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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Doin's. Three-day weekend festival. Thursday night tunage. Juneteenth Friday. June 18th-21st, 2020.


Tues, Jun 23, on cable / satellite / & ONLINE:
8 am Pacific (on into the day) --
Dr. Fauci, Dr. Redfield, and Dr. Hahn Testify on Federal Response to Pandemic.
These three key members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force -- who have been muzzled in recent weeks -- testify at the House Energy & Commerce Committee about the federal response to the pandemic. Live on C-SPAN, C-SPAN Radio &

Tue, Jun 23:
Noon Pacific --
play their only live show this month (and on very short notice), their "Six Feet Apart #4" live via YouTube.
*  Tracy says, "We're celebrating songs that start with the letter 'B'! Big fun!"
*  They have tip jars at and Venmo @tracygrammer.
* Click the link below to watch the show.
*  If you miss out, these shows are archived at the same link to enjoy anytime:

Tue, Jun 23:
1 pm-2 pm Pacific --
Live Today on "Teaching Space With NASA"
* It's a virtual education workshop from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Teaching Space With NASA - Engineering the Perseverance Mars Rover

In this one-hour live workshop, NASA experts provide an in-depth look at the engineering behind the Perseverance Mars rover. Learn about the rover's cameras, wheels, brains and more from JPL Systems Engineer Matthew Smith, and find out how the parts of the rover work together to accomplish the mission’s science goals. Plus, get an inside look at how JPL engineers designed, built and tested Perseverance, NASA's most technologically advanced rover yet. With a focus on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) engineering practices, learn how lessons and activities from JPL’s Education Office can get students doing their own engineering projects, whether they are learning in a traditional classroom, summer camp or online.

New edition coming soon. Meanwhile, you can still catch-up on the latest that we've reported. Just scroll on, McDuff...

SUNDAY content added. 
Before that, Saturday was updated twice, and before THAT, Friday's MUSIC ON TV (some of it WEB SIMULCAST) was added since this edition was originally published. And each time, the line above (that's now for Sunday) told you first thing about what was newest.

We were here in time to tell ya... Thursday night's live online events are (were) first-rate, taking us into Friday's three-day FESTIVAL (running through SUNDAY)

Plus, we told ya where to find a JUNETEENTH celebration near you.

(All previous editions remain available, back to when Lassie was a lil' bitty puppy dog and Napoleon was a private. Scroll down below this edition for the recent past, or use the left side navigation panel for our distant-past musicological time machine. Don't see that left-side panel? Just re-click into the site and click the popup button for "view web edition" -- which is always better for all the photos and formatting features, anyway.)

Welcome to our "first-weekend-of-summer" edition!


Yes, parody IS part of the Folk-Americana Music tradition...

Image received from a friend who is a retired daily newspaper editor.

It inspired our editor to write new lyrics:

"O-kla-covid where the vi-rus floats on the harangues..."

This could be the biggest production number since "The Producers." You remember "Springtime for Hitler"-?

Does he, uhh, hope his message goes viral?



And here's a cartoonist with one of those pictures that's worth a thousand words...


In memoriam -- you really need to know her

Dame VERA LYNN, iconic singer of the World War II anthem, "We'll Meet Again," died today at age 103.

She made the 1939 British song so famous -- music and lyrics composed and written by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles -- that it also became an enduring hit in the U.S., resonating with soldiers going off to fight and their families and sweethearts.

The daughter of a plumber and a dressmaker, she nearly died in a pandemic at the age of two, and was sent to an isolation unit for three months. As a result, her mother was very protective and didn't allow her to visit friends or play in the street for a long time following.

During the war she toured Egypt, India and Burma giving outdoor concerts for the troops, earning her the sobriquet, "The Forces' Sweetheart." She remained popular after the war, appearing on radio and television in the UK and the United States.

If you're sensing familiarity in another context? Well, there's plenty.

On their 1979 album, "The Wall," Pink Floyd included a song titled "Vera." It is a tribute to Vera Lynn and the song "We'll Meet Again," and includes the lyrics, "Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? / Remember how she said that / We would meet again / Some sunny day?"

Not a 100 song box set, but a Top-10 album for her 100th birthday.  Before that,
she was featured by PINK FLOYD on "The Wall." She died Thursday at age 103.
Roger Waters & co weren't content to stop there. "We'll Meet Again" was also used as an intro to the live performances of "The Wall" in 1980 and 1981 (as can be heard on "Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980–81"). And the 1982 film "Pink Floyd – The Wall" opens with "The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot," performed by Lynn.

The 2017 film "Kong: Skull Island" featured Vera Lynn's song as the mission survivors leave Skull Island. Timeless songs do resurface even after Pink Floyd, sometimes in bizarre contexts.

Fortunately, that's not all. Dame Lynn remained active well into her senior years. In September 2009 she became the oldest person, at age 92, to hit No. 1 on the British album charts with "We'll Meet Again: The Very Best of Vera Lynn." Then, to mark her centennial year, she released another album, "Vera Lynn 100." It reached No. 3, making her the first centenarian performer to have a Top 10 album in the charts.

Her list of honors simply beats anybody, from a preserved steam locomotive and new Woolrich Ferry boat both named for her to every British music and arts honor, hefty lists of honorary advanced degrees from top universities, to the top honor from the Netherlands and a flotilla of honors from Britain including the one that made her "Dame" Vera Lynn in 1969.

She devoted much time and energy to charity work connected with ex-servicemen, disabled children and breast cancer. She was held in great affection by Second World War veterans and in 2000 was named the Briton who best exemplified the spirit of the 20th century.

Check out the music video of her performance from the 1943 musical feature film named after the song,  "We'll Meet Again," at:

Then invest three minutes in one of her other hits, illustrated with nice period inagery and an informative lil' write-up, "(They'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover" written in 1941 by Walter Kent and Nat Burton:

If you thought that era was all Bing Crosby and Glenn Miller and Bob Hope, prepare to have your world expanded. What a legacy.


Thursday, June 18th


THOUGHT FOR TODAY from one born on this date...

"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian."

~ Paul McCartney,
singer-songwriter, composer, poet, and activist (born June 18, 1942)



Thursday's abundance of online events

Thu, Jun 18:
5 pm Pacific --

Acoustic Eidolon's YouTube Live Stream link

Our first mini-concert LIVE from our recording studio will be on YouTube Live today 6/18 at 6 PM MDT! The link is


Thu, Jun 18:
6 pm Pacific -- 
Via New Orleans "Off Beat"


Thu, Jun 18:
6 pm Pacific -- 
Via New Orleans "Off Beat"


Thu, Jun 18:
6 pm Pacific -- 
ejc salon


Thu, Jun 18:
6:30 pm Pacific -- 
Via New Orleans "Off Beat"


Thu, Jun 18:
7 pm Pacific -- 
Grand Annex Song Circle #3
Image: Song Circle Logo
Grand Annex Song Circle #3
Thursday, June 18 / 7 pm
A Zoom & Facebook Live event

For our third livestream Grand Annex Song Circle, we’ve invited a group of musicians from the Grand Annex roster to sing original songs based on the theme:

Songs of Joy & Escape
Grand Annex Song Circle 6/18 Lineup

JACOB JOLLIFF Named the National Mandolin Championship winner in 2012, Jolliff has since been a fixture in the national bluegrass community. He has collaborated and shared the stage with Sam Bush, Ronnie McCoury, and Chris Thile to name a few, and until recently, was part of the jamgrass giant, Yonder Mountain String Band.

Image: Bob Malone

BOB MALONE is known for his high-energy solo concerts, his recorded work with Ringo Starr, Bob Seger and many others, and as a long-standing member of John Fogerty’s touring band. Bob brings a one-of-a-kind high-energy piano hybrid of rock, blues and New Orleans R&B. 

Image: Abby Posner

ABBY POSNER A powerful singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Abby pairs her music with poetic lyrics that blur the line between folk and rock. Her music has been featured on TV soundtracks including the Fosters and This American Life and last year, she was part of the incredible line up selected to promote Ken Burns’ Country Music documentary.

Image: Andy & Renee

ANDY & RENEE Musical partners since college days, Andy Hill and Renee Safier, have carved out a musical niche for themselves in the LA and beyond. With their band Hard Rain or as a duo, Andy's songs pay homage to his musical influences - especially Van Morrison, The Band, and Bob Dylan. Renee's versatile voice moves with ease from delicate beauty to gritty rock-n-roll.


Logging into Zoom is Quick & Easy

If you RSVP'd for this Song Circle, follow these instructions to watch the show:

1. The Zoom invite will be emailed to you at 6pm on the day of the event.
2. Copy the specific password included in the Zoom invite.
3. Click on the link in the Zoom invite, insert the password and you're in!

If you did not RSVP,

watch from the Grand Vision/the Grand Annex Facebook page:

1. It's at:
2. Scroll down to the event; it starts at 7 pm PDT.
3. If you don't see the video right away, refresh the page or try navigating to the Videos tab.


Thu, Jun 18:
7 pm Pacific -- 
Via New Orleans "Off Beat"

Thu, Jun 18:
7 pm Pacific --

WATCH LIVE TONIGHT: "Making a Mars Rover" an event in the JPL / Caltech Von Karman Lecture Series

Making a Mars Rover
For tonight's live von Kármán lecture webcast, we'll hear what went into developing NASA's "Perseverance" rover mission and about using unique testing facilities on Earth to develop Mars rovers. 
* This webcast will be conducted via video conference, with speakers joining remotely from home. 
* Watch live via YouTube and submit your questions via the chat.


Friday, June 19th


THOUGHT FOR TODAY from one born on this date...

"Having been unable to strengthen justice, we have justified strength."

~ Blaise Pascal (born June 19, 1623, died 1662), French philosopher, mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer, Catholic theologian, and master of prose. He was a child prodigy who was educated by his father, a tax collector in Rouen.

Pascal is a perfect example of a human contradiction. Something we seem unable to reconcile in our polarized times:

He was an empirical, data-driven scientist who espoused pursuing intuitive religion through the heart rather than through reason. He laid the foundation for the modern theory of probabilities and formulated what came to be known as Pascal’s principle of pressure. Yet the religious doctrine of intuitionism he established had an impact on later philosophers all the way to the Existentialists.

(our thanks to A.Word.A.Day for the quote from Pascal)


Happy birthday today to 

Matt Cartsonis, American singer-songwriter, mandolinist, multi-instrumentalist, veteran of many bands from John McEuen's side man to the Austin Lounge Lizards, and he even crewed for Pete Server aboard the sloop Clearwater. Plus he's a very funny guy.


Friday is Juneteenth

Friday, June 19th, is Juneteenth. Every year, The Guide tells you about large, inclusive community events, filled with live music, food, workshops, living history and more, throughout Southern California to celebrate the day. This year, with the quasi-quarantine and COVID-19 death toll over 120,000 -- and the pivotal awakening following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, traditional Juneteenth celebrations are taking other forms.

Juneteenth is a day that honors freedom and resistance and perseverance by celebrating the day -- over two years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation -- when U.S. Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas.

One hundred fifty-five years ago today, Gen. Granger announced the Civil War had ended and all the slaves held in the former Confederacy had already been freed. It was two months after the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee, the other remaining forces had surrendered in the meantime, and Confederate President Jefferson Davis had been captured. But not until Juneteenth did the last persons held in bondage in the former Confederacy learn that any of that had transpired, and know that America's promise of freedom finally applied to them.

Six months later on December 6, 1865, the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified by Congress and signed by President Andrew Johnson, marking the official abolition of slavery throughout all of the United States -- which, by then, meant abolition in the slave states that had not left the Union in the Civil War.

Beginning the following year, on June 19th -- and every year after -- parades, parties, and celebrations of progress have taken place in Texas. They have since spread across the country, making “Juneteenth” (a combination of June and Nineteenth) the day that most states commemorate black emancipation, liberation and independence.

In a very real sense, it is a more valid date of freedom than the Fourth of July. Because on July 4, 1776, America's slaves and indentured servants were not freed by the Declaration of Independence, and would not be for another 89 years.

Juneteenth is a day of celebration of black freedom and independence, and it's the perfect day to stand together in solidarity and demand structural change.

Yvette Simpson, CEO of Democracy for America, says "The calls for true, meaningful reform to our system of justice and law enforcement have never been stronger. For the first time, millions of Americans are finally seeing with their own eyes the systemic racism at the heart of our institutions."

Protests and marches for justice are taking place in all 50 states, in DC, and around the world. You can raise your voice in solidarity in the fight for meaningful change.


Music for the day

"Lift Every Voice and Sing" – often referred to as the Black national anthem – is a song written as a poem by James Weldon Johnson in 1900 and set to music by his brother J. Rosamond Johnson in 1905. It became one of the most cherished songs of the African American Civil Rights Movement.

Watch Aretha Franklin perform it live:

Or watch the live, slower tempo all-vocal rendition by the Oakwood University group, Committed, at:

Either one will move you.

As for attributions...

It leaves us incredulous. The Orange Imbecile issued a tweet on Thursday taking personal credit for making Juneteenth famous, adding, "no one had ever heard of it" before him. You know it isn't about him. We know it isn't about him. He is the only one who doesn't know it isn't about him. How pathetic that after all the struggle and the strife, a usurper with a sense of entitlement (to everything) would try to parachute-in and bask in his own gaslight.

May your observance of the day be joyful and meaningful for you and yours.


Festival -- Friday through Sunday 


Starts Friday... 3 days of music

Live Oak 2020

Your Guide to Live Oak 2020
7 easy steps

1. Tune in June 19-21, 2020
Listen on your radio or stream online.

2. Camp in place
Pitch a tent anywhere you are.

3. Buy a tee
Ya gotta get a tee. Go to store

4. Bid in the auction
Cool art and gifts to commemorate the weekend.
Visit Auction

5. Support the vendors
Visit the Vendor Village

6. Donate
Support public radio station KCBX and Live Oak with any amount.
Donate now

7. Have fun!
Probably should have been step 1.
1. Tune in

Tune to KCBX Public Radio FM
90.1 FM San Luis Obispo
89.5 FM - Santa Barbara
91.1 FM - Cayucos
95.1 - Lompoc
91.7 - Paso Robles to Salinas
90.9 - Santa Ynez, Avila Beach, Cambria

Stream audio online at

or WATCH it at

or ask your smart speaker to “Play KCBX.”

View live performances at

Friday, June 19th
Music from the archives 9:00 AM - 12 noon
Twice Cooked Jazz Trio 6:30 - 7:30 PM  LIVE 
Music from the archives 7:30 - 8:30 PM
Próxima Parada 8:30 - 9:30 PM  LIVE 
Music from the archives 9:30 - 10:30 PM
Vincent Bernardy (Featuring Tracy Morgan & Noah Coltin)
10:30 - 11:30 PM  LIVE 
Music from the archives 11:30 - midnight

Saturday, June 20th
Music from the archives 12:00 noon - 6:00 PM
Bear Market Riot 6:00 - 7:00 PM  LIVE 
Music from the archives 7:00 - 8:00 PM
Moonshiner Collective 8:00 - 9:00 PM  LIVE 
Music from the archives 9:00 - 10:00 PM
Resination 10:00 - 11:00 PM  LIVE 
Music from the archives 11:00 - 12 midnight

Sunday, June 21st
Music from the archives 12:00 noon - 6:00 PM
Ynana Rose 6:00 - 7:00 PM  LIVE 
Music from the archives 7:00 - 8:00 PM
Café Musique 8:00 - 9:00 PM  LIVE 
Music from the archives 9:00 - 10:00 PM
The Monroe – Duo 10:00 - 11:00 PM  LIVE 
Music from the archives 11:00 - 12 midnight

Get more details about the archive music schedule at

2. Camp in Place

Make the most of this weekend by camping in your safe spaces, whether that's your backyard, your driveway, or your living room. Share your setup with us by using the tag #liveoakontheradio on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

3. Get your Live Oak
'On the Radio' Tee

4. Bid in the Auction

In addition to sharing some of the best performances in Live Oak history, the public will have the opportunity to connect and shop with past Art Walk artisans and Marketplace vendors through the Live Oak website, There will also be an online auction featuring items donated to help raise money to support the festival, including the 2020 Live Oak quilt made by Dorothy Deis, art from local artists and items from local businesses.

The 2020 Official Live Oak Quilt

Take a peek at the 2020 Live Oak Quilt by Dorothy Deis.
5. Support the Live Oak Vendors


Virtual Vendor Village

Take a virtual walk through the festival's Vendor Village and support them how you can.

The festival says, "Our vendors are a large part of what makes Live Oak work each year. Not only does their participation support the festival financially, they also are a big reason why people love to attend. Along with vendors from our concessions area, our Art Walk vendors are local craftspeople and artists who capture the whimsy and creativity that is the essence of Live Oak."
6. Donate

Support the Live Oak Music Festival and KCBX Public Radio

The Acoustic Americana Music Guide is proud to endorse this festival each year, and enthusiastically invites you to contribute to it in this singularly tough year. The festival is the chief fund raiser for absolutely wonderful public radio station KCBX. Their programming features Folk-Americana, honky-tonk, acoustic renaissance, and world music, and they host live in-studio performance-interviews with musicians and bands year 'round. You know THAT deserves your support, so give 'em a few bucks!

They're raising money to help offset the financial loss to Live Oak and KCBX this year. You can help by donating any amount now. Go to or click the button below to make a donation. 

       7. Tune-in on the web and ENJOY!


More happening Friday...

Fri, Jun 19:
3 pm Pacific --
Zoom Awards Ceremony (text as received from the event)

Alternate text
For our zoom awards ceremony celebrating our virtual golf event honoring our 7th Annual Smokey Robinson Invitational Golf Tournament

Good news- Everyone is invited!

You can also RSVP for the awards ceremony by clicking below or email to receive the zoom link and join via zoom
Click below to view all our auction items: 
Text the word SMOKEY to the number 41444 to donate now or click below:


Friday music on tv / partly web simulcast

Fridays are the day / night for RFD and for Los Angeles PBS station KLCS to air their regularly scheduled music performance programming. Both are heavy on roots music, so being stuck at home on any Friday ain't all that bad, if you have a Tee-Vee or web access with the right package.

All times PDT.

On RFD, satellite / broadcast / cable:

2-3 pm - "Big Joe Polka Show" from 2016

3-4 pm - "Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour" (on tv) theme is "Songs of Rural America" from 2019

4-4:30 pm - "The Jimmy Sturr Show" from 2013

4:30-5 pm - "The Duttons Through the Years" new 2020 episode

5-6 pm - "Country's Family Reunion" from Jan 2020, "The Very Best of CFR"

7:30-8 pm - "The Statler Brothers Show" a new 2020 compilation from past seasons

8-8:30 pm - "Country Legends: Grand Ole Opry Stars of the '50s" - Ernest Tubb, Ferlin Huskey, Jimmy Dickens, Minnie Pearl, Rod Brassfield, Grand Ole Opry Squaredancers.

9-10 pm - "Country's Family Reunion" repeat of 5 pm

On KLCS, broadcast / global WEB SIMULCAST:

8-8:30 pm - "Bluegrass Underground" (2019) Steve Earle & The Dukes
     Repeats 2-2:30 am

8:30-9 pm - "Sun Studio Sessions" (Feb 2020) The Wealthy West
      Repeats 2:30-3 am

9-10 pm - "Austin City Limits" (2019) indie rockers Vampire Weekend
      Repeats 3-4 am

10-11 pm - "Front and Center" (2019) indie folk band The Head and the Heart
      Repeats 4-5 am

5-6 am (Sat) - "The Kate" (May 2020) Kandace Springs and her all-girl band

Elsewhere on tv Friday:

2-3:50 pm - "The Eagles: Hell Freezes Over" (1994) on AXS TV

8-9:30 pm - "American Masters" profiles Mae West in a new June, 2020 edition



Saturday, June 20th


Today is the Summer Solstice, the first official day of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) and in terms of the length of time the sun is up, the longest day of the year. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, all that is exactly opposite, and they enter winter today. And with the need to process all the things lately that simultaneously present glaring opposites, it seemed like we could consider that, ancient as the whirling orb on which our species developed, stuff is just like that. Even when what you're trying to change is for equality of opportunity, fairness, equal justice under the law, and getting robocop military combat tanks out of the hands of "public safety" officers.


THOUGHT FOR TODAY from one born on this date...

"So at any given moment you're only the sum of your life up to then. There are no big moments you can reach unless you've a pile of smaller moments to stand on. That big hour of decision, the turning point in your life, the someday you've counted on when you'd suddenly wipe out your past mistakes, do the work you'd never done, think the way you'd never thought, have what you'd never had — it just doesn't come suddenly. You've trained yourself for it while you waited — or you've let it all run past you and frittered yourself away. I've frittered myself away.”

~ Lillian Hellman, from her book, "The Autumn Garden"; (born June 20, 1905, died 1984); American author, playwright & memoirist whose works won many honors and awards, she was a contemporary and the female counterpart of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Faulkner, and Hammett; she was also an effective leftist activist and union organizer who was Blacklisted during McCarthyism, and "a woman who could overcome the hurdles of her time and succeed on her own terms."

(our thanks to Garrison Keillor for the quote and directing us to her.)


In memoriam to a departed artist born on this date

Duane Thorin, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer; album, concert, and event producer, teacher and facilitator of talent. You are missed by many.


Music especially for this day

(1)  Sheryl Crow with Eric Clapton, Vince Gill & Albert Lee - 

"(Livin' on) Tulsa Time"

~ live at the Crossroads Guitar Festival, Bridgeview, IL, 2007

(2)  Jimmy Buffet

"Living and Dying in 3/4 Time" album; song with lyrics:

   "There'll be huggin' and sqeezin',
     A little pleasin' and teasin'
     And rubbin' of each others' head.
     So won't you dream on comrades
     Seems nothing affects you,
     Nothing, no reason nor rhyme.
     That's cause everyone here is just more than
     Contented to be living and dying in three quarter time."

(3)  Bryan Lewis

"I Think My Dog's a Democrat" music video

Because it's time for understanding that showmanship has nothing to do with science.




As Live Oak continues for 3 days (see the feature above), it's joined by this one-day online music fest

"Make Music Day" 2020, the American (and global) version of the original "Fête de la Musique" from France, finds a way

"Make Music Los Angeles" and "Make Music Pasadena," both big annual free music events, are pandemically cancelled like all the other expressions everywhere. Except this one, online.

New for this crazy year...

Fête de la Musique Californienne

Alliance Française de Pasadena has asked us  to invite you to participate in their first ever Fête de la Musique Californienne. Combining forces with Alliances Françaises de San Diego and Mexicali, they are presenting eight artist groups of approximately 20 musicians, representing 6 nationalities, to your screens on this very unusual, but very special Make Music Day 2020.

The music selection ranges from jazz, blues, pop, rock, and cumbia, performed in English, Spanish, and of course, French.

LIVE on Facebook on the event page and their Facebook page. "We look forward to seeing you there!"

They take advantage of the occasion to say "Don't forget, Summer Session I [of their French language, cooking, and culture classes] starts on Monday! If you have not yet registered for your classes, please do so now. Due to demande, we've added a new beginners' course for students ages 9-12."

Fête de la Musique Californienne:
The Line Up
Saori Jo
Saori Jo is a French artist who lives in Eastern France. Her singing style navigates between Paloma Faith and Kate Bush.

Find her on Facebook!
Big Boss Bubeleh
Big Boss Bubeleh is a guitar duo in San Diego. Their music is categorized as gypsy jazzy klezmer pop.

Find out more about them on their website.
Vincent Courtoy
Vincent Courtoy, Belgian-American electronic rock musician residing in San Francisco will be sharing a few hits from the set Young Spader.

Listen to his songs on Sound Cloud
The Razzmatazz
The Razzmatazz is a group from Mexicali. Singing songs in Spanish with a rock pop alternative style, listeners can't help but groove to their beats!

Enjoy their songs!
Sasha Boutros & Laurent Courthaliac
Sasha Boutros & Laurent Courthaliac will bring a soulful, jazz collection of songs. Sit back and enjoy the melodies of French classics.

Find them on the website.
Los del Ático
Los del Áticos, a group of 6 musicians was founded in 2014 in Mexicali. They play a range of musical styles from funk to rock, pop to bossanova, and jazz.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Véronique Forget
Veronique Forget, residing in San Diego, shares an incredible repertoire that has been influenced by jazz, bossanova, soul, and R&B. She has a love for the passion of French songs and excels in her interpretation of Edith Piaf.
Find her on Facebook and Instagram
Kumbia Katrina
Kumbia Katrina, hailing from Baja California will be sharing a mix of styles that combines cumbia and touches of Mariachi, Reggae, Rap, Ska, and Rock.

Their music will surely bring you out of seat to dance!


More happening Saturday...

Sat, Jun 20:
7:30 pm Pacific -- 


with Larry Blank and Michael Feinstein

Get your summer off to the right start by watching the premiere of our POPScast tonight at 7:30 pm! Resident Pops Conductor Larry Blank sits down with special guest Principal Pops Conductor Michael Feinstein to discuss the inner workings of the Pasadena POPS orchestra, plus archival footage of a special POPS moment. 

There's still time to make it a night and order dinner -- in the Pasadena, California area -- from Pasadena POPS restaurant partners' Claud & Co or Julienne. Both are offering special picnic packages to enjoy with each POPScast episode. Check their websites or call today: Claud & Co - 626.594.6377Julienne - 626.441.2299


Sunday's online musicality...

First, remember that the 
LIVE OAK MUSIC FESTIVAL runs through Sunday and we have a full feature, with each day's schedule, in the Friday section above. 

AndSunday is Father's Day. The big guy may not want to show his sensitive side, but he will be hurt if you forget.

Sun, Jun 21:
12:30 pm Pacific -- 
*  Live concert today on a.k.a. Marinawood
(12:30 pm US Pacific Los Angeles20:30 London, 22:30 Moscow, and she has fans all around the globe. The lovely Marina says, "Tune in even for a moment, and say hi!"
*  Request a song at link/requestMVsong
*  Her newest album "IN V MINOR" is now streaming everywhere and available at

Sun, Jun 21:
5 pm Pacific -- 
ANDY & RENEE play a "Happy Father's Day" show
*  Watch at
*  Make requests from their list of 470 songs; they get to as many requests as possible. See the list HERE, and send your requests to before the show.


Sunday's Music on TV

Sun, Jun 21:
8 pm-10 pm Pacific -- 
Was filmed a few weeks ago, as a 1,300-mile motor home road trip by musician HARRY CONNICK, JR, and his filmmaker daughter, with other musician guests joining-in to salute frontline workers in the Coronavirus pandemic. On CBS tv affiliates nationwide.

Sun, Jun 21:
8 pm-9 pm Pacific -- 
"JOHN LEGEND & FAMILY: A TRIBUTE TO FATHERS EVERYWHERE" is a musical variety show special for Father's Day. On ABC tv affiliates nationwide.

Sun, Jun 21, on tv w/ WEB SIMULCAST:
10 pm-11 pm Pacific -- 
"REEL SOUTH" airs the 2020 episode, "You Gave Me a Song," profiling folk pioneer ALICE GERRARD, who still performs. On KLCS and simulcast on



We have lots of MUSIC NEWS
features in the works, and they'll
be along as we get them dressed,
shoes tied, cowlicks combed down,
bowties cranked straight, 
and strings tuned.

Find a comfortable spot by the 

wood stove -- you'll prob'ly need to 
grab the cards for solitaire, since you 
can't have somebody over for a round 
of checkers. But we'll be along...
directly, from a safe social distance.
Direct from Cyberia.

On to the necessary boilerplate...

Boilerplate? What "boilerplate"? Where's the main pressure gauge? And the firebox? How do you add water so it won't blow-up?

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♪ The ACOUSTIC AMERICANA MUSIC GUIDE endeavors to bring you NEWS – and views of interest to artists everywhere – more specifically to musicians and the creative community and music makers -- and fans of acoustic and Folk-Americana music. That includes both traditional and innovative forms. From the deepest roots to today’s acoustic renaissance, that’s our beat. We provide a wealth of resources, including a HUGE catalog of acoustic-friendly venues (now undergoing a major update), and inside info on FESTIVALS and select performances in Southern California in venues from the monumentally large to the intimately small and cozy. We cover workshops, conferences, and other events for artists and folks in the music industry, and all kinds o’ things in the world of acoustic and Americana and accessible classical music. From washtub bass to musical spoons to oboe to viola to banjo to squeezebox, from Djangostyle to new-fangled-old-time string band music, from sweet Cajun fiddle to bluegrass and pre-bluegrass Appalachian mountain music to all the swamp water roots of the blues and the bright lights of where the music is headed now.
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