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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eclipsifyin', Festivalin', and newsworthy tunefulness into September. August 20 2017 edition

...with a remembrance of GLEN CAMPBELL by one who knows his whole family; plus news on places you can go, and where we've been, and info on what's up in a Tune Town near you.



1) Eclipsifyin' 'n Where We've Been (And Where We'll Be)

2) Good Changes to Sunday's Western Music Showcase at the Autry Museum

3) More Recommended Live Music Events on Sunday

4) Remembering GLEN CAMPBELL, by one who knows his family

5) COLLIN RAYE Honors GLEN CAMPBELL with re-released 2013 Album "Still On The Line: The Songs of Glen Campbell"

6) FESTIVALS this Weekend

7) FESTIVALS Next Weekend


9) FESTIVALS Later in September

Let's get started!


# 1 news feature...


Monday is the big SOLAR ECLIPSE that reaches coast-to-coast, making landfall on the central Oregon coast and exiting back over the ocean at Charleston, South Carolina. Music peeps in Nashville will get totality, but we won't get the great song we already got years ago when BONNIE TYLER sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart." (On YouTube; we recommend the live version at, or you can watch the studio version with one of the goofiest music videos ever, at:

THE GUIDE's editor noted the coming cosmicity and wrote several pieces with the details, waaaaay back when, so folks would have a chance to plan. Here's one example: "A total solar eclipse on August 21 will be the first to cross the entire contiguous U.S. since 1918, and L.A. will get about 62% coverage — no need to fly “your Lear Jet to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun” — Amtrak to Salem, Oregon, or a road trip to Idaho Falls will get you that."

Necessary one-paragraph sidebar to the story: We aren't just space cadets when it comes to eclipses. This year alone, we've done some "stellar" stuff, including the following:
* an advocacy piece for getting July 20th declared as "National Space & Exploration Day," and * that edition includes a full section on songs about humanity's relationship with the Moon, and it's in the archive at
* Back in February, we did two features:
* one on that month's "Lunar Eclipse, Comet, and 'Snow Moon'," archived at, and
* one on the European Space Agency (ESA) and its "Copernicus Programme" and what it could mean to musicians, in "Is 'Snap Planet' Your Next Music Marketing / Social Media Tool?"
* In March, we looked at (and listened to) "The Science & Music of Venus" in a feature titled, "'Venus Songs,' and if 'Women Are from Venus' – Good News for Women's Month," at
* And you can use the Guide's search function, going back through all our years of publication, to find plenty more -- including our advocacy for returning to a REAL space program, with plenty of reasons why it's insane not to.

Back to the eclipse.

Here in California, we get a wimpy 71% partial eclipse, but IT'S STILL WORTH GOING OUTSIDE to see it -- that is, to see it indirectly. There's really NO point in getting all lens-ified to look directly at it, since anything less than totality doesn't let you see the solar corona (not the beer, but the sun's fiery, erupting atmosphere). But you CAN look down, "down on the ground," as Mr. Clapton would say. AND you can do that with no eye protection, and do it anywhere that tree branches and leaves create little aperatures for light to pass through. That will let you see a bunch of little partially-eclipsed suns, right there at your feet. The closer you are to the path of totality, the better it is, since those just outside the path of total eclipse will see little crescent suns on the ground. Here, you'll see elipses that become big crescents around the time of totality up north. But it still ain't sumpin' ya see everyday, so fer cryin' out loud, go outside an' do it!


As for the Guide's editor? He saw the stunningly wonderful total solar eclipse down in Mexico back in 1991, and he planned, come hell or high water, to be in Oregon or Idaho for this one. But... that brings us to a quick two paragraphs on "Where have we been?" (and where we'll be).

Enter the classically clichéd observation, and add the Shakespearean fanfare, that life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.

Our editor's temporary "other" role continues as chief support system for our friend and Guide contributor who is recovering from a major (six-plus hour) cancer surgery. There was lots of pre-event planning, and pre-and-post medical appointments, lab results, re-checks... and now, some major new tests on Monday, at 11 am to enable her informed decision-making for or against heavy-duty chemotherapy that would start very soon. Consequently, the Guide's eclipse watching will be done from a medical facility's parking lot, just before she goes in the door. (That's if clouds don't hose us in these parts.)

The patient still can't drive a car, so there was no gettin' outta this one. But the great news is, the surgeons got all the cancer out! Her recovery continues, if not 'zactly in a straight line of ascendancy back to vim and vigor. She, and the Guide, send thanks to the many who have sent good wishes, good mojo, good vibes, and good cosmic energy -- and all those things and those who send 'em continue to be appreciated every which way you send 'em and they arrive!

ALSO, WE INVITE YOUR ACCOUNTS OF YOUR ECLIPSE EXPERIENCE, if you managed to put yourself in the path of totality! Send 'em to us by email or post 'em in the comments, and we'll publish and share with others!

Now, to the extent we can for this eclipsed go 'round, let's get to the music.


# 2 news feature...


Monthly event enjoys enduring popularity, and returns with improvements this Sunday...

The Western Music Association (WMA) is an international organization that fills the gap caused by no GRAMMYS for Western Music. It also does a lot more. One example? The organization's California Chapter partners with the Autry National Center / Autry Museum of Western Heritage to present a monthly event at the world-class museum in Griffith Park, across from the Los Angeles Zoo.

As for the changes? The WMA tells us, "Our new format with adjusted seating for performers, including center stage for each performer, as well as closer audience seating and an emcee, has received rave reviews, and we will stay with that format on Sunday. The new format and great performances -- and the museum's current exhibits -- are really drawing larger audiences to the Showcase!"

The event is this Sunday from Noon to 3 pm inside the museum's spacious "Mural Court." Seating for the audience, and fluid access to all the museum's halls, galleries, exhibits and displays is easy from the central hub, which is fully air conditioned to keep visitors and rare artifacts equally comfortable. Not that the musicians qualify as rare artifacts, though some of their music would, if they were not restoring full vitality to the old trail songs by performing them. Of course, you'll also hear modern songs of the West and, if the event holds true to form, more than a bit of Western Swing. You'll like hear a bit of cowboy poetry recited, as well.

It's a showcase open to all performers of Western genres, and it often draws whoever is in town recording a new album or contributing to a motion picture soundtrack. That makes each time unique, and there's never a "same ol', same ol'," here.

Regular museum admission applies to attend the showcase, and there is no additional charge. An incentive for all performers is that they, and all current WMA members, get in free. Go early to patronize the cafe and museum store and for plenty of time to peruse the wonderfully presented galleries, 'cause you sure as shootin' don't want to miss the music.

For WMA members and prospective new members, there will be General Meeting in the museum's education center after the Western Music Showcase.


# 3 news feature...


Just a couple of the many good things happening in Southern California... so much is wonderful, and some of 'em (like these) don't get included in all those other online music / events calendars.


Sun, Aug 20:
STEPHANIE BETTMAN & LUKE HALPIN make their every 18-to-24-month return to play various venues in Southern California (between performing on tour and at festivals all over de place). On Friday, August 18, they played to a full house return at the delightfully intimate Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena. But you have another chance.

* SUNDAY, August 20, 3-6 pm, they play the concert series at Four Friends Gallery, 1414 E Thousand Oaks Bl, Suite 111, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362. Tix $25 adv, $30 at the door; email or phone 805-358-4970; leave a voice mail if necessary.

BETTMAN & HALPIN have twice been a featured act at the very-big-deal WALNUT VALLEY FESTIVAL in Winfield, KS, along with musical heroes BYRON BERLINE, MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY, and performed there with PAT FLYNN, and TOMMY EMMANUEL.

In Regional and National competitions, they have been:
- Grand Prize Winners in the So Cal Live Acoustic Music Competition.
- Winners in the Southern California's Topanga Banjo/Fiddle Contest.
- "Most Wanted Artists" at FALCON RIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL.
- In Music Connection magazine's "Top 25" New Music Critiques.

"Bettman jams it up like few others as she leads an ensemble with great imagination." - Maverick Magazine, UK

"Luke Halpin is a renowned multi-instrumentalist. A master of the guitar and the mandolin, impressive on fiddle, banjo, and adept at nearly anything he picks up. Halpin draws inspiration from the like of Sam Bush, Mark O'Connor and Tony Rice and holds his own in comparison. A dynamic and sensitive vocalist himself, the harmony blend he and Ms. Bettman achieve is chilling and at times simply transcendent. Halpin has a long history in the music biz, having shared the stage with the likes of Merle Haggard, Lone Star and The Steve Miller Band (to name a few). His quirky sense of humor is a perfect foil to Stephanie's dry witty presence."


Sun, Aug 20:
4-6 pm TIFFANI JENEE is doing an acoustic show this Sunday at the annual Antelope Valley Fair in Lancaster, CA, playing the Vallarta Stage.
* The show is free with fair admission.
* Despite the loss of the classic old fairgrounds with their charm, shade, greenery and 100+ years of "Alfalfa Festival" history in dozens of buildings with real appeal? The fair, in its sterile new surroundings of just three giant metal buildings and a sun scorched grandstand with no roof, does offer music, food and a modicum of fun Fair festivities. So if you want to go, do it while you can catch good music.
* The charmless new fairgrounds are on the alkali flat at the Avenue H off ramp from the 14 Freeway, north of Lancaster, CA.
* More on the artist at


# 4 news feature...


by Michele Marotta

The world has lost Glen Campbell, who lived April 22, 1936 to August 8, 2017. sadly, of course, Glen lost the world, including his joy of music and all his loved ones, considerably earlier, due to Alzheimer's Disease.

I first met Glen Campbell in 1965. He was a session guitarist, and put a ¾ size guitar in my hands. I was hooked – not only on music, but on Glen Campbell. Glen’s children from his second marriage, to Billie, were Kelli, Travis and Cain, and we grew up together. I don’t remember a lot about Cain. I reconnected with Kelli and Travis about ten years ago.

Glen was born in Billstown, Arkansas, a small town close to the likewise obscure Delight, Arkansas. His daughter Kelli and other family members still live in Delight.

Mostly what I know and remember about Glen Campbell is that he was an incredible musician and just a nice guy.

As for his own journey through music, I know some things first hand. Like him saying that after he first heard Django Reinhardt recordings, he taught himself that style of playing.

He started playing guitar as a youth and he credited his uncle Boo for teaching him the instrument.

In 1954, Campbell moved to New Mexico to join his uncle's band – Dick Bills and the Sandia Mountain Boys. He also appeared locally on his uncle's radio show and on "K Circle B Time," the local children's program on KOB Television.

In 1958, Campbell formed his own band, the Western Wranglers.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1960, and despite some accounts that he didn't yet know how to read music, he became a member of the legendary "Wrecking Crew" cadre of studio session recording instrumentalists. Soon, everyone wanted him to play for them. In 1963 alone, he appeared on more than 600 recorded tracks. Beyond those impressive stats and many more, one thing reigns supreme: after his arrival in Hollywood / L.A., the rest is history.

Just a few highlights of his career include:

* Filling in for singer Brian Wilson in the Beach Boys for seven months while Brian recovered from an illness;

* Working as an in-demand session guitarist for everyone, including Bobby Darin, Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, The Monkees, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, Merle Haggard, Jan and Dean, Elvis, Ronnie and Phil Spector, The Beatles, Dolly Parton, the Bee Gees, and The Kingston Trio, among others.

* Many may think they knew his musical prowess, but may not realize Glen was an ultimate musician who played banjo, bagpipes, bass and guitar.

His hits included:

"By The Time I Get To Phoenix," "Gentle On My Mind" and "Wichita Lineman."

In 2012 he received a Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award. This was about the same time he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

After Glen was formally diagnosed, he founded his own “I’ll Be Me” Alzheimer’s Fund.

He chose to go on tour one last time, while he still could. I remember the Guide's editor telling me he had a seat ten feet from the stage when Glen and his band performed at the GRAMMY Museum on that tour.

One of his last performances was at the 2012 GRAMMY Awards which I am sure is on Youtube.

We have lost an icon who will be greatly missed, however his musical gifts will live on forever.

[Editor's note: Michele continues with some personal views. The following do not necessarily reflect the views of the Guide or its editor.]

Michele writes, "Tanya Tucker, Travis and Trudy Andes Campbell, and Kelli Campbell were barred from seeing their father (in Tanya’s case, former significant other) by Glen’s current wife, Kim. These family members, along with Casey Kasem’s children, lobbied successfully to pass a bill in Tennessee that allowed relatives access, including in their situations, the right to see their fathers, and the new law makes it a crime to bar family members from seeing a dying family member."

Michele alleges, "Kim Campbell had physically denied them access from entering the facility, and then the room Glen occupied. That's now illegal, and many others will benefit."

Other news accounts are murky on this subject. Because there are some that support it, we report it here as one view, but not confirmed.

Michele continues, "I spoke to Tanya Tucker this past January. She never stopped loving Glen, and in my opinion, should have married him."

Michele adds, "The first time I met Tanya Tucker was last January. We were both on the red carpet at the Oscars, and I introduced myself to her and let her know that I was a friend of Kelli and Travis Campbell, and that we went to school together. When the three of us reconnected (before I left for my time living in England), it was like no time had passed. Kelli lives in Delight, Arkansas. I believe Tanya is in Nashville, and Travis is in Wichita Falls. His wife, Trudy Andes, is absolutely beautiful. She has incredible blue eyes. She is also a singer, and does a lot for veterans. Music is strong in Glen's family."

Glen Cambell's legacy continues in many ways. See the next feature story.


# 5 news feature...


By Debbie Randle

(NASHVILLE, Tenn., August 9, 2017) – In 2013, multi-platinum selling country sensation Collin Raye released the following statement on Glen Campbell’s passing: “My hero... My Friend... Glen Campbell, is gone. My heart is heavy. A lot of memories… the end to a beautiful era in music. His incredible legacy is what we have now. Thank you, my friend, for always treating me as an equal, though clearly I am not. May God comfort your sweet family, and welcome you into His presence. The Heavenly Band, just got way better. I love you, Glen. Happy Trails."

Raye had already honored Campbell, one of his heroes, with a tribute album of the Rhinestone Cowboy’s iconic songs. The 12-track album titled, "Still On The Line: The Songs of Glen Campbell," was an opportunity for Raye to show his respect and admiration for Campbell. The album is being rereleased and is receiving major fresh promotion.

Those with Twitter can read this recommended tweet:
.@CollinRaye honored #GlenCampbell with 2013 album 'Still On The Line: The Songs of Glen Campbell'

2.Gentle on My Mind (feat. Ricky Skaggs)
3.Wichita Lineman
4.Southern Nights
5.True Grit
6.Country Boy (You’ve Got Your Feet In L.A.)
7.Try A Little Kindness
8.Dreams of the Everyday Housewife
9.By The Time I Get to Phoenix
10.The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
11.Rhinestone Cowboy (feat. Billy Dean)
12.Where’s the Playground Susie

Collin Raye’s searing ballads and electric performances have been captivating country audiences for more than 25 years. With sixteen No. 1 hits, twenty-four top 10s and ten "Male Vocalist of the Year" nominations, Raye has clearly emerged as one of the great country voices of our time, and his Campbell tribute reaches into deep roots country. The De Queen, Arkansas native rose to fame in 1991 with the timeless number one hit, “Love, Me.” In 1994, his music video for “Little Rock,” led to over 100,000 phone calls to Alcoholics Anonymous from addicts seeking help. “Not That Different,” was a song that pleaded for tolerance, and “I Think About You” (awarded as “Video Of The Year” by the Academy of Country Music in 1997) exposed exploitation of women and children. His latest album projects include "His Love Remains," his first inspirational hymns album, as well as "Still On The Line," his tribute album to Glen Campbell. In 2014, he released his moving autobiography, "A Voice Undefeated." He has topped the charts with songs such as “In This Life,” “I Can Still Feel You,” and “That’s My Story.”

COLLIN RAYE is currently performing across the U.S. on "The Big 25 Tour," doing material from the Campbell tribute album, though no stops are scheduled in Southern California. Here are the remaining dates:

Aug. 26 Patty Pallatos Fund Raiser at The Great Frederick Fairgrounds – Frederick, Md.
Aug. 30 Central Wisconsin State Fair – Marshfield, Wis.
Aug. 31 DuQuoin State Fair – DuQuoin, Ill.
Sept. 2 Sweet Corn Festival – Millersport, Ohio
Sept. 9 Clearwater River Casino – Lewiston, Idaho
Sept. 14 Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino – Laughlin, Nev.
Sept. 19 Ashland County Fair – Ashland, Ohio
Sept. 21 Mill Town Music Hall – Bremen, Ga.
Sept. 29 Peppermill Concert Hall – West Wendover, Nev.
Oct. 13 Welk Resort Theater – Branson, Mo.
Oct. 18 City Winery - Breaking the Silence Country Music Night – Nashville, Tenn.
Oct. 21 Knowlton Auditorium – Austin, Minn.
Oct. 22 Mayo Civic Center – Rochester, Minn.
Oct. 23 Potter Auditorium – Chatfield, Minn.
Nov. 3 Coastal Carolina Fair – Ladson, S.C.
Dec. 2 Christmas In Ida Festival – Ida, Mich.
Dec. 16 Stephens Performing Arts Center – Pocatello, Idaho
Jan 20 Sugar Creek Casino – Hinton, Okla.
March 1 Paramount Theatre and Visual Arts Center – St. Cloud, Minn.
April 10 Grand Ballroom – Salt Lake City
July 20 Franklin County Fair – Hampton, Iowa

There's more information on Collin Raye and upcoming tour dates at


# 6 news feature...


All are reproduced here from the Guide's massive "ENCYCLOPEDIA FESTIVANICA," available since April at:

* Festivals STILL COMING UP are in news features following this one -- one section for NEXT WEEKEND'S FESTIVALS, another for LABOR DAY WEEKEND FESTIVALS.

Here ya go:

Aug 17-20, 2017:
"PICKIN' IN THE PINES COLORADO" at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, 22799 N Elbert Rd, Elbert, CO 80106;
✔ TIX: $35 per person for those arriving Thu or Fri; $20 per person if arriving Sat; Kids age 12 and under are free.
✔ CAMPING: Yes, included with admission.
✔ VOLUNTEER: "If you would like to volunteer for set up, manning the gate, clean up or anything else please let Greg know," at: 303-918-0335.
✔ THE SCENE: It's "an almost-stageless... annual bluegrass festival / pick / jam / camp-out that is put on for and by the bluegrass musicians of Colorado. It is 'almost' stageless because there is an open mic on Saturday night to which the other campers are invited... [it all] occurs annually in August, on a beautiful, family-friendly boy scout ranch in Elbert, CO. Pickers from all across Colorado gather in this serene setting to create some soulful music in the pines. There is a great room that everyone gathers in on Saturday night to enjoy a pot luck dinner together plus a show-a band scramble of sorts and a talent show for others. The atmosphere is laid back and the jamming is plentiful. Camping is primitive. There are no hook ups."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Whoever shows up!


Aug 17-20, 2017:
32nd annual "MONTANA COWBOY POETRY GATHERING AND WESTERN MUSIC RENDEZVOUS" has its "day headquarters" at Fergus High School, 1001 Casino Creek Rd, Lewistown, MT;
✔ TIX: 3-day pass is a $10 "Collectible Pin Pass" and gets admission to over 50 hourly sessions of cowboy poetry and western music; Welcome BBQ & Open Mic Show tix $20; Saturday night show gen adm $20, reserved $30; VIP Pre-show meet & greet tix $50. Art & Gear show included with tix and is free admission to the public on Sunday.
✔ THE SCENE: It's the 2nd oldest "Cowboy Gathering" in the country, founded just one year behind the midwinter "National Cowboy Poetry Gathering" in Elko, Nevada. Here, over 120 cowboy poets, western musicians and artists — primarily from Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, Colorado and Canada — convene to share their talents and perpetuate the traditions of the American West. The Saturday night "Grand Stage Show" is held at the Fergus Center for the Performing Arts at Fergus High School. Other highlights of the gathering include 50+ hourly sessions of cowboy poetry and western music, discovery workshops, a Friday night Jam ‘n Dance, and Sunday morning Cowboy Church. Teachers can earn up to six continuing education credits for attending the gathering. The American Bus Association selected the festival as one of the "Top 100 Travel Events" in 2010. A Western Art & Gear Show featuring artists of all genres and their endless western wares, is also produced in conjunction with the gathering. This "4-day cultural festival [is] dedicated to celebrating and preserving the history, heritage and values of the cowboy lifestyle of the Upper Rocky Mountain West. Through cowboy poetry and western music lyrics, an oral history of the American cowboy is shared."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
- - - -
♪ Dave Stamey, with Mary Kaye opening, headlines the "Grand Stage Show."
- - - -
There are MANY more musicians and poets/storytellers over the four days:
♪ John Bacon, Dillon, MT
♪ Owen G Badgett, Ingomar, MT
♪ Jeff Bolstad, Helena, MT
♪ Ramblin' Rangers, Hot Springs, SD
♪ Ed Brown, Oak Lake, Manitoba
♪ Noel Burles, Coalhurst, Alberta
♪ Carr Family Cowboy Band, Whitman, NE
♪ Jesse Colt, Priddis, AB
♪ Keith Cowie, Cheyenne, WY
♪ Gale Drewry, Lewistown, MT
♪ Charlie Ewing, Claresholm, Alberta
♪ Dominic Farrenkopf, "Dusty Trail", Hamilton MT
♪ Terry & Judy Fosbery, Kalispell, MT
♪ Bill Garcia, Belgrade, MT
♪ John Glawson Ol' Ugly, Nanton, Alberta
♪ Richard R. "Dick" Hall, Thermopolis, WY
♪ Steven Ray Hughes, Lewistown, MT
♪ Emily Ireland, Onoway, Alberta
♪ Perry Jacobson, High River, Alberta
♪ Thomas King, Decatur, AL
♪ Lynn Kopelke, Enumclaw, WA
♪ Dennis "the Menace" Lent, Billings, MT
♪ Neal Lewing, Polson, MT
♪ Poppa Mac, Winnipeg, Manitoba
♪ Dale W Mailand, Harlem, MT
♪ Pat McAllister, Billings, MT
♪ Lloyd & Meryl McKenna, Lewistown, MT
♪ Leonard Meyer, Billings, MT
♪ Craig Nelson, Lawtey, FL
♪ Leo Everett Osburnsen, Keenesburg, CO
♪ Angelo Pecora & Gus Duquay, Condon, MT
♪ Bob Petermann, Wibaux, MT
♪ Kay Peterson, Cut Bank, MT
♪ Phyllis Rathwell, Elkwater, Alberta
♪ Phil Robertson, Roberts, MT
♪ Christine Schuman, Big Timber, MT
♪ Trinity Seely, Cascade, MT
♪ Doc Shores, Aberdeen, WA
♪ BJ Smith (Bryan), Linden, Alberta
♪ Warren Taylor, Malta, MT
♪ Stan Wall, Kremlin, MT
♪ Bob Weber, Hamilton, MT
♪ John Wehren, Grass Range, MT
♪ Tom Wilson, Lewistown, MT
♪ Jeannette Zollner, Medicine Hat, Alberta


Aug 18-20, 2017:
15th annual "SUMMERGRASS" at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, 2040 N Santa Fe Rd, Vista (north San Diego County), CA;
✔ TIX: options: $20 one-day Fri or Sun; $30 one-day Sat; $70 for 3-day pass, adv. only; Bluegrass Music Camp for Kids (see Note 1), $55, and it sells-out early, as does camping.
✔ CAMPING: Yes, and central to the experience; available beginning Wed at 4 pm.
✔ THE SCENE: A big-deal festival renowned for fun and richly blessed with things to do for all ages, but it can get hot there in August. Festival features a "Bluegrass Music Camp for Kids" that sells-out early (see Note 1). This fest features great instrument raffles, so get in on that if you go. The site is the historic Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, and the festival "rents the entirety of the museum during Summergrass weekend. The museum gate opens at 8 am Friday, and as Summergrass guests, you’re welcome to explore the grounds from the time you arrive Friday through Sunday." Museum staff and docents demonstrate many of the collection's operable machines on Saturday. The museum's food court features great BBQ and more. Also, the nearby historic Rancho Guajome Adobe is another attraction and within walking distance.
✔ NOTE 1: "Bluegrass Music Camp for Kids" is for ages 6-16. Pre-registration is required, and closes July 28, 2017. Register by June 3, 2017 for a tuition discount.
✔ NOTE 2: VOLUNTEERS SOUGHT. Festival organizers say: " We LOVE our volunteers and can't do the festival without them! We still have some openings for volunteers to help in a variety of areas, we only ask that you perform your volunteer time before you claim your ticket. Be sure to sign up soon so you don't miss the mandatory Volunteer Training Party on Saturday, August 5th ! Contact Volunteer Coordinator Jim Henderson for more info or send an email to or call (760) 301-6626."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass
♪ Bluegrass Etc.
♪ Sideline
♪ Nu Blu
♪ Chris Jones & The Night Drivers
♪ Chris Cerna & Bluegrass Republic
♪ Mojavi Soul
♪ Front Porch Music Preservation Society
♪ Prairie Sky
♪ The Brombies
♪ Vulcan Mountain Boys


Aug 18-20, 2017:
✔ TIX: 3-day passes, single-day tix, and camping are on sale now at or 800-624-2422.
✔ THE SCENE: "In contrast to the hot licks and hyper tempos of RockyGrass, the mellower moods of Folks Fest are the perfect antidote for the warm Colorado sun... From morning 'til 11pm each night, the world's most inspired songwriters share their songs and stories, projected through the best sound system at any festival in the country. The festival opens with the prestigious Folks Songwriter Showcase." A favorite activity is cooling off in the St. Vrain River, which flows along one side of the site. Jackson Browne had this to say: "This is probably just about the nicest festival I've ever driven into."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Dave Rawlings Machine (Sun)
♪ Gregory Alan Isakov (Fri)
♪ The Revivalists (Sat)
♪ Lake Street Dive (Sun)
♪ Josh Ritter (Sun)
♪ Rhiannon Giddens (Fri)
♪ The Wailin' Jennys (Sun)
♪ The Weepies (Fri)
♪ Peter Himmelman
♪ Ben Sollee & Kentucky Native
♪ Shel
♪ Mollie O'Brien & Rich Moore
♪ The Mae Trio
♪ Korby Lenker
♪ "Songwriter Showcase"
♪ and many more tba


Aug 18-20, 2017:
"CUSTER COUNTY COWBOY GATHERING" at A Painted View Ranch, 3115 County Rd 160, Westcliffe, CO 81252;
✔ TIX: will be available online; not yet announced by press time.
✔ CAMPING: Yes, including RV with electric hook ups.
✔ THE SCENE: High in the midst of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and formerly called the "Wet Mountain Western Roundup," the Custer County Cowboy Gathering has become an even larger family event. Along with the music, there's a chuckwagon dinner and Chuck Wagon Cook-Off competition with cash prizes in a variety of categories including best wagon, best beef, potatoes and cobbler.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ R.W. Hampton, Western Music Association (WMA) Hall of Fame
♪ Belinda Gail, Seven-time winner WMA ‘Female Performer of the Year’
♪ Sons and Brothers
♪ Jim Jones, 2016 Will Rogers Award ‘Song of the Year’
♪ Jeneve Rose Mitchell, Final 14 – American Idol
♪ Floyd Beard, 2016 Western Music Association Male Poet of the Year


Aug 18-20, 2017:
25th annual "STONY PLAIN COWBOY FESTIVAL" at Stony Plain Heritage Park, 5100 41 Avenue, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada;
✔ TIX: Weekend Pass $65 (does not include Sat. Headline Show w/ Aaron Pritchett); Aaron Pritchett Saturday Night Headline show $35; one-day Fri $25; one-day (daytime) Sat $35; one-day Sun $20.
✔ THE SCENE: "For 25 years the Stony Plain Cowboy Gathering Society has been celebrating the cowboy scene through music, cowboy poetry and the visual arts & crafts. The Stony Plain Cowboy Gathering Society, a Not-for-Profit society, is made up of a brave group of dedicated volunteers committed to 'The preservation and presentation of historical and contemporary Cowboy Music, Poetry and Art.'"
✔ NOTE: "Looking for Volunteers, Earn FREE Tickets!"
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Roger West
♪ Steve Newsome
♪ Topher Mils
♪ Aaron Pritchett
♪ Jennie Harluk
♪ Jim & Lynda McLennan
♪ Shane Harluk


Aug 19-20, 2017:
27th annual "COTATI ACCORDION FESTIVAL" celebrates "Year of the Woman" in 2017, in La Plaza Park, Cotati, CA;; 707-664-0444.
✔ TIX: $17 either day, $27 both days; seniors discounted; youth age 15 and under are free.
✔ NOTE 1: One of the year's best fest posters; see their site.
✔ NOTE 2: Host town and festival location are north of San Francisco. This is a big deal there, and it would be anywhere.
✔ NOTE 3: Runs 9:30 am-8 pm each day. The festival is a non-profit organization established in 1991 to promote the love of the accordion and to support local youth service organizations. To date it has contributed in excess of $320,000 to the youth of the local community. Check their site for organizations supported in 2013 and a list of the beneficiaries.
✔ THE SCENE: "...features Western Artists and our stellar international line up as well." Plus, top acts take the much-maligned instrument center stage across multiple Folk-Americana genres. And we like that a lot.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Amy Jo Sawyer
♪ Royal Jelly Jive
♪ Gail Campanella
♪ En Canto with Jamie Maschler
♪ Conjunto Dominacion Norteña with Liz Olivo
♪ Tiia Karttunen - Finland
♪ Ljubinka Kulisic - Serbia
♪ Thee Hobo Gobbelins
♪ La Familia Peña-Govea
♪ Cory Pesaturo
♪ Ginny Mac
♪ Alpen Band
♪ The Steve Balich Polka Band
♪ Jim Gilman and Guests
♪ Oddjob Ensemble
♪ Golden State Accordion Club Band
♪ Squeezy Peezy
♪ Future Accordion Stars
♪ The Great Morgani
♪ The Mad Maggies
♪ MotorDude Zydeco
♪ The Truccos
♪ The Wild Catahoulas
♪ Mark St. Mary
♪ Big Lou's Dance Party
♪ T Luke and the Tight Suits
♪ Gordon Kohl
♪ "Free Accordion Jazz 101 Workshop" by Paul Betken
♪ more bands are listed on the event's site as they're confirmed


Aug, 2017: mid-to-late month, on a Fri-Sun:
6th Annual "BIGHORN MUSIC FESTIVAL" at Baldy Notch, top of the Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts; parking is at the bottom of the lifts at 8401 Mt Baldy Rd, Mt Baldy 91759; 909-982-0800;;
✔ NOTE 1: Not to be confused with the 13th annual "BIG HORN MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL" in Buffalo, Wyoming, Jul 7-9, 2017 (see listing).
✔ TIX: not yet available. Past year prices: Single-day $25 available, with a substantial discount available. Full weekend pass $75, with a substantial discount available. Parking at the bottom of the ski lift is $5.
✔ CAMPING: Yes. Free with festival tix. Tent cabin available from $109.
✔ THE SCENE: Alpine air and surroundings that include dramatic perched-on-the-edge-of-the-world drop-offs. Trail hikes beckon. The music is nearly all acoustic, with 25 bands on 3 stages. Their past year promo says, "the best local festival in terms of a wild alpine experience" and superbly talented young Folk-Americana / Nu-Folk bands and artists along with some truly accomplished artists. It’s high atop the San Gabriel Mountains in Baldy Notch, at the top of the Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts. Fans of trad and alt country, bluegrass, blues, Americana, old time, and nearly every other form of American roots music will love this mountain-top musical event. You start with a 20-minute scenic ride up the canyon on a chair lift; it’s not every festival where the fun begins en-route. Anyone terrified of the chair lift's birdlike airiness can choose a steep hour-and-a-half hike, instead, but going down that trail in the dark should be factored-in. Once up there, this is a music festival with all the amenities you expect, and it’s at an elevation of nearly 8,000 ft. above sea level, high atop the sharp, undulating ridge that leads up to 10,064-ft. Mt. Baldy. The Guide attended two of the first three annual editions of this festival, including the inaugural year, and we rate it highly. The drive is about an hour from nearly anywhere in Southern California, but this mountain festival is more like the famous events that lure festivarians to the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Folks are free to pitch a tent and set up camp within eye and earshot of the live music and festivities; bands perform as late as 11 pm each evening. Take everything together, and the “Bighorn Music Festival” is far more than just live music. It’s a nicely affordable weekend getaway, up out of the stifling heat, up into the fresh mountain air with breathtaking views, world class hiking, and fine adventure. Sponsors cleverly say, “Escape the sounds of the car horns and leaf blowers of the city for some of the finest homegrown American Roots music in one place anywhere in Southern California.” Indeed, they’ve delivered that at each of the festivals in past years. Tasty food is available at the festival site at the Top of the Notch in a full restaurant / full bar and from additional food vendors on-hand for the festival.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced at press time (early April, 2017).


# 7 news feature...


All are reproduced here from the Guide's massive "ENCYCLOPEDIA FESTIVANICA," available since April at:

LABOR DAY WEEKEND FESTIVALS are in the following news feature, after this one. You can still plan to wrap-up your summer by attending any of these (if they aren't sold-out -- we did warn you, back in April!)


Aug 24-27, 2017:
47th annual "RAMONA COUNTRY FAIR" at the Ramona Outdoor Community Center, 421 Aqua Ln, Ramona, CA 92065;
✔ TIX: It's free.
✔ CAMPING: Yes, but limited space at the festival site; make reservations. Addt'l camping at Ramona R.V. Park and Dos Picos County Park.
✔ NOTE 1: This year, the "RAMONA BLUEGRASS & OLD WEST FESTIVAL" moves from May to August 27th and is held in conjunction with the Country Fair; see that separate listing.
✔ NOTE 2: This year's "RAMONA OLD WEST DAYS" is a standalone festival May 6 & 7 (the former Bluegrass fest dates); full info on that is in the May listings.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced by press time (late April, 2017).
♪ There will be live music each day of the Fair on multiple stages.
♪ The 2016 Bluegrass Festival lineup was formidable. It featured Hot Club of Cowtown from Austin, Tx; Bluegrass Brethren; Ash Street Ramblers; Mojavesoul; Windy Ridge; Shirthouse; PrairieSky; Box Canyon.


Aug 25-27, 2017:
4th annual "CIMARRON COWBOY MUSIC AND POETRY GATHERING" at Historic St. James Hotel and The Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron New Mexico; 719-330-1797;
✔ TIX: This must be America's most affordable festival that books good touring acts in its music genre. Adult tix are $10 at the door; ages 6-12 are $5, and age 5 and under are free.
✔ CAMPING: Yes, at the Philmont Scout Ranch for $10 / night. That includes a platform tent, electricity, private shower and bathroom.
✔ THE SCENE: "Performed by those who live and work in the West." There's breakfast music, sidewalk serenades and lunch at The St. James Hotel; most other events are at the famous Philmont Scout Ranch. Food is available all day Friday and Saturday. Chuck Wagon meal tickets and Commissary meal tickets are available. You can visit the Philmont Museum and book store while you are there.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Floyd Beard
♪ Jim Jones
♪ Valerie Beard
♪ Peggy Malone
♪ Broken Chair Band
♪ Terry Nash
♪ Dale Burson
♪ Dale Page
♪ Janice Deardorff
♪ Sandy Reay
♪ Doug Figgs
♪ Dennis Russell
♪ Purly Gates
♪ Rod Taylor
♪ Danner Hampton
♪ Washtub Jerry
♪ Randy Huston
♪ Jim Wilson
♪ Jill Jones


Aug 26-27, 2017:
"ARTS IN NATURE FESTIVAL" at Camp Long, 5200 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126;
✔ TIX: Not yet available by press time, nor were prices published.
✔ NOTE: Volunteers recruited at:
✔ THE SCENE: Rather than rows of vendors and merchants, you’ll find four intimate performance stages, a ‘Museum of Sound’ in eight rustic cabins, interactive hands-on art and nature activities, and winding hiking trails through the great outdoors. The Arts in Nature Festival "exists at the nexus of art, nature, and community." As the Nature Consortium’s founding project, this two-day festival offers an eclectic experience of art and performance in the woods of Seattle’s only campground. The “arts in nature” concept encourages artists and audience members to engage in active participation with each other and with the natural 68-acre landscape of Camp Long. You’ll find multiple intimate but spectacular outdoor performance stages: the new amplified Nancy Stage, the Meadow, on the climbing Glacier and in a forested grove by the Pond. The festival offers over 40 performances ranging from jazz, classical, indie rock, bluegrass, contemporary dance, and spoken word. The “Museum of Sound” is displayed through eight rustic cabins, hands-on art and nature activities, and winding hiking trails through the great outdoors. In the Museum of Sound, artists take over Camp Long’s historic cabins to create installations that blend sound, music, and visual arts.  Most of the cabins will have a hands-on component allowing you to interact with the artists’ work! Explore the natural trails in the forest to find each of the cabins and step inside for the full experience. You can even create your own works of art by participating in multiple art activities, writing workshops and open mics, juggling, costumed hikes through the forest, and naturalist events. Aside from the delicious local food and drink options, there are no large vendor booths. The Arts in Nature Festival experience is centered on interaction rather than transaction. The Arts in Nature Festival is an annual event hosted by Nature Consortium, a West Seattle-based nonprofit that connects people, arts, and nature. Learn more about the organization at
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced at press time (May 31, 2017).


Aug 27, 2017:
"RAMONA BLUEGRASS & OLD WEST FESTIVAL" at the Ramona Outdoor Community Center, 421 Aqua Ln, Ramona, CA 92065;
✔ TIX: It's free.
✔ CAMPING: Yes, and includes jams, but limited space at the festival site; make reservations. Addt'l camping at Ramona R.V. Park and Dos Picos County Park.
✔ NOTE 1: The festival moves from May to August in 2017 and is being held in conjunction with the 47th annual "RAMONA COUNTRY FAIR" (Aug 24-27); so also see that listing.
✔ NOTE 2: This year's "RAMONA OLD WEST DAYS" is a standalone festival May 6 & 7 (the former Bluegrass fest dates); full info on that is in the May listings.
✔ THE SCENE, 1: It's "a pretty laid back affair... complete shade and a hard cover roof over the Bluegrass venue Rocky Top and Foggy Mountain Stages and audience areas. There are also open grassy areas for sitting in the sun. The Happy Trails Stage area is more open with some tree and bleacher shading. Bring your own seating, cushions, blankets, etc, but no high-backed chairs." Organizers also say, "We’re still evolving a bit this year since we’ve altered away from our original festival time the first weekend in May... returning back to our roots at the Ramona Outdoor Community Center for an entire day of great bluegrass music and many other festivities. We will again be sharing our weekend with the 'Ramona Country Fair,' which goes for four days from Thursday through Sunday. There will be lots of great stuff going on. Y’all Come! We’ll be having several great bluegrass groups for your listening enjoyment ...and like last year, we’ll be sponsored by the Ramona Chamber of Commerce so… Admission will be FREE!"
✔ THE SCENE, 2: Musical Workshop signups open at the festival at noon, or contact Peter Lauterbach in advance at 619-433-4834 or This year includes "a couple of mandolin workshops, but other instruments can join in the jams." It's not clear if a variety of workshops featured last year will return; in 2016 those included banjo, dobro, slap bass, western swing fiddle, guitar, harmony singing, Celtic instruments, and "Songwriting & Arranging Using the Guitar."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced by press time (late April, 2017).
♪ The 2016 lineup was formidable. It featured Hot Club of Cowtown from Austin, Tx; Bluegrass Brethren; Ash Street Ramblers; Mojavesoul; Windy Ridge; Shirthouse; PrairieSky; Box Canyon.


# 8 news feature...


All are reproduced here from the Guide's massive "ENCYCLOPEDIA FESTIVANICA," available since April at:

You can still plan to wrap-up your summer by attending any of these OR THE OTHERS IN SEPTEMBER (or even those happening through the end of the year), all listed in the "Encyclopedia Festivanica" at the url just above. (That is, you can go if they aren't sold-out -- we did warn you, back in April!)


LABOR DAY WEEKEND FESTIVALS... Sep 2-4, plus or minus days. Listed by start / end dates.

DETAILED LISTINGS FOLLOW for each of these...
- - - -



✔ "NINIGRET RHYTHM & ROOTS FESTIVAL" Sep 1-3 (Charlestown, RI)


✔ 3rd annual "FISHSTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL" Sep 2 & 3 (Kernville, CA)

✔ 22nd annual "SEBASTOPOL CAJUN ZYDECO & DELTA RHYTHM FESTIVAL" Sep 2 & 3 (Sebastopol, CA)

✔ 41st annual "LABOR DAY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL" Sep 3-6 (Grapeland, TX)


Aug 31-Sep 4, 2017 (Labor Day Weekend):
"FALL STRAWBERRY MUSIC FESTIVAL" at Westside (the old Westside lumber mill and RR terminal, all now in the woods), 17807 Tuolumne Rd, Tuolumne, CA 95379; 209-984-8630;
✔ TIX: Early Bird prices through June 23rd at midnight do not list any single-day or no-camping options. Early Bird full 4-day pass with camping, $225 adult, $95 teen, $45 child. There is a Thursday night lineup, and early arrival to catch it or camp requires addt'l ticket.
✔ NOTE: There's a "LISTEN" tab with selectable music of booked artists, at:
✔ THE SCENE: It's their 66th Strawberry Music Festival in their 35th year, since they do fall and spring (see listing) festivals. "The Fall Festival at Westside offers lots of great camping space to choose from in expansive conifer-studded meadows, amongst sprawling oaks, nestled into wooded folds and perched along winding hillside trails set on 175 acres. Amenities include hot showers, bathroom facilities, hand washing stations, and access to potable water. Nestled on the doorstep to the Stanislaus National Forest in the heart of the Sierra Nevada foothills, the charming gold rush town Sonora is just minutes away with lots of services including lodging, dining, recreation and all the provisions you'll need for four days of fun. Directly adjacent to Westside lies the quaint and quiet town of Tuolumne with a nice park, ball diamond, library, swimming pool, museum, and Veteran's Memorial Hall just a short walk away. Explore the scenery of the Sierra foothills or settle in for the weekend with a variety of cuisine in the food court and lots of great shopping opportunities. With plenty of space for groups of any size, the Fall Festival is your perfect getaway destination." And, "This year Strawberry presents the gold standard in main stage entertainment, intimate side stage performances, top-notch children's programming, workshops and activities for the whole family, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Programs like the Breakfast Club and the Band Scramble, live broadcasts by Hog Ranch Radio, and Strawberry's legendary camp jam culture are what makes this YOUR festival. Please join us this season with your instruments and radio in tow, ready to laugh, play, sing, dance, eat, and be entertained!"
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
(Fall fest)
♪ Hot Rize
♪ Mavis Staples
♪ Bryan Sutton Band
♪ The Infamous Stringdusters
♪ Jeff Austin Band
♪ Amy Helm & the Handsome Strangers
♪ Western Centuries
♪ Kahulanui
♪ Lindi Ortega
♪ Laura Love
♪ Ghost of Paul Revere
♪ Painted Mandolin
♪ Front Country
♪ Risky Biscuits
♪ Banana Slug String Band
♪ and more tba


Sep 1-3, 2017 (Labor Day Weekend):
"KERRVILLE FALL MUSIC FESTIVAL" at Quiet Valley Ranch, 3876 Medina Hwy, Kerrville, located 9 miles S of the Guadalupe River on TX Hwy 16 (Medina Hwy) between Medina & Kerrville, TX; 830-257-3600;
✔ TIX: Not announced at press time (early April, 2017).
✔ NOTE: they're obviously going to get past the giant, 18-day-long "Kerrville Folk festival" in May & June (see listing) before they publish the info for the fall event.
✔ THE SCENE: "The Kerrville Fall Music Festival (formerly called "KERRVILLE WINE & MUSIC FESTIVAL") or 'Little Folk' as some call it, has a similar musical format to that of the Kerrville Folk Festival, but the focus is also on Texas Wines & Texas Craft Beers. Held each year over Labor Day weekend this annual 3-day event, combines camping, music, and the best wines Texas winemakers and beer brewers have to offer. In addition to afternoon and evening concerts, there are weekend wine & beer seminars which pair food morsels with the vintners choice of wines & brewers choice of beers."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not announced at press time (early April, 2017).


Sep 1-3, 2017: (Labor Day Weekend)
"ABILENE TRAILS, RAILS & TALES" in Old Abilene Town, 100 SE 5th, Abilene, KS 67410; 785-263-2681;
✔ TIX: Two-day pass, adult $15, child (age 6-16) $7.50, children age 5 and under free; one-day tix, sat or Sun, $10 adult, $5 child (ages 6-16).
✔ THE SCENE: The 2017 festival celebrates the 150th Chisholm Trail Anniversary with music and activities for the whole family, organized by the Dickinson County Heritage Center. There's top western music stars and plenty to do. Highlights include: a Saturday morning "Saddle Up, Let’s Ride!" parade; an authentic longhorn cattle drive; a free kids Buckaroo Camp with stick horse races, rope a steer, and more; Cowboy poets, storytellers, and Western music; Chisholm Trail Classic Auto Show; a chance to "be photoed" with a longhorn; Blacksmiths, silversmiths, and historic artisans; a Native American educational exhibition; Buffalo soldiers, cavalry, and arena-style demonstrations; a re-enactment of the first rail shipment of longhorns; a chance to have "a true Cowboy meal at the Chuckwagon breakfast'; the Bull’s Head Saloon where you can try your hand at Texas Hold’Em; a Cowboy Church service; and more. Few festivals can claim such historic ground: Jesse Chisholm, using his Cherokee roots, established trading posts along a trail from Texas that was blazed from buffalo migratory patterns. The Chisholm Trail followed easy paths through the rough terrains of Texas and Oklahoma enabling drovers to move thousands of longhorn from ranches to the railheads to feed the post-Civil War North, while employing ex-Confederate soldiers, ex-slaves, and Native American cowboys alike. More: "Gunslingers, can-can dancers, cowboy poets, skilled artisans, buckaroo camps, fast draw competitions, Saddle Up Let's Ride Parade, longhorn drives and authentic loading onto a railroad cattle car, fast draw competitions, Native American Spirit Dancers, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, and much much more to bring 1867 back to life in the wildest re-enactment of the West."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Red Steagall
♪ Sons of the Pioneers
♪ Michael Martin Murphey
♪ Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
♪ and more tba


Sep 1-3, (Fri-Sun) 2017: (Labor Day Weekend)
20th annual "RHYTHM & ROOTS FESTIVAL" subtitled "Music and Dance Festival" at Ninigret Park, Charlestown, Rhode Island;
✔ TIX: 3-day w/ camping, adult $225 adv / $250 at gate, teen $110/$125; 3-ay w/o camping adult $175/$210, teen $85/$105; any one-day adult $60/$75, teen $30/$35.
✔ CAMPING: Yes. See above, plus check-out "French Quarter Camping" in an 18'x10' Bell tent.
✔ THE SCENE: This one is loaded with Grammy winners and nominees, and that's not easy to do with Roots-Folk-Americana music. Located in a lovely green parkland surrounded by hardwood trees, this year they're "expanding hours of operation to a full three days of programming on Friday through Sunday to celebrate our 20th Anniversary." There's a "large variety of regional food, craft & specialty vendors... freshly prepared foods," and their craft vendors have nice handmade items. Plus, the camping scene offers nice options and showers.
✔ NOTE: VOLUNTEER registration for NEW volunteers opens Thursday, June 1st. They have 350+ volunteers each year.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ The Mavericks; Grammy winners
♪ Roseanne Cash; Grammy winner
♪ Masters of the Fiddle with Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy
♪ The Squirrel Nut Zippers; Grammy noms
♪ The Knickerbocker All Stars; incl. Jimmie Vaughan, Duke Robillard, Al Copley, Monster Mike Welch, Ricky Russell, Willie J Laws, Brian Templeton, Sugaray Rayford, Rich Lataille, & more.
♪ The New Orleans Suspects w/ Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett of Little Feat
♪ Marcia Ball, Grammy nom
♪ Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys; Grammy winners
♪ Shinyribs
♪ Hat Fitz & Cara
♪ Jeffrey Broussard & the Creole Cowboys
♪ The Pine Leaf Boys; Grammy noms
♪ 10 Strings and A Goatskin featuring Leonard Podolak of the Duhks; modern style Irish/Maritime trad music in both French and English.
♪ Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys; western swing/country boogie from California.
♪ Sarah Potenza and Ian Crossman
♪ The Turtle Duhks
♪ Los Texmaniacs; Grammy winners
♪ Horace Trahan & the Ossun Express
♪ Woodsmith & Hersch
♪ Sunday Gospel w/ Sarah Potenza
♪ Christine Ohlman and Cara Robinson
♪ The Revelers; Grammy noms
♪ The Alex Meixner Band
♪ Ed Poullard & Preston Frank
♪ more tba


Sep 1-3, 2017 (Labor Day Weekend):
"PEPSI GULF COAST JAM COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL" at Panama City Beach, 16200 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Panama City Beach, FL 32413;; or, same event, different info, at:
✔ TIX: $40-$999, became available April 2nd at their website.
✔ THE SCENE: "Get to the Gulf, twang-enthusiasts and ballad-lovers... you can guarantee this year’s fest will be a crowd-pleaser."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Sheryl Crow
♪ Colbie Caillat
♪ A Thousand Horses
♪ Craig Campbell
♪ Delta Rae
♪ Will Thompson
♪ Darius Rucker
♪ Charles Esten
♪ Lauren Alaina
♪ Sammy Arriaga
♪ Gal Friday Band


Sep 2 & 3, 2017: (Labor Day Weekend):
3rd annual "FISHSTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL" at the Kernville Rodeo Grounds, 11447 Kernville Rd, Kernville, CA 93238;
✔ TIX: "on sale soon" as of press time (early April, 2017).
✔ THE SCENE: "A Weekend of Family Fun on the Kern," and produced by Howard Freiberg, this festival benefits "Friends of the Hatchery," a 501c nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping trout numbers healthy in Kern River country... and to educate the public through programs such as 'Trout in the Classroom' and 'Trophy Trout Program.'" In addition to the music, the festival brings a liquid light show, fish fry, bake sale, silent auction, raffles, vendors and more.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Mighty Cash Cats, tribute to Johnny Cash
♪ Creedence Concert Revival, tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival
♪ The Neil Deal, tribute to Neil Young, and to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
♪ Lady Zep, tribute to Led Zeppelin
♪ Grateful Bluegrass Boys
♪ Alice Wallace, Americana/Country music artist (and a Guide favorite)
♪ Rachel Sedacca, nu-folk singer-songwriter
♪ and more tba


Sat & Sun, Sep 2 & 3 (Labor Day Weekend):
22nd annual "SEBASTOPOL CAJUN ZYDECO & DELTA RHYTHM FESTIVAL" in Ives Park in Sebastopol (Sonoma County), CA;
✔ TIX: Tix are $25 one-day, $40 two-day advance (May 1-Sep 1); thereafter, $30 one-day, $50 two-day; children under age 12 are free with adult.
✔ NOTE: Festival "benefits local West Sonoma County schools, non-profit and community organizations (Community Grants Projects) and Rotary International humanitarian projects through the Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise Community Foundation, 501(c)3."
✔ THE SCENE: Good acts, and it runs 11:30 am-7 pm both days. There's a different musical character each day, beginning this year — Saturday is Cajun-Zydeco, Sunday is Rockabilly.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
(Saturday lineup — Cajun Zydeco:)
♪ CZ & the Bon Vivants
♪ Mark St. Mary & his Blues & Zydeco Band
♪ The Blues Box Bayou Band
♪ Geno Delafose & the French Rockin’ Boogie Band
(Sunday lineup — Rockabilly:)
♪ The Copper Tones
♪ Mitch Polzak & the Royal Deuces
♪ The RevTones
♪ Kim Lenz & The Jaguars
♪ The Blasters


Sep 3-6, 2017 (Labor Day Weekend):
41st annual "LABOR DAY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL" at Salmon Lake Park, 357 Salmon Lake Rd, Grapeland, TX 75844;
✔ TIX: $15-$55.
✔ THE SCENE: Produced by Texas Bluegrass Music, LLC. The music is Bluegrass, Country, & Gospel. Texas Bluegrass Music hosts 3 outdoor events for the entire family with as many as a dozen live bluegrass and gospel bands performing at each festival. No alcohol is sold. The event features great food vendors and arts and crafts, and miscellaneous other merchandise. Full RV hookups are available.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Trinity River
♪ Kristy Cox
♪ The Malpass Brothers
♪ Buffalo Nickel
♪ Southern Style
♪ The Baker Family
♪ Gary Waldrepo
♪ Remington Ryde
♪ Mark Phillips and III’d Generation
♪ The Marksmen
♪ Lone Star Drive
♪ Karl Shifflett and The Big Country Show


# 9 news feature...


All are reproduced here from the Guide's massive "ENCYCLOPEDIA FESTIVANICA," withe listings and descriptions of FESTIVALS THROUGH THE END OF 2017, available since April at:


Sep 7-10, 2017:
17th annual "OJAI STORYTELLING FESTIVAL" at multiple venues incl. Libbey Bowl & the Ojai Arts Center, 113 S Montgomery St, Ojai, CA 93023;
✔ TIX: The "EVERYTHING Pass - Again this year, our EVERYTHING Pass" includes all performances, Naughty Tales, and workshops and is for adults, 21+ only; The "Festival Pass" includes all events except workshops and Naughty Tales and is all-ages. There are single-day tix for each specific day. None are yet available at press time (late April), so watch their website.
✔ CAMPING: Nearby, at: Lake Casitas, 805-648-3356; or in the Los Padres National Forest, 805-646-4348. RV camping also at Camp Commfort county park.
✔ THE SCENE: This esteemed festival MOVED in 2017 from its previous "first weekend in May" dates to become a fall event. It continues to present "acclaimed tellers." There are also student outreach events Sep 7 in the Scherr Forum Theatre in Thousand Oaks. Festival workshops are numerous, and include "Japanese Culture Workshop for Kids with Motoko."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
(Storytellers; some include musical performances with spoken word)
Dovie Thomason - Native American stories; Mistress of Ceremonies
♪ Bill Harley - 2-time Grammy winner
Niall de Búrca - "one of Ireland's treasures"
Antonio Rocha - from Brazil
Motoko - from Osaka, Japan
♪ Kim Weitkamp - tales from Amish country
♪ Samite - kalimba, marimba, litungu, and various flutes; a war refugee to Kenya from Uganda
Dovie Thomason -
♪ Alan Thornhill - winner of the prestigious Telluride Fingerstyle Guitar Championship
"Raw Tales with The Moth winners from L.A." with Bill Ratner, Christine Blackburn, Michael McCarty, and comedian Cary Odes
"Bodies Unbound" with Cynthia Waring (one-woman play)
"Concert in the Bowl with Alan Thornhill"
"Laughing Night Stories"
"Under the Oaks, Beneath the Stars" with all the Tellers
"Naughty Tales Under the Stars"


Sep 8, 2017:
"JOHNSON COUNTY PIONEERS & OLD SETTLERS REUNION FIDDLE CONTEST" at the Reunion Pavilion & Grounds, 111 Reunion Dr, Alvarado, TX; 817-783-8114;
✔ TIX: Info will appear on the event's website.
✔ CAMPING: Info will appear on the event's website.
✔ THE SCENE: Produced by the Texas Old Time Fiddlers Association. the music is bluegrass, country, gospel, and Western Swing. There's an Awards show, Fiddling contests, Music festival, Baby Contest, Arts and Crafts, County Fair, Parade, Carnival, Queens Contest, Car Show, Gospel Music, and Battle of the Bands. "Bring the family out to enjoy some evening entertainment! The Texas Old Time Fiddlers Association is hosting an evening fiddle contest in conjunction with the 125th Annual Johnson County Pioneers and Old Settlers Reunion. Please join us at the fairgrounds September 8th at 7 pm in Alvarado, Texas. Order of play will be 66+, 0-15, 16-25, 26-45, 46-65, Accompanist, and Championship divisions. Prize Money will be awarded."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet published by press time (early April, 2017).


Sep 8 & 9, 2017:
"SAN ANGELO COWBOY GATHERING" Festival at the Wells Fargo Pavilion, San Angelo, TX;
✔ TIX: General admission tix go on sale May 1, 2017, online.
✔ CAMPING: RV only at a festival sponsor RV park w/ full hookups: 325-650 0788.
✔ THE SCENE: Looks like THIS is the one for boot scootin' WESTERN SWING. It won both the "2016 Festival of the Year" Ameripolitan Music Award and the "2016 Venue of the Year" from the Cowtown Society of Western Music. It's "A gathering to celebrate the cowboy way of life and western swing music, all to benefit a local nonprofit in San Angelo, Texas each year."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Jody Nix & The Texas Cowboys
♪ Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition with special guest Floyd Domino
♪ Jason Roberts Band
♪ Jake Hooker & The Outsiders
♪ Jeff Woolsey & The Dancehall Kings
♪ Rocky King Band
♪ Coby Carter & 5 Miles West
♪ Brady Honeycutt
♪ Case Hardin
♪ Myra Rolen
♪ Justin Trevino
♪ Darrell & Mona McCall
♪ Clearwater
♪ T. Gozney Thornton & The Old Hat Band
♪ Kelly Spinks
♪ Clifton Fifer, Jr. aka "Two Bears"


Sep 8-10, 2017:
"TALL SHIPS FESTIVAL" at the Ocean Institute, 24200 Dana Point Harbor Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629; 949-496-2274;
✔ TIX: Check the event's site in June 2017 for ticket information.
✔ NOTE: Another event, the "Ohana Festival" (see listing) separately happens in Dana Point at the same time, so expect traffic congestion and allow time for that. Or plan to attend both!
✔ THE SCENE: Maritime music and other acoustic folk is always a key part of this event. Things weigh anchor on Friday with the "Parade of Sail," 4-7:30 pm, which you can view from shore or get a ticket to go on-board a tall ship of "the armada," "as you cast off for adventure aboard a historic tall ship during the annual tall ships parade at sunset. Work with the crew hauling up sail or simply sit back and enjoy the spectacular demonstration of skill, knowledge and survival!" As the main events arrive on the weekend, "In celebration of California’s rich maritime history, the Ocean Institute annually hosts a fleet of historic tall ships that sail into Dana Point Harbor. History comes alive, as crews from each ship, along with historical re-enactors, engage the public in cannon battles, pirate adventures, mermaid encounters, ship tours, and much more." There are opportunities to sail aboard the vessels for the cannon battles, Saturday and Sunday. There's a main stage, plus on-board minstrels, and a kids stage for "listening to gruff pirate songs about life on the high seas to learning how to tie a bowline, the festival has it all for boys and girls, kids of all ages." This extraordinary event takes place each year the second weekend in September.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Check the event's site in June 2017. First-rate maritime music / sea shanties are always featured, sometimes with performers from Seattle or the Northeast nautical music scene.


Sep 8-10, 2017:
"OHANA FESTIVAL" in Dana Point, CA;
✔ TIX: available online.
✔ NOTE: Another event, the "Tall Ships Festival" (see listing) separately happens in Dana Point at the same time, so expect traffic congestion and allow time for that. Or plan to attend both!
✔ THE SCENE: Some top Folk-Americana stars are featured. The festival's name sounds Hawai'ian, but the acts are not.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Jack Johnson
♪ Haim
♪ Ray LaMontagne
♪ Fiona Apple
♪ Glen Hansard
♪ Dr. Dog
♪ Pixies
♪ Social Distortion
♪ Eddie Vedder
♪ TV On The Radio
♪ The Naked & Famous
♪ Dr. Dog
♪ The Orwells
♪ The Frights
♪ Verite
♪ Simon Townshend
♪ Cameron Avery
♪ Conner Youngblood
♪ Liam Finn
♪ Missio
♪ Ella Vos
♪ The Mattson 2
♪ Timmy Curran
♪ Jade Jackson
♪ Corey Harper


Sep 8-10, 2017:
"PORT TOWNSEND WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL" at Northwest Maritime Center, 431 Water St, Port Townsend, WA 98368; 360-385-3628 ext 104;
✔ TIX: Not yet announced at press time (early April, 2017).
✔ THE SCENE: "Over 300 boats on land and water; live music all day each day with some maritime concerts; chantey sings Friday & Saturday evenings 8 pm-midnight; 120 presentations; dozens of exhibitors; interactive exhibits for kids; tour the boats — tall ships, vintage and modern wooden boats, racing schooners, and more; sail on a tall ship; three outdoor stages, four indoor stages, and a wealth of wooden boat knowledge from all over the world; paddleboard; kids' boatbuilding; pirate plays; and plenty of local food, beer, and wine options to satisfy everyone."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced at press time (early April, 2017).


Sep 8-10, 2017:
29th annual "NATIONAL COWBOY SYMPOSIUM & CELEBRATION" at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, 1501 Mac Davis Lane, Lubbock, TX 79401;
✔ TIX: Info not posted by press time. in 2016, any "pass" included all evening shows and a meal; it was $140 for an all-inclusive full weekend pass; $55 for a Fri pass; $75 for a Sat pass. Fri or Sat single-day tix included all entertainment stages, exhibits, shopping, special presentations and the evening concert, for $15 adult, $6 youth.
✔ THE SCENE: The schedule includes cowboy music and other entertainers, poetry and storytelling, western writers and authors panels, film and movie seminars, a Youth Wild West Day, horse-handling demonstrations, a horse-themed parade, Native American Indian activities and presentations, the ever-popular Chuck Wagon Cookoff, and exhibits of Western artworks and merchandise. In 2015, NCSC featured more than 60 cowboy and cowgirl poets, musical acts, and storytellers. "The purpose of the NCSC is to celebrate and preserve our Western heritage and cowboy culture for those who know and love it, and to introduce new audiences to the heritage and culture so they may embrace it as well."
✔ NOTE: VOLUNTEERS sought. "..all volunteers must attend an evening training session the day before the start [of the event]."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced by press time (mid-April, 2017).
♪ The 2016 festival featured Dave Stamey, Chris Isaacs, Jim Jones, Washtub Jerry, Teresa Burleson, and many more.


Sep 9 & 10, 2017:
41st annual "RUSSIAN RIVER JAZZ & BLUES FESTIVAL" in Guerneville, CA (Sonoma Co.);
✔ TIX: available online, nearly sold-out as of Mar 29.
✔ THE SCENE: "Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville offers a picturesque venue that rests along the beach of the Russian River, only a few miles from over 100 wineries. Music lovers have enjoyed a stellar history of acts, including the Doobie Brothers, David Sanborn, Al Jarreau, Dr. John, The Neville Brothers, Etta James and many more."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Includes JOHNNY LANG and KEB' MO. More tba.


Sep, 2017: date tba:
"WAILA FESTIVAL" at the Rawhide Western Town & Steakhouse - Frontier Hall in the Gila River Indian Community, AZ; 602-380-7957;
✔ TIX: info will be on website.
✔ CAMPING: info will be on website.
✔ THE SCENE: Waila music is a 19th century folk fusion of cowboy music of the Southwest with Ranchera and northern Mexican music, bringing strings played with unique tunings, harmonica, accordion, and Native American flutes. it is important American folk music that was almost lost. Waila Festival, Inc., a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, derived from the "O’odham Waila Festival" which was "born out of a desire to help preserve the traditional Waila Music & Dance of the O’odham Communities. While attending one of the many festivals, Cecil Lewis & Matt Kisto from the Gila River Indian Community were discussing how the Waila Music was slowly fading and the bands were playing more and more Cumbia. They both missed the old sound that they grew up with and thought that the younger generations might not have the opportunity to appreciate what had been such a strong tradition in the Community." And, it "provides academic scholarships to Students from the Four Sister Tribes (Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Gila River Indian Community, Ak-Chin Indian Community, Tohono O'odham Nation) who are pursuing a higher education. And to help preserve the Culture & Traditions of the Four Sister Tribe Communities." the first of the new Waila Festivals was held in 2011, and it's been an annual event ever since.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced at press time (early April, 2017).


Sep 12-17, 2017:
✔ TIX: watch their website; tix sell-out promptly when they are announced. (Get on their mailing list.)
✔ CAMPING: No, but there may be special arrangements for RVs.
✔ THE SCENE: Produced by the Americana Music Association as part of the weeklong extravaganza that confers annual music awards and recognitions, features conference sessions, and provides both free and ticketed concerts and multi-artist festival performances; this massive event takes-over Nashville, and for six days, makes it a true "Music City." The event includes performances in the Ascend Amphitheater, Nashville’s newest venue on the Cumberland Riverfront, where two stages will contribute to the overall festival setting. Other events happen in indoor and outdoor venues large and small.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced at press time (early April, 2017).
♪ It will be EXTENSIVE and feature many Folk-Americana stars.


Sep 13-17, 2017:
46th annual "WALNUT VALLEY FESTIVAL" at the Winfield Fairgrounds, on 9th Av (US 160) 3/4ths mile W of downtown Winfield, KS;
✔ TIX: Five-Day Full Festival $90 adv, $95 gate if any are left; two-day combos and single-day tix are available for each day, ranging from $35 adv, $50 gate for Saturday to $15 at the gate for Sunday. Children ages 6–11 are $5, and under age 6 are free with paid adult.
✔ THE SCENE: Proclaiming Winfield, Kansas as "Pickers' Paradise," this is an esteemed acoustic music festival with "family fare" entertainment on 4 stages that run simultaneously. There's a large, quality, juried arts and crafts fair; workshops; and bigtime acoustic instrument contests. What began with 10 acts and 2 contests now boasts over 30 acts and 8 contests, including two international contests, 5 national contests and 1 Walnut Valley contest. It's famous for its prestigious competitions, and winners who gain national and global renown. In fact, the event was founded in 1972 with the sole purpose of producing the "Walnut Valley National Guitar Flat-Picking Championships Festival," a contest now known as the Flat-Picking Championship, and it's just one of the competitions here that bestow national titles. The main genre of music is bluegrass, but other acoustic styles are represented. It features workshops and the the previous year's "Contest Champions Concert." Well-known past Winfield winners include MARK O'CONNOR, who has won or placed in more Walnut Valley Festival contests than any other contestant. Mark won the National Guitar Flat-Picking Championship in 1975 and 1977, and also won the Walnut Valley Fiddle Championship in 1974 and 1977. ALISON KRAUSS won the Walnut Valley Fiddle Championship in 1984. GARY “BISCUIT” DAVIS is the first and only 4-time Walnut Valley Champion, winning the National Bluegrass Banjo Championship in 1979, 1988, 1996, and 2012. STEVE KAUFMAN became the first three-time winner of the National Guitar Flat-Picking Contest, in 1978, 1984, and 1986. JASON SHAW became the 2nd 3-time National Flat-Picking Champion winning in 1993, 2008 and 2010. The most recent and last of the current 3-time Flat-Pick Champions is ROY CURRY, winner in 1980, 1991 and 2012. Other musicians to reach 3 wins in championships at Walnut Valley include DAVE PETERS, 3-time Walnut Valley Mandolin Champion, JEFF PRITCHARD, RANDY HOWARD and TRISTAN CLARRIDGE, Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle, plus LUCILLE REILLY and GEORGE HAIG, in the International Autoharp Championship. In 2009, 18-year old BRYAN McDOWELL came to the Walnut Valley Festival for the first time from Canton, NC. Bryan entered three of the eight contests at the Festival. When the dust had settled around Barn 4, the site of all of the instrument contests, BRYAN McDOWELL would hear his name called not once, but a total of 3 times. As the first place winner in the Walnut Valley Mandolin Championship, the Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle Championship and the National Flat Pick Guitar Championship. With the new National Mandolin Championship allowing Bryan to enter again in 2010, Bryan then joined the elite group who can claim winning back to back Championships with the same instrument at Walnut Valley by becoming the first-ever National Mandolin Champion. Other Winfield winners include Mandolin virtuoso CHRIS THILE, the Mandolin Champion in 1993, and DIXIE CHICK fiddler MARTIE ERWIN SEIDEL in 1987 and '89. Festival attendance is around 15,000 annually. It is a "participation" event because most people who attend play an instrument of some kind, and a good portion of them bring their instruments and take part in the campsite picking. Hired artists who appear on the stages also go into the campgrounds and join around campfires to pick with everyone else.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Stephen Bennett
♪ Betse and Clarke with Brushy Creek
♪ Roz Brown
♪ Nick Charles
♪ Della Mae
♪ Juni Fisher (winner of 'purt near every Western Music award)
♪ Bing Futch
♪ Grass It Up
♪ Chris Jones & the Night Drivers
♪ Claire Lynch Band
♪ Marley's Ghost
♪ Andy May
♪ Tim May & Steve Smith
♪ John McCutcheon
♪ John McEuen
♪ Joshua Messick Trio
♪ Adam Miller
♪ The Outside Track
♪ The Paperboys
♪ Barry Patton
♪ John Reischman and the Jaybirds
♪ Mark Sganga
♪ Socks in the Frying Pan
♪ The Steel Wheels
♪ Still on the Hill
♪ Linda Tilton
♪ Wall-Eyed Moles
♪ and more tba


Sep 14-16, 2017:
5th annual "DAILEY & VINCENT LANDFEST IN THE MOUNTAINS" festival presented by Springer Mountain Farms in Hiawassee, GA;
✔ TIX: packages from $35-$110 with gen. adm. and/or reserved seating available.
✔ THE SCENE: As part of their Diamond Celebration, the award-winning super-duo's 3-day festival "bringing the very best in American music," moves from its prior Denton, North Carolina location to the heart of the Georgia Mountains in scenic Hiawassee, Georgia. The event has therefore extended its name to "Dailey & Vincent LandFest In The Mountains," and will be held at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds. Attendees can stay on-site in a tent or RV in one of the 189 campsites offering full hook ups and amenities (make reservations early).
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Jerry Douglas Presents The Earls of Leicester
♪ Del McCoury Band
♪ Dailey & Vincent
♪ Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
♪ The Original Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
♪ Sierra Hull
♪ Primitive Quartet
♪ Monroe Crossing
♪ Audie Blaylock
♪ Larry Stephenson Band
♪ Band of Kelleys


Sep 14-18, 2017:
8th annual "LOST N LAVA COWBOY GATHERING" 102 S Rail St, Shoshone, Idaho 83352; 208-886-7787;
✔ TIX: Weekend Package $35; Friday Only $20; Saturday Only $20; Reserved Seating $25 each night (limited).
✔ THE SCENE: "The Lost N Lava Cowboy Gathering is an annual celebration of the ranching and rural West. Through poetry, music and stories, ranch people express the beauty and challenges of a life deeply connected to the earth and its bounty. Every year, hundreds travel to rural Shoshone, Idaho to learn and share. It's been called the down to earth festival , but it is also a darned good time! At Lost N Lava Cowboy Gathering, you can discover cowboy cultures from around the world, learn a traditional skill, dance the two-step, plan for the West's future with ranchers, meet new friends, listen to tall tales, dispel myths, build bridges and be inspired. Join us for an experience you will not soon forget! Use any of the links in our banner to read more about every aspect of the Gathering." And, "Shoshone is in the desert of the Great Basin at 3963 feet elevation, and fall weather in September is varied."
✔ NOTE: trail rides are available Sep 9 through 11; register online in advance.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
- - - -
♪ daytime shows not yet announced (Apr, 2017)
- - - -
(Fri night concert:)
♪ Kristyn Harris
♪ Poppa Mac
♪ Prairie Wind - Coyote Joe & Little Joe
♪ Tony Argento
♪ Brigid, Johnny and John Reedy
♪ "Jam Session" - following concert
- - - -
(Sat night concert:)
♪ Dave Stamey
♪ Lynn Kopelke
♪ Dave Anderson
♪ Thatch Elmer
♪ Panhandle Cowboys - Farmer Dave Fulf & JB Barber
♪ "Jam Session" - following concert


Sep, mid-to-late-month, 2017:
36th annual "POISON OAK SHOW" at Columbia State Historic Park, Main St & State St, Columbia, CA 95310; sponsored by and centered at the St. Charles Saloon, 209-533-4656 or email
✔ TIX: It's free.
✔ THE SCENE: In addition to the music, this one is wacky: it's "like a traditional flower show, except all entries must include poison oak." Thus, there are categories (entries accepted at 10 am, Judging is at 1 pm) for Biggest branch, Biggest leaf, Best edible (recipe included), Best arrangement, Best rash (in person or photo), Best photo of poison oak, Most potent looking leaf. The St Charles Saloon is hosting, in Columbia State Historic Park. "Aren’t you just itchin’ to participate?" Located in the heart of the California Mother Lode, Columbia State Historic Park is a living gold rush town featuring the largest single collection of existing gold rush-era structures in the state. Visiting Columbia is like traveling back in time to the sights, smells, and sounds of a nineteenth century mining town—merchants dressed in 1850s attire, a whiff of coal smoke from the blacksmith shop, and the rumble of a stagecoach pulling into town. Spend the day enjoying fun activities for the whole family. Pan for gold, explore exhibits, ride the stagecoach, discover unique shops, and learn about the rich history of the California gold rush on a guided town tour."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not announced by press time (early April, 2017).


Sep 15-17, 2017:
"MILLPOND MUSIC FESTIVAL" at Millpond County Park & Recreation Area, Sawmill Rd off US 395 and Ed Powers Rd, Bishop 93514.
✔ TIX: Full Weekend 3-Day Pass is $90.00 before June 30, $100 from July 1st to Aug 26th, then $110 after August 26th or at the gate. Single-day passes are $30 for Fri, $50 for sat, $45 for Sun. A student 3-Day pass is $40; a student 1-Day pass is $20. Inyo/Mono County students through 8th grade, with adult, are free. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
✔ CAMPING: Yes. Some of it is already sold-out for the 2017 festival, so don't dawdle.
✔ THE SCENE: This one reliably delivers great music. Its featured artists headline elsewhere, and there's plenty that's wonderful that you've never heard — but will leave a fan of. Presented by the Inyo Council for the Arts, whose staff attends bunches of other festivals and concerts to choose the best acts. The park's permanent snack bar at the top of the natural amphitheatre hill has some surprisingly good food, and there's a huge Sunday morning pancake breakfast. You can retreat up the hill under the big shade trees and still have clear sight lines to the main stage. The second stage is covered and called the "Workshop Tent," and most headline acts play one or more sets there, too. Camping for RVs is in the big permanent campground with showers; tent camping is around the tranquil lake and you can walk to the showers and laundry. Here's the official promo: The festival, at the foot of the magnificent High Sierra, "brings an eclectic collection of music to one of the most intimate festival surroundings imaginable. As always, the great music will be complimented with food vendors, arts and crafts booths, and kids’ activities – all in the beautiful outdoor setting of the Millpond County Park just outside of Bishop." It's certainly not walkable to Bishop; you could bike it, but most of the ride is on busy Hwy 395; local dial-a-ride transit goes there to/from town, but not late enough for pickup after evening shows. If you don't wanna drive that far? You can ride the Metrolink train from L.A. Union Station to the end of the line in Lancaster and catch the once-a-day Eastern Sierra transit van to Bishop; the local dial-a-ride runs from Bishop as far as Millpond & back.
✔ VOLUNTEERS: opportunities are available. Fill-out the online form at:
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not announced by press time (early April, 2017).


Sep 15-17, 2017:
6th annual "DAKOTA WESTERN HERITAGE FESTIVAL" at the Expo Center, 320 Casey Tibbs St, Ft. Pierre, SD; 605-280-8938;
✔ TIX: concert is $25 adv, $35 door, seating ltd to 600.
✔ THE SCENE: There are concerts both days and a wagon train that you can ride (with tix). It's Fort Pierre's bicentennial year, and the festival is the central event. The Dakota Western Heritage Festival is a non-profit, "A celebration of Western traditions and lifestyles through poetry and music."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
- - - -
♪ daytime music, cowboy poetry/storytelling and other events are not yet posted at press time (mid-Apr, 2017).
- - - -
We have artists for one of the two evening concerts.
(Sat night concert:)
♪ Suzy Bogguss
♪ Susie Knight
♪ Cowboy Poet RP Smith


Sep 15-17, 2017:
12th annual "PICKIN' IN THE PINES BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL" in the Pepsi Amphitheatre at Ft. Tuthill Co. Park, Flagstaff, AZ;
✔ TIX: 3-day pass $85 (non-mbr) through Apr 30; single-day tix become available by phone on July 1. Free admission to those under age 15. All tix through Protix at 866-977-6849.
✔ CAMPING: Yes, fees are per-person and include a 3-day festival pass.
✔ THE SCENE: This festival is a world-class bluegrass & acoustic music festival held here since 2006. The festival honors the interests of the diverse membership of Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music (FFOTM). The organization sponsors the Flagstaff Folk Festival, a youth program — the Young Jammers, "concerts, jams, campouts and other events created for the education, enrichment and entertainment of our community."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Rhonda Vincent & The Rage
♪ Tim O’Brien
♪ The Drew Emmitt Band
♪ Mountain Heart
♪ Della Mae
♪ Balsam Range
♪ Town Mountain
♪ Foghorn Stringband
♪ The Colton House Trio featuring Chris Brashear, Peter McLaughlin & Todd Phillips
♪ Rapidgrass
♪ The Lil’ Smokies
♪ Burnett Family Bluegrass
♪ The Ping Brothers
♪ Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold
♪ Sugar & The Mint
♪ and more tba


Sep 15-17, 2017:
✔ TIX: $105.
✔ THE SCENE: "FreshGrass is a wonderland of traditional and cutting-edge bluegrass, tucked appropriately into a 19th-century factory turned 21st-century museum in the Berkshire mountains of northwestern Massachusetts. An opportunity for enthusiasts to both appreciate and participate, FreshGrass is family-friendly and brimming with the brightest talent not just on our four stages, but also in our galleries, brick-lined courtyards, and grassy fields."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Brandi Carlile
♪ Railroad Earth
♪ The Del McCoury Band with David Grisman
♪ Del & Dawg
♪ The Wood Brothers
♪ Bill Frisell: Harmony
♪ Alison Brown
♪ Son Little
♪ The Brothers Comatose
♪ Carrie Rodriguez
♪ Darol Anger’s Republic of Strings
♪ Hackensaw Boys
♪ Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley
♪ The Suitcase Junket
♪ Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band
♪ The Last Revel
♪ Victor Furtado
♪ Julian Pinelli
♪ The Page Turners


Sep 15-17, 2017:
✔ TIX: available online.
✔ THE SCENE: "It's a match made in Colorado heaven. Three days of blues, funk, jam, gospel, rock, and soul combined with tasting from 150+ breweries makes this beer and music festival mashup a one-of-a-kind experience. It all takes place at Telluride, a classic Colorado mountain town nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Bonnie Raitt
♪ Steve Winwood
♪ Tajmo: The Taj Mahal & Keb' Mo Band
♪ Anders Osborne
♪ The Revivalists
♪ Benjamin Booker
♪ The Blind Boys of Alabama
♪ The Magpie Salute
♪ Delbert McClinton & Self Made Men
♪ Chicano Batman
♪ Tab Benoit
♪ The Record Company
♪ Samantha Fish
♪ Ben Miller Band
♪ Eric Lindell
♪ Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers
♪ Robert Finley
♪ Alabama Slim
♪ Jack Broadbent
♪ Delgres
♪ Monkey Junk
♪ AJ Fullerton featuring Stud Ford & Nic Clark
♪ JW Jones
♪ Steve Itterly


Sep 15-17, 2017:
✔ TIX: $219.
✔ We're listing this one because JACKSON BROWNE, ALANIS MORRISETTE, MOONSVILLE COLLECTIVE, and THE WALLFLOWERS are included in its massive lineup.
✔ THE SCENE: "Forget what you know about music festivals. This is a music experience. A completely curated three-day sound voyage that combines rock-n-roll music and tastemaking socials into a modern wonderland on the warm shores of the Pacific. Where every detail is crafted for your enjoyment and you bask in world-class music, incredible cuisine, craft libations, comedy acts, contemporary art, dancing and premium amenities. This is your escape to the perfect weekend."
✔ THE 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Red Hot Chili Peppers
♪ P!nk
♪ Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
♪ Muse
♪ Weezer
♪ Jane’s Addiction
♪ David Guetta
♪ Ice Cube
♪ Jason Derulo
♪ Logic
♪ Alanis Morissette
♪ Jackson Browne
♪ Andy Grammer
♪ Kesha
♪ Live
♪ X Ambassadors
♪ Garbage
♪ Milky Chance
♪ T-Pain
♪ Michael McDonald
♪ The Wallflowers
♪ DJ Diesel (Shaquille O’Neal)
♪ Machine Gun Kelly
♪ Pepper
♪ Timeflies
♪ Pete Yorn
♪ The Magpie Salute
♪ Smash Mouth
♪ The Knocks
♪ Dave Mason
♪ Toad The Wet Sprocket
♪ Eric Burdon and the Animals
♪ Lost Kings
♪ Le Youth
♪ The Him
♪ The Tubes feat. Fee Waybill
♪ Trevor Hall
♪ Fishbone
♪ The Motet
♪ The Shadowboxers
♪ Little Hurricane
♪ Sam Sparro
♪ Kap Slap
♪ Martin Jensen
♪ Led Zeppelin 2
♪ Emily Warren
♪ Lawrence
♪ The Stone Foxes
♪ One Drop
♪ SteevieWild
♪ Darenots
♪ The Last Internationale
♪ Ages and Ages
♪ Moonsville Collective
♪ Armors
♪ Luna Aura
♪ Jared & The Mill
♪ Ethan Tucker Solo Acoustic
♪ The Steppin Stones
♪ Tristen
♪ Cordovas
♪ Lost Beach
♪ Mamafesta
♪ Josh Arbour
♪ Zeal Levin
♪ Kira Lingman
♪ Trouble in the Wind
♪ Barenaked Ladies
♪ The Dan Band


Sep 16, 2017:
5th annual "LONG BEACH FOLK REVIVAL FESTIVAL" in rainbow Lagoon Events Park, Long Beach, CA;
✔ TIX: $25; price increases to $30 on July 15th.
✔ THE SCENE: It's foot stomping, high energy fun at this family-friendly festival. It's all about bringing the community together to enjoy a slice of “True American Music.” Announced artists warrant a few words, as some are being imported and are known in their parts of the world, but not locally. Star with the "very talented Lucero all the way from Memphis, TN who will be headlining the night with support from outlaw country legend Billy Joe Shaver, former Delta Spirit front man Matthew Logan Vasquez, The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit, Valley Queen, Mapache, and more artists TBA soon... In addition to the great music, all the fan favorites from last year are back including our signature contests, amazing gourmet food & craft beers, interactive kid’s area, our 'Craft Bazaar' shopping experience & loads more fun stuff — we just couldn’t pack it all in here."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Lucero
♪ Billy Joe Shaver
♪ Matthew Logan Vasquez
♪ The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit
♪ Valley Queen
♪ Mapache
♪ Hogslop String Band
♪ The Show Ponies
♪ Ivory Deville
♪ "many more tba"


Sep 16-Oct 28, 2017:
"NATIONAL HARVEST & COWBOY FESTIVAL" at Silver Dollar City, 399 Silver Dollar City Pkwy, Branson, MO 65616; 800-475-9370;
✔ TIX: A season pass is $97 adult, $87 child, $91 senior; prices go-up after Apr 30. One-day tix are $62 adult (12-61), $51 child (4-11), $60 senior (62+).
✔ THE SCENE: This is a festival in an amusement park with 40+ rides & attractions. Musically, there's a daily "Barn Dance" and "Wild West Show." It includes "125 visiting demonstrating craftsmen showcasing their diverse array of talents (that's in addition to Silver Dollar City's own 100 resident craftsmen); and a Salute to the Great American Cowboy that includes wild mustangs, an old-fashioned barn dance, chuck wagon cooking and much more." There's a "Campfire Cooking - Watch as delicious recipes including Dutch Oven Desserts and Cowboy Beef Stew are cooked over on open fire." It also includes "Buck Taylor's Cowboy Emporium," and "Kent Rollins demonstrating the art of authentic chuck wagon cooking while serving up cowboy stories, poetry and humor from his restored 1876 Studebaker wagon."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Music acts were not specifically announced by press time (mid-April, 2017).


Sep, mid-to-late month:
47th annual "JULIAN BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL" in Julian, CA;
✔ TIX: check their site.
✔ CAMPING: check their site.
✔ NOTE: Event website still shows 2016 info, as of early April, 2017.
✔ THE SCENE: Bluegrass all day, great BBQ, a raffle drawing, vendors, an all-ages event. And this: "Welcome to Julian… a quiet little mountain getaway, about an hour east of San Diego, in the beautiful Cuyamaca mountains. Our little town takes you back in time to the days of Julian’s beginning rooted in the 1870’s gold rush. For almost 50 years, in the middle of September this quiet little town comes alive with the sound of Bluegrass."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced (as of early April, 2017).


Sep, mid-to-late month, 2017:
✔ TIX: Not any more.
✔ CAMPING: It was great.
✔ NOTE 1: This is a big loss. Over the past decade, this one had everybody you ever wanted to hear. Their website lists past performers.
✔ NOTE 2: Organizers say, "We're in the planning stages for a fall event [i.e., a concert], and there's always great live music in our friendly river community. We'll be in touch with the announcements to such." So email their site and get on their list if your wanderings take you towards Coloma.
✔ THE SCENE: After 10 years this festival has ended its run. Organizers, upon making that announcement, said: "A huge thanks to the Coloma-Lotus Community for their incredible support, and to everyone who gave their time and passion to make this celebration happen. To the amazing folks that shared their music on our stages — may you continue to inspire!"
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
x - It's not happening.


Sep 20-23, 2017:
12th annual "LARRY JOE TAYLOR'S RHYMES & VINES MUSIC FESTIVAL AND HOME BREW CONTEST" at Melody Mountain Ranch, 1290 Private Road 707, Stephenville, TX 76401;
✔ TIX: Info will appear on the event's website.
✔ CAMPING: Info will appear on the event's website.
✔ THE SCENE: It's 3 days of original acoustic and band music at this music festival and homebrew competition at Melody Mountain Ranch, just outside of Stephenville, TX. Attendance is approximately 5000 and plenty of onsite camping is available. Visit our web site for updates on camping, prices, and artist lineup on their website.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not announced as of press time (early April, 2017).


Sep 21-23, 2017:
"YOUBLOOMLA MUSIC SUMMIT & FESTIVAL" at various venues throughout greater L.A., CA;
✔ TIX: earlybird tix for the conference, speaker sessions, etc., available online (beginning in April, but not for all events).
✔ THE SCENE: With successful festivals and "summit" conferences in multiple years in both L.A. and Dublin, Ireland, this festival uses multiple established music venues in L.A. and Pasadena. Organizers say, "[At] our festival of fresh talent... all kinds of international multi-genre acts are invited. So, press the magic button and take your first step towards worldwide exposure. Apply by June 16th. Artists will be notified by June 30th, 2017. Please email any questions to"
✔ NOTE: The "call to Apply to Play" at youbloomLA 2017 was issued in early April; check their site.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ tba


Sep 22 & 23, 2017:
"VENICE ART CRAWL" happens throughout Venice and Playa Vista, CA;
✔ TIX: will be available online.
✔ THE SCENE: This is a combination street festival and gallery festival with lots of music in full-time and impromptu venues. The organization's commitment to tunefulness is evidenced in their April 20th mini-festival/fundraiser, subtitled "Music Connects Us" (see listing). "The VAC’s mission is to preserve the arts in Venice, a place that has historically been known as a vibrant and dynamic art community. Our goal is to share, inspire and promote collaboration within the Venice community through mixers and art events. We are an all volunteer run non-profit organization which is a committee of the Venice Chamber of Commerce."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not announced by press time (early April, 2017).


Sep 22 & 23, 2017:
✔ TIX: Info not yet posted by press time (mid-Apr, 2017).
✔ CAMPING: No, but you're surrounded by Nat'l Parks, Nat'l Monuments, & Nat'l Forests, so with wheels, you can find camping.
✔ THE SCENE: Badger Clark (1883-1957), renowned cowboy poet, was South Dakota's first Poet Laureate. This is "a cultural festival, dedicated to celebrating and preserving the history, heritage and values of the cowboy lifestyle of the American West. Through cowboy poetry and western music lyrics, an oral history of the American cowboy is shared. Badger Clark Cowboy Music & Poetry Gathering is held each fall in the Historic Western Town of Hot Springs, South Dakota."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
- - - -
Different venues each of the two days figure-in prominently.
- - - -
(Fri artists/events at the Kaan Ranch Wagon Barn:)
♪ Bunkhouse Tales
♪ Steak Fry
♪ Music & Poetry in the barn and on the deck
- - - -
(Sat artists/events at the Mueller Center in Hot Springs:)
♪ Poet's Workshop
♪ Poets on stage
♪ An afternoon with Pegie Douglas featuring Badger Clark's life and poetry set to music
♪ Pegie Douglas and the Badger Sett Band (yep, two t's)
- - - -
(Sat evening concert:)
♪ Ramblin Rangers
♪ Suzie Knight
♪ Campfire Concerto, w/ Paul Larson, Kenny Putman, Boyd Bristol & Chet Murray
♪ Kenny Putnam, two-time SD Champion fiddler


Sep 23 & 24:
"FRIED CHICKEN FESTIVAL" expands to two days, moves to the riverfront in Woldenberg Park, New Orleans, Louisiana;
✔ TIX: It's free.
✔ THE SCENE: Located on 16 acres of land that once housed old wharves and warehouses, Woldenberg Park stretches from Canal Street and Aquarium of the Americas to Jackson Square. "The event will... feature a healthy dose of live local music, as well as additional programming like a cooking demo stage that will be headlined by chef Jeff Henderson of “Flip My Food” fame." Last year "...the event’s surprisingly high turnout—upwards of 40,000 people in Lafayette Square—created plenty of growing pains as the celebration was plagued by long lines and low inventories." Now, it's moved, expanded, and "planning for 100,000 attendees." The food? “We’re coveting some of the well-known fried chicken vendors in Los Angeles, New York and Houston," Cleveland Spers III, whose 'Spears Groups' puts on the festival," told New Orleans' based "Offbeat" music and arts journal. He added, “We truly believe that this can be a national food festival.” The 2017 Fried Chicken Festival will see the return of the fried chicken competition, which will be settled by a panel of judges.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced by press time (early April, 2017).
♪ Music on two stages, cooking demos on a third stage. It promises to "feature a healthy dose of live local music."


Sep 26-30, 2017:
✔ TIX: Festival ticket sales are online; that began April 4 for IBMA mbrs; tix available to gen. public starting Apr 18, 2017.
✔ CAMPING: No, but it's 15 mins to North Carolina State Fairgrounds Camping (email Lindsay Acord at and note “IBMA WOB 2017 RV” in the subject line).
✔ NOTE 1: FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD: Currently, their site has "Bluegrass Ramble," an album of THIRTY SONGS from last year's festival as a free download (desktop or laptop only).
✔ NOTE 2: IBMA is the International Bluegrass Music Association. It is, in the bluegrass world, everything that the Grammys organization is for the pop music industry.
✔ THE SCENE: The event brings a conference, awards, showcases, gigs all over town, and a festival. "World of Bluegrass is the annual bluegrass music homecoming, a multifaceted industry event and festival with hundreds of offerings for every bluegrass professional and fan."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ It's enormous, all over Raleigh in multiple venues, and it's only partially determined as of press time (early April, 2017). See the event website.


Sep 28, 2017:
"TEXAS COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS" at Carthage Civic Center, Carthage, TX; 903-472-8008;
✔ TIX: Not yet announced at press time (early April, 2017).
✔ THE SCENE: An awards show with a festival feel. Texas Country Music Association's annual awards show. "The Texas Country Music Association, Inc., is pleased to announce that the 2017 Texas Country Music Awards show is scheduled to be held on September 28, 2017 at the Carthage Civic Center in Carthage TX. Nominations will begin in May, 2017 and will be accepted from Fans well as the Texas Country Music Association members online. TCMA Executive Vice President, Nathan Hunnicutt states, 'The Country scene in Texas is saturated with immense talent, so this is an opportunity to highlight artists who really stand out — people who are making waves in the Industry. The Texas Country Music Association is a statewide organization, so we're producing a red carpet event that will make any Texan proud.' Texas Country Music Association, Inc. Founder and President, Linda Wilson said, 'I'm very excited to be producing the Texas Country Music Awards, and I know that we will be able to shine a light on the greatest talent that resides in and travels through our state. The fan participation in Texas is tremendous, so we expect an incredible amount of involvement from Country Music fans during our nomination and voting processes. For fans, this is an opportunity to support their favorite Texas artists and help them advance even further.'"
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Mark Chesnutt
♪ Brandon Rhyder
♪ Doug Supernaw
♪ Bri Bagwell
♪ Del Way
♪ and more tba


Sep 28-Oct 1, 2017:
26th annual "OLD WEST DAYS & NEBRASKA COWBOY POETRY GATHERING" in Valentine, Nebraska;
✔ NOTE: Those who have installed Facebook's ubiquitous spyware in their devices may find info the rest of us cannot see, at:
✔ TIX: Not yet announced by press time (mid-Apr, 2017).
✔ CAMPING: (see note)
✔ THE SCENE: (see note)
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ See "note" above.


Sep 29 & 30, 2017:
6th annual "GET SHAMROCKED IRISH MUSIC FEST 2017" in Town Square Park, 24701 Jefferson Av, Murrieta, CA;
✔ TIX: available online; 2-day pass $40 (adv only); one-day Fri $20 adv / $25 gate (if not sold-out - see Note 1); one-day Sat $30 adv / $35 gate (if not sold-out - see Note 1).
✔ THE SCENE: In 2015, when this fest was still gaining momentum, the Guide proclaimed to our readers, "This is a big-deal Irish / Celtic music event." Now, the event itself is saying, "'Get Shamrocked' is California's Premier Irish music festival featuring 15 brilliant bands gathered from across the planet over two days of pure Celtic magic." (As you can tell, they have a good promo writer.) Town Square Park is "the perfect venue" with free parking and a flat, grassed area, "with huge stage and natural amphitheater." The site is wheelchair accessible. Get Shamrocked has "a vendor village with all kinds of merchandise and goods with food trucks to satisfy all appetites." They continue, "Fueled by Monster Energy the Festival was born in September 2012 and instantly we knew something special was going to emerge from our humble beginnings. After only four previous events, Get Shamrocked has quickly become the number-one Celtic Music Festival on the West Coast." The festival is produced by the year-round Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery in Murrieta so it's "Based in the heart of the Temecula Valley and wine country in Murrieta, Southern California..." They avoid noting that the area's brutal heat of summer has abated by late September by saying, "Southern California has gained global iconic status with glorious weather guaranteed. It's the perfect place for to gather like-minded Celtic music lovers for a festival experience that makes you forget the rest of the world and party and dance in a 'no attitude' crowd. One stage means the focus is all about the music. And with Guinness & Jameson Irish Whiskey, Magners & Ballast Point all part of the story, along with great food trucks, it is without doubt the best way to enjoy the live music from the rip-roaring Friday night high energy Celtic hammer to the Saturday Irish Rock, Folk & Trad."
✔ NOTE 1: The festival tells the Guide, "This could be the first year that our two-day festival sells-out in advance!" Evidence? (a) in 2015, they doubled their crowd, and (b) The festival's annual 2017 "Launch Party" is in distant San Diego, and it sold-out months in advance; allm of which suggests you should get your two-day festival pass (or single-day tix) promptly.
✔ NOTE 2: This is an age 21+ festival and all patrons must show photo ID before entering the grounds.
✔ NOTE 3: Volunteers needed; e-mail Liza at:
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
(Fri, starting at 4:15 pm:)
♪ Craic Haus
♪ OnOff
♪ Hoist the Colors
♪ Mickey Rickshaw
♪ The Go Set
♪ Flatfoot 56
- - - -
(Sat, noon-11 pm:)
♪ Kilmainham Boys
♪ Key of Whiskey
♪ The McKintree Boys
♪ Brick Top Blaggers
♪ Quel Bordel
♪ 1916
♪ Enter the Haggis
♪ The Fighting Jamesons
♪ Gaelic Storm


Sep 29 & 30, 2017:
"WESTERN DAYS FESTIVAL" in Old Town Lewisville, Main & Church Streets, City of Lewisville, TX 75029; 972-219-3710;
✔ TIX: Free until 7 pm with ticket you printout from their site. After 7 pm, it's $10 per person.
✔ THE SCENE: Three festival stages feature national and regional live music; Bluegrass, Country, Cowboy, Folk/Acoustic, Rockabilly, Western Swing music, Cowboy poetry, Fiddling contests, and Rodeo. Plus the Cattle Drive Parade – featuring 20-30 head of Texas longhorns. And Native American singers and dancers, the World Tamale Eating Championship, and car shows. "Old Town Lewisville will be filled with staged gunfights, stick horse rodeo riders, world champion competitive eaters, gourmet chefs, Old West artifacts, and the best of Texas country music at the annual Western Days festival."
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Site still shows 2016 lineup, as of early April, 2017.


Sep 30, 2017:
35th annual "FIDDLE & BANGO CONTEST AND CHILI COOK-OFF" at Columbia State Historic Park, Main St & State St, Columbia, CA 95310;;
✔ TIX: It's free.
✔ THE SCENE: The "Fiddle & Bango Contest (yes, 'bango') is held at the gazebo in Columbia State Historic Park. More than 40 musicians compete for prizes in the following categories: fiddle, banjo, vocal, guitar, mandolin, miscellaneous, and original song. The grand prize is a gold nugget, and there are cash prizes in each category. The entry fee per category is $15 and contestants sign up between 9 and 10:30 am. The Fiddle & Bango Contest is free to the viewing public. Bring lawn chairs, hats and sunscreen. T-shirts will be available for sale ($20). All ages and music genres are represented in this contest, which is sponsored by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. Competition begins promptly at 10:30 am, and continues all day, 10:30 am-4 pm, except for a lunch break, which features a CHILI COOK-OFF ($5). Located in the heart of the California Mother Lode, Columbia State Historic Park is a living gold rush town featuring the largest single collection of existing gold rush-era structures in the state. Visiting Columbia is like traveling back in time to the sights, smells, and sounds of a nineteenth century mining town—merchants dressed in 1850s attire, a whiff of coal smoke from the blacksmith shop, and the rumble of a stagecoach pulling into town. Spend the day enjoying fun activities for the whole family. Pan for gold, explore exhibits, ride the stagecoach, discover unique shops, and learn about the rich history of the California gold rush on a guided town tour." For more information, call 209-536-1672.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced by press time (early April, 2017).


Sep 30-Oct 2, 2017:
"SABOR DE MEXICO LINDO" is centered at 6330 Pacific Bl, in Huntington Park, CA; 323-585-1155;
✔ TIX: It's free, with free parking in public lots.
✔ THE SCENE: This one qualifies as an accordion festival. There are two "major concert-stages with professional entertainment..." and "The Plaza de Mariachi returns for its fifth outing." This downtown festival, nine blocks long, is on Pacific Bl from Florence Av to Randolph St. "Throughout its years of history, as the popularity and attendance of the Festival has grown, so has its size and quality. The Festival brings together more than 150 commercial, food, arts and crafts and corporate exhibitors, a free health fair, two amusement and carnival areas, a petting zoo, plus Menudo Contests and food samplings. the restaurants and residents compete in two Menudo Cooking Contests, plus the children's hand-made piñatas judging-contest. For three days and nights, the Festival opens its doors to the public free-of-charge." Runs Fri 5-11 pm, Sat 11 am-11 pm, Sun 11 am-10 pm.
✔ 2017 LINEUP:
♪ Not yet announced at press time (early April, 2017).




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