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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wednesday: Huell at 7, then "Strawberry Moon" ! Tonight, June 27 2018

FIRST, from 7-7:30 pm, KCET re-airs Huell Howser's 2007 visit to the FOLK MUSIC CENTER & MUSEUM in Claremont.

THEN, it's time for a dramatic celestial show.

Pam Wright wrote a piece for Here are the quickie facts so you can step outside, wherever you are, and behold the sky spectacle.

Stick with all 3 points so you won't miss Saturn!

* Tonight's full Strawberry Moon is said to be the most colorful moon of the year.

* The full moon will be at its peak at 9:53 pm PDT on the West Coast / 12:53 am EDT on the East Coast.

* It will be a double treat for sky gazers tonight! Saturn will be at its closest point of the year.

The full story is available at:


Back soon with lots of music news.

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