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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Special bulletin - Acoustic Americana Music Guide

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Meanwhile, here's some fresh news:

TV show about WESTERN Music...starts tonight, March 30, 2010!

The first round of filming, sorting, and editing are complete. Meet "The Heart of Western Music." It is the brainchild of Scott and Linda Deal, and the idea is, well, sorta an “American Idol for Western Music.” Not pop, not country, not "country western" but Western Music...the music of the American West. But the big difference is, some of the leaders of the Western Music industry will listen to the newly discovered talents, folks just entering the Western Music arena, and instead of criticizing in front of the TV audience, they mentor, teach, encourage...and by golly, the concept is working!

The first episode airs Tuesday March 30, nationwide, at 7:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Mountain, 9:30 PM Central.
Find "The Heart of Western Music" on Direct TV Channel 344, or Dish Network Channel 230.

A huge part of the success if this project has been the generosity of the artists, and the Deal family, and if the network sees enough viewership, the show continues. And YOU can be a part of the success, by viewing the show if you have Direct or Dish, and by looking at the videos attached here. It is a BIG event for the future of Western Music.
Please do join us!
Here are the video links...share them with friends and family, as well as this email.
* Heart of Western Music Segment 1: Introduction of Stars and

* Heart of Western Music Segment

* Heart of Western Music Segment 2: Scofield'

* Heart of Western Music Segment 3: Juni Fisher, "Whippoorwill"

* Heart of Western Music Segment 4: Dave Stamey "Vaquero Song"

* Heart Of Western Music Segment 5:

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