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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Invisible Monsters of Cyberspace -- August 21, 2013

On Monday, an irretrievable data loss occurred, taking with it most of the unpublished event listings for this week, and a goodly number of events for the upcoming two months. We are currently reconstructing all we can. Even though the eventual edition won't have everything we intended to bring you, you can bet it will still bring you many events you won't find elsewhere.

If you just can't wait, the edition titled "Music, Music, Music" from August 13 does have plenty of events that happen this week, and all the way through October. It's available in the sidebar at left, or just below, depending on where you are reading this (computer or mobile device). We'll be back with more, as soon as we rebuild enough to make that worthwhile.

Meanwhile, if you plan to submit, or recentlt submitted an event, you can increase the odds it will appear in the Acoustic Americana Music Guide. Just look at the format we use, and submit your event in our format. If it's easier to include... you get the idea.

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