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Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday news 'n doins' for the weekend. Oct 19 2018 edition

UPDATED EVENTS ARE HERE. Latest updates made 10:20 am Sunday, Oct 21. All becomes clear in the next few sentences.

This partic'lar edition, published Friday, is fresh news and a word of encouragement regarding some of it. Even for something that feels like castor oil.

But we certainly aren't shortchanging all the delightful tuneage that's out 'n about.

So the EVENTS, from FESTIVALS to CONCERTS to MUSICAL THEATRE to FILM SCREENINGS and more, are continuously updated in last Monday's big edition -- until the next big "events" edition. In fact, we added more there as recently as Saturday morning, Oct 20 (at the moment, that's our latest update, anyway). So, for the up-to-date events guide, just scroll down past the short Thursday edition, or use the url and go direct, to:

Now, on to the most recent NEWS edition.


news item # 1...


In his piece titled "Gimme Shelter: And Much More," published this week in the "Hollywood Progressive," Ed Rampell looks at a new film that goes right to the heart of unaffordable rents, redevelopment gentrification for the rich, greed from land barons to tax collectors with the real-estate-boom game, and how it all ends-up at the inevitable unintended conclusion -- homelessness.

Ed Rampell brings a unique perspective. He is an L.A.-based film historian/critic and co-author/author of four movie film history books, including “The Hawaii Movie and Television Book.”

Thus, Rampell is well versed in the impact of imagery and effective communication -- including those of too-easily ignored messages, and what it takes to awaken an audience by humanizing, and making you care about, its subjects.

In announcing the film's opening and special screenings, Rampell writes:

"French director RĂ©mi Kessler’s heartwarming documentary, 'The Advocates,' which was screened at the LA Film Festival 2018, is now being theatrically released. The documentary takes an insider look at a compelling crisis that seems to be mushrooming across Los Angeles far beyond the confines of Skid Row: Homelessness. The 86-minute nonfiction film focuses on a trio of L.A. organizers for whom the political is personal, as they work primarily for private organizations to assist the ever-expanding number of people living on the street. Sometimes there is public-private cooperation and people like these three activists are derisively referred to as 'do-gooders.'”

Four Places to See It

"The  Advocates" opens Fri, Oct 19, at Laemmle Monica Film Center with shows daily, at 1:20 pm & 7:20 pm. There's an additional show at 11 am on Saturday & Sunday.

Q&As follow the 7:20 pm show, Friday through Monday.

Details on the Q&A screenings at:

There are also several one-night screenings. Those happen at Laemmle’s Playhouse 7 in Pasadena on Tue, Oct 23; at Laemmle’s NoHo 7 in North Hollywood on Wed, Oct 24; and at Laemmle’s Town Center 5 in Encino, on Thu, Oct 25.

Plus... At 7 pm on Oct 25, Ed Rampell is co-presenting a screening of another worthwhile film, titled "In Dubious Battle," at The L.A. Workers Center, 1251 S St. Andrews Place, L.A., CA 90019.

Read Ed Rampell's original piece at:


news item # 2...


Our friends at "Songsalive!" sent us something late Thursday and we want to share with all our musician readers and creative types.

"Songsalive!" -- their name includes the exclamation point -- is the largest global nonprofit songwriting/performer-connectIng organization, and they have active chapters in Southern California.

Here's the "Songsalive!" message, as received:

We wanted to let you know about a great program where songwriters have been having success licensing their music to TV & film.

Chris SD is an award-winning music producer who has helped many of the artists he has worked with license their music. Because he uses the same proven steps over and over again to license music, he decided to help songwriters everywhere get sync placements. He recently helped an artist get $30,000 for one of her songs in the season finale of a show.

At Sync Songwriter, Chris offers a FREE music licensing workshop once a year that will show you exactly how he does it. Discover the proven steps to connect with the right people in music licensing.

- - - - - -

(Excerpt from the course website)

"I'd love to license my music, but I don't know where to start!"

If you've ever asked that question, this 4-part video workshop is designed just for you

- - - - - -

You'll learn:

WHY most musicians fail at music licensingWHAT works in the sync worldHOW to target your music for TV & film

This training is COMPLETELY FREE but his workshop is only up for a limited time so register now.


Skeptical? Need to dip in to quickie samples and testimonials to see it's worth your time? See how other musicians have had great success with this training, at:

Thanks to our friends at Songsalive! for being the conduit, and to Sync Songwriter for making this available.


news item # 3 --- a little help from, well, somewhere...


"It is, regrettably, no exaggeration to say that we are living in an era of irrationality, deception, confusion, anger, and unfocused fear -- an ominous combination, with few precedents. There has never been a time when it was so important to have a voice of sanity, insight, understanding of what is happening in the world."

-- Noam Chomsky, esteemed university professor, prolific author of influential and landmark books, and singular voice of global peace, understanding, and sanity.

This time around, he was speaking to promote awareness and readership for a fiercely independent daily online publication called "Counterpunch."

Prof. Chomsky continues, "CounterPunch has performed that essential service with unusual success. It is a matter of paramount importance to ensure that it will continue to do so, with even greater resources than before."

Despite appearances, this isn't a promo for Counterpunch, per se. But as always, we do encourage you -- every way we can -- to break free of the corporate mainstream media. That's wholly necessary to formulate any idea of what's really going on in the world.


We get it. Really, we do. Plenty of folks just get worn-down, emotionally exhausted, by the endless hyperbole. By the vilification, the accusations, the emphatically convincing actors, the push-button manipulation, on allllllll those political TV ads.

Others are beyond disgusted by the obscene amounts of money spent to slickly make, test survey, pre-market, and then air those damned ads -- which claustrophoically focus on some fear-based / anger-based, oversimplification; to the utter exclusion of all the real human need that goes unmet, while all that money goes into buying... that.

Of course, one technique is simply to keep track of who can afford a bunch of ads in the hyper-expensive L.A. media market. One friend always says, "If it's worth it to them to spend so much, they're the one's who'll make-out if they can brainwash people to go their way. So if I see a lot of ads, I just vote the other way on whatever it is."

Meanwhile your friends are insufferable zealots on behalf of, or in opposition to, candidates or office holders or issues or ballot propositions. And since you can't escape them this time of year, you've heard them drone on. And on. And on.

So it's not all that clear they really know what they're talking about. Or if they can apply any statistical data or real facts in a discussion of real-world issues. Or if they're just enamored with their own zealotry.

Forget about that. Just for a minute.

Midterm elections are traditionally poorly attended. People get elected with tiny portions of the population they are supposed to represent, and often don't.

In short, the only solution is to decide who is in the pockets of interests that fleece, exploit, or otherwise strive to enrich the few at the expense of you and your chances for a decent future.

We're already way past the chance for most of us to have a "prosperous" future, unless we can unite enough folks to change the hell out of things. A LOT of things. So we need to start with reclaiming our chance at just a decent future, and then work to build things from there.

Accordingly, as October nears its end, we have just TWO suggestions for everyone we know. Here they are.

One:  Blow past the excruciating distractions of mainstream media, its corporate-vetted "narrative," and get yourself some revelatory exposure to good, solid INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM that doesn't kowtow to rich and powerful interests. Matt Taibi. Chris Hedges. The Nation. LA Progressive. The Intercept. Counterpunch.

Two:  Get knowledgeable so you can sort-out what's really going on. Who's a shill for corporate donors and their self-serving legislative agendas. And find-out who, on the other hand, is fighting the good fight, working and striving tirelessly for struggling folks, for working people, for those mosaic-ing their ways through the gig economy to pay the rent, unable to afford decent (or any) health care, child care, more education, or a place to live that isn't enriching a landlord while screwing them half to death. That will bring you face-to-face, squarely, with politics and the issues. Then, actualize your ethics and vote on November 7.


If you missed it Tuesday, here's the link to WILLIE NELSON's new song,

"Vote Em Out"

video link:

PLUS, we published the lyrics and chords for you at the very end of Tuesday's edition, and that's still easily available.



That's all for this edition. Stay tuneful!



We'll be back again soon with music news and more "News of the Non-Trumpcentric Universe." (c)



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