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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wed. night TV: Get educated about civil rights & the Supreme Court. Aug 29 2018.



And that's dangerous.

Take advantage of TONIGHT's trio of civil rights / Supreme Court-related TV specials for stuff you ought to know.

When Trump made his latest nomination for the US Supreme Court, Big Media was fixated to the exclusion of 'purt near everything else. That nominee remains unconfirmed, and opponents are counting on a successful game of delay through -- and past -- the midterm elections in November.

Yet Democrats continue to have no agenda other than to shout, "We aren't Trump!"

A Bernie Sanders-endorsed Democratic Socialist won the Democratic primary in the the Florida governor's race, and in November, will face the most Trumpian of all GOP candidates.

In New York City, Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez won her primary months ago, but still is not getting wholehearted support from the Democratic Party.

Simply put, Democrats of all varieties are counting on a "Blue Wave" to give them majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Yet their party is dysfunctional, at war with itself, and incapable of formulating a coherent, cohesive plan to govern while presenting an alternative to the three-branch rule of the Trumpian Republican Party.

Among the many things at stake are the future -- for decades to come --of the Supreme Court.

But what exactly does that mean? There are some fine opportunities in the next few days to learn about what the High Court is, what it does, and why everything we regard as our civil rights is determined by that one court of nine justices who are appointed for life.

In addition to CNN's new biopic, "RBG" premiering Labor Day Monday night, here are other shows we recommend,


Wed, 10-10:30 pm - "Fannie Lou Gamer: Stand Up" is a profile of the noted civil rights activist (1917-1977) tonight only on KLCS. It does re-air once, 4-4:30 am.

Wed, 10:30-11 pm - "The Education of Harvey Gantt" (2013) who became the first African-American student to attend a previously all-white school, Clemson Univ., in 1963, because the Supreme Court outlawed school segregation. On KLCS. Reairs once, 4:30-5 am.

Wed night, 11 pm-midnight - "Civil Rights / Thurgood Marshall" (2014) profiles the first black Supreme Court Justice. Has remarks by Justices Elena Kagan and John Paul Stevens, civil rights icon Vernon Jordan, and three biographers who have written books about him. On KLCS. No re-airings.


More soon.



Boilerplate? Where's the main pressure gauge? And the firebox?

What "boilerplate"? Who came up with that goofy term for the basic essential informational stuff...

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