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Thursday, January 17, 2013

TWO new editions await you...

It's Saturday, January 19, 2013, and here at the Acoustic Americana Music Guide, you'll find things fresh, hot, and ready for take-out:
• Events: January 17: weekend edition & onward ~ Acoustic Americana Music Guide
(the Guide’s bigger-than-anybody-else’s calendar) [UPDATED, Jan 19.]
• Music-On-TV, Jan 17 to 24, 2013: The Guide’s “TUNEFUL TEEVEE” edition
(something you won’t find any other place)
• A major new edition of the Guide's NEWS & REVIEWS will be published SUNDAY.
Two outta three ain't bad, since more is in the wings, right?
MEANWHILE, when wethe published thisJan Thursday, the following thought was the question of the day: Hmmm. We COULD stay home tonight and invite Manti Te'o and his girlfriend over to watch Lance Armstrong confess to Oprah. Or we could go see real people make heartfelt, honest music. Decisions, decisions...
Both new editions are available just below or in the sidebar at left, depending on where you are reading this.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you remove all the previous day's listings so we won't have to scroll through what already happened before we get to today?

- Larry, the editor said...

Thanks for the question. In an earlier incarnation of what became the Guide, we used to do that. Then we realized it left no archive.

That becomes important because

(a) there does not seem to be anyplace else where you can get an idea what kind of music happens when, where, and how often, realiably, over a period of time.

(b) you can see where and how often a band or artist performs.

(c) you can see where CD release shows happen, and what artists and kinds of music choose what venues for that.

(d) artists and fans in other parts of a the country and the world tell us they use the Guide to determine what venues are right for them in Southern California.

(e) we always get lots of page views for old editions. That also includes news and reviews, sometimes from waaay back.

The Guide is the best resource we can make it. If it was only about today and tomorrow, it could not do or be all those other things.

- editor