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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WORKSHOP: How to Work the Media, for ARTISTS & Presenters

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This is a SPECIAL POST for Saturday's WORKSHOP!
“How to Work the Media” Workshop – November 20

This highly acclaimed workshop by award-winning journalist, editor, radio host / producer and music biz consultant LARRY WINES makes a surprise return. It was presented in July at the Autry National Center (Autry Museum) and in October at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena.

This workshop takes artists, songwriters, promoters, producers, bookers and others in the arts & music biz, step-by-step, through the techniques and processes to build your individual game plan, including how to prepare and maintain the materials you must have and the knowledge you’ll need to “work” the media effectively.

Larry’s workshop presents much of what he teaches artists in individual consultations, and he teaches YOU many of the techniques he uses when he’s hired to prepare materials for artists, venues, festivals, and other events.

Larry’s workshop covers all the bases ~

* getting media attention for gigs and CDs, for festivals and charity benefits, for bookings and even opportunities like those important “opening” slots for name acts.

* getting airplay and reviews of your CDs.

* what to do before you release your CD.

* what to send WITH your CD, HOW to send it, and WHO should get it..

* how the media works, and what you need to do to get positive media attention.

* getting guest spots on radio and TV shows.

* building and maintaining your web presence and EPK.

* how to build your physical press kit.

* how to establish a relationship with people in the media.

* and lots more. It is a very full two hours!

He teaches, with examples, how to prepare all your critical materials – including how to write press releases that get attention (and when to send them), how to craft a dynamite one-sheet and bio (and what to do with them when you have a new CD or important event).

Following the workshop’s previous presentations at the Autry and the Backstage, this same workshop created lots of buzz among musicians and other artists who were there. In fact, all that buzz produced demand from those who missed it – so it’s coming back, months sooner than expected. And he has ADDED EVEN MORE!

Musician, concert promoter, and workshop series presenter DUANE THORIN booked Larry for this return engagement. This is the last time this year the workshop will be offered, and it will COST MORE NEXT YEAR.

It’s Saturday, November 20, at 11 am, at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena. The two-hour workshop will start promptly at 11 am and take a lunch break / intermission halfway through. It will conclude by 1:30-2 pm (depending on the length of the break) following closing Q&A.

register in advance to get a take-home copy of presentation materials on disc (at the conclusion of the workshop). If you don’t pre-register, you may not get your copy of the take-home materials, and you run the risk that the workshop will be full, based on reservations.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION: call the Backstage reservation number, 626-794-2424

The workshop is $30. A $5 ADVANCE REGISTRATION discount is available to members of a number of songwriter and nonprofit music organizations. If you are a member of a group, ask if it qualifies you for the discount when you call to register. (Discounts available ONLY if you pre-register!)


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