunrise" speaking tour is stopping in nine locations across the U.S. to bring the fight for a "Green New Deal" to every corner of the country. Individual communities are hosting their own large-scale gatherings alongside the tour stops, sharing stories from within the community to bring the "Green New Deal" home.
*  Political opposition from entrenched office-holders (both parties) is already formidable, and their chief tactic is to ridicule and marginalize anyone concerned with actually doing something. This tour is being done to force pressure on the corporate political establishment to quit obfuscating, distracting, and making false claims to protect monied interests, and to instead PASS INTO LAW the GREEN NEW DEAL for the health of the planet and the ability of human societies to continue.
*  Attend this Town Hall to hear leaders in our community share how the Green New Deal is the biggest opportunity of our lifetime to invest in the American people, and what that looks like for all of us.
*  RESERVATIONS (free) to attend, get you ongoing info in the meantime:
*  Sponsored by "Sunrise Los Angeles":
*  L.A. host contact: Timothy Hayes,
You can sign-up to get the FREE "Fossil Free News," at:
•  It's got stories and news on climate organizing that matter and inspire, delivered directly to you every 2 weeks. 
•  Here at The Guide, we have signed-up for this new #FossilFree Newsletter.  It's "Digestible climate movement news, every fortnight, straight to your inbox."
*  Because you don't need to feel alone with barbarians at the gate.


# 7 news feature...

where activists go to unwind and meet other activists

There are many more that will appear in future editions of The Guide. Meantime, put these on your radar and your calendar.

11am-7 pm - 4th Annual "VEGAN STREET FAIR LOS ANGELES" is actually in the SFV, in North Hollywood.
*   Named "the largest single day vegan food festival in the world" by the esteemed "HappyCow Vegan Guide."
*  The annual FREE ENTRANCE vegan food celebration is where local vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and vendors come together to serve bite-size portions of vegan eats, all in one place.
*  The best part? It's street fair prices.
*  Every food vendor has a $4-or-less bite-size portion.
*  Get ready to #eatalltheveganthings
*  How to play this: instead of buying a $10 plate of vegan nachos and sitting out the rest of the food experiences, use the opt.orgion to get bites from one vendor, move on to the next, and enjoy tastes of all of L.A.'s best vegan eats for the cumulative price of one restaurant meal.
*  VSF has been named a 2017 Good Food Champion by the Los Angeles Food Policy Council for bringing health conscious food to the community at large.
*  So, is there live music? We don't know. We figure you're probably interested, anyway.

Sat, Apr 13, FESTIVAL:
10 am-10 pm - 2nd Annual "FOLKWORKS FOLK ROOTS FESTIVAL" at St. John's Presbyterian Church, 11000 National Bl, Los Angeles CA 90064
*  Early Bird DISCOUNT TICKET SALES end Midnight Sun, Mar 24. (Tix options & purchase info at bottom.)
*  More than SEVENTY artists perform on two stages (one Indoor,  one Outdoor Stage), plus five Workshop Rooms.
* Theme is a hybrid of Roots-Americana and "World" music, like the every-month content of FolkWorks itself; this year, the "world" half of the theme is Africa / African music and dance: "Exploring African Roots from Zimbabwe to Appalachia" (and Louisiana).
*  Festival headliners also lead WORKSHOPS.
*  DOM FLEMONS, GRAMMY winner while a founding member of CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS, leads the daytime workshop, "Discovering Early American Roots Music and Culture"; he performs in the separately-ticketed evening concert.
*  ADAAWE performs; members of ADAAWE lead "African Drumming Workshop."
*  WILLY SOULY and his group of musicians and dancers perform in the evening concert; choreographer, dancer, drummer, Taekwondo expert, UCLA instructor WILLY SOULY, originally from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in West Africa, leads a "West African Dance Workshop."
*  LISA HALEY & THE ZYDEKATS perform, and GRAMMY nom Lisa leads a "Fiddle Workshop."
*  Blues greats BERNIE PEARL and BARBARA MORRISON perform together; Bernie leads a "Blues Guitar Workshop."
*  The 5-member BANJO PROJECT, "celebrating the connection between African and American music" performs with Walter Spencer, Tom Sauber, Steve Shapiro, Chris Berry, & Monika White; Monika White and Tom Sauber also lead workshops.
*  MASANGA MARIMBA performs and leads workshop.
*  SAUSAGE GRINDER plays an "Appalachian running set" with James Hutson calling. All are welcome, experienced dancers or not.
*  SPENCER & RAINS play their twin fiddle harmony, based on influences of the midwestern Scandinavian fiddlers Tricia heard as a child.
*  WORKSHOP LEADERS: Tom Sauber • Chris Berry • David Bragger • Monika White • Roger Goodman • Jim & Amber Mueller • Emil Olguin • Mary Pat Cooney • Nick Smith • Ruth Alpert • Lisa Haley  • Ric Alviso • Dom Flemons • Angel Luis Figueroa • Pat Mac Swyney • Suzy Thompson • Eric Thompson  •  Bernie Pearl • Emile Hassan Dyer • Barbara Morrison • Willy Souly • Gerald Rivers •  Members of ADAAWE.
** EVENING CONCERT (separate tix) at 7:30 pm, with:
•    DOM FLEMONS - GRAMMY winner while a founding member of CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS, the D.C.-based "American Songster" brings his 100-year repertoire; expert player on Banjo, Fife, Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion, Quills, and Rhythm Bones; also leads daytime workshop.
•    THOMPSONIA - "Southern roots music" from Suzy Thompson, Eric Thompson, Allegra Thompson (Folk-Americana icon Suzy, and Eric, also lead daytime workshops).
•    SOULY DANCE ARTS - Willy Souly, Aboulacar Kouyate, Gnenomen Soro, Adama Biloro Dembe, Malik Sow.
*  FULL LINEUP, with profiles, bios, etc:
*  DISCOUNT TICKET PRICES shown below end Mar 25 at midnight; three types:
(1)  Daytime Events tix (10 am-5 pm): $25
Includes admission to the WORKSHOPS, FOLK FILMS, and AFTERNOON CONCERTS.
(2)  Evening Concert tix (7 pm-10 pm): $25, that concert only; option, +$10, for Limited Reserved seats, Rows 2-4 of seating.
(3)  "Everything" tix, all day and evening, 10 am-10 pm: $45, with option of +$10 for Limited Reserved seats at Evening Concert, first three rows of seating.
*  TIX purchase, to get early bird discount (Brown Paper Tickets link):

Sun, May 19; FESTIVAL:
Annual "TOPANGA BANJO FIDDLE CONTEST & FOLK FESTIVAL" will,  indeed, happen this year at Paramount Ranch, Santa Monica Mtns Nat'l Recreation Area, About a Hills, CA.
* The National Park Service has given the go-ahead for the use of the longtime venue, which suffered fire damage in the 2018 Woolsey Fire. Despite the loss of most of the buildings, the show will go on with some adaptive measures.
*  Musicians -- start polishing your act now, with a chance to win prize money and the opportunity to perform before a big crowd! And you prob'ly already know the jamming is amazing!
*  Info on registering at:
*  Children can compete too, and you will be amazed at the talent.
*  Non musicians make this a must-do to enjoy the contestants, the stage acts, and the whole scene.
*  Professional acoustic roots bands and individuals delight on the stages, though not yet announced after the delay from the gov't shut down.
*  For the presenters, there will be challenges, but all are committed to again bring an outstanding event! -- including the Guide's editor, who emcees a stage here every year.
*  "We hope to be able to witness some of nature's resilience. It could include some blooming lupine and other early fire followers. It may be a bit early, but recovery will be starting, even if subtle," says one nature-lover.
*  OFFICIAL website is adding more all the time, at:


# 8 news feature...


A parting comment. As for being an ACTIVIST on this one? Just go outside and look up!

"A glowing gold lantern hanging low and large in the sky heralding the first breath of spring. Fossilized amber resin releasing a cascade of crocus and daffodil petals, glory-of-the-snow, graceful iris, radiant life everlasting, and a rainbow burst of tulip."

Hmm. Well, not exactly an astronomical description of the night's event in the sky, but certainly a poetic interpretation. These words were received amidst too much blurb-ifying that was advertising -- believe it or not -- a "Snake Oil Scent." Just goes to show that ya never know, unless you jump in, find out, and become an activist.


# 9 news feature...


Tunefully celebrate the 334th birthday of the incomparable Johann Sebastian Bach!

From L.A. to Claremont, Santa Monica to Bakersfield, "we've got your Bach..."

Sun, Mar 24, FREE CONCERT:
10 am-noon - "BACH IN THE SUBWAYS" presents CANTABILE performing at the Glendale Amtrak Station (historic Southern Pacific RR station), Glendale Transportation Center, W Cerritos Av, Glendale, CA
*  "Bach in the Subways" is an international event highlighting the music of Bach in public spaces. It celebrates Johann Sebastian Bach’s 334th birthday all weekend with numerous concerts and events.
*  it's the 4th year in a row for CANTABILE, their 3rd year at the Glendale Train Station.
*  CANTABILE is part of the "Los Angeles Chamber Music Players meetup group," and is directed Barbara Don.
*  Orchestral performance with violins, violas, cellos
*  PROGRAM: Orchestral Suite #3, selections from The Art of Fugue, Brandenburg Concerto #3
*  Map, more, at:

Sun, Mar 24, FREE CONCERT:
1 pm- 2:30 pm - "BACH IN THE SUBWAYS" presents "Maggie Parkins and Friends" Kyle Champion, Kira Blumberg, Jeff Gauthier, Alfred Cramer, Lynn Burrows, April Losey, & Sara Parkins, perfoming mixed ensembles at the Leammle Theatre courtyard, Claremont, CA
*  Free outdoor concert of Brandenburg Concerti and other delights celebrating J.S.'s birthday.
*  "Bach in the Subways" is an international event highlighting the music of Bach in public spaces. It celebrates Johann Sebastian Bach’s 334th birthday all weekend with numerous concerts and events.
*  More info:
*  Map, more, at:

Sun, Mar 24, FREE CONCERT:
1 pm-2:30 pm - "BACH IN THE SUBWAYS" presents Dermot Mulroney & Dale Henderson performing as a cello duet at the Page Museum, on Wilshire Bl, Los Angeles, CA
*  "Bach in the Subways" is an international event highlighting the music of Bach in public spaces. It celebrates Johann Sebastian Bach’s 334th birthday all weekend with numerous concerts and events.
*  Map, more, at:

Sun, Mar 24, FREE CONCERT:
1 pm-3:40 pm - "BACH IN THE SUBWAYS" presents members of the Bakersfield Symphony and student artists performing solo, duet, and in ensembles in multiple performance spaces at the Bakersfield Amtrak Station, on Truxtun Av, Bakersfield, CA
*  "Bach in the Subways" is an international event highlighting the music of Bach in public spaces. It celebrates Johann Sebastian Bach’s 334th birthday all weekend with numerous concerts and events.
* Schedule:
Ella Gove 1-1:10 pm
Daniel Yuan 1:30-1:40 pm
Giana Park and Rachel Pan (duet) 1:40-2:50 pm
Ella and Daniel Gove (duet) 1:45-2:55 pm
Jeannie and Daniel Yuan (duet) 1:45-2 pm
Isaac Kim 1:50-2 pm
Music of Bakersfield 2-2:30 pm
Zaylie Pasillas 2:30-2:40 pm
Brian Shih and Ian Kim 2:40-2:50 pm
Jaden Choi 3-3:10 pm
Philippe and Rafael Marinas (guitar duet) 3-3:10 pm
Philippe Marinas 3:10-3:20 pm
Raphael Marinas 3:20-3:30 pm
Candice Lee 3:30-3:40 pm
*  Sponsored by Music of Bakersfield:
*  Map, more, at:

Sun, Mar 24, FREE CONCERT:
5 pm-7 pm - "BACH IN THE SUBWAYS" presents a Bach-themed "Third Street Promenade Open Mic" on the Third Street Promenade, pedestrian-only 3rd St, Santa Monica, CA
*  Performances by string quartet, on viola, and by "who ever else wants to play."
*  PROGRAM: Bach Double Concerto, Arioso, Air on G, Bach Cello Suite (for viola).
*  "Bach in the Subways" is an international event highlighting the music of Bach in public spaces. It celebrates Johann Sebastian Bach’s 334th birthday all weekend with numerous concerts and events.
*  Map, more, at:



Well of COURSE you are, this being The Guide, and all. 

Well, believe it or not, The Guide's most recent events coverage is STILL in the frequently UPDATED edition originally published way-back-when. Just scroll it like a slot machine to get to what you want, at:


That's all for this edition.

More soon.

Stay tuneful!


We'll be back again soon with music news and more "News of the Non-Trumpcentric Universe." (c)



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♪ The ACOUSTIC AMERICANA MUSIC GUIDE endeavors to bring you NEWS – and views of interest to artists everywhere – more specifically to musicians and the creative community and music makers and fans of acoustic and Folk-Americana music. That includes both traditional and innovative forms. From the deepest roots to today’s acoustic renaissance, that’s our beat. We provide a wealth of resources, including a HUGE catalog of acoustic-friendly venues (now undergoing a major update), and inside info on FESTIVALS and select performances in Southern California in venues from the monumentally large to the intimately small and cozy. We cover workshops, conferences, and other events for artists and folks in the music industry, and all kinds o’ things in the world of acoustic and Americana and accessible classical music. From washtub bass to musical spoons to oboe to viola to banjo to squeezebox, from Djangostyle to new-fangled-old-time string band music, from sweet Cajun fiddle to bluegrass and pre-bluegrass Appalachian mountain music to all the swamp water roots of the blues and the bright lights of where the music is headed now.
The Acoustic Americana Music Guide. Thanks for sittin' a spell. The cyber porch'll be here anytime you come back from the road.

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