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Friday, January 31, 2020

End of January, end of an era. Welcome February & the weekend. Jan 31 edition 2020

Today is January 31st. Along with everything else that brings, it is the last day of the final month that we are publishing in our old calendar-centered format, before going whole-hog into the new feature-story-based format. So we're giving the old ways this final send-off, with all the events for today and this weekend here for you -- along with everything else remaining in our events calendar database.

When you see us next time, we'll be invoking the classic Monty Python quip:
       "And now for something completely different."


Thought for Today for Friday, January 31st

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THOUGHTS FOR TODAY from THREE people born on this date...

First person

"When all hopes of recognition or honor have faded into distant memory, when purity of heart meets sorrow of mind, when all the world seems to walk in blindness and yet a man works without wearying for that which he loves...only in this moment is passion truly understood."


"No one feels another's grief, no one understands another's joy. People imagine that they can reach one another. In reality they only pass each other by."


"There is no such thing as happy music."

~ Franz Schubert (born Jan 31, 1797, d. 1828), renowned Austrian pianist and composer who, during his short life, produced more than six hundred secular vocal works, piano music, operas, seven complete symphonies, and a large body of chamber music, incidental music, and sacred music, AND left us some great quotes.
_ _

Second person

"The essence of America lies not in the headlined heroes ... but in the everyday folds who live and die unknown, yet leave their dreams as legacies."


"We now have cultural machines so powerful that one singer can reach everybody in the world, and make all the other singers feel inferior because they're not like him."

~ Alan Lomax (born Jan 31, 1915, d. 2002), American historian, author (incl. "The Land Where the Blues Began"), scholar with the Smithsonian, field collector of folk music of the 20th century, folklorist, ethnomusicologist, archivist, writer, political activist, oral historian, and film-maker, he traveled back roads and nearly inaccessible backwoods "hollars" to record and preserve original American folk/roots music.
_ _ _

Third person

"To blame the poor for subsisting on welfare has no justice unless we are also willing to judge every rich member of society by how productive he or she is. Taken individual by individual, it is likely that there's more idleness and abuse of government favors among the economically privileged than among the ranks of the disadvantaged."

~ Norman Mailer, author (born Jan 31, 1923, d. 2007)


Happy birthday today to these musicians

Marcus Mumford, American-English singer-songwriter, founder of the band Mumford and Sons.

Philip Glass, American composer.

Minnie Driver, English singer-songwriter and actress.

Matt Minglewood, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Harry Wayne Casey, American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer.

Adrian Vandenberg, Dutch guitarist and songwriter.

John Lydon, English singer-songwriter.

Lloyd Cole, English singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Danny Michel, Canadian singer-songwriter and producer.

Yukimi Nagano, Swedish singer-songwriter.

In memorium to departed musicians born on this date

Franz Schubert (b. 1797, d. 1828), discussed with his quotes, above.

Alan Lomax (b. 1915, d. 2002), discussed with his quotes, above.

Terry Kath (b. 1946, d. 1978), American guitarist and singer-songwriter with the band Chicago.

Mario Lanza (b. 1921, d. 1959), American tenor and actor.

Eddie Cantor (b. 1892, d. 1964), American singer-songwriter, actor, and dancer.

Isham Jones (b. 1894, d. 1956), American saxophonist, composer, and bandleader.

Bobby Hackett (b. 1915, d. 1976), American trumpet player and cornet player.

Carol Channing (b. 1921, d. 2019), American actress, singer, and dancer.

Chuck Willis (b. 1926, d. 1958), American singer-songwriter.

Al De Lory (b. 1930, d. 2012), American composer, conductor, and producer.

Norm Prescott (b. 1927, d. 2005), American animator, producer, and composer, co-founder of Filmation Studios.

Authors born on this date

Peter Sagal, American author and radio host of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."

Zane Grey (b. 1872, d. 1939), American author, famous for his many novels of the frontier American West.

Norman Mailer (b. 1923, d. 2007), American journalist and author.

John O'Hara (b. 1905, d. 1970), American author, playwright, and screenwriter.

American heroes born on this date

Jackie Robinson (b. 1919, d. 1972), American baseball star and later sportscaster, he broke the color barrier as the first African-American major leaguer (with the Los Angeles Dodgers, whose owner had the courage to hire him).
*  (It's also the birthday of American baseball player Nolan Ryan.)

Stewart Udall (b. 1920, d. 2010), American soldier, lawyer, and politician, 37th United States Secretary of the Interior, and one of the two Udall brothers who were key environmental activists who won major conservation battles before it was cool.


Here are today's -- and the weekend's -- events.



“MOMENTS,” a solo photography exhibition by LINDA ANN DETWILER BURNER, on view in the El Camino College Library, 16007 Crenshaw Bl, Torrance CA
*  It includes a photo essay entitled “Sunny Side Up at the Tot.”
*  Reception Fri, Jan 31, 5 pm-7 pm in the library lobby; exhibition opened Jan 27th.
*  Runs Jan 27 through February.

Fri, Jan 31, FREE CONCERT:
5:30 pm-11 pm - "NIGHT OF IDEAS: BEING ALIVE" at the Natural History Museum Los Angeles County, 900 Exposition Bl, Los Angeles CA 90007
*  The delightful JESSICA FICHOT QUARTET performs 7 pm to 7:45 pm (sharp) at the North American Mammal Hall, in front of a bison diorama.
*  Check out Jessica at:
*  Event features talks, films, performances and interactive discussions.
*  MORE, including full lineup:

Fri, Jan 31:
8 pm - EDDIE BERMAN plus ALLIE CROW BUCKLEY play the famous concert hall in back of McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica CA 90405;
*  EDDIE BERMAN has been writing songs since he was a California teenager. In his third full-length album, Frontiers, the critically acclaimed troubadour surveys himself and the world around him over the course of 11 heartfelt vignettes rooted in his signature fingerpicking style, accompanied by ethereal lap steel, bellowing double bass, and orchestral percussion. The album, in all its warm yet vibrant production, is inspired by nature, literature, and, of course, the joys and struggles of Berman’s own life. Berman’s latest offering is a beautiful, dense, and rewarding trip up the mountain and back.

*  ALLIE CROW BUCKLEY's music is of the high-lonesome, Pacific variety - a product of a life lived within a stone’s throw of that ocean’s roar. Her twenty-five years have been spent in Mendocino, New Zealand, Venice Beach, and Malibu.These days, Buckley has settled on the East side of LA. Building her presence as a live act, in March of 2018 she and her band put on one of the most packed residencies in recent memory at the Bootleg Theater.
*  TIX, $20, at:

Fri, Jan 31:
8 pm - 🎹 DUELING PIANOS SHOW at the Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery, 39252 Winchester Rd Ste 145, Murrieta CA 92563
*  Reservations for a table, at:

Fri, Jan 31:
8 pm - BETTMAN & HALPIN return from their Colorado home base to do the second of two nights in their favorite Southern California haunt, the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena CA 91001

*  Stephanie Bettman on fiddle and vocals, Luke Halpin on mandolin and guitar and whatever else he brings, ALWAYS delight, and ALWAYS sell-out here.
*  TIX, $25; make reservations promptly, 10 am-10 pm 7 days, at 626-798-6236.


Geez. The IOWA CAUCUSES are Monday night, February 3rd, marking the beginning of the 2020 Presidential election!


Today is February 1st. It is quite a date in Civil Rights history.

▪ 60 years ago today, in 1960, four black students staged the first of the Greensboro sit-ins at a lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina. Lunch counters were where America ate lunch out in the middle of the work day. Except thst in the South, those counters were off-limits to all but white people. The protests hurt the economics of the drugstore chain so badly that the stores themselves ended segregation as a result of the protests, and national attention brought the Civil Rights Act of 1965.

▪  Ninety-five years earlier on this same date in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln had signed the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, forever ending slavery. Time would prove thst was not enough. It still isn't.

▪  Today in 1902 Langston Hughes (1902-1967), was born. He became a successful black American poet, social activist, novelist, and playwright who challenged the comfortable all his life.

▪  Today in 1901, Clark Gable (1901-1960) was born. How is that relevant to Civil Rights? Well, he played the role of Rhett Butler in "Gone with the Wind," the 1939 movie that has earned more than any other film, ever, and still influences our views of race and Southern slavery.

▪ Today in 1938 (the year before "Gone with the Wind")  Sherman Hemsley (1938-2012), American actor and singer, was born. He played the contentious successful black businessman and Archie Bunker's foil on "All in the Family," and its spinoff series, "The Jeffersons," the first TV series chronicling a successful black American family.

☆  How did film and TV get their start so that "GWTW" and "The Jeffersons" could happen? Well, today in 1893, Thomas A. Edison finished construction of the first motion picture studio, the Black Maria, in West Orange, New Jersey.

Also today in history...

In 1964 The Beatles had their 1st # 1 hit in the US with "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

In 1896 La bohème premiered in Turin, Italy at the Teatro Regio, conducted by the young Arturo Toscanini.

In 1942, the Voice of America, official external radio (and later, TV) service of the US government, began broadcasting with programs aimed at areas controlled by the WW II Axis powers.

In 1979, Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Tehran after nearly 15 years of exile. The Islamic Revolution sparked by that would result in students storming the American embassy and its entire staff being taken hostage and held for 443 days. The US would seize Iranian assets and hold them captive for decades, until they were released in an international "Iran Deal," signed by President Barack Obama. It would assure the world that Iran's nuclear weapons program would end. But the current president would pull-out of that deal, and Iran has resumed working on an "Islamic Bomb."

In 2002, Daniel Pearl, American journalist, musician, and South Asia Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal, who had been kidnapped that Jan 23rd, was beheaded and mutilated by his radical Islamist captors. His family would found "Daniel Pearl Day" as a global day of music, peace, and understanding.  

Then, one year later...

In 2003, Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated during the reentry of mission STS-107 into the Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard. It had been fatally damaged during liftoff, days earlier, and despite suspicions, nobody was willing to re-task a spy satellite to go look while it was in orbit.

Birthdays today for these musicians...

Jason Isbell, American singer-songwriter & guitarist

Sonny Landreth, American guitarist & songwriter

Don Everly, American singer-songwriter & guitarist and one-half of The Everly Brothers (with sibling, Phil)

Lisa Marie Presley, American singer-songwriter & actress

Exene Cervenka, American singer-songwriter & guitarist

Andrew VanWyngarden, American singer-songwriter & guitarist

Mike Campbell, American guitarist, songwriter & producer

Rich Williams, American guitarist & songwriter

Chuck Dukowski, American singer-songwriter & bass player

Tomoyasu Hotei, Japanese singer-songwriter & guitarist

Mario Pelchat, Canadian singer-songwriter

Patrick Wilson, American drummer

Tim Harding, Australian singer & actor

Hins Cheung, Hong Kong singer-songwriter

Harry Styles, English singer-songwriter

Normie Rowe, Australian singer-songwriter & actor

In memorium for these musicians born on this date...

Rick James (1948-2004), American singer-songwriter and producer

Victor Herbert (1859-1924), Irish-American cellist, composer, and conductor

James P. Johnson (1894-1955), American pianist and composer

George Beverly Shea (1909-2013), Canadian-American singer-songwriter

Renata Tebaldi (1922-2004), Italian soprano and actress

Jimmy Carl Black (1938-2008), American drummer and singer

Claude François, Egyptian-French singer-songwriter and dancer (d. 1978)

Joe Sample (1939-2014), American pianist and composer

Jani Lane, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (1964-2011)

ValentĂ­n Elizalde (1979-2006), Mexican singer-songwriter

In memorium for these other notables born this date...

George Pal (1908-1980), Hungarian-American animator and motion picture producer

Terry Jones (1942-2020), of Monty Python fame, Welsh actor, director, and screenwriter

Charles Nordhoff (1887-1947), English-American lieutenant, pilot, and co-author of the "Mutiny on the Bounty" trilogy

Boris Yeltsin (1931-2007), Russian politician, 1st President of The Russian Federation


Today's events...

9 am-noon - "A GUIDE FOR REBUILDING FROM THE TICK FIRE in Unincorporated L.A. County" is a workshop at the L.A. County Department of Regional Planning, 23757 Valencia Bl, Valencia CA 91355

Sat & Sun, Feb 1 & 2; EXHIBITION:
10 am-4 pm - Annual "GREAT TRAIN SHOW" at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura CA
*  Seven enormous modular model railroads are on display, with miniature trains representing the history of flanged-wheel-on-steel-rail transportation. The trains run through miniature worlds of cities, towns, farmlands, mountains and other representations of the world as it is or as it should be.
*  Vendors have CDs of all the classic train songs, along with food, vintage model and tot trains, and "railroadiana."
*  You can ride a real train to get there and back: Amtrak's California Surfliner trains use the Ventura station, right across the street.
*  The same kind of show (without service by the real trains) happens next weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa CA.

Sat & Sun, Feb 1 & 2, VOCAL WORKSHOP:
Time tba - MOIRA SMILEY returns to her old L.A. stomping grounds, teaching two rare vocal workshops at The BirdHouse
*  Moira Smiley tours the world as part of the best vocal groups of our time. She is renowned in Los Angeles for her former ensemble VOCO, which was based here.
*  Details forthcoming at link below.
*  Reservations and info:

1 pm-2 pm - "LAST DAYS OF THE DINOSAURS" presentation at Prime Desert Woodland Preserve, 43201 35th St W, Lancaster CA 93536
*  And now for something completely different...
*  Dinosaur Expert Richard Wade offers an interactive demonstration, including a full-scale model of a T-Rex skull and a seven-foot model of a brachiosaurus bone.
*  Those whose devices are infested with Facebook spyware can see more at: (there for you to copy; we never offer live links to spyware).

1 pm-3 pm - “SMALL WONDERS: DISCOVERIES ON THE MADRONA MARSH,” an exhibition by 15
A piece by Nicolette Groome
in “Intergalactic” (Easy Reader News)
members of the Photographic and Digital Artists of the Palos Verdes Art Center, at the Madrona Marsh Nature Center, 3201 Del Amo Bl, Torrance CA
*  Exhibition opens Tue, Jan 28, with the reception on Sat, Feb 1, 1 to 3 pm.
*  Info: 310-782-3989

6 pm-9 pm - "INTERGALACTIC" opens Saturday with this reception at ShockBoxx Projects, 636 Cypress Av, Hermosa Beach CA
*  This has nothing to do with imagery from space. It's a group show at ShockBoxx that was juried by Mike Collins, Scott Meskill, Kymm Swank, Sarah Svetlana, and Preston Smith, with art by the gallery's regulars or semi-regulars like Paul Roustan, Eric Michael, Emerald Padgett, Priscilla Ortiz, and Drica Lobo. Perhaps the show is being called “Intergalactic” because there’s work in it from far away, including New York and Japan.
*  Runs Feb 1-Feb 8.
*  Info, 310-989-4323 or

Sat, Feb 1:
7 pm - DEAN FRIEDMAN plays Kulak's Woodshed, 5230 Laurel Canyon Bl, NoHo/ Los Angeles CA; 818-766-9913;
*  Dean's 2nd annual "(Day Before) Groundhog's Day" concert features his hits, fan-favorites, plus guest appearances by family, friends, and one groundhog.
 *  3rd Place WINNER of the "Global Cool Award" to combat Global Warming (a few years back, before it was in vogue), you can watch "A Terrible Pickle," the splendid '20s early-jazz-style music vid at:
*  In addition to his radio airplay, album releases, and touring, Friedman composes and produces music soundtracks for TV and film, including the music to the Central TV series "BOON" and NBC’s "Eerie Indiana."
*  He’s also published a respected tome on the art and craft of songwriting titled, "The Songwriter’s Handbook" (The Artists League), based on the Songwriting Workshops and Songwriting Masterclasses he’s conducted at universities and music conservatories around the world, including L.I.P.A. (The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts).
*  TIX, $40, at this eventbrite link.

Sat, Feb 1:
7 pm - JANET KLEIN & HER PARLOR BOYS play the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena CA
*  Reservations by phone only, 10 am-10 pm, 7 days: 626-798-6236.
*  Obscure, naughty and lovely tunes of the 1910s, '20s & '30s, spirited and inspired renditions of cleverly fun but forgotten Tin Pan Alley, early hot jazz, saucy bits, and late ragtime gems. An extensive repertoire including obscure vaudeville and Vitaphone numbers, Hawaiian, Yiddish novelty tunes, French and Italian knock-out ballads, with Janet's charm and vocals and John Reynolds, Corey Gemme, Marquis Howell and Randy Worltz.
*  TIX, $20.

Sat, Feb 1:
7 pm - ANDY & RENEE and DAVE CROSSLAND play an all-acoustic House Concert in Torrance CA.
*  ANDY & RENEE are the award-winning leaders of award-winning band HARD RAIN, and producers and musical hosts of the excellent annual "DYLANFEST."
 DAVE CROSSLAND, musician and actor, has played numerous principal and supporting roles on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and similar cable networks. Recent indie-film projects include a lead role in Life After, by writer/director Jamie Wheeler.
*  Dave has starred in a number of Equity productions, most notably a two-season run of "A Hammer, a Bell, and a Song" at the San Diego Repertory Theatre.
*  Dave's improv experience from the UPRIGHT CITIZEN'S BRIGADE complements years of performing solo on the national acoustic music circuit.
*  And how about this endorsement from the late, great John Stewart:
“From the long line of Guthrie, Dylan and Springsteen -- it’s only a matter of time until Crossland takes his place among the great songwriters of the 21st century.”
*  Doors at 6 pm, show at 7 pm
*  Reservations get directions. Hosted by Andy Hill, in Torrance CA 90504.
*  BYOB and Pot Luck.
*  $25 donation requested. Space is limited. Get tickets HERE.

Sat, Feb 1:
8 pm - PETER CASE plus special guest BOB HILLMAN plays the famous concert hall in back of McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica CA 90405;
*  PETER CASE’s work sets the bar for authenticity, passion and imagination and spans a number of genres, including folk, blues, and rock. Raised in Buffalo, NY, Case came to the Bay area in 1973 and worked as a street musician and played in the seminal power pop group The Nerves, before moving to Los Angeles to form THE PLIMSOULS, landing a deal with Geffen Records.
*  THE PLIMSOULS achieved success with the single, "A Million Miles Away,” but broke up shortly after.
*  BOB HILLMAN, a San Francisco singer-songwriter, is well into the second act of a career that began in the late 1990s, flourished in the early 00s, survived ten years of “real jobs,” and resumed in 2016 with the Peter Case-produced Lost Soul. His new album – Some of Us Are Free, Some of Us Are Lost – was released on April 5th, 2019.
*  TIX (a few) are still available as of Thursday morning (1/23), and that's purt near shocking. Peter Case ALWAYS sells-out every place he plays.


Today is Groundhog Day, around since 1887 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. All the Christmas cards you didn't send because you put it off to send Groundhog Day cards instead? You missed this one, too.

Palindrome Today

     Today's date is a palindrome, meaning it is the same whether you read it forwards or backwards. February 2, 2020 -- 02/02/2020, is, in fact, the sane in both the MM/DD/YYYY format and the DD/MM/YYYY format. And, at just after 2 am as the exact time arrived in each time zone, it was 02:02:20 on 02/02/2020.

     It's a stretch, but technically accurate, to note this is the first global palindrome day in 909 years, on on 11/11/1111. Of course, our modern shorthand for representing the date was not in use nine centuries ago.

     On the other hand... if human civilization survives the mass extinction that is underway due to human-causec climate change, then our descendants will experience the next global palindrome day -- in in 101 years, on 12/12/2121.

      After THAT, there is a loooong stretch until the next one -- on 03/03/3030.

Sports fans know this is Super Bowl Sunday, but do they know... On this day in 1876, the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs of Major League Baseball was formed.

In 1925, in the grip of Alaska's deep-freeze of winter, a disease epidemic was killing children in droves in its most remote northern settlement. No airplane of the time could operate in such cold. The lifesaving serum could reach Nome only one way: by traditional arctic dog sled. The sleds with their precious diphtheria serum arrived on this day, saving many lives. It inspired, into our time, the epic annual "Iditarod Race."

On this day in 1943, the World War II seige and Battle of Stalingrad finally ended after much of the city's civilian population had froze and starved to death, eating all the city's rats and finally subsisting on boiled shoe leather. In one of history's greatest turn-arounds driven by sheer human tenacity, Soviet troops defeated the invading Nazi juggernaut -- and on this day, the Russians accepted the surrender of the last organized German troops partially occuping the city. 

But oh boy. Read the next item.

It is a great irony that this is also the day, in 1989, when the last Soviet armoured column left Kabul, effectively ending the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and the Soviet-Afghan War. (America, which has similarly been repeatedly bloodied and stymied in attempting to impose its will on that same remote mountain region's feudal tribes, continues without learning the lesson from the Soviets -- even though it led directly to the collapse of the Soviet Union.)

Today in 1848 the Mexican-American War ended when the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed -- after the American Army, Navy, and Marines had occupied all of Mexico's major cities and ports... feeding the imperialist notion of Manifest Destiny, and resulting in the Mexican Cession to, and purchase by, the US of all or most of what became California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, most of Colorado, and even a little piece of what became Wyoming. Oh, and the following year, the Gold Rush in California began, after the Golden State had just barely been acquired by the US.

Today in 1901 was the funeral of Queen Victoria, longest-sitting British monarch until the present Queen Elizabeth II.

Today in 1913, New York City's Grand Central Terminal opened. It is still one of the world's highest-daily-passenger-volume train stations, though since Amtrak moved all intercity passenger trains to Penn Station, it has handled only commuters for many years.

Today's Cultural Milestones

# 1: "Ulysses" by James Joyce (1882-1941), Irish novelist, short story writer, and poet, was first published today in 1922, on his birthday.

# 2: How quickly technology revolutionizes things: this day in 2000, just 20 years ago, the first digital cinema projection in Europe (Paris) was made by Philippe Binant with DLP CINEMA technology developed by Texas Instruments. The job of Motion Picture Projectionist is now as extinct as Steam Locomotive Hostler.

# 3: this day in 2005, the Government of Canada introduced the Civil Marriage Act. It would become law on July 20, 2005, legalizing same-sex marriage in the same era when California was living with the "Defense of Marriage Act" written by politician Pete Knight to punish his gay son for being gay. (Yes, both the California legislature and the US Supreme Court would, years later, conclude that a free country meant each individual does, indeed, have free choice who they can marry.)

Birthday today for these musicians...

Tom Smothers of the Smothers Brothers, American folksinger, comedian, actor, activist, relevant-issues TV pioneer.

Graham Nash, English-American singer-songwriter-

Stan Getz (1927-1991), American saxophonist.

Brent Spiner, American actor, whose cyborg character "Commander Data" explored creativity as a musician in the "Star Trek" franchise.

Mimi Page, American singer-songwriter and composer.

Al McKay, American guitarist, songwriter, and producer.

Birthday of the Beautiful

Christie Brinkley, American actress, model, and businesswoman.

Farrah Fawcett (1947-2009), American actress and producer.

Shakira, Colombian singer-songwriter, producer, and actress.

Other notables born this date...

Frederick William Vanderbilt (1856-1938), American railway magnate.

Solomon R. Guggenheim (1861-1949), American businessman-philanthropist, founded the Guggenheim Museum.

Johnston McCulley (1883-1958), American author-screenwriter, created Zorro.

Ayn Rand (1905-1982), Russian-born American novelist-philosopher, greed-justifying conservative icon who some worship and others find thoroughly reprehensible.

Today's events...

Sun, Feb 2:
1 pm-4 pm - ORQUESTRA CHARANGOA plays Fisherman's Village, 13755 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey CA 90292
*  FREE concert & two hour free parking.

Sun, Feb 2:
Noon-2 pm - "BLUEGRASS SUPERBOWL PREGAME CONCERT" with pickin' an' grinnin' by THE FLAW  at Viva Rancho Cantina, 900 W Riverside Dr,  Burbank CA (next to L.A. Equestrian Center, with parking across the street at Pickwick Bowl)
*  The band, which went for years as MURPHY'S FLAW, tells us, "We play our last chorus of 'Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms' by 2 pm -- plenty of time to get to wherever you're going to before the kick-off at 3 o'clock, or stay and watch the game at Viva!"
*  Venue has full menu and full bar, specializing in Mexican food.

Sun, Feb 2; ONLINE concert:
12:30 pm (Pacific) - MARINA V plays her "Marinawood" concert series at

Sun, Feb 2:
3:30 pm - "SUPER BOWL at the Shamrock," at the Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery, 39252 Winchester Rd Ste 145, Murrieta CA 92563
*  For us, the thrill has been gone from the NFL because of all the head injuries. But we know pigskin is an addiction for many, and watching this annual game is proof of disposable culture hipness for most of America. And, yeah, some people watch only to see the ads that they'll change channels to avoid next week.
*  Thus, we facilitate.
*  49ers vs. Chiefs kicks off at 3:30 pm, which is perfect for their HAPPY HOUR, running 3 pm to 5:30 pm, with 20% off your full tab -- yep, even today.
* Giant screen action, good food and hospitality makes that a fine, but distant, place to take in the big game.
*  You will need reservations for a table, at:
*  Their bar and barrel seating is always left “open” for walk ins.

Sun, Feb 2; late afternoon:
The Guide's correspondent Franz Romans Countrymen reports:

I'm pretending to watch the Super Bowl.

I think I've seen half a dozen plays and I have no idea what the score is.

I watched maybe three of the vaunted commercials and found them lame and idiotic. One was cloying and annoying.

To think that hundreds of millions of dollars are poured into an effort to leech-off an athletic contest. A game wherein players paid millions are employed by owners worth billions. That is, it continues until player head injuries get them dismissed from facing the other gladiators any longer.

You really expect when the camera cuts to the owners that you'll see them reclined like Nero, being hand-fed grapes one at a time and fanned with palm fronds.

And you wonder why none of the supposedly-journalist sportscasters will tell any of the rabid fans that they are apt to find themselves hung-out-to-dry when the owner of "their" team decides to take his team to a different city to get more freebies from taxpayer subsidies somewhere else.

Of course, to use their three-hundred-dollar game tickets, or now, their three-thousand-dollar (and up) Super Bowl game tickets, the fans must run a giant slalom across the urban hinterlands of asphalt surrounding the stadiums, dodging their semipermanent fixtures of meandering portable reeking mound-builder ruins, each heap supported by a submerged shopping cart pushed by the homeless residents of whichever city is hosting this or whichever game.

The Trump commercial just ran to gratify the MAGA Mad Hatters and Trumpee Bear clutchers.

Too bad the game's ultrasophisticated cyber-powered score board doesn't reveal the real score:

It's fourth down and a hundred-and-fifty yards to go in America. The twelve-dollar-a-cup beer is being spilled by U-S-A chanting masses cheering with wild intoxication. They haven't noticed the call for the punter is going unheeded. He is hidden behind the cheerleaders, still prostate from repeated pummelings, where he has fallen and can't get up. 

Never mind. Just show another eleven-million-dollar commercial.

Sun, Feb 2:
SOLD OUT - TOM RUSSELL plays the famous concert hall in back of McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica CA 90405;

Sun, Feb 2:
8 pm - TONY BENNETT with ANTONIA BENNETT on their "I left my ♡" tour, at the Long Beach Terrace Theatre

Everything else in 
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Tue, Feb 4:
8 pm - JIM & ANNE CURRY: "THE SONGS OF JOHN DENVER" at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena CA
*  Reservations by phone only, 10 am-10 pm, 7 days: 626-798-6236.
*  Tribute artist Jim Curry, whose singing voice was heard in the CBS-TV movie "Take Me Home: The John Denver Story," has performed Denver's music in sold-out shows throughout the country and has emerged as today's top performer of Denver's vast legacy of multi-platinum hits.
*  He has performed with most of the members of Denver's band and he has performed Denver's music with symphony orchestras, as Denver did so often in concert, enabled because Curry was given the original orchestral sheet music that had been presumed lost.
*  Jim's uncanny ability to mirror John's voice and clean-cut look takes you back to the time when "Rocky Mountain High," "Sunshine," "Calypso," and "Annie's Song" topped the charts, and his popular music had the heartfelt message of caring for the earth and caring for each other.
*  Denver’s message is worth repeating in our contentious times: “Be kind to the Earth and to each other.”
*  TIX, $20. Make reservations. This ALWAYS sells-out.

Tue, Feb 4:
8 pm - ALAN PARSONS LIVE PROJECT plays the City National Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim CA

Tue, Feb 4:
WYNONNA & CACTUS: "Party Of Two" plays the famous concert hall in back of McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica CA 90405;

Thu & Fri, Feb 6 & 7; INDUSTRY CONFERENCE:
7th Annual "DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT WORLD" ("DEW 2020") produced by Digital Media Wire at the Marina del Rey Marriott, in Marina del Rey CA
*  Brings together 2,000 decision-makers from video, music, games and advertising as well as startups, innovators, technologists and press
*  Features Speakers from Pluto TV, Roc Nation, Facebook, CBS, NBC, Epic Games, Skydance, Warner Bros, Sony Music.
*  DEW includes more than 50 unique sessions and 200 speakers on topics essential to the future of video, music, brands, marketing, gaming, AR/VR, and AI, with keynotes and fireside chats from Pluto TV, Facebook, Sony Music, CBS, Roc Nation, Roblox, and more.
*  View the full speaker list at:
*  Registration, etc, at:

Thu, Feb 6:
7:30 pm - SCOTT AINSLEE and REGGIE HARRIS, legendary guitarmen, explore the uniquely American folk and blues roots of the deep south, at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, 1201 W Malvern Av, Fullerton CA 92833; 714-738-6595;
*  An evening of jaw-dropping musicianship.
*  Two noted troubadours together in concert with a variety of acoustic instruments, stories, and songs.
*  TIX: $30 gen'l, $20 student/senior, $15 member.

Fri, Feb 7:
THE FRED EAGLESMITH SHOW starring TIF GINN plays the famous concert hall in back of McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica CA 90405;

Fri, Feb 7:
8 pm - THE SUSIE GLAZE NEW FOLK ENSEMBLE plus ANDY & RENEE (of HARD RAIN) play a double-bill for Susie's recently reinstituted series, "THE WOODSHED SESSIONS," at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena CA 91001;
*  THE SUSIE GLAZE NEW FOLK ENSEMBLE has been likened to the British bands Pentangle and Fairport Convention, blending classic folk music with rough-edged stories of tragedy and fate, all with orchestral arrangements sounding like chamber music gone folk.
*  Susie & co get good reviews: “...a ride through a wide range of Americana meadows and valleys... from skilled instrumentation bluegrass jams, Appalachian vocals, sweet high lonesome harmonies and old-time folk influences, the richness of a tapestry of American music that weaves together each genre through... song-craft, clear production and authentic performance... it feels like we’re hearing just one genre ~ great American music... one of the finest and most original Americana groups in California (or in the country for that matter).” -- No Depression.
*  ANDY & RENEE are the award-winning leaders of award-winning band HARD RAIN, and producers and musical hosts of the excellent annual "DYLANFEST."
*  TIX, $20, and note: THIS SERIES always sells-out, AND, all of Andy & Renee's acoustic shows ALWAYS sell-out. So don't dawdle. Call promptly for reservations, 10 am-10 pm, 7-days: 626-398-7917.

Sat, Feb 9:
ALASDAIR FRASER & NATALIE HAAS play the famous concert hall in back of McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica CA 90405;

Tue, Feb 11; FREE CONCERT:
6 pm - MICHAUT/PERKINS play a "French/American Indy Folk/Pop Concert" at the Idyllwild Library, 54401 Village Center Dr, Idyllwild, CA 92549
*  Billed as "La Boheme Meets L.A.," Copenhagen-based (København, DK) duo Michaut/Perkins is the love child of French songwriter MAGALI MICHAUT (vocals, violin, guitar, piano) and American songwriter BRETT PERKINS (vocals, guitar, ukulele, percussion), who met in Denmark in the summer 2015.
*  The duo's 2016 debut CD "Hello Love" has generated international airplay and tour dates in eleven countries so far.
*  ADVANCE NOTICE / Related news: Brett Perkins, singer-songwriter / Americana /Alt Country / Pop Rock / Folk / Adult Contemporary artist grew-up in the L.A. area and made his first big splash with THE SNEAKS. Since moving to Europe, he continues to operate a successful series of "Songwriter Retreats" around the world. So far, over 1500 songwriters from more than 30 countries have participated in Brett's Retreats. His annual US edition is the...
 "IDYLLWILD SONGWRITERS RETREAT" in the forested mountains of Southern California. It will once again be followed by, and connected to the...
 "IDYLLWILD SONGWRITERS FESTIVAL," June 5-7 at Spirit Mountain Center, Idyllwild CA, where the three-day event kicks-off with Retreat participants debuting brand-new co-writes from the prior week.
*  More at:
*  Brett's last go-around in Idyllwild -- retreat & festival -- raised a combined $1700 for its designated community charities, "Idyllwild Help Center," and "Idyllwild Community Center." This year's charity support money will go directly to providing child care for working parents, as well as gas, grocery cards and more for economically-challenged locals. The total reported spending in the community for last year's combined Retreat/Festival events totalled over $15,000.
*  Brett is also the founder and producer of the annual "COPENHAGEN SONGWRITERS FESTIVAL," happening this year August 27-30.
*  ENOUGH NEWS. LET'S HEAR SOME MUSIC: "Sure Will Miss You When You Go" is one of Brett's originals, here in a full production recording with roots-Americana band THE PAWNSHOP PREACHERS, for listening and free download, at:

3 pm-5 pm & 6 pm-8 pm - "ECHO IN THE CANYON" (2018) the landmark music documentary, screens twice today in the "Thursday Films" series at Peninsula Center Library Community Room, 701 Silver Spur Rd, Rolling Hills Estates CA
*  A look at the roots of the historic music scene in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon, featuring the music of iconic groups such as The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, and The Mamas and the Papas. It includes conversations with Michelle Phillips, Stephen Stills, David Crosby, Roger McGuinn, Jackson Browne, Cat Power and Norah Jones, Lou Adler, Fiona AppleThe Beach Boys, and Beck. As the movie opens, we watch Tom Petty and Jacob Dylan talking guitar shop, and Richenbackers in particular. Directed by Andrew Slater
*  Palos Verdes Library District's Thursday Films is a series featuring a variety that includes world cinema (foreign-language films shown in their original language with English subtitles), mainstream and documentary films, "and everything in between" in the library's Community Room on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 3 pm & 6 pm. It's always free and open to the public, but seats are limited and first come, first served.
*  More info, call 310-377-9584 ext. 601, or sign up for the FILM newsletter

Sat, Feb 15:
Time tba - MOIRA SMILEY returns to her old L.A. stomping grounds for a concert at Nichols Canyon Music.
*  Moira Smiley tours the world as part of the best vocal groups of our time. She is renowned in Los Angeles for her former ensemble VOCO, which was based here.
*  Details not yet available at press time. They'll appear at:

Sun, Feb 23:
2 pm - "THEATRE 40 MUSICAL MATINEE" is a special production of Theatre 40, in the Reuben Cordova Theatre, 241 S Moreno Dr, Beverly Hills CA 90212
*  This is "Ninety minutes of musical theatre Heaven" as the vocal talents of Theatre 40's performing artists sing the great songs of musical theatre.
*  Southern Cal theatre guru Philip Sokoloff tells us, "If you love musical theatre, this is the show for you."
*  Directed by Gail Johnston. Musical director, Carol Weiss. Presented by Theatre 40, the professional theatre of Beverly Hills, on the campus of Beverly Hills High School.
*  Ample free parking beneath the venue; enter parking from driveway at the intersection of Durant and Moreno Drives.
*  Since this is a revue,  the Guide expects it will appeal to a broad audience. So, get your tix early.
*  TIX: all seats $25 at 310-364-3606 or

Sat, Feb 29:
8 pm - WISHBONE ASH plus THE BOBBY BLUEHOUSE BAND and various special guests, play the Arcadia Blues Club, 16 E Huntington Dr, Arcadia CA 91006
*  Fun venue, two stages to assure continuous music, pool tables, bar specials, tasty menu (generous portions, two can share). But bring earplugs.  Seriously.
*  Advance online tix save money, but this venue is never overpriced, anyway.
*  Upcoming events, more:
*  TIX for all concerts here, at:

later in 

Fri-Sun, Apr 3-5, 2020:
"HISTORYCON" is a national event and exhibition at the Pasadena Convention Center

Sat, Apr 11:
10 am-2 pm - "ORANGE COUNTY JAMBOREE" at Irvine Park, Irvine CA
*  Features Western Music by the California Chapter of the Western Music Association, in cooperation with The Orange County Parks Historical Division.

Thu-Sun, Apr 16-19; FESTIVAL:
Annual "SANTA CLARITA COWBOY FESTIVAL" in William S. Hart Park and nearby concert and theatrical performance venues in Old Town Newhall, Santa Clarita CA;

Fri, Apr 17:
8 pm - SOURDOUGH SLIM plays the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena CA;
*  More:

Sat, Apr 18:
7:30 pm - SCOTTISH FIDDLERS OF LOS ANGELES present their 39th Anniversary "SPRING CONCERT" at the Hermosa Beach Community Theatre, 710 Pier Av, Hermosa Beach CA
*  Acclaimed Cape Breton fiddlers ANDREA BEATON and TROY  MacGILLIVRAY join a 40-person orchestra for a lively evening of foot-stomping good fun.
*  MORE at:
*  Adv tix available via Brown Paper Tickets as of Jan 6, at:
*  TIX: $15 Gen'l, $25 Preferred (1st 5 rows); FREE for ages 18 and under.

May 2:
11 am-3 pm - "RANCHO DAYS FIESTA" at Heritage Hills Park in cooperation with The Orange County (CA) Parks Historical Division.
*  Features Western Music by the California Chapter of the Western Music Association.
Sun, May 17, FESTIVAL:
All day - Annual "TOPANGA BANJO FIDDLE CONTEST & FOLK FESTIVAL" at Paramount Ranch in Santa Monica Mtns Nat'l Recreation Area, off Kanan Rd in Agoura Hills CA
*  Info, contest registration, more, at:
*  Tix go on-sale Jan 13th at 10 am

Sat, May 30; FESTIVAL:
All day - 30th Annual "DYLANFEST" in the tree-shaded courtyard at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Torrance CA
*  This is a splendid live music event, reliably wonderful year after year. Sponsors and award-winning host band ANDY & RENEE & HARD RAIN always book many of L.A.'s top musicians, and for this big three-decade anniversary, you can expect a lot. You can also expect it to sell-out early.
*  TIX on sale soon as of our Jan 8 press time; keep watch, and more info, at:

Sat & Sun, Sep 26 & 27; FESTIVAL:
9 am-7 pm - 26th annual "DULCIMER FESTIVAL" presented by SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DULCIMER HERITAGE (SCDH); Saturday at Riviera United Methodist Church, 375 Palos Verdes Bl, Redondo Beach CA 90277;
Sunday at two other locations (Fullerton and Lakewood).
*  This charming annual event mixes workshops, vendors of traditional and vintage string instruments, jams, group performances, and featured top-flight artists doing Mid-Day & Twilight Concerts.
*  This year's top artists doing instructional workshops and concerts are:
  ⊙  Tina Bergmann - Hammered Dulcimer
  ⊙  Tull Glazener - Fretted/Mountain Dulcimer
*  Sunday's FOCUS WORKSHOPS, Sep 27, are both 10 am-2 pm:
  ◇  Hammered Dulcimer & Mixed Instruments - Fullerton
  ◇  Mountain Dulcimer - Lakewood area/ Long Beach
*  More, and TIX when available (plus other dulcimer concerts & events), at:



Continuing Events


ONGOING, Jan 14-Feb 16:
"THE LAST SHIP," the acclaimed musical stage production written by STING, plays in the Ahmanson Theatre at the Los Angeles Music Center in downtown L.A., 135 N Grand Av, Los Angeles, CA 90012
*  "This unbelievable show has some of the best talent in the industry... The Last Ship consistently delivers the strongest stage performers around and has a track record of performing in front of sold out audiences..."
*  Enjoy a thorough review of the show in the South Bay "Easy Reader News" at:
*  Photo of Sting as Jackie White. By Matthew Murphy, Easy Reader News.
*  WATCH A VID CLIP of the show on Broadway:
*  TIX at:

"MARGARITAVILLE," the new touring musical by JIMMY BUFFET, arrives in Southern California for a short run.

"DAY AFTER DAY (THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF DORIS DAY)" in its West Coast Premiere, produced by the P3 Theatre Company at the Ernest Borgnine Theatre (inside the Long Beach Scottish Rite Cultural Center), 855 Elm Av, Long Beach CA 90813
*  This is a brand new musical telling the dramatic personal life story of Doris Day through her music. Songs including "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," "Sentimental Journey," "Secret Love," "It’s Magic," "A Guy is a Guy," and "Que Sera, Sera," turned Doris Day into America’s Sweetheart.
*  Take a deep and personal look into this star’s dramatic personal life while appearing as the quintessential “girl-next-door” in Warner Bros. musicals.  Blending factual life events and her songs, this show is a love letter to this extraordinary icon.
*  Written by Tony Santamauro, starring Deborah Robin as Doris Day.
*  "(Deborah) Robin absolutely shines in her role, fully inhabiting Day’s perky demeanor and delicious voice from her early years as a big-band singer and top recording star– beginning with “Sentimental Journey” after World War II– through to her movie roles opposite leading men such as Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, and James Garner." -- Anita W. Harris, Signal Tribune.
*  TIX: 800-595-4849 or

"NATIONAL THEATRE LIVE," a series of productions filmed live on London's West End, screening at Boston Court Pasadena, 70 N Mentor Av, Pasadena CA 91106;
*  Boston Court, itself renowned for live theatre, brings these brilliantly filmed plays from across the pond; some have two dates, and the near-term one is sold-out; get tix early:
■  "ALL ABOUT EVE," starring GIllian Anderson:
Wed, Jan 29, 8 pm, get tix now.
■  "HAMLET" (encore), starring Benedict Cumberbatch:
Sun, Feb 2, 1:30 pm, get tix now.
  "FLEABAG," written & performed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge; two dates:
Thu, Jan 30 - Sold out; Wed, May 20, 8 pm, get tix now.
  "PRESENT LAUGHTER," starring Andrew Scott; two dates:
Fri, Jan 31, Sold out; Wed, May 27, 7:30 pm, get tix now.
■  "ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS" (encore), starring James Corden; two dates:
Sat, Feb 1, 1:30 pm; Sat, May 16, 7:30 pm; get tix now, either date.
■  "THE AUDIENCE" (encore), starring Helen Mirren:
Sun, May 10, 1:30 pm, get tix now.
  "HANSARD," starring Alex Jennings and Lyndsey Duncan:
Tues, May 12, 8 pm, get tix now.
  "CYRANO DE BERGERAC" – New, starring James McAvoy; two dates:
Mon, May 18, 7:30 pm; Fri, May 22, 7:30 pm; get tix now, either date.
*  TIX, $20; Box Office, 626-683-6801, 11 am - 5 pm, Tue-Fri.

ONGOING, PODCAST, on-demand:
"RECORDING ARTISTS: RADICAL WOMEN" is a new podcast series from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. In it, art historian HELEN MOLESWORTH explores the lives and work of six artists — ALICE NEEL, LEE KRASNER, BETYE SAAR, HELEN FRANKENTHALER, YOKO ONO, and EVA HESSE.
*  What was it like to be a woman making art during the feminist and civil rights movements? In this season of "Recording Artists," Molesworth delves into their lives and careers, spanning several generations. Hear them describe, in their own words, their work, relationships, and feelings about the ongoing march of feminism. Contemporary artists and art historians join the conversation, offering their own perspectives on the recordings and exploring what it meant—and still means—to be a woman and an artist. Share this with one who'll appreciate it.
*   HERE'S THE LINK. The whole series is here in individial episodes so you can pace yourself or binge it. You'll hear rare audiotaped interviews and fresh perspectives on what it meant — and still means — to be a woman making art:

ONGOING, through Feb 23; FREE:
11am-5 pm - "FALLEN FRUIT: SUPERSHOW!" at PDC Gallery, 8687 Melrose Av, West Hollywood CA
*  Runs Sun, Nov 24 through Feb 23; free.
*  Opening day Sunday features outdoor jamming, preceded by an artist talk with FALLEN FRUIT (aka DAVID BURNS and AUSTIN YOUNG), and Young will be taking his trademark portraits of whoever wants one inside the installation, plus music and apparently, cheerleaders.
*  This is "A gorgeous mile of fruit and flower garland wallpaper in a gradient of saturated hues containing within its two story installation multiple scenarios and vignettes of photography and ceramic, faux Grecian luxury statues, gilded mirrors, chaises and sundry objects. All of this exists in the mode of a secular temple to beauty, as well as a sort of public living room where communities are formed through the universal language of shareable fruit."
*  Might be the right thing for a memorable date.

ONGOING, through Mar 1:
“MUSEUM ACQUISITIONS 2019: DIRECTOR’S CHOICE” at the Getty Museum, 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles CA 90049
*  This intends to be the first of many annual exhibitions that highlight the Getty Museum’s acquisitions made throughout the year.
*  Highlights key works of newly added art selected by the Museum's director. It includes ancient gems and sculpture; Renaissance and 19th-century paintings; Renaissance sculpture; medieval manuscripts; old-master drawings; and 20th-century and contemporary photography.
*  "It’s a small but succinct show, just one gallery, but with a variety of work, including [an] early Crucifixion in which our Lord appears to have four arms, a sort of biplane Jesus." -- Easy Reader News.
*  Open 10 am-5:30 pm Sun-Fri, Sat 10 am-9 pm, closed Mon.
Holiday closures: Dec 25, Jan 1; early closings Dec 24 & 31 at 4 pm; short hours Dec 23 & 30, 10 am-5:30 pm.
*  Free admission, parking costs. Info, 310-440-7300 or
"When the sea shall give up her dead."
The many displayed artifacts recovered
from the ocean floor include the
Stele of Thonis-Heracleion (SCA 277),
loaned by the National Museum of Alexandria –
IEASM excavations. Photo by Christoph
Gerigk ©Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation

ONGOING, through May 29:
“INCREDIBLE JOURNEY: BUGS” opened mid-Dec at the South Coast Botanic Garden, 26300 Crenshaw Bl, Palos Verdes Peninsula CA
*  Gawd, we love experiential learning. Whichever journey Garden visitors decide to take, they are transformed into that bug – literally (via props).
*  This program interactively educates visitors about the butterflies, spiders, ants and bees that can be found in the Garden.
*  Full info, 310-544-1948 or

ONGOING, through April 12, daily:
10 am-5 pm - "EGYPT'S LOST CITIES" exhibition at the Reagan Library, 40 Presidential Dr, Simi Valley CA 93065
*  Akin to your best fantasies of Atlantis, these are artifacts recovered from beneath the sea.
*  One day as the Mediterranean sun beat down on the bay of Aboukir, two bustling cities of ancient Egypt slipped into the sea without a whisper of wind, buried for centuries.
*  These cities, before they sank beneath the waves, were known throughout the world as cultural centers of power, of wealth, of trade, and novel artistry.
*  Time may have eroded the memory of a civilization, but not the mystery -- or the breathtaking artifacts -- of what it was.
*  This exhibition runs Oct 5, 2019–Apr 12, 2020.
*  View the holiday tree exhibit (through Jan 5; see our listing) and the Air Force One Pavilion, along with this current special exhibition, all during one visit for the price of museum admission. But allow yourself PLENTY of time.
*  Open seven days a week, except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.
*  Facility features a nice cafeteria-style cafe.
*  TIX include the exhibition and the 125,000 square feet of all the permanent exhibits and displays, including Air Force One; you need to allow three to four hours to enjoy all of the galleries and grounds. Gen'l adm $29.95, discounts for youth, kids, seniors; active US military get in free. Free parking. Tix available in advance or at the door. It's worth adding the $7 "audio tour." Online adv. tix:

"THE FATHER" starring acclaimed actor ALFRED MOLINA in "a tour-de-force performance that will leave you breathless," at the Pasadena Playhouse, 39 S El Molino Av, Pasadena CA 91101; 626-356-7529;
*  90 minutes, no intermission.
*  “Savagely honest … Hugely rewarding” -- The Guardian.
*  Directed by Boston Court Pasadena Artistic Director Jessica Kubzansky. Written by Florian Zeller, translated into English by Christopher Hampton.
*  About the play: AndrĂ© was once a tap dancer. He lives with his daughter, Anne, and her husband, Antoine. Or was AndrĂ© an engineer, whose daughter Anne lives in London with her new lover, Pierre? The thing is, he is still wearing his pajamas, and he can’t find his watch. He is starting to wonder if he’s losing control.
*  An Open Captioned performance is Sun, Feb 23 at 2 pm.
*  TIX: $25, less 20% off tickets with code MEMORY. Restrictions may apply.
*  TIX at




added Jan 29th...

•  "THE BAND'S VISIT" STAGE MUSICAL at the Dolby Theatre, Jul 7-26.
*  PRIORITY PRESALE ends Jan 30, 11:59 pm. No special code needed.
*  The production features music and lyrics by Tony Award and Drama Desk Award winner David Yazbek, and a book by Itamar Moses, the Tony, NY Drama Critics Circle, Lortel and Outer Critics Circle Awards winner. It is based on the screenplay by Eran Kolirin, and is directed by David Cromer, the Tony, Drama Desk, Lortel and Obie Award winner.
*  "One of my favorite musicals of all time!" - Rolling Stone.
*  Spend an evening in the company of unforgettable strangers at "THE BAND'S VISIT" — now a celebrated musical. "It rejoices in the way music brings us to life, brings us to laughter, brings us to tears, and ultimately, brings us together."
*  Synopsis: In an Israeli desert town where every day feels the same, something different is suddenly in the air. Dina, the local cafĂ© owner, had long resigned her desires for romance to daydreaming about exotic films and music from her youth. When a band of Egyptian musicians shows up lost at her cafĂ©, she and her fellow locals take them in for the night. Under the spell of the night sky, their lives intertwine in unexpected ways, and this once sleepy town begins to wake up.
*  TIX, during this special presale, at:

added Jan 28th...

•  CHEECH & CHONG, "The World’s Favorite Stoner-Hippie Comedy Duo,"
Pre-sale password TIX now available with passcode “smoke” (at either day's click links for Ticketmaster) for:
Jul 31 at The Canyon at The Saban in Beverly Hills, 8440 Wilshire Bl, Beverly Hills CA 90211
Aug 1 at The Canyon at The Libbey Bowl, 210 S Signal St, Ojai CA 93023

•  EAGLES tribute by THE LONG RUN
TIX now available (click links for Ticketmaster) for:
Jul 3 at The Canyon Montclair, 5600 N Montclair Plaza Ln, Montclair CA 91763
Jul 4 at The Canyon Agoura Hills, 28912 Roadside Dr, Agoura Hills CA 91301

added Jan 21st...

•  Daryl Hall & John Oates
May 29: Hollywood Bowl
Password Pre-sale: Thursday, Jan 23, starting at 10 am
Password: MEMORIES
On sale to all, Friday, Jan 24 @ 10am

Tickets Here!

•  Steely Dan and Steve Windwood
June 8: Hollywood Bowl

Password Pre-sale: Thursday, Jan 23, starting at 10 am
Password: MEMORIES

On sale to all, Saturday, Jan 25 @ 10am 
Tickets Here!

•  KLOS & FHF’s St. Patty’s Day With Flogging Molly
Mar 17: The Hollywood Palladium

Tickets Here!



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