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Friday, August 16, 2019

1969 PHOTOS ADDED! Woodstock at 50 -- what happens this weekend to mark it. Special edition, Aug 16-18 2019

(Most recent photos added Saturday morning, 11:21 am.)
This WEEKEND is loaded with FESTIVALS, CONCERTS, and more, even some ARTIST WORKSHOPS. All THAT is in our many-times-updated August events edition that you can get fast 'n free, by clicking right HERE!

It's also THE ANNIVERSARY OF WOODSTOCK, and we have SPECIAL COVERAGE with LOTS of PHOTOS from the 1969 event!

First, our piece on the 50th anniversary and what it means, is

"Music history, legend, and myth: Woodstock, August 15-18, fifty years ago"

reachable by clicking the title above.


"Easy Rider" L to R: Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson

Remembering Hollywood icon Peter Fonda

On the second day of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, PETER FONDA, an actor who rose to fame in the same year, left us. He will always be best remembered for his role in the 1969 counter-culture classic "Easy Rider," though his career would, years later, include an Oscar-nominated role in "Ulee's Gold" (an award he lost to his "Easy Rider" costar). Peter Fonda died Friday of complications from lung cancer. Though his screen persona will keep him forever young, he was 79 years old. Watch the Jeff Glor report on "CBS this Morning Saturday" (2 min 27 sec video; ignore the app stuff and just press play).


There's MUCH more you won't find anywhere else...


Because we've got to get ourselves back to the garden...

Loaded with photos from this weekend -- 50 years ago.
The festival moved, chased-out by
residents who feared "a hippie invasion,"
before it landed in Bethel, NY
(Click to enlarge image)


Sun, Aug 18:
4 pm - WOODSTOCK REUNION TRIBUTE at Alvas Showroom, 1417 W 8th St, San Pedro CA 90732; 310-833-7538;
*  You can't hop in a time machine, but you can imagine the stars of Woodstock on the actual 50th Anniversary of that amazing event that rocked the world.
*  Woodstock Reunion Tribute band brings to the stage reimaginings of Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, David Crosby, Jimi Hendrix, Ian Anderson, Grace Slick, and Keith Moon, and also pays tribute to CSN&Y, Canned Heat, and more.
*  Since the giant reunion concert back east was cancelled, this is likely to be as good as it gets.
*  With:
  • Myke Jones – Guitar, Vocals (Hendrix)
  • Larry Rousseve – Guitar, Vocals (Carlos Santana)
  • Michelle Tutthill – Vocals (Janis Joplin)
  • Ori Huberman – Bass, Vocals (Crosby)
  • Terry Brent – Drums
  • Michael Forbes- Saxophone, Flute, Piano, Vocals
*  TIX, $20.


The traffic jam paralyzed roads for 17 miles
and closed the NY State Throughway.
Above:; Below:


Sat, Aug 17:
6 pm-7 pm - "WOODSTOCK AT 50" (2019) is a new CNN special in which reporter Bill Weir journeys across America to talk to musicians who played the legendary festival in 1969. (No re-airing scheduled.)


On TV, PBS...

Sun, Aug 18:
5 pm-6 pm - "WOODSTOCK: 50 YEARS LATER" (2019) repeats last week's documentary about how the festival happened, which is fascinating, but the filmmakers' inability to pay the crushing music royalties keeps the soundtrack devoid of all the iconic performances. On KCET-LINK.


The really BIG presentations: 

On TV & online...

WOODSTOCK on TV and ON-DEMAND online: are on -- are you ready for this? -- C-SPAN-!

"MICHAEL LANG: THE ROAD TO WOODSTOCK" (44 mins, taped 7/25/09 in the "HISTORY BOOKSHELF" series).
*  Michael Lang talked about his memoir "The Road to Woodstock: From the Man Behind the Legendary Festival" (Ecco; June 30, 2009).
*  A co-founder of the Woodstock Music Festival, he recounts the creation and execution of the concert including the booking of the acts, several of whom were unknown at the time, and the procurement of Max Yasgur’s farm in upstate New York that would be used as the concert venue.
*  He talked with his co-writer, Holly George-Warren, and then they both responded to questions from members of the audience.
*  Michael Lang is currently the head of the Michael Lang Organization, which manages live-event and film and theater productions. Mr. Lang has produced several other festivals, including the concert at the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and Woodstock '94.
AIRS: Sat, Aug 17, C-SPAN-2, 6:16-7 am; &
     Sun, Aug 18, C-SPAN-3, 1-1:45 pm; 11-11:45 pm.
(5 mins, Taped 7/31/19).
*  Wade Lawrence, director and senior curator of the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Museum, describes how the three-day rock concert ended up in Bethel, 60 miles from the town of Woodstock, and how it became a historic site.
AIRS: Sat, Aug 17, C-SPAN-3, 8:55-9 am; &
    Sun, Aug 18, C-SPAN-1, 1:31-1:36 pm; 11:45-11:50 pm.
(53 mins, taped 4/28/16).
*  Country Joe McDonald and Peter Yarrow talked about the role of music in the anti-Vietnam Warmovement. Mr. McDonald performed with “Country Joe and the Fish.” Mr. Yarrow was a member of “Peter, Paul and Mary.”
*  “What are We Fighting For” was a panel at a three-day “Vietnam War Summit” held at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas.
AIRS: Sat, Aug 17,  C-SPAN-2, 1:45 pm; &
   Sun, Aug 18, C-SPAN-3, 11:50 pm-12:45 am.

*  The 1969 Woodstock Festival's co-creator Artie Kornfeld talked about the historic three-day concert that attracted nearly half a million people to a dairy farm in upstate New York.
*  He recounted details of how Woodstock came together, signing the musical artists, and the concept and business arrangements for the documentary film.
*  Mr. Kornfeld is the author of “The Pied Piper of Woodstock.” The interview was conducted by Greg Peterson, co-founder of the Robert H. Jackson Center.
AIRS: Sun, Aug 18, 1:55-2:30 pm on C-SPAN-3.

"FEMINISM AND 1960-1970s POPULAR MUSIC" (1 hr 15 mins, taped 4/1/14).
*  Indiana University history professor Michael McGerr talked about women and feminism in 1960-1970s popular music.
*  This class was from his course titled “Rock, Hip Hop and Revolution: Popular Music in the Making of Modern America, 1940 to the Present.”
*  This program contains language that some viewers may find offensive.
AIRS: Sat, Aug 17, 5-6:15 pm & 9-10:15 pm on C-SPAN-3; Sun, Aug Aug 18,  C-SPAN-3.

"GENDER AND 1960s ACTIVISM" (1 hr 10 min , taped 4/1/19).
*  Stevenson University Professor Jamie Goodall taught a class about female activists and the 1960s civil rights movement.
*  She focused on several women in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee who held leadership roles and the challenges they faced.
AIRS: 8:55-10:05 am on C-SPAN-3.

"COMMUNISTS ON CAMPUS" (55 mins, 1970, shown in the "REEL AMERICA" film series).
*  This film presents a critical look at a July 1969 Revolutionary Conference in Oakland, California and argues that radicals seek a socialist-communist overthrow of the U.S. government.
*  The entire counter-culture was seen by the Nixon-Agnew "Silent Majority" as being a bunch of "Pinko commies," so including this film was inspired.
AIRS: Sat, Aug 17, 7-7:55 pm on C-SPAN-3; &
   Sun, Aug 18, 1-1:55 pm on C-SPAN-3

"DISTANT DRUMMER, A MOVABLE SCENE" (26 mins, 1970, show in the "REEL AMERICA" series)
*  Narrated by actor Robert Mitchum, this documentary takes a sympathetic yet critical look at the 1960s counterculture movement and argues against drug abuse.
AIRS: Sun, Aug 18, 8:20-8:44 am, 3:38-4 pm, 7:55-8:21 pm on C-SPAN-3; repeats at 4:44 am.


Photo special section: four days at Woodstock in August, 1969, selected from dozens of archives...

Photography in 1969 was done with film, and newspapers and most magazines ALL shot black & white. A lot of the color film of the time was not stable over time, using organic dyes. In addition, the emulsion on color transparencies (slides) proved tasty to tiny bugs that are still eating the history of the 20th century.

Keep in mind with the first three photos, the Woodstock stage was huge.
Top & just below:

Richie Havens improvised what would become his signature piece --"Freedom" -- because
he was forced to open the festival and hold the stage until other acts could arrive. 
And he had already played every song he knew. NPR photo
Baron Wolman photo

"What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for four-hundred-thousand." - Wavy Gravy.
The Pig Farm, a West Coast commune, was hired to do security, but coordinated food when
all the vendors ran out. The townsfolk of Bethel delivered tens of thousands of sandwiches.
Wavy Gravy's crews cooked rice and muesli in new 55-gallon trash cans.
Above:; below: Life magazine

Exuberant energy and complete exhaustion -- some chemically augmented -- characterized
Woodstock, in the audience and on the stage. Musicians (included top headliners) took 

the main stage -- as well as the forgotten-by-history camp stage -- day and night, almost nonstop. Above & next two below:

Some had tents, others just fell asleep anywhere.
Grungy from the long hikes (from wherever cars were abandoned alongside
hopelessly clogged roads), pre-rain dust and post-rain mud, a farm pond 
swollen by rain runoff became a legendary swimmin' hole.
Max Yasgur's Farm was a dairy farm, and Woodstock was held on its cattle feed crop field.
The cows apparently enjoyed the music. Baron Wolman photo.
From '60s gonzo journalists to The Who's "Magic Bus," converted school buses remain
a key symbol of the mobility, wanderlust, and portability of protests of the counter-culture.
Yes there were Flower Children. The "Summer of Love" launched two years earlier at the
Monterey Pop Festival popularized a song asking if you were going to San Francisco "With
flowers in your hair." Note the John-Lennon-lookalike with his BANJO at Woodstock. musicfestivalfashion.wordpress
In the age before generic face-painting booths or pop-tops, searching
for a "church key" can opener with uniquely adorned eyes 

was a way to make friends.
Melanie Safka, who performed and recorded as Melanie, was a favorite. Why isn't she
remembered among the '60s biggest stars? She should be.
The final act, awakening those still there on the morning of August 18th,
was the incomparable Jimi Hendrix. His rendition of the Star Spangled Banner
at once married the pomp to the militarism, incorporating the exploding bombs
and evoking screams, destruction, and chaotic firefights of a distant war in Vietnam.

Some of the crowd stayed to tackle the debris. Such things are organized in advance
these days. At Woodstock, it was a spontaneous realization of need.


Of the four or five million who claim to have 
been there (and weren't), if you meet this 50-
something woman, here's the proof she was.
That'll do it for our special WOODSTOCK 50th coverage.

Remember -- this WEEKEND is loaded with FESTIVALS, CONCERTS, and more, even some 
ARTIST WORKSHOPS. All THAT is in our many-times-updated August events edition that you can get fast 'n free, by clicking right HERE!

As always, we have lots of MUSIC NEWS features in the works, and they'll be along as we get them dressed, shoes tied, cowlicks combed down, bowties cranked straight, and strings tuned.

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Stay tuneful!

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