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Saturday, March 17, 2018

ST. PATRICK'S DAY Saturday, & MORE: News & Things to Do -- March 17 2018 edition

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Today is one of those precious ones on the calendar when all of us, regardless of our own roots, are invited to celebrate the special day -- and food, and MUSIC -- of one of the many cultures that's become part of the American experience. (The other main ones are Cinco de Mayo for the whole first week of May, and Mardi Gras, which Californians do not limit to a few days before "Fat Tuesday," but celebrate all year with "Gator by the Bay" in San Diego, the "Cajun Blues Fest" in Simi Valley, the "Long Beach Bayou Festival" and the "Crawfish Festival," both in Long Beach, and more. So if the whole world is Mexican and Louisiana Cajun on those occasions, TODAY THE WHOLE WORLD IS IRISH!

You can probably find Corned Beef and Cabbage on the menu 'purt near everywhere today, including a lot of music venues that feature the signature sounds of the Emerald Isle. Now, to be sure, they really don't celebrate with corned beef & cabbage in Ireland. But they DO eat Irish Soda Bread, a delectable concoction in round loaf form that's only available in L.A. around this time of celebration of all-things Irish. Fortunately, all the big supermarket chains seem to have it, but don't dawdle. If there's any left, it'll be on the bargain cart by Monday, then it's off their shelves for a year.

If you're staying at home today, preparing a feast with the fresh carrots and fresh potatoes and celery and celery seed and pepper corns that makes YOUR corned beef an' cabbage really delicious -- then you'll be happy to know you can enjoy a FULL DAY of Hollywood's tributes to Ireland on TCM (Turner Classic Movies). Don't have that channel? Then tune to KCET from 4-6 pm for "JIMMY'S HALL," the fine 2014 motion picture with Barry Ward and Simone Kirby. It's a true story of "the other" Irish struggle -- the one against the repression of The Church -- and how political activist Jimmy Gralton took on a crotchety priest and built a community center that taught dance, music, culture, and awareness of the outside world, and what it cost him to do it. Really an exceptional "sleeper" film and one for anyone who feels they're up against powerful forces, and wantin' to bring a better outcome.

Of course, ST. PATRICK'S DAY is all about MUSIC! And we have you covered! You'll be paying your own tab at the pub, where the beverages of choice are, of course, Guinness and Bailey's. Just remember to find a sober driver to get your inebriated remains home.

We ALSO BRING YOU OTHER SELECTED (NON-IRISH) EVENTS THIS WEEKEND, as the Guide's other Top Picks for things that await your patronage and participation. Plus, the bits 'o MUSIC 'N ARTS NEWS is betwixt here and the events calendar. So put your track shoes on the starting blocks already!

- - - - -


This show is science-geek heaven, anyway. BUT, this week, when we lost STEPHEN HAWKING, one of the most remarkable humans of our time, and the most consequential scientist since Albert Einstein? It isn't enough that the Guide ran an obit this past week. Because TONIGHT (Saturday), from 11 pm-midnight, the LAST INTERVIEW WITH HAWKING -- done in segments for last week's edition of "STAR TALK" with host NEIL deGRASSE TYSON -- re-runs on the NatGeo channel. Dr. MICHIO KAKU is on hand to discuss the interview segments.

This show originally aired just before Hawking died, so it's exploratory-celebratory / mind-boggling rather than mournful.

And you do get to see why Hawking was such an in-demand guest on everything from "Star Trek" to "The Simpsons."

Example? Tyson: "Dr. Hawking, who is your favorite non-scientist?" Hawking: "A few years ago, I would have said Nelson Mandella. He brought a peaceful solution to a seemingly impossible situation. There is no one of this stature today. Certainly not Donald Trump." Thereupon the camera cut to Tyson's bouncing belly-laugh, and quickly back to Hawking doing something he wasn't supposed to be able to do -- smiling, broadly.

Tyson's final comment to his studio audience: "Here is this man who has only his mind, because he can't use his body. Yet he has shown us the power of thought in discovery and in changing our understanding of everything. Perhaps at the end of the day, it's all about your thoughts and your imagination and your dreams. Truly, THAT is cosmic perspective."

A final little "wow" added to the countless BIG "Wows" that STEPHEN HAWKING brought us all.

- - -

Ready? Let's get started!


A THOUGHT FOR TODAY (from a famous Jew, and appropriate for the Irish experience and for our times):

"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth." -- Albert Einstein, physicist and Nobel Laureate (born Mar 14, 1879, died 1955).


In This Edition

x) Intro - On TV and notes on cuisine (ahead of this table of contents)

1) "Roots Music & Beyond" -- St. Patrick's, Plus Folkworks "Folk Roots" Artists

2) Folk Alley's Special "Irish Music Stream - Sláinte Mhaith"

3) Knott's Annual "Boysenberry Festival" now on, Runs March 16-April 8

4) Arcadia Blues Club Tonight has Mike Osborn, "Straight from Ireland by Way of San Francisco

5) “Night of 1000 Drawings” is March 22 in L.A.

6) Grammy Museum Launches Podcast




# 1 news feature...


One of L.A.'s few remaining folk music radio shows brought a tasty mixed bag of delights for its Saturday Morning, March 17th broadcast, and YOU CAN STILL HEAR IT ON-DEMAND.

Broadcast on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, it airs only on some Saturdays, and when it does, it's on reeeaaallly early.

This go 'round, they "lifted an audio pint to St. Pat whilst playing music familiar and not -- guaranteed to bring a fresh breeze from the distant isle all the way to L.A." That part was the show's first hour (broadcast before the sun began to rise, 6 to 7 am).

Then, for the second hour, host ART PODELL had in-studio guests -- STEVE & LEDA SHAPIRO, founding editors of L.A.-based "FolkWorks," a print publication back-when that changed to an e-zine more than a decade ago. (It lives online at In it, Art Podell writes a regular column; the Guide's editor was once a FolkWorks columnist, and still does feature stories there from time to time.

"FolkWorks" was in-studio to help Art play selections "from some of the... unique and varied featured artists appearing at the fantastic all-day and most-of-the-night annual 'Folk Roots Festival'" happening March 24th. (There's more on the festival in this edition.) Art even had a few free admission tickets to the festival for some lucky listeners.

Radio's "Roots Music and Beyond" with Art Podell is always refreshing on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, streaming live at -- on the Saturdays that it airs. But let's face it -- most folks aren't out of bed that early on the weekend.

Soooo, each edition of THE SHOW IS ARCHIVED for fourteen days. AND THIS ONE BEING EXTRA SPECIAL, AN' ALL, we suggest you go catch it on your schedule, at

+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ =========

#2 news feature...


For your St. Patrick's Day soundtrack, Folk Alley, that delightful non-profit, listener-supported internet radio service, has assembled over TWELVE HOURS of uninterrupted music by many of their, and soon-to-be your, favorite Irish musicians.

You'll hear a great mix of familiar and new artists, including We Banjo 3, Usher's Island, Eileen Ivers, The Alt, Karan Casey, Cillian Vallely, Glen Hansard, Lisa Hannigan, Altan, I Draw Slow, Beoga, Sharon Shannon, Dervish, Solas, The Henry Girls, Danu, The Chieftains (of course!) and so much more.

LISTEN 24/7 at:

Or, take it on the road, and stream Folk Alley via a free iPhone mobile app that lets you purchase downloads of any song you want, at:

FolkAlley is the non-profit internet venture (since 2003) produced by WKSU-FM, an award-winning public radio station with nearly 60 years of broadcasting history. It's a service of Kent State University in Ohio. (Yes, "The" Kent State of Neil Young's song, "Ohio.") The station also presents the "Kent State Folk Festival" and broadcasts 13 dedicated hours each week of original folk music programming, with a signal reaching throughout Northeast Ohio over WKSU 89.7 FM, with four repeater stations and two translator signals extending the reach.

You can hear the main Folk Alley stream on WKSU HD-2 and other radio stations running HD across the United States. Except, alas, in L.A., where the multibillion-dollar soundalike crappiness of the sh-thump-thud mainstream entertainment biz based here is too terrified to let you hear anything they can't control.

Hmmm. That sounds sort of like what happened to cause a revolution by the... Irish, eh?

Sláinte mhaith!


# 3 news feature...


Given the absolute unaffordability of the Mouse's empire in Anaheim, and the fact that if you pay all that money, you are jammed and crammed into an overrated amusement with too damn many other people to move enough to get to to the overlong lines for the few rides you can reach? We are fortunate to have Knott's Berry Farm. Let's face it: a Knott's Season Pass, with 6 payments of $15.66, is less than a one-day ticket to Disneyland. Jeepers.

That's any time. But right now, it's the season for the annual "KNOTT'S BOYSENBERRY FESTIVAL." That means extra portions of entertainment, and some of it is roots-Americana.

On the Wagon Camp Stage -- the circle of covered wagons that never goes anywhere, and where the SONS OF THE PIONEERS used to have a residency, the fetival has plenty of shows by Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies. They perform "their toe tappin’, knee-slappin’, side splittin’ country comedy show that has Knott’s audiences clamoring for more," according to the publicity. Which we deem a credible claim, since all the big amusement parks have their pick of the best.

Over on the Fireman's BBQ Stage, you'll find the Ghost Town Miners. This five-piece brings a "fun, audience interactive, musical performance," and the promo continues, "Saddle up for the sounds of classic instruments like guitars and fiddles played in brand new ways. Dance around the stage to the toe-tappin' tunes or grab a table and enjoy some delicious ribs covered in boysenberry BBQ sauce from Fireman's BBQ next door."

The Bird Cage Theatre, as a tribute to Knott’s past, is once again home for musical comedy melodrama. You can (and are expected to) "Cheer the Hero and Boo the Villain" in what they're dubbing as "a special presentation at Knott’s Legendary Bird Cage Theatre," where "America’s Longest Running Melodrama returns with an original, audience interactive comedy with a surprising Boysenberry twist!"

Get the lowdown on the hoedown at:


# 4 news feature...


A true "Bay Area Sensation" and Irish bluesman, Mike Osborn arrives with his full band. The venue offers a "Free Shot at the bar" if you wear green and get there before 9 pm.

The show runs 7 pm-11:30 pm, and Arcadia Blues Club is at 16 E Huntington Dr, Arcadia CA; 626-447-9349;

The venue's chef, Maria, is cooking-up some Irish Specials for their special Mike Osborn Concert. They tell us, "Mike is threatening to be wearin' a kilt and showing off his sexy legs while playing some hot blues and Irish guitar licks. Our lassies Maria and April will be ready to celebrate with you. It will be a do not miss show."

While this is a blues show by an Irish bluesman in a blues club, word is he is a guitar wizard who will spend some time doing tributes to notable Irish rock acts. So don't expect uilleann pipes at this one.

- - -

ABC has a Saint Patrick's Day menu and bar specials:

Food Specials (including CA sales tax):
Corn beef and cabbage $14.00
Irish Bangers, mashed potatoes, onion gravy $14.00

Special $7 Drinks are the "Irish Car Bomb," and "The Irish." Special $5 Shots are "Fumblin Dublin," "Shamrock," and "Leprechaun."

- - -

Use the tix link and save $5. It's $10 advance, $15 at the door. Link:


# 5 news feature...


This one-night-only arts event is different. Every attendee chooses a doodle or drawing to take home. You can participate in a silent auction.

There's entertainment by award-winning musicians while artists and creatives bring the results of their “doodling for a difference,” works they've been creating for months to donate to this unique event.

It's 5-8 pm, Thursday, March 22, at the Globe Theatre, 740 S Broadway St, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

All proceeds fund a music program for Metro Charter Elementary, a downtown L.A. school, and it's sponsored by The Central City Association (CCA), Metro Charter Elementary and Miyamoto Relief.

Tickets are $30, at:


# 6 news feature...


The L.A.-based GRAMMY MUSEUM, home to some wonderful exhibitions and delightfully intimate performance-interview sessions, has teamed with the Recording Academy™ and "HowStuffWorks" to bring you their latest venture, "Required Listening." It's a new podcast that "provides an all-access pass to stories and songs from some of the favorite artists who have participated in the GRAMMY Museum's public programs series in the museum's intimate Clive Davis Theater."

Their spokesman continues, "We have an incredible archive of public programs, and this podcast will enable us to share the personal and unscripted stories heard nightly in our theater with people everywhere. We'll feature some of our most memorable past programs, as well as new programs, highlighting emerging artists to legendary music industry figures. Please join us each week and subscribe, rate, like, and share the 'Required Listening' podcast through Apple Music, iTunes, or the Podcast app on your phone."

Now, here at the Guide, we have to tell you, the available podcasts don't yet include any of their memorably inspiring and sometimes amazing nights with the folkie and acoustic Americana artists and legends -- who we've gone to see perform -- in their Clive Davis Theatre. So we hope the producers of the podcast series become more inclusive, pronto, since they already HAVE these recordings -- both video and audio -- in their archive.

You can check it out, keep an eye on new inclusions, or become a regular on their notification list, at:


# 7 news feature...


This makes no pretense of being comprehensive. But we do want to serve-up some good trad Irish tuneage for today. So are a few we like. Enjoy!


Traditional Irish Uilleann Piping

This is a wonderful video, a fine performance workshop with some of the top artists on the instrument.

Published on Dec 6, 2017 on the United Nations' website for "UNESCO: Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - 2017. URL:

Uilleann Piping is explained as "a musical practice in which a particular type of bagpipe (known as ‘uilleann’ ‘Irish’ or ‘union’ pipes) is used to play traditional music. Bearers and practitioners include participants of all ages, dispersed throughout the world. Uilleann Piping offers an important way of socializing, providing a sense of rootedness and connection to the past. Knowledge and skills are transmitted using both long-established and modern practices, and the practice is primarily safeguarded through the efforts of the group Na Piorabairi Uilleann. Country(ies): Ireland."


Tiarnan Ó Duinnchinn -- Uilleann Pipes

A fine piper performing at Scoil Cheoil na Botha, the traditional music festival in Scotstown, County Monaghan, Ireland.


In Scotland, not Ireland, and bagpipes, to let you see and hear the difference...

Young piper stealing the show at Canmore Highland Games 2017


Irish Dance with Live Music

UCWDC Worlds 2016, performance by The Willis Clan


Davy Spillane - Caoineadh Cu Chulainn Uilleann Pipes


Michael Flatley - Lord Of The Dance (his final live TV performance on "Britain's Got Talent")

More contemporary than traditional, but wildly fun


For "Riverdance" fans, ones you've likely never seen...

...Irish Step Dancing (Best show in 2007) Riverdance

... their 1995 show (1 hr, 10 mins) -- yes, they were an incredible troupe back then:


Titanic and Braveheart themes on Uilleann Pipes

This is Ugi Mueller, who says, "I play the opening theme from the Titanic soundtrack and the main theme from Braveheart. I don't have sheets for them, I learned them by ear, they're easy!
The uilleann chanter I use is a Neil O'Grady chanter with 4 keys. Reed is by Howard Music and adjusted to the chanter by the Swiss flute and pipemaker Tom Aebi."



# 8 news feature...


Hold onto your little green derby, 'cause here we go! Plus, we include some major stuff that happens after this weekend. It's all chronological, by date and time, so you won't get lost. Even if people keep telling you to.

Fri-Sun, Mar 16-17-18, FESTIVAL, in Laughlin, NV:
"SHAMROCKS & SHENANIGANS FEST" runs Friday & Saturday 2 pm-10 pm, Sunday Noon-7 pm, at Colorado Belle Hotel, Casino, Resort, 2100 S Casino Dr, Laughlin, Nevada 89029; 702-298-4000; Toll Free Reservations 866-352-3553.
* Southern Cal Irish band PADDY’S PIG brings their quintet to Laughlin for the first time to play the festival's "Loading Dock stage."
* Fest info, lineup and schedules,

Sat, Mar 17:
Noon-10 pm "BACKYARD ST. PATRICK'S DAY" at Station 1640, 1640 N Cahuenga Bl & Cosmo Lot, Hollywood, CA.
* Enjoy 10 hours of music, a beer garden, food trucks, vendors and more.
* Six outdoor bands, none of them overtly Irish.
* The party is free with RSVP before 4 PM, and $10 after that, so don’t sleep on this one.

Sat, Mar 17:
1-10 pm "7th ANNUAL ROCK & REILLY'S ST. PADDY'S DAY BLOCK PARTY" at Rock & Reilly's Sunset Strip,
* The venue presents this one to benefit MVP: "Merging Vets & Players." Join in for a good cause with DH’s food, games and 100 kegs of green beer.
* Unfortunately, it's a DJ.
* 21+ only, and entry is not guaranteed after 3 pm and is subject to capacity.

Sat, Mar 17:
1 pm-'til-late-night "ST. PATTY'S BEER FEST" at the Pig 'n Whistle on Hollywood Bl.
* It's just not a St. Patty's celebration without the ceremonial raising of a pint, so this venue wants you to get your green on, then head down to the glamorous old Hollywood hotspot for an Irish-themed party.
* Unfortunately, it's a DJ for dancing, but plenty of drink specials on Jamison and Guinness.
* One of the most historic bars in all of L.A., The Pig 'n Whistle opened next door to the Egyptian Theatre in 1927, and has since hosted celebs like Cary Grant, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Clark Gable and many more.

Sat, Mar 17 -- PLACES TO HANG-OUT before going to one of the concerts listed after this...
- - -
*** Muldoon's Irish Pub, 202 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA; 949-640-4110;
- - -
*** O'Brien's Irish Pub & Restaurant "The Sports Pub With The Irish Heart," 2226 Wilshire, Santa Monica, CA; 310-829-5303;
- - -
*** The Red Leprechaun, 4000 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90804;
- - -
*** King's Head British Pub & Restaurant, 116 Santa Monica Bl, Santa Monica, CA; 310-451-1402;
- - -
*** The Harp Inn Irish Pub, Costa Mesa, CA;
- - -
*** The Shamrock Irish Pub & Eatery, Murrieta, CA;

Sat, Mar 17:
3 pm SLIGO RAGS plays Brendan’s Irish Pub, 495 Ventu Park, Newbury Park, CA 91320; 805-498-5050.

Sat, Mar 17:
4 pm THE PLOUGHBOYS play the Tam O’Shanter, 2980 Los Feliz Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90039; 323-664-0228.

Sat, Mar 17:
4-9:30 pm FLOGGING MOLLY PARTY outside the Hollywood Palladium. The FLOGGING MOLLY concert inside the venue is sold out. BUT you can still join in on the fun and PARTY, right outside the venue. Come early. They'll have drinks, food, and a live DJ from 4 pm–9:30 pm.
* No ticket needed. 21+ only.

Sat, Mar 17:
6 pm WILD ROSE, with Melanie Nolley, Andrew Shuman & Steve Shapiro, play Brendan’s Irish Pub, 30315 Canwood St, Agoura Hills, CA 91301; 818-874-9400.

Sat, Mar 17:
6 pm OXALIS plays The Grove, 189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Sat. Mar 17:
7 pm ERIC RIGLER & DIRK FREYMUTH WITH KIRA OTT play the Black Box Theater at Hi-Desert Cultural Center, 61231 29 Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, CA 92252.
* Eric is the one who played the trad music in the spoundtrack of "Titanic," and in many more films.

Sat, Mar 17:
7 pm DROPKICK MICKEYS play Brendan’s Irish Pub, 495 Ventu Park, Newbury Park, CA 91320; 805-498-5050.

Sat, Mar 17:
7 pm WHISKEY SUNDAY plays the Tam O’Shanter, 2980 Los Feliz Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90039; 323-664-0228.

Sat, Mar 17:
7-10 pm CHAUNCEY BOWERS, with LISA TURNER and KEVIN ROGERS, plays the "CITY ROOTS CONCERT SERIES" evening of music-and-DINNER, at Hope Lutheran Church, 6720 Melrose Av, Hollywood 90038.
* Concert series organized by Alexia Salvatierra, and she will give you a permit for street parking when you arrive.
* Chauncey Bowers notes, "That's sort of amazing for Hollywood. You should come just for the permit."
* Music starts at 7PM. There is good food at intermission. Chauncey notes, "The chili is particularly tasty. The whole affair ends around 10."
* Chauncey just won't shut-up about this. He says, "I've played this venue before and it is wonderful. Nice room with good sound system and acoustics. It's a church for god's sake. Great place for music."
* Chauncey plays about an hour, and Lisa Turner will sing with him. "She will take your breath away. She does that to me, and yet I am still able to sing with her. Some form of magic, I'm guessing," he says. (The Guide says she is a wonderful talent, too.)
* Kevin Rogers also plays a set. He brings younger energy to the table. His voice has been likened to a "soulful Sting."
* Tix and parking passes at the door.

Sat, Mar 17:
7 pm CON GIOIA EARLY MUSIC ENSEMBLE plays the final concert of the "Winter Music Series" at Boston Court Performing Arts Center, 70 N Mentor Av, Pasadena, CA 91106.
* Southern California’s premier baroque ensemble celebrates the 350th anniversary of the birth of one of France’s most venerable composers, Francois Couperin, with a sumptuous survey of his popular and lesser-known repertoire.
* Limited seats remaining. Tix and info,

Sat, Mar 17:
7 pm KEN O'MALLEY AND THE TWILIGHT LORDS play the annual "IRISH CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ST. PATRICK'S DAY DINNER & DANCE" at the Glendale Hilton, 100 W Glenoaks Bl, Glendale, CA 91202;
* The Twilight Lords are the logical connection of ancient modalities to electric instruments. Their treatment of classic songs -- such as "The Foggy Foggy Dew," "The Water is Wide," and "Carrick Fergus" -- are amazing and real crowd pleasers.
* Join the fun and support the Irish Center of Southern California, Inc. which promotes Irish culture and supports our local Irish and Irish-American community.
* The evening begins with cocktails at 5 pm; dinner is served at 6 pm followed by Irish dancers and music by Ken O'Malley and the Twilight Lords.
* For tickets ($75) call Mary Dempsey at 626-337-0075 or check the above website.

Sat, Mar 17:
7-9 pm AVC SYMPHONIC BAND: ASCENSION, at Antelope Valley College Performing Arts Theater, 3041 W Avenue K, Lancaster, CA 93534;
* Dedicated to one of Europe’s many great pieces of art: Dante Alighieri’s "Divine Comedy," this multimedia presentation features the ANTELOPE VALLEY CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY and the AVC Symphonic Band performing Robert W. Smith’s complete first band symphony, "The Divine Comedy."
* Tix:

Sat, Mar 17:
7:30 pm "OLD-TIMEY LEPRECHAUN-PALOOZA" with EVIE LADIN & KEITH TERRY, SAUSAGE GRINDER, and ECHO MOUNTAIN, is a mini-festival with concerts and a workshop, at American Legion Hall Post 206, 255 N Ave. 55, Highland Park, 90041
* With "Fiddles, Banjos, Guitars, Mandolins, Square Dancin', and a Bar!" the Old-Time Tiki Parlour and the "3rd Saturday Square Dance" series" team-up for this "St. Paddy's Day 'Old-Timey' Leprechaun-Palooza.
* Preceded, 5:30 pm-7 pm by EVIE LADIN teaching an "Old-Time Harmony Singing Workshop" before the concert. Seats are limited.
* Concert, 7:30 pm, with EVIE LADIN & KEITH TERRY performing.
* Square Dance and Jamming, 9 pm-11 pm; tunes played by a mashup of Sausage Grinder and Echo Mountain. Dance calls by EVIE LADIN and "L.A.'s Rookie Callers Club."
* EVIE LADIN & KEITH TERRY are Oakland, California-based innovative musicians/dancers with a quirky neo-trad soul. They perform throw-down original folk songs and deep interpretations of old songs, with the kinetic thrill of percussive dance. Ladin sings and plays infectious clawhammer banjo, while Terry is a master percussionist. "It was Appalachian string band music pared to the absolute minimum of accompaniment, but packed with an orchestras worth of rhythm." -- Music City Roots, Nashville.
* SAUSAGE GRINDER, Los Angeles' classic old-time and country blues string band, combines the traditional sounds of fiddle and banjo breakdowns with the low-down sound of country blues, topped off with a touch of ragtime and hillbilly jazz. The versatile acoustic ensemble features fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, jug, washboard, and a few odds and ends.
* ECHO MOUNTAIN is an old-time string band based out of Los Angeles.Together they play square dances and farmers markets in the L.A. area and have been featured performers at "The Watkins Family Hour," hosted by the brother-sister team from NICKEL CREEK. The collective vision of Echo Mountain is to build a repertoire that reflects the whole spectrum of the old-time tradition, playing each fiddle tune and mountain ballad with new energy while remaining true to traditional style and form.
* Ticket options: $20 gen'l adm. for the Concert and Square Dance Jam Party; $30 for the "Harmony Singing Workshop w/Evie Ladin" at 5:30 pm.
* Tix at:

Sat, Mar 17:
(SOLD OUT) 8 pm THE FENIANS play The Coach House, 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675; 949-496-8927.

Sat, Mar 17:
8 pm CELTIC SPIRIT WITH EILEEN IVERS, the nine-time ALL IRELEND FIDDLE CHAMP and star of "RIVERDANCE," performs with the LONG BEACH SYMPHONY at the Long Beach Arena, Pacific Ballroom, 300 E Ocean Bl, Long Beach, CA 90802.
* Fiddler Eileen Ivers will change the way you think about the violin. She’s been hailed as “a sensation” by Billboard magazine, “a virtuoso” by The Irish Times, “the Jimi Hendrix of the violin” by The New York Times.
* Conductor WILLIAM WALDROP is a Broadway Music Director, Pianist and Conductor, who currently serves as Principal Conductor of the Broadway revival of "Cats" at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York City.
* Tix via Symphony box office, 562-436-3203 ext. 1

Sat, Mar 17, FREE concert:
8-10:30 pm ARIELLE DEEM in her "PLAY IT FORWARD TOUR 2018" performs at Baracoa Cuban Restaurant, 853 Auto Center Dr Ste F, Palmdale, CA 93551;
* Featuring EVAN MONTGOMERY on guitar.
* Arielle Deem is a Los Angeles based vocalist, composer and visual artist, advocating for social change through original music and art.
* Her warm presence and transformative voice invite communities to actively listen and recognize the similarities in all of us, as her music blends progressive jazz, soul, vocal looping/fx and spoken word.
* Arielle has released two albums and has plans to do a new collection of songs in 2018.
* She has toured independently throughout the U.S, Canada and Europe, and is presently endorsed by the Vocal Looping/FX gear company, TC-Helicon, in association with Behringer.
* In addition to pursuing her passion for performing, Arielle teaches part-time on Faculty at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA and offers private voice lessons.
* More at:
* FREE show.

Sat, Mar 17, STAGEPLAY:
8 pm THE WORLD PREMIERE OF "BINGO HALL" nears the end of its run as the feature presentation of the prestigious "NATIVE VOICES AT THE AUTRY" series, at The Autry Museum of the American West, 4700 Western Heritage Way (in Griffith Park, across from the L.A. Zoo), Los Angeles, CA 90027; 323-495-4354;
* Guide contributor and actress Debbie Berry called to be certain we had this show listed. She raved about, all the way around, and called it a "Must-see!"
* Debbie is hardly alone in her assessment. Check outb these reviews:
- “RECOMMENDED . . . a delight, a deft and witty comedy that recalls vintage Neil Simon.”—Stage Raw
- “A charming, at times funny, well-acted play about retaining cultural traditions.”—Guardian Liberty Voice
- “Explores themes of tradition and identity . . . with plenty of jokes and unexpected occurrences.”—Hollywood Soapbox
- “Family friendly, and the ticket price includes admission to the Autry Museum of the American West. Add a picnic and you’ve got a day of entertainment.”—Los Angeles Times (they do note: The play includes some profanity)
* Synopsis: Edward Anaya makes all the calls in the pueblo—well, he calls the numbers at the senior center's bimonthly bingo. But college acceptance letters kick-start an identity crisis: Who will Edward be if he leaves home and bingo behind? Like Ferris Bueller if he lived in a pueblo, Edward knows just what to say until romantic rejection, family antics, and community pressures leave him tongue-tied. New playwright Dillon Chitto brings the pueblo to the American theatre in this hilarious new play about tradition in a fast-changing world.
* SPECIAL EVENT, tonight only: Bingo! on Saturday, March 17. As a special treat, the Autry will host a round of bingo in the cafe before doors open for the 8:00 p.m. performance.
* FINAL PERFORMANCES: Sun, Mar 18, 2 pm; Thu-Fri-Sat, Mar 22-24, 8 pm; Sat & Sun, Mar 24 & 25, 2 pm.
* Tix are $8–$25, at

Sat, Mar 17:
8:30-11:30 pm ANDY HILL & RENEE SAFIER (aka ANDY & RENEE of the award-wining band HARD RAIN) play a St. Pat's gig at Avenue A Bar & Grill, 800 S PCH, Redondo Beach, CA 90277; 310-316-2832.

Sat, Mar 17:
9 pm THE PLOUGHBOYS play Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill, 4311 W Magnolia Bl, Burbank, CA 91505; 818-729-0805.

- - - - -


Sat, Mar 24, FESTIVAL:
10 am-10 pm Annual "FOLKROOTS FESTIVAL" at St. John's Presbyterian Church, 11000 National Bl, West LA, 90064
* This is a crossroads of Folk-Americana and world folk music, with so many options that everyone can find plenty of ways to be immersed in fun, listening, learning, and discovery for the full day, into the night.
* WORKSHOPS, FOLK FILMS, SONG CIRCLE, JAMMING all begin at 10 am, and include:
• 10 am block: BANJO (Beg/Int) with Steve Lewis; HARMONICA with Roger Goodman; SINGING - The Art of Unaccompanied Voice (All levels) with Susie Glaze; MANDOLIN with Tom Corbett.
• 11 am block: VERY BEGINNING FIDDLE with Jim & Amber Mueller; HOW TO PLAY ANYTHING with Roger Goodman; BALKAN 101 with Pat Mac Swyney; EGYPTIAN ORIENTAL DANCE AKA BELLY DANCE (All levels) with Gigi deMarrais.
• Noon block: MOUNTAIN DULCIMER For Absolute Beginners with Joellen Lapidus; MANDOLIN "Nail That Tune!" (All Levels) with Emil Olguin; PERCUSSION with Ava Nahas; GUITAR - Bottleneck, Slide, with Fred Sokolow.
• 1 pm block: SPOONS - "Playing with spoons" with Monika White; UKULELE Split-level class with Kate Friedricks; MIDDLE EAST FRAMED DRUM with Rowan Storm; BALKAN SINGING (All Levels) with Members of Nevenka; INSTRUMENT Care & Feeding with Kurt Gary; POWER OF SONGS with Sam Curtis, Ross Altman, Sunny War (followed by 2 pm panel discussion).
• 2 pm block: PANEL DISCUSSION - "SOCIAL JUSTICE AND FOLK MUSIC" with Ross Altman, Darryl Holter, Jonathan Ritter with Larry Wines as Moderator (follows 1 pm "Power of Song"); FIDDLE, Old Time (All Levels) with David Bragger; GUITAR with Chris Berry; FROM COLTRANE TO NUSRAT:THE MYSTERY OF MUSIC & SPIRITUALITY with Yuval Ron; FLAT FOOT DANCING with Rebecca Stout.
* DAYTIME CONCERTS begin at 11 am, with FRANK HOPPE and CHRISTINA ORTEGA as emcees, and performances (two stages of music all afternoon) by:
• Chris Berry, Milena Reed, Art Podell
* Silent Auction opens at 1 pm.
* SQUARE DANCE begins at 3 pm.
* CONCERT BOX OFFICE OPENS at 5:30 pm for those without advance tickets (subject to tix remaining).
* EVENING CONCERTS begin at 6 pm, with YATRIKA SHAH-RAIS as emcee, and performances by:
* Early bird tickets are available through the end of February, and are going fast; get them now at:

Sat, Mar 24, FESTIVAL:
6-10 pm Annual "IRISH SPRING GALA" at Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion, 501 Indian Peak Rd, Rolling Hills Estates, CA.
* Features band PADDY’S PIG.
* Reservations required. For tickets, email
or go to

Thu-Sat, May 17-19th, FESTIVAL:
"13th-Ever 'LOS ANGELES OLD TIME SOCIAL'" returns with concerts, workshops, square dancing and more, at multiple L.A. venues.
* Though not affiliated with the annual "Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival" which happens on Sunday, May 20, the two festivals, both excellent, are designed to interlock into a four-day tuneful run that's the best musical start to your roots-music summer.
* "Kick Off Party" for the Old Time Social is Thu, May 17, 8 pm, at Tropico De Nopal Gallery, 1665 Beverly Bl, L.A. CA 90026; tix $10, ages 21+.
* CONCERT is Fri, May 18, 8 pm, at The Velaslavasay Panorama, 1122 W 24th St, L.A. CA 90007; advance tix below. Features Echo Mountain (Los Angeles); Richie & Rosie (NY); Ozark Highballers (AR); House Band with David Bragger & Susan Platz; Yo Pitzy Jugband (Los Angeles); Clinton Davis (San Diego); Have More Fun Stringband (Los Angeles).
* WORKSHOPS, FAMILY DANCE, CAKEWALK & SQUARE DANCE, are Sat, May 19, Noon–11 pm, at American Legion Post 206, 227 N Avenue 55, Highland Park (L.A.) CA 90042:
• Saturday ticket options: $20 for the day (workshops included) or $10 for the evening dances only.
• Family Dance 6 pm
• Cakewalk 7:30 pm
• Square Dance 8 pm
• Callers are Susan Michaels (Seattle) and Rookie Callers (L.A.)
• Bands are Hollywood Boll Weevils (Family Dance – L.A.); Ozark Highballers; Rosie Newton & Richie Stearns.
• WORKSHOPS are Noon–6 pm saturday, and include:
"Upstairs" Saturday Workshops:
- Noon-2 pm - Sacred Harp Shape-Note Singing
- 2-4 pm - Square Dance Calling—Susan Michaels
- 4-5 - Cajun Dancing with Ira Bernstein
- 5-6 - Flatfooting with Ira Bernstein and Ruth Alpert
"Downstairs" Saturday Workshops:
- Noon-1 pm - Italian & New Mexican Music with Paul Rangell & Emily Abbink
- 1-2 pm - Cajun Guitar with Eric Thompson
- 2-3 pm - Cajun Fiddle with Suzy Thompson
- 3-4 - Old-Time Fiddle & Bowing of African American Fiddler Will Adam with David Bragger
- 4-5 - Old-Time Fiddle with Bob Willoughby
- 5-6 - Old-Time Banjo with Rafe Stefanini
(Contact David Bragger for sign-ups and more info, at: davidbragger (at)
* FULL INFO, SIGN-UPS, & TIX (find the bar at the top of their page, or you'll miss everything); tix at:


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