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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Special news edition: just two items, both for timely action...

Guide Blogspot edition no. 1,532.
Special news edition...




Jump on both of these while you can.


# 1 news feature...


If you've written songs, and you're proud of your creative efforts, you're invited to enter them in the 21st Annual "USA Songwriting Competition." Sponsors say, "Help us and our industry partners 'discover you.' We also want to invest in your success and help fuel even more creative inspiration."

Accordingly, they're offering a FREE EARLY ENTRY BONUS: the first 1,000 entries entered by March 31st or earlier will each receive a FREE 12 month subscription to "Recording" magazine, one of the contest sponsors.

2016 marks the 21st consecutive year this contest has been honoring songwriters. Winners have come from Australia, Japan, UK, Germany, Brazil, Africa, and of course, the USA and Canada. Past winners have collected $50,000 in prizes and cash that includes gear from Sony, D'Addario Strings, PreSonus, Audio-Technica, PRS Guitars & more — and received publishing, recording contracts, representation, songs used on films and TV, and cuts with major artists.

The contest gushes, "We discover stars. Just entering boosts your confidence and oftentimes has a surprisingly positive effect on your fate and fortune."

You can enter in Folk, Instrumental, Pop, Rock/Alt, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and other categories.

Enter online at the url below.

Contest sponsors are top players in the music industry: Sony, PRS Guitars, D'Addario Strings, Recording Magazine, New Music Weekly, Loggins Promotion, Airplay Access, Audio-Technica, Presonus, Sonoma Wireworks, IK Multimedia, Intellitouch Tuners, Sweetwater Music, Landr, and more.

The contest claims to be "THE world's biggest, most respected song writing discovery organization, with countless now-famous and prosperous artists tracing THEIR success and discovery to entering our Songwriting Competition." They claim Alannah Myles, Justine & Kerris Dorsey, American Authors, Meghan Trainor, Darrell Scott, Kate Voegele, The Waifs, Ari Gold, and "many many more" who "all burst to fame and their careers quickly hurtled upward once they entered and won one of our contests."

Here's a roundup of some recent years:

√  2015's winning song was placed on "American Idol" and the box office hit movie "This Is Where I Leave You" starring Jason Bateman & Tina Fey.

√  The 2014 winner got signed to Walt Disney Music, the winning song appeared in the hit movie "Alexander the Terrible..." starring Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner.

√  The 2013 winner hit #1 on the Billboard charts and went Double Platinum, selling over 2 million copies.

√  The 2008 winner appeared on the "David Letterman" TV show and got signed to a record label

√  The 2007 winner hit Top 10 on the Billboard charts with his winning song.

√  The 2005 Winner of the "Country" category had his winning song cut by country superstar Faith Hill.

√  The 2005 winner of the "Pop" category was signed by Interscope Records.

The contest organization says, "Bottom line: we 'get you,' both artistically and emotionally, and we love and believe in you because of your passion and desire!"

Enter online at: promo=SAL3

or print out a mail-in entry form here:


"We are so excited to win this competition. We entered this competition as unsigned acts, came out as top winner, signed to Island Records and we hit #1 on the Billboard charts!" — Dave Rublin, Winner of the 18th Annual USA Songwriting Competition (2013); hit #1 on the Billboard Charts and went double platinum, selling over 2 million copies.

"This is a great place for talent to be found"..Monte Lipman, President & CEO of Universal Records.

If you have a song (or more than one) that you think is contest-worthy, you can take advantage of their bonus offer of a FREE 12-month Recording Guitar magazine subscription if you're among those first 5,000 entrants through March 31st.


# 2 news feature...


April 27th brings quite a day and evening of consciousness-raising cinema on all things nuke, including a Nuclear Power Panel discussion, at Raleigh Studios' Charlie Chaplin Theater, 5300 Melrose Avenue, in Hollywood.

Sponsors make sure you understand, going in: "It is not a typical Hollywood film festival, it is more of a forum."

Indeed, a key sponsor is "Kat Kramer's Films That Change the World," an important cinema series in the film industry community that highlights socially significant films and is currently focused on "Unforgettable movies of the Atomic Age."

The L.A. event is part of the "International Uranium Film Festival," a non-profit foundation founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which has traveled to 33 cities in 7 countries on 5 continents. Most of the people who attend the festival, worldwide, are concerned about the dangers of nuclear power.

The facts have moved beyond the traditional concerns. And new and old, they are sobering.

√  The "Atomic Age Film Festival" is dedicated to films about nuclear power, and the clear and present danger of terrorist threats with ISIL stating their next target could be nuclear.

√  Fears are being revived of "dirty bombs" — basic explosive devices that contain radioactive materials — and the very real risks of radioactive contamination causing millions of deaths.

√  Concerns are heightened for the safety and security of the 440 nuclear power plants that operate in 31 countries.

√  "Recent terror events make it imperative that we become aware of the problem to resolve the problems," say sponsors.

√  Nuclear accidents like Three Mile Island,Chernobyl, or Fukushima "should never be forgotten, nor repeated," they add.

The long-running event, the annual Uranium Film Festival, has global reach. The festival has toured to dozens of cities in Brazil, Germany, India, Portugal,Canada, Salvador, and India. What's coming to Los Angeles as the 33rd edition is titled the Atomic Age Film Festival. It's made U.S. stops in New York, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Washington D.C. The goal is to establish the "Atomic Age Film Festival" on all continents.

What You'll See

Of all the films on this sensitive subject, internationally acclaimed German Director Michael Von Hohenberg’s "Final Picture" and his alluring model/actress star Nadine Badewitz are being called, "without doubt, the strongest one yet."

One reviewer wrote, "From the first scene, the audience swiftly lays waste to the oft-repeated saber-rattling threat statements by world leaders who intonate, 'we will survive, our enemies will be vanquished.'"

"Final Picture" could be described in historical cinematic terms. It is the inheritor of the legacy of Stanley Kramer’s "On The Beach" for the Now Generation. Tag Hollywood calls it, "Unnerving and unforgettable, a must see."

Atomic Age Cinema Fest Schedule:

• Noon: "HOT WATER"
• 4:15 pm: "FINAL PICTURE"
• 6:30 pm: Red Carpet
• 7:30 pm: "THE MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD" (first aired as an acclaimed and gripping PBS documentary)
• 9:20 pm: Nuclear Power Panel /Audience Q & A
• 10 pm: After-Party, with live entertainment, in the courtyard.

The 40-minute Panel, 9:20-10 pm, happens on the theatre's stage. The Panel is Harvey Wasserman, co-moderator; Kat Kramer, co-moderator; Mimi Kennedy, actress/activist; Esai Morales, actor/activist; and Libbe HaLevy, host, “Nuclear Hotseat.“

Another in the series of "Kat Kramer's Films That Change the World" will take place in May, 2016, with the screening "THE CHINA SYNDROME."

The festival is April 27, 2016, at Raleigh Studios' Charlie Chaplin Theater, 5300 Melrose Av, Hollywood.

TICKETS are available by sending an email to:


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