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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Guide's Sunday morning MUSIC NEWS extra. Ten feature stories for you. Dec 6 2015...

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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band play the L.A. Sports Arena on Tue, Mar 15, at 7:30 pm.

GET TICKETS starting Friday Dec 11, at 10 am, at:

(Be aware that Ticketmaster will add their usual hefty "processing" extortion to the final total. For those of you getting spoiled by the reasonableness of Brown Paper Tickets and other tix marketers.)


Here's the complete news edition as originally published...


See the separate weekend edition for all the weekend concerts and event listings.

THIS is your weekend news extra. (And a hint of the shape of things to come.)

Tomorrow is December 7th. It marks the 74th anniversary of the "day of infamy," the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that hurled the U.S. into World War II. As we face the fears and realities of terrorist attacks that are essentially politically motivated drive-by shootings, lets keep a sense of perspective and declare whether we want to lose our cultute to excessive security -- to fear -- or defeat those who threaten civilization by proclaiming our art and our culture as hallmarks of our freedom. Today's story on U2 explores this.

Ten news features...










10) ...the weekend's big participatory music news... INVITATION to 34th ANNUAL LOS ANGELES HOLIDAY CAROLING FESTIVITIES



# 1 Sunday news feature...


Today's Sunday morning public affairs shows featured a fine segment with U2's lead singer, Bono, and guitarist, The Edge. They had a fin3 dialog with the host on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS."

(You can still catch the replay, in the last 17 minutes of the 10-11 am PST airing, or on-demand online.)

Of course, Bono spoke of the transformative power of music, and extended that to assert, "Peace is a dream you have when you're awake. The day after the Paris bombings, we went from the chaos of Paris to the peace and quiet of Belfast."

He and U2 guitarist, The Edge, reflected on how improbably astonishing that once would have seemed, given that they and the band's members grew up with constant terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland. They engaged in some comparative history, recounting the many ways that the British military response played into the dialog of the IRA, and how Western policies and actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the Middle East have empowered the message of ISIL.

The Edge reflected, "There have been only a couple of societies that have banned music." He spoke of the Taliban and ISIL and their broad-based assaults on culture.

"When you think about outlawing music? A child sings before it can speak," says Bono.

Bono closed with a caution for Americans, amidst the rancorous and divisive proclamations of so many presidential candidates. He reminded that, ultimately, we must choose whether we make things about us, and holding true to our values, or about changing to reject our values in the name of security.

He said, "They're not trying to take away lives. They're trying to take away our way of life. The U.S. needs to be very, very careful. This idea, 'We only take Christian refugees,' this is not the American way."

Monday night, HBO will broadcast U2's rescuduled concert, happening that night in Paris. It would have happened last month, on what became the night after the terrorist attacks in the City of Light. Now, the concert is all about the band's musical and philosophic message about the most important things to hold dear, even as we stand up against fear, and how terrorists seek to use it.


# 2 Sunday news feature...


Tonight on CBS, some of the biggest Grammy-winning, top-selling stars of today's music take the stage to sing the songs of the late FRANK SINATRA.

Sinatra, who died in 1998, would have turned 100 years old this month.

The special airs 9 to 11 pm. Remember to set your recording device if you're joining us at the annual Caroling for Shut-Ins with many bigtime music stars and show biz celebrities.


# 3 Sunday news feature...


Wait. Hold on. Please read this — because it gets life-and-death serious, really fast.

We can't spend time telling you that she has been acclaimed by everybody from "People" magazine to USA Today to Kris Kristofferson, sung duets with Garrison Keillor on "A Prairie Home Companion," done tv's "America's Got Talent," that she was a favorite guest on our old "Tied to the Tracks" radio show, that she's a longtime full-time musician who produced the # 1 Americana record of 1999 (making her a GRAMMY-nominated record producer), that she has enjoyed platinum and gold success with her songs performed by Ray Stevens and John Michael Montgomery, that she is solidly accomplished all-around, very talented, VERY funny, and that, throughout her career, she's generously played benefit shows — a lot of benefit shows. 

Because, right now, Kacey Jones is the one who needs help. Your help. And urgently.

Pause if you want, and enjoy her music at the link. But don't get lost. We need you back here. So go enjoy, but come back...

The Guide recently did a news feature to direct you to hear Kacey Jones do a live performance on KABC radio in Los Angeles, when they flew her to L.A. to do her 10-year-old song about Donald Trump that is a sudden hit since that object of her barbed wit decided to play politician.

In fact, in Kacey's last email newsletter, she said, "I'm still having fun with 'Donald Trump's Hair.' The slide-show video has nearly 7,000 YouTube views and the LIVE version has over 15,000. If you've not yet seen it, here's a link to the slide-show video: My sincere thanks to those of you who've played and shared the videos on YouTube. I hope to see you again soon, till then enjoy this beautiful Fall season. — Cheers! Kacey Jones."

And she closed, as usual, with her website address — — and email address — (again, don't run-off and get lost).

Kacey seemed to be on a roll, enjoying well-deserved success.

Then came this:

"Hello friend and thank you for being here,

"My name is Kacey Jones. I'm a professional singer, songwriter, musician, and humorist residing in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm a big believer in 'laughter is the best medicine' and I've had the pleasure of earning a living by making people laugh for over forty years. But sometimes you need more than laughter to meet a challenge. Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. This is one of those times.

"Nearly two years ago (January 30, 2014) I was diagnosed with stage-3 colorectal cancer. In my case, specifically, it's rectal cancer, which is not the most 'glamorous' type to have (as if there were such a thing) but hey, I've been a 'pain in the butt' to some people long before this!

"Within the first few months of my diagnosis I was told by three major hospitals that my 'only hope' was a protocol that included six weeks of chemo and radiation five days a week, followed by the surgical removal of my uterus, anus, and vagina, followed by six more months of chemo. That scared the heck out of me.

"I'm not afraid of dying, but I have a healthy fear of being poisoned, burned, and butchered. For the record, I have nothing against conventional medicine and I'm sincerely happy for those who've had success with it. But having watched my mother die a slow angonizing death after months of chemo and radiation, I decided long ago that it was not the path for me.

"Instead, I embarked on a wellness plan that includes althernative treatments and therapies, organic supplements, and a radical change in diet. Both of my holistic doctors are licensed MDs. I chose them because they also believe that cancer can be treated successully without chemo and radiation. I'm not cancer-free yet, but I believe I will be if I can just stay on this wellness path that I began nearly two years ago.

"The good news about the organic protocol I'm on is that my cancer has not metastacized. My vital organs are clear and I'm still in one piece, so I know we're doing SOMETHING right! And, though I'm not keeping my normal tour schedule because of the pain (which can be exhausting at times) I still feel well enough to perform an occasional concert. In fact, in an effort to give myself something to look forward to in 2015, I was a contestant on 'America's Got Talent.'

"The 'bad' news about my organic protocol is that none of my alternative treatments, therapies, and supplements are covered by insurance.

"I haven't gone public till now because I had hoped to be cancer-free by the time I'd gone through my savings. But the fact is, I still have a ways to go and I'm nearly out of funds.

"That's why I've launched this campaign. I'd love to stick around for a few more years and in order to do so, I need your help. I need to keep off the road so I can stay home and be completely committed to my healing. In the meantime, I still have to pay rent and utilities, buy groceries, pay bills, and continue with my alternative treatments and supplements, all of which equate to over $4,000.00 a month.

"I am not a cancer 'victim' because I refuse to hand over my power to this illness. I am a Wellness Warrior, and with your help I'm going to win this battle, not only because I have more songs to write and because I still find beauty in this world, but also because I want to be an example of hope for others who may have received a cancer diagnosis but are hesitant or too frightened to consider alternative medicine and the organic approach.

"During the course of my career I've been honored to perform at dozens of fundraisers to help cancer research and awareness and to support such organizations as St. Jude's, Alive Hospice, and the YMCA After Breast Cancer series. And I don't mind telling you, it's a lot easier being on the giving end of that equation.

"The chronic pain is a challenge, but thus far I've been able to manage it with pain meds. Ocassionally, when it gets me down, I remind myself how blessed I am to know so many good people. I'm extremely grateful for my precious Sweet Potato Queen gals, my 'Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour' friends, my fellow musicians, songwriters and Frank Brown Festival pals, my Mickey Newbury Gathering family, and the many friends and fans I've met in cities all over this country and around the world.

"To those who've complimented me on my weight loss and asked, 'How'd you do it?' I want you to know that I was telling you the truth when I said, 'I've been juicing.' I just didn't tell you the whole truth. I hope you can forgive me for that and try to understand that I needed to keep my life as 'normal' as I could for as long as possible so I could continue to work.

"This campaign will run indefinitely during which time I'll be posting video updates.

"Every little bit helps! My online campaign is called The Kacey Jones Wellness Warrior Fund and it's at

"If you prefer to donate with a check my personal snail mail address is:

Kacey Jones, P.O. Box 121253, Nashville, TN 37212

"(I will send a personal Thank You note to confirm receipt).

"My friends, it's not easy for an independent redhead like me to ask for assistance, but I am sincerely grateful for your help and for your compassion.

"With Love and Gratitude,

* - * - *

The Guide's editor adds this: please help. And we note the additional poignancy of the title of Kacey's latest recording. You'll see it in the following comment:

"'Amen for Old Friends' is one of the best records to come out of Nashville since Willie left Dodge." — Kinky Friedman.


# 4 Sunday news feature...


She is delightfully talented. And just in time to promote her Dec 8 & 9 shows in Southern Cal. came the Dec. 3 premiere by "The Bluegrass Situation" of the first episode of the imaginatively-named new KATHLEEN GRACE performance video series, "KG sings with people she likes." This debut features the song "Elvis Presley Blues" written by one of Kathleen's songwriting heroes, GILLIAN WELCH.

Kathleen explains, "I perform it live with the duo SOMETIMES WE SING TOGETHER."

You can watch it at:

Download it FREE on the Soundcloud page, at:

Superbly talented Kathleen is impressing the folk, bluegrass, and Americana music spheres since the days we knew her as a head-turning, room quieting, exclusively jazz pianist-vocalist.

Not that she's abandoned jazz. On Saturday, Dec. 5, she played a sold-out "Jazz Vox Concert Series" gig in Seattle. Others in the NW can catch her Sunday, Dec. 6, at a Portland, Oregon, house concert.

To catch Kathleen when she's in L.A., you need to look for her two identies — she performs with her name and with THE LEMON TREES, her new trio project with artists Leslie Stevens and Jamie Drake, which Kathleen says "continues full speed ahead." She adds, "We did a special performance for 'JAM IN THE VAN' last month and are excited for two upcoming shows [in Southern California]."

Those are:

√ Tue, Dec 8, 8 pm KATHLEEN GRACE performs with Jonny Fritz, The Lemon Trees, and Aaron Embry, at the Bootleg Theater - Bar Stage, 2220 Beverly Bl, Los Angeles. 21+ show.
Tix $10, at:

√ Sat, Jan 9, Kathleen Grace plays with Austin McCutchen and Leslie Stevens at Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneertown, the legendary place waaay out in the desert.

Catch the video, and you'll know why we are saying to catch her live performance.


# 5 Sunday news feature...


P.F. Sloan, one of music's most notorious inaccessible recluses, recently agreed to do a radio special with the Guide's editor. We were working on including Barry McGuire to sing his iconic hit, banned at the time from radio airplay, "Eve of Destruction."

Sloan, who wrote the song, had done a few shows with McGuire and Byrds alum John York, and all three expressed satisfaction in the way things went. Bob Stane, impressario of the Coffee Gallery Backstage, hosted their on-stage collaboration — the first-ever with York, and firstmonth time in decades that Sloan and McGuire had played together. Stane made clear the welcome mat would stay out. And countless big venues would beckon as soon as word got around. But you never knew if P.F. Sloan would just disappear again.

But now he has died. He was 70.

Sloan was no one-trick pony. He's the songwriter whose chief fame was always his music publishing, whose creations included the classic 1960s “Secret Agent Man,” a hit for Johnny Rivers, Herman’s Hermits’ “A Must to Avoid,” Terry Black’s “Unless You Care,” and Jan & Dean’s “I Found a Girl.”

After an era of boy band fluff, it's stunning to realize that Sloan signed his first record deal at age 13, and quickly began to write songs for top bands of the time, including the Turtles, Grass Roots, and Fifth Dimension. Through the years, he released several of his own albums and in 2014, published the memoir “What’s Exactly The Matter With Me?”

Howard Wuelfing, a spokesman for Sloan, announced the death of the legendary singer-songwriter, saying he died Sunday, Nov. 15, at his home in Los Angeles after battling pancreatic cancer for several weeks.

Enduring L.A. radio icon ART FEIN, whose signature events include producing Southern California's annual "Elvis Birthday Bash" every January, maintained a longtime friendship with Sloane.

The following is from Art's website, ...

"In 1990, I was told that PF Sloan would like to be on my tv show. I said Sure, and arranged a taping date.

"A week prior to that show, a woman knocked on my screen door on El Cerrito Place and said 'PF Sloan is out in the car and wants to meet you. Can we come in?'

"We sat at the kitchen table, he and me and his girlfriend. As an icebreaker, I said 'Does your mom still live in Leisure World?' That stopped him dead. 'You knew my MOTHER?'

"No, I said, my parents, from Chicago, stayed there several winters in the early 1980s, and my mother met his mother. When they learned both sons were involved in music, Mrs. Schlein asked if I knew Phil. This quickly cemented our relationship. It was cosmic.

"I showed him that film clip where Bob Dylan and John Lennon are in the back of a limo, and 'Eve Of Destruction' is mentioned. Flip flipped. 'John Lennon and Bob Dylan are talking about me!'

"I phoned my friend and clip-supplier Kent in Austin and said 'Here’s PF Sloan.' They talked for a little while, which was great for Kent, who was a rabid fan who never dreamed he’d speak to the reclusive Sloan.

"Shortly after this, we did a wonderful pair of tv shows. We had some mutual friends, and kept in touch. His girlfriend had had a stillborn baby, so he was extremely attached to Baby Jessie, who I dragged around everywhere. 'It’s a miracle' he would say.

"In 1997 I got him booked on the SXSW fest. We flew together to Austin. At LAX they asked for ID and he showed his credit card. That won’t do, the clerk said. He shrugged, saying that was all he carried. Fortunately, I had the SXSW program with me, and showed them his picture in it. In those days, they let him fly! He stayed at Kent’s house in Austin.

"For his SXSW appearance he played solo acoustic at an outdoor stage in front of a throng. It went well, but later, near the venue, he stopped to take a leak in an alley and was nearly arrested. That got in the newspaper.

"In this century we weren’t together as much. He paired up with Carlos Guitarlos for a while, but that duetting, surely excellent, didn’t gain either new recognition.

"He was a devotee of Sai Baba, an Indian guru. His car’s license plate (and an album title) SAILOVER, meant, when you asked him, 'Let’s be friends. Come to my place. Sail over.' But actually it meant that he was a Sai Lover.

"He told me that we went annually to see Sai Baba in India, and spoke with him. He told me that 50,000 people lived outside the grounds and followed him everywhere.

"'Well, if he’s so popular how does he have time to see you?' I asked. 'Is it because you wrote "Eve of Destruction?"'

"'No,' he shot back impatiently, 'he projects his presence on the wall of my hotel room.'

"I wondered, then, whether this hotel room was in L.A. or India, but decided not to ask. You gotta serve someone.

"June 16, 2013, Jimmy Webb, writer of 'MacArthur Park,' performed it there, and also did 'P.F. Sloan,' which he wrote in the late ‘60s when Phil disappeared for what was to be decades. Phil came out and took bows to great applause.

"I saw him in 2014 at his autobiography book signing. That book was enchanting, gripe-filled and truly legendary. In 2015, I saw him appear at the South Pasadena Library in a reunion with two Grass Roots members. I last saw him August 22 at Bob Merlis’s annual backyard blowout.

"In early November when I heard he was sick, I phoned and left a message on his answering machine. If I’d known he was on his deathbed I would have gone to him — Who expects a person to get sick and die in two weeks?

"He was a gentle gifted soul, tragically taken."


# 6 Sunday news feature...


$34,199.30. That's the cost of all the gifts in "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Inflation this year is negligible, having driven the prices of those particular gifts up just .6% since last year.

But unless you're a self-absorbed person with more dollars than sense, you'd surely rather give to Heifer International, or to one of the charities that digs wells, or to K.I.N.D, the one that provides desks in school classrooms in Africa where kids have been sitting on primitive floors.


# 7 Sunday news feature...


"25," the new follow-up to Adele's mega-success album, broke all sales figures for its first week of release, netting $3.3 million in sales, becoming the # 1 album and yielding the # 1 single.

Now, there are a couple of odd things about music statistics. First, the particular stats for initial sales have been kept only since 1991, so we aren't looking at, say, the Beatles in a head-to-head comparison. And second, the goofy way that the music industry keeps statistics brings another wacky incongruity:

Adele's "25" just broke all the figures for distribution in both its first week and first month of availability, but those numbers will be posted as the period ending December 12.

But those caveats take nothing away from her accomplishment with a new album whose tracks include the industry's top-grossing songwriters and producers.

Even at that, the most impressive aspect in today's music market is that these numbers are all physical cd sales. Adele forbade the sale of track downloads, running counter to everything the "industry experts" have been telling us for a decade, about how the cd was already dead but the indies just wouldn't go to the funeral. Adele, who is known for her ability to give a good what-for without mincing words, has likely told those experts already — but in case she hasn't, the Guide will happily tell them: stick it.

The Guide would also like to point out what WE think is the most important thing in this story: Adele makes REAL music, and she can REALLY sing, complete with REAL integration of coherent melody lines and harmony, and people are BUYING that in record numbers.

There's more. Adele has already claimed the top-selling record of 2015. The same album may hold on with strong sales and claim the 2016 prize, too. And it seems likely the album will yield a second, and maybe a third, number-one single as it moves through 2016.

As in, take note, Big Music: This is not an album of annoying cyber noise, robotic electronica, excruciating pounding, and fakery. It's real music, performed by a real singer, backed by real musicians on real musical instruments. And we think that's the best Christmas present of all, for the legions of lovers of real music, and for the outlook for art and culture.


# 8 Sunday news feature...


The 7th Annual International Music Festival Conference and the 12th Annual International Film Festival Summit are promising "the most informative and fun filled conference to date."

Organizers of IFFS-IMFCON 2015, December 13-15 in San Diego, say, "We are excited to announce new topics and speakers at the annual conference, insuring that attendees at all levels – first-timers and repeat attendees, new to the industry or seasoned professionals – can all find the answers and creative new ideas that they are looking for."

The companion events feature scores of keynote presentations, informative panel discussions, breakout sessions, social activities, and more.

Full info,


# 9 Sunday news feature...


Over 100 Powersoft K10s provided reliable, detailed amplification for the 43rd annual "American Music Awards" last month. That came amidst ATK Audiotek celebrating its 25th years providing audio for the AMAs, with the loudspeaker system for one of the top U.S. music awards televised shows driven exclusively by Powersoft K10 DSP+AESOP amplifiers and Armonia DSP Software.

At the awards, held in the Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles November 22nd, amplifier manufacturer Powersoft made its presence known with over one-hundred K10 DSP+AESOP amplifiers on site. With approximately 7,000 people in attendance, the program was broadcast to over 10 million viewers across the U.S. and featured performances by a "who's who" list of contemporary musical artists including Coldplay, The Weeknd, Demi Lovato and many others.

We know it's unlikely that Folk-Americana fans bothered to watch, so we want to make you aware of the gear, and also of one performance you'll want to track-down to watch on the web: everyone agreed the show was highlighted with a moving performance of "Hymne à l'amour" by Celine Dion, which eulogized victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

In addition to hosting an evening of lively performances, the AMA presented awards to a range of chart-topping pop artists including One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Fall Out Boy and many others.

Nashville pop country artist Sam Hunt was recognized as "New Artist of the Year", while the ubiquitous Taylor Swift scooped up nominations in six categories. The night was hosted bythe actress / pop singer Jennifer Lopez and featured A-list celeb presenters including Harrison Ford, Prince, and Jenny McCarthy.

Back to the gear. Audio for the entire awards show performance was driven by those 100-plus Powersoft K10 DSP+AESOP amplifiers, located in racks situated throughout the facility.

ATK Audiotek, which has been providing audio services for the AMA Awards for 25 years, handled sound services for the event — including equipment specification, set up, FOH and monitor engineering. "For all the large shows we deploy, we depend on Powersoft for the main P.A., monitors and subs," commented Sean Prickett, Audio Engineer for ATK Audiotek.

Lots of Music and Fast Production Changes

Unlike many other popular awards shows, the AMA Awards is characterized by several musical performances throughout the evening, in addition to award recognition. For production staff, this means constant changes in both stages and performers.

Prickett explains, "There is dialog, but it is standard for us to have to go A Stage to B stage after a v/o right into another performance. It was certainly a case of ‘all hands on deck’ for everyone in the audio department."

Prickett takes that to a full-blown endorsement: "We have so many amps out there and with Powersoft, I was not concerned about reliability at all."

Certainly, at a show such as the AMAs, reputation and credibility is always on the line when it comes to delivering audio services.

"It is considered one of the top three music shows in the country, so there is a certain amount of prestige when the artists come in and they have certain expectations," says Mikael Stewart, VP Special Events, ATK Audiotek.

He adds, "We are doing a lot of show in a relatively short amount of time, so everything has to go in, work right away, and be flexible."

Expeeience brings undeniable advantages. Having done so many shows in the Microsoft Theater (formerly Nokia Theatre L.A. Live), ATK clearly has its audio system "dialed in" there.

"Our system for Microsoft Theater consists primarily of four main hang arrays, four delay arrays, three balcony hung delays as well as under balconies and two different versions of front fills for FOH," explains Prickett.

"Typically, for these awards shows, we do a split-up distributed drive system, unlike what we might do for typical touring situations," he said.

For the main P.A. and main delays, ATK specified:

√ JBL VerTec 4089 line arrays
√ 4886 balcony delays
√ powered by Powersoft K10s

"We deploy a distributed system to give us a more flexible set-up for music and dialog, and it means we do not have to drive the P.A. as hard because there are many zones to create a nice even coverage pattern throughout the whole house," says Prickett.

"Whether it is for an awards show or a touring installation, preparation is one of ATK's key ingredients for success. No matter where the performance, the company relies on Powersoft's Armonia software to catalog and recall key DSP settings so the production team doesn't have to start from scratch when it comes to set up and room-tuning," says an ATK spokesman.

"These venues are very much the same, and the show hasn’t really changed its physical structure over the last five years," says Stewart. "We just load the presets from the Armonia software, which gives us a really good starting point so we don’t have to spend hours re-tuning the room."

"We use Powersoft Armonia exclusively for our DSP, and there is no other system controller in front of it," Prickett adds. "We rely very heavily on this to tune the system, as well as facilitate EQ and level changes. The preset capability is a key feature for us, since time is always of the essence in these shows."

Aside from their predictable sonic performance on a demanding live broadcast program such as the AMAs, the Powersoft K10s delivered a range of efficiencies.

"The main reason we use K10 DSP+AESOPs at ATK Audiotek is because they allow us to operate in a reduced physical footprint, which is essential in the rack world when it comes to amplifiers," says Prickett. "Since each K10 takes up just 1U, we are able to have a spare amplifier at each location without tying up a prohibitive amount of rackspace. So in case one of the signals goes away, we have a backup at every single amplifier.

"There were absolutely no issues with any of the 100 amplifiers on our network," concludes Prickett. "Everything went smoothly and without incident: this is the kind of performance we rely on."

About Powersoft

Powersoft is a world leader in lightweight, high power, single rack space, energy efficient amplifiers for the professional audio market. Founded in Italy in 1995, headquartered in Florence, Italy, with offices in Ventura, CA, Powersoft couples the experience and precision of its production department with exceptional components to deliver products with perfect audio response and high performance reliability. Its state-of-the-art amplifiers can be found in an array of markets, ranging from stadiums, sporting arenas, theme parks, performance venues and airports to convention centers, churches and clubs, and are used by the world's leading tour sound companies.

There's more info on the Powersoft K series at and more on the company and its full product line at


# 10 Sunday news feature...

...the weekend's big participatory music news...


It's your annual opportunity to perform with Grammy winners and other music stars, and to experience the thrill of doing that for the most appreciative audience you'll ever face.

In fact, WHEREVER you are in America, you'll have the opportunity to perform for a similarly grateful audience of shut-ins. (Just go to Vincent's caroling website and join his group when it performs in a city near you! Each year, the star-studded kick-off is in L.A.)

Vincent Leinen's 34th annual national tour of participatory "Caroling" at residential senior facilities kicks-off in L.A. this SUNDAY, Dec. 6, and Southern California musicians (and all who love to sing) are invited to join-in. The Guide partners to recruit for this event every year.

If you join us Dec. 6th, you'll join SUPERTRAMP lead guitarist CARL VERHEYEN, bassist PRESCOTT NILES from THE KNACK, FLORENCE LaRUE from THE FIFTH DIMENSION, JOHN KAYE of STEPPENWOLF, and many MANY others, from Woodstock veterans to piano virtuosos to opera stars to Cajun fiddlers, from the ultra-famous to the not-so-famous, raising our voices in song for grateful audiences who go the entire year without seeing a live musical performance.

Complete details from Vincent follow, including how YOU can register to take part (it's easy!)

See you Sunday! The Guide staff will be there with bells on!



Here are the details, after a word from event producer / series creator Vincent Leinen:

"DECEMBER 6, 2015: Experience the power, magic, and impact of giving music via Santa’s Caroling Team!

"Greetings! You’re extended a special invitation to support, promote, and participate in the 34th Annual Los Angeles Holiday Caroling Festivities on Sunday, December 6th, 2015 at senior care centers.

"Perform 4 pm-7:30 pm on a modular schedule that lets you arrive / depart at your discretion, though we hope you'll take part in the full evening's traveling event. It's all located in the West San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles in a series of locations that are close together. THEN, immediately following the caroling, participants are invited to socialize and dine at HomeTown Buffet Restaurant at VanOwen & Fallbrook in Canoga Park, from 7:30 pm-9:30 pm.

"Overall Mission: In conjunction with a nationwide initiative we promote the overall theme of bringing happiness and/or enlightenment to the elderly in senior care centers, hospital patients, care-givers, and festival participants during the holiday season. This simple act of kindness can make a difference and add true meaning for all involved this holiday season. Your participation is very important since your presence and music promotes the theme and enhances the festivities for ALL who are involved."


Music books & refreshments are provided for all performers. Flowers (if available) are provided for the residents.

The festivities include multiple performances at senior care centers scheduled at concurrent time slots. Yes, we deploy parallel performing casts, to allow us to provide entertainment (read that as happiness and healing) to more needy senior residents AND their hardworking caregivers.

To balance-out the large talent pool and maximize your impact on the senior residents and caregivers, we’re continuing the tradition of forming two separate Holiday Caroling presentation teams that we call Santa’s South Route Caroling team and Santa’s North Route Caroling Team. BOTH teams feature professional musicians that include GRAMMY winners and nominees!

After you register with Vincent, he'll give you the web address to print-out the exact route, with locations and times. It can be very handy during your whirlwind performance schedule.

Whichever route / performing cast you join, you are invited to skedaddle over for the Group Photo at the conclusion, taken with all participants, at Meridian-West Hills in the main dining room, at 6833 Fallbrook Ave., Canoga Park 91307.

Then, it's off to the Post-Caroling Wrap Party to meet and eat and schmooze with your favorite musicians and new friends.

This really does run like clockwork, each year — an impressive feat, given that it's a bunch of musicians!


REGISTER to participate, in any of several ways:
1) online at:
3) call Vincent at 818-342-9336
or (cell) 818-429-1563.

There are abundant details at the above website.

Vincent offers this closing word:

"Experience the power, magic, and impact of giving music!

"All effort given to support, promote, and participate in this heart-warming activity would be appreciated, especially since your contribution, music, and presence would greatly promote the theme and enhance the festivities for all involved Please RSVP ASAP, and if pertinent, provide authorization to use your name on the invitation, website, press release etc. (Please disregard request for RSVP if you’ve already provided me your status.)

"If unable to attend, you’re encouraged to take your own group or individually visit your local senior centers or shut-ins. This simple act of kindness can make a difference and add true meaning for all involved this holiday season.

"Thank you for blessing my life and the lives of others. Happy Holidays!"

— Vincent J. Leinen/Founder-National Director L.A. Holiday Caroling Festivities

More soon, as always.

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