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Saturday, February 7, 2015

New edition due soon; MAJOR News Edition still available

We appreciate you, our readers, for your QUARTER-MILLION PAGE-VIEWS per year.

The latest word...

We're working on MANY things for you from in and around the magical realm of acoustic and Americana music. That includes fresh music industry news and several in-depth reports about NAMM, music's largest annual trade show (in addition to our daily editions published during its four-day run). Suffice it to say, our next edition will bring you a whooooole lot. In the meantime...

Our most recent MAJOR edition...

If you still haven't explored all the nooks and crannies of the Guide's latest MAJOR News Edition, published January 22 - well, it's still here, waiting for you. You can read a few stories at a time (it's so nicely organized that it's easy to do that), or you can indulge in a full immersion and catch-up with everything all at once!

It's at ~

(or, just backup one click and scroll; it's available just below or in the sidebar at left, depending on where you're reading this).

Here's where we tempt you and make you say "Wow!"...

We'll bet that all it takes is letting you know what's in THAT, our latest "MEGA MUSIC NEWS" edition. So here goes:

♪ 1.0 Music industry insider…
1.1 Gibson at NAMM is “Not Your Daddy’s Gibson!” by Ted Drozdowski
1.2 2015 “She Rocks Awards” ~ A NAMM Event You Can Attend Without a Badge
1.3 Quickie Music Statistic ~ A Point for Thought
1.4 “Socially Responsible Streaming” ~ A New Distribution Paradigm?
1.5 L.A. Music Center’s Music Education /Student Participation

♪ 2.0 Hands-on the strings ‘n things…
2.1 Ever-Vibrant Florida Folkie Annie Wenz on How to Be an effective side player: “Percussion 101” ~ by Annie Wenz
2.2 Fiddle Players: Notable Events January 24th and in April, by Debbie Berry

♪ 3.0 Best freebies…
3.1 Free Lesson from "The Singing Zone," Online
3.2 Freebies, Celtic, Roots Music, Happy Surprises from the Air Force Band ~ in which band members share news of their multifaceted ensembles’ free music downloads

♪ 4.0 Tales from the road…
4.1 Yes, it Was HIM, but Was He Seated at Table Nine?
4.2 Dave Stamey’s Tale of “A Wedding in Lavina”

♪ 5.0 Publications…
5.1 “Zen and the Art of Recording,” Book and E-Book, New from Hal Leonard

♪ 6.0 Inspirations…
6.1 Limited Edition “Ringo: Peace & Love” Street Banner Set for Your Wall

♪ 7.0 Awards, accolades, honors…
7.1 Levitt Pavilions, Nationwide Free Concert Presenters, Announce $250k Grant Winners
7.2 The Roys Win their 4th Consecutive “Bluegrass Artist of the Year” Award
7.3 Will Goofy Accolades Add to Your Cachet?
7.4 57th Annual Grammy Awards Nominees now Online

♪ 8.0 In the Studio or on the Charts…
8.1 Lonesome River Band's New "Turn On A Dime" Contains Number 1 Single

♪ 9.0 Previews & Reviews…
9.1 Folk Star Guests Shine on “Nell Robinson & The Rose of No-Man’s Land,” CD Produced by Joe Henry ~ by Kim Fowler
9.2 Notable Co-Writes on Americana Album from Irishman Ben Glover ~ by Debbie Berry
9.3 Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Violinist, Humanitarian: Lili Haydn’s New “Lili Land” Album, Out Now ~ by Debbie Berry
9.4 Vegas Guitar & Uplifting Music Phenom Patrick Sieben’s Debut Album, “Under the Neon Light,” Due Feb. 24 on District 7 Records
9.5 Ashley Lian’s Indie EP Release, “Dear”
9.6 Adam Hood’s “Welcome to the Big World” Is Storyteller Folk Meets Roadhouse Honky-Tonk, Texas Style ~ by Lyndie Wenner

♪ 10.0 New Indie Releases: Quickie Notes Just the facts, ma’am: eight new albums, short ‘n sweet

♪ 11.0 Music in film…
11.1 Motion Picture Academy Blows it for Silent Film History Buffs

♪ 12.0 Profiles: artists & bands…
12.1 Lisa Haley & the Zydekats Mark 20 Years as a Band

♪ 13.0 In the Venues…
13.1 McCabe’s New Concert Season

♪ 14.0 Ticket Alerts

♪ 15.0 Parting Thoughts


See? We told you it was tempting AND nicely organized.

So go there. Survey, patrol, peruse, acquire, learn, entertain yourself, and get a handle on a bunch of things. And it might be a good idea to mosey on over there before the new edition gets here, and you find yourself falling behind, because you never finished the last Mega Music News edition, right? You're welcome.

That edition is at ~

More, soon, as always.


So, how do I find out about OTHER stuff that I always find here?

Check-out the TICKET ALERTS section in the Guide's massively huge January 22 edition.


Speaking of where you're reading this... we know, you may be here when you're actually there - on another site, that is. If so, check-in with us and let us know that all is good on that site, or that there’s questionable content there, if that’s the case.

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