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Friday, June 9, 2017

"MAKE MUSIC PASADENA" — Guide to the June 15-18 2017 festivals, one-by-one

Each edition in this June 9th series of special short editions details ONE local festival, all by its lonesome. See the "Guide to this weekend" for the complete catalogue of CONCERTS, special events, and ALL the FESTIVALS, everywhere, here 'n there, hither 'n yon. That awaits you at:


✔ "MAKE MUSIC PASADENA" should have happened on June 18, because it had moved to the nearest Sunday in recent years; it is CANCELLED ("on hiatus") in 2017. But, don't run away yet.

Here's the Guide's "Encyclopedia Festivanica" listing for "MAKE MUSIC LOS ANGELES" which happens on Wednesday, June 21.


Wed, Jun 21, 2017:
6th annual "MAKE MUSIC LOS ANGELES" (MMLA), "eleven hours of musical creativity," is FREE and the enormous local expression of "MAKE MUSIC DAY," a citywide festival; but it's much bigger than L.A. — It's grown to global proportions in a very short time from its start in one country in Europe. Now, it happens every June 21st (regardless of the day of the week) in MORE THAN 800 CITIES in 130 COUNTRIES around the world. Local info,
✔ TIX: It's free, and the history of it pretty much mandates that it stays that way.
✔ CAMPING: Not specifically, and not allowed at the L.A. or Pasadena expressions of the day.
✔ THE SCENE: It all began in France, where busking can get you arrested. Seems that when France elected a musician — François Mitterrand — as their president, musicians assumed he would change that law. Well, he couldn't, but he compromised with his legislature, and they let him designate one day a year when making music outdoors, everywhere, would be legal. So ol' François chose the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, as that one day. Obviously, no other country wanted to be left out of something that brings a spontaneous celebration of all-things tuneful, so the French "Fete de la Musique" became the world's "Make Music Day." Pasadena, California, was one of the first places in North America to adopt it; within a couple of years, L.A., not wanting to play second-fiddle to Pasadena, as it already must to the Rose Parade and Doo Dah Parade, adopted it, too. Once all the Chamber of Commerce types realized it draws a crowd? Uh-huh. Now you can find lots of organized, pre-approved "Make Music" events on indoor and outdoor stages and street corners and parks that blossom into performance spaces. When it takes to the streets, it's especially true to its origins in France. And yes, the Guide has been on top of this, as a backer, proponent, and participant, since the first one in Pasadena.
✔ NOTE 1: In Los Angeles (as in many "Make Music" cities and towns) applications are taken to play at recognized performance spaces and those include some prestigious venues! All the info to perform June 21st at any of many officially recognized places in L.A. is at:
✔ NOTE 2: It's great to get registered so your friends can find you and come out and support you, and so you can brag (with verification) about having played the world's largest day of music-making. But it's part of the "Fete de la Musique" roots to just play, somewhere — "officially" or not.
✔ NOTE 3: It's a great excuse to pre-print some maps and hop on your bike, or if you're carrying an instrument, to roam the light rail lines that are not-quite-a-system, but will get you to many places where music is being made on the one special day. As for geographically compact expressions? It's not hard to plan a walking or bike route that'll let you take-in a dozen or more "venues." There's one of those compact beehives of "Make Music" downtown, and another one that's separately organized in Downey.
✔ NOTE 4: There are so many L.A. venues that we'll augment this as the date approaches.We'll start with what's happening at one of the first venues to publish its schedule AND to issue a participatory invitation to musicians — the Skirball Cultural Center & Museum, atop Sepulveda Pass.
✔ NOTE 5: At the Skirball, just off the 405 Freeway, 2701 N Sepulveda Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90049; 310-440-4500, "Make Music" runs Noon–5 pm, and admission for the day is FREE. That includes free admission to the Museum galleries, including their popular "Noah’s Ark at the Skirball™" (though you'll need to reserve your free tix in advance for that one, because of capacity. No reservations needed on the free day, June 21st, for anything else there.) Children must be accompanied by an adult. Now, the good stuff: they tell us, "Dance, sing, make art, and jam along at the Skirball’s celebration of 'Make Music Day,' a FREE festival of music... All ages and levels of musical experience welcome!"
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
• It's not yet announced, because artists and venues can still apply to participate. (See Note 1.)
• Any venue can announce its lineup at any time.
• Here's the announced participation by one of many venues,
The Skirball:
♪ Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward, ukulele virtuosos, at Noon
♪ Rhythm Child, 1 pm
♪ Mia Doi Todd, 2 pm; "Enjoy the entrancing sounds of one of Los Angeles’s most treasured singer-songwriters"
♪ Masanga Marimba, 3 pm
♪ The World Wind Ensemble, 4 pm
(You can also enjoy Skirball's current exhibition, running Apr 27-Sep 3, "Paul Simon: Words and Music.")
- - - -
♪ There will be literally THOUSANDS of musicians ranging from iconic pros to occasional amateurs taking part.
♪ You'll find performances in dozens and dozens of venues, from the permanent to the impromptu.
♪ The full "official" online program, listing not-quite all the musicians, bands, and venues, will evolve as the date approaches; it never manages to include everyone and everything. But it's where you should start formulating your game plan. It's at:


ALL THE FESTIVALS, happening locally and everywhere else throughout 2017 (with the current stuff right on top), are in the Guide's "ENCYCLOPEDIA FESTIVANICA" at:



(Lists as of June 9th)

LOCAL festivals, June 9-11 weekend, 2017...

✔ "HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL" Jun 8-25 (34 venues in Hollywood / L.A., CA)

✔ "BIG IRISH FAIR & MUSIC FESTIVAL" Jun 10 & 11 (Long Beach, CA)

✔ 30th annual "PALOS VERDES STREET FAIR & MUSIC FESTIVAL" Jun 10 & 11 (Rolling Hills Estates, CA)

✔ "TEQUILA & TACO MUSIC FESTIVAL" Jun 10 & 11 (Pasadena, CA)

PLUS, LOCAL festivals that start during this coming week...

✔ 3rd annual "ROUTE 66 BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL" Jun 15-18 (Victorville, CA)

✔ "LIVE OAK MUSIC FESTIVAL" Jun 16-18 (inland from Santa Barbara, CA)

✔ "HUCK FINN BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL" Jun 16-18 is kaput (was in Ontario, CA)

✔ 1st annual "BOOTS & BREWS COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL" Jun 17 (Santa Clarita, CA)

✔ "DISCLOSUREFEST" with California State Parks, Jun 17 (Los Angeles, CA)

✔ 31st annual "LONG BEACH BAYOU" Zydeco, Blues, Creole & Cajun Festival, Jun 17-18 (Long Beach, CA)

✔ 1st annual "LOS ANGELES DJANGO REINHARDT FESTIVAL" Jun 17 & 18 (Los Angeles CA)

✔ "MAKE MUSIC PASADENA" is on hiatus in 2017; see listing for "MAKE MUSIC LOS ANGELES" on Wed., Jun 21.

OUT-OF-TOWN festivals, June 9-11 weekend, 2017...

✔ 46th annual "KERRVILLE FOLK FESTIVAL" continues, May 25-Jun 11 (Kerrville, TX)

✔ "NORTHSIDE FESTIVAL" Jun 7-11 (Brooklyn, NY)

✔ "BLUE OX MUSIC FESTIVAL" Jun 8-10 (Eau Claire, WI)

✔ "BONNAROO MUSIC FESTIVAL" Jun 8-11 (Manchester, TN)

✔ "CMA MUSIC FESTIVAL" Jun 8-11 (Nashville, TN)


✔ "TASTE OF COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL" Jun 9-11 (Hunter Mountain, NY)

✔ "LAURELIVE" Festival Jun 10 & 11 (Russell Township, OH)

PLUS, festivals (elsewhere) that start during this coming week...


✔ 42nd annual "FATHER'S DAY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL" Jun 15-18 (Grass Valley, CA)


✔ "COUNTRY JAM COLORADO" Jun 15-18 (Grand Junction, CO)


✔ "MONTREAL FOLK FEST SUR LE CANAL" Jun 15-18 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

✔ 3rd annual "EAUX CLAIRES FESTIVAL" Jun 16 & 17 (Eau Claire, WI)

✔ "COUNTRY SUMMER" Festival Jun 16-18 (Santa Rosa, CA)


✔ "WHAT THE FESTIVAL" Jun 16-19 (Dufur, OR)


Ahead in the Guide...


We'll keep you updatred on MUSIC NEWS, all the festivals that feature Folk-Americana and/or acoustic music, and we'll bring you plenty of feature stories on special events, along with some previews, reviews and select "picks" (the recommendations kind, not the kind you use on strings; we've never had any of those printed with our logo, though we would if someone wanted to sponsor that.)

That said... contrary to appearances the last month or so, we're really NOT going back into the daily music calendar bid'ness. But there is SUCH an irresistible bridge of tunefulness between the current weekends of festivals that we ARE doing full-blown music calendars through July 4th.

We all know that if you rely on corporate mainstream media for your supposed news, you'd miss all these things.

Along with 'purt near all the music news we bring you.

It certainly does seem like Big Corporate Media only promotes and reports on soundalike pop pablum with incongruously unnecessary vocal gymnastics... we don't do that, and we wouldn't cover that stuff even if they didn't. But the point is, they just plain refuse to cover real acoustic music made without loops of electrocution sound effects — from Frankenstein's lightning storm or wherever they find that annoying stuff. So just hit the mute button on them and turn here. We cover all kinds 'o real acoustic music. And, yes, we'll feature some select picks of concerts, etc., as we navigate the summer together.


As always, you know that a whole lot more is coming soon — including fresh MUSIC NEWS, PREVIEWS & REVIEWS, and more additions to our massive guide to the MUSIC FESTIVALS of 2017.

Meantime, with everything happening this weekend? Go get tuneful!



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