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Saturday, January 24, 2015

On the scene... LIVE WEBCAST today from NAMM, more news from the Big Show - Saturday, Jan. 24 2015

If you are anywhere with web access, today from 2-3:30 pm (Pacific), you can enjoy the "Support Music Coalition" webcast live from the NAMM Foundation Lounge in the Anaheim Hilton.

* * * * *

This edition is a field report. Be sure to see the Guide's massively huge NEWS EDITION for January 22. It's available just below or in the sidebar at left.

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The morning breakfast session featured a fast-paced, wide-ranging interview with Apple co-founder STEVE WOZNIAK, conducted by NAMM President JOE LAMOND. "Woz" loves music plays and collects guitars, and produced the legendary US FESTIVALS back in '80s.

We'll bring you that story in the coming days. For now, here's a quote from one of the fathers of the tech revolution:

"For me, it's got to be about connecting with people... I like to go to hear music in coffee bars with 30 seats. Or 50. Maybe a venue with 100, or even 500 seats. But I want that feel of intimacy, of being able to connect with the artist, the creativity."

Fascinating guy.

* * * * *


Tonight there are a few events for which the public can buy tickets. These include two wonderful events, described below in "SATURDAY NIGHT." More, including daytime, is the next topic...

* * * * *


NAMM is a music industry-only event and badges (confirmed with a photo i.d.) are required for entry to all events EXCEPT the live music performances on the NAMM Stages in the lobbies / bar areas of the two big adjacent hotels, the outdoor stage next to the Convention Center's basketball arena, on Katella Avenue, and the daytime shows on the main outdoor GoPro Stage on the plaza.

Today, the Acoustic Stage in the Anaheim Marriott lobby has an interesting lineup, with each act playing a 40 minute set:

Noon - Thomas Leeb
1 pm - Scott Law
2 pm - Elko
3 pm - Lloyd Spiegel
4 pm Tim Meyer leads a song round eith Charlie Vaughn and Ali Handel

After dark, the same stage hosts bands:

7 pm - Alex Skolnick & Planetary Coalition
Additional acts on the hour...
11 pm - Will Champlin

On the Anaheim Hilton's NAMM / lobby stage, you'll find:

11 am - Union Hobos
Noon - Tall Men
1:30-3 pm - stage inactive due to webcast (see above)
7-7:40 pm - Michelle Mangione

* * * * *

IF YOU COME TO NAMM WITHOUT A BADGE for any daytime music...

You must park somewhere else. ALL of the parking in every facility is taken by participants who have invested a lot to be part of NAMM. We suggest parking in the Amtrak lot at Anaheim Stadium, then riding the OC Transit bus on Katella Avenue directly to the Convention Center.

After the exhibit halls close at 6 pm, parking opens-up at the NAMM lots, and it's $15, no in-and-out.

* * * * *


First, "MURIEL ANDERSON’S ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHT®" is a perennial favorite. It has an acoustic half and an electric half. It's always a wonderful and very impressive show, and those without NAMM badges can buy tickets.

Artists performing include Muriel,  Laurence Juber, Janet Robin, Vicki Genfan, Steve Adelson, Miles Aubrey, David Becker, Kenny Burrell, Mimi Fox, Shaun Hopper, Henry Johnson, Scott Law, Andy Timmons, the Eclectic Electric Guitar Trio, and Invented Like Stars. The Anaheim Hilton is adjacent to the Convention Center, at 700 W Convention Way, Anaheim 92802.

Tix available for purchase for the Saturday event (while they last) at:

Also on SATURDAY is an exciting performance / awards show that we described in a full news feature in our major edition for Jan. 22 (available just below or in the sidebar at left, depending on where you're reading this).

That event is the annual “SHE ROCKS AWARDS," and it's A NAMM event you can attend without a NAMM badge. It features performances by COLBIE CAILLAT, THE BANGLES, MINDI ADAIR, ORIANTHI, and more. It's 6-8:30 pm Saturday in the Anaheim Hilton ballroom. You can buy tickets at:

* * * * *


At one point, while in the spacious press area working on a new products story, we heard bluegrass fiddle. And guitar. And vocals. And it sounded good. Got us to say, "They sound like NICKEL CREEK!"

So, slipping into the adjacent exhibit hall, we spotted a little crowd around the Bourgeois Guitar booth (hand-built acoustic instruments from Maine.) Lo and behold, there were Grammy-winning siblings SARAH & SEAN WATKINS, the heart of NICKEL CREEK, happily making music. That's the kind of thing you stumble upon at NAMM.

A bit later, we sought-out North Carolina-based NU-BLU, a fine bunch of bluegrassers who are doing a three-month West Coast tour in connection with their NAMM appearances.

We went directly from there to hear New Orleans-style keyboard wizard BOB MALONE. Arriving at the Kurzweil keyboards display, we encountered a big crowd. We were thinking, "Wow, since Bob got the permanent gig with JOHN FOGERTY, his popularity must have REALLY taken-off!"

But no. There was Bob, not sitting at the keys. So who was playing? STEVIE WONDER, who had just dropped by and asked if he could play a few before Bob started.

Of course, when he did get to reclaim the rest of his time, Bob couldn't resist telling the crowd, "I'd like to thank my opening act..."

In fact, Friday was "piano music day" for us, and we experienced two other performer-composers who are quite amazing. More on them in future reports.

And we still need to tell you about the mesmerizing performance last night by JOHN JORGENSON, and the fine opening sets by the TORA BORA BOYS and NEW WEST. All in a future report.

* * * * *

ALSO AT NAMM TODAY, for badged attendees

4 pm — The Crane Institute for Music Business Presents the Sandy Feldstein Industry Roundtable, in the Anaheim Hilton, NAMM Foundation Lounge, Level 2.

6 pm — “Stanley Randolph & No Wonder” featuring the Stevie Wonder Band, on the NAMM GoPro Stage on the Grand Plaza.

6 pm — The 30th Annual "NAMM TEC Awards" with Slash, Nathan East, Ed Cherney and host Sinbad, at the Hilton Anaheim, Pacific Ballroom.

7 pm — "Monster Cable After Dark" featuring DJ Ecto1 & Crisco Kidd, at the Venue Stage presented by Pioneer DJ.

* * * * *

Heard Friday at NAMM on the exhibit floor...

“We had a target of reaching out to musicians to let them see and try our new product and the musicians are definitely here — just flowing into our booth. They get to see what we’ve been working on and how it benefits them and we get to do business with our target market. It’s a good show!” — Pat Scandalis, moForte Inc., Mountain View, CA.

More, soon, as always.


So, how do I find out about OTHER stuff, if I'm not at NAMM?

Easy! Check-out the TICKET ALERTS section in the Guide's massively huge January 22 edition. It's available just below or in the sidebar at left, depending on where you're reading this.


Speaking of where you're reading this... we know, you may be here when you're actually there - on another site, that is. If so, check-in with us and let us know that all is good on that site, or that there’s questionable content there, if that’s the case.

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