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Friday, December 2, 2011

Invitation: YOU Can Join Artists & Hollywood Celebrities this Sunday to Make a Difference!

A NEWS FEATURE SPECIAL EDITION, Acoustic Americana Music Guide, December 2, 2011
Special edition, with only ONE FEATURE...
Invitation: YOU Can Join Artists & Hollywood Celebrities this Sunday to Make a Difference!
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Let's get started!
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                                                       Special Edition
                                                       December 2, 2011 edition
Our #1 (and only) Special Feature:    
Something in L.A. vs. not in L.A.? This is BOTH! If you are NOT in L.A., this same thing happens in 22 other cities across America over the next three weeks, so check it out at    
If you ARE in L.A., have we got a good time, great opportunity, and personally moving and meaningful experience for YOU this Sunday!
Yeah, LOTS of things compete for your attention.
THIS one lets you meet and perform with TOP artists and Hollywood celebrities for a few hours to bring a special holiday experience to shut-ins. The love you feel and share is amazing! Afterward, you get to enjoy dinner with your fellow-music-making new friends.
Interested? GOOD! Read on!
Each year, the Acoustic Americana Music Guide ENTHUSIASTICALLY endorses this and humbly receives thank-yous FROM ARTISTS WHO TAKE PART after learning about it here. (All credit goes to Vincent Leinen, the event's founder and impresario.)
[from the Acoustic Americana Music Guide]
Sunday, December 4:
4 to 9:30 pm: 30th annual “ARTISTS & STARS HOLIDAY CAROLING FOR SHUT INS” in the West SFV, with MANY stars of music, screen, TV and stage, all taking part, and room for YOU to join in! Bring your unplugged instruments and voices!
    Participants – professional artists, some with top awards – join others to perform songs of Christmas and Hanukah for folks who otherwise would have no celebration of the holidays. And year after year, it's the best show available to anyone, ANYWHERE.
    THIS YEAR HAS EXPANDED to visit TWICE as many places on parallel tour routes, so there's PLENTY OF ROOM FOR YOU to join in!
    Your guitar (or other unplugged portable instrument) is welcome, along with your VOICE! Songbooks are provided for everyone!
    Some of this year's participants are:
* CARL VERHEYEN, world acclaimed guitarist of SUPERTRAMP
* FLORENCE LaRUE, six-time Grammy winner & original member of THE 5TH DIMENSION with mega hits “Aquarius”, “Wedding Bell Blues”
* ALAN O’DAY, pop singer performed #1 hit “Undercover Angel”
* BILL DEMPSEY YOUNG, actor portrayed variety of roles on “Passions,” “General Hospital,” ”Days of Our Lives,” ”Young & The Restless”
* DON PEAK, Musicians Hall of Fame member, guitarist with MARVIN GAYE, EVERLY BROS, RAY CHARLES, JACKSON 5
* PATRICIA ZAPPA, singer, author of “My Brother was a Mother: A Zappa Family Album”
* DONNA CHERRY, singer-comedienne; former Miss California, opening act for BARRY MANILOW
* BOB MALONE, New Orleans blues concert headliner, piano-keyboardist for JOHN FOGERTY
* LISA HALEY, Grammy-nominated Cajun-zydeco fiddler and vocalist
* ALEX DEL ZOPPO, keyboard player of SWEETWATER band, performed at original Woodstock Festival; baby in the film “It’s A Wonderful Life”
* MIRIAM HERNANDEZ, member of the ABC 7 Eyewitness News team in Southern California
* JOANIE FAGAN, actress/comedienne; on ABC's "The Drew Carey Show” she played Faith (president of The Optimists Club)
* PATRICK WASKIELIS, drummer for popular group HAMILTON, JOE FRANK & REYNOLDS, which performed Billboards #1 single “Fallin’In Love”
* PRESCOTT NILES, bassist of THE KNACK, performed #1 hit “My Sharona,” and MISSING PERSONS
* SHEREE “CHERYL” GREEN-ADAMS, Original Mickey Mouse Club Mousketeer
* KEVIN JONES, keyboard player for OZZY OSBOURNE
* REBEKKA ARMSTRONG, Playboy Magazine Playmate Centerfold - Miss September, acclaimed advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness
* TREY CARLISLE, actor who portrays “Earl Jr.” on TV series “My Name is Earl”
* LAWRENCE WINES, music journalist, songwriter, radio host, Acoustic Americana Music Guide editor
    ADDITIONAL INFO, schedules, maps for the two routes in L.A., info on Caroling in 22 other cities, and an expanded list of even more artist and celebrity participants, is at    
    SCHEDULE: Room-to-room caroling for residents followed by two stage shows in dining halls at two senior care facilities; a cast dinner party follows in a nearby restaurant.
    SIGN-UP, TAKE PART! Contact Vincent Leinen at 818-342-9336, or    
We hope to see you there and to get your comments and quotes for our upcoming magazine feature story on the event!
PLEASE FORWARD THE ABOVE (or this entire edition) TO OTHERS WHO MAY WANT TO PARTICIPATE. (The foregoing content is Copyright cleared.)
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  1) It's the Century's Only Perfect Palindrome Day, 11 11 11  
  2) Giant Civil War Reenactment and Period Music this Weekend in Moorpark  
  3) Veteran's Day Premiere for New Video, “I'll Go (A Soldier's Oath),” & a Sunday Event  
  4) This Weekend's Quick Roundup of Events  
  5) Extravaganza for Recording Artists this Weekend in West L.A.  
  6) “Put The Fork in Hunger,” Pasadena's Largest Food Drive, is this Weekend  
  7) ROLAND WHITE BAND Plays this Week, with Top Bluegrassers East & West  
  8) REVIEW – Across the Digital Divide (# 2)... “Like Desperados” -
    Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Marty Robbins, Charlie Daniels Band, others  
  9) So, What's Up with the “Occupy / 99%” Movement?   
    Is a “League of Non-Voters” Coming? Is Music Playing a Role?  
 10) Penn State, Herman Cain, Lindsay Lohan: the Culture of Celebrity vs.
    the American Creed 
November 3 FULL edition is available at  
                       and the stories are:
Late additions, added after publication:
> “JOE HILL NIGHT,” Sunday, November 6
> "GIVE ME THE BANJO - Arts from the Blue Ridge Mountains" premieres Friday, Nov 4,
    on PBS - TV.
November 3 edition, as originally published...
  1) Bluegrass on DAVID LETTERMAN Thursday Night  
  2) ROSS ALTMAN Performs “SONGS OF JOE HILL” Friday Afternoon 
  3) Saturday is Folk Concert-Crazy in Southern Cal... 
  4) GRAM PARSONS 65th B'day Tribute at Ronnie Mack's Barn Dance, November 7
  5) GORDON LIGHTFOOT Playing Local Shows November 8 & 9 
  6) Nominees THE TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS and JOYCE WOODSON to Perform Together En-Route to Western Music Awards 
  7) CD Review – DAFNI, “Sweet Time” 
  8) Reviews – New Series Takes a Fresh Look at Old Recordings,
    “Across the Digital Divide...”  
  9) Review – Across the Digital Divide... “Home Sweet Home,” a Cassette Treasure
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