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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Acoustic Americana Music Guide, NEWS FEATURES, March 19 edition


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March 19 edition



1) Artists Helping Japan Relief Efforts
3) Top Acts & Locals Play TEMECULA BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL, this Weekend
4) “JONNY WHITESIDE’S MESSAROUND” Presents Guitar Legend on Sunday
5) Bay Area’s SADDLE CATS to Play one L.A. Show, March 24
6) Local Irish Dancers to Compete in Dublin Championships
7) CELTIC ARTS CENTER Founder Succumbs to Cancer
8) NEW ORLEANS TRAD JAZZ CAMP Awards Scholarships
9) “GRAND OLE ECHO” Series Launches 6th Season, Sunday, April 3rd
10) BORDER RADIO to Host “Roots & Twang Night (Series) at Molly Malone’s”
11) “Sun Studio Sessions,” “Austin City Limits,” now Back-To-Back on KLCS
12) 2012 NAMM Show to Include 27th Annual TEC Awards
13) This Week’s Spotlight Events, in Quick Takes


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Here are this week’s news feature stories…

Our # 1 Story:


Japan. Libya. Bahrain. Yemen. Nuclear plant failures. Post tsunami wreckage. Revolts against despotic regimes. Brutal repressions. Strife, need, suffering. No one can be untouched by the convergence of news of people in dire circumstances, even as the moon makes its annual alignment exactly opposite the earth, and does that concurrent with its perigee (the closest point of its orbit with earth), an event that will increase its gravitational pull and produce the year’s highest tides on tsunami-ravaged coasts.

Many are overwhelmed simply by knowing about all this – after all, Californians live with the knowledge that a massive earthquake could happen here. Pacific Northwest residents are beginning to understand tectonic plate subduction zones like the Cascadia, off the Oregon-Washington coast, and the possibility of a tsunami there, given similarities to the epicenter of the quake in Japan.

Through it all, artists always seem to be among the first to step-up and take the lead in helping people in extreme need. We haven’t gotten through our avalanche of email to learn about everyone who has written to tell us they are helping by donating all or part of the proceeds from their CD sales, but we do know of two artists, and we salute them.

Two wonderful artists with excellent CDs – MARINA V and AMBER RUBARTH – have each let us know they are contributing to Japan relief through their donating money from their merch sales.

Marina tells us, “When I was a freshman in college I hosted a Japanese student in my dorm room and even chaperoned a group of Japanese students on a trip to Chicago. We had a great time learning about each other's cultures and my time with them was very special. This was the first time I tried sake, but more on that later :)) It's been heartbreaking to watch what's happening in Japan. The Red Cross needs all the help they can get to aid in the disaster relief efforts. So I thought I would try to help. GIVE A GIFT: When you buy ‘MY STAR’ CD as a gift for a friend, I will send you 2 albums (for the price of one, $10 +s/h.) I will donate 100% of all proceeds to the Red Cross, from today ’til Sunday, March 20th.” (

You’ll need to act fast on Marina’s offer.

AMBER RUBARTH is keeping hers open-ended. She writes, “All Album Sales go to JAPAN RELIEF FUND.‏ I'm on a short break in the studio and was reading the latest update about Japan, I wanted to send my love and compassion out, and see if we can do something together to help with this crisis.”

She continues, “100% of the money from my album sales on BandCamp until further notice will go directly to the Salvation Army Japan Relief Fund,” who, Amber tells us, currently has three emergency relief teams on the ground in Japan. She’s even more generous than you think. She explains that “BandCamp takes 15% which I will donate from my pocket as a thank you for your help, so 100% of the sale can go direct to relief efforts.” The link is

Amber continues, “‘Good Mystery’ and ‘New Green Lines’ are on sale for $8, you can donate more if you so desire. Thank you for passing this on to your friends and loved ones as well.”

Like Marina V, Amber Rubarth feels a personal connection with the people in Japan. She says, “JIM BLANCO and I toured Japan this last autumn at the peak of cherry blossom season. It made such an impression on me. I have a deep love for the country and have been studying Japanese in my spare time for the past year and a half. It breaks my heart to see all of these people displaced and suffering. I want to do my part to help. If any of you have other fundraiser ideas, please let me know… As Japan's Emperor Akihito said today, ‘I hope from the bottom of my heart that the people will, hand in hand, treat each other with compassion and overcome these difficult times.’”

Thanks, AMBER RUBARTH and MARINA V, for leading the way with generosity that comes directly from how you support yourselves as artists.


Our # 2 Story:


Erin can still go braugh. All day Saturday, March 19 (1 pm-11 pm), and a Guide “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick with shamrocks, ♣♣♣♣, it’s “PADDY FEST” at the Tam O'Shanter, “A Festival of Celtic Music -- Contemporary and Traditional -- and Celtic Rock,” with 7 great bands:

The Tam O’Shanter is located at 2980 Los Feliz Bl (5 blocks E of the 5 Fwy). Hot pub food served fresh, 3 bars; $15 advance tickets, $20 at the event.

More at!/event.php?eid=182326211812347&index=1.


Our # 3 Story:


The annual “OLD TOWN TEMECULA BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL” always includes something good in addition to bluegrass, and this year that’s posy-St.-Patrick’s-Day Celtic and Irish music from SLIGO RAGS. The event has grown to include a number of artists workshops and a Friday night concert. With the threat of rain this weekend, it’s a good thing one of the two stages is indoors – and in the community’s fine theater, at that.

Most events are free. The opening concerts, Friday evening, featured THE GRASCALS at Old Town Temecula Community Theater, while HIGHWAY 138 played two shows at Sweet Lumpy’s BBQ.


Saturday evening’s 7 pm concert requires a ticket, and features full sets from BYRON BERLINE, BLUEGRASS ETC., and SILVERADO at Old Town Temecula Community Theater (

Workshops for artists are both days (check schedule at their website, below). These feature:
Guitar with DAVID BURNS
Mandolin with JOHN MOORE
Bodhrain with ANDY REILLY

More info at and


Our # 4 Story:


This Sunday, March 20, the “Lucky 13 Edition” of JONNY WHITESIDE’s monthly series at the Viva Cantina / Viva Fresh welcomes “wah-wah overlord” DEL CASHER, along with “roots alchemists” THE SKIP HELLER TRIO, punker DAVE DRIVE & THE ZOOMIES, and “destructo-rock sensation” THE INGRATES.

The series is all ages, no cover, and Jonny adds, “No prisoners.” He says, “Strap on yer dribble cups to suck up this highly spiced burgoo of outright slash & burn chaos versus cool, controlled old school perfection.”

If you’ve already discerned that is mostly an electric affair, you’re right, but it’s built a good rep. Messaround’s self-described “Witch Doctor” Jonny Whiteside says he “ecstatically yields to popular demand” and welcomes back “the incomparable guitar stylist” DEL CASHER.

As Whiteside says, Casher was “The first visionary to adapt the wah-wah peddle unto a guitar (and the first to record with it), Casher is intimately conversant with the full spectrum of American music, from pure communicative jazz to frosty cocktail blues to rabble-rousing rockabilly. This is the cat who truly did the 1960’s Hollywood music business ‘A-Z’--as lead guitarist for GENE AUTRY’S MELODY RANCH by day and as hired hand for FRANK ZAPPA at the Whisky by night; an in-demand session player, who has cut with everyone from FRANK SINATRA to supplying the twang for TV’s ‘BONANZA’ theme and backing up ELVIS PRESLEY onscreen in ‘Roustabout,’ Casher's dazzling, wah-wah laced mastery is nothing less than mesmerizing.”

Whiteside adds, “Get-around singer-musician SKIP HELLER, the formidable, LES BAXTER-mentored stylist who has collaborated with the likes of Sun Goddess YMA SUMAC and Pachuco Boogie Godfather LALO GUERRERO, brings his crack trio, eccentric repertoire, decades of far-ranging experience and rare insider insight. The prolific and passionate Heller ranks as one of the West Coast's most discriminating and broad minded talents, a man whose innate hep quotient and well-chilled instincts guarantees a performance loaded with sizzle and sensitivity.”

Sitting-in or playing mini sets are DICK DELUXE, PAUL MARSHALL (I See Hawks in L.A.), & DAVID RAVEN, plus, adds Whiteside, “the inevitable surprise guest performers… it's yet another blow-top schizo-phonic session of the highest order.”

Jonny Whiteside’s Messaround is at Viva Cantina, 900 West Riverside Dr, Burbank 91506;; it’s 5-9 pm; no cover. Free parking across the street at Pickwick Bowl (same owners).


Our # 5 Story:


This is a must-see show for fans of the best fiery fiddle maestros, or Djangostyle swing jazz, or western swing. A performance by the SADDLE CATS produces plenty of “oh, wows.” Bandleader RICHARD CHON is the astoundingly memorable fiddle player from SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN and over a decade on the road with DAN HICKS & THE HOT LICKS. The Cats’ pedal steel player BOBBY BLACK spent years with COMMANDER CODY & THE LOST PLANET AIRMEN.

Quick facts:
* their ONLY Southern Cal gig.
* based in the SF Bay Area
* a major audience favorite at last year’s “Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival” and NOT there in ’11
* released an exceptionally fine CD
* playing the nationwide festival circuit this year

It’s a Guide a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick, and it’s Thursday, March 24 at 8 pm at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena 91001; reservations 626-794-2424; venue phone 626-398-7917; info (“The venue named in FolkWorks as L.A.’s best intimate acoustic listening room venue.”)


Our # 6 Story


Two teams of award-winning dancers from the L.A.-based Cleary School of Irish Dance are raising funds to go to Dublin, Ireland. There, they will compete in the World Irish Dance Championships. Their fund-raisers include a raffle with a fabulous grand prize – two round trips to Ireland. Info and ways to take part are at Questions and suggestions to help can be sent to


Our # 7 Story:


Was Descendant of Famous Irish Family

BRIAN SAMUEL CONNOLLY HERON lost his battle with cancer on March 9, 2011, in San Francisco. He was born in Dublin on January 24, 1941. News received from TOM McCONVILLE, host of radio’s “The Irish Hour,” and issued on behalf of the Irish Center of Southern California Inc., names Brian as the founder of the Celtic Arts Center in Los Angeles and of the Irish Arts Center in New York.

Tom’s information is extensive. He tells us that Brian’s grandfather was JAMES CONNOLLY, the Irish patriot, union organizer, and signatory of the Irish Proclamation of 1916. That proclamation was issued during the failed Easter rebellion that sought to free Ireland from British rule in the midst of the First World War. For his role in the rebellion, James was condemned to death. James Connolly, due to the wounds he had suffered, was unable to stand, so the British strapped him to a chair and he was executed.

That legacy of Brian’s Irish rebel grandfather was important to him. He, too, became a union organizer, but in this country, where he had immigrated. Brian was devoted to the preservation of the traditional Irish language, and to Celtic arts and culture.

Brian is survived by his wife, Belinda, and by three sons and four grandchildren.


Our # 8 Story:


The upcoming 2nd Annual “New Orleans Traditional Jazz Camp for Adults” has been listed in The Guide for months. On March 10, they announced their award of nine scholarships to high school students from the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA) to attend the jazz camp in New Orleans, scheduled for June 5-10, 2011. The scholarships are for trumpet, clarinet, tenor sax, trombone, piano, bass / tuba, guitar / banjo, drums and vocals.

Like other camps, they are not rich. They are asking for donations in any amount to help offset the cost of the program. Sponsorships for individual instruments are available through the camp’s website, at

They tell us, “Adult campers from last year’s camp have started stepping up to financially help support these young players. Financial donations are accepted on the website or by check to P.O. Box 15851 New Orleans, LA 70175. Help us help these young and talented students keep Traditional Jazz alive in New Orleans.”

More info is available from Nita Hemeter at 504-865-9792. The camp is June 5 -10, 2011, at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel;; 504-895-0037.


Our # 9 Story


Americana, Roots and Alt-Country Music Showcase, Spring-Fall, is a Weekly Favorite

The “Grand Ole Echo” series launches its 6th season on the first Sunday of April, again “Bringing Los Angeles Americana and Country Music (The good kind!) every Sunday,” as its producers announced this week. All shows are in the Echo – the longtime “upstairs” venue of the Echoplex, on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park.

The series 2011 season will bring JULIE RICHMOND (aka the CAROLINA CHICKADEE) taking-over the "Back Porch" stage booking reigns from PAM MOORE. Pam tells us, “We welcome Julie, who has been a consistent and true fan, friend, and supporter of live shows and bands for a long time, as well as being the creator of the “Melody in the Round” series at Taix and co-creator of the roots music blog, Southland Serenade.”

Shows run every Sunday, beginning April 3, from 5:30-9 pm, and are all-ages, no cover, yet in a venue with a full bar. The series has reliably delivered some of the best country / roots bands in L.A., where you can dance, drink “and meet your pals old and new at the friendliest free shows in town,” as producer KIM GRANT says. She adds, it’s “the best local and not-so-local country acts around.”

The season opener features SARAH GAYLE MEECH (, MAXIM LUDWIG & THE SANTA FE SEVEN (, and THE FAR WEST ( all on the indoor main stage, plus on the all-acoustic outdoor Back Porch Stage, KELLY PARDEKOOPER and THE DAVID BROTHERS with “Uncle Creepo’s” BBQ available.

Indoors between acts, deejay COUSIN ROY spins “great old classic country” on the record player.

You can read more about the series in the “Echo Park Patch,” at

See who’s playing the series each week at

And another source of news on the Los Angeles Roots music scene, in addition to The Guide and FolkWorks, is

Here’s some of the media the series has received (in addition to the many words we’ve run in the Guide):

“…The Echo Park crowd knock back longnecks and listen to bands that can include (former) local fixture MIKE STINSON, or former members of THE BLASTERS. Members of WILCO and THE BLACK CROWES have been known to show up and even take the stage.” – Los Angeles Magazine.

“Sunday afternoons, put a kick in God’s day with the Grand Ole Echo, a downhome celebration with three live bands plus and old-timey jam and bbq on the back patio.” – The Pasadena Weekly.

The Echo is at 1822 Sunset Bl, Echo Park (Los Angeles) 90026; venue phone is 213-413-8200.


Our # 10 Story:


Series launches Sunday, April 3rd

KELLY McCUNE and her Americana string band BORDER RADIO are launching their new monthly multi-band showcase show, “Roots & Twang Night at Molly Malone’s,” the first Sunday in April. It’s indicative of the popularity of roots-Americana in the City of Angels that crowds can support two events of the same kind at the same time, with the weekly “Grand Ole Echo returning for its seasonal run on the same night.

At the famous Molly Malone’s, BORDER RADIO will host a show the first Sunday of every month, through December. Their Sunday evening shows promise to feature “established and up-and-coming roots Americana and string bands from the greater Los Angeles area.”

The debut, April 3, brings BORDER RADIO plus THE GET DOWN BOYS and CLIFF WAGNER & THE OLD NUMBER 7. This one promises to be quite an evening. THE GET DOWN BOYS play high energy bluegrass, originals and tunes from the traditional bluegrass songbook.

CLIFF WAGNER & THE OLD NUMBER 7 are well-established on the Los Angeles acoustic music scene, playing what Cliff calls “bluegrass infused honky-tonk.” They competed on Fox TV’s “The Next Great American Band” and finished 7th out of 8,000 bands, a surprise to everyone, given their style of music. That ranking is indicative of their prowess as musicians.

McCUNE, an Oklahoma native, describes BORDER RADIO’s style as "rural tin pan alley." Much of their music is original Americana influenced by folk, old-time country, and Western swing. The Guide has written positively about them, citing their “Prairie Grass” style and material. McCune's voice defines the sound, and she has sometimes been compared to Patsy Cline and k.d. lang.

There’s more on BORDER RADIO at; info on THE GET DOWN BOYS can be found at; more on CLIFF WAGNER & THE OLD #7 is available at

The monthly “Roots & Twang Night” launches April 3, 2011 at 7 pm. Each band plays one set. Tickets at the door are $10, cash, and venue is 21+. Molly Malone’s is at 575 S Fairfax Av, Los Angeles 90048l venue phone is 323-935-1577.


Our # 11 Story:


It took a unique station, but we now have music performances on TV, every week. KLCS has long been the only PBS TV station with no pledge drives, and therefore, the only one to air performances of live music anytime other than during a pledge drive. And lately, their weekly schedule has more real music performances (real, not “American Karaoke) than the L.A. TV audience has seen in a long time.

They’ve even made staying home on Saturday night tolerable, significant in this time of obscenely expensive gasoline. KLCS now broadcasts TWO music shows every Saturday night. First, it’s “Sun Studio Sessions” at 8:30 pm, taped live at the Memphis landmark. That’s followed, 9-10 pm, by “Austin City Limits.” If you’re out hearing live music, the station re-airs the same shows on Wednesdays, at the same times.

We’ve observed before that “ACL” on KLCS is always about a half-season behind, but we’ll take it. Several years ago, the station became L.A.’s only source for the taoed-live-in-Austin show. Then-PBS affiliate KCET had unceremoniously dropped ACL from the Friday late night slot it had held for more than a decade, and the show was unavailable in L.A. for more than a year.

Of course, ACL did take a different direction during that time, with a few seasons that were more alt rock and alternative whatever, and less roots-Americana.

Nonetheless, music fans rejoiced in ACL’s return to L.A. on KLCS, readily accepting the “better-late-than-never” scheduling that brought premieres here of shows that had aired everywhere else, months earlier. Quite incongruous, since Hollywood / L.A. prides itself as the originator of nearly everything else on TV. But it’s cheaper to buy a show when it’s past its “sell-by” date, and only KLCS saw and seized that opportunity with ACL.

But then, KLCS is unique. It’s provided by the Los Angeles Unified School District, ostensibly for educational purposes. It does fulfill those, with programming for preschoolers in the early mornings and all-day programming for classroom use during the school year.

That’s why there are no pledge drives. But, to maintain its place on cable TV lineups, it must operate as a real TV station. So, KLCS maintains a seven-day-a-week broadcast schedule, with evenings of good PBS fare ’til midnight. And unless they’re airing an evening school board meeting or County Board of Supervisors session, their programming includes acoustic and roots-Americana music performances and a lot you could never seem to find on L.A.’s big PBS stations – either KCET, before it went independent, or Orange County-based KOCE, now that it’s become L.A.’s de facto PBS affiliate.

At this writing, beautiful young singer-songwriter / blues woman SHANNON McNALLY was just on “Sun Studio Sessions,” and 95-year-old PINETOP PERKINS was among the performers on the just-aired-in-L.A. episode of “Austin City Limits.” Both delivered sweet performances.

Even as you discover and watch the offerings on KLCS –enjoying the music performances uniquely uninterrupted by annoying pledge breaks – we must, in good conscience, remind you that the source of the programming is PBS. And PBS, thanks to some Washington politicians, is now facing its biggest threat of extinction since its inception. If you haven’t already read it, please see last week’s #8 News Feature, “Time to Speak Up to Protect Your Interests,” at

As for the “big” PBS station in L.A.? On January 1, when KCET went indie, the major PBS affiliate here became KOCE – down in Orange County – which changed its motto to “PBS SoCal” – and they’ve had an almost continuous pledge drive ever since.

Citing the cost of airing PBS programming, KCET decided to go it alone the first of the year, becoming the nation’s largest independent non-commercial TV station. We wish we could tell you how that’s working for them, but we can’t. It seems that L.A.’s two biggest cable TV operators, Time Warner and Comcast, both dropped KCET at the same time, and neither will admit it. Last we checked, both were still citing “maintenance issues.” But KCET has been missing from cable lineups throughout the greater L.A. region for almost two months now. Makes you wonder what’s going on, since most of us know, from our experience in music, just how corporate America “interacts” with indies… in any event, it’s hard to see how KCET will survive if hardly anyone with cable in L.A. can see its pledge drives.

Meantime, we have KLCS to thank for weekly music performance programs:
“Sun Studio Sessions,” Saturday and Wednesday, 8:30 pm.
“Austin City Limits,” Saturday and Wednesday, 9 pm (though it’s a half-season behind).


Our # 12 Story:


The “TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio” and NAMM announced March 9, from the TEC Foundation’s Walnut Creek, CA, headquarters, that the 27th Annual “Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards®,” the professional audio and sound production industry's most prestigious awards event, will be held at the NAMM Show in 2012.

NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants, produces the largest annual trade show for the international music products industry. The event fills every square foot of space in the Anaheim (California) Convention Center complex, overflowing into facilities at surrounding hotels, and directly and indirectly to performance venues all over Southern California.

The “TEC Awards” presentation is attended by manufacturers of audio equipment and software and the world’s top music producers, engineers, sound mixers and musical artists. A high point is the annual “LES PAUL AWARD,” presented to musical artists and others whose careers have exemplified the creative application of audio technology.

Trends come and go, but the ever-expanding application of electronic technology in music has become a central and ubiquitous topic – even for acoustic artists and sound reinforcement at acoustic performance festivals, concerts and events.

Investing in hi-tech gear and learning how to get the most out of it is a most popular option for most indie musicians, ranking with hiring pros in a real studio to record and produce a new CD. On-stage electronics are now employed by many acoustic and traditional music artists, too. And any sound man who wants to be marketable must be well-versed in a vast variety of systems and options to make the best choice for any given venue or festival.

At this writing, news is arriving daily from Austin of the impact, there, of a new techno-fest inclusion to the annual SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST (“SXSW”) family of end-to-end festivals (film, music, books, and now, technology),

As far back as the early ’80s, Apple co-founder STEVE WOSNIAK envisioned innovative integration of music and technology, and he funded inclusion of a techno-pavilion at each of the two “US FESTIVALS” (“us,” not U.S.) he produced near San Bernardino as mammoth music events with full stage sets by the hottest artists and bands of the day, across genres.

Since then, the “TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio” has largely taken the lead. TEC is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Foundation has funded scholarship endowments at numerous colleges and universities for students of the audio arts and sciences.

In addition to its own educational programs, funds derived from the TEC Awards have been donated over the years to organizations that educate both sound professionals and music listeners about hearing health.

Hearing damage and loss caused by grossly negligent amplification remains the chief under-discussed topic that permanently changes the lives of musicians and music fans. (How often can you hear the thud-thud of somebody’s ipod-driven ear buds, over surrounding loud noises?) So it’s about more than educating pros to create crisp or interesting sound.

You may have caught the TEC Awards – their 26th Annual – held for the first time at the NAMM Show this year, but it was no slam-dunk that the awards would return. Negotiations have been ongoing since January.

Under a brand-new agreement, the organizations will remain autonomous, with the TEC Foundation continuing to conduct the nominations and voting process and pursuing its charitable interests. NAMM will provide production and event management services for the TEC Awards.

“Presenting the TEC Awards at the NAMM Show this past January was a major step toward our goal of broadening the constituency of the awards," said HILLEL RESNER, president of the TEC Foundation. "NAMM is where music makers and the technology innovators come together, and we hope to be a key part of this exciting environment for a long time to come."

JOE LAMOND, president and CEO of NAMM, added, "The pro audio and recording community really enjoyed having the TEC Awards at the NAMM Show this year." He continued, "We look forward to a bright future of serving this important segment of the NAMM Membership alongside the TEC Foundation."

The 2012 NAMM Show will take place January 19-22, 2012 at that enormous convention center complex in Anaheim, California.

NAMM, beyond the enormous trade shows it presents, is a central presence. A not-for-profit association, its mission is to “unify, lead and strengthen” the $17 billion global musical instruments and products industry. NAMM's presents activities and programs designed to promote music-making to people of all ages. The organization is comprised of more than 9,000 member companies. Info on next year’s show is already available, as is more on NAMM itself, at or 800-767-NAMM (6266).

There’s more about the TEC Foundation and the TEC Awards at


Our # 13 Story:


WEEKEND, Saturday & Sunday, March 19 & 20, 2011:

Sat & Sun, Mar 19 & 20, in Temecula; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
Annual “OLD TOWN TEMECULA BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL” includes Irish music from SLIGO RAGS, both days. Festival features workshops for artists (see below) and many concerts. See our feature story, above.


Sat, Mar 19; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick ♣♣♣♣:
11 am THE WICKED TINKERS bring their raucous Celtic fusion to the Walt Disney Concert Hall’s OUTDOOR stage, 111 S Grand Av, downtown L.A.; 323-850-2000.


Sat, Mar 19; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
11 am & 2 pm DAN ZANES & FRIENDS make their annual return for two shows at UCLA Live, in Royce Hall, on the UCLA campus in Westwood.


Sat, Mar 19; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick ♣♣♣♣:
1 pm-11 pm “PADDY FEST” at the Tam O’ Shanter in Los Feliz, with seven bands; see the feature story, above.


Sat, Mar 19:
2 pm matinee: SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, Altadena.


Sat, Mar 19, in Thousand Oaks; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
7 pm VICKI PETERSON (from THE BANGLES) plays solo acoustic, plus DAVID ZINK (from the EDITED trio) opening and DAVE MORRISON hosting, at the “FOUR FRIENDS ACOUSTIC MUSIC SERIES” at Four Friends Gallery, Thousand Oaks.


Sat, Mar 19; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
7 pm INCENDIO at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, Altadena.


Sat, Mar 19, in Palmdale:
7 pm SUSIE GLAZE & THE HILONESOME BAND play Butler’s Coffee, Palmdale.


Sat, Mar 19, in San Diego:
7 pm KEN WILCOX with DAVE MORGAN, & GRANT KESTER, plus BRUCE HUNTINGTON, at the “San Diego Folk Heritage” series, Encinitas (San Diego).


Sat, Mar 19, in OC; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
7:30 pm CLAUDIA RUSSELL & THE FOLK UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA plus BEV BARNETT & GREG NEWLON, for “The Living Tradition” concert series, Anaheim.


Sat, Mar 19; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick ♣♣♣♣:
8 pm GERRY O’BEIRNE & ROSIE SHIPLEY play the “Caltech Folk Music Society” series on the campus in Pasadena.


Sat, Mar 19; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
8 pm ROSANNE CASH plays the brand-new Valley Performing Arts Center on the campus at Cal-State Northridge.


Sat, Mar 19; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
8 pm JANET KLEIN & HER PARLOR BOYS play Boulevard Music, Culver City.


Sat, Mar 19; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
8 pm YASMIN LEVY at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex at Cal State Univ. L.A. The voice that has re-popularized and reinvigorated the ancient art of Ladino song – the Judeo-Spanish music dating from the 15th century. Yasmin includes fiery flamenco in the mix. Olé and shalom.


Sat, Mar 19; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
8 pm EVE SELIS BAND brings “THE MUSIC OF CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG” to the Grand Annex, San Pedro.


Sat, Mar 19:
8 pm JAY LEACH plays the Fret House, Covina. He’s always remembered for “Elusive Butterfly of Love.”


Sat, Mar 19:
8 pm GREAT BIG SEA at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, on the campus at Cal State Long Beach.


Sat, Mar 19:


Sat, Mar 19, in Ventura County:
8 pm BETH WOOD plays the Boney Mountain House Concert series in Newbury Park.

Sunday, March 20

Sun, Mar 20; Fri/Sat/Sun, Mar 18-20, in Temecula; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
Annual “OLD TOWN TEMECULA BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL” concludes. See feature story, above.


Sun, Mar 20:
11 am MASANGA plays a Matinee Kids' Show at McCabe’s, Santa Monica.


Sun, Mar 20:
2 pm JOHN ZIPPERER with JIM VAN BOOVEN, TARA SITSER, & ED “THE SPOON MAN” TERRY at the Slater-Lunsford Pavilion (House Concert Series) in Lancaster.


Sun, Mar 20:
2 pm YALE STROM & TALLULAH STROM play the Bonita Public library, Bonita.


Sun, Mar 20:
3:30 pm SCHUMANN TRIO plays the “SUNDAYS WITH COLEMAN” 107th season (2010-2011), presented by the Coleman Chamber Music Association in Caltech’s Beckman Auditorium, Pasadena.


Sun, Mar 20; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:


Sun, Mar 20, in San Diego; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
7:30 pm THE BYRON BERLINE BLUEGRASS BAND plays the AMSD Concert Series, San Diego.


Sun, Mar 20; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
8 pm NOEL PAUL STOOKEY (of Peter, Paul & Mary) plays Pilgrim Place, Claremont.


Sun, Mar 20; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
7 pm RAUL MALO, touring his Tex-o-centric new album “Sinners & Saints,” plays his L.A. stop at Hotel Café, Hollywood.

FIVE WEEKDAYS, Monday-Friday, March 21-25, 2011:

Tue, Mar 22; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
8 pm I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. with special guest RICHIE LAWRENCE, at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, Altadena.


Thu, Mar 24; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
8 pm THE SADDLE CATS at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, Altadena. See the feature story, above.


Thu, Mar 24 ♣♣♣♣:
THE SAW DOCTORS bring their Irish music to the House of Blues Sunset Strip, West Hollywood.


Fri, Mar 25; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
8 pm ABIGAIL WASHBURN at McCabe’s, Santa Monica.


Fri, Mar 25; in San Diego; a “SHOW-OF-THE-WEEK” pick:
8 pm EMMA'S REVOLUTION, the fine female new-folk duo from Washington, D.C., plays a concert at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito, Solana Beach.


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