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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Today is WOMEN'S DAY! Thursday, March 8th...

Happy International Women's Day!

The one day of the year when the numerical majority of the human population gets celebrated -- after being discriminated against; underpaid and exploited; denied opportunity; forced by societal expectation to dress uncomfortably; bullied by a fraction (the bad apples we could all do without) of the male minority; and generally being underappreciated the other 364 days of the year.

We are made aware, all too frequently, of the extra struggles faced by women BECAUSE they are women -- women musicians, artists, and tech specialists in sound, stage, film, and elsewhere in the performing arts, recording arts, and entertainment industries. If these few simple words can alert our male colleagues and inspire our female friends to re-make our world as one with NO PLACE for sexual bullying or gender discrimination -- even if we reach just ONE person and enable someone to be spared from being demeaned, dismissed, trivialized, shown the casting couch as the gateway to opportunity, or otherwise prevented from being judged on the basis of her art and the power of her contributions -- then we can, as one little part of humanity, claim a victory for all of us, regardless of gender.

Throughout the world today, there are protests and celebrations, some in unlikely places. In Spain, FIVE MILLION people are demonstrating for pay equality(!) -- and against a legal system that lets abusers escape justice, even when their physical battery breaks bones and causes other serious physical and emotional damage and leaves crippling psychological impacts.

As usual, the corporate mainstream American media is caught-up in its singular fixation, and mere scant mentions of today as THE ONE DAY we honor women is trivialized by blathering talking heads between their breathless Chicken-Little drivel about how the sky is falling.

Obviously, it doesn't have to be that way, even with the money-grubbing corporacratic oligarchs.

Take this expression, for example. As much as we despise McDonald's for getting rich on that artery-clogging crap they call food? Images appeared on BBC World Service of McDonald's arches inverted into a "W" on worker's uniform shirts, hats, and even a restaurant sign. That is nice. Now, if they would just pay their people a living wage...

-- Larry Wines

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