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Thursday, November 23, 2017

No Place to Go for Thanksgiving? We've Gotcha Covered! -- Thursday, Nov 23, 2017

TODAY, Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, from 11 am to 2 pm, The Learning Garden at Venice High School, 13000 Venice Bl, Los Angeles (on the corner of Walgrove Av and Venice Bl) welcomes the community as it hosts the staff and clients of "Program for Torture Victims" for a traditional American Thanksgiving Feast.

Everyone is invited to bring a traditional food item and attend (details below).

The clients of "Program for Torture Victims," though they are the Thanksgiving dinner guests, often bring foods from their home country: Columbia, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia. The clients of Program for Torture Victims are people who were either tortured by their own government or by factions fighting that government; PTV has helped them settle in America and provided assistance as they seek political asylum in the U.S.


(1) Bring a "potluck" dish to feed about 12 people (or more, if you can) and
(2) Bring your own plate and utensils so the event can be as close as possible to "waste free."
(3) They DO have a turkey, but if you're just learning of this now, you may need to refrain from eating any of their turkey (that's so those from PTV, invited as guests, and the Learning Graden's own group of hosts, can have some turkey). But HEY, you can enjoy and absolutely feast on the multitude of other dishes that everyone is individually bringing.

This event always attracts lots of artists and musicians. Bring your acoustic instrument(s) if you like, because there's always a jam session -- though things really do end at 2 pm, so everyone can dash off to family events, etc. The Guide's editor and some of our staff members have attended this many times over the past decade, and always found it lots of fun with tasty adventures in familiar and exotic foods, and moreover, we've found that attending is very welcoming and very meaningful.

There's always plenty for everyone to eat. The Gardenmaster adds, "We serve and eat on our patio -- the weather forecast is warm and sunny, but dress appropriately."

The Guide adds that it wouldn't do to ask any of the torture victims about what happened to them. This is neither the time nor place for that. BUT, if you want to be in the company of folks who REALLY "get" the meaning of a day to be thankful for being alive and able to get together with other smiling, happy folks to feast and relax and forget their time of living in fear? You'll never find a better time and place for that.

For more details on The Learning Garden Thanksgiving Celebration, you can try to contact David King, The Learning Garden’s Gardenmaster, but he's probably too involved in making everything happen, so you may not get a reply. His phone is 310-722-3656 and his email is

Those who want to give back?

While attending the Thangsgiving feast brings NO OBLIGATION (beyond the points above), some may want to show appreciation. Here's how:

You can attend the "Post Thanksgiving Workout."

November 25th, The Learning Garden will have a work day. The Gardenmaster says, "We can all work off the extra pounds from Thanksgiving! 9 am to noon in the garden - bring gloves, we have the other tools. Our plan is to spiff the garden up a little and enjoy our garden friends and end the year on a cleaner note!"


More news LATER TODAY.

And MUCH more coming soon, with LOTS of music news now being prepared for publication.

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