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Friday, September 11, 2015

It's appropriate, being September 11th.

The Guide had a new edition ready to go. Complete update for the weekend, starting today, Friday, September 11th. Fresh and interesting news features and many more festivals, concerts, and arts and music events.

And now it will never see the light of day. That edition — together with all the editor's files for the Guide, AND for eight months of irreplaceable scientific research, AND for two books being written, AND for all his other journalism, AND everything else the editor does, away from the Guide — are destroyed. Not "sort-of gone." Not misplaced. Not "available from back-up." But destroyed.

This brief edition is being written with a cell phone.

And, sadly, what I am reporting here is part of a significantly larger loss and destruction that happened to me, the Guide's editor, today — on this September 11th, the fourteenth anniversary of that unspeakably terrible September 11th, long ago.

But this is the GUIDE, where you have come to learn about MUSIC and the performing arts, so that is enough said and shared about what is personally a very bad day, where I had been writing about California, here on the East Coast.

For now, please note that A WHOLE LOT OF information, including FESTIVALS THIS WEEKEND and all the way through the autumn, into the winter — are all in the last complete edition of the Guide, easily available in the archive.

Beyond that? Call this a... hiatus. Of indefinite duration. Yes, the editor (moi) is on the East Coast, and now facing multiple uncertainties about returning to California, or whether to return to California at all. Seriously.

Film at eleven, though that might be at eleven on some distant day.

So it is appropriate now to say this: thanks, through these many years, for making the Guide an important part of your trusted choices for information on music news and events, and on the arts and live performances.

And a very heartfelt "Thanks" for your many kind words when I received the very distinct honor as THE "MUSIC LEGEND AWARD" honoree for 2015, back in May at the 55th annual Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival.

We'll meet again, someday, somewhere. Maybe soon. Maybe a while. Things destroyed may never be replaced, but new things do rise to take their place. Check in with us from time to time. And we'd love to hear from you:

Larry, the editor


Anonymous said...

Two questions. Are you hurt? Is this the end?

(Via email.)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Sounds like a catastrophe!!! Hope you are alright and you can let us know soon.

(Via email.)

Anonymous said...

So you used to post comments but I don't see them for a long time. Maybe you just read this and don't post. I just say thank you.

(Via email.)

- Larry, the editor said...

Thanks to all for your comments. We do receive many, on a regular basis, as email. (Our email address is in the Guide.) We do not publish very many comments because the site owners put us through a ponderous process to publish each and every one of them. But we do welcome and read all of them.