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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Artists Workshop: How to Work the Media" RETURNS May 11, 7:30 pm

… and others in the music business and the arts

Larry Wines workshop/seminar is so popular they booked it again – for next WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 11, at 7:30 pm at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena (just N of Pasadena).

This workshop is highly acclaimed by artists who have already experienced it. The current #1 single and album on the Western Music Chart is by the Tumbling Tumbleweeds, who took the workshop last summer. They'll tell you they used all the techniques when their new album (now #1) was released.

Professional touring artists – in many music genres – have taken this workshop and rave about it. Whether you tour or seek local gigs, there's plenty here for you. If you have a new CD coming out, this workshop is ESSENTIAL.

Workshop presenter Larry Wines is an award-winning editor, journalist, and broadcaster. He has added even MORE to his acclaimed workshop since its presentation on April 16.

It's now THREE hours with a break halfway through, because it’s so packed with information. Larry has added a NEW section on “The Venue/Media Interface,” and how to effectively work THAT aspect. The workshop is organized with PLENTY of examples illustrating all the techniques you'll learn. You'll get the ENTIRE presentation on disc at the conclusion (as a 161-slide Power Point) PLUS 21 supportive PDF docs(!) – with additional in-depth info and full-size examples of the most effective One-Sheets, Artist Bios, Press Releases, and more – ALL explained in detail, with how-and-why the techniques and plan work!

Learning to “work” the media – and how to do it EFFECTIVELY – is not a skill that comes naturally to most artists, because the media has its own culture and way of doing things.

Learn WHAT WORKS from someone who's been there, from newspapers to magazines to broadcasting to consulting, and taken the time to study the processes, the psychology of people in the media, work environment, the way work flow happens through the week (it’s important to understand timing before you contact them, because you want results!) and lots more.

Q: “What happens when I mail my brand-new CD for a review or radio airplay?”
Answer: too often, nothing. Literally nothing. (Unless you know WHAT to do.)

Q: “Are there ways to guarantee the media will pay attention to my CD and my gigs?”
Answer: YES! This workshop teaches techniques and an effective plan!

Q: “Is this all just obvious stuff if I think about it, or is there important stuff or art involved here?”
Answer: There is art AND technique AND required specific content AND effective presentation AND knowing who to reach AND what to give them AND timing – if you want to be successful. You want to get results from the money you spend sending packages and CDs to the media – your hopes run high, and you want your emotional and financial investments, and your time, to be worthwhile – all that you've been spending trying to get the media to let the world know you make music, win awards, have fans. This workshop shows you how to do that!

Q: “Can I actually build a relationship with the media, so they'll want to hear from me?”
Answer: YES. We'll teach you the most effective techniques in the workshop.

Q: “Isn't my web presence and EPK enough to handle this?”
Answer: Did Picasso put drawings in bottles and throw them in the ocean? The web is effective only if you do EVERYTHING right AND you know what to do to get the right people to go there and interact with it. And “working” the media requires much more. We'll teach you SPECIFICS with EXAMPLES of the how, what, and why.

Wednesday, May 11, at 7:30 pm at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Ave, Altadena.

RESERVATIONS get a discount: $30 with a reservation, $35 without a reservation (and if space remains – limited to 30 participants per session). Starts PROMPTLY at 7:30 pm, runs THREE hours, including a break. Reservations, call 626-807-3229. (Call, don't email).

The coffeehouse has a wide selection of sandwiches & salads, Mama Julie's award-winning chili, plus many hot and cold drinks, wonderful real fruit smoothies, & Fosselman's Ice Cream.


Anonymous said...

W00T!! I will SO be there this time!

Call you tomorrow,

Brenda K

Anonymous said...

W00T!! I will SO be there this time!

Call you tomorrow,

Brenda K