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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Special "TV ALERT" Edition - Feb 14 & 25 2015

If, any time in the past 40 years. you reached the chronological age that enabled you to stay up late, part of your acculturation has come from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

In its early years, SNL featured some of the hottest musicians - those who already were, or who became, legends.

Because late night king Johnny Carson did not want compilations of the current week's "Tonight Show" to be aired on weekends, NBC decided it needed to launch a new, weekend-only variety show. And L.A. peeps Lorne Michaels and his friends from "The Groundlings" comedy troupe transformed themselves into "The Not Ready for Prime Time Players" and gave NBC a product they didn't quite know what to do with.

That original cast - Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, Garret Morris, Laraine Newman, Bill Murray, Jane Curtin, Dan Aykroyd, and John Belushi - are now legends. But it's not easy to find their original shows.

Right now, classic "SNL" episodes with the original cast are airing - until the big 3-hour special (plus its "red carpet" lead-in) on Sunday night on NBC.

THESE intact flashback episodes are on VH-1 Classic Rewind channel (VHCRW).

Here's the full schedule. All times here are Pacific:

Saturday, Feb. 14:
5:30-7 pm: Steve Martin & Jackson Browne (1977).
8-8:30 pm: Steve Martin, Randy Newman, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (1978).
8:40-10 pm: Steve Martin & The Blues Brothers (1978).
A break, 10 pm-1 am for "The Blues Brothers" movie (1980).

Sunday, Feb. 15:
1-2:30 am: Elliott Gould & Leon Redbone (1976).
3:40-4 am: Candice Bergen (1975).
4-5:30 am: Lily Tomlin (1975).
5:30-7 am: Peter Boyle & Al Jarreau (1976).
7-8:30 am: Raquel Welch, Phoebe Snow, John Sebastian (1976).
8:30-10 am: Buck Henry, Bill Withers, Tony Basil, and thr famous "Samurai Deli' sketch (1976).
10-11:30 am: Buck Henry & Gordon Lightfoot (1976).
11:30 am-1 pm: Kris Kristofferson (1976).
1-2:30 pm: Ron Nessen (White House Press Sectetary hosts: Patti Smith is musical guest (1976).
2:30-4 pm: Richard Pryor & Gil Scott-Heron, plus the famous "Samurai Hotel" sketch (1975).
4-5:30 pm: Paul Simon,  Art Garfunkel, Randy Newman (1975).
5:30-7 pm: THE PREMIERE episode, with George Carlin, Janis Ian, & Billy Preston (1975).

Either the DVR will be full, or you won't get any sleep, or both.

Then, immediately following - over on NBC - is:

7-8 pm: The brand-new "SNL 40th Anniversary Red Carpet Special."
And then:
8-11 pm; "SNL 40th Anniversary Special' with live appearances in new sketches by just about all the SNL cast alumni, plus many past guest star hosts and guest musicians.

Note that NBC is not announcing their schedule from 11 pm-12:35 am, so it's possible this will go long and some network affiliates will stay with it. I suppose they would say to those stations, "Well. EXCUUUUUUUSE MEEEE!

More, soon, as always.

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