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Friday, October 14, 2011

NEWS FEATURES, Acoustic Americana Music Guide, October 14 edition

    Here's the latest news – the new edition of The Guide's NEWS section.
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                                        NEWS FEATURES
                                                       October 14, 2011 edition
  1) Festivals & Semi-Annual “Art Night” in Pasadena this Weekend  
  2) Blues Bands Perform in International Finals, Saturday in Arcadia
  3) May the Fork Be with You – “Ride-the-Fork” Music Party Saturday, Raise “The Fork
    in the Road” next Friday, at Altadena & Pasadena Events
  4) West Valley Music Launches Concert Season Saturday with Performing Songwriters &
  5) SONGSALIVE! Hosts Annual Music Picnic this Sunday  
  6) JUDY COLLINS and AMERICA to headline GRAMMY Museum in early November  
  7) October at GRAMMY Museum Bringing Live Music, Big Names, Substance
  8) “SQUEAKY WHEEL TOUR” Live Acoustic Show, to Help Bring Home Missing People,
    Monday, October 17 in West L.A.
  9) TIM GRIMM, musician / actor / top folk-Americana Music Award-Winner, plus
    THE SWEET POTATOES, play Wednesday, October 19 in Altadena  
    CD release October 21 at “International Fork Day” Concert  
11) TOM RUSSELL “Mesabi Tour of the West” in L.A. for Two Shows, October 22
12) ALEX BEATON, Musician Paralyzed in Accident, Regaining Movement   
13) HUGE RESPONSE to last week's feature, “Artists Join 'OCCUPY WALL STREET'
    as Unemployment, Economy Worsen,” and how YOU can respond
       Here are this week's news feature stories, listed above...    
Our # 1 Story
    It's a “gee whiz” weekend of FIVE arts / music festival events in Pasadena, all weekend, and it's all free. Each aspect has its own website (listed with each event below) and there's a master site and info phone for the whole shebang, at and 800-307-7977. 
    It starts Friday, October 14, from 6 to 10 pm, with “ARTNIGHT PASADENA,” as fifteen major museums and cultural venues in the Crown City open their doors to provide free-of-charge access and presentations. It includes heavyweights like the Norton Simon, with its renowned collection of Renaissance paintings by the great masters. Live music and theatrical performances, special displays just for the event, and ongoing exhibitions and gallery collections are all available to savor, free. Best of all, there are free shuttle buses to take you between and among the 15 venues – that's a big deal, if you've ever experienced the parking charges in Old Town or congested parking around some arts venues. Get the whole schedule of offerings at, and keep reading here for the OTHER FOUR free events this weekend in Pasadena.(Oh, and since ARTNIGHT ends rather early, hop on the 134 a short way west to go catch pianist MARC BOSSERMANN at the Left Coast Wine Bar & Gallery, where he invites vocalists to sit-in and “There is percussion at every table if you're so inclined,” at 117 E Harvard, Glendale; Marc starts at 8:30 and plays 'til late.)    
    SATURDAY brings THREE festival events in Pasadena. Starting at 11 am, there are two art fairs / street festivals with live music, and there's one more in early evening.
    From 11 am to 4 pm, catch free performances by DUSTBOWL REVIVAL, THE JESSICA FICHOT BAND, and ORGONE, at the “ART OF FOOD / TASTE OF SOUTH LAKE FESTIVAL” on South Lake Avenue in Pasadena, a few blocks south of the 210 Freeway. In addition to the live music, there's food, live cooking demos, a wine and beer garden, and raffle prizes. It's a showcase, with food booths in the street, of South Lake's restaurants and businesses; it looks very much like the early years of the “Taste of Encino / Taste of Folk Music” event. Access to the whole enchilada is free, beyond that, it's pay-as-you-eat. More details on the South Lake website at    
    Simultaneously in Pasadena's Playhouse District, southeast of Old Town, enjoy the “ARTWALK” Saturday from 11 am-5 pm. This one features more live music, an open-air art fair, hands-on activities, a gallery walk, and more, all along El Molino. Schedules at    
    Saturday evening, 5 to 9 pm, brings “ARTRHYTHM” to Paseo Colorado, Pasadena's indoor/outdoor shopping/eating complex. It's a world-music celebration of drumming traditions from Japan to Africa, and you can dance under the stars (well, the lights, anyway) in the samba and salsa concert finale. Details at    
    (Saturday evening in nearby Altadena, there's the big “RETURN OF THE FORK” music party, and that's free, too. See the separate News Feature for info on that one.)
    Sunday in Pasadena, 1 to 6 pm, brings “ARTPERFORMANCE: OLD PASADENA'S CULTURAL DANCE FESTIVAL.” It's dance and cuisine from around the globe, featuring dance from Russia, East India, the Himalayan region, Polynesia, Mexico, and more. Details at    
    If you don't mind spending a little money for tickets, there are some fine concerts in the same area this weekend. The Arcadia Blues Club hosts the “International Blues Challenge” Saturday, starting at noon with the TITANIC DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND (see the separate News Feature). At the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, Friday at 8 pm brings CLARK BURROUGHS, tenor lead singer of the HI-LOS vocal group and vocal arranger for the ASSOCIATION; Saturday at 7 pm is INCENDIO; Sunday at 7 pm is San Francisco Bay Area vocalist-songwriter-guitarist KAYE RODDEN. A few miles east at the Fret House in Covina, Saturday at 8 pm brings GRAMMY-winning guitar icons STEVE TROVATO and CARL VERHEYEN.
    Of course, in addition to these events and the ongoing October festivals, there are even MORE acoustic concerts spread hither and yon all over the region. Some of the best are detailed in our other News Features in this edition. Everything that fits is in our Spotlight Events section.
Our # 2 Story
    It's quite a coup, landing the finals for the International Blues Challenge. And while it may not – yet – have built the heavyweight rep of the great blues palaces in Memphis, the Arcadia Blues Club, just east of Pasadena, regularly books the same acts when they tour, plus first-rate West Coast blues acts.
    This Saturday, they're starting at noon with the TITANIC DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND, and the “International Battle of the Bands Finals” competition gets underway at 6 pm.
    Proprietor BOBBY BLUEHOUSE and his club have a loyal Friday and Saturday night following, and any given weekend, you need to book dinner reservations to get a table (current bar specials are $2 PBR, and $2 and $3 shots).
    The Arcadia Blues Club is located at 16 East Huntington Drive, Arcadia 91006. Their phone is 626-447-9349. You can buy advance tickets online (for this Saturday or any of their shows – full calendar on their site) and save the $5 ticket fee, at  There's more at  
Our # 3 Story
    It's The Great Fork, Charlie Brown, just in time for the pumpkins. The iconic “Fork In The Road,” a giant silver fork sculpture, got global media attention following its guerrilla installation and six months' display at the forking intersection of St. John’s Place and Pasadena Avenue, near Bellefontaine in Pasadena.
    The Fork is on the verge of permanent return and enshrinement, and there is an appropriate amount of accompanying hoopla.
    It begins this Saturday, October 15, from 4 to 9 pm at David Smith Construction, 2353 Kellogg Court, in Altadena. (Near Fair Oaks & Woodbury, just west of Altadena Cemetery; the same place has another address, at 2353 Fair Oaks). There will be food, drink, and live music supplied by The Coffee Gallery Backstage.
    Forkian guru BOB STANE adds, “In the spirit of 'barn raising,' guests are asked to bring a covered dish to add the the festivities. Burgers and hot dogs supplied by the hosts. Forks included. Bring a camera as photo ops of folks riding The Fork will be obvious. The Fork will have a saddle and be horizontal. The good times never end.”
    To add to the art theme, internationally known artist ZOFIA KOSTYRKO has designed a T-shirt to memorialize the event. And yes, Bob & Ken will autograph the shirts as requested.
    Who, you ask, is Ken? He's the artist and former owner of the Coffee Gallery bistro, the guy who originally designed and built The Fork as a birthday surprise for his Coffee Gallery Backstage partner, Bob Stane. Approximately 18 vertical feet of silvery glory, the Fork mysteriously appeared on Bob’s birthday two years ago, towering over traffic at what will soon be re-designated as Fork Plaza.
    Seems Bob had once mused to Ken, when coming to a fork in the road, definitely take one path, and that a fork in the road deserved a FORK in the road to identify it, like a Warner Brothers cartoon. That was all it took to secretly get Ken started. Before long, unknown thousands of drivers had their daily commutes enlightened by Ken's outsized realization of Bob's casual remark.
    The original installation followed the old adage that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission, and the Fork's instant celebrity created a cult of Forkians who quickly broke local records by holding a Thanksgiving food drive for the needy at the Fork. It became too politically hot for the city to pull it down. Still, issues of public safety were invariably cited, despite thye Fork's hefty concrete base, clandestinely poured in the middle of the night.
    The Fork did come down, with a promise the city would find a way to put it back. Not everyone was pleased. Some recalled similar promises from Los Angeles when the Angel's Flight inclined railway was dismantled and sat in storage for a generation, then when it was returned, only to be “temporarily” taken out of service for nearly a decade.
    Pasadena politicians happily did much better. The Fork was removed and refurbished to meet the engineering standards of the city. A new concrete footing was installed. As Bob says, “After a year’s vacation in Oz, where it was brushed and polished by Munchkins and milk maids until it gleamed,” the Fork will rise again.
    This time, “It has the blessings of the entire city government of Pasadena, which has embraced public art with enthusiasm,” says Bob, adding, “The gigantic piece of table cutlery returns to its rightful place at the [same] intersection, now known as Fork Plaza.”
    Ken says, “It is now permitted and has the blessings of all. Hats off to the City Of Pasadena and its government.”
    Bob smiles, “Art, with tongue-in-cheek, lives in The Crown City.”
    Saturday's music party and Gathering of the Forkians is free. Bob says, “There will be a sly fund raising to cover future expenses of The Fork, but all donations are low key and voluntary. Feel free to bring a beverage in a bottle to help launch The Fork into posterity. The entire Fork In The Road Gang will be at the party, wearing name tags. They are available to answer questions about their part in The Great Fork Adventure.”
    Last we knew, Bob was still looking for a saddle and reins for Saturday's “Ride the Fork” photo op. See if he found one, find pictures of the Fork, and learn more in the detailed “show and tell” at (Questions, call Ken Marshall at 626-712-9620.) 
    You'll also find info on the free “Fork Raising” event that will happen Friday, October 21 at 11 am, at Fork Plaza. Musician / Actor / “Official Singing Cowboy of Burbank” WILL RYAN has (somehow) procured a proclamation from the League of Nations (via time machine, no doubt) declaring it to be “International Fork Day.” Will and his band, THE CACTUS COUNTY COWBOYS, play their CD release show that night at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, and if you bring and “show your fork” that night, you get a $3-per-ticket discount. (And you thought the spoon was the most valuable piece of silverware.) May the Fork be with you.
Our # 4 Story
    This weekend brings the opening of the new season of JEFF GOLD's live music series at West Valley Music Center in the SFV's West Hills. As Trough Records chair MARK HUMPHREYS observes, “Jeff presents some of the best local and touring singer-songwriters in an excellent, laid back listening room setting.”
    Saturday's season opener brings three headliners to share the evening.
    JAMES HURLEY tours almost constantly and enjoys airplay on many indie and college radio stations. His originals have depth and his voice and guitar are both superior.
    Touring artist LISA NEMZO – or rather, her smashed guitar – have been featured the past few months on the opening page of (The utter destruction of her expensive signature instrument at the hands of American Airlines is presented in horrifying photos, and the operators of tin birds and the truck that ran over her supposedly bombproof case have yet to make good on their wanton negligence.)
    Joining James and Lisa is RASPIN STUWART, the artist who recently performed with bluesman HUGH LAURIE (TV's Doctor “House”); Raspin is the former longtime publisher of Boulevard Magazine, and he's building a solid rep of late as a formidable musician.
    JEFF GOLD, the venue's proprietor and booker, is a renowned musician who co-wrote with the late KENNY EDWARDS and performed as a member of LINDA RONSTADT's band.
    West Valley Music Center is located at 24424 Vanowen Street, in West Hills, just half a block west of Valley Circle Blvd., three miles north of the Ventura Freeway. Their phone is 818-992-4142. Details of the show, their new season's concert schedule and their open mics is at  Saturday's show is $15 per person, and refreshments are included.    
Our # 5 Story
    This Sunday from noon to 3 pm, members of Songsalive!, other musicians, and their friends and families, will meet to eat and make music in Sherman Oaks. Songsalive! - their name includes the exclamation point – is an international nonprofit created by and for songwriters and performing musicians. In addition to their annual conference and co-sponsorship of many industry events, their monthly seminars and performance events in many places around the world, they have a lot of fun performing with and for each other. This Sunday is their annual Los Angeles-area “SONGSALIVE! SONG-MUSIC CIRCLE FALL PICNIC” where musicians and songwriters can get together and have a casual music and song circle. They add, “Others welcome of course.”
    Gilli Moon, Songsalive! President, and Dave Harvey, the organization's Executive Director, issued a joint statement saying, “This is where we can jam together, present live songs and lock into making relationships with others in our group. Also a great way to ask questions about Songsalive! and how we can help you with your songs.”
    Founded in 1997, Songsalive! ( has become the largest international non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing, support, education and promotion of songwriters and composers, with worldwide chapters and a new social network.
    The Picnic is sponsored by Noisy Planet (, an indie artist showcase and music career development site, who is donating a Premium Artist Package to a lucky Songsalive! member who attends the Picnic. The package includes a dedicated showcase page on, digital distribution of one album to top online retailers including iTunes, plus 100 full-color promo cards and guaranteed spins on internet radio.
    Bring your own picnic lunch and food to share, picnic blankets, instruments (no power at the stage). Guitars, percussion, voices are the emphasis, and all are welcome.
    The music picnic is at Sherman Oaks Park, 14201 Huston Street (off Hazeltine), Sherman Oaks 91423. Look for the Songsalive! banner under a shady tree near the Pool/Main entrance off Huston Street. There's a map at    
Our # 6 Story
    Her impressive career has spanned more than five decades, and folk legend JUDY COLLINS' unique blend of interpretative folk songs and contemporary themes has thrilled audiences worldwide. This time around, she's doing a benefit, and all proceeds go to the GRAMMY Museum on November 1 at 8 pm.
    Public sale of tickets for her performance-interview begin at noon on Friday, October 14. American Express is the exclusive payment method for advance tickets.
    Enjoying a career full of accolades, including a GRAMMY and an Academy Award nomination, JUDY COLLINS continues to perform globally and almost constantly at age 72, while still making time for social activism. In addition to her music, she is the author of several books, both fiction and nonfiction. Collins’ singing voice, says the museum, “grows more powerful with age, and her iconic sound soars in her newest record.”
    Her new CD, “Bohemian,” was released on October 18 on Wildflower Records. On November 1, Collins will join GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli on stage to discuss the release of the new album, as well as her revealing memoir, “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes.” (Collins will be appearing in Los Angeles again on February 11, 2012 at The Walt Disney Concert Hall.)
    On November 1, doors open at 7:30 pm. Advance tickets are $25 and it's a sure sell-out.
    A few nights later, the GRAMMY Museum hits the road to co-present an event in San Diego.
    “AN EVENING WITH AMERICA,” performing an acoustic set, happens Friday, November 4 at 8 pm. It's “a special event” in conjunction with “Pacific Standard Time: Art In L.A. 1945 – 1980,” presented by The GRAMMY Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and this one happens at the beautiful Sherwood Auditorium at MSASD in La Jolla.
    The iconic, GRAMMY Award-winning folk-rock group AMERICA is currently celebrating their 40th anniversary together. America founders GERRY BECKLEY and DEWEY BUNNELL have performed approximately 100 shows a year together since their formation in 1970.
    Sons of U.S. Air Force fathers, the band members met in England when they were students at London Central High School. Their debut album, released waaay back in 1971, quickly went Platinum. Five subsequent releases went either Gold or Platinum and their greatest hits compilation reached the four million sales mark. Band members will discuss their success as hit writers of enduring rock-folk-pop classics, their celebrated 40th Anniversary Tour, and the release of “Back Pages,” their newest album, a collection of glimmering interpretations of timeless songs. After the interview, moderated by GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli, AMERICA will take audience questions and will perform an acoustic set.
    Doors open at 7 pm for the November 4 La Jolla event. Tickets are $15 for MCASD and GRAMMY Museum Members and $20 General Admission, and are now on sale. All proceeds benefit the GRAMMY Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. For more information on these and other performance-interview events, see the Guide's companion News Feature (the next feature, below) or check the museum's website.
    For tickets to either the L.A. or San Diego event, call the GRAMMY Museum Box Office at 213-765-6803 or buy online at    
Our # 7 Story
    The GRAMMY Museum and its Clive Davis Theatre (which began as the museum's “Sound Stage”) continue to bring first-rate performance-interviews to the best series of its kind in L.A. In a town so filled with superlatives that it's hard to make headlines with anything positive, we are grateful to Museum Executive Director BOB SANTELLI and his staff for ongoing reasons to report their events, including the two News Features in this edition, covering a pair of November events (above) and a very full schedule of October events, here.
    After all, where else do you learn of musical connections between NATALIE MacMASTER and THOMAS DOLBY? (Except in the Guide, telling you what the GRAMMY Museum is doing...)
    Monday, October 17, at 8 pm is “AN EVENING WITH THOMAS DOLBY.” He's the iconic '80s star whose hits “She Blinded Me With Science” and “Hyperactive” helped define the MTV generation/revolution. The five-time Grammy-nominated British artist quit the music business in the early ’90s and spent many years in Silicon Valley. Dolby will break his 20-year silence with a new release titled “A Map of the Floating City.” The album, featuring appearances by special guest artists MARK KNOPFLER, REGINA SPEKTOR, NATALIE MacMASTER, BRUCE WOOLLEY and IMOGEN HEAP, will be available on October 25 on Lost Toy People Records as a regular and hi-res download, physical CD and in a special Deluxe Edition featuring a second disc of instrumentals and bonus tracks. Hear Dolby in discussion about his celebrated career, current success and his newest album. After an interview with GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli, Dolby will take audience questions and perform a selection of songs from the new CD. Advance tickets are $25; doors at 7:30 pm.
    Tuesday, October 18, 7:30 pm, the museum's “Reel to Real” seriesseason debuts the intriguing new documentary “The Original 7ven” in the Clive Davis Theater. Admission is $10 and all proceeds benefit The GRAMMY Museum. (The Original 7ven will be live in concert at Club Nokia on October 19.)
    Wednesday, October 19, 8 pm, is “AN EVENING WITH STEVIE NICKS,” in a special benefit for the GRAMMY Museum and the GRAMMY Foundation, presented by American Express. Multi- GRAMMY Award -winning STEVIE NICKS has been acclaimed as “Rock and roll's greatest poet by CYNTHIA FOX of KLOS. As a member of the legendary FLEETWOOD MAC as well as her extraordinary solo career, Nicks is one of the world’s most influential and inspiring artists of the last three decades. For an audience of 200 in the Clive Davis Theater, Nicks will converse with GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli about her history-making career and her current CD, “In Your Dreams,” her first studio album in a decade. After the discussion, Nicks will take audience questions and perform a few songs. Doors open at 7:30 pm. American Express advance tickets are $50 and can be purchased at the Museum Box Office starting Thursday October 13 at noon. (American Express ticket purchasers receive a special gift.) Public sale begins Saturday, October 15, at noon.
    Thursday, October 20, 7:30 pm, The Songwriters Hall of Fame, in association with the GRAMMY Museum, presents a “SONGWRITING LEGENDS-IN-THE-ROUND” event at the Museum's Clive Davis Theater. An intimate audience of 200 will hear a stellar gathering of “Songwriters Hall of Fame” inductees discussing their careers and performing their songs. They are JEFF BARRY (“Chapel Of Love,” ”I Honestly Love You,” “Be My Baby”), CHARLES FOX ("Killing Me Softly,” “Happy Days,” “Ready To Take A Chance Again”), ALBERT HAMMOND ("It Never Rains In California,” “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before”) and BILL WITHERS ("Lean On Me,” “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Just The Two Of Us”). Songwriters Hall of Fame Chairman and inductee JIMMY WEBB will kick off the evening with welcoming remarks. Doors open at 7 pm. Admission is $20. Tickets can be purchased online now at All proceeds benefit The GRAMMY Museum and The Songwriters Hall of Fame.
    Monday, October 24, at 8 pm is “GREAT GUITARS: STEVE LUKATHER.” He's a five-time GRAMMY-Award winner. Best known as the guitarist for TOTO, Lukather remains one of the world’s top session men, having played on over 1,500 records by a wide variety of artists over the years. Lukather started as a teenager in the studios after meeting the PORCARO BROTHERS in high school. After graduation, he joined BOZ SCAGGS’ touring band, which eventually formed officially as TOTO and was singed to Sony Records in 1977. While scoring such international hits such as “Rosanna” and “Africa” with the band, he managed to maintain his busy session schedule, playing on albums by PAUL McCARTNEY, MILES DAVIS, HERBIE HANCOCK, QUINCY JONES, CHEAP TRICK, ALICE COOPER, ARETHA FRANKLIN and more. Hear Lukather in discussion about his impressive career, with GRAMMY Foundation and MusiCares Vice President Scott Goldman. After the interview, Lukather will showcase his signature guitar work on stage. Doors open at 7:30 pm. Tickets went on sale Friday, October 7. All proceeds benefit the GRAMMY Museum.
    Tuesday, October 25, at 8 pm, it's “GREAT GUITARS: STEVE CROPPER.” Rock and Roll Hall of Fame soul guitarist Steve Cropper is a GRAMMY-Nominee. His guitar work with BOOKER T. AND THE MG’S was groundbreaking. Cropper likes to say that he’s had “four or five careers,” all of which helped shape and redefine the meaning of the term R&B. The latest incarnation, released in August on 429 Records and titled “Dedicated,” features Cropper and a powerful “house band” of brilliant old friends and session greats jamming through selections (some famous, some obscure 'til now) from The “5” Royales catalog with superstar artists from multiple genres and generations: B.B. KING, BUDDY MILLER, BRIAN MAY, STEVE WINWOOD, JOHN POPPER, BETTYE LAVETTE, LUCINDA WILLIAMS, SHARON JONES, SHEMEKIA COPELAND, DELBERT McCLINTON, and WILLIE JONES. Hear Cropper on stage, along with GRAMMY Foundation and MusiCares Vice President Scott Goldman, talking about his legendary career with The Mar-Keys and Stax Records, what it’s like to be one of the most sought-after session guitarists of all time, his work with OTIS REDDING and how, after 50 years in the business, he manages to “keep it fun.” After the discussion, Cropper will take audience questions and participate in a signing. Doors open at 7:30 pm. Public sale of tix ($15 ) begins Tuesday, October 18, at noon. (American Express ticket purchases can be made now, and include a special gift.) All proceeds benefit the GRAMMY Museum.
    The Grammy Museum’s Clive Davis Sound Stage is located at 800 W Olympic Bl (entrance is on Figueroa) L.A. 90015; 213-765-6803. Info and tix purchases can be made by calling the museum's box office at 213-765-6803 or online at    
    And then comes November at the GRAMMY Museum. Geeez, Louise! See the preceding News Feature.
Our # 8 Story
    Kidnap survivor ELIZABETH SMART to join musicians on a music tour with a message for a West L.A. event.
    Soon after her musician sister vanished after a gig – without a trace – musician JANEL RAPP founded a nonprofit organization and a concert tour with ever-changing artists, called the “SQUEAKY WHEEL TOUR.” It's an obvious reference to the old cliché that the squeaky wheel gets the grease – or the attention. Janel's organization, “Gina for Missing Persons,” is credited with a key role in bringing thousands of missing persons back to their loved ones. The concert tour is its chief instrument.
    About once a year, sometimes every other year, the tour lands in L.A. for a date. It always brings different artists and bands, some local, some from elsewhere in the nation or the world, and almost always with Janel among them. This time, the musicians will share the stage with brave kidnap survivor ELIZABETH SMART, who was stolen in Utah from her bedroom as a young teen. Elizabeth has made limited appearances since getting her life back and returning to her family – who never gave up searching for her and keeping the public aware to look for her. She is articulate and compelling, as you know if you have heard her speak.
    The tour has one L.A. date, Monday, October 17, 7 to 9 pm, at West L.A. Music, 11345 Santa Monica Bl, L.A. 90025; 310-477-1945; If you plan to attend, RSVP so you're guaranteed to get in:    
Our # 9 Story
    TIM GRIMM was named 2000’s “Best Discovery in Roots/Americana Music” by The Chicago Sun-Times, and “2004 Male Artist of The Year” by the Freeform American Roots Deejays. Tim's recording, “The Back Fields,” was named “Best Americana Album” in the 2006 “Just Plain Folks Music Awards” in Los Angeles (the largest and most diverse music awards in the world). His songs and performances have established him as a unique voice in Americana music.
    Tim has toured and recorded with his friend, RAMBLIN’ JACK ELLIOTT, appeared with HARRISON FORD in the film “Clear and Present Danger,” and has shared the stage with writer and poet WENDELL BERRY.
    Each of TIM GRIMM's past four recordings have reached the top of the Folk or American-roots charts. Grimm walks the fine line between folk and country, while maintaining a strong footing in tradition. We hear the rural rumblings that have shaped his life, but we are also invited to share a bigger picture, as evident in so much of his work. Critics searching for comparisons most often cite Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie and (“Nebraska” era) Bruce Springsteen. Tim is not only an award-winning songwriter, but an award-winning actor on stage and screen.
    Tim's discography includes “Heart Land” (2000), “Coyote’s Dream” (2003), “Names” (2004), “The Back Fields” (2005), “Holding Up The World” (2008) and “Farm Songs” (2010).
    As a highly successful actor, Tim has filmed three major motion pictures this past year, including “The Express” with Dennis Quaid. And he still makes time to tour and perform his music.
    OPENING ACT and special guests are THE SWEET POTATOES, the duo of LAURA HALL & KELLY MacLEOD. Laura is best known as the improvisational pianist on NPR's “Whose Line Is it Anyway?” Kelly was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana and has spent the last 20 years in L.A. where she recorded two albums with Warner Brothers, produced by EDDIE VAN HALEN. The two started singing together at their church, and on various studio and live projects. Their musical collaboration really began when Laura’s husband, Rick, was putting together his indie film, “Slice of Pie,” He cast Kelly as the female lead, and had Laura compose the score and they clicked. THE SWEET POTATOES are currently recording their first CD.
    The show is Wednesday, October 19 at 8 pm at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena 92675; info,; reservations number is 626-798-6236. TIxs are $15.
Our # 10 Story
    Last week, we let you know about WILL RYAN & THE CACTUS COUNTY COWBOYS, and their triumph in the Oscars Theater (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) playing their new original score for the 1925 classic silent film (the first epic western), “The Covered Wagon.”
    We told you about their fine musicianship, top awards, a few of their many top awards and credits, and their upcoming debut on the West Side, at Boulevard Music on Saturday, October 22. We ventured our suspicion that they just might have a few copies of their just-finished CD for sale at that show.
    What we did not yet know to report is that the CD RELEASE SHOW is the night before (on Friday October 21), at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena. The show at Boulevard will be the West Side CD release show.
    But there's more than a mere release of a very fine album. Enough to warrant a News Feature, two weeks in a row. If you read, in this edition, about the return of The Fork in the Road – an 18-foot-tall sculpture of shining cutlery, literally a fork in the road where the routes divide in Pasadena – then you may be on to it already.
    Musician / Actor / official Singing Cowboy of Burbank WILL RYAN has (somehow) procured a proclamation from the League of Nations (via time machine, no doubt) declaring it to be “International Fork Day.” Will and his band, THE CACTUS COUNTY COWBOYS, play their CD release show that night at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, and if you bring and “show your fork” that night, you get a $3-per-ticket discount. (And you thought the spoon was the most valuable piece of silverware.) May the Fork be with you.
     WILL RYAN & THE CACTUS COUNTY COWBOYS play their CD release shows on Friday, October 21 at 8 pm at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena 92675;, more info,  and reservations number, 626-798-6236; and on on the West Side on Saturday, October 22, at 8 pm at Boulevard Music, 4316 Sepulveda Bl, Culver City;; 310-398-2583. The latter venue’s web site has a helpful local dining guide.
    Either place, expect a highly entertaining show and songs you'll be humming the next day.
Our # 11 Story
    Received at press time, we scrambled to add this. Tom Russell is making his “Mesabi Tour of the West,” playing the West Coast, Nevada, and Calgary, and the Southern Cal dates are this coming week. Please check all details on    
Oct 20, he plays Riverside; Oct 21, he's in San Diego; Oct 22, he's in Los Angeles (actually Santa Monica, at McCabe's) for two shows, 8 & 10 pm; Oct 23, in Ojai; then he heads north.
    We also got word that Tom's newest art book, “Blue Horse / Red Desert,” is now available, and the original paintings from it are available at    
    Tom Russell is one of new folk / neo folk's best songwriters, with one foot planted firmly in the lore, traditions and rugged life of the West, and the other one anyplace on the planet he wants to envision kicking-up the dust and sharing its grit and sparkle through his music.
Our # 12 Story
    There's much better news than we brought you in our September 15's #1 News Feature (still available at ).    
    Long one of the signature voices of Celtic-themed guitar music, Alex keeps his worldwide fan base shares notes on his amazing recovery. When he let us know he was off the ventilator for good, we cheered. When he told us he had some movement of three fingers of his right hand, we were amazed. Now, he reports increasing movement of fingers and some movement of his right hand.
    He's doing so well that he was allowed a “field trip” from the top physical rehabilitation facility in Atlanta, where his recovery is taking place. He and other progressing patients were carefully put in wheelchairs and taken to a movie theater!
    Of course, Alex was not there to headline this year's Seaside Highland Games, last weekend in Ventura. But his presence was felt. There were tributes to him from the stage. The sound man had vowed that “Only Alex Beaton's CDs will be played for the audience between acts,” and he kept that pledge. And Alex's usual booth was set-up, selling his CDs and taking donations to help with the enormous costs of his medical care and recovery.
    To learn more, order his CDs, or make a contribution, go to his website,    
    Send Alex a card with an encouraging message. His mailing address at the hospital is:
Alex Beaton
c/o The Shepherd Center
2020 Peachtree Road NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Our # 13 Story
    If anyone doubts that today's folk-Americana artists are not passionate about politics as it pertains to our future, we are prepared to tell the skeptics that the answer is, au contrare.
    We have received so many replies and comments that we just didn't have time to format them, and it was quickly apparent that the original feature (from last week) needed its own specific url where the responses could appear with the original piece.
    We know we won't be able to post, all at once, ALL the reader comments we've received so far, because we first must moderate them for profanities, etc, to keep our site's “family friendly” rating. But we WILL be able to post all the moderated comments with last week's feature story – the story and your continuing comments in one place, by themselves.
    Of course, we invite YOU to participate in the dialog! The Guide's feature piece, “Artists Join 'OCCUPY WALL STREET' as Unemployment, Economy Worsen,” as it originally appeared, and soon to be joined by a wealth of intelligent, thoughtful comments, is by itself at  
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  6) WORKSHOP: “Country Blues with ALICE STUART & PAT TENNIS,” October 15  
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10) “Moody Bluegrass Two...Much Love” with VINCE GILL, RICKY SKAGGS, SAM BUSH, &  
    More, Gets Critical Acclaim  
11) Highlights of the Coming Week (and Beyond): Welcome to Acoustic Rocktober!  
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  5) “AMERICANAFEST,” Oct 12-15, is "Nashville's Best Music Festival" says Southern Living
  6) Arts Commission Workshops Start September 26
  7) Pasadena's Boston Court Announces Fall Music Series  
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  5) 8th Annual “CELTIC CONCERT” at the Ford Brings the Craic, this Sunday  
  6) Grand Ole Echo Brings “GRAMATHON” this Sunday
  7) FUR & STEVE Invite You to Recording Sesh for their Live CD, this Sunday
  8) All-Star Lineup for “BLUEGRASS CONCERT AT THE FORD,” September 25  
  9) Of Autoharps, Jobs Bills, and a Vision for Our Future (or the Lack of it)  
 10) “SEASIDE HIGHLAND GAMES” Coming October 8 & 9 in Ventura  
 11) 40th annual “OLD TIME FIDDLER'S CONVENTION & FESTIVAL” is Sunday, October 9
 12) KEN GRAYDON Memorial Concert Brings Fitting Adios  
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