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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Virtual NAMM, Slack Key Festival live from Hawaii, a stamp of approval, and more. Sunday, January 17 2021 edition

You need what's in here. In fact, You've been waiting for it.

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Virtual NAMM: you're invited, this week


Join us this week at NAMM's Believe In Music week! It is a chance to see all of the products offered in the music industry, meet with reps from different manufacturers, watch artists perform, learn how to use gear, and much more.

In any other year, The Guide's team of photojournalists would bring you daily reports from the enormous NAMM Show. Now, the pandemic's virtual NAMM lets you register alongside us!

NAMM is excited to host a special session: a live interview with iconic singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge. In a conversation with NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond, they’ll explore how Etheridge has reinvented the way artists connect with fans. Lamond will also speak with Gibson President and CEO JC Curleigh about the state of the industry and guitar business, as well as leading in challenging times. 

Watch this interview and get access to more than 80+ hours of content, 1,000+ brands and 150+ sessions when you register.
Register Now

Click either link (above or below) and you will receive a registration email this Sunday (today!) from NAMM/Believe In Music. Once you have registered, you can check out the booths, meet with any of the reps including the Deering team whose schedule is below, and watch any or all of the daily sessions.



Kevin Nealon & Brian Kesinger Talk Banjos

Monday, January 18, 2021 3:00 pm ET / Noon PT


Deering Banjo Product Walk Through with David Vega

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 3:00 pm ET / Noon PT


The Versatility Of The 6-String Banjo with Brad Davis

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 3:00 pm ET / Noon PM


Anatomy Of The Banjo with Chad Kopotic

Thursday, January 21, 2021 3:00 pm ET / Noon PT

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14th annual Southern California 
Slack Key Festival

Livestreamed from Oahu, Hawaii

Let's kick off the new year like we always do - with a much-needed celebration of the aloha spirit!

January 17, 2021 2 pm Redondo Beach time
2021 festival artists: George Kuo, Makana, Jeff Peterson, Jim “Kimo” West, Bobby Moderow, Kamuela Kimokeo, Alan Akaka, Greg Sardinha, Pomaika’i & Malie Lyman

This is a free livestream event but I hope you will consider making a donation to support our artists in this time of canceled tours and gigs by clicking on this link to purchase a "ticket" in whatever amount you are able. All proceeds will be split evenly between the artists and Mana Maoli, the nonprofit handling audio & video production for this event, as well as livestreaming & social media.

Here are the links to catch the show - PLEASE SHARE with all your Hawaii and Hawaiian music loving friends and family.

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Montage Sunday live -- like those long-gone variety shows

Free: CUT and PASTE the link below into your browser.  Then enter the password to join.

  ***     Received revision late:  

(not as we originally received)

Pass word:   turbine

Here's a fun and entertaining evening - tonight @ 8PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Featuring Artists:

JAMES (Host) - Welcome and Turbine Info
CRAIG EASTMAN - Music - Craig's piece is on video.
TY FANCE -  poem
ROZ BROWNE - story

WhenSUNDAY, JAN 17th 2020.

Time:   8pm (PST)

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The Folk Tradition Remains Socially/Culturally Vital

Andy & Renee present a pair of themed music performances live online 

•  Special MLK Day Show Sunday, Jan. 17th, 4 pm PT (7 pm ET)v

•  Inauguration Day Show Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 7 pm PT (10 pm ET)

The superbly talented duo, leaders of the multiple-award-winning band HARD RAIN, tell us:

Please join us Sunday, January 17th for a special show in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King . We'll be doing some new songs in honor of the holiday celebrating Dr. King's birthday.

Andy & Renee Livestream #84
Sunday, January 17th, 4pm PT
Dr. Martin Luther King Day Show
Watch at

Andy & Renee Livestream #85
Inauguration Day Show
Wednesday, January 20th, 7pm PT
Watch at
Make requests from our list of 470 songs, and we'll get to as many requests as possible. See the list at, and send your requests to before the show. As you know, all our "In-Person" gigs have been cancelled for the last several months. We turned to doing Livestream shows to make a living and deliver the music to you. The shows are free to watch, but the option to tip us will be there for those who are in a position to do so, if you are enjoying the music. You can tip at, PayPal ( or Venmo ( A portion of the proceeds goes to the Los Angeles Midnight Mission. We are sustained by the generosity and support of the fans who love the music, and who tip as they are able.

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The best New Year's Eve Toast is even better RIGHT NOW

Speaking of Andy & Renee, their NYE show was excellent entertainment, punctuated with a meaningful toast that all of us can echo throughout this year.
Here it is:

The video... click the word "here"

The transcript...

Andy & Renee Toast NYE 2020



    Over the years, New Year’s Eve for Andy & I has been an almost entirely joyful expression, shared with and amongst our closest friends and biggest fans. And although we are separated geographically today, that’s still the essence of what we’re here for. But 2020 has been different, and so we thought it important to be serious, just for a few minutes, in a way that has never been a necessary part of our New Year’s protocol. We want to make a long toast, in remembrance, acknowledgement and ultimately hope. 



     So have your glass nearby, but don’t hold it up yet. On a personal note, we want to acknowledge those in the arts who’ve lost the means to do their art for a living. Those of you watching now have sustained us over this period, but there are many like us who don’t have you. Many artists prior to covidused their inspiration and effort learning and honing their abilities to write, perform, record, and somewhere along the way, to promote their live shows. Learning a whole other medium from scratch, while trying to attend to the music has been crushing to many talented people. And of course, there are whole artistic fields that don’t transfer to computer so well; the theater, dance, etc.



On the opposite end of the pendulum’s swing, it’s been inspiring to watch the ingenuity of the human race rise up, expand, sub-divide and branch out in a thousand ways – whether its been done to make money, raise money, create awareness or to maintain or deepen human connection.



Ingenuity Renee.

To the scientists, medical doctors and companies that created the covid vaccines. For their hard work. Through the lens of a microscope, there are a thousand failures and disappointments before a petri dish finally yields a single success. In this case, a success that carries on its infinitesimal shoulders the safety of the people on our planet. It takes a special kind of human being to understand the price of those victories in hours and sacrifice, and to dedicate their life to it anyway. 



To the doctors and nurses and medical personnel who put in long, dangerous hours; and who, through no choice of their own - and under the oppressive demands of quarantine - had to accept the mantle of a second, complex role of spiritual advisor or loving companion - to those who exited our world, otherwise alone. We lost so many. But so many more survived, and they owe a debt to you medical personnel that can never be repaid. In our hour of celebration we want to acknowledge that. 



And finally, to the people we lost along the way. The ones we know, and the ones we don’t. To the ones still battling, and who will battle in the coming year. If, like us, you’re at home in front of your computer right now, or at your TV, you’re one of the lucky ones. We celebrate with you this year, not in a drunken frolic, but with the deepest, most profound awareness that so far, we have made it through. Most of us are being careful and respectful of others, and will continue to be. But we are not chosen. We are lucky.  Cheers.


And as a bonus, here's their "2020 in Review" video... click the word "here"

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New & noteworthy in Americana music

New releases

Daniel Norgren


Amazon | Spotify
Various Artists

A Celebration of Leonard Cohen

Amazon | Spotify

Americana on your screen

Ross Cooper
"Freewheelin' Feelin'"
Ana Egge
"This Time"
Hiss Golden Messenger
Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno
"Love and Chains"

Parker Millsap
"The Real Thing"
Amy Speace
"There Used to Be Horses Here"
David Starr
"These Days"
Aaron Lee Tasjan
"Don't Overthink It"

Notable listenables
  • Balsam Range's world gets rocked on "Rivers, Rains and Runaway Trains," a driving, harmony-laced slice of bluegrass. Listen here

  • Ian Fisher switches it up on "It Ain't Me," a feel-good burst of soulful rock with fuzzy guitars to boot, taken from American Standards (out Feb. 19). Listen here

  • Lucero tell the tale of a brave soldier on "Back in Ohio," a rocking tribute that serves as another preview of When You Found Me (out Jan. 29). Listen here

  • Saugeye lay down their own spin on Malcolm Holcombe's "One Leg at a Time," a grooving preview of their upcoming self-titled debut (out Jan. 29). Listen here
  • Arlo McKinley dropped by NPR Music's World Cafe to discuss his affinity for Cincinnati, the jobs one takes to maintain a career in music and more. He also shared recorded performances from his latest album including "The Hurtin's Done." Listen here

  • "There is still so much sexism and homophobia in the industry." - Amy Ray opened up about challenging the industry's mold for women as one half of the Indigo Girls and finding relatability in music made by straight people as a queer artist. Read more

COVID-19 Music Industry Updates:

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This gets our stamp of approval

Believe it or not, here's GOOD News!

Wcould share a lot of fact-filled alarming news, and there is plenty of reason to be alarmed. Indeed, the more we learn about the organized groups who illegally invaded the Capitol, their intent of sedition on January 6th and beyond, and those behind all of it, the worse it gets.

But instead, I want you to know that the world's most influential teenager was just honored by the Swedish Parliament. 

That government just authorized a new postage stamp -- a cartoon depiction of Greta Thunberg standing alone atop a rocky promontory in her trademark yellow raincoat, her braids blowing in the wind. In the foreground is a bird in flight. The five-stamp series is part of the theme “Valuable Nature,” illustrated by Swedish artist Henning Trollback, and the stamps cost 12 kronor each ($1.40 US). They're available as of January 14th.

Proof of hope.

Here's the stamp:


Proof of the global influence of the movement she leads

The Biden-Harris transition team has nominated a cabinet that isn’t in the pocket of the oil and gas industry. In fact, for the first time in over a hundred years, this cabinet, if all its appointees are confirmed by the Senate, has NO champions of fossil fuel.

Greenpeace posted this image:

You may recall our story when she was named Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" for 2019. Greta Thunberg was also awarded the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity in July 2020. She used her $1.15 million in prize money to donate to organizations and projects working toward a more sustainable world and fighting to “defend nature and the natural world.”

Thunberg donated her prize money to organizations that include the SOS Amazonia campaign and the Stop Ecocide Foundation. Those donations came soon after she gave $100,000 in prize money to UNICEF, with whom she helped launch a campaign to support children affected the coronavirus, this past April.

All that was before she turned 18. When that birthday came this month, she tweeted:

"Thank you so much for all the well-wishes on my 18th birthday!

"Tonight you will find me down at the local pub exposing all the dark secrets behind the climate- and school strike conspiracy and my evil handlers who can no longer control me!

"I am free at last!!"

— Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) January 3, 2021

World-changing, world-saving socio-politics

It started with her every-Friday "school strike for climate action" outside the Swedish parliament. On the way to making politicians feel the heat, she founded "Fridays for Future" with millions of school-age children worldwide signing-up and taking action to put climate change on every nation's agenda of essential issues. 

In addition to countering America's Orange Abomination with better than the ridiculous cheap shot he took at the Swedish teenager and her charity work (he often characterizes those who engage in charity and self-sacrifice for others as "stupid" and calls them "suckers"), she doesn't mind making other powerful enemies.

In a new interview this month with London's The Sunday Times, Thunberg opened up about turning 18 and shared that her ideal birthday gift would be a "promise from everyone that they will do everything they can” for the planet.

The teen activist also explained that she stopped "consuming" things to help save the planet — including buying new clothes.

For those who don't know, the global fashion industry is one of the chief depleters of resources, top exploiters of labor often under brutal conditions in poor nations, and primary contributors of new, unused products that go into landfills just to maintain high retail prices.

In the interview, Thunberg said, "The worst-case scenario I guess I’ll buy second-hand, but I don’t need new clothes." That, to being asked about ever needing new clothing. "I know people who have clothes, so I would ask them if I could borrow them or if they have something they don’t need any more,” she said.

Moreover, the girl threatens the entire premise of mindless consumerism and endless "growth" as the only means to economic prosperity.

“I don’t need to fly to Thailand to be happy. I don’t need to buy clothes I don’t need, so I don’t see it as a sacrifice."

Greta's self-portrait as anti-fashion plate:

How does it feel to have a kid as the role model you know you should follow?

Around here, pretty damn hopeful.

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The coup: Something to send your incorrigible relative

A break from the final hours of the reality tv/horror movie of the past four years? That had been our intention. Except we share your concern for more politically-based violence. So, simple and direct, observable facts need illumination. 

A war correspondent from The New Yorker took cell phone video from inside the invasion of the Capitol. CNN played all 12-plus minutes of it Sunday morning. You think you can't be shocked by more images of January 6th, but this one is so revealing about so much. It's on YouTube, but at press time, the traffic there has kept us from watching it a second time. Here's the info:

The New Yorker: war correspondent Luke Mogelson's up-close 12 min 33 sec video of rioters smashing and stealing and intimidating cops inside the Capitol building includes their comments of "We're following Trump," and "Ted Cruz would approve."

"A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege"
By The New Yorker
January 17, 2021


Alternative link to watch the video:

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