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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day, from the Front Lines... April 22, 2015

... from the front lines. Where what's in the picture, and much more, is endangered.

This is personal, from the editor of the Guide. It's not a "re-post" from some organization.

Prepare to be shocked.

EVERYTHING YOU SEE in the photo (and MUCH more) will be utterly, totally, completely destroyed, erased from human memory, removed from the face of the Earth, if a ruthlessly aggressive developer has their way.

Second shock? A critically-endangered species lives HERE, in the place you see pictured. And it lives no place else on Earth. A lot of other very special things live here, too. But that's not enough for government to protect this magically beautiful place.

The third shock? This is in the U.S., not in some dirt-poor third-world place you've never heard of. This is America. California. Not very far from L.A. It's where I am, right now. And me, the guy you know as the Guide's editor, is out here trying to stop that destruction and save this place.

I'll share with you as much as I can. That's limited, because the developer is destructively reactive to any effort to save the species' habitat or preserve the place for future generations. So we must be non-specific and obtuse to avoid them noting this post.

Accordingly, the term "developer" is used because we cannot safely be more specific about what they are doing and what they plan to do.

Today's update -- the latest news -- is in here, following the paste-in of the original post.

Back on March 6th, I first published about this; THAT is the FIRST THING below. It's in quotes, so you'll know what part is from March 6th, and you'll know when you've arrived at today's update.

From March 6th:


"Wish me luck. I'm immersed in a field research project to find a living example of a severely endangered species. That is the only way to stop a developer whose strictly-for-money activities will (quite literally) totally destroy the entire habitat of the species at issue.

"I have found dead remnants of the species. We need to 'bring 'em back alive' to stand any chance of saving the only place where they live.

"By now you have noted that I have not told you WHAT the species is. Not even whether it is flora or fauna.

"And I can't. Because the greedy bastard developers subscribe to a very sophisticated search service that notifies them of any mention of any aspect of this -- on social media, or anywhere. Only private email is safe, and only if no one copies and pastes into their social media account or some public forum.

"That is not an unfounded fear. The developer has:

"(a) obtained all necessary permits to proceed with their destructive development, with no reference to the presence of the elusive and severely endangered species;

"(b) already aggressively attempted to directly eliminate (read murder) the entire species at the first mention of it on the web (shocking and horrifying what they did, and are willing to do); and,

"(c) prepared to launch a high-speed 'push' with a phase that would only destroy -- to kill and completely eliminate habitat for the specific endangered species and everything else alive there -- and to do it apart from (or at least well in advance of) achieving their greedy money-grabbing goal.

"Beyond that, use your imagination to fill-in the blanks. I can only tell you this is not some 'GMO-corn'-thing. It is a unique species that is millions of years old and about to vanish because of the greed of a few who care ONLY about increasing their financial riches and NOTHING else.

"Someday I will reveal all. Hopefully, that will be because we have saved the species in its very unique, very singular, very fragile habitat. And not because I am posting a photo of destruction of something special that could never again exist on this Earth.

"In the meantime, if you know someone in a prominent organization with successful experience in this kind of thing, we need to build the most powerful clandestine coalition possible.

"I wish I could have used more standard references, the scientific name of the species, and, in general, not been so mysterious and cryptic here. I hope you understand. Send me a message with any suggested contacts -- general comments only to this post, please. And really, wish me luck. I am the only one in a position to go to the site and spend what may be a LOT of time there. Luck. We're really going to need it."

Now, here's the latest...

UPDATE, EARTH DAY, April 22, today;
six weeks later:

1) My life has centered around this since before my first report, above.

2) I need to clarify from my post on March 6th that the habitat at issue is endangered PUBLIC LANDS, a beautiful place that should be forever protected as public lands, but that all of it WILL BE DESTROYED unless the developer is stopped.

3) My time in the field, 3 to 4 days a week, consistently, employing good scientific research techniques and methodology -- has produced more knowledge of the species' habitat than has ever been developed by anyone before this. (If you want to join me out here, see # 9.)

4) There was one tepid bit of government action that fails completely to stop destruction of the habitat; that government agency will now, in effect, internally study the situation and release a report -- in a year. A full year, with no effective preservation action, by which time the habitat and the natural and scenic wonders of the entire site will be irrevocably destroyed by the ruthlessly aggressive developer.

5) The developer, as if to celebrate the government failure, detonated an enormous explosion that sent rock, soil -- and everything else -- hundreds of feet in the air.

6) The developer's strategy includes fencing-off the entire area of the critically-endangered species habitat; they will get government permission to deny everyone else (including researchers) access to public land because "safety" is paramount, and their future explosions could kill you if you're there.

7) Everything you see in the photos will be utterly, totally, completely destroyed, erased from human memory, removed from the face of the Earth, if the developer has their way.

9) If you want to pre-position yourself to act when we risk "going public," message me. If you want to come out here to see this amazing place while you still can, message me -- but if you ask me to "show you around'" you will be drafted to do field work while you are here! Time is short, and once the place is fenced-off, we cannot get in to do more research.) If you want to know more, you must understand that everything specific MUST be kept off social media, websites, blogs, chatrooms, comments to any of the above, etc. In all messages sent regarding this, include your email address (non-social media, because fb messages are too porous).

8) If you know anyone in:

a) a high position in government;

b) an environmental organization;

c) a foundation that embraces

i) environmental causes
ii) protection of endangered species
iii) protection of public lands

Please email me. Time is short, and we are few.

Happy Earth Day. From the front lines.

The Guide's big
will be along soon.

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