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Friday, October 2, 2020

Fast freight, coupla boxcars, mighty tuneful whistle blowing the highball. Oct 2, 2020 edition


As you know, Google's hegemonistic empire absorbed our platform and demolished our publishing tools. So this is a reasonably full edition that won't have the kind of story titles and section sub-heads we wish we could use to keep the parts properly separated and easy to find.

But we ARE "going for it" with a fresh new REAL edition -- in terms of worthwhile story content -- even if our devotion to bringing you a proper e-zine is compromised by things we can no longer control.

Next week, a cyber guru friend will wind his way through Google's wreckage and determine if he can (a) import publishing tools from elsewhere for us, like the ones we used to have on the platform; and, (b) put Google's spyware into a mobius loop (look it up) so you can read things here without wondering if you're being infested with the nasty parasites you get when you go to any other Google property -- or on Facebook, which is still the worst of all of them for cyber infestations and surveillance you can't shake, even in a dark tunnel under a river.

In any event, we're glad, as always, that you you dropped by. And we want you to find your time here happily informative and worthwhile. So, full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.


And forgive us if WE don't want you unwittingly collecting things that follow you around until a supernova's electromagnetic pulse brings an end to everything digital (along with everything analog magnetic) in our corner of the galaxy. And until everyone is ready to rise-up and demand an end to cyberspying for manipulative data collection and sale to malevolent exploiters? And designers of predictive analytics that know how to annoy the hell out of you? Before you knew anything about that was what they'll exploit to foist upon you and your presumably private space to annoy you for somebody else's profit motive.

Yeah, unbridled extractive exploitive bloodsucking capitalism is a total bitch. Even when it's virtual.


NO TABLE OF CONTENTS this time  -- 


 in the best we can do with the



Bugler, sound the charge.


Friday, October 2 -- online film event
Meeting Opens at 7:15, Movie 7:30

The Topanga Peace Alliance 185th Consecutive First Friday Film Night

Screening of "The Social Dilemma -- The technology that connects us also controls us."

Zoom Link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 849 9210 6396
Password: 815127

Grab your popcorn and find a cozy spot in your home this Friday evening.  For October, the Topanga Peace Alliance is hosting a VIRTUAL First Friday Film Night Watch Party.

Their First Friday Film for October is the feature documentary “The Social Dilemma” – especially timely given how dark forces are using social media to try to sway the outcome of the election.

The film features a long list of high level tech insiders as interviewees interwoven with dramatic examples of how social media is impacting our lives. The very fact so many insiders from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc. are willing to passionately speak out about these apps and agree that they are horrific mistakes that have the potential to destroy not just people’s lives but humanity and the planet itself, speaks volumes.

As Dr. Shoshanna Zuboff PhD. says, “These markets [the social media applications] undermine democracy and they undermine freedom and they should be outlawed. This is not a radical proposal. There are other markets that we outlaw. We outlaw markets in human organs. We outlaw markets in human slaves. Because they have inevitable destructive consequences.”

The Zoom event opens about 7:15. Before the film, they will have announcements regarding upcoming events and actions for peace and social justice, especially regarding the upcoming elections. After the film, they will have a moderated discussion.

They will enable video so you can optionally see each other if you choose to enable your camera.


If you are a professional in the music industry or an entertainment industry attorney - this is for you.


"I'll be speaking at the Cutting Edge C.E. Conference in 2 weeks.

"I'll be presenting:

Thursday, October 15th
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CDT (11 AM ET, 9 AM PT)

"This is a multi-discipline conference for the Arts & Entertainment Industry, including entertainment law and C.L.E. credit. There will be a lot of great speakers and excellent music showcases as well.

"I spoke at this conference a few years ago in NOLA. It was quite the event.

"Come to my talk and wish me a Happy Birthday! I'll still be celebrating my Birthday week!"

You can find out more about the conference here:

Debra Russell is a Business Coach and Speaker for Artist and Athlete Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners pursuing their Passion as a Business.

She did this recent podcast:



Relatives of those killed by the virus in the U.S. are organizing a national day of mourning to be held in Washington this Sunday. Info from the New York Times: 

Families of Covid victims plan a national day of mourning on Oct. 4.

Credit...Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

Relatives of people killed by the virus in the United States are organizing a national day of mourning for victims and survivors of the pandemic, to be held in Washington on Sunday, Oct. 4.

The event reflects grass-roots efforts that are gaining momentum around the country to acknowledge the losses experienced by thousands of families. At least 206,700 people have died from the virus in the United States as of Wednesday, with hundreds more added every day. Infectious disease experts warn that the way things are going, the death toll could surpass 300,000 by the end of the year.

The ceremony, called the National Covid-19 Remembrance, will involve a service held in the Ellipse, a park directly south of the White House. Organizers say the socially distanced event will include a moment of silence led by faith leaders, live and recorded musical performances and the installation of 20,000 empty chairs on the Ellipse, each one representing 10 or more lives lost during the pandemic. The singer Dionne Warwick, a former United States ambassador of health, is scheduled to host the ceremony.

The mobilization for the ceremony comes as President Trump has been trying to play down the impact of the virus, claiming it “affects virtually nobody.” As they call on political leaders to do more to curb the spread of the virus, organizers say they are drawing inspiration from previous remembrances for victims of gun violence, of the AIDS epidemic and of terrorist attacks.

“The lack of recognition has compounded people’s grief and trauma,” said Chris Kocher, executive director of Covid Survivors for Change, an organization created in June that is leading the remembrance effort. “We want to give folks a space where their loved ones can be honored and remembered.”


NAMM remains delightfully (Inter)active

If you think of NAMM only as the world's largest music trade show, you're missing the rest of the words and music

Though the giant NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center has been cancelled by the COVID pandemic, the NAMM Foundation has plenty goin' on!

Sign up to receive information and to participate in monthly NAMM Foundation webinars that keep us all connected.

October Webinars:
  • 10/8: How to Talk to Your Administrators About Why Music Ed Still Matters
  • 10/13: Music and Social Justice, A Case Study in Creating a Diversity & Inclusion Alliance
  • 10/15: Nonprofit Management Institute Reunion Townhall
  • 10/22: Students & Faculty Speak Out: Career Prospects and Concerns
  • 10/29: Enhance Health and Wellness with Making Music Online
Save the date for The NAMM Foundation Holiday Celebration, Dec. 17.

First Performance National Day of Celebration Concert
NAMM Foundation "Believe in Music" fall programming includes webinars for 
• NAMM members, 
• college faculty and students, 
• music educators, 
• music service organizations, 
• school and community leaders, 
• music makers 
• and more.

Believe in Music, the week of January 18, 2021, celebrates music makers from the world over, and offers educational events, special performances and product demos.

Fall Webinars Emphasize Creativity, Advocacy and Diversity

NAMM Foundation Believe in Music fall programming

2020 BCME Designee, Chilton Public Schools, Adapts to Online Learning
Host a First Performance National Day of Celebration Concert      

It’s Always the Right Time to Play an Instrument

Share this new video: Making music is something you can do anytime and at any place. You can take lessons at your local music shop, in school, and even online with your teacher. Music making is a great way to make new friends and can help you feel better when you are feeling angry or sad. But most of all, music making is fun!

Make Music Winter
Participate in Make Music Winter on Dec. 21, the Winter Solstice

Reimagined NAMM President’s Innovation Award
Talking Up Music Education
College Music Students: Apply for the Reimagined NAMM President’s Innovation Award

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Music Haven’s Mandi Jackson Chats Virtual Learning: Talking Up Music Education Podcast

Peter Luongo
“The virtual classroom is a critical link to sustaining music-making experiences, and greater opportunities for teaching and learning music.” 

Peter Luongo, President, Luongo Ukulele Experience

Explore a music lesson with Peter

Donate to The NAMM Foundation
OCT 8—29
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OCT 31
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NOV 23
Host a First Performance National Day of Celebration Concert

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