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Thursday, June 16, 2016

When Events Overtake the News — "not again" but horribly, sadly, incomprehensibly, again... June 16, special edition

When Events Overtake the News —
how a story on a musician became a terrible comment on the state of this world we all share

This is not what we expected to do for our 1,553rd edition. We were preparing a full fresh edition. We had a nice short human interest piece to fit-in, after a lot about numerous upcoming music festivals. We were looking for the right placement for it, amidst a vast variety of news items and some fresh reviews.

A good musician, accomplished, well-traveled, known to Southern California fans. He had just sent us a report from the road, from a five-gig swing through the UK. Ahh. That nice mix of light hearted travel and yet meaningfully thoughtful. So it had to go in.

And then it happened. Other news from the UK. Sudden, awful news, that went right to something our musician had just said. And that is how we are bringing it to you.


Report from the Road: Buddy Mondlock

We used to feature these all the time: musicians' reporting-in about experiences on the road. For whatever reason, we got away from that. If you like it, we'll bring 'em back.

This is just in from Nashville-based Americana singer-songwriter Buddy Mondlock. He had us at "Devil's Punchbowl" — being the one he found in England, not the rock climbing / slot canyon exploring mecca with the same name in Southern California.

"Road beside the Devil's Punchbowl... It's a curving road we're on sometimes, isn't it? This photo was taken not far from where our first show in England will be tonight. I must admit it feels a little strange to be away from home when big things are happening, bad or good. But it does give you a little perspective sometimes, too.

"Mike Lindauer and I are just about to play five shows here in the UK. We've been here for five days already and have been very well cared for by our friends here in England.

"Guns are not much a part of the culture here, and that's by design. So people here are kind of mystified when things like mass shootings happen in America. Makes me wish I was mystified, too."

(Editor: literally at the moment we were including this story, other news arrived from Britain: news of Jo Cox, the British woman and elected lawmaker who was shot and stabbed at a public appearance in the part of Britain she represents. It happened Thursday morning, US time. Her portrait made American tv — her very attractive bright-eyed beaming smile. Added to all those portraits of Orlando victims. She spent years working for global charities, including the top-rated Oxfam, before being elected to office. We were about to tell you that she is in critical condition as we go to press. But we can't. She has died. We can't even do a story on a musician on tour and get away from this. She was a youthful 41. She had two children. Ages 3 and 5. More shock. More loss. More tears. Mourning when it should never have come. We think of Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who lived, miraculously, after being ambushed, and others who included a little girl who came to meet her congresswoman, killed by that incomprehensibly crazy gunman. That day. And Friday in Orlando where a bright young singer from tv's "The Voice" was gunned down. And Saturday in Orlando when an incomprehensibly crazy gunman killed and wounded over a hundred people who had simply been having a happy time together in a nightclub. And now a British lawmaker with an especially notable record as a good, kind, giving person. Insanity, on both sides of the Atlantic. And we cannot write any more words of our own.)

Buddy's report continues:

"I am encouraged though, too, when I read the words of some of my friends and realize this big beautiful mess we call America has some really remarkable people in it (see our friend Jonathan Byrd's essay in the Huffington Post, for instance).

"So I'll do the only thing I can do right now and play music for whoever I meet, and keep doing that, and when I get home I'll make some more music, and then I will vote.

"Our wonderful irrepressible friend and fellow singer-songwriter Chris Stern is opening many of these shows. That's a bonus for sure. Be well and love to all of you! — Buddy Mondlock"


The Acoustic Americana Music Guide is not invoking our copyright on this special edition. Please feel free to share and post as you wish.


A full edition with the coming weekend's festivals, lots of events, ticket alerts, and music news and reviews will be along later today.

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