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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Today is "World Health Day." April 7 2018 edition

We have an entertaining music video, selected because it's perfectly appropriate for this special edition — you may even want to learn the song and add it to your repertoire! It's here for you in commemoration of "World Health Day," along with a few words. They're brief words, and we even feature a celebrity spokesperson. They're words about what it means to all of us in the only developed nation where citizens routinely lose their homes and property because they get sick or injured, and their belongings are seized to pay their medical bills.

First, THE MUSIC VIDEO. It's called "Less," which is a strange name for a good song — but it's one you'll want to share. It's at —

Welcome back, now that you've enjoyed and been empowered with some great quotable facts from the video. (By the way, thank Clifford J. Tassner for the lyrics and music.)

We have more, from Moore — Michael Moore, the filmmaker. He'll be along in a second, so stay with us.

WHO - ?

Since its founding on April 7, 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) has worked to rid the world of deadly diseases and other threats to human health. WHO keeps data on international health trends and concerns. On each World Health Day, WHO identifies a theme that highlights a critical international health issue. This year’s theme is ”Universal Health Care.” How appropriate. Healthcare NOT Warfare.

Someone we know asked Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore — producer of "Roger and Me," "Fahrenheit 9/11," "Bowling for Columbine," and the film in which our correspondent was one of the subjects, "SiCKO" — to share his thoughts on "World Health Day."

That's especially appropriate, since (as you probably know) "SiCKO" is a documentary about the U.S. healthcare "system" (which really is not a system at all, unless you're referring to a financial system, rather than something intended to provide health care to those who need it).

Our friend says, "I knew Michael would have something inspiring and insightful to say. She continues, "If ever you begin to doubt that [working as part of a community] is making a difference, consider Michael’s comments."

Michael Moore says:

"The World Health Organization must be wondering what prevents the United States from accurately identifying the one of the three leading causes of death of our children — homicide/assault (including gun violence) — as a public health emergency."

He continues, "The WHO must also wonder why the U.S. continues to allow the people of Flint, MI, to be poisoned by their own public water supply months and months” after the crisis there, and its cause, were identified.

Michael concludes, "On this World Health Day, the United States cannot lay claim to any honest desire to address the climate emergency during the precious years when we might still be able to save our planet from our own excess and abuse."


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