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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

INVITATION: Sing with the Stars THIS Sunday, Dec 3, 2017

It's the 36th Annual "New” Old Fashioned Acoustic L.A. Holiday Caroling Festivities on Dec 3, 2017

And if it rains, no problem. Everything is indoors.

AND, if you're not in L.A.? It's likely that one of these is already organized near you, if you're anywhere else in America! (If that's the case, scroll down and get the website link.)

Now, on to the big L.A. event...

The word "New" is in the title because there's a bit of a name change. Though what it's about hasn't changed at all, and YOU are still invited to take part. The event itself is meticulously well organized, draws a lot of music stars (including Grammy noms and winners) and the purpose is to perform for audiences as grateful as any you've ever imagined -- audiences of shut-ins -- and to bring them (and get back from them) a lot of joy.

These shows feature complete "sound reinforcement" stage set-ups -- plug-ins and amplification for instruments and plenty of vocal mics. There's a high standard for the "stage" shows in dining halls at the assisted living facilities where we perform.

Before that, the cast breaks into small groups to stroll and perform, room-to-room, in a nursing home facility for audiences of one or two at a time, because those greeting your musical visits are bedridden. Like everyone's vision of traditional caroling, but all indoors.

As organizer and producer Vincent Leinen says, if you participate, you will "Experience the power, magic, and impact of giving music via Santa’s Caroling Team!"

Each year, the Guide is allowed to extend to our readers "a special invitation to support, promote, and participate in at the 36th Annual Los Angeles Holiday Caroling Festivities."

That's not just because many of our readers are musicians. It's because all our readers love music, love sharing music, and approach music with a joy for live performance.

So, on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017, our readers will join about five dozen music stars to perform at three senior care centers located in the West San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. As we said, it's all very well organized. We perform 4 pm-7:30 pm, on a "modular schedule," allowing you to arrive and depart at your discretion, or stay for the full event -- which we hope you will. Things move fast, then we -- all the carolers and instrumental musician participants -- get together for a meet-and-greet and to share a meal at the local Hometown Buffet restaurant, which stays open late just for us. (It's at VanOwen and Fallbrook in Canoga Park, from 7:30 pm-9:30 pm.)

Caroling and Carolers

Vincent says, "The festivities include multiple performances at senior care centers scheduled at concurrent time slots which allows us to provide entertainment (happiness and healing) to more needy senior residents and their caregivers."

He continues, "To balance-out the large talent pool and maximize your impact on the senior residents and care givers, we’re continuing the tradition of forming two separate Holiday Caroling presentation teams. That includes 'Santa’s South Route Caroling Team' and 'Santa’s North Route Caroling Team.'"

Music sheets & refreshments are provided for performers.


North or South?

The exact route, including driving directions, is charted-out by time & location. having a printout can be very handy during your whirlwind performance schedule.

Except for those involved in stage set-up and sound checks for the dining hall stage shows, everyone else (both the north and south groups) begin together. Arrive by 3:45 pm to get parking and to be inside for a photo with your new caroling buddies. That'll get your small group launched in time -- with your packet of song sheets (each caroler gets one).

* That first phase is 4 pm-5:15 pm at West Hills Health & Rehabilitation Center (where you perform in a small strolling group, room to room -- with a caroling squad of 6-12 people, including acoustic instrument accompanists, if available.

* West Hills Health & Rehabilitation Center, 7940 Topanga Canyon Bl, Canoga Park, CA 91304.

Then, the participants become two large performing casts, with each individual on either the north or south circuit. Vincent and some of the Grammy noms / winners lead one cast. Grammy nom Lisa Haley (Lisa Haley & the Zydekats), with other Grammy noms and winners, leads the other cast.

At the conclusion of the final performance on both routes, there is a group photo with all participants.

Then it's on to the "Post-Caroling Wrap Party," because, as Vincent says, "The night is young!"

(A special Hometown Buffet discount coupon is distributed at the caroling sites, or you can print one from any of the sites below.)

Vincent Leinen is quite a guy. Each year, his L.A. caroling launches his national tour. He does the same thing, using local talent, all across America, through Christmas Eve, finishing in Iowa.

Across America, he gets rock stars and opera company singers, musical theatre pros and barbershop quartet singers, choir members and folksingers, guitar and banjo pickers and bagpipers. For the L.A. event, he gets them all. Make that, all of us -- the music community, with other artists joining us from Hollywood and Burbank, from motion pictures, television, and radio.

Every place he goes, whether he's taking the show on the road or talking to the Southern California arts community, he says, "All effort given to support, promote, and participate in this heart-warming activity would be appreciated, especially since your contribution, music, and presence would greatly promote the theme and enhance the festivities for all involved."

Then he goes into talking about the audience for whom we perform -- including folks who go an entire year without hearing live music.

We mentioned that our performing cast includes opera stars. The 2017 L.A. festivities will be dedicated in the honor of the late Patrick Ridolfi, L.A. Holiday Caroling Festivities alumni and opera singer from 1996 thru 2016.

Please RSVP to Vincent get your assignment to the north or south route, and if pertinent, provide authorization to use your name on the invitation, website, press release etc.

Vincent adds, "If you're unable to attend and join us this year, you’re encouraged to take your own group or individually visit your local senior centers or shut-ins. This simple act of kindness can make a difference and add true meaning for all involved this holiday season."

For all the details and to register (RSVP) to participate, please go to either of the following:

Or you can call Vincent, at 818-342-9336 or C 818-429-1563.

We'll give Vincent the last word: 'Experience the power, magic, and impact of giving music! Thank you for blessing my life and the lives of others. Happy Holidays!"

-- Vincent J. Leinen, Founder, National Director L.A. Holiday Caroling Festivities

All these performances are hosted in collaboration with

"Giving Music," A Music Charity. Info at:



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