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Friday, January 26, 2018

Live Performances Streaming from, and Much More at, NAMM, in this edition. Jan 26 2018

NAMM — Part Two of the Guide's Coverage — plenty of fresh content on Day Two.

Whether or not you're at NAMM, if you're involved in music, you care about it. Here at the Guide, we bring you a different focus each day of NAMM — things that you'll want to read even if you're not there, because NAMM is where all the innovations are announced and demonstrated.

On Friday, an all-star line-up from Yamaha promises an unforgettable multi-artist extravaganza with the “Yamaha All-Star Concert on the Grand 2018” set to crank-up the volume to 11. With the concert performers still under wraps, the evening promises a dazzling array of seasoned performers to delight The NAMM Show audience. Past performers at Yamaha’s annual NAMM event include luminaries such as ELTON JOHN, STEVIE WONDER, TONY BENNETT, JOHN LEGEND, EARTH, WIND & FIRE, U2 founder and drummer LARRY MULLEN, JR., and many others.

Yesterday we gave you a look at how massively huge this is. We did that with our picks for (a) things happening in the first half-hour of the enormous NAMM Show, and (b) live performances — just our picks — for the entire first day. As enormous as that was, it was just a small percentage of everything going on at the largest music industry trade show on the planet.

Today, we focus on another aspect of NAMM.

We also promised you NAMM attendees -— and all our regular readers — that we'd help you find your way to


that you'd likely miss otherwise, and that's in our Jan 23 edition, at:

Now, IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR THE LIVE PERFORMANCES TODAY, AND EACH DAY AT NAMM THROUGH SUNDAY, we are providing links to read them and build your own calendar and timeline for each day.

Go to:

and click the day you want at the top left of the page, to get:

* Friday NAMM performance & event schedule

* Saturday NAMM performance & event schedule

* Sunday NAMM performance & event schedule

Re those links? Be prepared to see far more than we featured yesterday, when we brought you JUST OUR PICKS. These links are EVERYTHING that was announced in advance.

But be aware, many exhibitor booths host LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCES that they don't announce anywhere except at their booth. Often, you can copy from a secret list that they'll show you if you behave well. So make the rounds of the exhibitors to see their new products, test-drive their instruments or gear, AND catch the great performances by their endorsed and sponsored artists. Considering that folks like Stevie Wonder always pop-in to play some keyboard and sing a few hits, it's rather obvious why all performances are not published in the big schedule.

WE RECOMMEND that, each day, you go ask who is playing at Deering Banjo, Saga Instruments, Santa Cruz Guitars, Luna, Gibson, Taylor, at the booths on "Ukulele Row," and at Shubb Capos, and for the pianophiles, go to Yamaha and Roland — those places, at the very least, and plan to make the rounds of those booths each morning to see their list of the day's performances. And hey, just the trek to get from one to another is a full morning workout, and unlike the smelly and boring gym, you're sure to find happy distractions along the way.



Conventional wisdom holds that everybody stays home in January because they're trying to pay-off all the Christmas shopping bills. But that never applies to musicians, since we're all too broke to have spent much on the holidays, anyway. And most of us know we need to save-up for the enormous annual NAMM show, the music industry's biggest trade show in the world, which comes to Anaheim for four jam-packed days (with nighttime concerts) not just right now, but EVERY January. If you live close enough to make the drive each day and save the hotel bills, that's another reason for living in Southern California.

And when it comes to going anywhere in Southern California, we're not exactly frozen to the ground like the whole East Coast was all last week — though we live mudslides that are an issue when it rains, now that the "new normal" of climate change means frequent droughts, too damn many wildfires, and scorched masses of stuff that travels downhill, suddenly and rapidly, when it gets saturated with a sudden and infrequent rain. But all that said, our temps are in the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit in these parts.

And whether or not you have a badge to attend NAMM, there's lots of good stuff happening — and staying tuneful is the cure for 'purt near everything.

Now, let's get to the exhibit hall floors!



*) Intro, and how to navigate NAMM

1) NAMM — More Things to See and Do at the Giant Music Trade Show

2) Attend Performances Online or in Person During the 2018 NAMM Show

3) Yamaha Exhibits 90+ New Products, Hosts Friday's All-Star Concert at NAMM 2018

4) Check-Out the Products from IK Multimedia's New Collaboration

5) After NAMM, there's DEW — Digital Entertainment World, in L.A. Feb 5 & 6


# 1 NAMM news feature...

♪ NAMM — Things to See and Do at the Giant Music Trade Show

We'll break the rules of newspaper journalism and start with the context, before NAMM opened this week.

Hot on the heels of trends displayed at the annual CES in Las Vegas, it was clear that this year includes more of a crossover effect to be felt at NAMM than we're used to seeing. We'll get, in a moment, to what that means for the gear. Because the overall fact is cultural. The best example we can offer? The tech world's characteristic infatuation with change went so far at CES that the press was strongly admonished not to call CES by its full name, the Consumer Electronics Show. Though the "why" was never made clear. Through various smarmy-superior comments, facial tics, and body language, it was left to everyone attending CES to decide they would not be allowed to sit at the cool kids table if they didn't pretend to "get" the smarmy-superior techno-nerd crap.

Of course, CES always has some momentum from the realm of technogeek that impacts music recording and production and configuration of stage setups for each year's coming concert tour and big music festival season. And given the inscrutable popularity of roboticized human voices in pop music in recent years — along with a whole genre of cringeworthy electrocution electronica — there are those limited areas of the NAMM exhibit halls where you just don't wanna go without industrial ear muffs.

But let's not get lost in all that. There is a gear-specific techno-aspect that was glaringly evident at CES:

Almost no new and upcoming models of any electronic devices have jacks for earphones or anything else to do with by-wire sound. When it comes to everythingh new that's being marketed as consumer electronic products — and to quite a share of what's represented as new industry standards for video and audio production — it's all wireless now. And the clear message is, if you are not equipped with the proper accessories to adapt, you're s.o.l.

Whether the music industry got the memo, we don't yet know, so that's one thing for all of us to keep in mind as we peruse manufacturers' booths and check-out new gear this week and weekend at NAMM.

What were the advance clues? We were receiving an inordinate amount of invitations from exhibitors who seek to lure us to their booths with promises of their newest innovations in EDM. If you don't know that abbreviation, it's understandable for all us Folk-Americana types. It stands for "electronica dance music." Yeah, we join you in the chorus of "ewwwww."

Of course we look forward to visiting with friends from the world of keeping music real. So we'll see what's up with Deering Banjo, Santa Cruz Guitars, our friends at the competing capo makers at Shubb and Kyser, the ukulele makers from Hawai'i, the global representation of mic and monitor and stage light and sound mix makers, and of course the big folks who still hand craft beautiful instruments at Martin and Gibson. And we're sure to ogle some Italian-made mandolins and some Appalachian dulcimers, and plenty more. (Make that too-much-more, as always.)

Not that we eschew electronic gear that makes acoustic and tradition music and Americana performances and recordings sound as good as when we're sitting three feet from the perfomers and everything is un-mik'ed. So, yes, we'll likely catch Academy Award®-winning sound designer and mixer Mark Mangini to hear about Dolby Atmos® and sound for film, at the Avid Booth and stage (15501). And lots more from a vast variety of exhibitors.

As for performances? There are main stage shows outdoors on the courtyard and a second stage outside the convention center's basketball arena, plus two stages in the adjacent hotels. Just outside the exhibit hall, in the lower lobby, the Museum of Making Music has a stage. Inside the halls, many exhibitors have scheduled performances from their endorsed artists, and it pays to make the rounds and take notes early, before you arrive half an hour after someone you'd have bought tickets to hear from 50 rows back has left the place where you could have seen and heard them from five or ten feet away. And the evening shows are major events, after standing up all day and being nomadic in the exhibit halls in the convention center and the surrounding hotels. Many of those evening shows require tickets, which often can be acquired free by visiting sponsor booths.

Even by the second day, the latenight concerts and jams complicate getting in line early for the "official" breakfast sessions, with their superb programs, speakers, and performances. But somehow, we all do it on two or three hours sleep for each of the four days, because it's NAMM, it's soooo worth it, and it's a whole year before we get another shot at being that overwhelmed by all the new innovations and enduring talent.


# 2 NAMM news feature...

♪ Attend Performances Online or in Person During the 2018 NAMM Show

Yamaha is streaming many of their artist performances from the "Heart of Inspiration" stage in their NAMM exhibit hall, to reach music fans around the world. You can enjoy that online, throughout the NAMM Show, at:

And there's more. Thanks to the NAMM Foundation, the annual musical gathering at The 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, invites everyone, worldwide, to join in watching "The Grand Rally for Music Education" on, on Saturday, Jan. 27 at 9 am (PT).

The Saturday event features Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter VANESSA CARLTON, and classical-pop tenor trio FORTE. That's at:

Last night, web-watchers could attend "A Celebration for Music Education" that kicked-off the online performances aspect of the NAMM Show, featuring indie/pop rockers OK Go.


In addition to the concert live webcasts, the "Talking Up Music Education Podcast Interviews" broadcast live from The NAMM Show and will be edited and archived for future viewing. Scheduled artist interviews include OK Go, Vanessa Carlton, FORTE, Masumi trio, and more. NAMM Show attendees and the online world can watch on Facebook channels from The NAMM Foundation or Entertalk Radio.

Check out the full schedule and necessary links at:


# 3 NAMM news feature...

♪ Yamaha Exhibits 90+ New Products, Hosts Friday's All-Star Concert at NAMM 2018

Yamaha is showcasing more than 90 new products and hosting one of the premier concert events at the 2018 NAMM Show.

Far too extensive to be held in a mere booth space, Yamaha is again occupying an exhibition hall the size of football field, across the street in the Marquis Ballroom at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center. The company is exhibiting, with the aid of talented musician demo-performers, a wide array of new and longtime favorite products.


Their artist performances from the "Heart of Inspiration" stage reach music fans around the world, and can be enjoyed at throughout the NAMM Show.


Yamaha is also hosting a multi-artist, multimedia extravaganza for all attendees with the "Yamaha All-Star Concert on the Grand 2018" today, Friday, January 26, beginning at 6 pm on the outdoor NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage.

The entire plaza is powered by the company's award-winning commercial audio gear, including the RIVAGE PM10 Digital Mixing System and NEXO line array speakers.

On Friday, an all-star line-up from Yamaha promises an unforgettable multi-artist extravaganza with the “Yamaha All-Star Concert on the Grand 2018” set to crank-up the volume to 11. With the concert performers still under wraps, the evening promises a dazzling array of seasoned performers to delight The NAMM Show audience. Past performers at Yamaha’s annual NAMM event include luminaries such as ELTON JOHN, STEVIE WONDER, TONY BENNETT, JOHN LEGEND, EARTH, WIND & FIRE, U2 founder and drummer LARRY MULLEN, JR., and many others.

"Yamaha has a massive presence at the NAMM Show, and we can't wait to share our excitement with the tens of thousands of show attendees this week," said Mr. Hitoshi Fukutome, president, Yamaha Corporation of America. He adds, "From our launch of more than 90 innovative products, to our All-Star Concert on the Grand, we will deliver a memorable and rewarding NAMM experience for all."

In the Keyboard product area, a wide spectrum of Yamaha products is displayed ranging from premium pianos to new digital pianos and flagship digital workstation. That includes the Bösendorfer unveiling of three new grand piano models.

The company's Pro Music division showcases the first-ever, stand-alone acoustic drum module system as well as new models of acoustic and electric guitars, while Line 6 is exhibiting its products at the Grand Ballroom located adjacent to the Yamaha main "booth" (it's still called a booth, even though it's an entire hotel exhibit hall). The Band & Orchestral division displays a variety of new wind instruments and drums.

Yamaha's Pro Audio division introduces new commercial audio solutions, while Steinberg showcases a full range of new software offerings in the Marquis Ball Room.

There's plenty to ogle, see, touch, and hear in the Yamaha exhibition at the 2018 NAMM Show, in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Marquis Ballroom, through the show's closing on Sunday. Check out more at


# 4 NAMM news feature...

♪ Check-Out the Products from IK Multimedia's New Collaboration

IK Multimedia, Hammond USA and Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan announce Leslie for AmpliTube and T-RackS on Mac/PC

Breakthrough technology offers ultra-realistic modeling to provide players and producers the best-sounding digital Leslie amps and cabs ever

January 26, 2018 - Just yesterday ay NAMM, IK Multimedia announced a new collaboration with the product designers and R&D Team at Hammond USA and Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan. Their new collaboration will bring "the truly authentic sound of the legendary Leslie® amps and cabinets to the leading guitar amp and effects software, AmpliTube, and to the world class mixing and mastering processors in T-RackS."

AmpliTube Leslie and T-RackS Leslie offer the authentic sounds of 5 Leslie amps and 6 Leslie rotary-speaker cabinets that can be used for recording or playing live. Microphone distance and position control, precise level balancing, different amp and cab combinations, circuit overdriving, width, acceleration and deceleration control of the rotary speaker, horn/drum balance and more are included to give tracks the shimmer, charm, growl and character that are an unmistakable part of the Leslie sound.

Hammond USA Executive Vice President Peter Nguyen says, "We are pleased to work with IK Multimedia in bringing the authentic Leslie sound to their AmpliTube and T-RackS software suites. We believe they are the right company to accurately and faithfully deliver the timeless and classic Leslie tone on a digital platform."

The Leslie spokesman added, "There are many rotary speaker emulations. There's just one Leslie®."

With the combination of what IK asserts as its own "breakthrough technologies of Dynamic Interaction Modeling™, which can reproduce the subtlest interactions of an electronic circuit down to its tiniest component, together with Volumetric Response Modeling™, which recreates the real acoustic behavior of rotary-speaker cabinets," the goal of the IK and Hammond teams was to deliver "the true Leslie speaker sound without compromise."

Leslie — through its AmpliTube Leslie and T-RackS Leslie — claim to have "the distinct advantage over others with the circuit-modeled amplifiers that are critical to recreating the signature tone of these incredible units, especially when overdriving the amp circuit, typical of genres like rock and blues."

There are 5 amp models included: Leslie Type 147, Leslie Type 122 - vintage tube model; Leslie Type 122A - new tube model; Leslie 3300w - new hybrid amp and the Leslie G-37/Studio 12 - new hybrid amp.

In addition, all the speaker cabinets are faithfully reproduced using IK's "exclusive Volumetric Response Modeling™ technology," which is a combination of a new approach to impulse response recording, and what they say is "the best modeling technology currently available."

There are 6 rotary speaker models included: Leslie Type 147, 122, 122A; Leslie 3300w, Leslie G-37, Leslie Studio 12.

With this collaboration, they tell us, "Everything is under control." Here's how:

* The virtual microphones in AmpliTube Leslie and T-RackS Leslie can be repositioned.
* This affects the perception the listener will have of the rotation, or standard "doppler effect."
* Users can choose between a 90° mic position, which is the most common — giving a non-symmetric perception of the rotation — to the 180° mic position — which is less common — but heard on many famous recordings where it gives a more symmetric perception of the rotation.
* It is also possible to move the "virtual microphones" closer or farther from the cabinet for even greater realism when recording.
* There is a full parametric EQ to further shape the sound to fit a variety of musical ideas even better.

Changing the rotation speed of the horn and drum is also possible allowing users to adjust the range of speed from slowest to fastest for their ideal performance settings. Plus, it's possible to change the acceleration and deceleration speeds to control how quickly the speaker goes from "chorale" (slow) to "tremolo" (fast).

At NAMM, where instrument and gear dealers need all the info, there is a need to anounce "Pricing and availability."

* AmpliTube Leslie and T-RackS Leslie are expected to ship in March, 2018 and will be priced at $/€129.99* each.
* The Leslie Collection, which combines the AmpliTube and T-RackS versions, will be priced at $/€179.99.
* Upon release, the individual amps will also be available separately for $/€24.99 each.
* The cabinets will be available for $/€34.99 each.
* A single amp and cabinet, purchased together, will be priced at $/€49.99.

AmpliTube Leslie and T-RackS Leslie are available for preorder at a special introductory price of $/€99.99 and the Leslie Collection can be pre-ordered for $/€149.99. (See below.)

* - All prices exclude sales taxes.

There's more info about AmpliTube Leslie at:
Watch the video at:

For more info about T-RackS Leslie, go to:
Watch the video at:

More info aon the Leslie Collection is at:


# 5 NAMM news feature...

♪ After NAMM, there's DEW — Digital Entertainment World, in L.A. Feb 5 & 6

DEW is an event that has a dazzling array of "A" list speakers from the top-end of the entertainment, music, and digital sectors. It is wholly separate from NAMM, but we wanted to get the info to you promptly and in a forum that is high-interest and with extensive exposure.

Proclaiming that it is "Driving the future of connected entertainment," Digital Entertainment World is "a marketplace for global media and technology executives to evaluate the digital media landscape." This two-day event brings together leading industry executives from video, music, games and publishing — as DEW expresses it, "the entire digital content ecosystem."

Sponsors tell the Guide, "DEW is the place where content creators and owners, enabling technology providers, digital distributors and device manufacturers connect and create the infrastructure and technology partnerships necessary to monetize digital content."

Digital Entertainment World is owned and produced by Digital Media Wire. The DEW mission is "to provide a first-class platform for leading intellectual property rights holders from video, music, games and publishing to access the entire digital value-chain of technology and service providers, digital distributors and device manufacturers, to build the partnerships necessary to create and monetize digital content across all significant platforms."

Their 2018 Conference, Feb. 5 & 6, has quite an impressive lineup of speakers, as "Keynotes, Fireside Chats, and Featured Presenters." Have a look; they're listed alphabetically in each of two categories:

* Celiena Adcock, Head of Streaming-Entertainment, Facebook.
* Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President, Retail, Apple
* Erika Bennett, Global Head of Social Marketing, YouTube Shows
* Alex Collmer, CEO, VidMob
* Tony Emerson, Managing Director, Worldwide Media and Entertainment, Microsoft
* Mack Flavelle, Fat Cat, CryptoKitties
* Ken Hertz, Senior Partner, Hertz Lichtenstein & Young LLP
* Terry Hurlbutt, Vice President and General Manager of Digital, Good Morning America
* David Israelite, President & CEO, National Music Publishers’ Association
* Reza Izad, CEO and Co-Founder, Studio71
* Kathy O'Dowd, Product Lead, Advertising & Technology, Netflix
* Lisa Perrin, CEO, Creative Networks, Endemol Shine Group
* William Quigley, CEO, Clearstone Ventures, OPSkins, and WAX
* Brian Salzman, CEO, RQ Agency
* Ned Sherman, Counsel/Director, Mannatt Digital; Co-Founder, Digital Media Wire
* Greg Silverman, CEO, Stampede Ventures
* Jesse Sisgold, President & Chief Operating Officer, Skydance Media
* Colby Smith, Vice President, ABC News Digital
* Andrew Sugerman, Executive Vice President, Publishing and Digital Media, The Walt Disney Company
* Andrew Wallenstein, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Variety
* Josh Ygaudo, Founder, President & COO, Jam City

There are also the "2018 View from the Top" speakers:

* Håkan Andersson, Head of Technology Strategy, Ericsson
* Hanno Basse, Chief Technology Officer, 20th Century Fox Film Corp.
* Craig Barry, EVP & Chief Content Officer, Turner Sports
* Brandon Berger, Chief Business Officer, theSkimm
* Amanada De Cadenet, Founder & CEO, GirlGaze and The Conversation
* Kevin Conroy, President, Digital & New Platforms, Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)
* Justin Dellario, Head of Esports Programs, Twitch
* Ben Grossmann, Co-Founder, Magnopus
* Jared Grusd, CEO, HuffPost and Global Head of News & Information, Oath
* Scott Lindenbaum, EVP, Director of Digital Strategy, Deutsch
* Yvette Martinez-Rea, Chief Operating Officer, ESL North America
* Alex Morrison, President, Grey West
* Jim Packer, President of Worldwide TV & Digital Distribution, Lionsgate
* John Penney, EVP, Consumer Business Development and Partnerships, 20th Century Fox
* Derek Peterson, CTO, Boingo
* Sharon Rechter, President, Head of Business & Distribution, First Media
* Keith Richman, President, DEFY Media
* Ted Schilowitz, Futurist, Paramount Pictures
* Andrew Schneider, CMO, BAMTECH Media
* Lori Schwartz, Governor, Interactive Media, Television Academy
* Seth Shapiro, Governor, Television Academy
* Pete Vlastelica, President and CEO, Major League Gaming (MLG)
* Chris Young, SVP, Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab
* Shelley Zimmerman, Head of Awesomeness TV Studio, AwesomenessTV

Plus, there are more than 140 esteemed panelists, 14 "Startup Pitches" Judges, and five "Startup Pitches" presenters.

DEW 2018 happens at the Marriott Marina Del Rey, Feb. 5 & 6.

Complete info and registration to attend is at their site,



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