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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A thought for you for "Giving Tuesday" -- Tue, Dec 2 2014


Today is that annual day, after people pushed and shoved and pulled and gouged in the stores, after (or instead of) gorging themselves in eating marathons at home.

Now, whether out of guilt over all that competitive conspicuous consumption, or simply because that nebulous "holiday spirit" is due for its scheduled arrival, THIS is the ONE day a year designated for charitable giving -- giving, so you can make a difference for others.

We have a specific focus for you: kids and hunger. In our own USA, there is a substantial and growing number of kids who do not eat on weekends, because there is no food in the house. Their eating is done at school, five days a week, where federally-funded school nutrition programs provide breakfast and lunch. School holidays and vacations are not times of fun, but times of stress, worry, and hunger for some children. There's information on this at:

So, on this "GIVING TUESDAY," please consider donating to your local food bank to help kids eat during the holidays, or give to an organization engaged in that goal:

Food is the key to healthy development of brain and body. Both are necessary for healthy emotional development, and growing-up with the ability to achieving one's potential in the work force.

And if you can help there, and still have something left?

There's the international "K.I.N.D. FUND" --
K.ids I.n N.eed of D.esks --
which employs indigenous carpenters to build and give simple and durable wooden desks to poor schools in developing countries -- schools where kids are trying to learn while sitting on the floor, because the school building is as much as the people and their village could provide on their own. Info and a link to donate is at:

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Frankly, we are more than a little disgusted by all the many "causes" who have lined-up with their hands out today, some of them buying expensive tv ad time, just to beg. Hey, the Acoustic Americana Music Guide could use a few bucks, too, but we're not asking. Note there is no link or address here to send money for our little cause d'arte. Another time, perhaps. Not now.

Seriously, make today about giving to KIDS in need. They're our future. They're the ones who will (or won't) take care of you when you're old and toothless, gumming your gruel and waiting for your Social Security check. Make "GIVING TUESDAY" about giving to kids.

Thank you.


Feel free to copy / repost / share this short special edition.

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